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Brother hears Sister call his name while fucking herself
The most common sentence used towards me has always been, 'Matt you are just not living up to your potential.'

At first, in high school, I purposely tried to confirm those words by getting fifties on tests and handing in assignments late...even though I was capable of nineties...I just didn't see the purpose of doing the extra work for generic marks that don't mean anything once you leave high school.

So instead, I slacked off, focusing instead on football and music. I was a good football player, but not scholarship good and so now at twenty-one, I worked at a music store during the day and delivered pizzas on weekends, all the while writing tunes and working with my band at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, my sister, Kristen, was the brainiac. She worked hard at school, got the nineties I was supposed to get, and got a scholarship to a few schools but decided to go to college in town on a full ride.

Although I loved my sister, we never really bonded as our world views were so completely different.

So at twenty-one and eighteen...we were still both living at home; me trying to save money until my band hit it big and Kristen so she could focus on her studies and not worry about a job. day a domino of fate changed everything.

It had not been a good day.

As I walked towards the basement to throw my shirt in the laundry in hopes of getting the stain out, I froze in my tracks.

I heard moaning coming from the vicinity of the laundry room.

The only one who could be home was my sister, as our parents were at the lake for the weekend.

Unless could she be with a guy?

She didn't have a boyfriend that I knew of.

Curious, I tiptoed to the loud sounds of the moans that were just outside the door.

Was she masturbating?

My goody-goody sister?

As I listened, her moans could only be of her masturbating.

I shouldn't have listened, but I did... my cock growing immediately. I mean, for some reason, although my sister is very cute, girl next door cute, I had never considered her a sexual being. Yet, I had to peek. I had to see what she was doing.

I stared in utter disbelief.

My nerdy sister was completely naked, except for a pair of thigh high stockings (something I had only seen worn by one girl I had been with and she was a MILF) sitting on a working washing machine as she fucked her pussy with what looked like a brush.

Her tits were huge, literally vibrating in an exotic sort of way.

Her eyes were closed as she allowed the pleasure of the washing machine and the brush to course through her.

Her moans were loud as it was obvious she was close to coming.

"Oh God, yes," Kristen moaned, leaning back and frantically fucking herself with the brush.

My cock was rock hard as I watched my nerd sister looking so utterly hot, her body amazing: great big tits with hard nipples and long firm legs. I wondered if her ass was as perfect as the rest of her body.

I grabbed my phone and began filming, wishing I would have thought of it a minute earlier.

"Fuuuuuuck," she screamed, a few seconds later, as an obvious orgasm cascaded through her. I had fucked a quite a few women in my life, but I couldn't recall a woman screaming that loud or looking that completely sexually satisfied... as if she had just reached sexual enlightenment... as my sister at the moment. I focused my camera on her face... turned on completely by not only the sounds coming out of her mouth, but the facial expressions that could only be complete euphoria.

Thinking she was done, I backed away, not wanting to have her catch me watching...

Then things took a shocking turn.

"Oh yes, Matt, fuck me, fuck me hard," she moaned loudly.

My eyes went big.

My cock was about to burst in my too tight jeans. I looked up to make sure she didn't know I was watching... her eyes still closed, as I continued to watch my sister in the beautiful act of self-pleasure.

She just said my name!

"Oh yes, big brother, slam that big hard dick in me," she moaned loudly. As she continued fucking herself furiously.

I couldn't believe my ears, even more than I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Fuck, yes, yes, yes," Kristen screamed a minute later, as her second orgasm hit her.

I filmed for a few more seconds, before quietly backing away and leaving the house before she learned I had caught her.

Once outside, I waited a minute before I came back into the house and slammed the door... loud.

I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water... thinking what I really needed was a long, cold shower.

I had downed a glass and was pouring a second when Kristen came into the kitchen and asked, her face still flushed, "What are you doing home?"

"Shitty day," I shrugged, as I tried to recall her large breasts now hidden behind a baggy sweatshirt. I wondered if she was wearing a bra.

