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Louise and the Ponies

The barn was old, very old. Rough slab timber cladding was starting to part company with the frame. Only those timbers that could be reached from the ground were in good repair.

An old house some fifty meters south of the barn was overgrown with vines and also in urgent need of restoration. The place looked deserted.

Louise turned to Sally, “What do you think? E

“It’s freezing out here! Four walls, no matter what state they are in, must be better than this. ESally replied as she hugged her scant garments about her.

Even as she spoke the first flurry of snow started. All four girls eased through the small side entry door into the dim and dusty barn interior. It was warmer, though still cold. The pungent smell of horse dung told that the barn was in use. A quick search managed to turn up two horse rugs near the front barn doors. The girls huddled together with an urgent needed to warm themselves quickly.

Sally, as usual, took the initiative and made a quick inspection of the barn before rejoining them. She had gathered some empty feed bags and an additional horse blanket from the furthest corner of the dilapidated building.

“Not too much house keeping goes on here, Eshe observed as she spread some of the bags over piles of hay in an empty stall. A warm bed, more like a nest, was constructed. With their own body warmth to help, they were soon comfortable. Several hours passed and the barn was eerily quiet.

“What’s that EA noise in the barn startled Louise who, apart from Sally, was the only one still awake.

“Only the ponies, ESally informed. “There are five or six very small ponies in the stalls on the far side, opposite where we came in. E

The minutes then the hours ticked by with only the occasional nicker and stomping of hooves to brake the silence. eventually everyone fell asleep.

The crashing of the big barn doors being thrown back woke all four girls.

“What is it, EJune, the older girl sleepily inquired.

“Shh! EHissed Sally, “It’s probably the farmer come to feed the ponies. E

“What time is it? E

“Its still dark, ESally paused and listened to someone, no, there was more than one, moving about,“I don’t think there here to feed the ponies . I think there looking for something. E

Then from the doorway of the barn the farmer spoke just as a lamp was lighted. “Four you say? Four women loose on a night like this.? E

EYah! Four of ‘em and scantily dressed too. They can’t have gone far and they aint at Petersen’s, so I recon they must be here, ...too cold outdoors. E

“It’s the old man ELouise hissed, “he’s looking for us. E

“He’s found us, we can’t hide for long in here, if there serious about searching E ESally spoke dejectedly.

There seemed to be four people, three men and a women in the barn carrying lanterns. It didn’t take long before the stall that hid the girls was bathed in light.

“Well lookee here Paw, EIt was Clem, he had found them.

All four lanterns converged and four faces peered over the stall door.

EYer right Jeremiah, they’s beauties all right, worth the trouble of coming out on a cold night to track em down.

“Wouldn’t want ‘em dying of cold I’d recon. E It was the voice of an old women.

“They was accommodatin your hounds when you found em in yer barn yh say Jeremiah? Ehe paused and turned to his crone of a wife “don’t that beet sumin. Sarah. E

“Not only that they didn’t put up a fight when I put the Boars to em, Eiked it, I swear they did Josh. EThey all laughed.

As the group gloated at their find the four women cowered in the stall.

“You takin em back tonight Jeremiah? Ethe old lady inquired.

ERecon not, sun up is soon enough, the going ’ll be easier when we can see a little Ethe four retreated to the far end of the Barn.

“What you got planed for them? EJosh inquired of Jeremiah. As they went.

“Well I'm not rightly sure but I hear animal acts is a big attraction cross the border, maybe some Mex’ll offer good money for white ladies who fuck animals. E

“You’d sell ‘em to the Mex’s? E

The old lady spoke again. “Them Mexes use donkeys don’t they she inquired? E

“That’s what people wont to see Sarah , EJeremiah replied.

“Well dogs and Pigs is a long way from donkeys, size wise I mean, ESarah continued. “Them girls would need more braking in before they could handle donkeys. E

“What you driving at woman’“ Josh interjected.

The barn doors banged closed and the party retreated into the darkness.

Chapter 5

The girls herd no more as the big doors slammed shut and a bar crash into place. They had been recaptured and they slept no more that night.

