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A young girl explores her sexuality with family and school friends.
Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Beth. I’m 15 and in the ninth grade. I think I’m reasonably cute, nothing special, but I’ve never had a boyfriend. I think it’s because I just don’t have any tits. I have a very slim body, only weighing about 105 pounds and shoulder length brown hair. But I have almost no tits. I can’t even fill out an A-cup bra. I mainly have some pointy nipples sticking out of bumps on my chest. My sister and my mom both have incredible tits. In fact, they don’t have tits, they have boobs. My sister is 17 and she is at least a full C-cup. But she takes after my mom, not just in her boobs but also her skin color. My sister, Mel (short for Melanie), has beautiful, light brown skin she got from my mother’s Mediterranean heritage. I must get my looks from my father’s side of the family because I’m pretty fair and flat.

My sister recently got engaged to her best friend, Julie. We didn’t even know they were together together, if you know what I mean, before we found out they’d gotten engaged. They have been best friends since we moved here and have always hung out together, but we didn’t know their relationship had turned sexual. Mel has had a few boyfriends over the years, but none of them lasted very long. Both Mel and Julie insist they’re not lesbians, they just love each other. I’m cool with that, though. As long as they’re happy no one should care about them being the same sex and I’ve always liked Julie. I feel like I’ve gained a sister so it’s all good.

Anyway, things changed for me a whole bunch a couple of weeks ago when I went over to visit Mel and Julie. Mel actually moved in with Julie and her dad about a month or so ago. They only live a few blocks away, so it’s in walking distance. As soon as they decided to get married, they wanted to live together. My mom and dad weren’t too happy about Mel moving out, but they figured she would be staying at home less than another year anyway once Mel graduates from high school. Mel had already been spending so much time at their house with Julie that she was hardly home anyway.

When I told Mel that I wanted to come and see them, she said it would be great but that I should be prepared that she and Julie would probably be naked the whole time because they like being naked at home. I thought she was joking because Julie’s dad, Jim, would probably be home. Imagine my surprise when the girls opened the door wide open and they were both stark naked! They definitely didn’t care that Jim was home.

The girls suggested that we go lay out by the pool for a while and I told them I didn’t bring a suit. They told me I didn’t need one, but I wasn’t about to get naked. I didn’t really want to get naked in front of Mel and Julie, let alone Jim. I ended up borrowing a bikini from Julie. It fit pretty well as she has small tits, too. Not as small as mine, but not a nice as Mel’s. I couldn’t believe Mel’s tits. I guess I hadn’t seen them bare in a couple of years. They are beautiful, full firm C-cups and with her brown skin and her all-over tan she’s gorgeous. Maybe if I looked like her naked, I’d want to be naked too. Julie’s got a really cute shape. She’s slim like me but probably has B-cup boobs, but it’s her nipples that are incredible. They stick out from her tits like pencil erasers and seem to always be hard. I had never had sexual thoughts about another girl before, but I had to admit I was thinking about sucking either one’s tits. After a while of sunbathing, the girls talked me into taking off my top. I did feel kind of weird being all covered up with both of them naked. I also figured my tits are so small, it’s not like I’d actually be showing anything. I’m sure even Jim wouldn’t give them a passing look. None of the boys in school ever seem interested. The sun felt nice on my bare chest.

After a while we were feeling pretty baked and the girls wanted to go inside. I started to put on my top, but the girls convinced me to leave it off. They assured me that Jim wouldn’t mind and that he wasn’t a perv like most guys so I should give it a try. I reluctantly went into the house topless. Jim was in the living room watching TV when we walked in. Jim was surprised to see me topless but he totally put me at ease by telling me I looked great and that I was welcome to be totally comfortable in the house including if I wanted to be naked like Mel and Julie. Julie then started egging on Jim to get naked with them saying that if he did that I probably would too. I about died. On the other hand, I could feel my pussy getting wet. I was thinking I might actually have an opportunity to see a naked guy. And not just any guy, but a handsome, sexy man.

