An unforgettable experience
Well folks, this is a real story that has happened to me, years ago.

This girl, Diana (of course not the real name) worked the same place as I did, but in a different department.
Not too tall, but wearing high heeled shoes, light brown long curly hair, brown eyes, normal straight nose and average mouth, not too large, not too small, and beautiful – maybe a bit too lascivious – lips.

What has really drawn my attention were her boobs, luxurious and firm, not exaggeratedly large though, with nipples you could see through her blouse during summer, large and thick and quite easily hardening, and a great ass – large hips, inviting...

She was at the beginning of her twenties, full of youth and quite careless about the difficulties of life.
She was, in a word, a nice person.

One day, needing I don't remember what, I was guided towards her.
She didn't really have what I've been looking for (apart from her very attractive body), but she did her best to find a solution to help me...

Thanking her for her help, the second day, the very first in the morning, I went to her, inviting her to have the morning office coffee together.

We've had a small talk that has lasted far over the time needed for drinking the coffee, and since I found out she was in love with Pink Floyd too, I dared inviting her at my place, since I had a very up to date stereo, and a very high quality album, just released at those times.

Since she agreed, I must confess my thoughts weren't into work that day, thinking only about the moment I was supposed to meet her again and take her home with me...

So, to make a long story short, as short as such a story can be, we have entered my apartment, invited her to take a sit, and I went towards the rack with the records, to prepare the album.

Suddenly, I felt her beside me, which didn't startle me, since I was used with the curiosity of the guests, but, she took me by the arm and turned me gently towards her:
“Look, I'd rather prefer you put some other music for the moment – leave Pink Floyd for later...

“OK, what else would you like, then?”
“I don't really know – something soft, with some regular rhythm in it – something that wouldn't distract us...” After saying the last words, she flickered her tongue across her lips, in a very suggestive way.
My brain was burning with desire “OK, let me than put a reel that would last longer and wouldn't finish just when we wouldn't want it to happen. Agreed?”
“Well, whatever, but do it fast” Said she, starting to unbutton her shirt.

I was doing my best not to let her see the tremble of my body – I used to be quite acquainted with my reel to reel tape machine, but at that moment, I believe I would have won a speed contest by far at the speed that I have mounted the reel and got it started...

After fixing the volume, I rushed to the knob of the door of the room and locked it.
I turned around to see her quite impressive young tits, free of clothes, bouncing beautifully while she was bending to take off her jeans.

In a rush, I started unbuttoning my shirt, took it off and than unbuckled my belt and started pushing down my jeans, after unbuttoning and unzipping them.
This was it – already naked, Diana came to me, fell on her knees and with the speed of light rolled down my jeans and underwear down beneath my knees.

My over eighteen centimeters cock popped up from the constraint and in the following second it was deep in Diana's mouth – she was, practically engulfing my cock, giving me a huge surprise.
I don't pretend I have the largest cock on earth, but, believe me, not many women in my life have been able to engulf my almost nineteen centimeters of cock when fully erect...

She was giving me away, just a few centimeters, as to take a breathe, and than, again, engulfing.
I didn't ask her if she's been a performance swimmer, or something of the kind, but I can tell that she was keeping me engulfed for a minute or so, and not one or two times...

I was checking this with the clock on the wall of my room, so I can surely tell that she's been fucking me in this style for more than fifteen minutes.

It was gorgeous, terrific and almost frightening, since she was holding firmly my buttocks, dragging me strongly towards her face.
After this time, since I, standing, had started to feel some kind of dizziness, and since I still had my feet blocked by my jeans and underwear, I managed to say:
“Diana, wouldn't it be better for both if we reached to the bed? Meanwhile, if you continue to do what you're doing, I'll be finished in no time”...
She released me from her mouth and said:
“Wow, baby, I'll be finishing you right soon – this is, honey, my starters, and I cannot miss it for the world!”
“Well, do as you please, than, but please note I am almost losing my balance – I feel so good I cannot stand on my feet anymore...”
“Lean on me, baby, lean on me, hold on to my head, grab me by the hair if you please, I wouldn't mind”

With these words said, in a high speed and spitting saliva from her mouth while saying them, she regained control on my cock, engulfing it at all it's length, pressing her nose firmly against my pelvis.
She has continued like that for the next six minutes or so – I was amazed, bewildered, she was doing it to me like no one ever did before or ever after...
One minute engulfing - three or four seconds taking a break for exhaling and inhaling fresh air.
I was doing my best to prolongate this, since I was curious to see when she would come to an end, tired, eventually continuing sucking normally, just like the other girls I knew.
No chance – I felt my cream coming and started to moan with my deep voice:
“Honey, I'm ready – I'm cumming and I feel it's gonna be a large spew!”

