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A man meets a mysterious woman at the club and a strange new relationship develops between the two.
By Cylis Derrens

My Lady Vampire

I can still remember the first night I met her: my Alina. It was a cold night as I passed her. She wore a black dress as she stood in front of the club. I remember feeling drawn to her. A beautiful voluptuous woman with long dark hair she stood out in the crowd of women that were far too skinny. I had never liked the really skinny ones so she was a welcome change. I approached her gathering my courage as I removed my coat to offer to her. She turned as I drew near and I froze enraptured by her beauty. No words came to my lips and I could barely breathe. It was as if the vision of her had taken all other thoughts except to just look at her. “Is that for me? EShe asked and I only nodded mutely. Her smile was like pure magic and I felt my heart skip. “Thank you. EShe said accepting the coat as I moved to put it on her, wondering how I was able to move from where I had been rooted a moment before.

The coat helped her warm up a little. Still she shivered a little. I couldn’t believe my boldness when I asked, “Would you like to use my body for added warmth? ETo my surprise she accepted huddling against me. I was aware of her closeness and every part of her that touched me. Without be able to stop it I felt a growing stiffness between my legs. I was so embarrassed I hoped she didn’t notice. Part of me wanted to hide it by moving away from her, but the rest didn’t dare leave her side. She told me her name was Alina and she was new to city. I introduced myself and asked if she was from out of town. I detected a faint accent I didn’t recognize. She had just arrived late that evening. Alina had not even booked a room yet at a hotel. “Do you know anyplace I can stay? EShe asked. It was a holiday weekend so a lot of places would be full, at least most of the affordable places I knew of one left. I drove her to where her car was parked and gave the directions. Before she drove off I asked for her number. Taking out a pen she wrote it on my hand before driving away. I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper promising myself to call her the next day. I called her a couple times the following afternoon but I only got the mailbox on her cell.

Later that night I was hanging out with my friends when she called me. I asked her out to dinner at a local restaurant and I drove to her hotel to pick her up. We had a pleasant conversation while enjoying our dinner at the restaurant. I drove her back to her hotel afterwards. We walked to her room where we both said goodnight. An awkward moment followed and I kissed her. Our kiss deepened until we were making out in the hall. Slowly I backed her into the room closing the door behind us. We moved to the bed and she crawled on to it still facing me. I slip the top of her dress down exposing her full breasts. I can feel my heart thump with excitement as I view them. My member is rock hard right then and I want so much to just take her right then and there. It takes all my willpower to hold back. Reaching for her right breast I massage it. I then rub the nipple gently between fingers watching as her eyes close. I can hear her breath catch as my warm mouth takes in as much as the breast as I can. I used my other hand to also give her left breast some attention as well. I soon have her moaning and hot. I don’t stop until I am certain both breasts have received all the teasing they can stand. Licking my fingers I move them down to rub her pussy and she is wearing no panties. I already feel her nice and wet from our little foreplay. I pop the wet fingers into my mouth sucking on them and never before have I tasted anything so sweet. I had to gave more and slid my body down hers feel her soft skin against me. Looking at her pussy I gave it a couple test flicks and saw her breathing change by the rise and fall of her breasts. Hooking an arm under each leg I gripped her thighs before lowering my head. I began slowly at first but my tongue moved more urgently as I tasted more and more of her. My tongue began to lick her like ice cream on a cone. Soon her fingers gripped my hair as I heard and felt her cum her juices soaking my face. Wanting to get more out of her I began to stroke two fingers inside of her curling them inside. I rub the top inside focusing on her g-spot. Her busy was now very sensitive and every stroke drove her wild. I wanted to continue but Alina said, “Fuck me! EI didn’t know how to tell her that I had just realized I forgotten a condom. Instead all I could do was blurt it out. She didn’t seem to care. “Fuck me baby! EAlina said repeating her command with much more urgency. Deciding to put oblige her I moved into position. She helped me guide my cock inside I moved in and out slowly at first. “Faster! EAlina said. At her command I picked up my pace. “Harder baby! Give it to me! Fuck me as hard as you can! EAlina said. I began to focus everything I could muster pumping into her. Wrapping her legs around my waist she tried to match my rhythm perfectly and we both exploded together. We continued for a couple more bouts before I came one last time fucking her doggie style. The two of us collapsed together and I awoke the next morning tired but content. It took be a little while to get up as I felt a little woozy. When I went to the mirror I saw what looked like two bite marks in my neck.

