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This is the ninth chapter of this story from my late teens, where my girlfriend’s little sister made it through puberty only to lose her innocence due to my uncontrollable lust for her. In this chapter, I finally get my cock inside of Cindy, with the help of her friend Stacy.
Note: This is a continuation of a 9-part story. It would be better to start at part-8 to understand the situation leading up to this chapter, or better yet start at part-1 to get to know the characters and slow build-up to this rather hard-core climax. Click on 'JadeGrey' in the above title for links to all stories.

——————— Part 9: Cindy’s Deflowering ———————

I carried Cindy over and set her down on the couch, lifted her legs, and pulled her butt to the edge of the cushion. I felt a tugging on the back of my underwear, and turned around to see Stacy pulling them off of me. She worked them down over my ass and when she finally pulled them down over my erection, my cock sprang up throwing a line of precum onto the cushion just below Cindy’s ass.

I think there is going to be a lot more mess on this couch before the night is over...

I pulled Cindy's legs up onto my shoulders, lifted her ass off the couch, and slid a towel under her. Kneeling down in front of her, I folded her legs towards her chest and started licking her little pussy. "Hold your legs like that,” and she pulled them up tighter to her chest. I licked her little opening again, and pushed a finger inside. God, she was still so fucking tight... her little pussy was going to have to stretch a lot more if I was ever going to get my dick in her. I added a second finger and worked them deeper into her. Looking up from her tiny mound I could see Cindy was enjoying this, but she grimaced now and then when I pushed my fingers in further. "Am I hurting you?", Cindy just shook her head.

I didn't really realize how exposed I was to Stacy, who was behind me. I flinched when I felt her hand reach underneath, between my legs, and grab my dick. She worked it for a bit, played with my balls, then I felt her squeeze some lube over my ass with her other hand. She pulled her hand from my cock and started rubbing the lube all over my ass... I was trying to concentrate on going down on Cindy, but was shocked when she ran her fingers right over my asshole and down to my balls, then back up. Then she stopped and started rubbing her thumb right on my asshole. This was not expected... no girl had ever played with my ass, and I wasn't too sure about this new direction. I was beginning to love ass-play, but on the receiving end? She rubbed it all around, then started pushing her thumb (I think it was her thumb) into my ass.

I reached back and pulled her hand away, "Don't... I don't like that," (hypocritical bastard that I was).

Stacy huffed loudly, "Really? You can dish it out, but you can't take it?", and slapped my ass before she came around to my side. "Fine... what can I do to help?"

I took both of my hands and spread Cindy's pussy open. "Do you think she is ready?" Stacy leaned in and stared at her friend's little pink opening.

Cindy lifted her head and looked at us between her legs, "I'm sorry I'm so small. I look like a little girl... I wish I was more mature. I swear I'm going to be a virgin forever."

Stacy kept staring at her friend's tiny pussy, "I love the way you look… you are sexy as hell... I could just..."

Suddenly she just pushed me aside and threw her head down between Cindy's legs and started licking her. I wasn't expecting this, and by the shocked look on Cindy's face, neither was she. Cindy quickly closed her eyes though, and laid her head back, obviously enjoying what Stacy was doing.

Now I was outside of the game, although the view was erotic as hell. I moved back and watched Stacy going down on Cindy and tried to burn the memory into my mind. Stacy pushed two fingers inside her, and was aggressively slurping on her pussy. I moved behind Stacy and grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. She reacted by moving her knees apart, and arching her ass so I had better access. Her pussy popped open when I spread her cheeks, and her lube was flowing out of her opening… no shock there.  I pushed two fingers into her and I swear she was nowhere near as tight as the last time I felt her. I looked over to the bar where she set down the toys she pulled from her mom’s side table and could see a pink vibrator and some other items.

…has she been masturbating with those toys?

I pulled my fingers out, stood up, and walked over to the bar. The vibrator was a little smaller than my dick, and tapered at the end. There was a larger black dildo shaped like a cock and balls, some beads on a string, and a little silver bullet-shaped thing with a cord and control. I had never seen these last two things before, but if Stacy grabbed them I imagined she knew how they were used. I grabbed all of them, and the lube, and looked back at the girls. Cindy was still holding her legs up to her chest, her tiny feet in the air, but now her arms were reaching around and her hands were on Stacy’s head. She was gently rocking her hips against her friend’s mouth.

