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Chapter 2 of Danni and her friends.
Tomboy 2 (mf, fm+, Incest, Exhibitionist)

Story Summary - Danielle really liked playing with the boys, and they liked playing with her.

Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy and is for adult entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 or over to read this story. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real. And remember, it is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can harm innocent lives beyond repair. Don’t fuck with people’s lives!

Danielle Parker pushed her thighs rhythmically up and down, driving the pedals on her bicycle around and around. The wind was blowing her short, boyish hair as she rode down the center of the street in her tree-lined, suburban neighborhood. The dappled late morning sunlight streamed through the leafy vegetation from above, and sparkled on her smiling face. It was a gorgeous day and tonight promised to be even better.

Reaching her destination, she made a quick, practiced turn, bounced up her neighbor’s driveway, willed her bike across the long grass, and jumped off her bike, dumping it in her front yard. She bounded up the stairs of her porch and wrenched opened the door.

“I’m home!” she yelled, slamming the door behind her.

“How was the game?” her mother called out. She looked up nonplused from her from her book to greet her daughter, then frowned. “Oh, Danni! Your pants!” Danni’s once pure-white softball uniform was stained with dirt and grass. Her pants had a noticeable tear just at the base Danni’s firm, young ass.

“I stole second base! Twice!” Danni beamed. “We creamed ‘em! The other team played like a bunch of girls!” She kicked off her dirty shoes.

“But, they are…, never mind,” her mother said. “Congratulations! Sorry I missed the game.” Cheryl Parker reminded herself to get the sewing kit out before laundry day. And the broom too, she thought, after watching clumps of dirt fall off of her daughter’s baseball cleats.

“Oh, it’s alright, mom,” Danni said. “I told you I don’t mind.” She’d rather go to the games alone anyway. She liked riding her bike to the local baseball-field and hang out with her friends. Besides, her mom always wanted to stay and endlessly chat with the other parents.

“I wished they let us girls play hard-ball,” Danni added. It was an adjustment for her to use the bigger ball. She was used to playing with the small, hard ball with her male friends.

“I know,” Cheryl said. It was a regular topic of conversation at the Parker household.

“I’m going to shower and get ready,” Danni said. “Remember, we have another sleepover at the Copeland’s treehouse tonight. Did Noah and Justin already leave?” Danni kicked her cleats into the corner, sending a shower of dirt and grass onto the floor and headed towards the stairs.

“Stop right there, young lady. You’re getting grass all over my living room!” Cheryl softly scolded. “You can just take off your uniform where you stand. You’re covered with grass and dirt!”

Danni, glanced down to her grass covered shoulder and brushed it off with her hand, then the other shoulder. “They mowed the field this morning,” Danni shrugged.

Cheryl sighed. “No, Noah and Justin aren’t here, they went shopping with your father,” she said. “And, no one is leaving until after we’ve had lunch. I can’t send three starving kids to the Copeland’s all night. Oh, and after your shower, you can help me make sandwiches for tonight too.”

“Aw, mom!” Danni whined as she pulled of her socks and then stripped off her uniform. Her mother smiled when Danni uncovered her new sports-bra, then did a double-take when her daughter bent over to slide her pants down. Underneath the thin, white pants, a pair of her new, colorful panties could be seen.

“Uh, Dani?” Cheryl began. “Your new panties are showing through your uniform.” She was about to suggest she wear white underwear the next time, when Danni said replied.

“So what?” She was proud of her sexy panties and liked to show them off. She ran upstairs to wash, ignoring her mother’s protests.

Once inside the bathroom, Danni tuned on the water and then admired herself in the bathroom mirror. Her young, sexy body made her smile, now that she knew the affect it had on her male friends. She pulled off her sport-bra and massaged her budding tits. She still wasn’t used to wearing a bra. Looking at herself, she peered at her breasts and thought her nipples were just a bit puffier and her small, cone-shaped buds looked just a little fuller than before.

Danni stripped off her sweaty panties; rolling them down both legs. She kicked them away with a painted toe and left them balled-up on the floor. She then placed her hands on her hips and looked at her young, tight pussy, pushing her crotch towards the mirror before performing a lewd gyration. Her bald slit still fascinated her and she gave it a quick rub, causing her to moan happily, before jumping into the warm, wet shower.