She than bent her head aside, engulfing me even more than she's done until then, than let me loose for a moment, exhaling strongly and taking a very deep breath, engulfing me again.
As I wasn't surprised enough, she's also started moaning from her throat, inducing me vibrations that made me explode. And what an explosion!
I was feeling the spurt getting out through my dick, directly into her vibrant throat.
After, I think, more than a minute, she eased the strength, released one of my buttocks, and with the back of her thumb she reached between my legs, to the back of my balls, and started to give me a massage, from the balls to the ass and vice-versa, lightly pressing towards my prostate.
She stopped engulfing, releasing kind of three centimeters of my cock, and started to suck, alternating with full round movements of her tongue around my still engulfed cock.
She was, meanwhile, releasing, bit by bit, my cock, out of her mouth, fully cleaned of any sperm, or whatever, letting out a nice very well cleaned cock.
In spite of this treat, I was, from one moment to another, getting limp.
“You'll have to give me a break, baby, let me recover and meanwhile let me be a good host and serve a chilled drink. I've said.”
“Well, since we don't seem to be missing any train, take your time.” She replied, jokingly with a softened voice, meanwhile putting a lascivious smile on her face.
I reached the mini bar and poured two glasses of Martini, adding a sip of vodka.
I didn't usually make this combination, but this time, I felt I needed something stronger than just a sweet wine...
She sipped from the glass, tasting the drink, and asked me to poor a little more vodka in her glass.
“I'll do it, no problem, but keep in mind you don't feel the real strength of the booze, since it's very chill right now” I've replied, meanwhile reaching the bar and grabbing the bottle of vodka.

“You don't know how much booze I can take, if I want to.” She replied, in a serious tone of the voice.

“Since we are supposed, after what happened, to have a nice time fucking around, I believe I would let me see how much you can drink, afterwards, eventually”. I replied, also in a serious manner, immediately regretting the words just spoken, since I was afraid she would feel offended...

Well, nothing happened further about it – let bygones be bygones – I just poured vodka until I've filled her glass with it, and than poured some more vodka in my glass too...

We were both sitting around the tea table, each on an armchair, listening to music for a while...
After ten minutes or do, she stood up and came in front of me, and asked me, in a serious tone:
“Do you like me?” The tone of her voice was quite serious and I felt it wasn't just a question.
I made a serious face, looked at her from toe to head, upwards and downwards and upwards again, and than, looking deeply into her eyes, I've said:
“What you just did to me is an experience I must confess I've never had before – I mean, I've never ever met a girl to fuck me with her mouth just like you did – it was incredibly fantastic and really hard to describe in words”...
She leaned down, and started to give me a deep kiss on my mouth, invading my mouth with her expert tongue.
I felt no need for another invitation, so I stood up too – I am quite a tall person – and led her, like in a dancing movement, towards the bed.
We reached there in no time, so I've just laid her down on it and, continuing kissing, started to massage her right boob, reaching, gradually, with my thumb and finger, to her hardened well shaped, erect nipple.

