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Beth is doing her best to become the best cock sucking cum slut she can.
Chapter 4

I called Mel later and she put Julie on the phone. I told them what happened with Dad. Julie was surprised I’d gotten that far already. She said it took her at least three weeks to get that far with her dad. They suggested I play it cool for a bit and not push him too far, too fast. Just wear that shirt on Sundays for a couple of weeks and try to keep showing him more and more of my body. Let the conversation go where it can but keep letting him know I’m okay with him seeing and touching me and how much I want to learn to give blow jobs.

On Monday, at school, I picked out the best looking of the geeks and made it a point of saying hello to him when I walked by. I didn’t stop to talk to him or anything. I just wanted to start getting him comfortable with a girl saying hi and smiling at him. I doubt it happens very often. I figured I would do that for a while and see how it goes. It looks like just as with my dad that I have to play the long game to get what I want. I’m trying to think of something I could ask the guy for help with. Maybe some math I supposedly have a problem understanding or something like that.

On Wednesday, I went home with Bobby again after school. This time I went ahead and took of my top right away and then opened his pants and took out his dick. Bobby said, “Beth, why don’t you get naked. I’m pretty much naked, I’d love to see your pussy. I’ve never seen a real-life pussy – only pictures. Please,” he pleaded? I wasn’t so sure that was smart, but I have to admit I’m getting to like being naked so I shrugged and pulled off my skirt. Bobby was shocked to see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. “Wow, Beth, you’re not wearing any panties. I can’t believe you go to school that way. Now I’m going to be hard every time I see you at school wondering if you’re naked under your top and skirt. Damn, girl, you may have small tits, but you have great nipples and the rest of your body looks so soft and smooth. I’d like to lick every inch of your body.”

“Now, that’s what I was afraid of if I took off my skirt,” I told him. “I don’t want you getting any ideas that you can have more of me than my mouth. Don’t ruin this, Bobby. I’m warning you.” “Yeah, I know, Beth,” Bobby said. “I’m just saying … .” With that, I started stroking Bobby’s dick. It’s probably about 5” long when hard, which isn’t tiny but certainly not as nice as Jim’s and not anywhere near as thick. I can barely wrap my hand around Jim’s shaft and I have to stretch my lips a lot to suck Jim’s cock. Bobby’s dick fits in my hand and my mouth with ease. This time, I didn’t want Bobby coming too fast so I would suck him for a bit and take my mouth off and lick his balls and stroke him for a bit and then put him back in my mouth. I felt him tense up and knew he was getting close. I took him out of my mouth for just a second to say, “That’s it, Bobby. Cum for me. Fill my mouth with your cum. I love your cum.” As soon as I got his dick back in my mouth, he starting sending volleys of cum to the back of my throat. I think he came even more this time than last time. It was a good load and it was yummy. I love Jim’s cock and his cum, but it’s actually a bummer that I have to share his cum with the girls. They get his cum whenever they want. I wish they’d let me have a full load sometimes.

I continued to lick Bobby’s dick and balls for a while and he was making some interesting sounds of enjoyment. We sat back on the bed again like last time and he started playing and sucking with my tits. When his hand started to drift down to my bare pussy, I reluctantly stopped him. I was tempted to let him play a bit but I wanted to keep our relationship a little more platonic. Bobby then said, “Beth can I at least look at your pussy really close and smell you? I’ve never seen a real one up close and I always hear how great pussy smells. Please can I just look and smell you? I promise not to touch you, unless you let me lick your pussy. I’d love to do that for you.” “Okay, Bobby,” I said, “but you better be good. Just look but don’t touch. And you can get close enough to smell me. I love the smell of pussy and it tastes real good too. You don’t get to lick it unless I decide to let you.”