"You home for dinner?" She asked.

"I think so," I nodded, before asking, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she answered, not asking why I asked such a question.

"You look really flushed," I said, enjoying trying to make her uncomfortable and looking forward to seeing how she lied... something that I was usually doing.

"Just doing laundry," she answered. "I guess I'm a bit out of shape, LOL."

I couldn't resist, "Maybe you just need a good work out."

"I probably do," she nodded, going to the fridge. Changing topics, she said, "I'm making homemade pizza, do you want me to make you one too?"

"Sure," I agreed. "I'll be upstairs."

"I'll call you when it's ready," she said, not acting any different: no hint she had just had multiple orgasms and no hint that her fantasies were about me.

I went to my room and watched the video. Although a bit shaky, it was pretty clear, especially when I zoomed it... and the audio was crystal clear.

I jerked off... imagining fucking my baby sister and then created a couple of copies of the video... unsure what I planned to do next.

Then fate intervened a second time.

At least I took it as fate.

And the opportunity of a lifetime.

The entire family was driving to visit Grandma.

That shouldn't have mattered, it was when we stopped at my aunt's house that fate opened the door.

Aunt Josie, mom's sister, wanted us to bring a couple extra boxes, ended up being four, up to Grandma's.

Dad said, "We'd love to, but they just won't fit."

A wicked idea popping into my head, I offered, "It will be a tight fit for us if we share a seat, but it’s only for a couple of hours."

"Really?" Dad asked, surprised.

I glanced at Kristen, who was equally surprised, and nodded, "If Kristen is okay with it. I'll do anything for grandma."

"Me too," Kristen agreed, completely unaware of my plan.

So, we packed everything into the back seats, and I made it so the boxes would block Mom's view from the front passenger side and Dad's view would be equally limited with the mirror being utterly useless.

"You sure you two can sit like that?" Dad asked, "The second hour is all gravel roads and will be quite bumpy."

"I'm sure we will be fine," I said, as I sat down in the confined space... hoping it would be very bumpy indeed.

Kristen, who was in a skirt, looked at me and paused.

I patted the seat. "I don't bite."

She laughed, as she awkwardly moved in and sat on my lap at first, holding her skirt in place so her private parts were protected, then squeezed in beside me.

Dad looked in and said, "Last chance or forever hold your peace." A statement he often used when he was giving us a chance to reconsider or we, as a family, were making a final decision.

"I'll suffer through it," I said.

"I'm the one suffering," Kristen said.

Dad closed the door for us and got in the vehicle.

Mom called out, as the car started moving, "Comfortable?"

I responded, "It's fine."

"Yeah, it's okay," Kristen agreed too.

Kristen moved around a bit, trying to get comfortable.

As she did... my cock hardened... my naughty idea stirring my loins quickly.

The idea was a crazy one.

Fuck my sister in the car.

Making it happen, though, that was a bit more difficult.

After about 45 minutes, she turned her head and spoke, “This is very uncomfortable, can I try sitting on your lap?”

“Sure”, I responded.

She un-wedged herself from me and the boxes, and I scooted over. She then sat on my lap. She had to feel my hard cock.

I would flinch my cock, every minute or so, directly on her ass.

The first time I flinched my cock, Kristen was clearly startled... but acted as casual as she could... as if it was an accident.

The second time she turned to look at me... her cheeks began to redden.

The third time she tried to keep a straight face.

The fourth time, I flicked my cock three straight times... wanting to make it clear that this wasn't an accident.

I could see how uncomfortable this was making her. What I couldn't tell was if it was getting her excited. Her cheeks were red, but that could be out of awkwardness and embarrassment as much as it could be pleasure.

"This is a bit uncomfortable," I said, as I moved my arms from the awkward position I had them and moved them around my sister and placed them on her legs.

Her back stiffened, just as Dad asked, "You two okay back there?"

