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Hey, we were newly weds. This is what sex should be like. This is story of my wife let me tell you in her words;

I was taking my shower before bed and noticed the neighbor’s window was right in my view. I pulled the shade down, I didn't want him or her to see me naked. I pulled the shade over maybe an inch, just enough for me to see what they were doing. my husband knocked at the bathroom door and I got startled. I walked over to let him in. He smiled and told me I really looked good wet and was ready for his trip out of town. Yes we fucked before he left for the airport. I ran back upstairs to finish up my hair and brush my teeth.

I remembered the neighbors and peeped in on them again. She was totally naked just as I was and he was laying on the bed. it reminded me of us when we had just finished having sex. She reached into her dresser and pulled out the hugest toy I have ever seen. Something told me they were just getting started. I just couldnt look away. He was as hard as a roch and although I never thought I would compare him to my husband it just had to be done. My husband was a great size for me. He was around seven inches and the guy I was looking at was at least nine. I know one thing I would never want anything that big. I am satisfied with what I have.

She walked over to the bedside and bounced onto it and started playing with her toy. She was touching her vagina slightly as he watched her. He then took over and got her ready for his huge cock. I don't know how the hell that tiny woman could take all that meat inside her.
Now they were fucking. I guess we are all the same. Just then he gets up and bends her over him. She climbed on the top of him now taking it all inside of her only this time she inserts the dildo in her ass. Now I can hear them and it was turning me on. He had some sort of clamps on her nipples. She screamed at first but was humping him so hard I knew she loved what she was doing and what he was doing to him. Now I am fingering myself. My husband is gone for a few days and I am all worked up. I just close the shade and try to put them out of my mind.

I went to bed. I woke up the next day ready for anything. I cleaned the house and drank some coffee. Boring as usual. Without my husband here I was bored out of my skull. I ran upstairs to see what the neighbors were doing. She was there but he must have been at work. She was in jeans and a tee, nothing unsual. I watched to see what she was going to do. Maybe I could use some of her pointers.

She dusted, eww that was'nt for me. Then she layed on the bed and put their big screened television on. Watching something I couldnt tell what it was. The screen wasnt facing my way. But she was working on her nipples and reached over for yet another toy. I watched as she took her pants off then her panties. She was getting off to what ever she was watching. I don't know what I was thinking but I thought we should be friends. I thought up a great excuse to go over there later, just to meet her. Maybe a friend was just what I needed.
I waited about an hour to give her enough time to finish herself off. I rang her bell and nervously waited. The door opened and he was standing there. "Oh, Hi, Im Hina from next door" I said shyly. He invited me in. He asked if I was here to visit his wife Nida and I told him I just wanted to meet who my neighbors are. He welcomed me in and called her down. She walked down and said "Hey, I know you, you are the newlyweds next door, arent you?" I said I was and she offered me a seat in their dining room. She poured coffe and we sat and talked. I told her a little about us and she returned the favor and told me about them. Nothing exciting just a get to know you meeting.

Things started getting weird as I listened to her talking. "Gary and I have been married for twenty years now" she said I was amazed how great they both looked. She then said' We have been doing things to keep the spark in our relationship. I was now barely able to screetch out a yes. She continued talking "I would figure you guys don't have any preoblems yet. Newly weds and all. I think you came over here for more then a welcome to the neighborhood speech, what can we do for you?" She asked.

I couldnt talk nor move. I don't know what was happening to me. "Hunny, she is ready now". She yelled into the other room. Gary walked in and he was naked. He asked if I was scared and I just shook my head no. They both guided me into the basement. Gary asked me if I was feeling good yet. I said yes. She took my hand and guided me to a wall that had shackles on them and proceed to chain my arms to the wall. "We have been waiting for you for a while now. What took you so long hun?" she asked with ba smile. I just smiled back and hung there. I didnt know just what to expect. I didnt know what was happening to me.
The two started in on each other. She started sucking his cock. She then stopped long enough to say "Hey, You like to watch, huh? I have seen you watching us a lot from your window. Even though the shade is down we can see your shadow watching us. We even saw you touching yourself so we knew you were the one".

I watched as she sucked him and wondered how the hell she did that. The whole cock that big all the way into her mouth. He then fucked her ass and pussy. I was getting very aroused just watching them.
She walks over to me and unchains me. She drags me over to his cock and tells me to try it. I was shy but then she ordered me to. I stll was reluctant. She slapped me across the face. She now ordered me to take his cock into my mouth. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him slow. I gaged at first but soon with a little coaching from her I was also taking in all of him.
She slapped my ass hard telling me to go faster. The faster I did it the harder she slapped me.

Now she pushes me to the floor and he stood over me. I waited for him to lay down on top of me but something told me this isnt how they did it. He helped me to my feet and picked me up in the air and slid my body down his wntil he was inside of me. He fucked me and fucked me until I cried. The whole while she was playing with her dildo entering it inside my ass. I now knew what she felt and what real excitement was all about. It was about trying new things. It was about the unknown.

The two of them walked me home and put me to bed. I woke up the next morning not knowing if what happened was real or just a dream. The doorbell rang and I put on a robe and answered it. It was her. She asked me if I was ok and I said I was. She said if I ever needed them again just take two of the pills she gave me and come on over. I hid the piulls. I knew in my heart I would never get into a situation like that again. That just happened. I didnt mean to cheat and never mentioned it to him. Then I thought why, why did I keep the piulls she gave to me.

He was going out of town on thursday. i wondered if taking those pills would be such a great idea. I thought I would take them when I was alone to see what they did to me. I took only one this time. She recomended I took two so I cut the dose down.
He kissed me good bye and went on his business trip. I was already feeling great from the pills what ever they were. I figured if I took them while I was alone i would have some fun while he was away.

"Oh yes" I was yelling as I fingered myself. This stuff is great. I was boared no more. I found my passtime. I closed my eyes and felt myself as I came over and over again. I opened my eyes thought about something. I walked over to the shade this time leaving the light off to see what my friends next door were doing. I peeped out of the shade and all the lights were off. I returned to my bedroom and saqw the two of them ready for action. I don't know why or how they got into my home but I didn't care. I just got ready for action.
"Hey baby, have you ever tasted pussy?" she asked as she pushed up into my face. I looked at it for a second and just started to lick, kiss and caress it. I never once wondered what was going to happen next. I knew what ever it was going to be I was ready.

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