With that I spread my legs wide and Bobby got between my legs to look at my pussy. I put my hands down to my pussy and spread my labia to show Bobby my vagina. I, then, pushed up the clitoral hood and showed him my little clit bud. “This is my clit, Bobby. When you’re licking or rubbing a pussy you want to spend some time with a girl’s clit. It feels real good to be touched kind of like the head of your dick. And when you’re licking pussy you want to lick the clit up and down, left and right, and round and round. Then sometimes take the whole bud between your lips and gently suck it like I suck your dick. The main thing to know about a clit is that you need to keep moving and changing up what you’re doing. Don’t do just one thing too long at a time as that ends up getting uncomfortable. Now, lean forward Bobby. Put the tip of your nose almost on my clit and take a deep breath and smell my pussy.”

Bobby didn’t put his nose almost on my clit. He pressed it directly on my clit and took a big breath. I almost grabbed his head and pushed it into my pussy. I really had to hold back. I don’t want to go too far with Bobby. He’s a nice guy, but this is just supposed to be to give him relief and give me a tummy full of cum. Instead of pushing into my pussy, I grabbed his head and held it in place for a few seconds and then, reluctantly, pushed him away. I was so wet, I’m sure he could really smell my arousal. I got up off the bed because I was afraid to stay there too long as I might let this go too far. “God, Beth,” Bobby said, “I can’t believe how beautiful your pussy is and how great it smells. Now I know why every guy who’s ever smelled a pussy loves it so much. You smell like heaven. I hope someday you let me taste you. I would love to make you feel as good as you do for me. I’d love to see you have an orgasm. Are you sure you don’t want a boyfriend? We could have a lot of fun together.”

“Sorry, Bobby. I like you and we have fun, but that’s not exactly a foundation for a real relationship. Face it, until I volunteered to give you a blow job, you hardly knew I existed. And, frankly, that’s the way it is with most all the boys at school. That’s why I don’t want a boyfriend right now and just want to suck dicks when I want to. Let’s keep our relationship as it is and we can continue to have fun. I better get going home now before I forget what I’ve said and I jump onto your dick. I don’t want to do that because I’m saving my virginity for someone in particular. But you have gotten me real wet, Bobby. It’s been fun today. You’re the first boy I’ve been naked in front of and I like that you make me feel desirable. I haven’t really felt that way before. Thanks.”

As usual, I went home and masturbated like crazy. I think I was even hornier today after being totally naked in a boy’s room and feeling him breathing on my pussy. I was barely able to keep from doing something I would have regretted with Bobby. It’s amazing how my life has changed in a couple of weeks. Before that first time getting naked in front of Jim, I was a lonely virgin that no one gave a second look at. Now, I have two beautiful girls I get to lick and suck, a man whose cock I get to suck and play with, a boy that I give blow jobs to each week, and I’m getting close to being able to even suck off my own dad. Because of my little tits, I’ve felt like I was still a little girl and now I’m starting to feel sexy and like more of a young woman. If I just had some tits to go with it, I’d be dangerous as fuck.

Chapter 5

That night I was still feeling pretty horny. I changed into some pajamas after dinner and settled down to watch TV with my dad and mom. After a while, mom got up and went into the den to do some stuff on her computer. She was probably working. She’s always working. She’s a realtor and I think she is constantly searching listings to find potential houses for her clients. Sometimes we don’t see her at all at night. I didn’t try anything with my dad and I didn’t try to show myself to him or talk about sex or blow jobs or anything. When it was finally time to go to bed, I went over to him and gave him a kiss on the lips and then asked, “Dad, will you come to my room later and give me a goodnight kiss?” “Aren’t we doing that now, Beth,” he responded? “Well, kind of. But I want to give you a really good goodnight kiss where we’re sure mom won’t see. Please, Dad,” I pleaded. “We’ll see, honey. If your mother stays holed up in the den, I can probably come in for a bit. If I can, I will, sweetie.” “Okay, Dad. I love you.” With that I left the living room and went to my bedroom.

I stripped out of my pjs to get naked for my dad. I was hoping he’d come in later. I got into bed and pulled the covers to just over my pointy nipples and put my arms under the covers. Then I practiced pulling my arms out of the covers a couple of times to figure out the right way to flip the covers down over my tits so that they’ll be total exposed to dad. He’s seen the one tit I showed him the other day, but he hasn’t seen both totally bare. I got it all set and then had to stay just like that and wait for him to come in. I just had to hope I didn’t actually fall asleep waiting for him.