As she soaped her body, sliding her slippery hands over her pert breasts, round butt, and tight pussy, she started to become aroused. Danni played with her sensitive breasts, massaging them and pinching her fat nipples until they hardened and protruded firmly atop her small, twin mounds. She slid a hand down to her pussy and slid a finger into her zippered slit. Her finger found her wetness, and she turned away from the cascading water to keep her slippery juices from washing away. Danni moaned loudly as she fingered herself, hoping the sounds of shower would muffle her pleasure. Another low, throaty moan escaped her lips as the good feelings began to emanate from her lithe body. With one hand gently rubbing her tight cunt and the other groping a small breast, her thoughts drifted back to last night, and her very special evening spent in the Copland’s tree-house.

She smiled at the memory of both Conner Copeland and his younger brother Calvin latched on to her breasts as she came. She remembered the warm sperm splashing on her face and body as her brother’s cocks twitched and erupted in her hands. She moaned again, rubbing her slippery pussy, recalling her intense orgasm with Caleb Copeland’s warm tongue wriggling in her pussy and massaging her clit.

And, she remembered her words after she recovered, wanting to make Caleb feel as good as she felt. “Can I suck your cock, Caleb?”


Caleb smiled at Dani. “Yes, please,” was all he said. No other words were needed. Caleb had wanted Danni sexually since he first began to notice her long legs, firm ass, and her small, developing breasts. He got up from between her legs, wiping his slick face. When he stood, his naked body shone in the moonlight, and his hard teenage cock jutted out from his groin making an obscene shadow on the wall. He thought his cock was harder than it had ever been before. He took two steps towards Danni until his cock was positioned above her face.

“I want my cock sucked!” said Conner.

“Me too!” said Calvin

“Would you suck mine too, Danni?” her oldest brother Noah asked.

“And mine?” Justin added, he was only a year younger than his brother Noah.

Caleb ignored all of his friend’s cries and snapped at them. “Wait your turn!”

Danni began to feel apprehensive. Her sexual tension was greatly reduced now that she had orgasmed. Was she really going to put Caleb’s, and maybe the other boy’s cocks in her mouth? It was only fair, she knew. Caleb had given her pleasure and she felt obligated to return the favor. Maybe if she was alone with Caleb, she might feel differently. Mentally shaking her head, she put all thoughts of worry behind her. She was with her best friends. They had grown up together and shared everything, so eating pussy and sucking cock would only make them closer. Besides, she had just jack-off her brothers, and she liked it. She enjoyed the power she had over them And, if Caleb could lick her wet pussy, she could certain put a nice, dry cock in her mouth.

Danni looked at her friends. Their eyes were filled with lust and tinged with worry that Danni might not want to suck their dicks after she sucked Caleb. What if she didn’t like it, or got a mouthful of cum, thought it was gross or something?

“Don’t worry guys, I won’t forget about you,” she said sweetly. She looked at all five of the hard cocks surrounding her; Conner and Calvin’s, their smaller cocks turgid and pink. Noah and Justin’s penises were already recovered and jutting out proudly from their now experienced dicks, their foreskins were still wet with their sperm. Then, she looked at Caleb’s penis dancing in front of her. He was pumping his prostate, making his cock throb up and down. Caleb was older and taller than the other boys, and his cock was longer than all the boys. Only her brother Noah’s penis was thicker. She wet her lips and took a deep breath.

Danni saw a large drop of pre-cum oozing from Caleb’s piss-slit. It gathered and pooled on his frenulum and then slowly began to drip. Danni remembered Caleb tasting his pre-cum after she had initially refused - as if it was the most natural thing in the world. So feeling mischievous and naughty, she grabbed his shaft firmly, gave it a squeeze, brought it closer to her face, and caught the clear, fat drop of liquid with her tongue, licking the underside of his penis with one, long, slow lick. She felt Caleb shudder and heard low, guttural moan from above her.

“Oh shit!” Calvin cried. “She licked his cock and ate his stuff!” Even though he thought it was gross, he wanted Danni to do the same thing to him.

Danni turned to Calvin and rolled her tongue around her opened mouth and lips, “Mmmm- mmm,” she hummed, then smacked her lip. She looked at him, frowned, and said, “Grow up a little, Calvin, will ya?” She tasted Caleb’s sweet-salty pre-cum on her tongue and decided it was actually pretty good. No wonder Caleb liked it.