Reaching there, I've started twisting it, slowly and caressing, giving her thrills and making her start shaking her legs and buttocks, and rubbing herself with her body to mine.
I knew she was ready – I released her nipple and continued my exploration with the hand to her belly, caressing it for a few seconds, than my hand continued the journey until reaching her buttock.
It was soft and firm at the same time – I started caressing it, taking a large part of it into my palm and squeezing it, so that she started to moan a little louder. She stopped kissing me, and with a rather rough voice, said:
“Come, I need it inside – I cannot stand without it!”
I gently turned her on her back, spreading her legs with my hand, and reaching directly her clitoris – I'm an expert at that, as I've been told...
“No, not now, later – you don't have such long fingers to touch me where I need to be touched right now”.
She said, softly, breathing hard and dragging me towards her body, leading me upon her.
My prick was hardened and ready for action, so I've positioned myself between her legs, aiming, with the tip of my prick, the entrance of her vagina.
I looked down there – I love to watch – and saw her entrance already wet and opened, as if she would have been already fucked. She was wet and opened!
I started entering the hole, pressing continuously, going deeper and deeper, in one and only throb, stopping for a moment to lift her legs on my shoulders.
“Oh yes, this, yes, you can go deeper!”
I continued throbbing in, pressing my hips towards her. She changed the position of her legs, putting her soles on my shoulders and letting me press in three points: her vagina, and her two soles. I reached her cervix, making her moan and contract the walls of her tunnel.
She started milking me, meanwhile making sort of movements like drawing the figure eight with her ass.

She was doing it, by the help of her legs, and, realizing what she was doing and how she was doing it, I was keeping my shoulders stiff towards her, giving her a firm “ground” for her feet.
The rhythm was just fit for the music we were “listening” and I've realized she was, in fact, “dancing” with my cock in her vagina, each move caressing her cervix. I realized she was satisfied by the length of my prick, since I was already at “the bottom” of her tunnel, in fact pressing inside, stretching her.
She raised her hands above her head, clutching the margins of the pillow, closing her eyes in abandon, but never forgetting her dance with her hips.
It was feeling really good, comforting, if I may say so, and all I had to do is to stay still, tensed, giving her the chance to dance as she pleased...
We continued like that for more than twenty minutes – although I only had to stay still, I felt my body full with perspiration, the perspiration from my forehead dropping on her gorgeous tits.
I believe she felt every drop, since every time it was happening, she was giving a short tremble of surprise, and she was slightly smiling.
At that moment I knew this girl would love me to cum on her face and tits.
With this conclusion in my mind, I felt so excited, that I realized I couldn't continue without giving her another “dish” of sperm.
“Honey, I'm cumming – sorry I cannot keep on going!” I've said, immediately releasing her feet and going upon her, in a riding position.
I was riding her belly, standing on my knees, not to put any real pressure on her body, and with my right hand kept my dick pointing towards her face and her tits.
I didn't have to wait, since , to my surprise, as I've had already been emptied shortly before, I started spraying la large quantity of sperm, shooting it from her nose and chin until her tits.
She released the pillow and grabbed my buttocks, dragging me towards her, and taking again my cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked it clean again, giving me thrill after thrill.
After we've finished this cleansing activity, I laid beside her, watching her massaging my cum into her skin.
She continued rubbing her skin, until, practically, there was nothing left to make someone guess she had just received a quite impressionable quantity of jism on her upper body.
“No cosmetic producer can beat this.” She said, smiling at me.
“Thank you for your natural treatment – it's worth more money than anything...” She continued.
I must admit I've seen girls doing that before, but never with such serenity and lack of embarrassment in what regards my knowing about it – they were doing it in the bathroom, when thinking I didn't observe them.
With no connection to what we've been just doing, I felt a deep and strong hunger for food.
I was perfectly hungry.
“Would you care for a sandwich?” I've asked.
“Not really – don't you see how fat I am already?” She asked me with a serious tone in her voice.
“Besides, you have already fed me with essential exquisite food – I cannot afford to abuse, eating too much”.
“Well, in that case, if you refuse your host, you'll have to suffer the consequences” I've said, quite determined to keep my word.
“What do you mean by that?” She inquired.
“I mean you have two choices: either you accept to let me give you a sandwich, either you shall see no cum in your mouth again from me...”
“Oh no! That's blackmail!” She yelled in a laughter, jumping up from the bed and lighting a cigarette.

“Fine, just wait a few moments, please” I've said, unlocking the door of my room and going to the kitchen.
“Not going anywhere, pall, I'm not yet, finished with you” I've heard her commenting whilst my departure.
In fact, I was perfectly conscious of the fact that, in spite we've been making love for more than twenty minutes, she has had not come yet.
Usually, there may be two reasons: either she has had no sexual activity for more than a week, which I doubted, due to her beauty and a certain impression that she's created to me about her “morals”, either there was something else that would make the “click” of her orgasm.

