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The memories of a naughty girl!
“But, Daddy! I’m 24 years old! I don’t NEED a babysitter!” I whined as he buttoned his coat by the front door that Saturday afternoon. “Tell her not to come!”

“Your tone of voice tells me it’s obvious that you DO need someone to watch you”.

Just then, the doorbell rang. I stood there, staring at the door, glaring at it.

“Well? Aren’t you going to answer it?”

I stuck out my bottom lip as I turned the handle to let the babysitter in.

“Hello, Julie! Please come in! Thank you for coming on such short notice,” Daddy said, grabbing his briefcase. “Come and kiss Daddy goodbye, Honey.”

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and didn’t move.

“Suit yourself then”, he said, indifferent. Then he turned his attention to Julie once more. “She’s been like this all day, but I just haven’t had time to deal with her. She also wet her bed last night and I’ve yet to change the sheets”.

She smiled sweetly at him. “No worries! I know how to deal with bratty, mouthy children.”

“Thank you again, Julie. I really appreciate it”. Then he turned his eyes on me once more as he was halfway out the door. “Are you SURE you won’t give Daddy a kiss? He’ll be very sad.”

I broke down and threw my arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. “Please don’t go, Daddy. Pretty please? I’ll be good and won’t even peepee the bed tonight. PLEASE!” I begged.
He patted my head and kissed my hair. “Daddy has an important thing for work today and he has to go. Now be good, you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said sullenly as I let go and sulked back towards the living room couch as Julie closed the door.

“Did Daddy diaper you for wetting your big girl bed, Krissy?” she asked, coming towards me.

“No! And YOU can’t either! You’re not the boss of me!” I said, sticking my tongue out at her and recrossing my arms.

“Hasn’t your Daddy ever told you that little girls should be seen and NOT heard?” Julie didn’t look amused by my attitude at all!

She doesn’t baby-sit me very often, but Daddy always notices a BIG difference in my compliance and attitude after she’s watched over me. He always asks her why, but she simply smiles and shakes her head. “I’m not going to give away my secrets. I just know what naughty girls need, that’s all.”

As the memories of past times with her flood back into my head, I felt my big girl panties and pants absorbing a warm stream of peepee.

“Why you dirty, insolent little brat!” Julie exclaimed angrily as she watched the crotch of my pants darken.

She came over to me immediately and began to slap my wet seat without a moment’s pause. I tried to block her blows with my free hand.

“It would appear that someone can’t take what they’re due. I’m just going to have to tie you up then!”

She dragged my roughly by the arm across the room and forced me into my playpen.
“Sit here and keep your mouth shut!”

I sobbed quietly as I watched her unpack her babysitting bag: gag, rope, diaper, baby powder, plastic pants…

She laid a change mat on the floor and arranged her supplies for easy access. Then she picked up a short piece of rope and came back to the playpen.

“Turn around and put your wrists together. Now!”

I trembled at her stern voice and felt the trickle of pee beginning to flow again as I held my wrists behind my back.

“Ugh… Disgusting! I hope you realize you’re going to scrub your pissy clothes after you’ve been properly diapered and washed”, Julie told me as she tightly bond my wrists so I couldn’t move. “Stand up.”

Shakily, I did as I was told. She undid the button of my jeans and shoved them down and then she saw my panties - or lack thereof.

“My god! What a slut you are, Krissy! You call THOSE panties?! It looks more like a loose string! It seems that I’ve been away for FAR too long!”

She stripped those from my too and ordered me to step out of them. The pee was still slowly trickling down my thighs.

Once out of the playpen, she demanded I crawl on my knees to the changing mat and I tried desperately to stop peeing! What can I say? She frightened me!

I laid on my back with the mat under my butt and spread my legs. She sat between them and took out several baby wipes to clean my thighs, pussy and ass with. Then she added cream to my diaper area and baby powder.

“Well, at least you’re smooth down there, young lady. Otherwise, I would have to shave you as well!”