“Yeah, Calvin,” Noah chided. “Grow up! Don’t ruin it for the rest of us!”

“I’m sorry, guys.” Calvin said. “I… I never saw anybody lick a cock before, not in real-life anyway.” He gestured to the computer on the table. “I never saw any of this stuff before tonight.”

“It’s OK, Calvin,” Danni said. She felt so much more mature and experienced than the older boy.

“Watch and learn.” Danni grinned. She squeezed Caleb’s cock once again and another large drip oozed out. She tugged on his shaft and watched even more pre-cum collecting on the tip of his cock, escaping from his pee-hole as she milked it. She stuck out her tongue and leaned forward, to wiggle it in his goo. She inadvertently licked his hole and flicked his tight, sensitive frenulum repeatedly. Caleb sighed happily. Encouraged, Danni licked all around the tip of his cockhead with her probing tongue. This wasn’t too bad. She could get used to this, she thought.

Her brother Justin broke the mesmerized silence and asked, “Are you really going to put it in your mouth, Danni?”

Noah stared at him, wild-eyed in the near darkness, trying to will him to shut up. He knew they couldn’t give Danni any excuse to back out. But, he needn’t have worried.

Determined to once again show the boys she was braver and more daring than they were. She opened her mouth and lowered her head, plunging Caleb’s entire cock-head into her mouth. She ran her tongue around it, tasting behind his glans before tightening her lips and then pulling her mouth off.

This time most of the boys joined Caleb in his moans.

“That has got to feel great!” someone softly whispered.

Danni smiled, basking in their praise.

“Suck it a little, Danni,” Caleb encouraged. “And try to take it deeper, like Tiffany Suckwell.”

Recalling the porn-star from the movie they had just watched, Danni decided to imitate her. The guys Tiffany pleasured sure looked like they enjoyed it. But no way was she going to act like stupid, giggling, slut. Danni took another deep breath and engulfed Caleb’s rock-hard cock once again. She sucked his head gently, tasting more pre-cum. His cock was so hard - like it had a bone inside of it, she thought. But it also gave away as her lips compressed around it; firm yet yielding.

Dannie sucked Caleb twice more and then bent down her head, pushing his cock all the way to the back of her throat. She quickly stopped herself from gagging when his thick cock pressed against the back of her tongue as she tried to shove it down her throat (like Ms. Suckwell had done).

But Danni was not going to let everyone see her choke on Caleb’s cock. She could do this, she thought. She pulled her head back quickly only to hear Caleb grunt as her teeth scraped against him. She paused a moment and tried again, making sure to keep her teeth away from his sensitive cock this time. Gagging only slightly as his cock tickled her throat, she backed off and tried it again, and then again, until she found a depth she was comfortable with.

Sucking a cock is a lot like learning to ride a bike, Danni realized, or anything else, for that matter. It just takes time and practice to get really good at anything. And, Danni always had to be the best at everything. She began to bob her head up and down, drooling and then slurping up both her saliva and Caleb’s salty juices. Danni found her rhythm and bobbed faster, tickling Caleb’s cock with her tongue and lips and stroking him with her hand.

The sounds of Danni’s first, sloppy blow-job drowned out the heavy breathing of all five boys.

“Oh, man!” someone exclaimed.

“Look at her go!”

“Do it Danni!” She recognized her brother Noah’s voice. He was very proud of his little sister.

Danni kept licking and slurping, sucking and stroking. Over and over again. Finally, Caleb grunted and gave a low moan. “I’m getting close Danni,” he hissed. “Really close.”

Danni kept bobbing her head and knew if she didn’t stop, Caleb was going to shoot into her mouth. But, what should she do with his cum? Stop sucking and just stoke him off like she did her brothers? Or let him do it in her mouth?

Caleb’s cock made the decision for her. His cock surged and pulsed. Danni felt his oh-so-warm cum splashing across her tongue. Her eyes grew wide and she froze. Her next decision was to spit or swallow? Again she was too slow. Another pump from the cock in her mouth sent more ejaculate and filled her small mouth.

“Mmmmphhhhfffff!” Danni exclaimed, as her cheeks bulged. Her tongue was swimming in warm, thick, teenage splooge.

“Oh, Danni! Danni! Oh shit, Danni! Danni, my god!” Caleb huffed and puffed as his orgasm threatened to buckle his knees.

