The Cherry Popper


Valley Honey

Cindy wasn’t sure what woke her up, but she did know she was really horny. The fourteen year old girl could feel her erect nipples pressing against the fabric of the t-shirt she wore to bed. The sensation traveled through her nearly flat chest and down through her belly until it reached the already wet pussy in her small shorts.
One hand slid under her shirt to tweak her nipples while she slid the other one under the elastic of her shorts to stroke her slit, pausing long enough to pinch blood filled clit before she collected some of her juice and raised it to her lips. The taste of her own juices made Cindy’s whole body shiver with anticipation.
Aware of the fact that she might wake someone up if she was too noisy Cindy held her lips tight together as she reached back down to her pussy, stroking up and down her cunt lips and tickling her clit with each stroke as she continued to play with her nipples. Cindy clamped her lips even tighter as the pressure built up between her belly and cunt, each stroke bringing her closer to climax until her whole body exploded in pleasure.
“Oh God, I needed that,” Cindy gasped as she caught her breath. She could feel her cunt pulsing, demanding more attention but Cindy realized that if she kept going she was sure to make enough noise to wake up the rest of the house. She needed something to cover the sound of her pleasure, after all she couldn’t hold her lips together forever, and one orgasm just wasn’t going to do it for her this morning.
As Cindy was trying to decide what to do she heard a door shut and realized it had to be Dave leaving for school since he’d mentioned the night before that he was working on a special project before school started. Of course Cindy was sure that Dave’s special project involved a girl, probably her old friend Debbie if the rumors around the school meant anything.
Suddenly Cindy sat up in bed, if Dave was gone that meant that the bathroom was free and she had the shower to herself for at least a half-hour before anyone else got up. Moving as quickly and quietly as she could the fourteen year old girl grabbed some fresh underwear from her dresser and threw her robe on over the shorts and tee-shirt she always wore to bed.
In the bathroom Cindy put her robe on the hook on the door and stripped out of her bed clothes. She stopped to examine her soaked panties when she pulled them off, she sniffed at the scent of her own juices. With a sigh Cindy looked around the tiny room as if she suspected that someone was there watching the pleasure she got from smelling her own sex juices but she chuckled nervously at the empty room before stuffing the wet scrap of cloth into the bottom of the hamper. She’d have to make sure that she washed clothes in the afternoon before Mr. Binns found the proof of her nighttime games.
Cindy turned on the shower and while it was warming up she turned to look at her image in the mirror. Staring back at her was a redheaded girl with hair down to her shoulders, green eyes, and pretty features. Freckles peppered her face, just a few scattered across her nose and cheeks but by the time they reached her shoulders they were so thick that they formed a solid mass that ended just above her nipples. Cindy cupped her almost flat tits in her hands and sighed, wondering if her breasts would ever grow, at least her nipples were a decent size - some people might say oversize. They stuck out at least an inch from her flat tits and they were so sensitive that when the redhead pinched them between her fingers she felt a jolt of sexual pleasure shoot down her spine until her juices oozed out of her horny cunt to soak the fringe of red hair around her pussy lips.
Cindy’s left hand slid down her body until it reached her cunt and she sighed in pleasure as her fingers teased her pussy lips. “No,” Cindy gasped, pulling her hand away from her inflamed clit. “I can’t take a chance that someone will hear me. The shower will cover any sounds I make, and I won’t have to worry about cleaning things up when I’m done.”
With another nervous look around the small bathroom Cindy stepped into the hot shower and adjusted the stream so it hit her horny cunt. “Yes,” the horny teenager gasped as the pleasure spread from her juicy cunt. Now that the sound of the shower was drowning her out she didn’t hold back as she reached down to spread her pussy lips so the main stream hit her clit and flooded her fuck tunnel right up to her unbroken cherry.
“Oh God I need this,” Cindy panted as the pleasure built in her unused pussy. As she approached her orgasm Cindy’s legs began to tremble and her stomach clinched over and over again as her freckled shoulders began to shiver. Cindy took her right hand away from her cunt and reached up to pinch her erect nipples at the same time that she stroked her distended clit, throwing herself over the edge with such force that her legs gave out as her orgasm spread from her cunt through her belly to her tits and back again.
“Oh God I need a cock,” the young virgin gasped as her back hit the wall of the shower stall and she slid down to the floor of the tub.
“No I don’t,” Cindy muttered when she realized what she’d just said. “I don’t need a cock, I’m perfectly happy with things the way they are, and I certainly don’t need to take any chances with someone like Dave Binns putting a baby inside my belly because he didn’t pull out in time.” But even as she said this out loud Cindy’s fingers were dipping into her juicy cunt all the way to her intact hymen. Chapter 2