I offered him a deal that if he got naked that not only would I get naked but I’d suck on Mel’s tits. The girls couldn’t believe I said that, but Mel told me I could suck her tits any time I wanted to. I told her to shut up because I was trying to get Jim naked so I could see a real cock and he wouldn’t do it if he knew he could see me suck on her tits any time. Jim asked me if I was sure about this. To show him I was sure, I just went ahead and pulled down my bottoms showing him my pussy with my wispy pussy hair on it. I don’t know what got into me to do that, but I was standing completely naked in front of a man I really didn’t know that well. Jim then pulled down his shorts and he was standing there naked with his big cock handing there right in front of me. I say big, but it’s not that it was real long, but it was the first real cock I’d ever seen and it looked pretty big around. I was so excited, I turned around and grabbed at Mel’s big tits and started licking and sucking on one of them. God, it was fun. I had no idea. Now I know why boys like tits so much. As I was sucking on her tits, she told me to turn and look at Jim because Julie was getting him hard. Sure enough, I looked over and saw the first erection of my life. My pussy started gushing immediately.

Next, Julie took Jim’s cock into her mouth and started giving her dad a blow job. Now that was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. It’s so wrong according to society, but watching Julie lovingly sucking her dad’s cock just looked right. I was trying to watch them while still sucking on Mel’s great tits. Then, Jim shot his cum into Julie’s mouth. Mel moved away from my lips to then start making out with Julie. She was tasting Jim’s cum in Julie’s mouth. I’d heard that called snowballing. I watched them enjoy the cum until they finally swallowed what was in their mouths. Then Mel turned back to me to kiss me so that I could taste some of the cum in her mouth. From what I could tell, I liked the taste.

I stayed naked with them for a few more hours. It was getting close to time I needed to head home and we were watching TV. I was sitting next to Jim while Mel and Julie were next to me making out. It was pretty hot to watch them together. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was so excited to see Jim naked and see his cock hard, I would have thought that maybe I was actually a lesbian. Since I’d never been with either a boy or a girl, I couldn’t really know for sure, could I? I leaned over to Jim and I whispered to him to ask if I could touch his cock. He told me I was free to touch any of the three of them whenever I wanted and I didn’t need to ask; just do it. I reached over and touched his cock and it suddenly twitched. I pulled my hand away because I thought I had done something to hurt him. Jim assured me it was just his cock being excited because I was going to touch it. I reached back and grabbed his cock. It was already starting to get hard and it kept growing. I was actually holding my first hard cock. I couldn’t believe how soft and yet hard it was. I rubbed it for a bit and told him I better stop before he made a mess. I hated to leave, but I need to get home. Not only didn’t I want to leave, but I realized I didn’t even want to get dressed. I was starting to understand what Mel and Julie were into now.

I went home and as soon as I closed my bedroom door, I ripped off my clothes, jumped on my bed and starting attacking my pussy. I was so turned on, I came in just a couple of minutes. It would usually take me at least ten minutes to get myself off, if not longer. But I had been working up to that orgasm for hours and it was one of my best ones ever.

Chapter 2

All week I kept reliving what I’d done with the girls and Jim last weekend. I couldn’t believe I had not only sucked Mel’s tits (and loved it), but I had also watched a father and daughter have oral sex, get my first taste of cum, and I had even held a hard cock. Not only was it hard, but I had made it hard. A grown man actually found me sexy enough to get hard because of little, titless me. I decided I wanted more; lots more.

I went back over to their house the next weekend. As soon as I got in the door, I told them I wanted more. I wanted to suck their tits and lick their pussies. I wanted to learn to give a blow job and, eventually, I wanted Jim to take my virginity. I literally stripped out of my clothes right there in the entryway because I couldn’t wait to get naked. By the time I left that day, I’d sucked Julie’s tits loving her hard nipples. I had licked both Mel’s and Julie’s pussies and I’d sucked Jim’s cock twice. I was hooked on his cum. The girls made it quite clear, though, that they were willing to share Jim’s cum with me but the rule of the house was that we always share his cum whether it’s by snowballing it or licking it out of each other’s pussy. That all sounded good to me. I’m in!