“What did he mean mom EJune asked though she probably knew well enough.

“They plan on selling us to the Mexicans to work in brothels. E

None one said a thing, Jane sobbed quietly while her mother comforted her.

Week sunlight filtered through the loose siding. The girls huddled and waited for Jeremiah and Clem to come and collect them. They didn’t have to wait long. As the sun rose the men arrived at the barn. There was some feverish activity for several minutes as the sound of timber being collected and thrown into a pile could be herd. This was followed by plenty of discussion that was clearly being directed by Josh. Then hammering and sawing that lasted a good hour. Finally the bar across the doors was slid free and the small door swung open.

“Good morning ladies, Ethe old crone cackled as she approached the stall. She entered and told carrying a shotgun and immediately ordered them to stand and strip. For a moment they hesitated but the gun brandished by Sarah suggested they should not waist time.

As they undressed Louise could see the men carrying timber into the barn. Soon they were all naked. Without clothes the girls began to shiver.

" Josh has a fire going up front, EShe announced. If you don’t want to freeze your titties off you should move quick. E The hag directed them through the stall door as she wheeled around and strode smartly to the front of the barn where the men had a roaring fire going in a protective grate. Next to the fire was a wooden frame with a cross beam that slid up and down between parallel vertical posts. The frame was placed in front a low platform, about 20inches from the ground. The platform was covered in straw and some bags.

Jeremiah looked us over long and hard. “Good lookin women don’t you think boys. Shame they gave them-self to dogs and pigs. No self respecting man would have them now. E

Sally spoke first. “What are you fiends going to do with us, Eher tone was demanding though her voice shook.

Jeremiah scratched his stubble chin. “Well we is poor folk around here and last night we had a long talk about you gals. I mus say I prefers to sell you to the Mexes. But, EHe paused. “Sarah here reckons that properly handled you could be worth a lot more this side of the border. E
Sarah cackled before Jeremiah continued.

" Either way we have to be sure you is ready for the work you is about to undertake. E

With that he Called, “Ready Josh, Eand nodded in my direction. “That one first. E

Clem caught Louise by the elbow and hustled her to the low platform.

" Kneel on that, slut Ehe demanded.

" no E

" Kneel... on... the...fuckin Ehay... now, Ehe demanded deliberately.

Louise looked quickly at Sarah, she shrugged, the girls were defenseless against the callous clan. Louise, defeated, needed no further persuasion when she looked at the stern faces of the two men and the old crone. She moved forward and slowly knelt.

" Hold that rail; EClem pointed to the cross bar. " Two hands... Two hands. E

Louise caught hold of the bar and Clem placed a loop around each wrist and fastened it to the bar. Jeremiah, at the same time fastened a loop about each of her ankles and attached the ends to two pegs protruding from the platforms legs. Another sling like rope was fastened about the back of her knees and attached to two similar pegs inserted into the front legs of the stand. She was trussed firmly now unable to move.

" What are you going to do Ethe bound girl sobbed as she wondered which man was going to be first.

Clem giggled as Sarah moved behind Louise and rubbed something greasy into her vagina, the inside of her legs and the crack of her buttocks.

Louise immediately felt a tingling where the greasy stuff was applied.

“How long'll that stuff take to work Sarah? EJeremiah inquired.

Sarah moved behind Louise and touched the girl roughly on the rump, Louise did,'t flinch.

“She's ready Jeremiah, ESarah announced.

“Josh what are yh watin fer. EJeremiah called, his voice crackling.

Josh came out of the stalls leading a tiny but magnificent black pony. It whinnied excitedly as he paraded it in front of the girl. The pony colt was clearly excited as he pranced raising dust and hay from the dry floor. It tugged at the lead rope determinedly. His head bobbed and his eyes were flashing impatiently.

Louise knew now what they were going to do.

" The mare piss in the grease was a good Idea Sarah, EJeremiah acknowledged as he helped Josh steady the colt. E

" God NO E Louise groaned as she realized what was about to happen. "No Please... No don’t... I can’t possibly EHer heart was pounding in her chest and her legs became week.

