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The memories of a naughty girl!
I heard the doorbell ring and I scrambled to my feet to answer it. Daddy had arranged a play-date with Cindy and I couldn’t wait to see her!

“Whoa, Krissy! You’re going to hurt yourself!” Daddy laughed as he grabbed me around the waist before I could reach the door. “Now, take a deep breath and then I’ll let go”.

I rolled my eyes and did as he asked. “Just let me GO, Daddy! I wanna have play time!” I thought to myself, annoyed. (Luckily, he missed the eye thing…)

He let go and I calmed walked the rest of the way to the front door and opened it. Cindy stepped inside and happily threw her arms around me.

“You look so pretty today, Cindy! Is that the new sundress that Erik bought you for Easter?” Daddy asked, sitting down on the couch. “Do a little spin for me”.

She stopped hugging me and twirled around excitedly. It was thigh high, light purple with blue and pink flowers on it. It was fairly tight fitting and showed just a bit of cleavage. “Thank you, Unkie!”

“Come give Unkie a kiss before you two girls disappear on me”, Daddy instructed.

Cindy took off her shoes and skipped over to him. Sitting down on his knee, she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, she planted a huge kiss on his cheek.

“Okay, off you go!” Daddy hugged her quickly and then gave her a playful push.

“I got a new Barbie car, Cindy! C’mon! C’mon!” I squealed excitedly as I grabbed her hand and we went racing upstairs.


She and I played Barbies all afternoon, brushing their hair, making them dance and talk to each other, change their clothes.

“Krissy, my peepee place is tingly. Daddy wouldn’t let me make cum last night cuz I was bad. I wanna touch it a little bit like Daddy does to me cuz I‘m so horney…” Cindy admitted as she took off her doll’s clothing, indicating the area she meant.

“I could touch it for you, Cindy. You know, if you want”, I offered. “We’ll be really quiet so my Daddy doesn’t know about it”.

She giggled anxiously. “I don’t know…Daddy told me that I’m not allowed to make cum unless he does it for me. You don’t know how my Daddy does it either…”

“Well, you could show me. Then I could copy you”. Then I added, “My Daddy has the same rule for me”.

Cindy thought a moment and then nodded. “Okay…” She stood up and slipped her purple panties down her legs and threw them onto my bed nearby. Then she sat down again and motioned for me to sit closer.

Taking my hand, she guided it towards her smooth pussy. She began to make my fingers circle her hiding nub and then slid them down towards her tight pussy. She briefly dipped my fingers inside her wetness and then withdrew them, sliding them back up to the nub.

“I like when Daddy rubs me like this. When he rubs my juices on the outside, it makes it feel SO good!” She was beginning to moan a little.

“Ssshh! We gotta be quiet, remember?” I shushed her as she let go of my hand and allowed me to touch her on my own.

I tugged her clit a little and then inserted my index finger into her peepee hole. Slowly moving it in and out, I began to finger fuck her. As she began to lubricate more for me, I put my middle finger inside her as well. She was squirming around a lot and making little giggling/moaning noises as I continued to touch her. Then she laid down and spread her legs wider for me, holding her pussy lips open to allow me easier entrance.

I moved my two fingers faster and faster in and out of her pussy, her cum starting to ooze a little. I pulled out and looked at my gooey fingers. Then I licked them.

“Mmmmm, you taste good, Cindy!” I said excitedly.

“What on earth is going ON here?” Daddy demanded as my bedroom door flew open.

Cindy and I locked eyes and sat unmoving. There was no WAY that we could explain any of this!

“Well, I’m waiting for an answer, you naughty little girls. I seem to recall that there is a rule about no touching your special places unless you’re given permission”.

Daddy turned his eyes on me. “Well, young lady? You’re the one who is touching Cindy. Did she ask you to?”

I bit my lip, not wanting to tell on her, but I couldn’t lie to my Daddy! “She told me she needed to make cum. I just wanted to help…” I lowered my eyes from his, pouting.

Daddy turned his gaze to Cindy now. “Is this true, Missy?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m very sorry, Unkie. Please don’t tell my Daddy…” she begged with pleading eyes. “I’m already in enough trouble as it is…”

He sighed, unsure of what to do with this situation. Normally he would just spank us both, and then call Cindy’s Daddy to pick her up, but then a better idea crept into his head.

“Can you keep a secret, Cindy?”

“Yes, Unkie! What is it?!” she asked excitedly.

“I’m going to let you cum, alright? But you can’t tell Erik, got it?”

She clapped her hands happily. “Thank you! Thank you, Unkie!”

“Now, I want you two to go on Krissy’s bed in a 69 position. I’m going to let you lick each other until you cum’, he explained.

We quickly got into 69 style, with me on top of Cindy and we eagerly began lapping at each other’s dripping pussies. Our tongues dove in and out of the holes, drawing various designs on each other’s clits. Daddy came over and began to lubricate our assholes with cum from our pussies and gently pressed inside.

Our moans grew louder and louder. We were furiously flicking our tongues over each other’s swollen clits and my Daddy finger-fucked our asses harder and faster the louder we got. He had also unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and began to stroke it vigorously.

We all came simultaneously. Cindy and I erupted into each others’ mouths and Daddy shot his huge load onto my back. I collapsed onto my friend, unable to control myself. After a few minutes, I regained muscle control and crawled off of her. She noticed the stream of white cum on my tanned skin and proceeded to lick me clean.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned as she cleaned every last drop.

Daddy fixed himself and zipped up his pants. “You were both very good girls today. Let’s keep this out little secret though, alright? Erik would feel left out…”

Cindy and I looked at each other and giggled naughtily. We liked the sound of having a secret! How exciting to know a grown up secret too! It would also be perfect to use against my Daddy if she and I ever got into trouble that we wanted to get out of…


2013-01-09 04:56:15
Your stories make my balls boil gd thing i got my cock ring on otherwise i would have x ploded mmmm


2009-06-18 12:45:58
you people act as if this is a writing class. who cares about errors. if it is so distracting read a penthouse forum. you all act ads if you are the on the critics choice review board. we are all here to get off so if you get easily distracted by typo's you must not have much of a life. is this not for fun??? really save it for someone who cares. yawn


2007-08-18 16:19:50
lots of flaws in that story, if your acting as a child the deions should be more naive. .


2007-04-26 09:43:32
that was HOT i love u!! and ur storys!!!


2007-04-24 00:38:35
i understand you re 24 role playing the little girl but please make sure you review your writing before you post it, somethings just dont make sense; and if you want people ti stop leaving negative comments and low rating fix them and explain what your reasing is in a simpler way, i had to read al your stories twice to make any sense of them all.

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