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Date Story title Comment
2014-07-22 22:00:41 Ticonderoga – Episode 4 Shattered Dreams I am currently writing another episode in this series. I have a lot of irons in the fire so I am moving a bit slow right now.
2014-07-22 21:58:38 Saving Mouse - Chapters 1 - 4 - Preview of book Saving mouse is available through e-book retailers do a search for Sean M. Campbell

Merc is a non erotic story and is also now available through e-book retailers. Do a search for S. M. Campbell
2014-11-12 20:15:00 Retired - Chapter One - Home Interesting that you know the whole story by reading the first chapter. I wish I could do that when I was in school. I would have read only the first chapter of all my school books just like you...
2014-11-15 23:11:19 Retired - Chapter One - Home Just a hint. Sticking to absolute reality doesn't make a good story.
2014-11-13 17:38:11 Retired - Chapter Two - Ranch I do not speak that way, I have always used a more formal style of language. I will try to use them more often.