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This is the sixth chapter of this story from my late teens, where my girlfriend’s little sister made it through puberty only to lose her innocence due to my uncontrollable lust for her. In this chapter, Cindy and her close friend model for me and play games after some rum & cokes
—————— Part 6: Cindy and Her Cute Friend —————

A few days after Cindy came down to my office, she called me at home. “Jeff? I only have a few minutes... I think dad must have seen your car the night you followed me home. He came home a few minutes after I got back and grilled me about seeing you. I told him I was at Stace’s, and she backed up my story, but I don’t think he believed her. He told me I couldn’t see you. I got a lecture about my age and innocence, and that you were too old, and that you were Chloe’s boyfriend anyway.”

I snorted a response, “That ship sailed. I haven’t even spoken to her since that night.”

.... this isn’t about Chloe

“I’m sorry you went through that with your dad. I never want to get you in trouble. I don’t remember seeing his car... did he say he saw me?”

“No... not really, but he was angry and I think he knew we were together somehow. He didn’t ground me, but he’s watching me like a hawk.”

“Dammit... I’m sorry. This is my fault. I don’t want to get you in trouble”, I repeated. “I am too old for you, and I am stealing your innocence.”

“Stop apologizing. I have loved everything we’ve done. In fact...”

Cindy gasped, “Someone’s home. I’ll call you later”, then hung up before I could respond.

She didn’t call.

————————-— The 7-11 Store ——————-—————

A few weeks passed before I saw Cindy again. She was constantly on my mind and I desperately wanted to contact her, but couldn’t bring myself to call her house for so many reasons. If cell phones were around I would have been in contact, but in the days of land lines and no social media, I couldn’t think of a way of reaching her without possibly getting her (and myself) in trouble.

Finally, one afternoon I saw her platinum blonde hair flowing into a 7-11 store near her school. I have to admit I drove this way more often than needed, in hopes I might run into her.

I drove around the block and pulled into the parking lot. I saw her inside talking and laughing with some friends. I was kinda nervous, and my heart was racing as I walked into the store. I tried to act like I hadn’t seen her... I was there to pick up some badly needed... um... anything.

She saw me walk in and ran over from across the store. I smiled broadly at seeing her, “Cindy!” She met me with a big hug. I hugged her back, awkwardly, thinking people could read on my face what I had been doing with this beautiful, innocent little girl.

One of the girls from the group ran over to us, and jumped in place next to Cindy, bumping her sideways like she was trying to knock Cindy out of view.

“Jeeze, Stace, starved for attention, are we?”, Cindy joked at her friend.

Her friend didn’t blink, she just stared up at me with huge brown eyes and a beaming smile. This girl was cute... really cute. About the same height as Cindy, but more curvy, with budding boobs she was quite proud of... she was making sure I noticed them. Standing with her hands clasped behind her back, arching her back and rocking back and forth so her growing points poked out high in her blouse. Long wavy brown hair wrapped around a tan face with freckles. Her wide smile and perfect teeth looked even brighter against her full lips.

“You must be Jeff... I’m Stacy”, said the cute friend of Cindy’s, and she stepped closer and offered her hand. I shook her hand, “Pleased to meet you, Stacy”. I looked over at Cindy, to try and read what she was thinking.

..... how does your friend know my name?

When I looked back at Stacy, she was staring at my crotch.

Cindy broke the silence, “What are you doing here; buying flowers for your girlfriend?”, and flashed that wonderful smile I had been thinking of for so long.

“Um... I don’t really remember, but no girlfriend. I haven’t even been able to see the girl who’s been on my mind.”

Cindy’s smile wavered, “Oh... Chloe?”

“No, not Chloe, but you’re close”, I said with a wink. That brought her smile back; her face blushing a bit.

Stacy looked over at Cindy and giggled. She looked back at me with that beaming smile and asked, “Could you do us a favor?”

I laughed, “Buy you beer? I’m not old enough.”

“No... we don’t need beer. There is plenty of alcohol at my house. My parents are gone this weekend and we need a ride home.”

Cindy popped in, “Could you? I’m staying the night, and the bus lines don’t go anywhere near her house”.

“Of course. How could I say ‘no’ to you? You flash those pretty smiles and I would do anything you asked”, I replied with a mischievous smile.

Stacy shot a quick look over to Cindy and giggled, covering her mouth like she was stifling a gasp. Her eyes darted back down to my crotch again.

...what does she know?