I walked over and knelt behind Stacy, setting the toys on the floor to my left. I grabbed her ass again and spread her open. My cock was inches away from her spread pussy… or her ass for that matter. I pushed two fingers inside her, and as always, she was wet as hell. I started stroking her g-spot and it began to swell up almost immediately. I grabbed a towel and laid it down under her, knowing what was going to happen before too long. 

Stacy was sucking on Cindy’s pussy like mad. Cindy was now panting, mouth open, and aggressively humping Stacy’s face, “God… Oh My God, Stace… that feels so good… Fuck… FUCK!” I pushed my fingers harder into Stacy, pushing her mouth harder against Cindy. 

Cindy’s body started bucking and her legs shook in the air as she came, her hands pulling Stacy’s face hard against her pussy. I could hear slurping and sucking sounds as Stacy struggled to breathe.

Cindy’s convulsions finally slowed and she relaxed her grip on Stacy’s head. She was still breathing heavily as she opened her eyes; her mouth still open, but slowly changing to a large smile as she gazed at her friend between her legs. “Oh My God, Stace… that was… (panting)… that was amazing… I’m sorry if I…”

Stacy pulled her head back and interrupted, “You were wonderful. You ARE wonderful… and sexy as hell.” She kissed her on her little button, which made Cindy jump. 

Stacy then looked back at me and pushed backwards against my probing fingers. She reached up and grabbed a pillow off the couch, and put it under her, “I would say it’s my turn”, and laid her head down on it, her ass still up in the air. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks apart. This shocked me at first, but I realized she probably didn’t like that I was so eager to eat Cindy’s ass, but hadn’t shown any interest in hers. I looked at Cindy and smirked at her. She just smiled, still in a state of euphoria.

Stacy’s ass spread apart like that looked pretty fucking hot; it was darker, less innocent, than Cindy's tiny pink hole, but the center was pink, and wet. I really wanted to stick my cock in there... I don't know if she would go for that, but I still was not quite ready to stick my tongue into it. 

……maybe a finger… let’s see how her little ass feels

First, some lube… I grabbed the bottle and poured some down the crack of her butt, and rubbed it into her ass. Her little pucker would wink and relax every time I pushed my finger at the opening. I slid one finger inside her... up to the second knuckle. No complaints...she was still spreading her ass with both hands, so I added a second finger and it slid in pretty easily. I have to admit, her asshole felt pretty fucking amazing. Tight, slippery, and hot, gripping my fingers… I could imagine what that would feel like sliding down on my dick. 

Cindy was now sitting up and watching intently. I looked down at the toys on the floor, pulled my fingers out of Stacy’s ass and grabbed the pink vibrator.  I turned on the vibrator and gently pushed the tip slightly into her ass… still no complaints… I pushed my fingers back into her pussy and her g-spot was swollen up like mad. I stroked her with my fingers pretty aggressively and started pushing the vibrator further into her ass until the larger part was fully inside her. She was moaning lightly and rocking her hips against me as I finger-fucked her pussy and fucked her asshole with the vibrator. Cindy leaned forward to look closer and put her hands on Stacy's hips. Her eyes were wide and locked on the pink sex toy sticking out of Stacy’s butt. I grabbed Cindy's right hand and moved it to the vibrator... she looked at me, then back to the vibrator, then started slowly moving it in and out of her friend's ass.

Stacy was gyrating around and moaning loudly now, obviously enjoying the new feelings she was experiencing, but I didn't think she realized it was Cindy who was shoving the vibrator into her ass.

"Cindy, push that thing harder in her ass... like it was a cock fucking her," I said to clarify things. Stacy's eyes popped open and she looked up to the side to see her friend's arm pumping.

She gasped... then it only took a little furious finger play on her swollen g-spot and a few more strokes in her ass before a spray of fluid shot out of her pussy and she shrieked as she came. She bucked and humped my fingers and the vibrator in her ass for several waves, then her arms fell to her sides. I could feel the inside of her pussy change from the thicker lube to a post-climax wetness, and I gently pulled my fingers out of her. Cindy let go of the vibrator and looked at me with wide eyes. "Slowly pull that out of her ass," I spread her wide with both hands and Cindy grabbed the vibrator again, "Slowly... I want to see her gape." Cindy slowly pulled the vibrator out of her friend’s ass, and her asshole gaped wide for a bit before it winked closed, then opened again. She was clean... and wet… my cock was right there… rock hard and dripping pre-cum down to the floor.

