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A/N: I ran this chapter through a spell check, hope it helps.

This chapter contains Bestiality so if you don't like that part read around it.

For a quick recap Hilary and her Mom, Lauren are going to the animal shelter to pick out a dog.

Hilary stared out the car window at the road whizzing by. Her thoughts dwelling the animal shelter and dogs.

"So what type of dog were you thinking of getting," Lauren asked trying to start conversation, they were already 15 min. into a 30 minute ride.

"I don't know. Maybe lab, there supposed to be really friendly."

"A lab would be nice." Lauren had already decided to "guide" her daughter towards a larger dog. She wanted something besides house work to keep her busy while the kids were at school and her husband was at work.

"So any boys in school you like," Lauren took a quick glance at her daughter who was slumped against the car door. Much unlike her twin Samantha, who was already half way through the guy population in her school, Hilary had yet to go out with anyone. She had fucked plenty of guys but never got serious.

"No." Hilary answered blandly.

"Everything alright?" Lauren was now concerned. Hilary was usually the more talkative of the twins. That combined with the dog should have made her a chatter box.

"I'm fine." Lauren sensing an unwillingness to talk and decided to leave it alone. For now.

When they finally arrived at the animal shelter Hilary brightened up. Her smile lighting up the already bright and beautiful day. Hilary and Lauren walked inside and approached the counter. A pretty brunette welcomed them and brought them back too the dogs area.

Hilary was practically skipping up and down the rows of dogs waiting for one to catch her eye. As Hilary searched for a dog, the pretty brunette turned to talk to Lauren.

"Hi, I'm Jen." she said with a smile as perky as her breasts.

"I'm Lauren and that's my daughter Hilary." Lauren turned and gave a polite smile but still keeping an eye on Hilary.

"You wouldn't happen to be Lauren Morningwood would you?"

Lauren was a little taken back. Although it was common for people to recognize her it hadn't happened since her days as a mainstream porn star.

"Yep, that's me."

"Wow, that's pretty cool. My boyfriend's a huge fan of your work and I've seen a couple."

The two continued talking when Hilary let out a shrill scream. Both women ran to find Hilary pinned to the ground by a large yellow lab. The lab was licking away at Hilary's face as if she was a tasty stake.

"I see you've found Woody," Jen said as she pulled the lab off Hilary.

"Woody? Was he a previously owned dog?" Lauren asked

"Yes, but only long enough to train him. He is two years old with no health problems and available for adoption." Jen stated her well practiced speech. Woody was now sniffing around Jen's panty covered pussy.

"And I guess that's how he got his name." Both Lauren and Jen turned to see Hilary pointing at a 7 inch dick swinging between Woody's legs.

"Yeah, I guess the previous owners had a sense of humor." Jen pushed Woody's muzzle away from her panties. The lab once again made an attempt o pounce Hilary but Jen restrained him.

"When you say he's trained do you mean the basics?" Lauren was very satisfied with the dogs appearance and was curious.

"The basics and some additional stuff." Jen answered slightly blushing.

"What kind of extras?" Hilary wondered aloud.

"Well excuse me for being forward, but if you take off your panties and sit with your legs spread on that stool over there you'll find out." Jen gave a sly smile to the two girls.

Hilary thought about for a while. Then slid her blue bottoms off, revealing herself to the two older women. Woody was going wild at the sight and smell of an exposed pussy. Hilary nervously stared at the dog as she walked over to the stool. Just as she spread her legs, Jen let go of Woody and the dog bolted for the pussy. He nearly knocked Hilary off the stool as he shoved his eager muzzle into her preteen pussy.

Woody was rapidly licking her pussy, diving his tongue deep inside her. His rough tongue withered around in her, sending Hilary into convulsions of pleasure. His cold, wet noise rubbing on her outer lips and clit, driving her wild with passion. She tossed her head back and massage her breasts, tweaking the diamond sized nipples in ecstasy as Woody ate at her pussy like it was puppy chow.

Finally Hilary couldn't hold back any longer, she let out a river of cum, much to the satisfaction of Woody. The lab slurped it all up, his rough tongue itching her to second orgasm.

Jen, who had removed her panties and had been fingering herself throughout the show came over and pulled Woody back. She told Hilary to turn over on the stool and lay on her stomach. Hilary did as she was told spreading her legs again.

Jen let Woody go and he mounted Hilary. She gave a slight yelp in fear as she felt the dog bear down on her, his 7 inch dick poking around at her inner thighs, trying to find the sweet spot. Jen bent down and grabbed Woody's member in her hands, guiding it towards Hilary's love hole. Once the dog felt the warmth there was no stopping him. Woody pounded away at Hilary's cunt, she felt as if she was being torn in two. She began to moan and screaming pain as the labs dick penetrated further and further into her. The length was nothing, it was the thickness that was getting to her.

As the dog's rapid thrusts went on Hilary was able to adjust to the size and began to enjoy the dog banging her a little more. Her screams continued but began to be filled with more pleasure than pain.

Lauren and Jen both had their fingers working rapidly in their respected pussy's, trying to keep their hands working to the rhythm of the dogs thrusts.

"Hey Lauren." Jen panted out

"Yeah" Lauren responded

"Wanna 69?" Jen asked approaching Lauren with her fingers in her mouth, sucking off the juices.

