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Please be patient with this tale. This is 100% true and has been something I have thought about writing about for a long time. I may not be the best writer but this is how it happened and I am sticking to the facts instead of embellishing. There is a lot more to come after this.
Growing up I was the black sheep in my family, I didn't really fit in with the older guy cousins, and the one cousin my age talked to ants, sniffed markers on the regular and I'm pretty sure was on the verge of very dark things. This left me to roam at the family get togethers and mostly hang out in the corner listening to music and trying to get through so I could move on to more fun things until the next family event.

This was not the family that I spent most of my time with, this was my biological fathers family, when I was born my Bio-dad (BD) ran and hid and forced my mom to reach out to his parents so they knew they had another grand child. He finally came around and would spend occasional time with me, but there was always the feeling that he despised having a child so young. On one of these visits I had rented some movies and was hanging out at my aunts house to watch them while BD was off working. The only free TV was my cousin Marie's bedroom tv, she was off at her friends house for the day so I plopped down on her bed and spent the afternoon watching movies. She came home later that evening and we decided to go walking for awhile until dinner time. This was the start of finally having someone to hang out with in that family.

Fast forward a few years and every visit included hanging out with my cousin Marie. Most visits had me spending nights at my Grand parents house, Marie would come over as soon as I hit town and we would own the living room, spending nights on the pull out couch eating pickles and olives of every kind and staying up until all hours. We would tell each other about our lives while the other one was away, communication through letters occasionally (this was pre email or even computers being common). When BD moved out of state I saw my cousin a lot less often however she now became my travel partner. Several times a year we would travel from Minnesota to Arizona where BD now lived. This led to many great adventures to Mexico and many great destinations. We continued to grow to be the best of friends.

As the years continued from us being young kids into blossoming teens I started to notice changes in Marie, I was taking a liking to the female form and I noticed as we were laying in the bed we shared Marie had started to gain breasts and her form was gaining curves. Still we were inseparable. One decision....that's all it took.

This trip took place over a month during our summer vacation, we flew out to Arizona and within a few days took a road trip to California to Disneyland. After we had gotten back we were laying in the couch bed exhausted talking about home and Marie started to ask a question before catching her tongue.

Me: "Whats up?"

Marie: "I have a question I am hoping you might help me answer. There is a boy from my school I have been hanging out with and I am confused about his behavior. The other day we were in my room after studying laying on my bed talking and suddenly he sat straight up and wouldn't look at me....I don't know if I said something wrong or what but maybe you can help me figure out his weirdness"

Me: I sat there quietly for a min "Yeah....I have an idea, I think he was getting hard and trying to hide it from you" I said.

Marie: "NO WAYYYYY, not true"

Me: "Yeah seriously Marie, it happens, guys can't control it sometimes, sometimes we see something that just makes it hard, happens to me alot".....oops

Marie suddenly got an inquisitive look on her face "Really.....why do you get hard?"

"I dunno...random thoughts, pretty girls, sometimes I am not even sure, happens during school, its super embarrassing"

Marie: "Has it ever happened when we hang out? I guess I just don't pay much attention to that stuff"

Me: "Yeah....I just try and hide it, simple run to the bathroom or jump in the pool, there was that girl in the pool the other day, with the flower bikini, I think I was in the pool for 10 extra minutes because of her"

Marie: "Ewwww....getting all hard for girls.....what's it like?"

Me: "I just gets hard and feels kinda good then it goes away if left alone"

Marie: "Thats crazy....must suck having to hide it..."

The silence grew and I couldn't handle it any more so I turned on the tv and we fell asleep watching Back to the Future.

The next day I felt like I kept seeing Marie’s eyes glancing down at my crotch, but I was sure that I was just seeing things.

BD lived in an apartment complex with a nice big pool, that morning while at the pool, I found myself diving under and instantly finding my eyes drawn to Maries bikini and her body, the v formed by her legs and wondering what it looked like….up until this time I had only glanced at once or two playboys and got caught very fast by my dad so my knowledge of the female form was mainly formed by JCPENNY catalogues, de***********ions from my friends, and the scrambled adult channel at my uncle's house with the occasionally flash of boob. This is what my spank bank was full of.