I had a pretty interesting discussion with the girls that day. Mel actually suggested that I try to see if I could get our dad to let me suck his dick. I had never thought about dad like that. He’s a great dad and I love him, of course, but he’s not what I would consider handsome or sexy. Certainly not like Jim, who makes my pussy wet every time I look at him. Mel, though, thought that our dad may have a really big cock. She thinks that may be one of the things that attracted our mom to him. Mel said she used to hear our parents fucking all the time because her room was next door to theirs. She said it sounded like mom really enjoyed getting pounded by dad. Mel also said mom said something interesting one day when she told Mel she didn’t give dad blow jobs very often because she doesn’t like doing it. Mel is wondering if the reason mom doesn’t like it is because dad’s cock is so big. I’d have to think about this and I have no idea how I’d ever get into a position to ask to do that. Dad has never given either of us any indication of being sexually interested in us. He’s just dad. Julie said she’d think about it and let me know what she comes up with. After all, she said, she seduced her dad so maybe I can do the same.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on everything. I still don’t know about trying to do anything with dad, but if he has a big cock and wanted me to suck it, I’d sure give it a try. If mom doesn’t do it for him, maybe he’d let me do it. Aside from that, I am now addicted to sucking cocks and swallowing cum. It sure didn’t take long for that to happen. I’ll be able to get Jim’s cum whenever I go over there, but I can’t exactly be there all the time. So, I need to figure out how to get more dick and I want to work on getting as good at giving BJs as I can. I decided that by the time I get to high school next year, I want to be known as the cock sucking queen. That will be a better title than home-coming queen.

I went online to see what I could find about blow jobs. Obviously, there are tons of videos of girls giving head and getting covered in cum. But I was trying to find out anything I could about actual technique to make sure I give a really good blow job. It seems like the holy grail of blow jobs is deep throating the cock. There were posts and stuff saying how to try taking a cock a little deeper each time you suck it, but that sounded like it would take too long to get good. The best advice I found was to try sucking on a banana or a carrot or something. A carrot seems like it would be too hard and too pointy. A not quite ripe banana could be the right combination of size and firmness and yet somewhat soft. A nice yellow cock.

I went into the kitchen and we didn’t have any bananas. When I saw my mom, I asked her if she would buy some the next time she went to the store because I hadn’t had one in a long time. A few days later, there was a nice bunch of bananas on the kitchen counter. I took one that I thought I had a chance to get down my throat to my room. Some of the bananas were kind of thick, kind of like Jim’s cock, but I had to start a little smaller.

I closed and locked my door after washing the banana. I got naked just because it seemed the right way to give a blow job and started licking and sucking on it to get it wet. I pushed it to the back of my throat and I started to gag a bit. I just swallowed a couple of times to get over it and tried again. I think I got the banana a little further down. I kept at it for a while before I gave up for a while. I thought I was doing pretty good though. It wasn’t down my throat yet, but I could at least take it all the way to the back of my mouth without gagging. It was a start.

The second part of my plan was to see if I could find another cock to suck other than Jim’s to get more practice. I thought I would try to get some boy at school to give me a try. They don’t look at me because I don’t have any tits, but I bet if I offered a blow job, I’d suddenly get more popular. As it happens, an opportunity opened up pretty fast. Isn’t it always the way that when you aren’t expecting something to happen, it just does? There is a boy named Bobby in a couple of my classes. He’s been going steady with one of the hottest girls in the school, named Toni, for several months now. We girls had heard Toni enough times in gym talking about how Bobby wasn’t satisfied just getting hand jobs and always tried to get her to suck his dick and she thought that was disgusting. She has no idea how wrong she is. Anyway, I found out that she broke up with Bobby a couple of days ago because of the blow jobs. I was hoping that her loss was going to be my gain.

I stopped Bobby after class and told him I was sorry that Toni broke up with him. I told him that they seemed to really like each other. He admitted he did really like her but she got mad at him and broke up with him. I asked him what she was mad about and he didn’t want to talk about it. So, I asked him if it was because of blow jobs. “How do you know that,” he asked? “Well, you know, girls talk to each other and Toni has told us before that you wanted her to blow you and she doesn’t want to do it because she thinks it’s disgusting putting a guy’s dick in her mouth.”