“You bet!” and with that Lauren and Jen met with a French kiss, their tongues swirling in each others mouths, massaging each others tongue as they slowly sunk to the floor.

Meanwhile back at the Morningwood house, Fred was still passed out from the intense fucking between him and Samantha. Samantha herself was wandering around the house, looking for anything to keep her from doing the dreaded homework. She was laying on the couch in the living room watching TV when she heard the door open and closed. She turned to see her brother Warren walking into the house.

“Where have you been?” Samantha asked

Warren sat down and said “Amanda and I went to the park.”

“Where is she?”

“At a video shoot.” Warren and Samantha rolled their eyes. Recently Amanda decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and enter the porn business; of course Lauren didn’t now yet. Amanda wanted to surprise her, but Warren and Samantha knew better. Their mom would be furious.

Samantha turned off the TV and started stroking her older brother’s dick, getting him fully hard. She leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Wanna play a game?”

Warren responded by planting a rough kiss on his younger sister’s mouth. His right hand squeezed her breasts, while his left hand gave her ass a hard spank. Samantha pushed him off onto the couch and turned around. She got on her hands and knees, sticking her ass in the air.

“I’m already lubed up so bang away big bro.” Samantha said in her best seductive voice.

Warren grabbed his dick in his hand and put the head on her anus. He reached around and grabbed her breasts squeezing as tight as he could. Warren then started pushing into her asshole, starting off slowly he watched as her ass engulfed his dick, he tightness driving him insane with lust. Warren began to drive in harder, working more and more inside, before he finally got the entire length in. He reared back and thrusted as hard as he could. Samantha was beside herself with pleasure. She loved it rough, and Warren was pumping her ass for all it was worth, his fingers were squeezing her nipples too the point of pain, but she loved it. Harder and harder, his muscles started to tire from the rapid movement. Warren took his right hand and smacked her ass, again and again, until the cheek was red, then he started with the other one.

“Uhhhh……..God damn,……..O shit!.............Harder…..HARDER………FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT……….FUCK ME!” Samantha was screaming at the top of her lungs. Her body was in orgasmic bliss, Warren was taking her too new heights. Her anus tightened around his staff like a vice, making it harder for Warren to keep with his thrust. His balls tighten, begging for release, the intense pleasure from the friction pushed him over the edge and he shot his hot sperm deep into her bowels. Samantha felt a shiver go down her spine as she felt the hot liquid flow inside her.

“You’re not going to be able to shit for weeks.” Warren laughed as his deflated member slipped out from between her buns. “Make sure you don’t get any cum on the couch or mom will freak.”

Samantha stuck two fingers between the cheeks of her ass, gathered all the cum leaking out of her anus and scooped it onto her fingers. She brought it to her mouth and sucked it off her fingers savoring the salty taste.

“I’m going to take a shower.” And with that Samantha got up and headed towards the hall.

Warren sat up, thought about, decided he had one more round in him and headed to the shower.

Back at the Animal Shelter:

Lauren was sliding her tongue up down Jen’s slit as a chorus of moans filled the room. She pushed her tongue inside the wet cavern, tasting the bittersweet juices. She moved her lips up and began to suck on her clit, using her tongue to tease it. Jen’s tongue licked Lauren’s outer lips, she nibbled on her clit with her teeth receiving a moan into her own pussy in response. Jen became even bolder when she slowly entered her finger into Lauren’s anus. This sent Lauren into orgasm causing her to eat out Jen more aggressively. Jen took it in stride, never taking her mouth off Lauren’s cunt as she had her own orgasm.

As the two women had their orgasms, Hilary was shrieking and shouting in pleasure as Woody continued to penetrate her. She could feel the lab’s member start too pulse and he started to howl before sending boat loads of cum inside of Hilary. Hilary finally started having her orgasm as the cum flooded her insides. Hilary’s head was spinning and her vision was going black. The last thing she felt was Woody being pulled off her and rolling over off the stool onto her back.

Hilary’s head began to unclog as she felt a pair of tongues licking at her soar pussy. She opened her eyes and saw her mother and Jen eating Woody’s cum out of her. She just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of the expert tongues dancing in and out of her love box. The pair of lips sliding across her clit. Hilary began to moan as she felt another orgasm approach her. She arched her back and let out a satisfying moan as a mixture of her and Woody’s cum leaked into the awaiting mouths of Jen and Lauren. The two women exchange a sloppy French kiss, sharing the juices with each other before getting up and finding their discarded underwear.

“So will you be adopting Woody?” Jen asked as she lid her panties back on.

Lauren handed Hilary her blue bikini bottoms and said “I think so.”

“Great. Just fill out some papers and you can be on your way.” Jen smiled and ran off to the clerks desk.
Lauren looked at Hilary who appeared to be very wobbly after the intense fuck.

“The dog wore you out huh?” Lauren asked Hilary

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to do that again for a while. My pussy is raw.” Hilary hobbled towards the exit with her mother, her hips sore.

Lauren filled out the papers while Hilary waited. When all was finally done Jen told them to come back tomorrow to pick up Woody the license should go through by them. Lauren and Hilary said thanks, went back to the car and rode back to the house.

A/N: Hope you enjoy. I appreciate feedback so reviews are welcome. They next chapter should be up too so go check it out.


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