I was, of course, determined to find out.

I've prepared a few sandwiches and came back to the room, where Diana has had already finished the cigarette, and was sitting on the arm chair.
“I can also offer you a coffee, if you feel like it.” I've said.
“Yes, a coffee would be good – even better than eating the sandwiches”.

At that moment I've realized why she didn't want to eat! Normal! She, doing such a perfect deep throating, surely needed an empty stomach, to avoid any “surprises”.
I've asked her bluntly:
“Diana, are you avoiding to eat, since you don't want to vomit while sucking the cock?”
She looked at me in surprise, and said: “How on earth did you figure it out?”
“Well, I've had an experience some time ago with a girl that vomited – so, no big deal – but, honestly, I've been quite forcing that girl to take it deeper when this event happened. I regretted it and have decided to avoid making a woman do something she cannot, anymore”.

Saying this, I just grabbed a sandwich and started to eat, since, as you remember, I was really hungry.
She took a sandwich too – after taking a bite or two, she said:
“You know, I used to have a lover who was forcing me to deep throat him...”
“And he was probably having a huge prick...” I've guessed.
“No, on the contrary – but he was very gealous and every time he suspected I would be cheating on him, this was his punishment – he was tying my hands and legs on a chair and forcing me swallow his dick...”
“Wow!” I've said in bewilderment...
She left her sandwich on the plate, took a large gulp of her drink, lit a cigarette, and continued:
“Shit, he was treating me with no mercy”... I saw her eyes swimming in tears.
“Look” I've said, “If you don't want to go further with your story, no problem – I don't want to see you hurt”.
She filled her lungs with smoke, pushed it out, and continued:
“He was forcing me until I was full of my own puke” She sighed.
“He was keeping me tied on that chair, no matter what – I even peed and shitted – he didn't care...”
“Wow!” I said again, looking at her in a kind of disbelief.
“You don't believe me, do you?” She asked, with a grin on her face.
“If he did it to you only once, and than you left him, no problem, I believe you, since I've met girls methodically beaten by their mates, but what you tell me is far beyond the bearable...”
She looked at me and smiled: “You wouldn't guess how much I loved this man.”
“It was a one way route.” I replied.
She turned away her eyes from me, grabbed the glass and sipped all it's remaining contents in a gulp.
She than turned to me and said:
“I think I'm going to abuse and ask you for another one – but only vodka, please”.
I looked at her, felt pity, and said:
“You can have all the bottle if you please – I'll even go out and bring you another one, if you need – but this is not going to help you”...
She burst in tears and said softly:
“Just pour me another drink – but see to fill it up properly” (I've forgotten to mention that we drank our drinks from glasses of 200 milliliters...).
I than just did as I was told, and took advantage of my time to prepare another tape of music.
I've also prepared the cassette deck, with additional music, as not to waste too much time if, during our love making I was expecting to come, the tape would have come to it's end...
She grabbed the glass directly from my hand, and took a large sip – as large as half the quantity of the drink in the glass...
By now, I started to worry a little, since I really don't feel too much pleasure fucking drunk bitches.
She, I don't know how, kind of guessed what I was thinking about, since she's told me:
“Don't worry, I won't get drunk – it takes more than a bottle to make me feel a little dizzy”...
“Are you coming from Russia?” I've asked, kind of joking.
“No, but my ex, while keeping me on the chair, used to have fun pouring the contents of the bottle of vodka directly into my throat, forcing me to swallow it all... I believe he enjoyed seeing me peeing with no control on the chair, leaving me than to swim in my own pee”...
“Well, but what about the floor? If you don't mind me asking you”
“Shit! He was quite good and skillful – he had a very large bowl, and was putting the chair into it – additionally, he used a very large sheet of plastic, so no matter what I would be trying, I couldn't ruin his carpet...”
“In this case, my dear, I believe your ex was not only gealous, but he probably enjoyed what he did to you – the so called revenge, or punishment, was, I believe, the materialization of his sick sexual fantasies...”
“You should have seen me after two or three days of such an uninterrupted ordeal”... She said, in a very low voice. She continued.
“He than took me, holding me and the bloody cursed metallic chair, and put me directly under the shower, giving me another of his favorite treatments, alternating hot and cold water – at the beginning, I tried to protest, but he had banged my head so strongly with his fist, that I have almost lost my consciousness – what could I do? Tied up to the chair, with no defense?...”