As she dried herself off after her shower Cindy noticed that her nipples were still erect and sensitive enough to shoot jolts of pleasure through her body every time she brushed them with her towel. She was trying to decide if she had time for another cum when someone knocked on the bathroom door.
“Hey Cindy,” Cindy’s sister Janet called through the closed bathroom door, “are you going to take all morning in there? Sue and I need to get ready for school too you know.”
“Just a couple more minutes,” Cindy called as she wrapped her towel around her body, she could still see the way her large nipples pushed the cloth away from her flat tits and sighed in regret. It she and Janet were back home she’d still have time for one more orgasm before she had to give up the bathroom, but since they were staying with the Binns’ family while their parents were out of town that meant more people needed the shower.
“Times up,” Janet called as she opened the door and slipped into the bathroom with her older sister.
“Jan, I said to give me two more minutes,” Cindy cried as she pulled her towel up to hide her tits better.
“And I said your times up,” Janet said, putting her hands on her hips as she glared at her. “So get out of here now so I can take my shower.” Cindy couldn’t help but notice that her thirteen year old sister was almost ready to step in the shower already since she wasn’t wearing anything but her panties and bra. She even felt a pang of jealousy at the way her sister’s tits stuck out from her chest. Janet was a year younger than she was but her tits were larger than most of the girls in Cindy’s class.
“If you won’t come out on your own than I’ll just have to make you leave,” Janet said with a mischievous twinkle in her blue eyes as she grabbed Cindy’s robe and rushed back out the door yelling, “catch me if you can, sis.”
“Come back here with my robe you little twerp,” Cindy called after her blond haired sister as she chased her down the hall. She was so intent on catching Janet that she didn’t even notice when her towel came loose and dropped to the floor behind her running feet. If they’d been in their own home Cindy would have realized where Janet was leading her before she chased her into the bedroom at the end of the hall.
Before she realized where they were Cindy ran into her sister - who’d somehow managed to discard Cindy’s robe as well as her bra and panties in the split second she’d been out of sight. It wasn’t until she tackled Janet onto the king size bed that Cindy realized they weren’t in the bedroom Janet shared with her friend Susan Binns.
“And what do we have here?” asked a deep voice. Cindy could hear Mr. Binns approaching the bed where she was now sprawled across her sister’s naked body. “Looks to me like I have two naked young girls ready to fuck.”
Even as Cindy realized that she was just as naked as her sister Janet wrapped her arms and legs around her so tight she couldn’t move as Mr. Binns came up behind her and ran his hands appreciatively over her naked ass.
“Don’t bother with her Mr. Binns,” Janet said, pulling Cindy even closer so that her large tits rubbed against her sister’s large nipples. “Cindy’s not ready for your big cock - not yet - but I’ll be happy to feel your prick buried in my cunt while I play with her.”
“That’s a request I’ll be happy to fulfill,” Mr. Binns chuckled. “But remember what I told you to call me when we’re fucking.”
“Yes, Steve,” Janet said with a broad smile as Cindy tried to break her sister’s grip so she could get away before things got even more out of control. Even as she struggled against Janet’s grip she felt Mr. Binns got in position behind her and pulled their linked bodies to the edge of the bed.
For a second Cindy thought Mr. Binns was going to fuck her, he spread her legs apart and held them wide with his own legs as he brought his cock up against her engorged cunt lips. Then the head of his prick slid past her pussy lips to reach Janet’s cunt and split her lips open and enter her fuck tunnel. Cindy couldn’t believe how good her pussy felt as Mr. Binns’ prick slid across her cunt with each stroke, it felt ten times better than anything she’d ever done to herself and she could feel another orgasm growing in her belly every time he thrust into her sister’s blond furred twat.
