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My newfound way of showing my love for om would be to sexually please her by fucking her and giving her endless orgasms.
This is part 2 of my incestuous adventure with my family.

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It felt like a short ride from the port to home, then again I slept in the shuttle most of the way. I was completely exhausted from the night before. After cumming in aunt Carol's pussy, we made love two more times that night. After the third time, it was a call from mom that woke us up, informing us that the ship would be docking in 30 minutes. We jumped in and out of the shower and scrambled to pack our luggage. There was no method to our packing. We simply threw everything in our luggage and sat on it as we zipped it up.

When we finally got home, we unloaded the van and brought everything inside. I took my luggage to my room and did not come out until dinner time. By then, we were all a bit rested. Apparently everyone had followed my lead about taking a long nap. After dinner, with everyone still recovering from our cruise, we decided to take it easy and catch a movie on Netflix. Everything had changed between my aunt Carol and me, so I was uncertain on how to behave.

Mom and dad took the love seat with aunt Carol and me taking the large couch. We were a few minutes into the movie when Carol stretched out her beautiful long legs and laid her head on my lap. My dick started coming to life with her simply resting her head there. She turned her head and looked up at me with a knowing smile.

After a while, I must've fallen asleep because, when I woke up another movie was playing and everyone was out. I gently woke up aunt Carol along with mom and dad. We shut off the TV and everyone got up and went to bed.

A few minutes after getting into bed, I heard my door open slowly. Just like Pavlov's dogs, my dick stiffened up automatically knowing who it was. Carol crawled into bed with me, completely naked, and we started kissing and touching each other. She was not interested in making love - she wanted to be thoroughly fucked. She pulled down my boxers and whispered in my ear to get between her legs and shove my cock hard into her cunt.

We had returned on a Sunday with my parents wanting to squeeze out as much fun during their vacation, which meant they went to work the next morning. The days for the following week blended all together as one big fuck fest with aunt Carol. We would fuck and I was barely recovering when she would demand that I fuck her again.

There was no comparing Carol to the girls at school. Where aunt Carol was in tune with her sexuality and knew exactly what she wanted and liked, the girls at school could be a bit timid when it came to experimenting. Thursday night was a night of experimentation for me.

I was fucking Carol hard doggy-style with her telling me to talk dirty to her, to tell her what a dirty slut she was for fucking her own nephew, for spreading her legs for her own sister's son. “You dirty fucking slut. What kind of slut lets her sister's son stick his cock deep into her cunt?” I told her as I grasped her hips and slammed my cock deep into her cunt. I spit down onto her tight little hole as I started massaging her anus with my thumb. This definitely got her going as she started pushing herself back against me, telling me stick my thumb into her asshole.

“You're like a bitch in heat begging your nephew to stick his thumb in your ass.” I told her as I pressed my thumb in her ass. She started cumming but I never stopped as I continued fucking her with both my cock and thumb. She begged me to stop. She turned her head and begged me to fuck her in the ass. It was going to be my first time and I was not about to pass up this chance.

She reached into her bag and gave me some lube she had brought with her. I made a note to ask her at a later time why would she bring lube to a family vacation. Anyhow, I had seen this done on a porn and knew exactly what to do as I put plenty on both her ass and on my dick. I grabbed my shaft and lined up the head up to her anus. I did not bother warning her that I was going in, I simply started pushing my cock in. She started whining “hmmm, hmmm, hmmm” when I saw her ass open up as my head first popped in. “Uhh. Fuck me baby, fuck me in the ass you motherfucker.?

That was my cue to not be gentle. “Your nephew is fucking you up the ass and you are enjoying it like a dirty little whore, aren't you?” I said to her as I continued pounding her hard. I was not sure if I would ever get another opportunity and I wanted to really enjoy it. I grabbed her hips and fucked her ass hard. I could feel her pushing back against me, she had obviously done this before. I did it as hard as possible, hoping to be the best ass fucker she had ever had.

She started screaming, telling me how good my cock felt in her ass. The fact was that my cock also felt great in her tight ass. I could feel her hand touch my balls as she played with her clit. Without her telling me, I reached out and grabbed her hair. I started pulling hard, calling her names and telling her I was going to cum in her dirty ass, telling her that ass now belonged to me. “Yes, baby, yes! Cum in my ass. I want your cum in my ass!” With that my nuts exploded. That was a big load I shot into her ass. I had just fucked and came in the same ass I had admired as little kid. That was the ultimate dream come true.