I grabbed a six-pack of Coke, a pack of gum, and making sure the girls didn’t see, a pack of condoms, and paid the cashier. The cashier looked out at the young girls and back at me when she rang up the condoms, and gave me an accusatory look. I tried to ignore it, and headed out to my car where the girls were standing. I opened the door to let them climb in. “Such a gentleman!”, Stacy commented and flashed her smile at me. To my surprise Cindy crawled in the back seat, leaving the front seat for her friend (always the sweet considerate one).

I pulled out of the parking lot and turned right, away from the school. “You’ll have to tell me how to get to your house”, I said to Stacy, and glanced over at her. She was pointing and giving me directions, and I stole a quick look down at her boobs hiding under her blouse. I glanced in the rear view mirror and Cindy was watching me. We locked eyes and both of us smiled.

Every time I looked in the mirror she was watching me, and every time she looked more and more beautiful.

———————————— Stacy’s House ————————————

As Stacy’s directions guided us closer to her home it became apparent her parents had money. The driveway alone was longer that my parent’s lot, and the one next to it. I parked off to the side, on the gravel, just in case my car was dripping oil. I didn’t want to be the one leaving a stain on their perfect brick courtyard.

“Pretty nice rental you have here” I joked to Stacy. She gave me a blank look, then laughed when she realized I was kidding her.

I got out and opened the door for them, reaching in to grab Cindy’s hand to help her out of the back seat. “Why don’t you come in? We have frozen pizza we’re going to make for dinner. Well... unless you have a hot date tonight”, Cindy said with a smirk.

Stacy chipped in, “We’ll be more fun than any stupid date... join us! And I need a man’s opinion on something.”

Cindy shot a curious look over at Stacy, then ran over and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the house, “You have to come inside. Please? I haven’t seen you in so long.”

“It’s settled”, Stacy determined, “You’re coming in. Grab your Coke too- it’ll be a good mixer”

‘A good mixer’ I thought to myself. This could be an entertaining evening.

Stacy led us in through the grand entry, beside the formal living room, down the hallway to a large family room. A bar fit for a pub was at one end, a pool table to the left, and I could see a pool through the French doors on the other. I set the Coke on the bar countertop.

Stacy walked behind the bar, “Who’s up for a Rum & Coke?”, obviously no stranger to alcohol.

Rum & Coke wouldn’t be my first choice, but I accepted, liking the idea of these two drinking rum with me. She filled three glasses with ice, and filled each one about halfway with rum, topping them off with Coke.

Cindy took a small sip and looked at me with a smile... no grimace, no choking. She must be used to this side of Stacy.

“So your parents are gone and left you in charge?”, I asked, hoping to learn how private the night might be.

“Yeah, they go on vacation all the time. My older sister used to chaperone, but she’s off to college this year. They must trust my judgement now.” she replied, laughing at the thought.

“Actually, they think I’m staying at Cindy’s”, Stacy added, and Cindy chimed in, “Dad doesn’t know Stace’s parents are gone, otherwise there’s no way he would let me come over.”

Stacy took a gulp of her drink and ran into the kitchen. “Pizza coming up shortly!”

Cindy caught me looking at Stacy’s ass as she walked out of the room. She came over to me, “I’m sorry I haven’t called. It’s been impossible at home... I almost called you from a pay phone, but I didn’t have any change.” She looked towards the kitchen, “Do you think she’s pretty?”

“Well... yes, she is quite pretty. Not nearly as pretty as you, but that would be a tall order.”

“She has great boobs... a lot better than mine. I saw you looking at them”, she said looking down.

I walked closer to her, “I can’t help looking at boobs, but don’t sell yourself short. Your breasts are absolutely perfect. In fact your entire body is perfect. It’s about all I can think of lately. I am starving to touch you again.” That brought a smile to her face.

Stacy came back in, “Pizza’s in the oven. Whatcha been doing in here? You’re standing pretty close... have you been playing games without me?” She laughed, grabbed her drink, and went over to the audio stack and turned on some music. She started dancing around a bit, “Come on you guys, drink up! It’s Friday night - Party Time!”, and took another gulp of her Rum & Coke.

I laughed and looked over at Cindy “Looks like we have some catching up to do”, and took a drink.

Cindy rolled her eyes to the ceiling and smiled, then took a long draw on her drink.

Stacy racked up the balls on the pool table, “Let’s play a game of cut throat!”. She acted like she was setting up a shot, bending over so my view was right down her blouse, not by accident. We played the game for a bit... Stacy wiping the table clean pretty quickly.

