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This is the eighth chapter of this story from my late teens, where my girlfriend’s little sister made it through puberty only to lose her innocence due to my uncontrollable lust for her. In this chapter, Cindy wants a Do-Over to lose her virginity, but needs her friend Stacy’s help

————————— Part 8: Practicing w/Stacy—————————

I tried to bury myself in school and work in the weeks after the "pool party" at Stacy's house. I was working evenings during the week, and Saturdays too. But I found it hard to concentrate on anything since my mind was either filled with visions of those two young girls, naked and spread open for me, or worrying about the possibility of Stacy being pregnant. Studying for my classes was nearly impossible, and the only way I could sleep was after a marathon session of masturbating. I even woke sometimes in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on, and would have to jerk myself off to sleep again.

Almost three weeks passed before Cindy called me down at the office. "Hi Jeff! I'm sorry I haven't called. There's always someone home... no privacy here at all. They're finally all gone tonight.”

I was overjoyed that she called, "God, Cindy, it's so nice to hear your voice. I've been going a little mad the past couple of weeks."

There was a short pause before Cindy responded, "Oh, about Stacy? She told me she started her period yesterday. I the think I was more relieved than she was. She really believed that vinegar & water thing fixed everything."

"It may have... that was quick thinking on your part. You have no idea what a relief it is that Stacy isn't pregnant."

Another pause, "Is that the only thing that has been on your mind?"

I laughed, “No… YOU have been on my mind. In fact, I haven't been able to think about anything else."

"You haven't been thinking about Stacy?"

I hesitated... "Well, of course I have been thinking about Stacy as well... I am a guy, and that was amazing... the whole night was unbelieveable... but the image I think about at night is watching you climax while on top of her. I think I have abused myself just about to death thinking about that."

Cindy laughed, "Don't do that! We have plans... I mean... I have plans for you.”

....... we have plans

"Have you and Stacy done anything together since that night? I have to say... that was really hot."

Cindy laughed again, although a little nervously, "No, but we have talked about it a lot. I mean... we have talked about things that happened with you, but not about what happened between Stace and me."

"I'm sorry I was so rough with you. I can go a little crazy sometimes...especially when alcohol is involved."

"Stop apologizing! I loved every moment of that night... well, except that I couldn't..."

She suddenly gasped, "I gotta go. Someone's home."

"Call me back as soon as you can. I work Saturdays too and..."

She hung up before I could finish.


———————-—— Cindy & Stacy's Plans —————————

Late that Saturday afternoon the phone rang at the office again. "Jeff? I'm over at Stacy's. Her parents are over at a friends for dinner so we have a little time."

Stacy yelled in the background, "Hi Jeff!"

"Cindy! Thank you for calling! I've been thinking about you."

"You have? Whatcha been thinking? You been thinkin about our party?"

I could hear Stacy laughing, "Woo-Hoo! Party! Let's have another one!"

This made me smile, and immediately stirred my dick awake, "Yes... of course I've been thinking about our party. And of you two lovely girls. I can't get you off of my mind."

"That's sweet of you to say", Cindy replied, "We have been thinking about you as well..." 

Stacy interrupted, "And that big dick! Tell him I couldn't fucking walk the next day!"

Cindy shushed her friend, "Hush! Stop being such a little tramp!"

"Have you two been drinking this afternoon?" I asked, based on what I was hearing in the background from Stacy.

"Maybe a little. Stacy is making us something with orange juice."

I was concerned about them drinking at such a young age, and if Stacy’s parents would notice the missing alcohol, then I remembered how much booze was in the huge bar. There's no way they could be counting it.

"Please be careful. You don't want Stacy's parents to come home and find you two drunk."

"Her parents won't be home for a few hours. We'll be careful.”

"Tell him to come over! He can take care of us!" Stacy yelled in the background.

I laughed hearing this, "It sounds like you might need someone to take care of you!"

"Tell him about next weekend!", Stacy said, coming closer to the phone.

“Oh! Stacy’s parents are gone next weekend and I’m staying over Saturday night. Maybe you could come over?”

“That sounds great! How could I turn down an invitation from you?”

I heard a car pull into the lot. It was Ken. He often came in on Saturdays to catch up.

“I have to go. Call me on Saturday and let me know what I can bring.”

Stacy must have overheard me, as I could hear her comment, “I know what he can bring”, followed by more laughter.

“Okay- talk to you then!” Cindy replied.

I talked briefly to Ken when he came upstairs. I don’t even know what he said; my mind was filled with thoughts of what might happen at Stacy’s. It was a week away, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to think straight between now and then.

I was concerned by the wild side of Cindy I had been seeing recently when she was with her friend Stacy. I loved this innocent little girl, and although I was taking advantage of her at every opportunity, I didn’t like seeing her acting like a wild college girl. I knew I was greatly contributing to her loss of innocence, and yet all I could think of was fucking her... fucking Stacy... Fucking Hypocrite.


———————-—— Saturday at last ———————-———

It was pretty quiet at the office that Saturday. I was alone, and although the phone rang a few times in the morning, it wasn’t until early afternoon that I heard Cindy’s voice when I picked up.