"Just trying to get comfortable," I answered.

"How about you, honey?" Dad asked.

Her answer would tell me a lot.

She answered, "I'm okay."

A vague answer, but by not making a big deal about my hands on her legs, nor my cock flinching underneath her, nor moving my hands away or lifting her body to one side or another, I was confident my plan was working.

"Let me know if you guys need a stop to stretch your legs or anything," Dad offered.

"Will do," I responded, leaving my hands on her legs casually... deciding to take my time on this seduction... trying to get her hot and wet... so she wouldn't be able to think straight. I was also being very cautious until I was a hundred percent sure she was game before I went for the kill. So far, I could defend each act.

For the next ten minutes, I just allowed my hands to rest on her legs... wishing they were in the same silky nylons that she was wearing the time I caught her. I resisted the temptation to move my hands up her skirt. I also continued to flinch my cock regularly... continuing to tease her relentlessly.

Kristen, after a few minutes of sitting there like a statue, reached down, which made her ass grind on my cock, and pulled up her purse.

I assumed the grind was accidental, but I couldn't know for sure. I wondered if she was thinking what I was.

I knew she had fantasies about me.

I knew she was a horny girl.

I knew I wanted to fuck her.

She was on her phone for a few minutes, but from my position I couldn't tell what she was doing.

Deciding to push this a bit further, I reached for my phone, which was in my shorts pocket. To do so, I lifted my ass up, making my cock grind hard on her ass... as I said, "Just need to grab my phone in my pocket."

"No problem," she replied, even though it came with the slightest of a moan.

She lifted herself up and I pulled the phone out of my pocket.

I said, "You can sit back down."

She did.

I then cursed myself. I should have moved her skirt, so her pussy was directly on my cock. Or I should have quickly fished out my cock.

Patience... I reminded myself.

The plan was to get her nice and horny and then take the risk when we reached the bumpy road.

I resumed flicking my cock every so often, as I also resumed putting my one hand on her leg.

Then I just remained patient... they say it is a virtue after all.

I wanted her to see the apple... get hungry for the apple and then, like Eve, be unable to resist the juicy fruit and decide to take my serpent.

Instead, I watched, on mute of course, Kristen getting herself off on the washing machine.

It was still super-hot and made my cock flinch against my control.

Dad warned, "Here comes the bumpy road. Do you two need a break?"

"No, keep going," I answered, speaking for both of us.

"Okay," Dad responded.

A minute later, I asked, "Kristen, can you lift yourself up for a minute?"

"Uh, sure," she said, lifting her ass up awkwardly.

I quickly unzipped my shorts, fished out my completely hard cock.

I then said, "You can sit back down." As she did, I pushed my hard cock forward, and held her skirt up. When she sat back down, my cock was now touching her panty covered pussy.

She gasped, loudly, "Oh my God."

"You okay, honey?" Mom asked.

"Um, yeah, I, um, just poked myself a little," she said, her face ruby apple red... her cover up also humorous.

"Sorry," I apologized loudly, "I didn't mean to startle you so much."

"Do I need to stop?" Dad asked.

"No," Kristen responded quickly.

"No, keep going," I said. "We are finally in a comfortable position."

"Okay," Dad said, before adding, "You two are real troopers back there."

As I flicked my cock, all that was between me and fucking my sister was a thin piece of fabric.

"Mmmmm," came a muffled moan from her.

Since she hadn't moved away or alerted my parents, I decided to finally reach around and cup her breasts.

I could see her mouth drop open with more shock as I felt her up.

But again, she didn't push my hands away, instead she leaned her body back against mine, giving into the molestation of her big brother.

Her left ear now right beside my mouth, I whispered, "I saw you last week on the washing machine."

"Oh, God," she answered, maybe because of the shock of my words or maybe from the pleasure she was receiving from my hands and my teasing cock.