“Pool Shark! I suppose you’ll suggest we play for money next time?” I said in defeat.

“I think ‘Strip Cut Throat’ might be more fun”, Stacy shot back. The timer on the oven broke in before either Cindy or I could respond. I have to admit I was surprised at the flirtatious banter from Stacy, but Cindy seemed amused with it, laughing at her comment.

We grabbed the pizza and some plates from the kitchen and sat down at the bar in the family room.

Stacy grabbed the bottle of rum and some Coke for refills. I noticed both of their glasses were empty.

“So how do you two know each other?” I asked, wondering how close they were.

Cindy replied, “We’ve known each other since grade school. We play soccer together now”

Stacy chimed in, “And gymnastics! We’ve been besties forever. We tell each other everything.”

I shot a look over to Cindy- she giggled and looked off to the side. Her face turned a little red.

“Oh, really?” I said... wondering exactly how much Stacy knew. I took a gulp of my drink. I could feel a good buzz already from the rum. Considering these two were about half my weight, they should be pretty lit by now... especially Stacy, who was drinking more than we were.

“You said you wanted a guy’s opinion on something?”, I said to Stacy, trying to redirect the subject.

“Oh! Yeah, I just got some new outfits. I’m not sure if they look too dorky. I might take ‘em back... do you want to see?”

“Certainly! How could I say ‘no’ to that?” I replied, and looked over to Cindy. She jumped up and followed Stacy out of the room.

“I want to see a full modeling show from both of you!”, I yelled at them as they disappeared down the hall.

—————-————— Modeling Show ———————-———

I played pool while I waited for them. A few minutes passed and they both came in, strutting across the room like runway models. Cindy was wearing some silky, loose-fitting ivory pants and a blue cashmere sweater. Stacy wore a rather conservative plaid ‘jumper’ that looked expensive.

“I like! You both look great”, I said (but I was hoping for something a little more risqué).

“You don’t think this is dorky?”, asked Stacy as she struck a pose.

“Well, I was hoping for something from Victoria’s Secret, but for the right situation, I think both of those outfits are very attractive. Of course, you two would look hot in anything you wore”

“So... not sexy enough, huh? Let’s try again”, Stacy replied. She grabbed Cindy’s hand and ran out of the room. I noticed them stumble and bounce off each other as they hit the hallway. The alcohol was definitely hitting them.

I took another sip of my drink and wondered what direction this night was headed. In a few minutes they popped back in, both barefoot, dancing and twirling to the music. Cindy was wearing a thin sweater dress, clinging tightly to her body and so short I wondered if it was a dress at all, or just a sweater worn as a dress. Stacy had on a red miniskirt, and a sheer white blouse.

Immediately I noticed Stacy wasn’t wearing a bra. I looked back at Cindy and, nope... I could see the shape of those puffy nipples I have been lusting after, poking through the material.

“WOW! You looked beautiful before, but now... oh my God... You’re taking my breath away.”

I pulled a chair around and sat down to watch the show. The girls danced around me, running their hands over my shoulders and through my hair as they spun around. Stacy danced over to the pool table, grabbed the bumpers and shook her ass back and forth at me. Cindy took her lead and did the same, but her sweater ‘dress’ was so short I got a flash of her ass.

I don’t think either one of them was wearing underwear.

My dick was already awake, but this realization made it pop large in my pants. They were looking back at me and shaking their asses when I reached down and adjusted my hard-on to the side so it could straighten out. Upon seeing this, Stacy stopped dancing, swung around and stared straight at the bulge in my pants. Cindy laughed, and poked Stacy in the ribs.

“Whatsamatter, Stace- haven’t you ever seen a boner before?”, Cindy said, laughing.

Stacy stood there with a shocked look, staring at my crotch, “Yes, I’ve seen one... well, pictures anyway... you know I haven’t seen the real thing.”

This made Cindy laugh even harder.

Stacy looked over and scowled at Cindy, “You hadn’t either, until...” she drifted off. She looked back at me.

...... “I know, let’s play a game... Truth Or Dare?”

I laughed and looked at Cindy, “Someone has been talking about our secrets”, and gave her a stern look. “Look, you have to promise to keep this between us. You can’t tell anyone else about our games.”

Stacy moved closer to Cindy and said, “Pinky swear, forever”, and hooked her pinky finger with Cindy’s, and they did some weird quick handshake. “Pinky swear”, Cindy replied.

I looked back at Stacy, and looked more closely at her round boobs showing through the sheer blouse. She had dark nipples, and large areolas... almost half as large as her breasts.