“You always sound so professional when you answer the phone at work. Whatcha doin?”

“Cindy! It’s so nice to hear your voice. I am bored to death.”

“Why don’t you come up to Stacy’s? We might be able to fix that boredom thing you got goin on”, she replied. I could hear Stacy laughing in the background.

“I’d love to. I still have some stuff I need to finish, but I’ll head over as soon as I’m done. Anything I need to bring?”

Cindy pulled the phone from her head and said to Stacy “He asked if there was anything he could bring over.” Stacy started laughing, then Cindy put her handover the phone so I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

She returned to the phone, “Just bring yourself. We have a pitcher of margaritas already. Stacy and I will just be laying here, in our new bikinis, by the pool, with nothing to do.”

I could hear Stacy in the background, “Tell him we want to model our new bikinis for him!”

Cindy laughed and added, “Just come up when you’re done with work.”

“Okay. It might be a couple of hours, but I’ll try to hurry... I can’t wait to see you.”

A few minutes after I hung up the phone rang again, but this time it was Ken telling me the project I was working on had to be put on hold. He couldn’t have timed it better. I was out of the door in minutes.

My heart was beating hard as I drove towards Stacy’s. My dick was getting hard too, in anticipation of just seeing these two in their bikinis, let alone thinking about what might happen. I thought about stopping home to grab some swim trunks, then thought it would be better to ‘forget’ them. I had picked up a pack of Trojan condoms, after throwing away the cheap rubbers I bought at the 7-11 that broke last time. 


——————————— Listening In ————————————

I pulled in their drive and parked on the side. I realized they weren’t expecting me to be here so early, so I quietly let myself in through the side gate and went around to the back by the pool. I could hear them talking, and stopped short when I heard both of them shrieking.

“OH MY GOD! They are SO HOT!!”

Stacy squealed, “Jordan! He’s such a dream… what I would do with that boy…”

I finally realized they were talking about the new ‘boy band’, New Kids On The Block, playing on the radio. I didn’t like the bubblegum music, but young girls went crazy over them.

“Ha! I’m sure you would do whatever he wanted! If you only got the chance to let him!”

“I WOULD! I would deep-throat that dick like I did with Jeff. He wouldn’t expect THAT from this innocent little girl!”

“What? Stace! I thought that hurt you! You were almost crying!”

“No… It didn’t hurt… not really. I just never did that before and I was scared! It was actually pretty hot… ya know… that was really naughty! …and Jeff said it was the best blowjob he ever had!”

“Oh my God, Stace… you made me think I really hurt you!”

“No… I was just scared. I’m not scared anymore. Maybe Jeff would like another one tonight?”

…....this immediately triggered my dick

“What the hell, Stace! Jeff’s MY guy! I’m open to sharing, but you’ve been able to do stuff with him I can’t! He popped your cherry!”

“God! I hate that saying…”

“Well- it’s true, whatever ya wanna call it. He was supposed to make love with me… I’m so mad at my body. Tiny little tits, and a kitty so small I don’t think I’ll ever…” Cindy’s voice trailed off, and there was a bit of silence.

“I wanted to talk to our doctor about it, but I can’t think of a reason to tell him why I... ya know... why I want to be larger… especially at my age. And what if he told my parents? Oh my God.”

“Have you tried to... um... kinda... stretch it out? I mean... don’t you use your fingers down there?”

Cindy laughed, and sounded a little embarrassed when she finally answered, “well, yeah... but I only rub the top.”

Stacy didn’t sound embarrassed at all. “You never go inside? That’s like the best part! I’m pretty sure that’s actually how I ‘popped my cherry’, as you call it.”

“What- really? With your fingers?”

Stacy laughed, “Well, with actually with my hairbrush”

Cindy gasped and blurted back at her, “A HAIRBRUSH?!?! What the Hell?”

“No... not THAT part... the handle. Oh My God, Cin...”

“Oh... I guess that makes more sense.” Cindy giggled at her comment.

“I’m gonna grab more margaritas. Be right back.” I heard Stacy walk across the patio to the family room. I thought of walking in, but I wanted to hear more of their conversation. Also, the thought of Stacy masturbating with a hairbrush gave a major hard-on that would be hard to hide.

A few minutes later she walked back out. I could hear things being set down on the patio table, and glasses being refilled.

“Carrots? I thought you were getting chips.”

“Did you want chips? I can get chips if you’re hungry. The carrots aren’t for us to eat.”

There was a moment of silence, then Stacy started laughing. “The carrots are for practice!”

“Practice? What do you... STACE! Are you... oh my gosh...”

“I’m just here to help my bestie! Do you have a better idea?”

...... is she suggesting what I think?

There was a bit of silence, then I heard Cindy giggle. “Oh My God, Stace...these are all peeled... and...” her voice trailed off.

I knelt down and crept forward as quietly as possible to get a look. I was able to get below a shrub at the corner and see them.