I was bewildered, mesmerized, overwhelmed by what she was telling me, not knowing, until today, if to believe her or not...
“He was than bringing a very large and sharp knife, with which, after caressing my ears, nose, tits, belly and even my pubic hair, was cutting off the strings or the tape, whatever he'd been using to tie me up.
And then, while cutting off, he was telling me, in a deep, threatening but whispered voice, that he'd rather go to jail than see me flirt with another man...”

At that moment, it was my turn to take a large gulp of my booze:
“Look! Either everything you told me is bullshit, either you are crazier than him! How could you, after such treatment, continue to see this bloody bastard? Wasn't it enough an one and only experience?!?”

She'd jumped off her armchair, came to me in a second, grabbed me by my hair (I used, those times, to let my hair a bit longer) and said, with tears in her eyes:
“Don't you see, stupid, that I loved this man?!?”

Honestly, I am completely against violence in general, not to mention the women. Meanwhile, I've never been the type to endure. Her grabbing my hair in such a style didn't provoke to me any pleasure, or arousal.
I stood up, looking down at her from my one meter and ninety centimeters height, with quite an angry look and voice:
“Honey, I do not think I can agree with your style of conversation and behavior.” Meanwhile, I took her by her hands, that were still grabbing my hair from both my temples, and, holding them strongly, I've pushed with my fingers on her forearms, until she's made a grimace of pain and let my hair free...

Immediately afterwards, I've let her hands go, ready for any eventual agression.
She turned her back to me, and jumped into the bed, in a very sexy position, on her belly, with her ass above.
I stood still, making no move, just looking with anger at this beautiful fucking body that I was preparing to tell her presence in my house was no longer welcomed.

She stood there, not moving, with her face deepened into the pillow, and, at the moment I was ready to spill out my unwelcoming phrase, she turned her body on a side, with her face towards me, and said:
“Look, I'm sorry! I know I was and still am a stupid cow! Can you please let go and forgive me?”.

My reply came with a smile on my face:
“Maybe, if you promise to behave yourself, I might let go, forgive you, but with a condition: you must withdraw your allegation as being a cow, since this would imply that I am an ox, which I cannot accept that I am.”
She smiled back to me, with eyes full of tears, and stood up, coming again in front of me:
“I'm sorry, please forgive me – can you?” She than rised herself on her toes, with lips departed, awaiting for me to kiss her.
I cannot tell why, and how, but my prick woke up in a flick of a second, hard as a rock.

I bent and kissed her sweet lips, probed with my tongue her mouth, our tongues starting to dance a sweet and quite forcible dance.
She dragged me towards the bed, reaching there turning with her back to me, and climbing the bed with her knees, and supporting her upper body on her hands, in a “four paws” position.
“Fuck me baby – I need you!”
I didn't wait for another invitation. I positioned my cock against the entrance in her vagina and pushed.
I don't know how and why, since she hasn't taken any shower, she was quite dry.
I had to pump her, several times, in order to get my full length inside her.
Every time I was pushing my hips towards her, she was pushing back, towards me, balancing, from time to time, her ass from the left to the right and from the right to the left.

After I managed to insert all the length of my almost nineteen centimeters into her vagina, I started pumping her, taking the prick almost completely out and filling back her tunnel in an instant.
It was a quite noisy “operation”, since the room filled up, in spite of the music, with the sound of flesh banging against flesh. This excited me even more, making me go at a more intense rhythm.

She was holding herself on her elbows, dragging her beautiful hair with her hands, in some kind, I thought, of masochistic behavior...
Than I've got an idea. I've put my left hand under her belly, reaching her clitoris and rubbing it gently.
She has become frenetic, moving her body and groaning in ecstasy.

I than, continuing my pumping with my cock and rubbing her clitoris with my middle finger, started to probe the entrance of her ass with the thumb of my right hand - this made her completely crazy. She was moving in desperation, trying to grab my thumb with her ass.