Then she slid a diaper underneath my butt and pulled it tightly against my crotch before taping the sides. She added the finishing touch, clear plastic pants, over my diaper.

“I’m tired of hearing you whimpering about your diaper, Missy!”

Julie reached for a nearby gag and tied it around my head. “I’ve gotten a headache from all your bellyaching! You’re going to have a nap because I need a break already.”

She pulled me to my feet and grabbed another piece of rope as she ordered me up the stairs.

Once in my bedroom, I laid on my bed as she secured my ankles with the rope.

“I need to make sure that the naughty baby stays in bed for her nap instead of making more of a nuisance of herself. I’m going to wake you up in a few hours, at which time I will spank you and you will clean your soiled clothing and sheets”.

She closed the door, leaving me nothing else to do but sleep.


When Julie came to wake me up, she was furious to discover that I had wet my diaper.

“If that hole keeps leaking the way it is, I’m going to stick something in it,” she warned as she cleaned me up.

Then she turned me on my tummy and began my spanking with her favourite hairbrush. It had a wide head and thick, course bristles. Sometimes she would drag those bristles across my rosy cheeks after a punishment. I can’t believe how painful that was!

She spanked my ass in silence with that brush, showing no signs of mercy on my poor, damp behind. After about 50 smacks, she stopped, turned me over and wrapped me in another diaper with the plastic pants overtop.

The burning in my bottom was incredible and the diaper only held the heat in more! I would have cursed at her if I could, but the gag was still over my mouth.

She sat me up and untied my hands. “Now, get yourself into the bathroom and fill that tub with soap and water. You’re going to scrub all the pissy things from today and last night.”

I moved my hands to my mouth to remove the gag, but she slapped my hands away.

“No, THAT stays on. I don’t want to hear you all day”.

I sighed into the gag, realizing that I had been beaten by her and that all I could do was do as she said.


On my hands and knees near the tub, I scrubbed and scrubbed the yellow stains from my sheets and clothing.

“It’s best you keep scrubbing, young lady. Or else I’m going to make you rewash them”, she warned as I scrubbed harder.


After my clothes had been cleaned, she stuck her hand down the back of my diaper to check for wetness. Luck was on my side because her hand came up dry.

She nodded in approval towards me. “I see that you’re starting to remember how to behave yourself. This is very good. I will let you come downstairs and lay in your playpen until your Daddy gets home”.

Back downstairs, she retied my wrists and ankles once I was settled in the playpen with my Blankie.

“What a quiet baby you are now, Krissy! Your Daddy is going to be VERY happy when he gets home!” Julie cooed as she pinched my cheek before sitting down on the couch and turning on the television.

My ass still stung from the spanking she’d given me and I could feel the pressure in my bladder beginning to rise as I lay there. I squeezed my legs together tightly, hoping to make it through the rest of the afternoon and then Daddy would let me potty.

After what seemed like ages, I heard his truck pulling into the driveway. Quickly, Julie untied me and removed my gag.

“Don’t you DARE breathe a word of this to him, you understand me???” Julie said menacingly, her eyes narrowing on me.

I nodded frantically in affirmation, knowing better than to speak to her unless she gave me permission to speak.

Daddy came in and thanked Julie for taking care of me. “How was she? Not too much trouble, I hope?”

She smiled innocently. “No… Not at all! We cleaned up her bed and she had an accident while you were gone, but I spanked her and diapered her. Now she just needs to have supper.”

Julie turned and winked at me before she walked out and I though to myself, ‘I really needed that reminder. I can’t wait until she comes back…’

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2012-03-19 00:50:08
on a scale of 1 to 10 i would give this a 6 or 7. you flow was good and the story itself wasnt bad but it seemed like you rushed through it. keep at it and you will get better. :)

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2009-08-28 00:55:51
OK I'm lost here What's the plot? worst story I have read so far


2007-12-17 21:53:51
is this true?


2007-11-15 10:13:25
she's obviously got mental problems...


2007-04-25 02:31:55
this fucking blows

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