I never knew how nasty she could be. When I pulled out, she turned around and took my cock into her mouth to suck me clean. As nasty as it looked, I was amazed and turned as she sucked on my cock. We were totally exhausted afterwards and napped until my parents got home.

Mom was the first to get home and caught us in bed. She woke us up when we heard the bedroom door open. She had a knowing look on her face as she closed the door. I started panicking, asking aunt Carol how were we going to explain this. “It's alright honey, she already knows. We're sisters and we don't keep secrets from each other. She knows her handsome sexy son has been fucking me all week.” That revelation was both surprising and comforting.

My mom could not wait for the weekend to arrive. Come Friday, she decided to work only half a day and was home by 1pm, catching us in the pool skinny dipping. When she came out to the backyard, my aunt and I were sharing a romantic moment with her in my arms as we kissed. My arms were around her waist, holding her close to me as she slowly stroked my stiff cock. When my mom made her presence known, we quickly separated, totally looking guilty. “My god, are you two like that all day?” she asked. “Pretty much.” her sister said with a big smile on her face.

My aunt suggested my mom join us in the pool. She hesitated for a moment before being convinced. She ran to her room to grab the same skimpy bikini she had worn on the cruise. She came out looking hot, just as I remembered her.

When she was in the pool, my aunt told her she was overdressed. “I'm not about get naked in front of my son” she replied. Her sister suggested she go topless, it's not like I hadn't already seen her tits. It took a moment for her to think about it before she started taking off her top. Carol totally caught me staring at mom with a look of desire on my face. “The way I see it, I think your son appreciates you topless!” I got red and mom decided to join in teasing me. “Is that right son, do you want mommy to breastfeed you again? Aren't you a little too old?” They both laughed in unison at my expense. Playing along, I nodded giving her a mischievous smile..

We started swimming around, with me enjoying the four naked breasts swimming around me along with the fact that aunt Carol was completely naked. I realized I too was swimming naked in the same pool with my mom but for some reason, I was not bothered by it. If anything, it sort of turned me on.

By the time dad got home, I was in my room playing on my computer while mom and aunt Carol were prepping dinner. The conversation at the dinner table was about the party for the next day. Since aunt Carol was hardly ever in town, we had made plans to have the family and some friends over for a pool party on Saturday.

After dinner we moved from the dining table over to the den to watch a movie. By now, me being with aunt was a open secret. It was not talked about openly, but we all knew what was happening, especially with my mom catching us nude in the pool and then joining us. We settled in with my parents on the couch and Carol and I cuddling in the other. The movie we settled on was a drama with a romantic plot between a student and a married teacher.

The movie got to a scene where the student and teacher found themselves alone in her car on some secluded road. They start off slow, but are soon making their way to the backseat, unable to remove their clothes fast enough. It was a bit raunchy, showing a lot more skin and body parts than expected. Carol had her hand on my thigh and was squeezing it. Leaning back on me, one of my hands was around her shoulder as she held my hand, which she brought down so I could caress her breast. My parent's eyes were glued to the TV while the couple fucked in the back seat of the teacher's Volvo.

Suddenly, my aunt stands up announcing she is going to bed......and says she's taking her nephew with her! My mom shook her head and my dad gave me a prideful thumbs up as we departed.

We could not take off our clothes fast enough as soon as the door closed. We had been fucking close to a week now and I still could not get enough of her. She told me not to bother with foreplay, she simply wanted my cock in her wet pussy. She laid on the bed and she grabbed my cock, pointing it straight to her hole as I moved my hips forward to enter her wet cunt. “Just fuck me baby. Fuck me hard!” I started a fast and hard rhythm and we were breathing hard.

She started asking me if I liked my mom's tits, which I managed to answer “uh huh” while I continued pounding her. She asked me if I would like to suck on them as she pulled my head down to her breasts. As I started sucking on her breast, she said something that shocked me.

Up until we went on the cruise, I had never thought of my mom in a sexual way, but after seeing her tits and realizing how hot she looked in her bikini, it triggered something in me when I heard aunt Carol say “Suck on them baby....suck on mommy's tits.” I started sucking harder and fucking her with all I had. I felt like my dick was now harder and bigger. “That's it baby, suck on mommy's tits while you fuck her pussy.” That was it, my cock exploded like it never had since we started fucking. My cock remained hard and I kept on fucking her until she screamed out that she too was cumming.

