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This continuing story is about a girl I know who is a model and a series adventures and sexual experiences involving her.
By Cylis Derrens

Model Fantasies Series

A Model Job
You have gotten a job as a bathing suit model, and I have told you that we are going to have a little party and to wear your bathing suit from the shoot that day. You show up dressed with your bathing suite underneath. It is a nice light pink top and bottom with white outlines. You step into the backyard where the pool is. White tiles surround the pool letting the sun's light reflect off of it. You notice that we are alone and you ask where the rest of the people are. I respond by pulling you close to kiss you. Unbuttoning the buttons on the front of your shirt. You slip off your shirt and shorts as I settle back on the reclining pool chair behind me. I ask you to model it for me and watch with delight as you pose for me.
Walking towards me straddle my lap with your back facing me. Moving your hips back and forth you feel my cock grind against your ass. Leaning back your wrap your arms around my neck as you continue to grind. After a few minutes of this I can't take any more of this sweet torture. Wrapping my left arm around you to hold you in place, while the other sneaks down a pull the strings of the bottom of your bikini. Slipping it off I return the rubbing your pussy until you cum. Bringing my fingers up to my lips I taste your juices with a smile. I tell you how good you taste, as my fingers slip back in curling them inside to rub your g-spot at the top of your pussy. My hand moves back and forth like your hips did minutes before constantly rubbing you to a earth shattering orgasm. Kissing your cheek I relax enjoying your body lying on top of mine. You close your eyes and fall asleep. It has been a tiring day though this little session of ours was a surprising release from the pressures of the day.
Meeting You After Work
You off at a modeling job and you receive a bouquet of red roses with a message attached. You open it and find a room key inside the envelope along with a card saying how much I miss you. When the shoot ends you take a taxi to the hotel indicated and an employee from the front desk directs you to your room helping you with your luggage. Inside you see bottle of wine on ice and another card waiting for you on the nightstand. The employee leaves and you walk over to the nightstand to read the card. It says that I am out for the moment but a warm bath is waiting for you.
Undressing as you go across the room you toss your clothes to the floor as you make your way to the bathroom. Slipping into the hot bath you suck in a breath due to the heat. Settling in you relax feeling the tension built up in your muscles disappearing. You are enjoying the bath so much that you don't hear me enter. Naked I slip in behind you and you move forward to make room. You lean back into me as we enjoy each other's closeness. Reaching down my right hand gently takes yours lifting it out of the water as I kiss it. Closing your eyes you sigh in contentment kiss your hand let again. While your eyes are still closed you feel something slide on to your ring finger. Opening your eyes you bring your hand down in front of you to look at it. You gasp as you realize what it is. The diamond ring is beautiful but I say it is not as nearly as beautiful as you.
I kiss your hair hugging you close. Turning in my arms you face me. You claim my lips with a kiss showing your appreciation. Our tongues roam each others mouths eliciting pleasure from each of us.
Breaking our kiss I get up out of the bath helping you out as well. I dry us both off wrapping the towel around you and picking you up. I carry you to the bed setting you down. Unwrapping yourself from the towel I toss in onto the bed.
I give you a good spank on the ass and you give me a playful shove in reply. With the back of my legs pressed up against the side of the bed I have no where else to go but backwards as my knees bend as I am caught by surprise. Falling on the bed I laugh loudly finding the situation hilarious. You smile as you climb on top of me like a lioness stalking her kill. Straddling my face you lower your pussy down over my mouth.
Taking the hint I start to play with your pussy using my tongue delighted that you are already wet. Leaning forward you start to grind your hips back and forth so I get every bit of your pussy lips. I feel your hips start to tense as you start to climax, and at long last I taste the fullness of your sweet juices. Grasping your waist I pull downward causing you to fall backward to the bed with pussy facing my face. Leaning my head down kissing your pussy at first while I smile devishly at you. Pressing my mouth to your pussy I start licking you again as I move from side to side. Using as much of my tongue as I can I keep up the emotion as long as I can stopping ever one in awhile to flick my tongue from side to side as fast as I can so it provides a new type of stimulation that drive you wild. Twisting out of my reach you crawl toward me telling me to lie back. Turn around you give me a view your ass mount me and begin bouncing up and down. Grasping my head you bury my head in your breasts as we both reach an orgasm together. Bury my cock as far as I can into you as my cock spasms inside of you pumping you full of my cum. We fall the bed together and say the words that make the proposal official. You kiss me again nuzzling into my shoulder as you fall asleep. I brush your hair away from your face admiring you before I myself close my eyes.