“Yeah,” he admitted, “that was the problem. I guess I pushed too much. I really messed that up. She’s just so hot, I wanted her really badly and couldn’t control myself.” “Well,” I said, “I’m not sure if I should say this or not, but I love giving blow jobs. I love the taste of cum.” “Oh, God,” he moaned, “don’t tell me that. Now I’m going to be thinking about that the rest of the day.” “Bobby, if you want, you can do more than think about it. If we could find a place to do it, I’d give you a BJ to relieve the pressure.” “You’re not shitting me are you? You’d really suck my dick,” he asked. “I would love to Bobby, but here’s the deal. I’ll suck your dick as long as you don’t have a girlfriend. If you get a girlfriend, it stops. I won’t help you cheat on another girl. In fact, if I find out you have a girlfriend and come to me for a blow job, not only will I never suck your dick again, but I’ll tell your girlfriend that you cheated on her. Do we have a deal?” “Wow, I can’t believe this,” Bobby said. “Hell, yes, we have a deal. How about you come over to my house after school tomorrow. My parents work so I have the house to myself for a couple of hours every day.” “It’s a date, Bobby,” I replied and then turned and hurried off to my next class.

The next day, I was excited all day looking forward to sucking Bobby’s dick. I sure hoped it was a nice one. I met up with Bobby after school and we started walking to his house. While we were walking my nipples were rock hard not only because of what we were about to do, but also because I had stopped wearing bras. I figured there was no point to me wearing a bra. I think a padded bra actually makes me look flatter than being braless. At least braless, my nipples poke my shirts out to show I at least have something there. I caught Bobby glancing at my chest a few times as we walked. Maybe just being braless is what I need to attract boys. Well, it’s too late. I don’t really want a boyfriend now. I just want dick. I want to be free to suck any dick I can find and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I had a boyfriend.

We got to Bobby’s house and went into his bedroom. I didn’t waste any time and immediately got down on my knees in front of him and started unzipping his pants. “Wow, I guess you do really like cocks, huh? I wasn’t sure how we were going to go about this but you’re just going for it. That’s incredible. Can you do me a favor though,” he asked. “I guess,” I replied. “Will you take off your shirt so I can see your tits as you suck me,” he asked? “You really want to see my little tits? Are you sure? No one has really wanted to see my tits. Especially after you’ve been working on Toni’s great tits for these last several months, mine will be a big disappointment.”

“Yeah, Beth, I’d really like to see them. I’ve been watching your hard nipples jiggling all the way home and I’d love to see them and touch them. Please?” I went ahead an pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor. I was now topless in a boy’s room holding his now hard dick in my hand. If I’m not mistaken, his dick actually got a little harder when he saw my little titties. His dick, even hard, though, wasn’t very big. I guess I should have expected that. He is just a boy, not a man like Jim. So, it’s a dick, not a cock. It’s okay as long as he can shoot his cum in my mouth. I put his dick in my mouth and started to lick and suck it. I added some suction and moved my head up and down his dick. It didn’t take my banana exercises to be able to deep throat Bobby. I could probably suck his balls into my mouth along with his dick, but I didn’t. Instead, I pulled his dick out of my mouth and licked down the shaft to his balls and licked and sucked them for a bit. I realized that Jim shaves around his cock and balls because this was the first time I had to deal with hair in my mouth. Now I know why guys like girls to shave their pussies. I think I’ll have to do that for Jim and the girls next time before I go over.

I had to snap back to the task at hand as I’d found my mind wandering to Jim’s big cock. I needed to do a good job with Bobby. I need to start developing a reputation for good head. If I do a lousy job, I not only won’t have a boyfriend, but I won’t even get guys wanting to put their dicks in my mouth. I went back to work seriously on Bobby’s dick. He didn’t last too long. That’s the other downside to boys, rather than men. He was so stoked at getting his dick sucked that he couldn’t last. Within just a couple of minutes he was shooting his cum into my mouth. It was actually a better load than I would have expected, but then it’s the first time I got to swallow an entire load without having to share it with my sisters. I licked him clean including the little bit that had dripped out of my mouth and was heading for his balls.