“You’ve been PLANNING THIS! Stace… you little... oh my god... “

“What are friends for?” Stacy laughed and took a gulp of her drink. Then she handed Cindy her drink, “Here, I think you need a refresh.”

Cindy was shaking her head, but smiling. She grabbed the glass from Stacy and took a few big gulps from her margarita. They were both wearing tiny string bikinis, and were all oiled-up for the sun. Stacy was sitting on the near chaise with her back to me, and Cindy was sitting on the far chaise near the pool. She leaned forward and looked closer at the tray.

"Oh My God... these are all peeled, and all different sizes... Stace, you are definitely NOT a good influence." Stacy laughed again.

Cindy pushed the carrots around on the tray, "None of these are as big as Jeff... well, maybe that one... at the big end, maybe. Didn't that hurt? I mean... you said you played with your hairbrush, but..."

Stacy grabbed one of the carrots and held it up. It looked like a pretty large one. "Well, yeah... it did hurt a little at the beginning. But it felt good at the same time. The longer he worked that big thing into me, the better it felt. And after he really started pumping, and you were.. you were touching me and I was... you know... FUCK! was fucking crazy! I have never felt like THAT before.” Stacy laughed again, "I think about it all the time... my hairbrush is all about worn-out now!"

Cindy laughed and shoved her friend, "Gawd! You are such a perv!"

I watched Stacy put down the large carrot and pick up a smaller one, about the size of her finger. She reached out with one hand to Cindy's knee, "Open your legs..."

"Jeeze Stace! Now? Right here? And that thing is all dry... it'll probably turn my kitty all orange!" Cindy was trying to look shocked, but she was laughing when she said it.

"No.. it's not gonna turn you orange. Here... watch." Stacy stood up, her back towards me, and pulled her little bikini bottoms down below her knees.

…….Jesus, she has a nice ass

Cindy stopped laughing and stared at Stacy's crotch. Stacy squatted down a little and spread her knees apart. I could see her one hand reach between her legs and spread her lips apart. She took the other hand and guided the small carrot up between her legs. Cindy just stared, mouth gaping open. I did the same, my dick hardening in my pants.

Stacy pulled the carrot out, "See? Nothing turned orange.. and it's not dry anymore", then she motioned for Cindy to move her legs apart. Cindy's knees fell open a little. She was still staring at Stacy's crotch.

...... I flashed back to our game of Truth Or Dare

Stacy pushed Cindy's knees further apart and reached down between her legs. Cindy just stared with her mouth open. From where I was I couldn't quite see, but I assumed Stacy was pulling her bikini to the side. Her other hand, the one with the carrot, disappeared between Cindy's legs. Stacy dropped her head closer to Cindy's crotch, and I heard Cindy gasp.

Stacy looked back up at Cindy, "There! Does that hurt?"

"Jesus, Stace... no... not yet. But it's still a little dry... be gentle."

Stacy pulled the carrot out and put it in her mouth, spit on it, and moved it back between Cindy's legs. She then moved her head down between Cindy's legs. I couldn't tell if she was just spitting on Cindy's pussy to add more lube, or was actually licking her, but Cindy looked like she was enjoying it. Stacy pulled her head back, and it looked like she was rubbing Cindy's pussy with her free hand. Cindy closed her eyes and laid back in the chaise.

"Is that okay? Any pain yet?"

"No... not... that feels good... I can't believe... you are…”

"Okay. Let's try the next one." Stacy pulled out the small carrot and grabbed a different one from the tray. She leaned back, spread her knees apart and guided the carrot down into her own pussy. Cindy raised her head and was closely watching her friend. Stacy pulled the carrot from her crotch and leaned forward again between Cindy's legs. This time Cindy willingly spread her knees further apart.

"How are you doin? Am I hurting you?"

"Doing okay... you are definitely NOT hurting me..." Cindy said then laid her head back again.

I was rock hard watching this and started rubbing my dick through my pants before I realized it. I looked down and there was already a large wet spot at the head. I was also getting really overheated in the heat in my long pants and shirt I wore to work. My momentary distraction was pulled back quickly when I heard Cindy; "I want to see you do that... with one of the larger ones."

Stacy pulled back from between Cindy's legs and grabbed one of the carrots from the tray and stood up. She handed the carrot to Cindy and shuffled over closer to her. Her bikini bottoms had dropped to her ankles and her little bubble butt was in clear view. She squatted a little and I could see she was spreading her pussy with both hands right in front of Cindy's face, "You do it"

Cindy looked shocked, but slowly held the carrot up closer to Stacy. "Go ahead... that's about the size of my hairbrush… I mean the HANDLE of my hairbrush!”

Cindy leaned forward and worked it into Stacy's spread pussy. "Yeah...that feels good. Start pushing it in and out..." Cindy looked up at her friend, then back at her crotch. I could see her arm moving back and forth and Stacy squatting down on it.

I couldn't handle it anymore... I had to get closer. I scooted back from the corner and stood up. I pulled off my shirt and tied it around my waist to hide my hard-on and the wet spot in my pants. Tip-toeing back to the gate, I opened and closed the gate rather loudly, and yelled, "Hello! Anybody home?"

