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I wrote about this because it was such a bizarre unplanned sexual encounter. This a true story of something that happened to me many years ago- A short one-shot quickie that sticks in my mind after all this time.
- MIke’s young flirty girlfriend -

Many years ago, when I was about 20, I had a friend who started bringing his young new girlfriend to parties. She was kinda trampy, from a different school (wrong side of the tracks) but was funny, pretty and sexy... in that “wouldn’t take her home to meet my mother” kind of way.

I recall after meeting her a few times, the three of us were sitting together on a couch at a party, drinking, joking around and telling stories, and I noticed she kept staring at my crotch. Suddenly, right in front of her boyfriend, she reaches over and grabs my junk! She quickly pulls her hands back, covers her mouth, and gasps, with a shocked look on her face - “oh my gosh, I thought you had a bag of weed in your pocket!” Then she laughed and punched me in the shoulder.

Mike laughed too, saying “she’s just drunk”, and rolled his eyes.

They broke up a couple of weeks later. Mike said she was trouble.


I was working then at my fathers small business as a draftsman/designer. The building was located down on the road to the beach, the local cruising grounds. I would often go down and work late at night to get ahead on new orders that were on a tight schedule. One hot summer night, about six months after I last saw Mike, a car pulled into the small parking area, and a girl got out and waved up at me. I didn’t know who it was, so I walked downstairs and opened the front door to see. The girl ran up to the door “Jeff! It’s me!” It was Mike’s ex. I didn’t remember her name... still don’t. I hadn’t recognized her- her hair was different, longer and lighter than I remembered.

“Whatcha doing down here so late?... Could I use your bathroom?”

I invited her in and led her to the ladies restroom.

I couldn’t tell if she had been drinking, or maybe high, but she seemed overly bubbly and full of smiles. When she came out, she walked up close to me- closer than I expected.

“Are you going to show me around?”

We walked upstairs. I let her go first, and watched her ass as she climbed the stairs in front of me. She was wearing a thin flowered cotton skirt, that hit mid-thigh. Nice round bubble butt. I could see her underwear lines through the thin fabric.

I led her into my (shared) office, a large room where my desk and drafting table was located. She asked me what I was drawing, and stood quite close as I described the machinery I was designing. She looked at me more often than at the drawing, and I could tell she didn’t really care about the design.

She stepped back and smiled - “you’re a really good artist! Maybe you could draw me”, kicking off her flip-flops, and striking a flirty pose.

...where is this going?

“That could take a while, but I would love to try”

I pulled a chair over to the middle of the room and asked her to sit down for me. I had her sit down to make sure she couldn’t be seen from the street.

I sat back on my drafting stool and looked more closely at her.

She was thin, about 5’-7”, 115 pounds? She had long tan legs that looked damn nice in that skirt. She was wearing a skimpy pink sweater that was kinda baggy, and didn’t show much, although I could see a bit of her tummy above the skirt.

“How do you want me to pose?” and she put her arms up, and folded her hands behind her head. She slid down a bit in the chair and arched her back, pushing her chest out to show her form through the baggy sweater. As she slid forward her skirt slid upwards a bit, exposing more of her long legs.

I thought about when she grabbed my dick at the party months ago, and wondered if she had hunted me down to find out more

I pulled out a fresh piece of paper and acted like I was starting a sketch. “That looks good... you look sexy in that skirt”

She smiled a wicked smile and tilted her head to the side. “I can’t believe it’s so hot tonight. I’m starting to melt here”

A few windows were already open, but we didn’t have air conditioning.

“Maybe I can help with that”

I grabbed a small backing board from my drafting table and walked over to her chair and started fanning her. She closed her eyes and arched back further, tilting her head back so her hair flowed in the breeze I was creating.

I fanned her tummy, then down her legs.

She reacted by opening her legs a bit, and the breeze caught her skirt, briefly lifting it, and I caught a glimpse of her panties.

When I looked up she was watching me. I felt a moment of embarrassment, then realized she was wearing that wicked smile again.

“That feels good... I’m just so hot”

I continued to fan her, top to bottom.