As I let go of him, he immediately went over to his bed and sat down and then laid down across it. “That was incredible,’ Bobby said. “Can you come over every day and do that? I’m just kidding, well kind of. I’d love one of those every day. That’s so much better than a hand job. Thank you. Beth. It was really wonderful. Come here.” I went over to the bed and sat down next to him. He sat back up and cupped one of my tits and then bent down and started licking and sucking my nipple. It felt really good and I could feel my pussy start to get wet, well, wetter than it was from sucking him off, but I wasn’t about to go any further with Bobby. I let him play with and suck my nipples for a while and then told him I needed to get home. We got dressed and he took me to the door. It looked like he was about to try to kiss me and I stopped him. “Bobby, I know I just sucked your dick and that you enjoyed it, but we’re just having fun together, okay? Don’t think it will go any further. I have wanted a boyfriend for a long time, but no one has even looked at me because I don’t have nice tits like Toni. I think I just want to have fun sucking some dicks for now, okay. Do you understand,” I asked? “Sure, Beth, I just wanted to give you a little thank you kiss, nothing more. I get it. Does that mean that this isn’t a one-time thing? Can we do this again sometime?” “Sure, Bobby. It was fun. Not every day, of course, not that I wouldn’t mind sucking a dick every day, but we can do it once in a while. Remember though – you get a girlfriend, like getting back together with Toni, and we’re done.” “Yeah, yeah, I get it. Now I have to decide between getting back with Toni or getting great blow jobs from you? I’ll have to really think about that. Thanks again, Beth. It was really great. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As I was walking home, I realized I am definitely becoming a cum slut like Mel and Julie say they are. I love sucking cock. I love the taste of cum. I love that guys will accept me as a cock sucker regardless of the fact that I have tiny tits. Now I’ll have to keep looking for who else needs a blow job. It won’t be a surprise if Bobby tells some guys at school about today, so I might all of a sudden get some attention from guys who have looked through me for years.

When I got home, I got naked and started rubbing my wet pussy. Sucking cock always seems to get me really wet. I needed to finish myself off after being with Bobby. I grabbed my trusty banana and wiped it up and down my pussy like it was a cock trying to find my vagina. It felt so good. I’m sure a real cock is going to feel even better against my pussy someday. I’ve got to talk to mom about going on the pill soon. I was rubbing my pussy with the banana and tapping and pinching my clit and in a few minutes, I was gushing with an intense orgasm. I pulled the banana off my pussy and licked my juices off of it. I love the taste of pussy whether it’s mine or one of my sisters. Once I had the banana nice and wet, I put it into my mouth and pushed it to the opening of my throat. As I pushed the banana, I swallowed and the banana went right into my throat. I couldn’t believe it. I had it in my throat. I did it! I pushed it as far as I could and kept it in as long as I could. I could just barely breathe through my nose, but not enough to keep the banana there for too long. I finally pulled it out, took a couple of deep breaths and put it in again. It was now going in really easily now. I couldn’t wait to try to take Jim’s cock into my throat. I also couldn’t wait to see what Mel and Julie would think about my new cock sucking ability. I so want to be able to do something for Jim that they can’t. They get him all the time so I need to be able to do something special so that he looks forward to me going over there.

Chapter 3

At school the next day, nothing much happened. I guess I couldn’t expect the whole school to know already. I did catch Bobby looking at me a couple of times in class. When I caught him looking, he gave me a sheepish smile. I guess guys really do think with their dicks because I got the impression he was hoping to get closer to me because I give blow jobs. I did notice something which may have some real possibilities. There is a group of guys who pretty much stay to themselves. They are the geek squad, the nerds. You know the type. They’re members of the chess and math clubs. They probably spend their free time playing Dungeons and Dragons. They also never have girlfriends. There might be a mousy girl or two that hangs with them sometimes, but I think they’re just additional nerds. I bet those guys are horny as hell with no real chance of getting even hand jobs, let alone blow jobs. I could offer my services to them and wouldn’t have to worry about the whole school finding out because these guys don’t associate with anyone outside their circle. Hell, I’d even offer to lick the pussies of the girl nerds so they don’t feel left out if the guys will let me suck their dicks. I have to figure out how to go about it, though. I don’t actually know any of them (no non-nerd really does) and they’d probably think I’m pranking them if I just walk up and offer blow jobs. I’m going to have to befriend one of these guys to get into the group. I’m also going to have to be careful about it because it won’t exactly help my rep to be seen as a nerd too. Talk about a way to ensure never getting a decent guy!