I heard a shriek, and some scuffling sounds as I walked closer to the backyard. As I came around the corner Stacy was just pulling up her bikini bottoms. Cindy looked scared and surprised as hell as she faked a "Hi Jeff!"

"I didn't think you were going to be here for another hour or so!" Stacy stammered, and nervously reached for her drink.

"I finished a little early. I hope it was okay to come over."

"Of course! We were waiting for you!" Cindy said, trying to be calm. I could see she was breathing heavily and her chest was heaving from her excited state.

"Sorry for the way I'm dressed. It's hot as hell, and I didn't get a chance to change. A pitcher of margaritas? Can I grab a glass?"

Stacy pointed to the house, "Sure, the glasses are on the shelf in the bar."

I walked to the house and could hear them whispering and laughing when I went inside. I grabbed a glass and walked back outside. They were still whispering and both burst out laughing over something Cindy said.

I walked over and poured myself a margarita from the pitcher, and pulled a patio chair close to them and sat down. Taking a sip, I looked over at the platter of carrots, and reached out and picked up a smaller one that was obviously one that Stacy had been using on Cindy... it was shiny and wet. They both shot glances at each other and Stacy covered her mouth with her hands and gasped.

I raised the carrot to my mouth and took a bite. I ran the carrot under my nose and inhaled. "These are great! What's that glaze on them?", then I sucked the 'glaze' off the rest of the carrot. Cindy had been taking a sip from her drink, and spit it all over when I did this.

I feigned ignorance, "What? What did I do? What are you two up to..."

Stacy spit out, "Nothing! It's just that... that glaze is... I found it in my sister's bedroom. I think it might be hash oil?"

"Well it tastes really good. Do you mind?", and I picked up another 'wet' carrot. They giggled and looked at each other. Cindy was laughing, "Help yourself!"

I sucked off the glaze from the second carrot and ate it, then reached out for the one large one that had Cindy had been fucking Stacy with. The larger carrot was very wet on one end with a thicker ‘glaze’ that dripped down when I picked it up. I raised it up and hung it over my head so it dripped into my mouth, then licked it off.

Stacy's eyes went wide and she covered her mouth again and gasped, "Oh my god... I mean.. does it taste nasty?"

"Not at all. I really like it. Do you have anymore?"

They looked at each other and laughed again. Cindy said, "Maybe...",which made them laugh even harder.

"By the way you two are acting, I think that must be hash oil. How much have you had?"

Stacy popped off, "Not a lot... but the night is still young!" Cindy laughed at the comment and shoved her friend.

Stacy took a gulp from her drink and asked me, "Did you bring swim trunks?"

I shook my head, "No.. I came straight from work. Are my boxers okay? I mean they can't be any more revealing than those suits you two have on."

"You don't like our new bikinis?", Stacy said with a huff. “We took the bus out to the mall early this morning to buy these just for you.”

"On the contrary... you two look absolutely... I can't keep my eyes off of you. In fact, I really need to cool down." I stood up and pulled off my shoes. I turned away from them and untied my shirt, and dropped my pants, holding onto my boxers. My dick was about half-mast, but I don't think they could tell from behind me. I dove into the pool and swam around long enough for my erection to fade and crawled back up out of the pool.

Both girls stared at my boxers as I rose up out of the water. I no longer had an erection, but my dick was hanging large down my leg, and the wet material was thin enough to see everything clearly as my boxers clung to me. I walked over and grabbed a towel to dry off, then sat by them and sipped my drink.

Stacy lay back on her chaise and stretched out to show off her body, barely covered by her string bikini. Cindy was reclining beside her in an even tinier bikini. Looking at these two young girls, their bodies barely covered, all oiled up… and after listening to what they were saying; Stacy wanting to deepthroat me and Cindy wanting to fuck me; I couldn’t help it when my dick started to get hard.  


————————— Poolside —————————

I tried to think of different things to calm my growing erection, but their petite bodies were right there, glistening in the sun.

Cindy finally broke my concentration, "I'm glad you got off work early. How long can you stay?"

"You have me as long as you want. I can't think of a better place to be than right here."

Stacy interrupted, "As long as we want? I think you're pretty long enough!", and laughed.

"Stop it Stace! Do you always have to be so... ugh!"

"That's okay... I'm a big boy... I can handle a little teasing."

Stacy started to respond, but glanced at Cindy and decided to let it go. She grabbed her sunglasses from the table and put them on. I could no longer tell what she was looking at through the dark lenses.

"Have you had any lunch? I could make you a sandwich if you'd like." Cindy was always so considerate.

"Thank you. Maybe in a bit... I shouldn't drink too much on an empty stomach. Those carrots were really good... do you mind?" Cindy just raised one eyebrow and smiled, then gestured for me to help myself.