......damn, that is not helping calm the situation

“So, Stacy, you’ve never seen a boner before? You two are both virgins?”

Stacie stammered, “Yes... I mean No... there are no boys at our school... I’ve never seen one, but yes, I’m still a virgin.

... I don’t want to be though.”

Cindy laughed, “Oh my God, Stace! Don’t be such a slut!”, and punched her in the arm. They both stumbled from the hit, and Stacy nearly fell down.

They were both pretty drunk.

Making sure Stacy was watching, I reached down and shifted my hard-on again in my pants. Shifting my eyes down to her breasts, I rubbed my dick through my pants to be completely obvious. I was being a lot bolder than I would ever be, but they were flirting like mad, Cindy had obviously told Stacy about Truth Or Dare, if not more, and the rum was loosening me up.

And these two had my cock taking over my judgment.

“Come closer. Both of you... I want to see you closer”, I said, still rubbing myself.

They looked at each other, Stacy wide-eyed and smiling; Cindy looking a little concerned. When Cindy got close, I pulled her down to me and kissed her, “It’s okay- I won’t do anything without your approval. You call all the shots”.

Cindy smiled at me, and looked at Stacy, “Okay Stace... Truth Or Dare.”

Stacy was surprised at this, but replied “Dare” quite quickly as she walked closer.

“Show Jeff your panties”, Cindy said with a giggle.

Stacy looked at her, “but, I don’t... um...”

I smiled at her and directed my gaze from her breasts, down to her skirt. I motioned at her to raise her skirt. “Come on... let me see what you have on under there.”

For the first time, Stacy looked a little apprehensive. She reached down and lifted her skirt a little, still looking at the bulge in my pants.

Cindy was enjoying this, “Move closer to him!”

Stacy took a step towards me, then suddenly turned around and flipped her skirt up- quickly flashing her ass at me, then turned back around.

“Well! I don’t see any panties!” I said, mocking shock at the fact she was naked under the skirt.

“Jeff- Truth Or Dare?” Cindy asked me. Evidently she was the director of these challenges.

I replied, “Dare, of course”, wondering what she had in mind.

“Show Stace your panties”, Cindy said with a wide smile.

I seized the opportunity. I stood up, pulled off my shirt, unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them down to my knees. My underwear started coming down with them, so I had to hold the waistband and shuffle my jeans down with my other hand.

I sat back down and reclined the chair slightly. My cock was barely covered by the waistband of my underwear, a large wet spot at the head.

Cindy looked at me, then we both looked at Stacy, who was mesmerized at the sight. Cindy laughed, and skipped the formality, “Show Jeff your bra.”

Stacy didn’t hesitate on this one. She unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it out from her waistband, and opened it wide to expose herself, evidently quite proud of her growing boobs. Her breasts looked even better bare. Undeveloped, maybe an A cup, but plump and pretty big for her age, with huge areolas and nipples that stood erect, and straight out.

I flexed my cock so it jumped a bit, pulling at my waistband. I knew this would get a rise from Stacy, and she gasped wide-eyed and covered her mouth.

Cindy was really enjoying this. She got closer to me, bent over and stroked my cock through my underwear. When she moved her hand down, the waistband followed, nearly exposing the head.

I reached behind her and ran my hand up Cindy’s thigh, under her ‘skirt’ and felt her ass. Running my fingers between her legs, I pushed them forward, over her ass and started rubbing her tiny pussy. It was dripping wet.

Stacy was staring wide-eyed at the erection in my underwear, her mouth slightly open. “Can I touch it?”

Cindy shook her head, “Only if I say so”, and continued stroking me through my underwear. Cindy was savoring being in charge; Stacy was obviously the "alfa female", and wasn't used to this.

"Raise your skirt and show Jeff your kitty", Cindy told her, like she was giving a command.

Stacy looked nervous. She looked up at me, then reached down with both hands and grabbed the hem of her skirt. I noticed her right hand was shaking a little.

"Are you going to show me... your... your thing?", Stacy asked me, but Cindy cut her off. "You aren't seeing anything unless you do exactly as you are told."

Yeah, Cindy was having fun.

I moved my hand around to the front of Cindy's 'dress' and blatantly slid my hand up the front and started rubbing her pussy again. Stacy’s eyes broke from mine and shot over to my hand up Cindy's skirt, and took a quick breath. The cocky bravado Stacy had been throwing around had suddenly disappeared. She continued holding the hem of her skirt, locked in place while looking back and forth at my hand up Cindy's dress, and the hard-on in my underwear.