Probably about a half an hour later, as I was starting to finally nod off, my bedroom door opened and dad walked in and closed the door behind him. “You still awake, Pumpkin?” I loved that he always found nicknames of endearment to call me. He may not be the most handsome guy in the world, but he was certainly a very loving dad. Sleepily I groaned, “Yeah, Dad. You got here just in time before I fell asleep. I need a real goodnight kiss, Dad.” He came over to the side of the bed and bent down. As he did, I pulled my arms out from under the covers and put my arms around his neck. In doing that, by little titties were laid bare for him to see. I gave him a long closed-mouth kiss. I wanted to French him, but thought that might be pushing him too far right now.

When I let him go and he straightened up, he looked at my bare tits. “Gees, I forgot you said you’ve been sleeping naked lately. You need to cover up. I shouldn’t be looking at your bare tits.” “It’s okay, Dad. I told you I don’t mind you seeing me naked. I really don’t. You’re the first guy to see me naked, well, almost naked, so it’s kind of making me tingle down there, if you know what I mean. Before you go, Dad, could you kiss my tits? I’d rather you actually sucked on them but there isn’t much there. Can you just give each nipple a kiss goodnight, Dad? Please?” “I really shouldn’t, Beth, but they do look really kissable.” With that, my dad bent back down and gave each nipple a little suck and a kiss. It sent a jolt right down to my pussy. “Oh, Daddy, thank you. Thank you. I can’t believe how good that feels. I wish you would do it a lot. Any time you want to suck them or kiss them, they’re yours. Anytime, Dad.” “Get some sleep, honey. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As soon as he was out of the room, my hand was on my dripping wet pussy and rubbing my clit. I kept reliving my dad’s mouth on my tits. I’m sure I’ll be sucking his cock soon. I just know it. With that thought, I exploded in orgasm and for the first time ever, I squirted! I didn’t know I could do that. At first, I thought I’d peed and thought ‘Oh, shit, I’ll need to change my sheets.’ But I laid there for a bit and I couldn’t smell anything. That’s when it dawned on me; I must have squirted. I’d seen that in porn a couple of times during my blow job research, but thought the videos were doctored. I wish I knew exactly what I did differently to cause that because it felt really good when I squirted so I want to be able to do that again. I can’t wait to see if I can push dad a little further this Sunday.

Chapter 6

Just like last Sunday, once I heard mom’s car leave for her to go to church, I got up out of bed and slipped on the Lakers tank top. I’m going to make sure he gets a good look at my pussy today, I thought to myself. I want to see if he gets a hardon in his pants and maybe I’ll be able to tell if it is a really big one like Mel thinks it is. I went to the kitchen and dad was, once again, sitting at the table reading the paper and drinking his coffee. I did pretty much of a repeat of last week doing my best to give him glimpses of my tits and ass. I still didn’t look at him as I did those things so I can’t be certain how much he saw or if he was able to resist looking. I was dying to know if he was looking at me, though.

After having breakfast, dad went into the living room and turned on the TV to find a ball game. He sat on the couch directly in front of the set. I came in and sat on the love seat that is at a right angle to the couch. Of course, I let my shirt ride up to show as much leg as possible and pretended to get interested in the game. After a while I changed my position. I left my left foot (the one closest to him) on the floor and raised my other foot to rest on the sofa cushion with my knee bent in the air. This completely opened up my legs to give dad a clear view of my pussy. My movement didn’t go unnoticed. “Beth, honey, I told you that you can wear that shirt around me if you want, but you can’t just expose yourself to me like that. Please close your legs or put your leg down. I shouldn’t be seeing you like that.

“What’s the matter, Dad,” I asked, “don’t you like my pussy? Look how pink it is.” With that I reached down and pulled open my labia to show my dad my vagina. “Can you see my hymen,” I asked as I spread my vagina open as much as I could? “See, Dad, I’m still a virgin.” Next to push a little further, I tugged up on my clit hood to reveal my little pearl. “And here is my clit, Dad. It’s just begging for you to touch it or lick it. I’ve told you, Dad. You can touch me anywhere you want. You can use your hands, your lips, your tongue, your …” “Beth, please don’t do this to me. Believe me, if I could be with you, I would. But it just isn’t right, not to mention illegal and an excuse for your mother to murder me. If you can’t control yourself better, I’m going to have to insist that you are not allowed to walk around here without panties on. To protect myself, I may have to tell your mother what you’ve been doing.”

