Mark Cane
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Texts of Mark Cane

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
The Novelty Shop - Chapter 1 Fantasy 19503 times. 87.4 % Extreme, Female exhibitionist, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mature, Monster
The Novelty Shop - Chapter 2 Fantasy 32772 times. 86.9 % Female/Female, Masturbation, Mature, Monster
Angie and the Enchanted Dildo Fantasy 12714 times. 80.9 % Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Body modification, Boys/Teen Female, School, Toys, Young
The Sophomore's Challenge Fiction 8229 times. 80.4 % Blowjob, Humiliation, School
Needful Things Fantasy 1113 times. 70.8 % Masturbation, Older Female / Males, School, Spanking, Teen Male/Teen Female

Favorites of Mark Cane

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
Flo’s Dream Fantasy 15543 times. 83.3 % Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Incest, Male/Teen Female, Masturbation, Role-playing, Teen, Young