My chair was on the pool side of Cindy, Stacy was lying down on the far chaise, the table holding the pitcher of margaritas and the platter of carrots in-between. I had to stand and bend over Cindy to reach the table, and when I did my dick nearly poked out the leg of my wet boxers. Stacy was looking my way, but her sunglasses blocked me from seeing if she noticed. Cindy must have, though, as she ran her hand up the back of my leg as I grabbed a couple of carrots. "I'm glad you forgot your swim trunks. I like those on you." She was staring right at my dick.

I sat back down and nibbled on one of the carrots. "These are really good, but they just don't taste the same without that glaze." They both giggled. After a bit of small talk, they both laid back to soak up the sun (and show off their nearly-naked bodies).

Stacy grabbed the baby oil and squirted some on her tummy. She ran her hands through it and started rubbing it on her arms, then her shoulders. She turned her head my way and I swear she was staring at the lump in my boxers as she worked her hand down from her shoulders to above her bikini top. I glanced over and Cindy was sunning with her eyes closed. I returned my gaze towards Stacy, and stared directly at her tits as she rubbed the oil closer to her top. She returned her hands to her tummy and rubbed the oil downwards to her panty line, then back up to her chest. She pulled the strings down off her shoulders to the sides, and folded the top of her bikini down until I could almost see the edges of her large areolas, and rubbed oil all over the upper parts of her little round breasts. The whole time she was staring my way; either at my eyes fixated on her partially exposed titties, or at the bulge down the leg of my wet boxers.

I flexed my cock and it jumped under the material. Stacy let out a small gasp and she stopped rubbing the oil for a moment. Cindy opened her eyes and glanced over at Stacy, and Stacy continued to apply the oil, then pulled her top back in place. Cindy looked over at me, but I had pulled the towel over my legs as though I was trying to dry myself off, and it covered the lump in my boxers.

After a moment, Stacy suddenly stood up, grabbed the empty pitcher and the tray of carrots, and walked towards the house, "It's refill time!"

I immediately felt guilty for flirting with Stacy right under the nose of Cindy. I couldn't help it, the way she was showing off the tops of her breasts, especially after what had happened before. I wondered if Stacy had the same feelings. My partial erection faded quickly.

"Would you like me to rub some baby oil on you?"

"I would absolutely love that," Cindy replied, and flashed a wide smile.

She was so beautiful. Her long platinum blonde hair was tied behind her head...she somehow looked more exotic like this, especially laying there in such a skimpy bikini. I wondered where the girls got these R-rated bikinis at the mall. Neither could wear them at a public pool, and Cindy’s was so tiny that an average girl would have to shave to avoid their pubic hair from showing. Cindy had no such problem though… her sparse bush was completely covered by the small triangle of fabric.

I poured some oil on Cindy’s tummy, and rubbed it all over her tight stomach and down to her bikini line. The thin straps from her bikini bottoms ran across her hipbones, suspending the fabric across her tummy, so I could see a bit under to the top of her little mound. The white material was so thin I could see the lines of her lips, forming a perfect little cameltoe. I ran my hands up her tummy and over her rib cage, up to her bikini top. Working my hands around her thin top, I could clearly see the color and shape of her budding nipples pushing up the fabric.

I continued rubbing oil over her arms, her thighs, her feet… it turned into a very sexual body massage. I was really getting into massaging her petite body when Stacy returned. She brought a full pitcher of margaritas and a refreshed platter of carrots.  I was massaging Cindy’s feet and legs when Stacy set down the platter and refilled our glasses. “That looks like fun! I hope I can join in.”

“You’ll have to wait your turn,” Cindy replied, and turned over on the chaise so I could rub her back. As she turned she noticed the platter of carrots, and stopped short. She leaned closer to the table and gasped, “Oh my god, Stace…”

Stacy just smiled back at her and poured herself another margarita from the pitcher.

I looked closer at the platter. More carrots were added, and they all were wet with ‘glaze’.

I reached over Cindy to grab a carrot, “You found more hash oil?”

“You said you liked it, so I searched around and found some in her closet.” Cindy mumbled, “oh my god…” again under her breath, and stared at Stacy, then shook her head slightly and laid face-down on the chaise.

I raised a carrot up to my nose and inhaled.

…... that is definitely Stacy

I stared at Stacy as I sucked the carrot clean. Her lips parted slightly and she inhaled deeply as she watched me. I couldn’t tell if she realized I knew. I looked down at her crotch to see if there was any sign of wetness, but her legs covered it. I squeezed out some oil onto Cindy’s back and started rubbing it in, working it over her shoulders and down to the crack of her little bubble butt, which was partially showing above her micro bottoms. I slid a finger under her suit a little ways down between her cheeks. Cindy just giggled.

Stacy was watching the whole time, closely following my every move. When I poured oil on Cindy’s legs, Stacy sat up and turned to face us. I rubbed the oil down her legs and massaged her feet, then up her thighs, and worked on each leg with both hands.

Cindy spread her legs apart a little so I had better access to her upper thighs, and I had a better view as well. I noticed Stacy also opened her legs a little as she watched us, and I now had a good view between her thighs of her tiny red bikini bottoms. I blatantly stared right at her crotch. The center area was darker… definitely wet.