The next day, family started arriving around 2pm, the perfect time weather-wise to jump in the pool. I said hello to my aunts, uncles and cousins as they arrived. Although it was the same family I had known my entire life, I started seeing them differently. I started noticing how beautiful and hot my female cousins were and how nice my different aunts looked in their bathing suits. Both my mom and aunt Carol wore a more tamed, family-friendly one piece for the party.

With the sun going down, the drinks started going down faster and easier, with me having to help a couple of my uncles to their cars with their spouses driving them home. As the last guests left, my mom asked me to help dad to bed. He too had overdone it and was falling asleep on the couch.

When I returned from his bedroom, the three of us grabbed a drink and stepped out to the patio. My mom and aunt had long ago changed out of their bathing suits and into a blouse and shorts with sandals. We were talking about how much fun everyone had at the party when aunt Carol suggested we turn off the outside lights and go for a midnight swim. My mom said she was not in the mood to go change. “Who said anything about a bathing suit? Let's go skinny dipping.” my aunt said as she started removing her clothes. She told my mom not to be so bashful, it was dark and I would close my eyes until she was in the pool. Looking over at me, mom told me to close my eyes while she undressed and jumped into the pool. Thankfully, it was dark and she was unable to see me getting hard as I spied on her as she undressed. I dropped my shorts and quickly jumped into the pool right after her.

We were swimming around for a while, playing silent Marco Polo, where you could only whisper. It was actually a lot of fun and I was able to feel my mom's boobs and ass while reaching out to touch someone. Afterwards, I continued swimming while they rested side by side on the edge of the pool with the water up to their necks.

I came up and stood in front of them when my aunt reached out and pulled me in for a kiss. “My god, can you stop molesting my son for one minute?” she asked her sister with a playful tone. “I think your mommy's jealous. I think she wants you all to herself.” Carol said to me in a seductive whisper while looking over at her. Carol then turned around and placed her hand on mom's tummy. “Is that what you want sis, you want your son to yourself?”

With my aunt's hand on her body, my mom closed her eyes and leaned her head back. The look on her face seemed like she was a million miles away, enjoying her sister's hand as she caressed her. I stood silent watching what was unfolding before my very eyes. Carol's hands started moving up and were now caressing mom's breasts. “I'd forgotten how good your hands make me feel.” What the fuck was she talking about? Had mom forgotten I was standing right there in front of her? And what the hell did she mean by 'having forgotten' on how good her sister's hands made her feel. I was in shock with a stiff cock enjoying the show. I knew enough to stay quiet and let whatever this was play out.

“Do my hands feel good, do you like it when I play with her pussy?” aunt Carol asked her in a seductive whisper. By this time her hand had been lowered to between mom's legs.

“Mm, hmmmm.”

“Just relax and enjoy my touch” she whispered.

“Mm, hmm”

My aunt's goal was not to make her cum, simply to help her relax as she traced her hand all over her body, I stood there watching them interact while groping Carol's ass with one hand and stroking my cock with other. I had no idea what was happening, but I was definitely enjoying it.

Carol started slowly moving her hand up and started playing with my mom's breast that was furthest away from her. She brought it up and started sucking on it. WTF! My hand started stroking faster as I watched the live lesbian porn right there in front of me. I was so fucking turned on. “Come here baby, help me with this.” my aunt said to me as she separated her mouth from my mom's breast and held it up for me. I lowered my head and started sucking on my mom's breast. I was sucking on my mom's breast!

My aunt told me to suck on it gently while she started sucking on mom's other breast. My mom could not stop moaning. Her hand came up behind my head, pulling my head tighter into her breast, telling me how good that felt. “Baby, your mouth feels so good there.” Aunt Carol grabbed my hand and lowered it towards my mother's pussy. I felt her landing strip right before making contact with the same vagina that had given me birth. She grabbed my middle finger and started moving it up and down her wet slit, making sure it made contact with her clit on the upstroke. Suddenly, my mom gasped, taking in a deep long breath and continued breathing heavily. I was sucking my mom's tits when I started finger-fucking her all on my own, without Carol's help. The silly thought that came to me at that moment was that this was not the first time my fingers had been in her pussy.

My mom lifted her head and stared at me with lustful look. “Kiss me baby, kiss mommy.” I brought my head up and brought my lips to hers. We were immediately kissing like lovers getting ready to fuck. Carol had moved to the other side. While we kissed, she grabbed my mom's hand and guided it down to my stiff cock. She grasped my cock and started stroking me, with Carol telling her to slow down. My mom and I were now kissing like lovers with her hand pleasuring my cock and my finger in her ridiculously wet pussy. “Does your son's finger feel good in your cunt, sis? Do you like him fucking you with his finger?”

