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1 Clan Plan

"Jeff, why don't you gather some wood for a bonfire."

"Yeah, Dad, let's roast marshmallows."

... From inside, Sean and Rachel watch Jeff start the fire under the star-brightened sky. "Sean, all I do at home these days is sleep."

"Yeah Rachel. You and Jeff seem to hang out here all the time."

"It's fantastic that you're willing to take care of Jeff all summer while I'm working."

"My pleasure--working out of my home definitely has advantages." Sean looks for a hug, "So, anyway, sounds like you're ready to shack up with me."

"I am, but your parents will have a grandmal seizure. I'll lose their respect."

With tongue in cheek, "Well, finding out that you're a naturist will take care of that anyhow."

"I'm glad you brought that up. I feel suffocated here, not being able to run around naked. Jeff complains about that too."

"Yeah, I figured that rule would be toast after our wedding. I feel uncomfortable having it happen so soon. It's the inevitable confrontation with my parents that I don't want to face."

Rachel finds the marshmallows, "Well, just tell them that they're not allowed to just barge in anymore."

As they stroll outside, hand in hand, Sean agrees, "Good idea! Make them call first.... Hey Jeff! Got that fire blazing, eh, good buddy?"

Grabbing some marshmallows, "Yeah, so what are you fine citizens talking about?"

"We're talking about the two of you possibly selling your home and moving in sooner, rather than after the wedding."

"Way cool! But you can't sleep with my Mom until after the wedding."

Laughing, trying to hide his discomfort with Jeff trying to control their sex life, "Yes sir, boss! But I only have one spare bedroom, which will become your room."

Rachael suggests, "I could use that room for now and Jeff could sleep with you."

After initial shock and also surprise that Jeff apparently meant "sleep" literally, "We could try that out and see how it goes. What do you say Jeff?"

Containing his delight, "As long as you don't snore. So when are we getting our stuff, Mom?!"

Glowing from ear to ear, Rachel surmises, "Sounds like we got a plan. Jeff, those marshmallows are burning. So Sean, when do we pull the trigger?"

"I know a good realtor. We can call in the morning. You can move in whenever you want.... What are you waiting for?!"

Laughing, Rachel jumps onto Sean's lap, as they fall into a long, deep kiss.

Waiting patiently first, Jeff laughs, "All right, already! Stop before I hurl!"


"Mom, can Maria come over today?"

"That's fine with me, Jeff, if it works out with your dad. Now you have me calling Sean your dad!"

"So rad! Dad, can she?"

"Sure. Check with Sonya.... Rad, eh? How dare you steal a word from my generation."

Laughing, Jeff jumps over the sofa to the phone, "Hi Sonya, this is Jeff."

"Good morning, young man!"

"Good morning, beautiful seniorita!"

"No, that would be Maria."

"Yeah! Can she come over today?"

"Why that would work nicely for me. I have errands to run. Maria's already getting excited."

"Dad allows nudity in the house now. Is that OK with you?"

"Yes, I know you're honorable. You remember my rule, right?"

"Yeah, we're not allowed behind closed doors together. And we need to chill if either of us gets hot."

"That's right--two rules! Jeff, you're just terrific!"

"And so are you!"

"I'll drop Maria off in about an hour."

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2012-07-24 05:53:34
the titles on this "writer's" if u want to use that term >.> work is stupid as fuck. I think there are a few screws loose somewhere.

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2012-07-19 16:41:36
this is soposed to b a sex story right??? wheres the sex?

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2012-07-19 16:41:08
this is soposed to b a sex story right??? wheres the sex?

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u suck

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loved it

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