I worked the oil up around Cindy’s ass, and down between her legs. I was trying to not get aroused, but did I want to arouse Cindy with the massage. I thought it was working on Cindy, but Stacy was obviously enjoying it as well. She reached over and untied Cindy’s top, “You don’t want tan lines!”

Cindy flinched and opened her eyes, “Jeff!”

I just laughed realizing Cindy thought it was me who untied her. I started to massage her back, then motioned to Stacy to take over. I lifted one hand and she leaned forward and replaced it with one of hers. I lifted the other and Stacy replaced it as well. All was normal in Cindy’s mind until I started massaging her feet. Only a moment passed before Cindy jerked her eyes open and flipped her head the other way and saw her friend rubbing her back.

Stacy didn’t skip a beat, “I was getting bored… I thought I’d lend a hand.”

Cindy laughed, “okay… I guess I can’t complain,” and laid her head back down and closed her eyes.

Stacy was working Cindy’s lower back and running her hands up her sides. Cindy giggled when her hands ran up her ribs. I worked up her legs to her thighs, and motioned to Stacy to swap places.

So Cindy wouldn’t notice, Stacy and I swapped one hand at a time until I was rubbing Cindy’s back and Stacy was massaging her thighs. Stacy quickly started rubbing higher and deeper inside her thighs, until her hands were brushing against Cindy’s crotch. Thinking it was my fingers rubbing her, Cindy opened her legs a bit more, and arched her ass upwards so ‘I’ had better access.

I was trying to use a lighter touch on Cindy’s back so she wouldn’t recognize the swap. So far… so good.

Stacy pulled her hands back, and with one move untied both sides of Cindy’s bikini bottoms. Cindy didn’t react until Stacy pulled the material down and poured baby oil all over Cindy’s exposed butt.

Cindy gasped and opened her eyes, “Jeff!”

Stacy started rubbing the oil all over Cindy’s ass, and laughed, “It wasn’t Jeff, girlfriend!”

Cindy raised up enough to turn her head around and see Stacy’s hands on her ass, “Really? Oh my god, Stace…”, then turned her head to the other side to look at me. I just smiled and continued to massage her back. She laid her head back down, but her eyes were still open. Her face told me she was a bit nervous.

Stacy was not… not nervous in the least. She was rubbing the oil all over Cindy’s ass, and down deep between her thighs. After little more massaging, it seemed that Cindy was slowly getting more comfortable with the situation. I was watching her expression, and her legs and ass, to tell if she was enjoying herself or was about to bolt. She was now smiling, and she opened up her legs a little more when Stacy was rubbing between her thighs.

I had dropped my towel long ago and when I looked down my dick was pretty erect, down the right leg of my boxers. It was lifting up the material to the point I think Stacy could see the head poking out. But her eyes were on Cindy’s ass as she massaged it.

.....I stared at Stacy’s body in the tiny bikini. Although still a young girl, she was more developed than Cindy, with curves and hips, and nice round titties growing under that tiny top. My memory of her large nipples and areolas was vivid, and I wanted to see them out in the open… in the sun. I wanted to feel her pussy again… I needed to suck her fleshy labia and taste her… I had to push my cock into that tight little pussy of hers… inch by inch…

“You don’t want tan lines!”, I said and reached over and pulled Stacy’s straps down off her shoulders. Stacy just laughed, and reached up and untied the bow in the center and pulled off her top.

Seeing those round little titties with the huge nipples, sitting so high and firm on her chest, made me appreciate her even more than just the moment before. I had never fantasized over large areolas like hers before, but now I had to suck on them. They somehow made her look more ‘naked’ than the typical boobs I saw in porn mags, especially on such a young girl (which I never saw in any porn mags).

I realized I was getting distracted and turned my attention back to Cindy. She seemed to be enjoying the attention; she was much more relaxed and still had a smile on her face. Her eyes were closed and I wondered if she could tell whose hands were rubbing on her. I moved my hands down her back to the top of her ass, and slid my fingers down between her cheeks. Stacy was still rubbing between her thighs, up close to her crotch.

....… I was pretty sure Stacy would take the bait if I just created an opportunity

I rolled up a towel, grabbed Cindy’s hips and lifted her up, and slid the towel under her. When I let her back down, her back arched up so her little pink ass and pussy were more open and facing upwards. I looked over at Stacy and she was obviously enjoying seeing her friend so exposed. Her sunglasses were still blocking her eyes so I pulled them off her head. She barely reacted, her eyes still locked on Cindy’s pussy and ass. She finally started her massage again, this time up higher between Cindy’s thighs; the sides of her palms rubbing against her pussy.

The bright sun illuminated Cindy’s crotch so well… we could see everything in detail. The oil glistened on her sparse pubic hair on either side of her lips. I took both hands and spread her ass apart, and her tiny pussy popped open. A bead of lube strung across her tiny hole, which looked just a little larger than the last time I saw it. Stacy leaned forward to look more closely at her friend. She grabbed a bottle from a bag next to her and squirted a bunch of oil right down between Cindy’s cheeks.

“I don’t think baby oil is the safest thing for that.”