“Uh huh. Go harder baby.” mom said to me as she too started stroking me harder. I fucked her harder with two fingers up her cunt, enjoying the fact that this was my own mother that I was finger-fucking. My other hand was behind her, pulling her towards me while I had a handful of her ass. I was so turned on with the way everything was playing out.

“Doesn't his cock feel so good in your hand?” asked Carol, “Don't you want your son's big hard cock in your cunt? Do you want your baby to fuck you and cum in you?” my aunt asked in a tantalizing voice as she continued sucking on her breasts. “Do you want your son to suck on your tits while his cock slides in and out of his mommy's cunt?” Damn, she had me going as well. If she kept talking like that, I was going to cum before going in. “Mmm, hmmm.” my mom responded when she opened her legs, wrapping them around me as she started pulling my cock towards her pussy.

When I was up against her, she grabbed me by the base of my cock saying “Fuck me! Make mommy's pussy feel good.” I pushed up as she guided me in, feeling the heat of her cunt envelope my dick. She pulled me in hard with her legs, allowing my dick to completely enter her as she gave out a loud sigh. “Fuck baby, you feel so good. Keep going, please don't stop. Keep fucking me.” She sounded desperate saying that, as if I was about to leave at any minute. My intention was to fuck her as hard as I could and make her cum several times before I came.

It was my mother I was fucking. I immediately started a rhythm of hard fucking, telling her how much I loved her and how much I wanted her to feel my love. I was not under any illusion that I could be in a romantic relationship with her, I simply wanted to express my love for her by sexual means. Most kids hug and kiss their mom, telling her how much they love her. My newfound way of showing my love for mom would be to sexually please her by fucking her and giving her endless orgasms.

“Fuck your mommy's cunt, baby. Show her how much you desire her how much you've been wanting to fuck her since you saw her scrumptious ass on the cruise” my aunt told me as I was focused on ramming my cock hard into my mother's cunt. My mother had her arms wrapped around me with her face buried in my neck as I kept pounding her as hard as I could over and over, drilling my cock deep into the same cunt from where I first came into this world. I did not see anything wrong with the love we were expressing for to each other. Unconventional perhaps, but I wanted to make my mother happy.

My mom started squeezing me hard against her body with both her arms and legs as she started giving out short moans over and over “mmm....mmm....mmm...mmm...I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Don't you dare stop motherfucker, don't you dare stop....mmm...mmm” Technically she was correct on her name calling. It actually got me excited with her acknowledging that it was her son making her cum. When she came down from her orgasm, I slowed down as we went back to kissing each other and her telling me what a wonderful son I was.

Carol spoke up and suggested we take this inside to her room, the guest room. My mom and I detached from each other with the cold water making my dick suffer some shrinkage. We exited the pool and grabbed a towel as we walked into the house completely naked. Naked as the day she gave birth to me. Wrapped in her towel, she went to check up on dad, but there was no need to worry. He was out cold.

I grabbed her by the hand and led her into the guest room with her closing the door as she dropped her towel. I pulled her into my arms and once again started kissing her, pulling her hard against my body with my stiff cock stuck between our naked bodies and her tits pressed against my chest. I was not sure where Carol was at the moment and wasn't exactly worried. My single focus at the moment was mom.

I laid her down on the bed and we went back to kissing before I started my downward path. I started with her neck, moved down to her collarbone before I started on her shoulders. The whole time she kept telling what a good son I was and how good it felt to have her own son make love to her. I cupped her tits and started kissing all around her globes while avoiding her nipples. I wanted her to squirm before I started sucking them. My aim was to make her cum while sucking her nipples. After a few minutes of pleasuring her globes, she started begging me to suck hard on her nipples.

I did not start off slow. I did exactly what she begged for. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked hard on it. I sucked on it for about a minute before I switched over to the other one. I did not want to show favoritism to her nipples – I loved them both the same. She started arching her back, pushing her tummy up as she once again announced that she was cumming. She begged me not to stop sucking on her breasts as her orgasm brought her physical pleasure. Before I continued my southward journey, she commented that even when I was breastfeeding, I always sucked hard on her nipples. Funny how some things never change.

Holding on to her sides as I made my way down, I had her squirming, moaning and her breathing got heavier as I kissed her sexy tight tummy. I knew mom was in shape, but I had never really stopped to really check her out. She was absolutely a MILF that I was about to fuck! Her strong, sweet-smelling scent was my guide to the promise land.