That weekend, I went over to Mel and Julie’s to see them and get some tit, pussy, and cock. The first thing I did as I walked in the door was to toss off my clothes, pull down Jim’s pants and inhale his cock. I got him wet and then sucked him all the way down my throat. To say Jim was shocked was an understatement. He said no one had ever taken him all the way down because his dick is so thick. Mel couldn’t believe how I could do that as neither her or Julie has ever gotten more than about four inches in their mouths. I explained about my practice with the banana and how I don’t seem to have much of a gag reflex. I guess when God doesn’t give you something you should have, like tits, he gives you something else to make up for it – no gag reflex.

I told them about Bobby and my idea for the Geek squad. They agreed the geeks were probably a better bet. If I start sucking off any guy without a girlfriend, it would put pressure on the girls with boyfriends to start sucking. They could get pissed off at me so I’ve got to be smart about this.

Julie told me how to seduce my father. Basically, she wanted me to exhibit myself to my dad the way she did to seduce her dad. It, obviously, worked for her and Jim even agreed that he tried to resist Julie for a while but ultimately couldn’t ignore her. Mel ran upstairs and came back down with a Lakers tank top and told me to put it on and go check myself out in the bathroom mirror. When I turned from side to side you could see my whole side through the big arm holes including the little bit of side boob I have. If I twisted too much my nipple would pop out and kind of hang up on the edge of the shirt and stay exposed until I fixed it. That would definitely get dad’s attention. The girls told me to make sure I didn’t wear anything under it just like I was then so that if I bent over my dad might get a glimpse of my butt and possibly even my pussy. They gave me some other advice on how to handle dad. Dad and I are usually home alone for a few hours on Sundays as my mom goes to church but dad and I don’t. If dad stays inside to watch a ball game instead of going outside to work in the yard, I’d have an opportunity to prance around nearly naked and give him glimpses of my body. I’m still not sure dad’s going to be too impressed with my itty, bitty titties in comparison to my mom, but it might help us start a conversation I can work towards offering my BJ services. This is going to be scary.

On Sunday, I heard mom leave for church so I threw on the tank top, took a big breath, and then went out to the kitchen to get some breakfast. As I had hoped, dad was sitting at the table drinking his coffee and reading the Sunday paper. As I walked, in he looked up at me and did just a bit of a double-take, but didn’t make a comment. I said, “Good morning, Dad.” “How’s my baby girl today,” he responded? “I don’t know yet, Dad. I just got up. I need some breakfast to help me wake up.”

I went into the kitchen and took out a bowl for cereal. I knew we kept the cereal on the second upper shelf so it was a little bit of a stretch for me. I opened the cabinet, went up a bit on my tip toes and reached up with both hands to grab a cereal box. I hope dad was watching but I couldn’t turn around to look. If he did, he probably at least saw the bottom of my ass cheeks and would know I’m naked under the shirt. I took the bowl to the table and went back to the refrigerator to get the milk. Of course, I bent over more than necessary to get it hoping the shirt would pull away from my chest and show all my side tit. When I got back to the table, I noticed my dad’s coffee cup was about empty. “Do you want more coffee, Dad,” I asked? “That would be great, Beth. Thanks.”

I picked up his mug off the table and took it over to the counter and poured coffee in the cup. When I took it back to him, I made sure to bend over a bit as I set the coffee mug further away from the edge than necessary to force me to bend over. I think he had to see my tit, but I couldn’t look at him to check because this was all supposed to look accidental. My pussy was gushing, though, with the thought that he’d probably seen my little tit.

I sat down and started to eat my cereal when dad asked, “Where did you get that Lakers shirt, Beth. I don’t think I’ve seen it before?” I told him, “Mel gave it to me yesterday. Julie had given it to her but, apparently, she prefers the Clippers so she gave me the shirt. I don’t care about any basketball team so I was glad to take it. Do you like it?” “It looks really good on you, Beth, but don’t you think you should wear a little more under it? It’s not really appropriate for you to walk around here with me like that.” Oh my God. He must have seen me and knows I’m naked under the shirt.

