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Decades ago when I was in love with my high school sweetheart, I started noticing her young sister developing, and she was taking interest in me, and our sexual activities.
           Pt.1  - CUDDLING ON THE COUCH -

Chloe was my first real love. We started dating in high school and became inseparable after a few months. She was absolutely beautiful... long blonde hair, gorgeous smile, infectious laugh. In no time at all, I was head over heels in love and I figured she would be “the one”.

I became very close with her family, spending more time at her house than at my own. A large house for a large family. Her younger sister, Cindy, was very pretty like Chloe, in a smaller frame, more innocent... not as “over confident” as Chloe. Long platinum blonde hair, thin but athletic, beautiful eyes, very petite. She was kind of a tomboy, never wearing makeup, into sports, always in shorts or jeans and t-shirts. 

Cindy was just hitting puberty when Chloe and I started dating. But she was growing up quickly as the time passed. Chloe, Cindy, and I would often pile together and watch TV in the family room, which was in the daylight basement of the house, along with Chloe’s and Cindy’s bedrooms. When Cindy would join us on the couch she always sat on the other side of Chloe, at least in the beginning.  

On weekends I might stay late, going home after their parents went to bed. Chloe would often change into her fuzzy nightgown to watch a late movie. We would cuddle on the couch, and if we were alone I would throw a blanket over us so we could play a little under the blanket. I suppose our petting sessions on the couch were especially exciting due to the possibility of getting caught. Cindy would sometimes walk by on her way to bed and it always spiked my arousal. I think she knew what was going on by the way she would look over when saying goodnight. 

As time went on, I saw Cindy developing. I watched her body changing from a little girl into a young woman; growing bumps and curves, and she started wearing a padded "training" bra.

I clearly remember the night Cindy plopped down on my side of the couch. She had changed into shorts and a t-shirt; not much different than her regular attire, except I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see two pointy bumps pressing against the shirt where the padded cups of her bra would normally be. She cuddled up next to me and pulled the blanket that Chloe and I were sharing over her legs.

This quickly became the norm when we watched movies downstairs. I started paying more attention to Cindy, her developing body, and how she acted around me. 

One weekend night Chloe and I started watching a movie, downstairs on the couch as usual. I know it was a weekend, because it was late and everyone had gone to bed... or so I thought. Chloe was wearing her fuzzy nightgown, nothing underneath, and we had a blanket over us. My left hand was rubbing her under her nightgown. My pants were unzipped and my dick was pulled out above the waistband of my underwear; Chloe stroking me under the blanket. The petting had gone on for a while, and was working on both of us; I could tell by her breathing and movements she wasn’t too far from climaxing.

We heard Cindy’s bedroom door open and she walked out dressed in a thin white nightshirt. She plopped down on the couch beside me before either of us could react. She curled her legs up on the couch and snuggled up close to me. Reaching over, she grabbed the blanket very close to where Chloe had been rubbing me, and pulled it over her legs. I hadn’t ever seen her wear this before, and as I glanced over at her I could see why. The material was pretty transparent... you could see her nipples through the fabric.

“Why are you out here? I thought you were in bed” Chloe said in an unwelcome tone, obviously irritated her little sister interrupted our petting session. 

“It’s too early... besides, I want to watch this movie”

I looked over at Chloe and she rolled her eyes. We both stopped playing under the covers, and my hard-on quickly deflated. However, I couldn’t very well tuck things back in place and zip my pants back up.

Cindy was close up against my right side... I could feel her bare knee against my hand. It made me kinda uncomfortable, but excited at the same time, especially since my dick was exposed just inches away. I finally pulled my arm out from under the blanket and wrapped it over her shoulder. She pulled in closer, her head resting on my right shoulder. Chloe’s head was on my left shoulder, her hand still on my dick, which was starting to wake up again. Trying to look focused on the movie, I snuck a peek down to Cindy’s nightshirt. I could definitely see the points of her nipples through the thin fabric. The nightshirt had a lower cowl neck, and I could almost see down inside the front. 

...........This is dangerous. I could get busted by Cindy... or even worse, by Chloe

Chloe felt my dick getting hard, and started to rub me slowly. I started doing the same to her, but you could see the movement through the blanket. 

Chloe grabbed the tub of popcorn sitting next her and placed it to the right of my lap, closer to Cindy as though to share, but it was actually to block her view of the action under the blanket. 

Under the blanket, I inched up Chloe’s fuzzy nightgown further until I could sneak my hand down and slide a finger into her pussy. I loved the warm, soft feeling of her when she was wet and aroused. 