Getting Ready For Family Dinner
After a short nap we wake up to enjoy our wine. It's Muscodine my favorite. It has a sweet flavor that we both enjoy. I first tasted when I was in Florida serving in the military. A friend let me try it and I decided to buy a bottle for this special occasion.
After we finish the bottle I ask, "Don't you think it's about time that you met my family? There a family reunion this weekend if you are interested." You say you would love to meet them. When your last photo shoot in L.A. is done we start to pack the next day. In middle of packing you bend over the bed to pick up a piece of clothing while I am folding one of my shirts. I happen to glance over and see that you are not wearing panties. Giving your exposed pussy a sidelong glance I shrug with a smile. We don't have to be there on time. Quietly slipping out of my pants I smile as I creep up behind you my cock already hard. You feel your skirt slide and your ass being exposed to the air before I guide my cock into pussy until my cock is nice and wet. Pulling it out I press it against your asshole while my fingers tease your pussy. Wanting me inside your tight ass you thrust yourself backwards impaling yourself with a moan. Wedged inside of your ass gasp in pleasure as I start to fuck you feeling your body grip me. Grasping your hips with both my hands I slam you backwards as I thrust my hips forward hardening my thrusts. You can only take this awhile before your legs give out under the strain your body bathed in sweat. Positioning myself so I am thrusting downward I continue to fuck your as pressing into you as far as I can before withdrawing so only the tip is inside. Faster and faster I pump your well worked asshole until I feel you climax and your ass contracting milks my cock. With one final gasp I let loose the flood gates and come inside of you. I smile as we lay down on the bed. It was worth being late to the reunion.
Anniversary Dinner
We sit in a restaurant on our anniversary. You see the waiter leave to get our drinks and decide to make your move. I have been distracted with work and you want my full attention. Slipping off one of your shoes reach out with your toes. Rubbing them on my inner thigh you hear my breath catch. I look about nervously and then at you. You smile leaving no doubt what you intend. Rubbing back and forth you inch closer and closer to my ever hardening cock. By the time you reach it is already fully erect.
It takes all my effort to try to keep a straight face when the waiter comes back with our drinks. Try as I might I lack the ability to give him my order. You give it to him adding your dinner as well. He heads away unaware how close I am to cumming. Your expert toes tease and stroke my shaft as you look into my eyes. I try to breath through my nose so no one will notice. Finally you watch in sweet satisfaction as I grip the table as I cum. Wiping my forehead I motion for a check telling the waiter that we have someplace else to go.
As soon as we are outside I whisper in your ear how much I want you right then. We hurry home and strip off our clothes. Picking you up I carry you into the bedroom laying down on the bed. One of your feet plays with my groin while I lick and suck on the toes of the other foot. Now it’s a game of who will come first. Controlling my breathing and focusing my attention on toes run my tongue between them. When I begin sucking them one by one you finally lose it and reach up and grab me. Guiding my cock into your sweet pussy you lock your legs behind me. We move together and you legs provide you extra leverage. I go slow enjoying the moment but both don't last long. We cum together as I moan into your ear and you into mine.
Using your feet like hands after you catch your breath you get me hard again. Flipping over onto your hands and knees you look back at me invitingly. I take my cue and fuck you like there is no tomorrow. When it is finally over we are covered in sweet and kiss each other. Tonight was a great anniversary.