I had heard about those people who thought they were vampires and figured that Alina was one of them. I wasn’t one to judge and if there were any more nights like the night before I wasn’t about to complain. Eventually Alina bought apartment of her own and we would switch off on whose apartment we were going to that night. It must have gone for months like this after a time I began to grow weaker. Every day following one of our lovemaking sessions I would become more and more sensitive to light. After awhile I began to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. It wasn’t until I actually began to think of the cause that I began doing my research. I went to the library researching anything that might fit my condition, and something occurred to me: I had never seen Alina in the day. No matter how close we had become she never saw me in the daytime no matter how many times I called. Part of me could see myself marrying this girl but why did I feel something was wrong all of the sudden. Acting on a hunch I visited her apartment finding an extra key over the door frame. Opening the door I found her in the bedroom with the windows boarded up. She lay on the bed as peaceful as the dead. In her state she did not even seem to feel me touch and feel the coldness. Alina’s skin was like ice. I felt for a pulse and felt one that barely registered. A chill down my spine as all the pieces fell into place. Producing the stake I prepared to stab it into her heart, but when the moment came I couldn’t do it. I tried to force myself but as much as I tried I still remembered that this was the same creature I spent some much time with. Looking at my watch I realized the sun would be setting in an hour. Quickly I hurried from that place rushing home. I was determined to get out of town before she woke up. I was surprised how quickly I packed. It wasn’t until I was ready to head out that I removed the bandage on my neck. I stared there dumbfounded as saw it had already healed. Decided to put is aside for later I walked back into to the bedroom. I would grab my bags and head out. I was startled to find Alina waiting for me. “Sorry to surprise you. I just wanted to see you and didn’t feel the need to call. Is there something wrong? EThe last part Alina said as she saw the look of apprehension cross my face. “Nothing, I’m fine thanks. EI said backing up until my back hit the wall behind me next to the doorway. “Good. EAlina said before kissing me. “I have waited a long time for someone like you. You might say I have searched the entire world. EAlina said. While I heard her words something else was on my mind. Looking down at her I seemed to focus strangely on her throat. Tearing my eyes away I met hers. “Are you sure you are alright? EAlina asked. Her face showed concern. “Perhaps we should skip me sleeping over until you feel better. EAlina said. Taking her in my arms I reveled at the scent that wafted to my nostrils before I kissed her. I felt my heart strong and powerful beat in my chest. At the moment I felt stronger than I ever had, and now that I did I intended to make full use of it. Taking her hand I led her to the bed. Once there I began stripping off her jean shorts and white t-shirt. I quickly undid her bra and pulled off her panties annoyed that they stood in the way. Once they were removed she had me lay down as she straddle me. At first I was content to just lay there but as I caught sight of her neck again I leaned up. Taking it as a sign I wanted to be closer she leaned into be so her breasts rubbed up against mine. I loved her curves soft skin as my hands gripped her hips. She moved my head to her neck loving it when I kissed her there. Once there I felt the overwhelming urge to bite down but I ignored wondering why I thought of it. Closing my eyes I tried to focus on something else but all I could do was imagine the taste of her. Without realizing it I had drawn closer and closer to her. Now my mouth was only inches away. Glancing at her face I saw her just beginning to ride the orgasm and I soon began to feel her body begin to quiver. Soon I felt my self follow and in the last throes of passion I sank my new fangs in and heard her gasp. It was a gasp of pure ecstasy as I began to drink taking in as much as I could. Are heart beats matched in a sweet rhythm and I saw images from her past through the blood. I stopped as she began to weaken. Licking my lips I cleaned away the last traces of blood spilling not a drop on the white bed sheets.

My body felt rejuvenated and even stronger than before. New power filled my limbs as I mounted her as turned around on her hands and knees. A secret part of me had taken over now set free. I wanted to the unbridled aggression I now felt pumping through my veins. “Yes my sweet, take what you want. I am yours. We are the same now you and I. EAlina said.

Gripping her shoulders I pounded into her with tremendous force. Alina took it enjoying every minute of it matching me to increase the impact of our two bodies as they thumped together. I fucked her until her legs gave out from exhaustion and she came more times than I could count and still I had more to give. With her belly pressed flat against the bed I pushed myself and her for one last one before the bed collapsed beneath us and we spilled to the floor exhausted. I lay there realizing why I had been chosen. I would the one to end her loneliness and be her ever constant companion. I could not but feel grateful for the gift being offered me. I was a half-born she explained: one who could walk in both worlds. We were a rarity most of us never knew what we were. The bite she had given me had awakened it. Even now I could chose to remain human and say goodbye to my lady vampire, but in the end I knew I wouldn’t. I too was alone. Did I really want to go back to a normal life and deny that part of my nature? Looking into her eyes I kissed her feeling the softness of her lips. It wasn’t really a difficult decision when you think about it love or loneliness? Pulling each other to the broken bed we laid down on top about to fall asleep curling up together. I remembered the words she had said earlier about her being mine felt our connection. In that moment I could not dream of being separated from her and it was a moment that did not pass. Just as she began to close her eyes I whispered in her ear, “And I am yours my lady now and forever. E

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2013-01-05 16:51:50
Loved it! Was very erotic!

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2011-05-17 09:43:59
i liked it, grammar isnt to importent, keep up the good work

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2010-09-20 17:18:57
me and my gf used to bite each other and suck each others blood.....
then i killed her

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2009-05-09 00:40:01
Have you ever had an English class? Wow, that was too difficult to read. Just because the computer will check spelling and grammer for you, doesn't mean it will get it right.

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2008-08-10 16:46:23
really the grammar is terrible i couldnt even finish because it was too difficult 2 understand it all

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