As good as it felt for Cindy when Mr. Binns’ cock slid across her cunt it was obvious that her sister was enjoying the fuck even better. Cindy could see Janet’s eyes open wide with pleasure as she screamed, “Fuck me, Steve, fuck me. Slam your cock in me as deep and hard as you can and make me cum well you shoot deep inside me.”
Cindy was so horny she could feel her clit bumping against Janet’s stomach and she shifted around in her sister’s grip to free it. As soon as Cindy’s clit popped free Steve’s cock caught it as he stroked into Janet’s cunt. Up until Steve’s prick slid across her cunt Cindy had managed to keep her lips clamped against the screams of pleasure every time Steve slid along her pussy lips, but when he hit her clit it felt so good she didn’t even try to hold back her scream of pleasure as her whole body exploded.
“I told you she’d cum before we did,” Janet chuckled as released her sister. Cindy tried to catch her breath but her muscles didn’t feel strong enough to take advantage of her new freedom, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to take advantage of it when she felt her body starting to build up to another orgasm every time Steve stroked past her cunt and clit to slam into Janet’s fuck hole.
“I’m going to cum,” Steve gasped as his stomach smacked into Cindy’s naked ass.
“So am I,” Janet puffed. “Cum inside me, Steve. Fill me with your cream.”
“Whatever you want,” Steve said with one final thrust. He slammed into Janet’s cunt and held his cock deep in her body as her fuck tunnel tried to milk all his sperm.
“Oh God I needed that,” Janet sighed as Steve pulled his softening cock out of her cunt.
“The fuck or the cum?” Steve asked as he sat down on the bed next to the sisters and helped Cindy roll over on her back.
“Actually I needed both,” Janet said as Cindy rolled off her. “I haven’t had a cock in me for almost an hour, and I won’t get another one until this afternoon after school.”
“Sure you won’t get one of your schoolmates to fuck you?” Mr. Binns asked with a chuckle.
“Why would I do that when I know what’s waiting for me when you get home?” Janet asked, reaching out to stroke Steve’s prick. As soon as she touched the softening pole it twitched and started to harden again.
“Careful there, Janet,” Steve said as he pulled her hand away from his cock. “You know how fast I recover, but I think this hard-on is going to be fore Cindy.”
“Only if she wants it,” Janet huffed. “How about it big sis? Are you ready for your first fuck?”
Cindy looked closely at Steve’s thinning brown hair and eyes before looking down at his eight inch cock as she considered her answer. “Don’t say anything yet,” Mr. Binns said. “I won’t be ready to fuck for a few minutes yet, but I can do something to think about it before you give me your answer. Give me a hand Janet?”
“As long as I get something out of it,” Janet said with a broad grin.
“You will, Janet, you will,” Steve said with a grin of his own.

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2012-11-14 21:08:11
I agree with 2008-06-30 19:42:22 Anonymous. You need to fill in the blanks.

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2011-09-04 02:57:19
8/10 for sex but only a 3/10 for story = 11/20 not bad from me.



2010-07-14 07:54:52
For those who think this is a Brady Bunch story; read it again. Cindy Brady is Blonde, this Cindy is a redhead.


2010-06-15 15:05:45
I liked this story. It was a little jarring to find out they weren't in their own home. It didn't need to be spelled out, but it could have been mentioned earlier in the story. The dialog was good, but some of it was a little unwieldy. Two playful sisters, though... this story was hot.

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Hmm.. Interesting..

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