My BD came home from work that afternoon and we all went golfing, it was a great evening of fun and led to him going to bed early and Marie and I back watching TV on the couch bed.

Marie: “So…...did ya get hard today you disgusting creep!?” laughing and pushing me

Me: “Wouldn't you like to know you weirdo!”.......Did I want her to know?

She had a fiendish smile on her face and I know for sure I saw her eyes flick down right then…..wishing I was wearing more than my boxers and a tshirt right then.

Marie: “So… can I fix this boy problem of mine?”

Me: “I dunno….like I said its not really controllable at all times…”

Marie: “I wish I could have seen it….I have seen my dog get hard, but I dont think its the same”....the look on her face was waiting for my next move

Me: “....what's that gonna do to help you?”

Marie: “I don't know. But i'm curious”

I wasn’t sure how to say what was on my mind, I was scared she would laugh at me...but I could feel the tingle between my legs and I knew I was getting hard just thinking about showing myself to her.

Me: “....I guess if it would help….if you wanted….I could show you mine”

The look on her face was excitement and nervousness, the silence was thick with electricity

Marie: “Would you?”

I waited a few seconds before turning onto my back, I looked at her as I grabbed the fly to my boxers, kinda waiting for her to give me a sign she was sure, she nodded. I undid the fly and pulled out my hardening cock.

I was thankfully blessed with early puberty and the one gift my BD did give me, I am not saying I was Ron Jeremy but I was 7.5 long and 3 times as thick as my thumb, the look on her face, her mouth fell open and she just kept staring at it.

I could feel my pulse in my ears and in my cock, every beat of my heart I felt it growing thicker and longer and stronger than I had ever felt before. Watching her eyes staring at me was more exciting than I had ever felt.

I saw there holding my cock as it came to full attention, letting her stare, and after a couple minutes she looked up and said “Now what?”

Me: “I have no idea, what is it you want to see?”

Marie: “I dunno, does it hurt? What do you normally do when it gets hard like this?”

Me: “No it doesn't hurt, it actually feels very good, and normally I rub one off.”

Marie: “Do you want to do that right now?”

Me: “Sure…….”

I started to slowly run my hand up over the tip and softly grasp myself rubbing up and down, feeling the tingles, however this was stronger than I had ever felt before. I turned my head and was looking at Marie again and suddenly she said “DON'T LOOK AT ME…….just close your eyes and think of that girl in the bikini”

I closed my eyes and thought of the girls' boobs in the bikini, feeling the tingles, I knew I wasn't far from finishing and didn't think to warn Marie. I felt the cum start to rise and arched my back while groaning, I felt the warmth spurt out and start to coat my shirt, shooting more than I ever had in my life up to that time. I opened my eyes as I finished and noticed that Marie was breathing heavy and her eyes were glued to me, her face was red and when she noticed my eyes were open she rolled over, that was it for the night, no more questions, I figured maybe that would be the end of it and I had gone to far…

The next morning I woke up still in disbelief that I had masturbated in front of my cousin, she was still asleep and I lay there watching her as I replayed the events in my mind. This caused my morning wood to go full on hard on so I snuck away into the bathroom to rub one off. Decided to treat myself with some lotion to make it feel even better. Standing above the toilet I let thoughts drift to Marie, her breasts pushing against her shirt, the way she looked in a bikini. I felt the cum rising and shot my morning load into the toilet, finished up and left….what I didn't notice is that some of the lotion had dropped onto the toilet seat….this would be the next step to push things further.

I was eating my cereal when Marie got up and went to the bathroom, she came out as BD was leaving for work, he dropped a 20 on the table and said to order some lunch and he would be back in the evening. Marie came over and poured some breakfast, I sat there wondering what she would say, maybe it would go back to normal, but I was hoping she might bring up last night.

