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Iwent to the
[i] [b] I went to the theatre with my boyfriend. It was a moderatley seual flick. I was wearing a short skirt and a zipper front blouse. There was an older man sitting to my left, shortly after the lights went out i felt the old mans hand on my leg just above my knee. As his hand started up my leg tensed up for just a second. I pulled my coat over my lap so my boyfriend couldn't see what was happening. I was starting to get aroused by the movie and the mans hand as it moved still higher up my leg.
I had left the house quickly that evening and had not worn panties or a bra and realized that soon this mans hand would soon find my clean shaven pussy. I was rapidly getting turned on. The mans hand gently stroked my leg going a little higher each stroke. Soon his hand rested on my now moistening pussy. i quietly gasped as he stroked once more and then inserted a finger dep inside me.
My boyfriemd leaned over kissed me and said he was going for some popcorn and something to drink and asked what I wanted. as casually as I could Itold him popcorn and pepsi would be fine. As he slid out of the isle the old man slid to the floor and started to kiss and lick my moist lsit. As he did this a pair of female hands came around from behind me and rested on my breasts gently rubbing my rock hard nipples. Her hands soon found my zipper and opened my top and agin started to feel my breasts paying extra attention to my nipples. A quiet moan escaped my lips as the mans tongue flicked over my clit.
I spread my legs wider as the mans tongue continued its onslaught of my pussy and the womans hands kept up they're massaging of my tits and hard nipples.Thank god the theatre was dark enouigh to disguise this act. The womanm on the screen was beiong felt up by several men and added to my arousal. I could feel a building rush of fluids flowing to my pussy, soon this old mans expert tongue would bring me to an orgasm as the womans hands kept massaging and pinching my nipples and c-cup breasts.
I then felt a sweet set of lips kissing the back of my neck which threw me into total anamdon as my pussy erupted onto the old mans talented tongue. He kept bgoing lapping up all my fluids as my orgasm raged on. The hands on my breasts were more insistant in pinching my nipples softly and the sweet kisses continued. Bless my boyfriend fortaking his time getting our treats. This treat was unexpected but well recieved. As the woman on the screen was now being fingered by another woman i moaned my pleasure as the old man finally climbed back to his seat. the hands and lips also ended their pleasuring and I got my top done back up as my boyfriend returned with our popcorn and pop.
I regained my composure and told my boyfriemd I had to go to the ladies room. As I walked up the isle I noticed the woman from the row behind us had followed me. Immediatley upon entering the washrooom the woman hastened me into a stall pushed up my skirt nad hungrily started to tongue my still soaked pussy . Heaven again i moaned as she gave me a tongue lashing I would never forget. Her velvety tongue flashed over my clit as she pushed two digits inside my pussy. A slow fucking motion and I was her best friend forever. After I gushed my orgasm upon her tongue and fingers she rose and pushed me to my knees ans slid her shorts down nadI was treated to the sight of a sparsly red haired pussy wet and inviting my hungry tongue.
I was more than delighted to return the pleasure bestowed upon me to my new red headed friend. I lapped at her pussy and could taste her wetness as her pungent aroms filled ny nostrils. I loved her scent and greedily continued to ravage her pussy gently sucking on her clit pushing a finger deep inside and finger fucking as she moan loudly and then silence as we heard the door open. As my tongue slithered stealthy all up and down her pussy lips I could feel her imoending orgasm building. As our visitor finally left a series of moans escaped her lips as her flow of sex juice erupted upon my tongue andi lapped up every drop. After we had both regained our composure we looked hard into each others eyes for a few seconds .Then she left back to her seat. I couldn't help but to feel my breasts for a few moments before returning to my seat to find he old man smiling at me as I sat down. His hand reurned to my pussy as I covered my lap once more with my coat. i was gently fingered until the credits of the movie started to run down the screen. As the lights went up I smiled at the old man and blew the woman behind me a kiss.
I would definatley return to this thatre on my own sometime soon. i loved my theatre treat.


2007-04-01 04:58:22
Poor boyfriend got nothing and has no clue what happened.. or does he?!


2007-04-01 00:49:16
fair story.good concept.
spell-check would do wonders for your story.
how could a person kneeling fit between rows of a theatre?


2007-03-30 23:33:59
ok cool

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