Danni tightened her lips and swallowed hard, deciding to allow Caleb use her warm mouth until he finished. He continued to pump until her mouth filled again. Danni swallowed and wondered if he was ever going to finish. A few more spurts and she felt the twitching of his cock slow and then finally stop. She licked his cock-head, sucked it gently, and finally pulled her lips from his spent shaft, before taking in a long, slow, breath. She swallowed again, tasting sperm for the second time tonight. Her mouth was coated in jizz and she did her best to clean her teeth and gums with her tongue. The taste and feel of having cum in her mouth wasn’t necessarily pleasant, but not horrible either. She had put worse tasting thing in her mouth, usually after a double-dog-dare.

Caleb suddenly leaned over and grasped Danni’s hands. He pulled her up from the floor and wrapped his arms around her small, naked body. He hugged her gratitude and his open mouth sought out hers. They kissed passionately. Everyone wondered if he was tasting his own cum as they kissed, but Caleb didn’t care. Danni didn’t either. So what? It was only sperm, right?

When they finished their embrace, Danni looked sheepishly at her friends. Both Noah and Conner were softly stroking their cocks. Justin and Calvin were fondling each other, unable to control their lust. They noticed the others looking at them and dropped their hands.

“OK, Conner,” Danni said, bringing the attention back to herself, and away from Justin and his embarrassed friend. “You’re next.”

Conner shyly positioned himself in front of Danni, who dropped back down on her knees, adjusting her pillow until she was comfortable. Then, she glanced at Conner’s brother, and realized neither boy had cum yet. So she added, “You too, Calvin.”

“Oh boy!” Calvin shouted and stood next to his brother.

Danni looked at the two hard cocks before her. She gave both of them a tug and then licked each one in turn, tasting their pre-cum. She opened her mouth and first sucked Conner’s larger cock, then Calvin’s smaller one. She was able to take them both much deeper than Caleb’s.

With her lips wrapped around Conner’s cock, Danni noticed Caleb walking over to the laptop to start another movie. Danni felt her pussy twitch. First, she had watched porn, now she was doing it! It was so hot! From her position, she was able to look between her two friends and watch the movie, first with one eye, and then with the other, as she turned her head back and forth, sucking one and stroking the other. Stroke one, suck the other, suck one, stroke the other, then again, over and over.

Her brothers watched the movie, then they watched Danni, stealing glances back and forth, not being able to make up their minds where to look. Caleb only had eyes for Danni. She caught his glance and he smiled at her.

As the moans and groans on the screen intensified, both Conner and Calvin began to get restless, leaning on one foot, then the other, and gently pumping their cocks into Danni’s warm, sucking mouth.

Neither boy warned her, but Danni knew they were about to cum. She worked on the younger boy first, sucking him and licking his cock until she felt his cock swell and harden even more.

Danni was quickly rewarded with his hard cock pumping and twitching in her mouth. As she swallowed his first and second spurt, she heard Conner grunting next to him. She felt a splash of sperm on her cheek before she could turned her head. She quickly took the spurting cock in her mouth, only missing his second blast as it roped across her face. Danni felt Calvin’s remaining sperm dribbled down her wrist as she gulped down Conner’s warm, salty load.

Satisfied with a job well-done, Danni wiped the cum from her face, leaving a long, wet smear. Then, she licked her lips, as she felt more fresh sperm dripping into her mouth.

“That was great, Danni!’ both boys gushed. “Thanks!”

“You’re welcome. It was fun for me too.”

“Uh, Danni?” her brother Noah queried.

“Let me guess. You want a blow-job too, right?” Danni asked, knowing the answer.

“Yeah, if you’re not too tired or anything.”

“Can you do me too?” chimed Justin. “I mean if…”

“Sure, Justin,” Danni said, not letting him finish. She had already sucked three of her friends, and she was closer to Noah and Justin than the Copelands. She couldn’t refuse them. “I’ll do you like I did Conner and Calvin, but lie down this time.” Danni patted the sleeping bags on both sides of her. They quickly pulled them closer together with Danni in the middle. She got her knees with her face to the computer. Her wet slit was nearly dripping with need.

Danni gripped both of her brother’s cocks and stroked them gently while she watched the movie. She wanted to learn all she could about sex.

“Hey, I can’t see the screen!” Justin whined.

“Really, Justin?” Danni said. “I can stop right now, if you’d rather watch the movie.”