The Pony was the smallest horse she had seen, much smaller than the ranch horses but perfectly proportioned. The colts penis was extended downward in a soft swinging arch as he pranced excitedly.

As Louise watched the colts penis snapped rigid against his belly with a dull thud as he nickered in anticipation.

" There boy; ESarah consoled. " We have a lovely new mare for you, Easy there... Easy..., Eshe gently applied some different grease to the bouncing shaft.

Stepping back she indicated to the men she had finished and they moved the colt alongside Louise. He sniffed at her rear as the men steadied him and the colts excitement excitement increased. His nickering had become a shrill squeal as he tried to nip the helpless girl. The men caught him just in time.

" Better put the rug over her shoulders and head Sarah he my want to bite. EJosh offered and Sarah flipped a folded horse blanket over Louise's shoulders.

For a moment the colt paused and looked at the girls smooth naked skin. Her pussy looked like a mare's pussy and as he tasted the air. She also smelled like a mare in season. He nickered, rolling back his top lip and shuffled his feet, impatiently.

" ok, EJeremiah barked “let him go, but keep a slack hold on the lead. E

The colt feeling the free lead immediately lifted both front legs across Louise's waist placing the full weight of his chest on the girls back and hips. His hind legs skipped sideways until he was directly behind her. His greased penis slapped Louise's hip as he swung. Both his front legs were now clutching and pulling the girl backward in a raking action, trying to draw the naked filly onto his dancing member. Several times his flashing hooves caught Louise’s thighs forcing a sharp cry in response and leaving large red grazes. The flared tip of the colts hard rod nudged at the inner leg and rump of the girl as he constantly adjusted. He pink shiny appendage was stretched, bouncing and seeking. All the while the stud squealed snorted and grunted. Louise was held motionless and terrified.

Without the obstruction of a tail the experienced studs rampant rod easily sought and found Louise’s greased folds. The colt felt the soft giving female beneath him. For a brief moment he paused at the furrowed warm flesh. Then intuitively pressed forward, first parting then entering.

Louise gave a strangled scream.

Knowing he had made his mare the stud shuffled forward driving his shaft in and up in several sharp penetrating motions. The shear power of the beasts driving hips forced his thick pony rod into the girls tightness. Bigger than a man or dog but smaller than a full sized horse the pink flesh of the raging rod had disappeared into the struggling female. The colt finished with an upward thrust forcing Louise, despite the restraints, to arch her back as his long shaft slammed deep into her, pressing stretching. She screamed but the colt was relentless. In an effort to plant his seed deep each thrust was a brutal drive. There was no long in and out sliding just a determined effort to gain as much depth as possible. Each of his jumping thrusts were accompanied by a stifled scream from Louise and a snorting excited squeal from the colt.

Four, five, six, the colts shaft seemed to swell as he mercifully stopped. The girl felt the first long gush of Horse seaman slam into her. The colt stood snorting, his teeth gripping hard on the covering blanket, as he deposited his considerable load into the unwilling host. Then even as another worm flooding gush sprayed into his mare the colt began to detach from the ravaged vaginal sheath.

The little stallion slid from the naked girls rump and his formerly rampant rod flopped from the ravished girl trailing a string of sticky horse cum. Louise’s overloaded and stretched vagina, now vacated, gushed the surplus stringy seaman into a puddle between her knees.

There was silence.

Chapter 6

" Gosh EClem was the only person able to speak. Louise turned her head and tried to fix her hate filled eyes on her tormentors. The girls vision, blurred with tears, conveyed her revulsion. Even as she turned Louise felt the bile rise into her throat and a torrent of spew surged from her assaulted stomach onto the floor at her unrepentant tormentors feet.

Sally was the first to reach Louise and without a word she undid the ties and helped her from the breeding platform. The damaged girl made a determined effort to stand but her legs were unable to take her weight. Sally supported her as the remainder of the colts load trickled from the girls gaping sheath. Louise’s vagina was distended, brutalized and bleeding. she slumped to the hay exhausted.