“I’m sorry, Dad. I’m just saying you can if you want. I’ll never tell anyone.” That was, of course a lie. I’ll tell Mel, Julie and Jim everything that happens with my dad, but they’ll never tell anyone. “I’ll make a deal with you. If you tell me why mom won’t give you a blow job, I’ll keep my legs closed and not tease you.” “I swear, Beth, you’re going to be the death of me – maybe literally. Okay, if you really must know, I think it’s mostly my fault that mom doesn’t like to give head. I’m kind of big down there. In fact, several girls I dated back in the day wouldn’t go near me after they saw my dick. Your mom was enamored with it and used to give me blow jobs now and then, but I think I got a little too excited one time and I tried to force more of it into her mouth. She started coughing and gagging and she got real pissed. Ever since, she’s been really reluctant to put it in her mouth, no matter how much I promise to be good. She’ll only do it if I promise not to move while she’s giving me head so that she can control how far she takes it. There, you happy now that you know something you have no right to know?”

“Damn, Dad. How big is it? Now I want to see it even more than before. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make a new deal with you. Let me try to give you a blow job. If I can’t take it all the way into my throat, I’ll never ask you again and I’ll even stop flashing you, if you want. What have you got to lose? If I can’t do it, we’re done. If I can do it, you’ll get the best blow job of your life and I’ll promise to do it for you whenever you want for the rest of our lives. Even when I go off and get married, you can come over any time and I’ll suck your cock – even in front of my husband. I don’t care. I’ll never refuse you. I promise.”

“Oh, God, Beth,” dad groaned, “I wish I could agree to that, but I’ve told you the reality of the situation. I’m not sure how I’m going to get this out of my head now. Please, I’ve asked you repeatedly not to do this to me, I’m only human. I don’t want to cheat on your mom and I sure as hell don’t want to go to jail because my little brain overrode my big brain. Let’s just drop it, okay. Let me just watch the ball game.”

“I’m sorry, dad. I’m not trying to cause you distress. Quite the opposite, I want to give you pleasure and in return I’ll get a lot of pleasure. Think about it, Dad. The offer stands forever. Just give me a chance to give you pleasure you’ve never had before. Maybe I can’t do, I don’t know. Obviously, I’ve never done it before and if no one else has been able to do it for you, I probably can’t either. But I’d love to give it a try. I love you, Dad, and want to make you happy any way that I can. This might be a way I can make you happier than anyone ever has and that would be a big boost to my self-esteem. I don’t care that it’s incest. I don’t care that it’s against the law. I don’t care that I’m underage. What two people who love each other do in the privacy of their own home is no one else’s business. As long as no one is being forced to do something they don’t want to do, everyone else should just butt out. I know you love me and would never hurt me. So, as far as I’m concerned you can do anything with me that you want and it’ll just be our secret. I’ll leave you alone to watch your game. I just want to do one thing first.” With that, I stood up in front of my dad and pulled the shirt completely off and stood in front of him totally nude. He’d seen all the bits and pieces before, but not the total package until now. I tossed the shirt over my shoulder and walked out of the room putting as much wiggle in my tight little butt as I could. Now, all I could do is wait. I don’t think I can press him any more than I have without risking really pissing him off. Him even saying he’d tell my mom what I’ve been doing to protect himself scares me. The shit would really hit the fan if he felt he had to do that. I was so caught up in what we were talking about, I never even looked at his crotch to see if he got hard. Now, I was pissed at myself. At least he confirmed what Mel thought. He must be really big if he’s scared girls off in the past. I bet mom loves having that big cock in her pussy, though. I can’t wait to tell Mel and Julie this latest development.


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Loving how your building the story, Beth's a loving daughter any dad would love.

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