“No! No! It’s fine. It’s all good!” Justin said.

“I thought so,” Danni said. She looked at the screen to watch another porn actress sucking another cock. Danni watched the actress licking the man’s scrotum and sucking on his balls, and wondered if it felt good to a guy. She leaned over and licked Justin’s ball sack. Danni licked it again and began to tongue it, pushing his little marbles around.

“She’s licking my balls!” Justin said, turning to his brother.

“Does it feel good?” Noah asked.

“Oh yeah,” Justin breathed. “It feels wonderful…, now she’s sucking them!”

Noah waited his turn. Before long, he felt his little sister’s tongue tickling his own balls. He felt her warm breath and her wet tongue coating his ball-sack. He felt the breeze blowing through the windows, making his nuts tighten. “Ahhh,” he sighed, feeling Danni’s warm mouth engulfing his balls and sucking gently.

Danni returned her attention to Noah’s cock and retracted his foreskin as she suckled. She could taste the remnants of his previous cum behind his flared glans. She tongued his foreskin, pushing into the opening and licking around his sensitive cock-head.

“Oh, Danni,” Noah said. “That feels so good!”

Danni thought it might feel good to them and she was pleased she guessed right. She did the same thing to Justin’s cock and heard him humming with pleasure. She stroked Noah’s cock as she worked on Justin’s.

Noah’s cock felt nice and thick in her small hand. She liked the way his foreskin slid over his cock-head, wet with her saliva.

Both Noah and Justin had already cum once, and were in no hurry to cum again. So, they both closed their eyes to enjoy Danni’s warm mouth, wet tongue and slick hands. They could hear a woman ooh-ing and ahh-ing in the move repeatedly, groaning and moaning with exaggerated pleasure.

“Can I play with your pussy, Danni?” Caleb asked. He was standing above and behind Danni and her brothers. His cock was hard once again.

For an answer, Danni spread her knees and arched her back, presenting her hungry little pussy.

As she sucked and stroked her brothers, she felt Caleb behind her and soon felt a hand on her ass. She saw a flickering light brightly flashing between her and her sibling’s bodies. Caleb was using a flashlight to inspect her pussy up-close.

Caleb shone the light at Danni’s wet slit and then played the light across her butt, until it stopped at her wrinkled, pink, sphincter. He wondered if Danni would let them all fuck her ass after they finished fucking her pussy. He had no doubt he would soon be fucking Danni’s tight cunt, and was going to make sure he was the first. He had jerked off so many times fantasizing about taking Danni’s virginity and feeling her tremble, moan, and orgasm underneath his thrusting, spurting, cock.

Danni felt Caleb’s fingers spreading her pussy-lips with his fingers and wiggled her ass in response. She was so very, very, horny. She was almost ready to push back against his probing fingers.

Caleb stared at the pink wetness illuminated from the bright light. He was imagining how good her pussy would feel when he was finally inside of her. He slid a finger into her crack, spreading her lips and sliding it back and forth between her lips. It came away wet and slick. He put his finger into his mouth, sucking it gently and tasting Danni’s sweet essence again.

Emboldened, Caleb replaced his finger in Danni’s zippered pussy and felt for the wet hole he knew was hidden inside. He found it easily, right at the top of her cunt and his finger-tip slipped in. Then, he pushed the rest of his finger slowly inside of her.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” Danni moaned, arching her back. It felt so good to have something filling her hole. She enjoyed the feelings for moment before returning her attention to Noah’s cock, working him for a bit, before turning to Justin’s. The wet foreskins covering their cocks slid so easily up and down, underneath her fingers. As she sucked Justin, she tightened her grip on Noah’s shaft and felt his flared head slip through the tight ring she made with her fingers and thumb.

As Caleb’s finger penetrated her even further, she gripped Noah and Justin’s cocks even tighter. She lapped at their balls and sucked them with more force. She was mad with desire. She could still smell the sperm on her lips and now she could smell her own, hot, sex, wafting around and filling the small room with her sensual odor.

Caleb began to push and pull his finger out of Danni’s slick twat. Then, he began to go faster. Danni matched his speed with her hands and mouth, sucking and stoking her brothers as she humped back against the thick finger impaling her pussy. She grunted as she worked both cocks. Sweat was forming on her brow. Her mouth was getting tired.