I didn't expect any further invitation – I sticked my thumb into her ass, pumping with it just as it would have been a small dick.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, this was it! I didn't need to do this “combined technology” fucking for more than a minute. She came, trembling, shaking and muffling her screams with the help of the pillow.
It has lasted, I believe, more than a minute, until she came back into her senses.
Her body, covered with perspiration, was radiating a kind of satisfaction that you could feel with no chance of a doubt.
I continued fucking her in this style for almost five minutes, than, slowly, I eased my pace and simultaneously released my thumb from between her buttocks and let her clitoris take a rest.
She didn't say a thing. She just leaned with her belly on the bed, practically forcing me to let her go.
But, I wasn't finished, yet.

So, she turned around, and, with a soft voice, asked me to lay down on the bed.
I did so, and, gently, she climbed on me, and put her vagina on my cock.
She than, after taking it all inside her, started to move, front and back, right and left, slowly starting getting her pace, drawing the figure eight.
I was feeling her cervix surrounding the tip of my cock, almost as she'd been doing it with her tongue, earlier.
“Oh, you're so great, so fit for my fucking pussy...” She said, continuing to fuck me.
She fucked, and fucked, and fucked me like that, with no pause, until the tape was finished.

The sudden silence surprised us both, and I asked her to stop and excuse me for a moment.
I got out of the bed and started the music again.
Than, I came back, and we've continued what we've been doing for another minimum twenty minutes.
It was great, fantastic.
The perspiration was pouring out of her hair, head, forehead, and everywhere else, abundantly.
I've said: “Honey, I'm afraid if I don't take control I won't be able to finish and I shall wear you out.”
She stopped, leaned on me, and after giving me a kiss, asked me: “Do you really need to let go?”
“Well, I cannot say I don't enjoy what you are doing to me, but I don't want to abuse – I believe it's time to get myself into some action too”.
She gave me another lovingly kiss, and said:
“Now, let me show you how I finish you in no time”
She raised her upper body, leaned back supporting her upper body on my knees, and started to milk me – God! It was almost as she would be using a hand inside her vagina – she was massaging my cock with such skill and frenzy that I almost immediately felt the urge to give her another portion of cum.
Since I wasn't married, she wasn't married, and I didn't really feel like becoming a father, I asked her to stop.
“Don't you like it?” She asked.
“Honey, you're teasing me – you know perfectly that what you are doing now is absolutely fantastic – the only problem is that, by all means, I cannot let go my jism into your pussy – and you know that!”
“Just let me know when you are ready and leave it to me”...

For the readers, to understand, we were living in a communist country, and abortion was absolutely out of the question.

She continued to fuck me in this milking style, looking concentrated into my eyes. A millisecond before I was going to tell her I'm ready, she stopped, rushing my penis out of her, turning around and engulfing it with her expert mouth.
To my surprise, although it's been the third time, I gave her quite a lot of cum.
She ate it all, with a pleasure you could see radiating from her face.

We stood up, after a while, and got back into our arm chairs, lighting each of us a cigarette.
The drinks were already warmed by now, so I went to the kitchen and got rid of them.
I came back, refreshed the drinks, this time pouring, again, Martini with just a drop of vodka.
Than, as we were sipping from our glasses, and as I thought that our “time of relaxation was over”, I asked her if she was ready to listen to the new album of Pink Floyd.

She looked at me with surprise in her eyes: “Do you really think I wanted to come here to listen to music?!?”
“Well, music is an art, and, after all, as I could see, you like music.” I've said, in a polite way.
“Don't misunderstand me” She said “I don't want to say I don't like music – I love it, but, compared to a good looking fucking stunt like you, I prefer to fuck you dry”...

Hearing her say so, I've burst into a laughter: “Honey, let me tell you a joke – if you know it, please stop me, so we don't waste our time:
There was a wife of an engineer who, catching her husband cheating her with the wife of a gynecologist, went to his office, explained to him the situation and asked for revenge.
“What kind of revenge?” Asked the doctor. “You'll have to fuck me, doctor, just as my husband fucked your wife!” OK, they did it – once, twice, three times, but it seems that the wife of the engineer was still needing another fuck. “Common, doc, fuck me more! I have such a hatred accumulated against the bloody bastards who dared to cheat on us!”
The doctor, after looking down at his limp cock, said: “Dear lady, I completely understand the situation, but, for the moment, please note that I have no more hatred in me...”