“It’s no big deal Dad. I’ve been sleeping naked lately and when I got up, I just grabbed the first thing I could find. The shirt was still sitting on my dresser from when I brought it home, so I just threw it on. Is it really a problem? I don’t care if you see my body. Dad I don’t even have any tits that anyone wants to see, so what’s the big deal?”

“Beth it’s not so much that I mind,” dad said,” but it’s just not right for me be seeing so much of you. I think you look lovely, but if your mom saw you like that, especially in front of me, there’d be hell to pay.” “Well, then, Dad,” I responded, “I guess I’ll just wear it for you when we’re alone and it will be our secret. I’m okay being a little naughty if you are.” “I don’t know, Beth. You’re getting to be a young woman now. It’s not like you’re a little girl running around naked.”

“Ooh, that sounds like more fun,” I teased. “Can I run around naked if we’re alone?” “You know that’s not what I meant, Beth. I really shouldn’t be seeing you naked. It’s bad enough with the little you’re wearing now.” “But Dad,” I replied, “there’s really nothing to see. Look, I don’t even have any tits.” With that I pulled the front of the shirt to the side using the arm hole and showed him my entire right breast. “Beth, stop that right now,” Dad demanded. “Okay, Dad, but I’m just saying no one looks at me because I don’t have any tits. I don’t mind you looking at me. If anything, it makes me feel really good for you to look at me. As far as I’m concerned you can look at my body any time you want. Come in my room while I’m asleep and lift up the covers to see me naked, if you want. You can even touch me if you want. I don’t mind. It would be our secret; I’ll never tell anyone. I would welcome a guy ever wanting to look at me, let alone touch me. You know I’ve never even had a boyfriend, Dad. I’m fifteen and I’ve never been kissed, let alone been felt up by a guy. Shit, even my dad doesn’t want to see my scrawny body.” With that I got up and left the kitchen and went to my bedroom as if I was mad. Of course, I wasn’t. I just was hoping to make my dad feel bad and be willing to look at me naked and maybe even touch me to get us started to where I ultimately want it to go.

I laid down on my bed and made sure the shirt was pulled up just a bit so that if dad comes in to comfort me, he’ll definitely see my pussy. Sure enough, about five minutes later there was a knock at my door. “Can I come in, honey,” my dad asked? “Sure, Dad,” I replied. He walked in and I think he immediately saw my pussy and he turned his head to try not to look. I didn’t move. “I’m sorry, honey,” Dad said. “I didn’t know you were going through such a tough time. I don’t know why boys are ignoring you. You’re cute and you’re smart. The size of your tits shouldn’t matter to anyone. Although, I remember what it was like being a young guy. We tend to think with our little head more than our big head when we’re young. Any guy who is avoiding you because of the size of your tits isn’t worth your time so don’t worry about them. Personally, I always preferred smaller-breasted girls. Your mother was the first girl I ever went out with who was bigger than a B-cup. But you know it would be really inappropriate for me to be looking at you, let alone touching you. It’s certainly not because you’re aren’t desirable. It’s exactly the opposite of that that makes it tough. But you’re my daughter and you’re underage to boot. If anyone found out I touched you, not only would your mother leave me, but I’d end up in jail. I’ll tell you what. When it’s just you and me you can dress like you are now, if you want. You can’t be naked. You don’t understand what that would do to me. But if you want to be barely dressed and give me peeks of your beautiful body, it’ll be okay as long as we’re home alone and you never tell anyone. If you hear mom getting home, you better run up here and put some real clothes on, okay?”

“Thanks, Dad. That sounds like fun. I just don’t like that it seems that guys pretty much avoid me and I have to think it’s because of my tits. This past week, I tired going to school without a bra so that my nips kind of showed through my shirts and I actually saw some guys look at me for the first time. If I don’t start growing soon, you might have to give me a set of tits for my high school graduation. There’s no way I’m going to college with just nipples on my chest. Did you like seeing my pussy when you walked in, Dad? I got wet from just thinking you might have seen it.”