I continued, "You looked so hot pleasuring yourself." I tugged on her ear, knowing many girls' erroneous zone was the ear and/or neck, before I added, "especially when you screamed 'Oh yes, Matt, fuck me hard.'"

"Oh, God," she again replied, my soon to be going to Harvard sister unable to complete a full sentence.

"Do you often masturbate about me?" I asked, continuing to assault her ear and neck with hot kisses.

"Matt, please," she moaned.

"Please what?" I asked, as I moved my right hand from her breast, and slipped it under her skirt and to her pussy.

"Matt, no," she whispered, ever so quietly to not alert our parents.

"Isn't this your fantasy?" I asked, as I found her clit through the already very wet panties.

"You're my brother," she said, pointing out the obvious.

"That didn't matter in the laundry room," I countered, now tapping on her clit and making her body quiver.

"But, but, that, that, is, oh God, that is, is, fantasy," she finally finished a sentence that took four times as long as it should have.

"Well, let's make fantasy a reality," I said, as I moved my kisses to her neck as I continued to tease her clit.

"Oh, God, Matt," she said, clearly flustered and confused.

"All you have to do is lift yourself up, pull those panties to the side and lower yourself back down on my hard cock," I whispered, putting all the decision making on my sister.

I had offered her the forbidden fruit... now I had to wait to see if she could resist it.

"Fuck," she whispered, her body and mind clearly in conflict with each other.

"Go ahead, baby sis," I whispered, "take the plunge."

"But" she began and stopped.

"But what?" I asked, adding, trying to reassure her, "I haven't stopped thinking about you and your beautiful body and your nasty tongue since I caught you."

"But I'm," she tried again, but stopped.

"It's okay," I soothed. "This is natural."

"I'm a virgin," she revealed.

Now I was torn.

God, I was horny.

God, I wanted to fuck her.

But did I want to be her first?


As I was considering this, she began to slowly grind herself on my cock.

The apple offered was obviously very tempting.

It was my turn to moan.

She grinded on me for a couple of minutes... both of us speechless as we contemplated what we were doing, what we could be doing.

Then we hit a sudden rough patch.

"Ooooooh," Kristen moaned louder... enough to alert our parents.

"You okay?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, but could you warn us when you are going to hit a rough patch?" Kristen requested.

"Sure, honey," Dad nodded, just as Kristen lifted her ass up, tugged her panties aside and looked back at me with clear lustful intent.

She wanted to lose her virginity to me... her brother.

And I suddenly wanted to be the one to be her first

I positioned my completely hard cock straight in the air and aimed it for her perfect pinkness as she began to lower herself on my serpent.

It was like we were living in slow motion.

I felt her wetness touch my mushroom top.

Then she stopped, as if having second thoughts.

The look on her face was complete trepidation.

She was literally an inch from losing her virginity, from willingly committing incest and from having sex in the backseat of a car with her parents’ inches away.

Then... for what seemed like an eternity, but was likely three seconds, she smiled.

A wicked smile as she lowered herself down on my throbbing shaft, straightening her head and looking at Dad.

It was my turn to moan as I felt her warmth envelop my cock.

I leaned sideways so I could see her face.

Her eyes were closed.

Her lips were slightly pursed... as if unsure whether this was going to hurt or feel amazing, she let out the softest of moans. She'd never looked sexier in her life. I'm not sure any girl I had ever seen in my life had looked sexier than she did at that moment.

So sweet.

So innocent.

So vulnerable.

And then she was sitting on my lap.

I whispered, "Just relax and get used to it."

She just nodded, still not opening her eyes... her facial expression though was unreadable. Excitement? Trepidation? Fulfillment? Shock?

Or maybe it was just me... I was feeling all those things.

At the moment we seemed to transcend reality.

There was nothing there but us.

Nothing but my cock resting in her pussy.

Then that brief tranquility was broken when Dad hit the mother of all potholes. My ass lifted up, my cock reached new depths and Kristen screamed, "Oh my God."

Dad slammed on the brakes and said, in a panic, "You okay?"

