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This story involves all of us.
I was now becoming a complete slut. I had fucked Dad and Patch, there was only Mum left but that was never going to happen. I was really enjoying Dad fucking me which we still did regularly but it was Patch that really got me excited now. During the following week another opportunity arose to fuck Patch but as before I would need Dad's help. I had been on the computer chatting to Robertbi getting fucking horny as usual, my cunt wet, two fingers inserted inside my pussy, nipples hard and erect. Dad had taken Patch out for a walk so I was naked in the chair when he returned. This no longer shocked Dad, he loved to see me naked as it usually meant that he was going to fuck me.

Tonight though I wanted Patch's big cock in my wet cunt and I told Dad this when he came in. He had a slight look of disappointment that he wasn't going to fuck his slut of a Daughter tonight but he knew that I wouldn't be for turning and that he didn't want to ruin his future chances of fucking me. I knew that Patch got excited by licking my wet pussy so I called him over to the chair whilst Dad sat on the sofa. I was more interested tonight in getting Patch's cock hard rather than getting off to him licking me. It didn't take long to get his cock out of his sheath and hard. When it was I moved out of the chair and got on to the floor on all fours. I asked Dad to give Patch a hand in getting his cock in to my wet cunt. Well he not only gave him a hand he gave him his mouth as well. What the fuck was he doing? He sucked Patch so well that it quickly became obvious to me that it wasn't the first cock he had sucked. He really got in to it, but this wasn't helping me in delaying me getting fucked. However, I have to say it was fucking hot seeing Dad sucking a cock and enjoying himself so much. Dad tried to take as much cock as possible, then told me to join him. I stroked Patch's cock whilst Dad continued with his mouth so we swapped. I just had to mand sure that Patch didn't blow in my mouth, I wanted that in my pussy. I told Dad that Patch was ready, so he got him in to position and Patch inserted his cock in to my wet hole. Patch had still not learnt anything from his last fuck with me as he still continued to bang away like there was no tomorrow. His knot quickly got inside me and it felt even bigger than last time. I quickly orgasmed, but still Patch went at it like a pneumatic drill. I was building up to a second orgasm and he still hadn't blown his load. Fuck, this could be a long night but I was determined to enjoy it. Well, in fact I had no choice because I now knew that it took at least 10 minutes for Patch's knot to go down before he could get out of my pussy. Patch started to hump me even deeper then I felt it, the first dollop of spunk, followed by more lengthy spurts of hot sticky cum. Wow, it was even more than last time and I definitely felt more worn out than the last time. I lay flat on my stomach and waited for Patch to leave my pussy. I started to feel sleepy then finally his knot plopped out of my pussy. Cum was seeping out of my pussy when I felt another prick inside me. What the fuck? Dad was raping me, I hadn't asked him to fuck me. I said "Dad, what are you doing?" . He said that he was so horny he thought I wouldn't mind if he came for sloppy seconds. Cheeky fucker, but I let him continue even though I could hardly feel him due to being so wet and my pussy well lined with doggy spunk.

Dad fucked me for about 10 minutes before he deposited his load in to my wet cunt. It wasn't the most memorable sex I had with Dad and for the first time I felt that he was using me and taking advantage of the situation. When he finished I just got up, picked up my clothes and went to my bedroom. I felt it was best not to say anything that I may regret the following morning. I left Dad to clear up the mess.

I was so exhausted that I went straight to sleep which is very unusual for me because normally after a great fucking I have to have a great masturbation session. When I woke up after a very solid sleep I needed the toilet. When cleaning myself up I felt large solid dollops of cum on my pussy and thighs so I thought I had better take a shower. Mum and Dad had both gone to work so I took a nice leisurely shower and just put my night shirt back on as Mum wouldn't be there to tell me off for not getting dressed.

A few days later I went on to the computer after Dad had gone to bed. This meant that I wouldn't be getting fucked by Dad's big cock tonight but I was getting very turned on by Robertbi on the forum. He is so good at "pressing my buttons" that I ended up with my knickers off. My pussy was so wet, then Robertbi told me to stick my knickers up my cunt. I had never done this before but there were many things I had not done a few weeks previously. My knickers were already soaking so it was not as if they were going to get any wetter. If anything they were going to stop my Sex juices flooding all over the chair and save another cleaning up job. Obviously my tits were out as they always were when chatting to Robertbi. Unfortunately something happened then that I wasn't expecting. I was so much in my own little sex world, playing with my tits, knickers up my cunt, that I didn't hear Mum come down. What the fuck, she never comes down after she has gone to bed. How do I explain this? Mum is a frigid cow who has not been in to sex for many years. "Kate, what are you doing?" she asked sternly. I don't know how I managed to think of this reply but I said " Mum, I am feeling my breasts for any lumps". Was she going to fall for this, of course she did, thick cow? I asked her to feel my first to check, not for health reasons of course, but purely for my own sexual gratification. I made sure that I sat on my night shirt and crossed my legs so that Mum couldn't see my knickers in my cunt. I was getting great perverse satisfaction out of this, and my nipples started to get even bigger. Mum had never felt my tits before and I presumed that this was the first time she had ever felt tits apart from her own, well that is assuming she had masturbated which I couldn't even be sure of knowing her personality. After about a minute Mum said everything seemed fine and went back to bed. I pulled my knickers out and they were soaked, so much wetter than when I had put them in. I hadn't expected my evening to finish like that but I loved it.

Was I wrong about Mum...........
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