I was getting really turned on... my heart rate increasing from the dangerous situation, the feeling of Chloe’s pussy on my left hand, and Cindy’s soft shoulder in my right. I looked to the left at Chloe and her eyes were closed. I could see she was getting off from the stimulation and the situation. 

........... If she only knew

Cindy leaned forward to grab some popcorn, and through the corner of my eye I could see her nightshirt fall forward a bit. I looked back at Chloe and she was oblivious, eyes closed, her pelvis arching up to my fingers. Her pace was picking up rubbing my dick as well; the movement obvious from my viewpoint. 

I turned and looked at Cindy. She seemed to be watching the movie, but I could tell she kept glancing over at the popcorn, which was moving a bit in rhythm to Chloe’s hand. 

Cindy leaned forward again for some popcorn, and I turned my full attention to looking down her nightshirt. It fell forward enough to see the edges of her breasts, but I couldn’t see her nipples. 

I was fucking rock hard now, and could feel a climax building. I could tell Chloe was getting close too, as she was moving harder against my hand and fingers. 

Cindy was feeling around in the popcorn bin, like she was looking for a particular piece of popcorn. She leaned forward more, and I realized she was actually trying to get a better look at what was going on under the blanket. Her eyes were fixed on the movement at Chloe’s groin. She leaned further forward to see what was happening in my pants; a view partially blocked by the popcorn. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open slightly when she could see the movement from her sister’s hand rubbing on my cock. 

Her nightshirt fell further forward as she did this and I could see right down the front, all the way to her tummy; her right breast fully exposed. 

............ I nearly blew my top right then

Beautiful, budding breast with a flawless pink nipple, puffy and erect. 

She stayed there, eyes locked on my groin, my eyes staring at her right breast, Chloe humping my hand and rubbing my dick like no one was watching. 

I slid my hand down from Cindy’s shoulder onto her bare arm and pulled her forward until I could see both of her breasts down her nightshirt, and she could better see Chloe’s hand rubbing my dick. Cindy didn’t seem to even notice I was doing this... she was focused on the blanket. I held her there, staring at her perfect breasts... as I started to climax. 

Chloe was cumming too, her ass tightening and pushing her mound upwards against my fingers. 

I squeezed Cindy’s arm, holding her tightly, blatantly staring at her breasts, and exploded under the blanket. I thrust forward and squeezed Cindy’s arm with each spasm, pumping load after load... soaking my underwear and the blanket.   

Chloe came seconds later, her body quivering and finally slumping back into the couch. 

Cindy broke her stare and looked up at me. I was still staring down her open nightshirt, locked in a daze from my strong climax. I loosened my grip on her and let her sink back into the couch. 

I looked over at Chloe, who looked like she had just woken up. She glanced over at me with a smile and a shocked look in her eyes. She rested her head against my shoulder. 

.....I was very relieved that she didn't realize what had just occurred

The reality started to hit me and I panicked slightly. I looked over at Cindy and gave her arm a gentle squeeze. She looked up at me and smiled. Her lips were trembling, but she was smiling. I gave her a nervous smile back and gave her another reassuring squeeze. 

After about 10-minutes, Cindy got up, said “I’m going to bed- goodnight” and ran to her room. 

After the movie ended, I walked Chloe to her bed and kissed her goodnight. I grabbed the blanket off the couch, rinsed out the wet area and threw it in the laundry. I let myself out the side door. 

Driving home my mind was racing- so many feelings- guilt, love, arousal, shame, excitement, fear... will Cindy tell Chloe? Her parents? 

Maybe Cindy will be grossed out by what she saw and never want to talk to me again?

Regardless of all those fears, the overriding thing on my mind was the vivid memory of looking down Cindy’s nightshirt at her naked breasts. 


       Next: Part 2 - More Movie Nights


2022-08-22 19:59:03
Thank you for your supportive comments on my posts. Positive votes and comments such as yours give me incentive to write more :)


2022-05-18 12:22:48
Fantastic story! I love the slow burn. Keep it up!


2021-08-27 15:02:45
This is an awesome story and a great start to what should be a great series which I'm glad it is. Look forward to reading it


2021-08-21 16:16:54
*chapter five


2021-08-21 16:16:15
TribFan: pretty much the same here- “Cindy” is still my #1 fantasy after all these years.

Launch: thank you! The earlier chapters are a “slow build” because they are closer to reality. Your comments here, and on chapter six, makes this all worthwhile:)

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