" That was absolutely magnificent, you were great... She was great wasn’t she Jeremiah. E

" Fuck Sarah your right There worth a fortune. E

The older girl June would be next Jeremiah dictated.

Josh was leading the Black colt back to the stalls as Clem caught the struggling June a sharp Blow on the side of her head as she planted her feet and tried to brake free from his powerful grip. Hurt she stopped struggling long enough for the two men to shackle her to the frame.

When Sarah saw that June was safely restrained she left Louise, sobbing and demoralized in the straw bedding. She applied the mare pee-laced grease liberally to June’s rump and Vaginal area. She worked the geese well into June’s opening with two fingers leaving a thick wad at the entrance to be pushed ahead of the invading male flesh. All the time June was shrieking and trying to avoid Sarah and her intimate attention. “No, please no I can’t. EJune Pleaded to no avail.

Finished Sarah stood back and nodded. Josh emerged from the third stall with a nuggety piebald colt. It was as excited as the black colt and even more ready after hearing the commotion that went before. It was slightly smaller, it's penis more tapered, than the black colt with a blotchy salmon pink shaft. Sally quickly applied the essential lubricant to the colts jerking shaft. The colt spun and danced on its hind legs all the while its flashing pink rod extended at curving 45deg. to his body.

The men led the colt up to the squealing, pleading June. Between the colt and the the girl the noise was deafening. The colt placed its head across Junes covered shoulder and the men, without speaking let the lead drop. The colt was Immediately on her. Unable to bring her knees together June swung her ass from side to side. However she was no match for the experienced stud as he gripped her flanks with his forelegs. He had subdued fillies in the open and completed the mount. June was a restrained filly with no escape. His clasping raking forelegs soon had the diminutive girl under control. The colt prodded low at first in short jabs. However, each short sharp jab was a little higher. This was a skilled stud. In just seconds he had found her greased opening.

With a squeal he drove into June. The stiff rod sank quickly as the colt pranced forward with tiny dolly steps then drove hard at his mare. June’s squeals were deafening. It was as if she were being murdered, and in some ways she was. Sally rose to her feet but she was immediately restrained and forced to watch the rape of her daughter.

June was clearly hurting as the colt bottomed out in her sheath. Louise winced feeling the pain with each brutal lunging stab. After eight the colt paused then drove hard with all the power of his pony hindquarters. The ninth was the most brutal and it drew a piercing scream followed by a painful sob, from the girl. The colt nickered and snorted in unison. But that was the last thrust. The colt’s tail thrashed the air but now he stood rock steady. He had won

June screams subsided into gentle relieved Arh’s as the colt emptied his seething balls into the hurting girl. Then with a soggy plop the colt disengaged. His member, with its flaring mushroom crown swinging free, shiny, slick and dripping. It was only then that he backed away from the tortured girl. June slumped in a faint.

June was carried across to the hay and placed beside Louise her breathing was regular and her heart beets strong and fast. There was only a little vaginal blood and that was from a visible tear at the base of her vagina. She would be ok.

Sally replaced her daughter. The same ritual followed. Although she was a mature woman, and the mother of two teenage daughters, Sally was no more able to accommodate a randy stud than Louise or June. From the release of the colt to its withdrawal was probably no more than 40 seconds but it seemed much longer.

EWhat about the July Paw, EClem inquired.
“I said she’s not for the beasts, not for now at least. Ehe turned to Sarah
EHow are they, did the colts do much damage. E
EThey’ll be sore and sorry for a day or two and wont be up to walking much, at least not with there legs together. E She paused for a while, Ill keep ‘em here for a day or two... until you get back, then well continue the training.

Chapter 7

The day following the forced mating with the colts all of the women felt able to compare notes. With the support of each other they were able to cope mentally and physically. They observed that the colts had all entered them relatively easily. This was probably due to the liberal amounts of grease applied by the old crone Sarah. The most hurt came with the rough pummeling after they had entered deeply.