Diana started to laugh in cascades – she didn't know this joke.
“Wow, yes, good joke!”
“So, honey, I am probably now in the position of the doctor, except that my love making to you had nothing to do with hatred or revenge...”.
She leaned towards me, took my hand, kissed my palm and releasing it after flickering her tongue on it, said: “Let me worry about it – I'll make you cum as you've never cummed before”.

She than lit herself another cigarette and starting sipping from her glass, she said:
“Meanwhile, since I am still curios of how this new Pink Floyd album sounds, you can get it started”.
“OK” I've said and did as asked.

Honestly, in spite of the fact I am a Pink Floyd fan, I don't remember what album it was, and, since I've met quite a few lies within the “true stories” on this site, I do not want to tell a lie.

She has finished her cigarette, stood up and went towards the bed, inviting me to come, with a gesture.
We laid down, and she started approaching her hand towards my belly – surprisingly, I felt some kind of energy, a tickling warmth, and when she started to touch my belly I could feel as my penis was losing it's limpidness...
Don't ask me how she did it, cause I don't know, but in less than a minute I was hard and ready for another sex party...
She positioned herself under me, putting the soles of her feet on the front of my shoulders, as she'd done the first time, and we've started to bounce in a rhythm of our own.
I couldn't last for more than ten minutes – I was amazed, since I knew, from previous experiences, that at this stage it even happened to me not to be able to cum anymore.
“Honey, you won't believe me, but I'm cumming again”.

She dragged me out of her vagina and leaded me above her, towards her mouth.
“I want you to swallow me, as you did at the beginning – can you?” I asked.

She grabbed my buttocks and engulfed me completely, moving her throat as she would be engulfing – what a sensation! I finished in no time, giving her, again, don't ask me from where, quite a load of sperm.

She than, nice and easy, started to take out my penis from her mouth, licking it all around, delivering it completely limp and clean.
She than licked her lips clean. I bent some more, to kiss her for the good job, but she's put a hand towards my chest: “Look, if you have any reluctance in this, you don't have to kiss me – I can do without kissing”.
“Honey, as I could see, you have had your teeth brushed when you came to me, so I cannot see how I could feel bad about my own body...”
She than let her hand loose and let me approach her, giving her a long, well deserved kiss.

We stood up again, and continued sipping our drinks, lighting other cigarettes.

“I think we really do smoke too much” She said, seriously.
“Yeah, bad habit, I agree”.
“OK, we finish the cigarettes and get back to bed” She said, with an inviting smile on her face.

Honestly, I was bewildered, since by now I thought I would be needing at least an hour to make myself capable again of something.
What could I do? I've just said “OK” And continued sipping my drink.

After we've finished our cigarettes, we went back in bed, and laid down, listening to the music.
Than, within a few minutes, I felt the need to caress her breasts – her nipples hardened in an instant, so I just bent and started teasing them, one by one, licking, sucking and even gently biting them.
The taste was fantastic. Meanwhile, the treat made Diana grow horny, so, since my rod was still limp, I've put my middle finger of my left hand into her crotch, easily finding her clitoris. I started playing with it, caressing it, and even pinching it. She didn't seem to mind, on the contrary, she grew hornier and hornier.

I've changed a little bit the position of my body, so that my hand would easily reach at her pussy.
I entered two fingers in her vagina, meanwhile caressing her clitoris with my thumb.
After a few minutes, she said, in a begging voice: “If you really want to do me, do me properly please”.
She's taken my hand out of her pussy and turned around, lying sideways, with her back towards me.
She than took my hand and leaded it towards her pussy.
I entered my middle finger and the pointing finger again into her vagina, and started caressing it.
“Don't forget to use your thumb” She said to me, while feeling my hand and pointing my thumb towards her anus.
I didn't need any more explanations or instructions.
I probed her anus with my thumb, took out some lube from her pussy with my other fingers, and putting it on her entrance.
Than, I've started fucking both her vagina and her anus. I can tell you she was feeling great – she was moving spasmodically, forcing herself towards my fingers.
With complete surprise, I've felt my cock getting hard again.
“Honey, I think I'm ready to fuck you again” I've said.
“OK, you can do it, but don't forget to fuck my ass with your thumb, please”...