“What was up with the lotion on the toilet this morning?” She said

Me: “Yeah…..sometimes I need to take care of things in the morning”

Marie: “Well...wake me up next time…..I want to learn some more”

I felt the tingles instantly in my cock as it started to rise but we continued our breakfast. The rest of the morning was spent cleaning up our mess and watching tv, we ordered some pizza for lunch and as we were finishing up Marie shut off the tv “So… often do you play with yourself?”

Me: “I dunno, depends on the day, I guess a lot, sometimes three or four times a day”

Marie: “Well…..are you going to before BD gets home?”

Me: “I guess I could”

Marie: “Are you going to use lotion this time?”

Me: “I dunno, I dont alot because its messy, but it does feel better”

Marie: “You should use lotion, would be interesting to see”

It felt so weird grabbing the lotion and getting ready, we laid on the bed and I pulled my pants and boxers down, I was already hard and my cock sprung forth, my heart beat causing it to pulse, Marie slide noticeably closer and down so she was more towards my throbbing cock. I spurted a few shots of lotion into my palm and started to rub it up and down, I found my eyes again glancing towards her, her breathing was labored and I could tell she was blushing as her eyes focused on my cock and my hand.

Her hand was moving lower and suddenly she looked up and loudly said “DON'T LOOK AT ME!...Close your eyes and think of something that helps you”

Not wanting this to stop I did that, but after a few minutes I opened my eyes slightly and saw that one of her hands was on her breast rubbing in circles softly and her breathing was heavier than before, I closed my eyes again and focused on cumming. My groans got louder and I felt the bed shift as my cum started to fly up across my chest again, I heard Marie gasp, assuming she was shocked again and felt the pleasure of release wash over me. My eyes opened and again Marie was flush and breathing hard, she jumped up and ran into the bathroom. She reappeared a minute later with a wet washcloth and offered it to me to clean myself up. As I did she watched, I could tell something was on her mind but she didn't speak it.

This series of events continued very similar for the next two days and as each time would happen my courage started to grow. A “teaching moment” for her finally brought me to asking mine. I had started to extend the sessions because I was loving the build up and suddenly Marie spoke

“What makes it jump so much, I watch it slightly bounce and time sometimes it jumps so much from your stomach to straight up”

She didn't seem to know that I could control that with my muscles, and this seemed to be an opening “Well….when something excites it, it jumps higher”

This seemed to only bring a more confused look as she continued “So….what excites it more than not?” I answered “ I don't know, sometimes thoughts, sometimes sensations” which was true.

Marie: “ if I ran my fingers across your stomach like this?” I felt her finger tips graze across my stomach just below my belly button… cock jumped slightly and she smiled

Me: “Yeah...that is definitely a way”

Marie started to trail her hands lower and was swirling her fingers about 3 inches north of my cock when I finally asked “You have seen a lot of me and I have never seen much of a naked girl in my life….do you think I could see something?”

Marie: “Well...what are you thinking

Me: “Well...what would you be willing to show me?”

Marie: “Well…..I guess I could take my top off but i'm leaving the bra on”

Me: “That's not exactly fair, I am naked from the waist down”

Marie: “Ok ok, fine, bra off, but…...can I touch your….thing?”

I think my eyes must have gone wide because she started to back step her words but I stopped her “Yeah…..if you want to”

We both sat stock still, only the beating of my heartbeat in my ears and the throbbing of my cock which sounded like the tick tock of a grandfather clock in my head….Marie started to shift and lifted her shirt over her head, her bra was plain black and had a front clip...I watched her fingers work to undo the clip and my mind reeled. As it came undone and her bra fell away, my eyes took in the swell of her breast, capped by half dollar sized nipples which were hard. I couldn't look away as she settled back down, watching them shift and jiggle, it was like a wonder of the world in my eyes, like the christmas present you have always wanted….it makes sense as through my life I found I am totally a boob guy. Suddenly I felt her finger tips on my stomach again as they traced down, she kept looking between me and my cock and her finger tips continued, she traced a line starting at the base and started to trace up, feeling the veins, my body shook as her finger tip grazed along the rim of the helmet around to the bottom, feeling like I might cum just at the slightest touch.