Masturbating For Your Partner

You tell me how much you want to masturbate with me and watch me cum so I lie back naked on the bed while you do the same. We take up opposite sides of the bed propping ourselves up with pillows. Using some lube I begin stroking my member as I watch you playing with your pussy. You slip your fingers inside curling your fingers watching me as I stroke a little faster. Your fingers begin to blur inside you bringing yourself to an orgasm and I quickly follow suite coming with you. Cleaning my hands off with a towel I smile at you crawling towards your open legs. Licking your thighs I lick any juices that have dripped out of your pussy before burying my face in its lovely softness. Pursing my lips I gently blow inside of it making you grip the sheets and close your eyes. Parting your pussy lips I lick your clit twirling my tongue in circles. Cleaning off all of your juices I lick my lips and kiss you.
A Lovely Dessert
Laying out blanket so we will not make a mess on the bed. Gently I tie the blindfold around your eyes cutting the world off from you. Helping you to the bed I have you lie down on the blanket. You lay back and wait patiently for what I will do next. You hear the sound of whipped cream coming from a can as it touches you breasts covering them. I start at the nipple and work my way out. After one breast is done I move to the next doing the same.
Moving down I leave a trail down your stomach making my way to your pussy. Once there I cover your exposed womanhood with the sweet whipped cream. Not finished yet I reach for something and you feel me place something on each nipple and then your pussy. Moving towards your mouth I gently press something sweet to your lips. Your tongue slips between your closed lips tasting the object. It tastes sweet with a some sugar sprinkled all over it adding to its flavor. You recognize it as a strawberry. I rub it along the length of your soft lips letting its sweet juices dribble onto them. You open you mouth inviting me to feed it to you and I oblige. Slowly chewing on the soft sweet fruit you focus on its taste and texture. It has obviously been sliced into a smaller piece making it easier for you. When you are finished I bend down and lick your lips clean before pressing them with a kiss from the side. Roaming towards your breasts with light kisses I remove more one of the other objects from you nipples. As I begin to rub the sensitive flesh of your nipple you feel the same texture as the strawberry on your lips.
Rubbing it in a circle I hear you gasp with pleasure as it rubs against your skin. Like with you lips the juices inside mix with cream adding to its sweetness. Eating the strawberry I go to work at cleaning your left breast licking it with my warm tongue. It takes time and when it is over you are left quivering in an orgasm. On your next breast I clean the whipped cream first leaving the remaining tit for last. Taking the strawberry in my fingers as I rub it across it up and down slowly teasing you as I squeeze out the juices of the fruit. Your nipple now bathed in feels cold and wet and it stands firm.
Taking the nipple in my mouth I suck on it as I lick. I can feel you squirm as you reach your climax your breathing shallow. Now is the time I focus on your stomach. With long soft strokes of my tongue I make my way down taking my time and enjoying it. Removing the strawberry there I set it on your stomach saving it for later as I clean your pussy of juices. My hands rub your inner thighs as I clean ever last bit of whipped cream from you leaving you wanting more.
Picking up the piece of strawberry I wet the inside of your pussy lips tracing them and adding to their wetness. You juices mixed with the whipped cream tasted so sweet and I want more. Placing it slightly inside I lick and suck it until you cream again your body spasming. I lick the last traces of your juices and the strawberry away before laying my head down on your soft tummy.

A Christmas Visit
I surprise you for Christmas and visit you with your family. You decide to visit your grandparents and ask me to come and join you. Your grandparents don't like visitors from outside the family to stay over so you decide to sneak me in. You wait until the prearranged time when your grandparents will be asleep and open the door for me.
Taking my hand you lead me quietly upstairs. We find our way to your room and we start to undress. You are wearing black stockings and underwear. Removing your panties and bra you leave the stockings on as you climb onto the bed. Looking back at me you strike a pose on all fours smacking your ass. You smile at me and invite me over motioning seductively with one of your fingers. Stepping out of my clothes I come up behind you my right hand reaching to stroke your pussy. I massage it with my palm and my fingers making you gasp. Slipping my fingers inside I begin to work them in and out at first, before I keep them curled inside keeping constant friction on your g-spot. I feel you cream my fingers and I lick them clean before taking my place behind you. I rub the head of my cock up and down your pussy lips. "Fuck me. Please fuck me." You say. It is the "please" that I was waiting for. Grapping my member I guide it inside of you and you push back to get inside faster. Grapping your hips I begin sliding in and out of your pussy faster and faster. Using my in unison I slam into working your pussy hard and fast. This goes on for a couple of minutes before I switch to fucking your ass wet with your pussy's juices. It doesn't take long before I am pounding into your ass and you bite into the pillow in front of you to keep from crying out. "Finish in my pussy." You whisper and I happily oblige. Taking my cock out and shoving it into your pussy I barrel into you until cum explodes from my member drenching the insides of your pussy.
Tired from our workout and sweating we lay there for awhile until I have to get up. Seeing a flashlight's beam outside you door I make for the open window as I finish dressing. Sliding down the roof I manage to grab a nearby tree branch and make it down to the ground. I head quickly towards my waiting car hoping I won't be noticed and I make it. There is a knock at your door and you answer it in your nightgown to find your grandfather armed with a candlestick. "Your grandmother and I thought we heard something inside the house did you?" He asks. You shake your head and he continues on his patrol of the house before going back to bed. Apparently the noise had scared the both and he had decided to check it out. You go back to sleep after you hear their door close with a smile on your face.