Kristen snapped, so unlike her, "I told you to warn us if you were going to hit a bump."

"Sorry," Dad said in the tone usually used for when he pissed off mom. "Should I pull over?" Dad asked, going at a snail's pace now.

"No!" Kristen replied resolutely.

"Okay," Dad replied, in the way dad's reply when they know another word could end their life at the hands of an overreacting female.

Mom, being the peacemaker, asked, "Are you guys okay back there?"

"We're fine," Kristen said, as she began, much to my surprise, slowly riding my cock.

I just sat there and enjoyed the pleasure of Kristen slowly riding my cock, as I gently rubbed her back.

"Mmmmm," she let out as she took my entire cock back into her wetness.

I whispered, "Take your time."

She nodded again.

God, I wished I could see her face clearly. I wished I could see her naked body as she rode me.

Wanting to be more a part of this surreal moment, I leaned forward and cupped both her breasts... wishing she wasn't wearing a bra.

As if reading my mind, she stopped riding me, again sitting completely on my lap and moved my hands away... at first I was disappointed, but that was short lived as she lifted up her shirt, unclasped her bra and tossed it to the ground.

I returned my hands, this time under her shirt, to her breasts and traced over her incredible hard nipples.

Her body trembled at my gentle touch, even as she resumed slowly riding me.

God, I wanted to suck those big tits... those hard nipples.

I was brought out of my lustful thoughts, as Dad warned, "Rough patch coming."

"Thanks for the warning," Kristen said, as she lifted her ass up, holding onto Dad's chair, looked back at me and mouthed, "Fuck me, big brother."

I didn't hesitate, as I moved my hands for balance away from those perfect tits and began slowly bucking my ass up.

This time she looked at me throughout, which only enhanced the intensity of the moment. Pushing it past just being sex to something else... something I couldn't explain... couldn't rationalize.

"Faster," she mouthed, just as the car began to vibrate from the roughness... which made me think back to the washing machine.

Although awkward, I tried to oblige. I wanted her first time to be perfect... memorable. I couldn't explain it... I was no virgin... but I felt like this was my first time.

And maybe it was... this was the first time I was fucking someone I loved... and that was the moment I realized...this wasn't just sex... I loved my sister and although I had never considered it until now... I loved her as more than just a sister.

As if thinking something similar, she turned her head to look back at me.

She smiled and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too," I replied, warmth coursing through my entire body at the words other girls had said to me and I lied in return... this time I meant it. This was more than just fucking... this was something else... something organic... something perfect.

"Yes," Kristen moaned, louder than she anticipated.

"What, honey?" Mom asked.

Covering quickly, even as I kept fucking her, she answered, "Just got a text that Sarah finally dumped that loser Dave."

"Oh, okay," Mom said.

For a couple of minutes, I fucked her as best I could in the awkward position I was in.

It felt so amazing, yet I couldn't get into a rhythm.

Kristen then sat down on my lap and began riding me.

I groaned as she began bouncing on my cock, the sounds of our bodies colliding covered by the radio and the loud sounds of gravel underneath the car.

My balls began boiling, and it was clear Kristen was getting close.

And she was riding me as fast as she could as she again grabbed onto Dad's chair.

"You okay, honey?" Dad asked, feeling his chair pulled back.

"Never better," she answered.

"Only about thirty minutes left," he said.

"Okayyyyy," she replied, her orgasm close, another bump on the road able to hide the real intent of her moan.

"Sorry," Dad said.

"Oh, I'm getting used to being bounced around," she quipped, which made me gasp slightly at the wicked double entendre

"I'm sorry," Dad said.

Mom offered, "I could replace you back there, Kristen."

I smirked at the reality of what Mom was unknowingly offering.

Kristen replied, as she slammed down on my cock, looking back at me with a wicked smile, "I'm not sure you could handle the pounding I'm taking back here."

Oh fuck! God, my sister was wickedly hot.