As her finger came down she opened her hand more and wrapped her hand around the base, feeling her warm palm wrapped around me. I was struggling to stop the impending orgasm. Slowly she slid up my cock and that was all it took. I groaned loudly with no chance to warn her. She later told me it was insane feeling my cock pulse as the threads of cum shot up, her hand was at the top so I watched as spurts pulsed over her palm and up onto my chest, most getting caught by her palm, feeling it slide back down across my cock as she worked her hand down. I struggled to breathe from what was the most intense orgasm of my life at that time.

She sat quietly softly stroking my cock as it started to shrink in her hands, a few more dribblets of cum working out into her hand. She again got up and got a wash cloth but this time she sat and started to clean me up herself. Her hands shifted my balls to wipe away all the cum that had slid down. It was a shame as I watched her put her bra back on, only hoping I would get a chance to see those (what I found out later were C cups which were big for her age) glorious mounds again.

Conversations for the rest of the afternoon focused mostly on our upcoming visit to our annoying cousins who lived in Arizona and what we might get to do with BD in the coming days. We took a trip to the pool and enjoyed the warm sun, BD came home and we all went out to dinner at a favorite local place. The evening was a movie until BD went to bed and we started to get the couch bed out for the night. I knew my hopes of a repeat of the afternoon were slight but I could still feel my hard on growing as we got ready. Marie came out of the bathroom in a long tshirt and I couldn't tell what else, until she jumped into bed and I saw a flash of black panties.

We picked a movie and started to watch, she seemed into it whereas I still cannot remember the movie because I was focused on the curve of her body through the shirt. She looked over with a quirky smile and asked why I wasn’t watching, I just shrugged and faked watching the movie. After the movie was over the lights were turned out and I assumed she was asleep until from the dark I heard her

“Are you gonna play with yourself again?”

Me: “Yeah I was thinking about it”

Marie: “Want help?”

Me: “Yeah...but I can’t see you”

Marie: “yeah… can imagine them”

Me: “That's not really fair is it?:

Marie: “Fine…..put your hand out”

I reached out to find that she had lifted her shirt, no bra under and my hand felt bare breast for the first time in my life. I slowly let my hand wander finding her nipple which was starting to harden under my palm.

Feeling the nipple pinch together was thrilling and I started to feel her hand roam across the front of my boxers. I quickly shed my boxers giving her full access, feeling her hand grip my cock as I continued to trace my fingers across her nipples, switching between. I felt her body shiver.

My eyes were getting more and more adjusted to the dark to where I could just make out shapes due to the digital clock in the kitchen giving off a glow. I noticed her other hand was between her legs and was moving a little.

I focused on this as I softly squeezed and caressed her breasts. Feeling her hand stroke me up and down, sometimes tracing up and down the shaft. This continued for a little while until I started to feel the cum rise, I let her know I was getting close and felt her shift, suddenly I felt the bed shudder and my orgasm began, she had shifted me slightly at an angle and I didnt feel the cum hit my chest like normal.

Instead I heard it softly hit somewhere nearby, it wasn’t until the second rope of cum hit my hand on her breast I realized where I was cumming. She mewed a soft noise as it hit her skin and I felt a good 8 ropes shoot across to her body.

I was completely spent, her breast resting in my hand and my cock softening in hers. Suddenly she spoke “You got it in my mouth and all over me” she giggled as I felt her hand across mine and felt my cum getting smeared across her skin. She didn't even get up to clean up, just pulled her shirt down and rolled on her side, she continued to softly play with my cock, sleep started to overtake me and the last thing I remember was her fingers caressing my balls as I fell asleep.


2022-04-29 09:59:43
I love that story. I reminded me of my younger days and the feeling of seeing a boob for the first time and the excitement and nervousness of wondering how far to go.


2022-04-27 06:02:51
Lovely story,loved reading and made fiddle my pussy while reading.


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2021-08-27 21:02:53
Excellent writing, and the fact this was a real situation made it even better. This is the second time I’ve read this story :)

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