" God it hurt when he plunged into my cervix, ESally observed. " I don’t know how much was in me but there was no room for more. E

Louise indicated with her hands spread apart, about ten or eleven inches. Sally agreed that that was probably right because she felt that the pink section of the black colts penis was probably about eight to ten inches and it had disappeared completely into Louise.

" How did we take that much, EJune mused "god it hurt. E

Jane sat quietly and listened. She wondered if it would be her turn soon.

By late that afternoon Sally and Louise had convinced Jane if it happened to her she should relax and the cervix seems to be pushed aside and this causes less pain. "l though all of the girls felt that there insides may be damaged if they were strapped to the mating frame too often.

Sally suggested that if they made us mate with the colts again we should try and convince them that we did not have to be tied.

“Why? EJune queried “that’s giving in. E

“Yes but if were not strapped down we will be able to move with the colts thrusts and reduce the depth the colts can enter us. E

All of the girls agreed that they would cooperate with the despots if there was a next time.

Jane looked directly at her mother .and inquired " Mom will you get pregnant. E

" God I hope not she laughed. Eand the tension was broken.

The girls did consider escape but with the extreme cold and limited movement from their bruised groin they would not get fare if they succeeded in braking out.

That evening after our meal of soup and bread the women walked, with some discomfort, to the pony stables. Louise found the Black colts stable and he came to the door as she looked in. He nickered and sniffed at her and reared on his hind legs. He recognized his fur less mare. Despite what had happened Louise could still appreciate that he was a magnificent pony. His penis dropped and stiffened as she patted his head. “No boy not tonight, ELouise turned and walked along the row and the two ponies that had not serviced the women were also colts. She couldn’t help but wonder which ones would be chosen next. Strangely she hoped It was the black colt again but shook her head to clear the thought.

The girls awoke on the third day after the rape, to the sound of voices outside. One was clearly Jeremiah the others weren’t so clear.

Sarah came into the barn with Clem and Seth The boys carried water and towels and some soap Sally had a brush and a comb.

" We have some important guests here today and if you galls please ‘em you wont be sold to the Mexes. E

" Im not going to be used as a whore, ELouise snarled.

“That you aint girly, these men wont take animal sluts, they’s gentlemen. E

Sarah bathed all of the women and brushed and combed their hair. While she was doing that there was a little commotion at the front of the barn.

Louise looked at Sarah, " The horses again? E

" Yep EShe spat into the corner Ade horses again and if the gentlemen is happy wid what they see you might just make a good living from fucking horses. They’s from the Landing and they recons that this could be something that the gamblers will want to see. E

Sarah groomed the girls meticulously. All felt human again.

Jeremiha called from the front of the barn. "Sarah E

" Which one Jeremiha? E

" Louise E

She forced the girl to bend over and greased her rear and vagina. "You’ve recovered well girl Eshe said as she forced the smelly grease into her vagina with two fingers. Finished she pushed Louise forward and the girl stumbled from the stall. As she walked she felt the grease work into her.

" What do you think gentlemen. EThey smiled and nodded.

The tiny girl was led to the mating bench and dutifully knelt placing my hands on the cross beam. No sooner was she lashed in place than Josh led a pony into my view. It was not the Black colt.

Louises pounding heart jumped. She had some how expected to be reunited with the beautiful beast. This was a brown colt with much the same conformity of the Black. He was going berserk, he had missed the party last time and his nostrils told him that there was fresh filly to be had.

It took both Jeremiah and Josh to bring the prancing beast to the girls side. Sarah draped the blanket across her back and stepped back.

The girl looked at the sex crazed beast his nostrils flared and his eyes were rolled back. “God she thought, he’s a crazy one, hell kill me. E The colts shaft was all black except for a pink ring about ten inches from the tip. The other ponies sensing, or smelling what was going on were snorting and whinnying. Jeremiah nodded to Josh who dropped the lead. The colt paused then threw one leg across the girls back and edged smoothly to her exposed rear.