I stood up a little, positioned my cock towards her vagina, and entered. Than, I've managed to lead my thumb towards her ass, and here we go, riding the horse, with the thumb controlling the frantic movements of this lovely bitch.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!” She shouted, “Give it to me, give it to me!” She continued. “Don't stop! Don't stop! Break me, fuck me, kick me!”.
She continued like that for the next ten long minutes of ride, when, again, I've felt, in complete surprise, another tickle down there – I was, unbelievably, ready to cum again!

I stopped, to her complete surprise and obvious disappointment, and asked: “Diana, would you mind if I fuck your ass?”
“God damn it!” She replied in a hurry. “I'll be damned if you don't put all your big bloody prick in my ass! Break me, kick me, make me cum!”
I didn't expect for another invitation. I don't know what made feel such an urge to become quite violent.

“You've asked for it!” I've said, meanwhile withdrawing my cock from her pussy and putting it almost immediately into her ass.
I didn't do it slowly, as I usually do. I just pushed, as hard and long as I could, arranging my body in such a manner that I could enter as far as it could go.
I've sensed her sphincter, I believe, surprised by this abrupt intro mission, and Diana gave me a scream as if I've had a virgin under me, fucking for the first time.
Surprisingly, I didn't stop – it gave me an additional arousal. I pushed, deeper and harder, with my right arm supporting my weight on the bed, and with my left arm around the belly of Diana, forcing her body upside, towards my stiff prick.

I didn't need to continue dragging her up, since she took the initiative and started pushing her ass towards my cock, in a frenzy.
In no more than five minutes, she has had at least three good orgasms.
I continued fucking her like that for more than ten minutes.
At a certain moment, I felt her softening. She turned her head towards me and said: “You can cum now, I'm finished”.

I'm sure there will be some of you who won't believe me, but, since this is the truth, I take my chances. I felt the need to come in no time, as if this woman was remote controlling my gonades, testicles, prostatis, will, and whatever else you may think of.
I've released my cum into her nice fucking ass, with a sensation of pleasuring ease.
To my surprise and bewilderment, she started milking my cock, just as she did with her vagina.
Folks, it has never ever happened to me such an experience. This girl was controlling her muscles better than any Yoga practitioner – and, believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

I really don't feel like continuing this story, since, in fact, things have repeated – as per total, I have cum eight times in less than four hours!
It was a pleasant and awkward experience, that, in spite of the fact that she continued working in the same place for more than a year, we didn't repeat.

I don't know who and when has seen us entering the building I live, but they've spread the rumor.
Since I didn't want to get into any commitment with such a “peculiar” person, with a history like described above, I've preferred to avoid her.
Meanwhile, at that time I used to have a permanent girlfriend, and some of my colleagues knew her – I didn't want to spoil my relationship.
After about half a year, she has made herself a boyfriend, working in the designing department, a nice decent tall guy, of Hungarian origin, whom she was cheating with whoever offered his cock to her.
She even fucked the driver of the bus that was taking her to and from her working place...
At the time, I've thought that this “adventure” will make him get rid of her.
In a few months, he came to say good bye, since he and his fiance, Diana, were leaving to another working place, in a completely different location of the town.
After a few years, I saw them down town, from a distance – I'm sure they saw me too, but they have pretended not to notice or recognize me. I've just let them go, since I didn't want to hurt the feelings of that man...

Oh! By the way! I have almost forgotten!
The timing!
We have arrived at my place at three P.M.
We did everything described above from three to six hours and 49 minutes P.M.
How come I remember?!?
I do remember, since, after she left, at six 59 arrived, guess who? My girlfriend.

Another thing you won't believe – I didn't believe it too, but it happened: I fucked my girlfriend all that night long, giving her three portions of thick abundant cum!


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long wonded sucker now aren;ttt youuuu. I'll take a piece if that please. next

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