Danni arched her back and jacked both cocks faster and faster, trying to make them cum. Her arms grew tired as her wet hand slapped against their balls with each stroke.

Her pussy started to tingle and her thighs began to tremble. Before she came, she wanted to get both of her brother’s off. She knew that watching them cum would make her orgasm even better. She sucked on Noah’s hard cock, twirling her tongue around his cock-head before doing the same to Justin.

Caleb pushed a second finger into Danni’s pussy, spreading her vaginal walls and stretching her cunt. Danni clamped her pussy on the invading digits, massaging them as they went in and out. She felt herself starting to cum. She sucked Justin’s cock-head as she stroked Noah’s. She felt it pulse in her mouth and felt the cum surging up his shaft. It spurted into her mouth.

Caleb plunged both of his fingers into Danni, fucking her from behind. He used his thumb to massage and gently squeeze the clitoris he knew was somewhere hidden inside. He found her little swollen nub by accident and he heard Danni groan out loud, so he attacked it, rolling it around and around inside of her folds.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh!” Danni cried, forced to take her mouth off of her brother’s cock. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Danni yelled. Justin’s cock continued to ejaculate. His sperm shot up and over in an arch, landing on Danni’s head. Surprised, Danni lifted her face to watch, only to get another thick shot splash above her eye.

“GnnnhhhhhhHHHH!” Danni grunted as her orgasm nearly knocked her over. The tingles and waves emanated from her pussy and traveled down her thighs. The electricity arced inside of her, and made her stomach convulse.

Danni heard Noah give out one long scream as the cum surged up from his balls. Danni looked just in time to see Noah’s cum shooting into the air before plopping down to his belly and balls. Danni wanted to take it into her mouth, but was nearly incapacitated from Caleb’s manipulations.

“Oooh! Oooh!” she panted as she came. “Oooooohhhhhhhh-aaaaaahhhhh!” She saw stars swimming around inside her tightly closed eyes. Danni shook once, then twice, and wiggled her knees in involuntary movements. Her body was wracked with orgasms until they finally washed away and receded. With a heavy breath, Danni pulled away from Caleb’s fingers and fell over. She curled up into a ball, squeezing her pussy with her thighs to keep it from spasming any further. She closed her eyes, only to open them again when she felt a warm splash upon her shoulder. She looked up to see Conner and Calvin stroking their cocks and spurting their seed upon her naked body, as if offering a tribute to their newfound goddess.

Caleb couldn’t wait any longer. Watching Danni, her brothers and his own brothers cumming in and on Danni, drove him mad with desire. He got up and then stood over Danni’s. He stroked his cock furiously, using Danni’s own juices as lubricant. He was going to offer his own tribute and splatter her pretty face with his thick jizm.

Wide eyed, Danni watched him stroking, fascinated at watching another boy jerking off. His hand slapped his balls with each stroke. He arched his back and pushed out his crotch, holding it over Danni’s head. With a guttural moan, he came. Danni watched his hot, white cum blasting out of his cock and falling onto her naked body, coating her breasts and stomach with his cum.

Caleb lowered himself until he was aiming his cock directly at Danni’s face. He sent more ropes of cum into her hair, onto her forehead, and onto her upturned face. Caleb fell to his knees and pushed his still spurting cock against Danni’s lips. Her lips were coated with another blast before she could open her mouth. She looked up at Caleb and accepted his offering, taking his cock-head inside her mouth as it continued to pulse. She tongued his piss-slit as more sperm pumped out. Then, she licked his oozing cock a few times before sucking it clean.

Heaving breathing, body heat, and the warm emanations from the now sexually satisfied, lustful teens warmed the room. They were grateful for the sudden breeze blowing the curtains aside and cooling their sweaty bodies until they felt the chill of the night air on their damp, naked, bodies.

If their parents had ventured outside to check on them mere moment ago, they would have heard their sexual grunts, groans and screams well before they arrived at the treehouse, but it was mostly quiet now.

The crickets, once startled by the loud noises, began chirping again, joining the impromptu orgy with their own mating calls.

Danni felt the sperm cooling on her naked body and tasted the strong flavor of cum in her mouth. She was exhausted and wanted to crawl into her sleeping bag to get nice and warm, and drift off to sleep. She looked forward to her dreams tonight and would sleep with a smile upon her face.

But first, too tired to move, she called out softly; “Can someone get me a towel? And something to drink?”


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