Fun In The Park
We have entered the park on a hot summer's day with a purpose. You have expressed to me how you always wanted to have sex in public with the risk of being caught. Our time on the beach was just a teaser for you and you can't get the idea out of your head. Loving to see you so excited I am happy to oblige. I tell you need to wear a skirt and no panties. Finding a park bench we sit down and start kissing. You unzip my fly to find me hard already and climb on top of my lap you cover my exposed cock. You rub the head of my member with your pussy teasing the both of us. Normally I would end this stalemate but I have to contain myself in case anyone should see us.
Turning around to face me you guide my cock into you and be begin moving your hips. Looking over your shoulder I keep a look out as you kiss my neck. I can feel your wet pussy glide along my cock and I find myself tempted to just close my eyes and enjoy the feeling. You enjoy the amount of control you have over me as you begin to move your hips in a circle. I grit my teeth to keep from cry out how good that feels and smile as my I become overwhelmed by it. As I cum so do you our orgasms setting each other off as we are left gasping and sweating. We embrace each other kissing. It is only by chance that I decide to look behind and I whisper for you to quickly get of my lap.
We both straighten ourselves in time to see middle aged sheriff officer in his brown uniform shirt come over a nearby rise in the park. He looks up to see two sweaty young people obviously breathless. He can see the lipstick on my face that I have not had time to wipe off yet.
"And what have you two young people been doing?" He said trying to keep his face straight. It's apparent something has happened. "Just spending time together officer." I reply trying not show how nervous I am. "Yes I can see that. You should know that I could give you a ticket for making out like that in public, but I am going to give you a warning. I don't want to see you again like this okay?" The officer said. Nodding emphatically I say, "Yes sir I understand. Thank you very much." Grabbing your hand I quickly lead you away. The cop smiles and shakes his head heading back to the path and his original destination with the lunch bag he was carrying.
You start to giggle I try to shush you afraid that he will hear, but after we get to the car I can't help laughing too. With one final kiss we drive home happy that we didn't get caught for what we were actually doing in our little adventure.
We are in a nice Italian restaurant. You are wearing a nice dress, and I am in a suit. We are enjoying some drinks when our waiter leaves the table. You look around the room taking in the pleasant atmosphere. Leaning forward across the table I kiss you smudging your lipstick. You head to the bathroom to fix you makeup. You hear the door open as you stare into the mirror fixing your makeup.
"A pity you worked so hard to fix your lipstick, because I fully intend to mess it up again." I say with a smile. Turning around you see me at the door. "What are you doing here? Someone could find us like this." You say. "Let them. I want you Sweet Stuff, and besides it will be exciting." I reply. Kissing you deeply I smear you lipstick again as I press you up against the counter. Looking at the unlocked door you say, "We shouldn't." My hand makes its way up your dress finding your pussy. My fingers rub it through your panties until it’s nice and wet. Moving the down you thighs just enough to slip my fingers inside I work your pussy. My finger curls so it rubs the top inside. You gasp and quiver your excitement building. It feels so good and your breathing becomes ragged. Suddenly my fingers slip out leaving you pussy unattended. Eyes that were barely open look at me and you ask why did I stop? "Perhaps your right we should stop." I say starting you pull your panties back up. One of your hands reaches out to stop me as you say, "Don't stop. I want more."
I flash a mischievous smile and you see my little game. "Alright you have me now so finish what you started." You say. I raise an eyebrow my fingers lightly rub your clit in little circles. "Will you do what ever I want? Do you promise?" I ask removing my hand again. You nod but I make you say it out loud. Satisfied I slip my fingers in your soaking wet pussy going back to my original motion this time with two fingers. You move back just enough to sit on the counter you legs spread wide. I ask you to lay down on your back pausing for a moment until you do so. Starting up again slowly I build up speed. My fingers move back and forth faster and faster with them always inside. My fingers blur and I feel you climax against them you pussy leaking its juices.
"Now get off the counter and lean your hands on it." I command next again you do as you told. Now your little ass faces me your beautiful eyes looking back at me through the mirror. I produce a little object no bigger than my finger. Removing my pants I pull out my erect member and enter you pumping in and out a few times getting it nice and wet. I tell you to bend your legs so your ass lowers and more of your weight rests against the counter. My cock head circles you asshole teasing it before I press in. Sheathing myself in your warm tight ass I stay there not moving. I switch the object on with a twist setting it to its highest setting. It shakes and buzzes as I press it to your clit. The pleasure is overwhelming. You gasp with delight on how surprisingly good it feels. Keeping the toy there I fuck your ass nice and slow. It doesn't take long before you are closing your eyes when you here women whispering. Looking around you see we are surrounded by women from the restaurant. There are several of them all staring at you exposed as and pussy. You want to get up and stop this embarrassing moment but two women grip your hands and arms pinning them to the counter so you can't get away. Two grab your dress and working together rip it off exposing you bra. They undo this too and now you are totally naked before them. The feeling of embarrassment and vulnerability gets you excited more then you ever thought you it would. Soon you are rocking your ass back into my thrusts increasing the force. You cum calling my name as I fill your ass with sperm.
You wake up suddenly in your own bed. Looking around you find yourself alone. It was all just a dream but still your body couldn't tell the difference. Looking down at your bed sheets you find out that you squirted your cum all over them. You body still remembers the experiences in your dream. Rubbing your pussy again you close your eyes and try to go back to your dream.