“Yes, Beth, I did see your pussy, but I tried not to look at it. I shouldn’t be seeing your privates. You need to understand, honey, that it isn’t just seeing you naked, it’s seeing my beautiful daughter naked. I love you so much and that makes it even more difficult to see your body and knowing that I can’t touch you. The more you tease me, the tougher it’s going to be on me. I hope you don’t do that. When your mom gets home, I’ll probably end up jumping her bones and she’ll wonder what’s gotten into me and I won’t have an explanation as to why I am so horny.”

This was my chance. I saw the opening and took it. “What will you do, Dad, stick your dick in her mouth for her to suck on?” “BETH!” dad exclaimed. “How can you ask something like that? That’s really inappropriate. I don’t think talking to you about your mom and my sex life is something I should do.” “Oh, come on, Dad. I’m not a little kid anymore. I know about the bird and the bees. I assume mom gives you blow jobs as part of your sex life, doesn’t she?”

“If you must know, your mom isn’t really into blow jobs. She does it once in a while like on my birthday or something, but we do plenty else that we really enjoy. We may be getting older but your mom and me still have a great sex life. Are you happy now?” “Sorry, Dad,” I replied, “I didn’t mean to hit a nerve about blow jobs. I can’t wait for the opportunity to try to give one. There are some girls at school who think BJs are gross and others that think it’s the best. Why doesn’t mom like to do them? Doesn’t she like the taste? I hear a variety of opinions on the taste of cum just like the act itself. Some girls hate it, some spit it out, and others can’t swallow enough of it.”

“Geez,” Dad said, “how did we get into this conversation? It’s not something a father and daughter should be talking about. Maybe you should ask your mother about blow jobs. I think I know why she doesn’t like to do them, but I don’t think I can tell you why.”

“But Dad,” I insisted, “how am I supposed to learn about blow jobs. One of these days I might actually get a boyfriend. I don’t want to then lose him because I don’t know how to do one right. How does a girl learn to give blow jobs? By giving lousy head to boy after boy until she figures it out? Pardon the pun, but that sucks. You may think I’m crazy Dad, and maybe I am, but I wish you’d teach me how to give a good blow job. Just think, I’d learn how to do it, you’d get blow jobs whenever you want, and mom wouldn’t have to do something she doesn’t want to do. It’s a win-win-win.” There. I’d said it. It was out there. The offer is on the table. Now it’s time to shut up.

Dad was silent for a while. I wasn’t sure if he was mad or considering what I’d said. Finally, he spoke. “Beth, Beth, Beth. I can’t believe you asked that of me. As your father, I should be appalled. As a man, I should be excited. You know I couldn’t do that, even if I wanted to. It’s just not right. Or at least society says it’s not right and society makes the rules and the laws. It’s not in my hands. Honey, I love you so much, I wish I could do everything you want to make you happy, but some things I just can’t do. I hope you understand. Now you have me worried that it’d be a mistake to even let you walk around here half naked. On top of every other reason, it would be cheating on your mom for us to have any sexual contact. I’ve never cheated on her and don’t intend to start now. Somehow, it always gets found out no matter how hard people try to keep it a secret. It would just take her seeing us give each other some look to make her suspicious. Damn, how am I going to get this out of my head now? I think I should go do some yard work or something to take my mind off this conversation. I’ll catch you later, honey.”

Overall, I thought that went pretty well. It was certainly a lot further than I expected to get from just one flash. He’s just going to need to keep thinking about it while I keep giving him peeks. He did give me the go ahead to walk around him nearly naked. That’s a great start. I can’t wait to tell Mel and Julie how far I’ve gotten already. Hopefully, Julie can give me some guidance for the next phase. From what dad said, I have a feeling Mel was right about why mom won’t suck dad’s cock. I’ve got to see it. Maybe that’s what’s next.


2021-12-09 19:40:11
Hey great story but WARNING - surely if you use a banana there is a VERY big risk it will break off and you will easily CHOKE TO DEATH!


2021-02-20 00:59:36
ohhh… nice story

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