Stacy just held the bottle up for me to see. The label said ‘Personal Lubricant’. “I got this from my mom’s side table”, she said, giggling, “She keeps all sorts of sex toys in there and doesn’t expect her innocent little girl would ever go snooping around.”

.....Cindy was still smiling… eyes closed. I wondered if they had played with any of those toys

Stacy then slid her hands down the crack of Cindy’s butt. I spread Cindy’s ass wider to give her better access, and Stacy immediately slid her middle finger down over her ass, into her pussy.

Cindy gave a short gasp, but arched her ass upwards a little and moaned quietly in approval.

.......the view of Stacy staring at Cindy like that, mouth agape, little round titties exposed, with her finger in Cindy’s pussy, was one of the most erotic images I had ever seen

Still holding her cheeks open, I crawled up on the chaise and knelt down between Cindy’s legs. Scooting up closer I noticed Stacy had redirected her gaze from Cindy to my boxers, which had inched up my legs. My cock was sticking out the right leg, fully erect. Still fingering Cindy’s pussy with her right hand, Stacy reached out and grabbed the head of my cock with her left. She pushed her hand up the shaft, further pulling back the leg of my boxers, then squeezed hard and pulled back to the head, milking a large amount of pre-cum out onto her fingers. She then pulled her hand up to her mouth, and while looking straight at me, she licked the lube off her fingers. She then ran her tongue over her lips, and flirtatiously batted her eyes.

…...Dammit, I need to fuck this little girl

I pulled my right hand from Cindy’s ass and reached out to Stacy’s crotch, and pushed my fingers down the front of her bikini bottoms. As I expected, her pussy was drenched; a thick flood of lube covered my fingers. I pulled my hand from her crotch and grabbed her little breasts, pinching her nipples and covering her with her own juices.

I reached around her back and pulled her towards me and sucked her left nipple, and sucked her lube clean from her breast. She grasped the breast I had been sucking and pinched her nipple and pulled hard on it. Then she picked the other nipple and pulled hard… she looked at me with wide eyes as though to say, ‘pinch and pull on my nipples’

I realized I was distracted and was ignoring Cindy… I put my hands on her ass again and spread her cheeks apart. I could see from the side of her face she was still smiling, and looked completely relaxed. Stacy pulled her finger from Cindy and grabbed my dick. She was still pulling on her nipples with her other hand. Cindy’s pink little pussy was lit up in the sun, wet with the lube Stacy had poured down the crack of her ass. Her tiny butthole was exposed and glistening as well, and I couldn’t help but stuff my face into her. My nose pressed against her ass and I thrust my tongue into her little pussy as far as I could, and pulled back to see her little pink gape. Tiny… but larger than before.

I pulled my right hand from her ass and slid my index finger into her little pussy. Not nearly as tight as before, but still smaller than any other girl I had been with. Cindy arched up against my probing finger… I needed another hand to spread her open. I grabbed Stacy’s hand from her breast and placed it on Cindy’s right cheek, and pulled it to the side. Stacy looked at me and then back down to Cindy’s ass, and smiled mischievously. 

I pushed my finger back into Cindy, and worked a second one slowly into her. She moaned a little, in a positive way, so I rocked them back and forth into her until I met resistance.

Cindy’s little pink ass was relaxed and wet, and was too exposed to ignore… and I wanted to see Stacy’s reaction to what I was about to do. I held her left cheek as Stacy pulled on her right, and I leaned forward and licked her little pink asshole, top to bottom, and around the rim. Her ass contracted at first, then relaxed. Still working my fingers into her pussy, I checked again to see her smiling… and went back down and licked around her ass. Once I felt it relax again I pushed the flat of my tongue against the opening, and it opened a little more. I could feel the smoother center against my tongue, and pushed the tip of my tongue inside. Her tight little ring constricted, then relaxed again as I slid my tongue further inside her. She was always so clean… with only the taste of the strawberry-flavored lube as I pushed my tongue in and out of her ass. I finally stuck my tongue as far in as I could, then moved my head in and out… fucking her ass with my tongue. Her ass dilated more and more each time my tongue slid inside her. When I finally pulled my head back her little asshole stayed dilated, gaping open. You could see deep down inside her in the bright sun... nothing but pink.

Stacy leaned in closer and gasped, her eyes wide as she stared down inside her friend's asshole, “Oh my God… Cin… your ass… I never…” She pulled her hand from my cock and covered her mouth and looked at me. “I thought that would be all...all poopy and nasty! It’s all… clean and…”

Stacy pulled harder on Cindy’s ass to spread it wider apart, and pulled her other hand from my cock. She stuck her index finger in her mouth to lube it up, then slid it directly into Cindy’s open ass.

“God… that feels… Oh, Jeeze… that is so bizarre,” Stacy said and slid her finger in and out of Cindy’s ass. “That's really fucking hot!” Cindy giggled, and when she did I could feel her pussy squeeze down on my fingers. Stacy gasped as Cindy’s ass did the same, which made Cindy laugh out loud. Another squeeze, another gasp.