Middle of the Night

You wake up in the middle of the night as we lay there spooning in the bed. I am passed out from yesterday's partying. A mischievous smile crosses your face as you slip under the covers. You start stroking my cock to get it hard. You expect me to stir at any moment under your attentions. The covers block any view of my face so you don't see one eye crack open to see what you are doing and then shut again.

You seem disappointed that I haven't woken up but see no reason not to take care of your own needs after getting me hard. Slipping back the covers you reveal my rock hard cock. Straddling me your hand grips my member aiming it at your pussy. Sinking your hips down you feel my member slide in your wet pussy all so smoothly. Moving your hips you find a rhythm. Leaning back you brace one arm on the bed behind you as the other hand rubs you clit adding some more stimulation. Your hips and fingers begin to move feverishly as you approach your climax. With a loud cry and a gasp you cum hard and take a moment to catch your breath your eyes closed enjoying the moment.

You don't get to enjoy the moment long as you feel my cock become hard again, and two hands grasp your hips as I twist and throw my hips sending you tumbling to the bed. You land on your back surprised at what just happened as two hands pin your arms to the bed as I slip between your legs entering you in one thrust. By the time you figured out what is happened I have already began fucking you with abandon. You love this show of aggression finding it a welcome surprise as you try to match the movement of my thrusts. I claim your lips with a kiss as I deepen my thrusts slamming into you. Releasing your wrists I grasp your sides lifting you up so all you weight settles on my hips. You wrap your arms around my neck and begin bouncing on my cock and I continue to fuck until I feel my climax approaching. I tell you I am going to come and you begin to quicken you pace to come with me. With one finally thrust we cum together and fall to the bed sore but sated falling asleep in each other's arms.

Private Time At The Beach

We find a secluded beach and spread our towels before going for a swim. When one of us desires a break we return to the warm sand of the beach and enjoy the warm glow of the sun. Laying there on our back we feel the sun drying us until only a few droplets remain on our bodies. Going into the backpack we carried with us I pull out a bottle of sun tan lotion. You remove your top to make sure you have no tan lines and flip over on your stomach. My hands rub the lotion into your skin my fingers massaging every muscle in you back. Slipping down your body my fingers slide under the lower half of your bathing suit. Your head peaks up looking back in surprise that I would try this out in the open. Looking around you try to see if anyone has noticed us but there is no one as I continue to remove the bathing suit. You feel the piece of clothing slip off your toes as the sun warms the now exposed flesh that was underneath. Removing my own suit sliding my body up over yours. I whisper what I want to do to you. Getting up I pick up my towel heading toward the surf as you follow. You lay down in front of me as I lie down on top of you. Entering you from behind we both feel the waves wash over our waists as we make love cumming together.

After a brief rest we change position as I lay down on my back as you straddle me. Lower yourself down on my cock until our skin presses together. Moving your hips you ride me breathing heavily with excitement. Reaching up rub your tits as you lean back grinding into me. The water washes over us again and again as our two bodies move against each other seeking to become one. "I love being inside you." I whisper. You smile quickening your pace enjoying my enthusiastic response as my hands find you hips gripping onto you. As you cum I can feel your pussy grip me urging me to cum too. Leaning forward you kiss me a I loose my juices into you. Sweating you lie on top of me kissing me again and wondering what surprises the next day will bring.


2008-03-27 18:09:58
wow i get off more by fingering my nice tight asshole better than when i read this story.



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2007-04-07 06:36:37
what a crock of crap.


2007-04-06 20:01:20
I've seen better stories on this site.


2007-04-05 05:57:26
I don't care for this type of narrative. It's cumbersome and not very gripping. Could have been done differently. 5/10

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