More awair this time Louise was able to drop her head and look back between my legs. The colt had his feet planted firmly about two feet from her behind and his hips poked the bouncing shaft toward her sloppy opening. As the shaft bounced the anxious colt was already dribbling. " gob of extremely viscus semen landed on her buttocks then the flared, searching tip butted her sloppy opening once, twice then slid along the womans greased crack. Recovering quickly the pony continued his inexpert searching thrusts. Then his persistence paid off. His battering cock slipped into her slickness, several inches. Louise's head snapped up and she herd the colt shuffling his hind hooves as he drove himself deep. Driving his novice rod against her tender cervix.

The restrained girl let forth a strangled cry. The next lunge however made her arch her back and let out a full blooded scream. But clearly this was a virgin colt and after his third lunge He stood still biting at her covered shoulder. The raped girl felt the powerful jets of horse semen crash into her engorged tunnel. He was quick, very quick and was sliding from the stretched pussy, his formerly rampant rod now deflated even before the last spurt had left his penis. The warm slime squirted onto the girls groin and rump.

Angry that it had been too quick Jeremiah barked an instruction at Josh as he led the Colt away "Bring in the Black colt E

" That was the young colts first time gentlemen. He was too quick like all youngins. Josh will now bring out the Black Stallion and heal finish the Job. E

As Josh placed the colt into the stall the boys Clem and Seth were trotting the Black colt toward The trussed girl.

Louise wanted to plead, beg that I couldn’t take two but she knew that pleading with these callus white trash was of no use. Instead she gripped the crossbar and waited.

The boys let the colt go, even as they arrived, anxious that the job be done properly this time.

The colt sniffed the mare scent on the air. His Stud rod dropped in all its magnificence as it nudged at Louise's face nickering urgently. Even in her distressed state Louise could not help but admire the tiny magnificent beast. The colt seemed to recognize the girl he had mated some days before and nickered and licked her neck. However the smell of mare in season ment he had to mate her before the other stallions could and he moved from her neck to her behind were the smell was strongest. Briefly the tiny stud rested his head on her flank of the naked ping mare. Finding no resistance he mounted.

His flailing hooves dragged at her smooth hips toward his violently bouncing lance. Nature provided colts with a sure way of finding the mares winking gash and it worked as well for the girl. The restless shaft drew close and feeling the wet spot that was her dilated fanny pressed firmly forward. Once found the black colt penetrated easily into the girls still dribbling nook. The colts shaft collided with her cervix painfully she tried to suppress the scream and succeeded only partially. His next heaving shove must have bypassed her cervix as it sank even deeper into her bloated and sodden encasement.

Louise was stretched beyond belief but still the Stallion had more and he seemed determined to pierce her with his entire shaft and he did. The girl felt the stallions balls slam against her rump. Now she was screaming, screaming with each thrust as her sheath was stretched to the limit. Even as the girl was unable to take any more the Little Stallion mercifully began to fire his load into the her trembling clutching body. As the soothing surges of warm cum filled her and the pressure built she was reduced to strangled sobs. It was the stallions turn to squeal, a squeal of conquest, as he unloaded in six or seven diminishing spurts. Then losing his rigidity he slowly dropped from her trailing his excess.

Louise was shattered, Two vigorous stud stallions in less than two minutes had left her exhausted and emotionally numb. In the distance she could hear clapping but I was only able to hung her head and gasped for breath. The girls flawless skin was glistening with perspiration and her hair plastered to her head that was wet and dripping perspiration. Jeremia call to Josh but she didn’t hear what he said.

The clapping continued and there were excited voices but it all seemed far off. Something bit at her shoulder. The exhausted girl raised my head.

ENooo...! Eshe sobbed. It was the brown colt once more.
“See if he can do a better Job this time E Jeremiah called.
He did!

Louise was carried to the stall and June, already prepared took her place.

By the time we were sufficiently recovered to care, the week suns rays that filtered through the barn were at an angle that suggested late afternoon. Louise was shattered three colts in probably no more than five minutes had left her sore and beaten.

When Sarah entered with the afternoon meal she seemed excited. “You girls are going to the Landing to work. The gentlemen have decided that your pony act will pack them in. E

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