Was I reading her right? I thought I would test the situation a little.

“Well, that sweater certainly isn’t helping cool you off. I personally think you would look better without it. “

She didn’t blink before stripping off her sweater in one move. She tossed it on the floor and folded her arms back behind her head again.

Somewhat shocked, I stopped fanning her and stepped back to take in the view. I had only seen her in jeans and baggy shirts before. Here, half naked and spread across my office chair, she was sexy as hell. Her arms and shoulders were toned and smooth, her long neck and collarbones standing out on her thin frame. Her rib cage framed her flat stomach. Her white bra was a bit too small for her growing breasts.

How old is she? I hope she is legal age

I went back to my drafting table as though I was updating my sketch of her.

“That looks a lot better. You have a beautiful figure.. That sweater was covering too much. “

She liked this.. her smile peaked just a little as she looked at me.

I slowly looked her up and down, knowing she was watching my eyes, and stared at her bra, down her tight tummy, down her legs, then up to the opening of her skirt between her thighs.

Continuing to stare at the space between her thighs, I walked over in front of her and started fanning her again. Her skirt fluttered up and down when I fanned up between her legs.

“You really have beautiful legs. Long and tan. Lift your skirt a little so I can see more”

I raised my eyes to hers as I said this, and her smile quivered a bit. But she lowered her arms and reached down and pulled her skirt up a few inches.

My eyes fell back down to the gap between her thighs. “Wow... beautiful. Open your legs more... I like this viewpoint”

Was I pushing my luck?

She slowly opened her legs a bit, then a little more.

I fanned her some more and the breeze lifted her skirt so I could see her panties. I smiled and stared harder at her crotch. I could see a large wet spot in her white panties. The moisture made it more transparent, and I could see the outline of her lips pressing against the damp fabric.

I continued fanning her and looked up from her crotch ... her gaze was locked on the swelling in my pants.

I stepped back to my drafting board and put down the pad I was using to fan her. I reached down and adjusted my rising dick in my jeans, a move that wasn’t lost on her. Her eyes had widened, and the smile had left her face.

“You really look so beautiful... damn. I’m not sure if I can capture your beauty on paper. Your bra doesn’t match your tan lines though...

Show me more of your tan lines”

She didn’t hesitate. I was expecting her to maybe pull her bra down a little so I could see the edge of her tan lines, but she took her bra completely off, then stood up and pulled off her panties.

She sat back down, now wearing only her thin skirt.

I am definitely getting laid

I stepped away from my drafting board and drank in her body. Her breasts were small, high on her chest, with small, light pink areolas. Her pointy nipples stood out, erect. They fit her body perfectly, but I wondered again about her age.

She slid forward in the chair, her skirt sliding upwards as she moved. Her eyes were staring at my dick, which was pulled over to the side, straining against my jeans.

“I want to see more. Show me a little bit more. Open your legs and raise your skirt”

Still staring at my pants, she pulled her skirt all the way up to her hips and spread her legs open, fully exposing herself.

Her pussy was a beautiful sight. Full, swollen lips sticking out from a modest bush, and wet. I could see a wet spot on the chair too.

“Show me your cock. Mike’s was small and I want to see what you have”

I was kinda shocked at her words.. I hadn’t heard many girls use that word, and never in a situation like this. I wondered how many dicks she had seen.

“You need to get it hard first”

although I was pretty erect already

Let’s test the waters again..

“Open your legs further and spread your pussy. I want a better view”

She continued to stare at my bulge, and slid further down in the chair. She opened her legs, reached down and rubbed her pussy. Her fingers came back wet. She licked them, then reached back down, started rubbing again, then spread her lips apart.

“Show me your cock”

This was too much. I barely knew this girl, and here she is nearly nude, spreading her pussy for me, and asking to see my ‘cock’. I was still fully clothed.

I walked over in front of her and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down past my underwear. She reached out and grabbed the shaft through my underwear. I saw there was a large wet spot around the head of my dick.