I pulled my hand out from under Cindy's dress, and my fingers were glistening wet. Stacy stared as I put them in my mouth and sucked off the juices, then slid them back up Cindy's dress.

Stacy’s mouth dropped, and she quickly pulled her skirt up to her waist, completely exposing her little beaver. She had slightly more hair than Cindy, and it was dark brown. I could see her labia protruding, the lips glistening from her leaking pussy. I noticed her nipples were engorged as well; this was definitely turning her on.

Cindy reached down and raised the waistband of my underwear with one hand, and slid the other over the head of my cock, still hiding it from Stacy’s eyes. She pulled her hand out and showed how wet it was to Stacy, then licked her palm.

Another gasp from Stacy. She was still holding her skirt up for me, and I could see a long drip of her lube hanging from her pussy.

"Oh my Gosh, Stace! are dripping!" Cindy burst out laughing.

Stacy looked shocked, and reached down and caught the drip with her hand, along with a great deal of lube from her lips. She was obviously embarrassed.

"Oh, and you aren't?" I said to Cindy, and pulled my fingers out from under her dress and showed them to her. "I think it is sexy as hell", then sucked her lube off my fingers again.

"Come closer, Stacy"; I motioned for her to step towards me. She came within reach, her hand still catching the lube leaking from her pussy. I reached out and grasped her wrist, pulling her hand away from covering her pussy. Lube dripped from her fingers.

I brought her hand to my mouth and sucked her fingers, one by one, savoring every drop. Stacy looked shocked at what I was doing.

"I suppose you like the taste of her more than me?" Cindy said, watching me do this.

"You both taste delicious, but you know you are always my favorite", I replied, still holding Stacy’s hand.

I let go of Stacy’s hand and reached out and touched her pussy. It was still dripping wet. Running my fingers over her labia, I found her opening and slid my middle finger inside. Stacy took a quick breath, and her tight opening contracted. She was tight... nowhere near as tight as Cindy, but as tight as you might expect for a virgin her age. Actually, I could slide my finger all the way in her... no resistance. Maybe she had masturbated with her hairbrush or something, but I felt no trace of a hymen.

I started working my finger in her pussy, feeling her G-Spot area swelling at the touch, and rubbing on her clit using my thumb. It seemed to be working; Stacy moved in closer, still holding her skirt up, and squatted slightly and rocked on my probing finger. I pulled out my middle finger and replaced it with two fingers, and started curling them on her G-Spot. God, her tight little pussy felt good... so fucking tight, but I'm sure I could get my cock in there... it would just take a little work. I wanted to feed this girl my cock.. I wanted to watch my thick cock slide inch by inch into her...

I think I may have been too focused on flinger-fucking Stacy’s tight little hole. Cindy didn't like so much attention going to her friend. "Did I say you could do that?", she said, and reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling my fingers out of her friend's pussy. Stacy shot a look at Cindy, still holding her skirt up, "Really? Who put you in charge?"

Cindy pointed to me.

“Well, yeah, I guess those are the rules”, I replied with a smirk, and tried to drown out my thoughts on fucking Stacy. I looked back at Cindy...’your move’

“Okay, truth, Stace... do you want to see Jeff’s cock?”

I was surprised to hear her say the word ‘cock’.

“Yes. Show it to me!”

“Only if you do what I tell you. Jeff, here, is an ass man.”

“Turn around and show him your ass.”

Stacy turned around and lifted her skirt, exposing her round bubble butt.

“I said show him your ass, not your butt. Bend over and spread your butt cheeks so he can see your ass”, Cindy demanded, in a rather degrading tone.

She was enjoying being in charge and making her over-confident friend feel vulnerable.

Stacy looked back at me nervously. I nodded and motioned her to do it.

She bent over and put her hands on her cheeks, but stopped.

“Spread ‘em!”, Cindy ordered.

Stacy slowly pulled apart her ass cheeks, opening them wide and exposing her asshole and her very wet pussy. Her lips ‘smacked’ when they separated, and another drop of her lube leaked out and hung there. Her swollen lips stuck out from her open pussy, surrounded by wisps of hair. Her asshole was darker, not light pink like Cindy’s, but spread open like this the pink entrance was partially visible.

I reached out to slide my fingers in that very fuckable pussy, but Cindy grabbed my hand again. “No touching unless I say so!”

“Jeff, go lay down on the floor over there”, Cindy directed.