"You sure?" Mom asked. "I don't mind the bumps."

"Keep driving," Kristen repeated, "I'm so close."

"What?" Mom asked, as she moved a box to look back at us.

"She means we're so close, let's just get there," I covered for her, as Kristen stopped just in time to not get caught riding me.

"Oh, okay," Mom said, looking at us with a perplexed look.

Mom moved the box back to hide us and Kristen resumed riding me.

I wondered if Mom knew.

Kristen didn't seem to care.

I no longer cared either as I was close to eruption.

Kristen covered her mouth and I watched her come... and then felt it... as she collapsed on my cock, her juice leaking onto me.

I hadn't come yet.

But I didn't care.

I wanted her to enjoy her first fuck.

Then she surprised me again after a couple of minutes of recovery.

She got off my cock, moved in front of my legs, and took my cock in her hand.

She began stroking me. Then, she leaned her head down and started to suck me. She bobbed furiously, tasting herself on my dick, which only made the surreal session even more so.

I wasn't going to last long, her mouth felt like heaven.

I started to cum. Unfortunately, I couldn't warn her and thus she wasn't ready for the excessive load I shot into her mouth.

She gagged and removed her mouth from my cock to swallow. My second rope hit her dead in the face just as Mom moved the box again and witnessed my third rope splatter her daughter.

Mom didn't say a word... just watched in shock... as one last rope shot out of me and onto my cute sister.

I looked at Mom, who was staring down at her son's dick and her daughters cum coated face with a look that was completely unexplainable.

It wasn't anger as one would expect.

It wasn't even completely shock.

Kristen had no idea Mom was watching as she leaned forward and took my cock back in her mouth.

Mom finally looked up at me.

I didn't know what to do.

So I shrugged.

Dad asked, "Everything okay back there?"

"Never better," I said, still with no idea what Mom was thinking.

Oblivious that Mom was watching, Kristen said, "I'm persevering dad."

Kristen then leaned forward and licked my cock one more time. Then I watched as Kristen scooped the cum off her face and put it into her mouth, smiling at me the entire time.

As my cock started to shrink back to normal, Kristen then began to move back onto my lap, just as Mom moved the box back in position after glancing down at my cock one last time.

My head was spinning.

Both of them.

Mom didn't freak out.

I shook my head at how this surreal, amazing day just got even stranger.

The next twenty minutes, we didn't say a word. Just enjoyed the afterglow of an amazing intimate moment between siblings.

Dad announced, "We're here."

I leaned forward and whispered, "That was amazing."

She nodded, as she leaned back into me and ground her cunt on my cock one last time.

Once stopped, Kristen quickly opened the door and got off of me before Dad could see.

I quickly put my cock away but noticed a pretty large wet stain on my crotch area. That was going to be impossible to hide.

I got out, and Dad said to the two of us, "So you survived."

Kristen, shocking me one more time, replied, "Yes, it was quite the ride."

Feeling my face go red this time, I quickly went around to the other side to grab a box that would hide the evidence.

Mom was out of the car too by the time I reached the other side.

She asked, her tone dripping with innuendo, "Did you enjoy the ride too?"

I had no idea what to say.

Thankfully, Dad was behind me and he asked, "Are you going to grab a box or what?"

I grabbed a box and took it into grandma's house.

Dad said, "Put it on the front step and go grab the last one."

"Sure, Dad," I nodded, making sure to shift my body so he wouldn't somehow see my wet crotch.

I went back to the car and saw Mom was talking to Kristen.


I reached the car to hear Mom say, "And you still have your brother's cum in your hair."

Then Mom used her finger to scoop the dallop on Kristen’s hair, and put in her mouth.

She then turned to me, look down at the wet spot on my shorts, and then looked up at me. As she started walk towards grandma’s house she said, “You taste better than your Dad.”

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This story was so hot and arousing, hope you plan on a part 2


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Where there is a will (and desire) there is a way.


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