She slid out of the chair, down on her knees in front of me and pulled down my underwear. My cock sprung out, nearly hitting her face. She grabbed it and immediately wrapped her mouth around the head, which was dripping with pre-cum. She started sucking me like wild- so aggressively that it was almost painful. I let her go at it for a bit, but she was being too rough.

I backed up, pulling my cock out of her mouth, and pushed her shoulders down so she was on her hands and knees in front of me.

“Stay right there”

I grabbed a condom from my desk drawer; there because my ex girlfriend used to visit me when I worked late. I knelt down behind her and grabbed her hips. I slid her only remaining clothing, her skirt, up to her back, exposing her little round ass. I pushed down on the small of her back, so her hips rotated up and her pussy was more accessible.

She was very wet, but my condom was not. I slid a finger inside her, and rubbed her natural lube to my condom. I licked my fingers, then slid two fingers in her.

God, she feels good

Using both hands, I spread her cheeks apart. Her tiny pink butthole faced up at me, and her pussy lips opened up... both were dripping wet. I guided the head of my cock to her opening. She pushed back, but she felt like a virgin... so tight, but things will fit with a little patience.

The head slipped in pretty easily, but getting further required a bit of work. I pulled her hips back and forth, my cock sliding in a little bit further each time.

I reached down around her belly and started rubbing her clitoris.

“That feels good... fuck...”

She started moaning and rocking back on me. My cock was about halfway inside her now and I was in heaven from the feeling. She was so tight...

I grabbed her ass again and spread it apart. The lights were still on in the office, so I could see everything very clearly. My cock looked absolutely huge sliding into her petite little body.

“Pull my hair!”

What? This was something I wasn’t expecting. Never had this request...

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back.

My cock slid into her further- I was still trying to be gentle with her, but she was pushing harder against me.

Almost all the way in- this felt so good. I started pumping into her. Dammit her pussy was so tight.

Her thin waist and ass rocking back on me looked so hot. I don’t think I can last very long like this.

“God I love your cock! Pull my hair! Fuck me! Fuuuucckkk MEEE!”

She was getting really loud and I thought about the open windows and anyone nearby

I started fucking her harder- pulling her hair back and driving my cock deeper into her pussy. I had always tried to be gentle in lovemaking, but it was clear she didn’t want to make love. She wanted to be fucked... fucked hard... fucked roughly



I pumped harder and harder and drove deeper into her - pulling her hair - pulling her body back onto my cock... pounding her like I was impaling her. My cock felt like the center of the universe - the pressure of my orgasm swelling up uncontrollably

My head exploded as I pumped into her - bottoming out inside of her again and again... complete euphoria... all energy bursting out of me

I collapsed on her back. Out of breath and seeing stars from my orgasm.

I don’t think I have ever cum so quickly before... nor after. No foreplay at all. I swear I didn’t last but a minute after I started pumping fully into her.

I never even kissed her

I pulled out from her, and tried to get my act back together. I stood up, pulled off my condom, and pulled my pants back up.

She crawled over to grab her clothes, put her bra back on, her panties, and the pink sweater.

“Oh my gosh- I forgot... I’m late. I gotta run. I’m gonna be in trouble” trouble? from a boyfriend... parents? not good either way

She pulled herself together and ran out to her car and left. I went back to the drafting table and started working on the project again.

-About 5-years later -

I ran up to a nearby strip mall to get my hair cut. I hadn’t been there before, but a friend said they were fast, and cheap.

I sat down in the barber chair and recognized her almost immediately. She cut my hair and made casual conversation. The sound of her laughter threw me back to that night.

She had gained weight since the last time I saw her.

She now had a child. No husband. Making do, day-by-day.

After she was almost done with my haircut I finally commented “Do you ever see Mike again?”

She looked at me through the mirror, and her eyes widened.

Her face reddened.

“Oh my gosh... you... you worked down on the beach?”

“Yeah... it’s nice to see you again”


2021-06-21 13:31:30
Will there be a chapter 2??


2021-04-14 17:31:14
This is my first story, and I tried multiple times to post it, starting last week, without success. So I tried again. Evidently it takes a number of days to publish? Anyway, I am learning....
Sorry for the multiple postings!

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