I got up from the chair and did as she told me. Stacy was still bent over spreading her ass.

“Do you still want to see his cock?” Cindy asked bluntly. Stacy stood back up and just nodded.

“Go over and pull down his underwear”

Stacy quickly knelt down and tugged at my underwear, but my erection was caught on the waistband. She pulled up on it and my cock sprung free, slapping back loudly on my stomach into a pool of my precum.

Stacy’s eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open. She immediately reached out and grabbed it.

“Jesus! You weren’t exaggerating! Its huge!”

These were the days before internet porn, so my 8” cock must have looked huge compared to the drawings she had seen in Sex-Ed classes.

She pulled on my cock so it stood straight up, “Jesus... I never thought...”

Cindy walked over and stood over me, placing her feet on either side of my head, facing Stacy. I could look straight up between her legs.

“Put his cock in your mouth”, Cindy ordered.

Stacy took a deep breath and bent over and hovered, her mouth open but still a few inches above the head.

“You know you want to, Stace, you told me you fantasized about giving a blowjob... suck his cock!”

Stacy lowered her head and wrapped her mouth around the head, which was covered in precum. My whole body jumped from the feeling of her mouth as she started sucking.

I was watching Stacy suck my dick when Cindy’s ass hit my forehead. I dropped my head to the floor and she squatted down on my face, my nose in her ass and my mouth slurping up her little wet pussy. She immediately started rocking her hips, grinding against my mouth. It was like a wonderful 69, except it was Stacy sucking my cock, not Cindy.

I certainly wasn’t thinking this might happen tonight... I was in ecstasy, but I could barely breathe with Cindy’s pussy and ass smothering my face. She was pretty drunk, and was grinding her box pretty aggressively against my mouth.

I heard her say, “You’re doing it wrong! You need to take it deeper into your mouth.”

I couldn’t see what was happening, but Cindy’s weight shifted forward and suddenly Stacy’s head thrust downward and my cock hit the back of her throat. I heard her gagging and her head abruptly came back up and she was trying to talk, “Not so deep! I’m choking!”

I realized Cindy was holding Stacy’s head and pushing it up and down on my cock.

God, I wish I could see this... but I could feel it. My orgasm was quickly building up feeling Stacy’s mouth being forced back down on my cock. I reached my hands up Cindy’s dress and grabbed her hips to slide her body up and down on my face. She ground her pussy harder down and humped my mouth roughly, “Oh God... that feels... Fuck!... Jeff!..”

I was right with her - I could feel the pressure building and I lost control. I started thrusting my cock upwards every time Cindy pushed Stacy’s head down.

Cindy’s body went into a spasm as she came on my face, and suddenly Stacy’s head was shoved down hard on my cock. The back of her throat was constricting on the head as I heard her gagging... the feeling pushed me over the edge.

Cindy pushed down harder on Stacy’s head as she rode the waves of her climax, and I could feel the head of my cock pop into her throat. My mind exploded and I pumped rope after rope of cum straight down Stacy’s throat. She gagged and as she swallowed again and again her throat milked my cock like I’ve never felt before.

Cindy released her grasp on Stacy’s head and she jerked up coughing and gasping for air. “What the fuck, Cindy?!! Were you trying to kill me?!!”

“Oh, God, Stace... I’m sorry! I kinda lost it there. Are you okay?” Cindy scrambled to stand up and help Stacy to her feet. I could finally see Stacy, and she was a mess. Her mascara was running, hair all tangled, and cum was running from her mouth down her chin and neck. Cindy was trying to console her. It looked like Stacy was about to cry.

“Dammit, Stacy... that was fucking amazing. That was the most fantastic blowjob I have ever had. Un-fucking-believable.”

Stacy looked at me, and her distraught look was quickly replaced with a trembling smile, “Really? Was that really the best?”

She looked over at Cindy and smiled wider, then burst out laughing.

Cindy started laughing too, “Stace! You dirty little cock-sucker... you are a sticky mess!”

Stacy glanced at her reflection in the bar mirror, then looked down at the cum running down onto her boobs from her chin- this made her laugh even harder. She scooped it up with her hands, stepped over as though to show Cindy, but suddenly smeared it in her hair, and turned and ran out to the pool. Cindy screamed at her and chased her outside.

I was still sitting on the floor, with my pants down to my ankles. I saw Stacy jump into the pool, and Cindy strip off her sweater dress and follow her into the water.

It seemed to be an excellent time for a swim... I took off my pants and joined them.

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