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This 100% True!!!
"steven wake up" jessie pushed at me. i woke up and pushed her over. stupid ass little sister. she started crying and i got out of bed naked and stepped on her and she cried more as one of her ribs broke. i hate five year olds. then i pissed all over her and said that that was her bath becaus piss has amonia in it that makes it sterile. then i yelled at her to go away. "go away" i said.

i walked into the bathroom and saw my mom taking a shower so i ripped the shower curtin open and stuck my rock hard 20 inch dick up her pregnant cunt. she screamed as i raped her. then she started moaning in pleasure becasue i was fullfilling all her wishes and i was the real man in her life that she never had. i shoved my cock up her so hard and so far that i broke through the sack around her fetus baby and the head of my dick went inside its vagina. it was the titest cunt i ever felt. so i plowed my monster cock even further all the way into my little fetus sister and it went into her tight little pussy and up her body and it was comming out of her throat so she started sucking it.

i've never been sucked of by such a young girl before and it was so great and i blew my load right there. and my cum sperted out of the fetus mouth and all over the inside of my moms womb. i pulled out and slapped my mom across the face with my giant shrinking cock as she gasped for air because she loved it so much. my littel sister inside her started eating my cum on the wall of my moms womb. i knew that she would be a born cock sucker.

then she started chewing on the womb walls to get allmy cum that she could and started eating through my moms body.
that made me hot so i walked out of the bathroom so i could go jack off in the kitchen becase sometime i like to take little debbie snacks and smash them around my prick and make out with little debbie as i spank myslef to her sweet little cakes. i walked in and found cattie lighting the candles on her birthday cake because she was just turning 8 years old that day. i never really noticed her but now i thought she was looking like a peice of sex meat. i'm not a pedophile, it just that she was develooping into a woman and i got so turned on by her double d breasts that wer bouncing out her her nighty. i said to blow her candles out, "blow your candles out."

then she went to blow the candles out and the cake exploded because they werent really candles but small sticks of dynomyte and her head exploded spraying blood all over the kitchen. i wiped my hand on the wall and smeared some blood on it and used it as lubrication to jack of to. then i decided to just rape her. so i picked up her dead body and stuffed my dick down her severed asophogus and kepted jamming her body up and down onto my dick. she sure new how to give head. i was about to blow my cum into her when jessie walked in and looked at me. i pulled up catties nightie and pointed her virgin pussy lips to jessie and blew my load in her. my massive cock pumped stream after stream of my baby making glue into my sisters throaght.

my massively powerfull prick shot my cum through catties body and it sprayed out of her tiny little girl pussy and across the room and painted jessies face. jessie looked to me and giggled as i dropped catties body to the ground. my rock hard 20 inch cock was still hard so i walked to jessie and pushed it into her chest. she gasped for air as it broke past her ribs and went into her hart. blood was gushing out of her chest around my rock hard cock. her virgin blood was so hot it was making me hornier. the tip of my dick was lodged inside her hart and it was being pounded on by her heart beating. then i cummed on the spot because it was so intense and jessie cummed too. i pulled out and jessies dead body fell to the ground and she died because my sex was too good for her to handle.

then my little fetus baby sister crawled into the kitchen dragging my mom behind her from the umbilical cord coming out of the hole in her stomack. i cummed once more and my little baby fetus sister sucked me clean and we fell asleep together.

when i woke up i started sucking her little cunt and gave her an orgasm. sucking her little girl cum from her pussy was like the nector of the gods. then god came to me and said that it was his nector. then i puked it back up beacuase that was disgusting. her whole body was like a giant vagina because it was all pink and squooshy so i rubbed it all over my nipples. then she woke up and giggled so i started sucking her nipples and she cummed again and it dripped on my dick so i slammed her down and started fucking her tiny pussy. she was moaning and groaning. just before i came i pulled out and set her down and then using her lubricant that was still on my dick, i jacked off and when i came i used my powerfull sperm to slice the umbilical cord in half. my little fetus sister tied up her loose end and licked my cock clean again sucking all my man milk out.

i said that that was all she was going to eat for ever because it was high in protein. she said "i wuv you" and then we kissed and fell asleep again and lived happily ever after.

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Fellas a female wrote this story. I imagine a very young and naughty little girl made this story up

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20 ins fock off asshole

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100% fucking crazy fu asshole

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dude i love this this is so fucking funny wright more nigga

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