She spread her legs to allow her own son to lick her pussy. Her pussy lips were drenched and when I my tongue first made contact, licking her from the bottom up to top of her slit she let out a loud “ahhhh” that I'm sure the neighbors could hear. My tongue slid so easily with all of her cunt juices leaking out. I actually tasted some of my own cum and it was a big turn on knowing that was my own cum dripping out of my mother's pussy. I put my head down and went to work, making love to her pussy with my mouth and tongue. I would stiffen my tongue and reach in as far as I could. I would bring it up slowly to lick her clit before taking it in with my lips to suck on it.

I was so busy and I did not notice my aunt. On one of my trips back up to mom's clit, I looked up and saw them starting to make out with my aunt fondling her sister's breasts. My aunt was at an angle and my mom's arm came up around her. At first she was caressing my aunt's ass before she brought her hand closer to her cunt and stuck a finger up her cunt. They were making out, my mom had her finger up her sister's cunt, finger-fucking her from behind and I was eating out my mother's delicious pussy. What a sight!

They both started moaning and groaning loudly! Carol's hips started a humping motion, as if she was fucking the bed. My mom also started pushing up her pelvis, trying to shove her pussy hard into my face as I grabbed her ass and helped pull her up as I shoved my stiff tongue into her. They were both yelling out, telling the world they were cumming, over and over. My mom's pelvis started going down and my aunt's hips ended their humping motion as they both let out an “ahhhhhh” as their orgasms ended.

They both lied there for awhile, enjoying their post-orgasmic bliss. My mom spoke up first, telling Carol it had been a long time and she wanted to taste her pussy. All of this was new to me. I am fucking my mom, for the very first time, and I am discovering that apparently she and her sister have some sort of incestual history. I chose to play it cool and go with the flow.

My aunt laid down in the middle of the bed and spread her legs to allow access for her own sister to eat her out. My mom immediately got on the bed and went straight for it. I stood there for about ten seconds as I watched my mom shove her tongue into her sister's cunt. The same smooth, hairless cunt I had been eating and screwing all week. Carol made eye contact with me and asked “Aren't you going to fuck mommy?”. I nodded and went to stand behind my mom who was on her knees with her face buried between her sister's legs and her ass up in the air.

I entered mother's pussy for the second time that night. It was still just as wet, warm and inviting as it was when I first penetrated her in the pool. I grabbed onto her hips and started fucking her. I was fucking her as I looked up and saw my aunt with her eyes closed and her mouth half open as she gave out an “uh, uh, uh” over and over, showing her appreciation for my mother's oral skills. It was my turn and I wanted to cum again in her pussy. I wanted to make her pussy mine, at least for that night. I held on tighter to her hips and started pounding her hard with my nuts hitting her clit every time I pushed forward.

I was standing behind her, using the strength from my legs to fuck her hard, to make sure she felt totally fucked. Suddenly my cum came up and shot straight into her cunt. I was totally in tune with the perverted fact that I was cumming in my own mother's vagina for the second time that night. “Mommy, I'm cumming! Your son is cumming in your pussy!!” I yelled out. Not concerned that anybody could hear me.

She begged me to keep going, that she too was close. I kept pumping into her, even though I was totally exhausted, until I felt her trembling.. I knew she was cumming. I pulled out and crashed onto the bed next to my aunt as we started making out. She soon also announced that she was cumming, telling my mom to suck harder on her clit. Mom did as she was told and Carol started whining and arching her back as she finally came with a loud “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”.

We all laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

A while later, I felt someone take me into their mouth and start sucking me. I woke up and realized it was my mom. I looked down and gave her a warm smile. Our relationship had changed and I was loving it. As Carol slept, my mom started deep throating me, a magical feeling I was experiencing for the second time in my life. I rested my hands on the back on her head as she bobbed her head up and down, giving me the best blowjob ever, slightly better than Carol. My mom's throat did things to me that Carol never did. She started playing with my testicles and when she felt them tightening up, she reached up and pinched hard on my nipples. I exploded down her throat, hard. She kept swallowing, gulp after gulp. When she took the last gulp, she came up, kissed me and told me that she loved me before falling asleep with my arms around her.

In the morning, we all had breakfast together with dad nursing a hang over. After she left, mom and I would need to discuss our new relationship. Would we keep it a secret and tell dad? How soon could we meet up again with my nasty aunt Carol? I was definitely going to miss her while fucking mom.


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