My grandaughter is now 16 but looks 21
[b]Jane is off from school for the summer. She always wants to go to the river where we have a cabin. She calls the house and tells grandma she is going on saturday.
My wife tells me to go on Friday and get the place ready. Its a 2 hour drive and I get a late start. I tell my wife I will spend the night and be back in the morning.
When I get to the cabin she is there already and wants to swim. She puts on a suit that barely covers her ass and runs to the river.
When I finish my work I head down for a swim. She is laying on the dock with a towel over face and part of her pussy hair is exposed.
Her top is just covering her nipples.She has a great body.I start to get hard just looking at her.
I jump into the water and splash her when she jumps up her top comes down. She says" don't look at my tittes,grandpa." I reply " I already see them,very nice."She pulls on her suit to fix it and exposes the rest of her pussy hair as I am looking up at her.
I guess I hadn't noticed how growen up she realy is.
"Grandpa what are you looking at?"she asked. " You,You are very beautiful my dear" I replyed. " No,I mean what part of my body are you looking at?"she asked again."You know don't you" I laught and swam off.
She jumped in and swam to me pressing herself to my back. She moved her hand so it touched my dick I jumped.She laughted and said"thats a big one."
We swam back to the dock and stood it the water."What are you looking for to happen ?" I questioned. " what ever comes natural" she said.
I was wondering if this little girl was thinking I was going to fuck her.Question were going thru my mind.Is she a virgin? Does she put out for the boys in school? Does she suck? Has she ever had her pussy licked?Why am I thinking these things?
She is in the shower and I am starting supper and she yells"Gramps, come quick theres a spider,kill it." As I try to kill the spider the shower curtian keeps moving and I see her whole body. My prick gets hard as a rock. Smiling she says" thanks Gramps."
I go back to supper and she yells again"Grampa, I got a tick on me". I grab to alchol and head it to the bedroom she is covered with just a towel." Where's the tick" I ask. Right here between my legs.She spreads one leg and I don't see it.She keeps her pussy covered and spreads the other leg."I don't see it,honey.""Keep looking it hurts"she replys.I am now only 1 inch from her pussy. I spread her legs as wide as I dare and the towel moves exposing her bare cunt to me." I don't see it but I will kiss it and make it better" I tell her.I put a wet kiss right on the lips of her cunt.
She moans" kiss it some more make it a whole lot better."I know we are both going to enjoy this as I start giving her cunt a good tongue bath.Her ass is moving into my face at a steedy pace now and her moan are coming faster.My tongue is pushing its way into her love hole and she loves it. She screams"Gramps,I'm cuming I'm realy cuming, this is my first time." I start sucking the fresh juice from her body.She is jumping around so fast my tongue can hardly keep up with her ass. She lays there panting and says"Now that is much better than fucking."
My prick is so hard it hurts I take it out and start to jerk it.She says" let me do that ." she wraps her hand around the shaft and says" I have given hand jobs before." I ask her "Are you a virgin?"Her answer supprises me" I have been fucked a couple of times in cars ,but never in bed."" Do you want to fuck me?"
I answer "Put my cock in your mouth,honey." She does as she is told and starts to suck. "I have never had cum in my mouth and I don't want to."" can you fuck me?" I roll her over on her back and spread her legs.I place my cock at her opening and start to go into her hole. She is very tight and it must hurt a little because of the look on her face. She smiles and says "Gramps its ok just go ahead and fuck me,my cunt is always tight." She was right about that,but I got my whole cock in her and started to work on me cumming.
" Gramps,can you cum in my cunt I have never had that feeling"she said." Grandpa is going to fill your cunt hole full of hot cum. Now start working your ass like you did when I eat you"
Her ass started pushing up to meet me when I knew I was going to blow my load." Honey,here comes my cum right into your beautiful fuck hole" I told her. And cum I did,I put my hand under her ass and the cum was running out of her as fast as I was pumping it in.
''Gramps, you sure are good at this sex stuff"she said.

The next morning she got her cunt sucked again and learned to take a load of cum in her mouth.

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2015-06-13 16:59:48
She has pussy hair and then a bare cunt.
Which is it?

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2014-08-06 02:16:00
NJq2D7 Thanks-a-mundo for the blog post.

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2012-01-13 17:06:46
wish i had a granddaughter to lick and fuck.


2011-06-22 10:55:46
my granddaughters love me fucking them and filling their pussies up with my cum.


2008-08-11 03:41:34
I wish my grandpa was like that

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