Stacy suddenly pulled her finger out and stood up between the chaise lounges, and pulled her bikini bottoms off. She knelt down on her chaise with her ass up in the air, and pulling a towel up under her head for a pillow, reached back with both hands and spread her ass, “Jeff! Do that to me!”

....Chloe often complained about constipation, and mentioned that her little sister had it worse than she did. I figured that was why Cindy was always so clean. I looked at Stacy, spreading her ass like that, and thought I could stick my finger, or my dick in there, but I would have to be a bit more drunk before I stuck my tongue in her ass

I reached over and grabbed Stacy’s ass, my index finger landing on her butthole, my other fingers on her fleshy pussy, as wet as ever. Cindy turned her head to look at Stacy and I noticed she was no longer smiling.

“Let’s go inside. I’m sure we can find a more comfortable place to play,” I said, and bent down and kissed Cindy on her right cheek.


————————— Moving Indoors —————————

I stood up and helped Cindy up from her chaise. Stacy looked a little disappointed as she got up, but smiled when she looked down at my boxers. My erection was at full mast, sticking out the right leg of my boxers. She reached out and grabbed it and roughly pulled me in the direction of the house. Cindy grabbed the towels and her discarded bikini, and followed us inside. Stacy stopped short, let go of my cock, and ran back out to get the (almost empty) pitcher of margaritas. She walked back in and immediately went behind the bar and started making more. I went back out and retrieved our glasses.

“Need some cooling down?”, I said and set the glasses down on the bar. “Maybe…it was getting pretty hot out there,” Stacy replied, and looked down again at my erection sticking out the leg of my boxers.

Cindy walked up close behind me, wrapping her hands around my waist and reaching down to feel my dick. “Hey you… I’ve got plans for you”, and started stroking my cock as she pressed her little breasts against my body. I could feel her pointy nipples poking me in the back, as I stared at Stacy’s round little boobs and large nipples. Stacy filled all three glasses and immediately drank a third of hers before we touched either of ours.

“Stacy, you said your mom had some sex toys in her side table?”

“Yeah, she has a whole drawer of stuff. I don’t even know what some of them are for,” she replied and looked to the ceiling.

“Have you tried any of them out? Anything fun?”

Stacy giggled and looked to the floor, then took another big gulp of her drink. She didn’t answer, only drank more of her margarita.

“Why don’t you grab a toy or two from her collection and show us?”

Stacy looked at me and covered her mouth, slightly embarrassed, then giggled some more. She took another gulp of her margarita, then ran out of the room and up the stairs.

I turned to Cindy and kissed her. “Now, what plans do you have for me?”

“Well, we’ve been practice… I mean I’ve been practicing a little, and I think we should try again,” and she ran her hand down the length of my cock and under my balls.

“Practicing? Like, with other boys?”

Cindy laughed, “No… no other boys. I want you to take my virginity. I mean… if you still want to.”

“Cindy, of course I want to. You are absolutely beautiful and you are on my mind constantly. I think you are the sexiest girl alive.”

I held the back of her head with my left hand and kissed her. She sucked on my tongue and slid hers deeply into my mouth. Her deep kisses were kinda strange, but the feeling of her tongue probing in my mouth was hot as hell. I slid my right hand down her tummy and between her legs… my middle finger sliding into her tiny little pussy. She started fucking my mouth with her tongue in rhythm with my finger sliding in and out of her pussy. 

I pulled my finger out, added my index finger, and pushed both inside her. I felt Cindy’s body twitch, but she just pushed against me and fucked my mouth harder with her tongue.

I heard Stacy running back down the stairs. She came bounding back into the room, purposely making her little titties bounce with each step, with a couple of things in her hands, “Hey! You two are having too much fun without me!”, and set the toys down on the bar and refilled her drink.

She walked over to us with her drink in hand, “I made this batch of margaritas a little stronger. Wanna taste?”, and poured a bit of her drink over her breasts. Her nipples instantly hardened from the icy drink, and watching her do this, my dick jumped a little.

I looked over at Cindy, and she just smiled and nodded ‘go ahead’.

I bent down and licked off the spilled margarita, and sucked on her nipples. I have to admit, Stacy’s unusual nipples were getting more and more erotic the more I saw them.. the more I felt them. I didn’t want Cindy to feel left out, so I took a sip from Stacy’s margarita and sucked on Cindy’s little puffy buds, holding the cold liquid against her skin. She let out a small shriek.

I grabbed Cindy by the waist and picked her up off her feet, “Both of you have had your turns at calling the shots. I think it’s my turn now.”

I carried Cindy over and set her down on the couch, lifted her legs, and pulled her butt to the edge of the cushion. I felt a tugging on the back of my underwear, and turned around to see Stacy pulling them off of me. She slid them down off my ass, and pulled at them to get them over my erection... as she worked the waistband over my cock, it sprang up throwing a line of precum onto the cushion just below Cindy’s ass.

.......I think there is going to be a lot more mess on this couch before the night is over

        Next: Part 9 - Cindy’s Deflowering 


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