.....her ass is ready for anal. I wanted to feel that tight asshole around my cock. I never really enjoyed any good ass-fucking... only a few bad attempts. I inched forward lusting to push my cock into her gaping little butthole

I held her ass open, my cock inches from her opening. Cindy stared into her friend's asshole for a moment, then looked up at me with a blank expression. I realized I couldn't fuck Stacy like this... not now. Cindy asked me to take her virginity tonight. I may get another chance to play with Stacy, but tonight I needed to be a bit more respectful. I needed to take care of Cindy. I inched backwards from Stacy and smiled at Cindy.

Still breathing heavily, Stacy stretched her legs out and laid down on her tummy flat on the floor. I don’t think she realized how close she came to getting fucked in her ass right then. "Oh my God... that was crazy. I can't believe...", and started laughing. "Jesus, Cin... I can't believe you did that!"

Cindy laughed a little, "You didn't seem to mind it", and lightly spanked her friend.

"I think it might be time to take care of your needs, miss Cindy-Lou." I got up and walked out to the pool, grabbed my clothes and brought them back inside.

"Are you leaving?" Cindy said, with a shocked look on her face. "No! Certainly not!", I laughed and felt around in my jean pockets until I found the pack of condoms. "I just wanted to grab these."

Cindy waved it off, "You don't need those. I just finished my period yesterday. We should be safe for a week or so."

"And we still have the turkey baster!" Stacy popped in, laughing at the reference. I thought of lecturing her on birth control, but quickly dropped the idea.

I didn't like the idea of going without a condom, but the thought of working my bare cock into Cindy's little body outweighed the concern. I walked over and picked up Cindy and set her down on the edge of the couch. She immediately spread her legs open and reached down to her little pink slit. She slid a finger inside, and brought it back out and spread her lips. She was being so bold... so much naughtier than just a short while ago. I felt a bit of guilt, but her tiny naked body, thin legs spread wide, exposed and aroused, quickly wiped away any feelings but lust from my mind. Stacy sat up, leaned over and grabbed Cindy's left knee and pulled it closer, further spreading Cindy’s pussy open.

I walked over and knelt down between Cindy's legs. My cock was still dripping pre-cum; a long string of it hung from the end. Stacy reached over and grabbed my dick, "I can clean this off for you," and pulled it towards her open mouth. She reached around my ass with her other hand and pulled me closer, and started sucking greedily on me, pushing her head forward until she choked. She pulled back for a moment, then pulled me towards her and gagged again when my cock hit the back of her throat.

..... dammit, now I wanted to deep-throat AND ass-fuck Stacy.

I pulled my cock away from Stacy's mouth and smiled at her when she looked up at me, 'this is Cindy's time'.

Edging forward on my knees I laid my cock down on top of Cindy's little slit. She was still quite wet from Stacy's oral work on her, and her own arousal. Rubbing my cock up and down her thin labia a few times, I put the head at her tiny opening. I leaned forward and kissed Cindy deeply, and pulled back and stared into her eyes. I pushed the head a little inside her and watched her. She was locked on my eyes and was smiling slightly, the edges of her mouth quivering.

I looked down at my cock pushing into her tiny little body... it was obscene, and was my every fantasy for a couple of years now. I didn't want to hurt her, but my whole body desperately wanted to fuck her.

I pulled out and slid two fingers inside her. She was definitely dilated more than I have ever felt her, but I still couldn't imagine I could fit my cock in her. I guided my cock into her opening again, and started rocking into her. She continued to stare into my eyes, and she would wince a bit each time my cock came to a halt.

"God, that is fucking hot!", Stacy blurted out. She was leaning in so close that her hair was partially blocking my view. I grabbed her hand and stuck her fingers in my mouth to get them wet, then pushed her hand down onto the top of Cindy's little pussy. She immediately started rubbing her friend. Cindy continued to stare into my eyes, but her mouth dropped open and she started panting lightly.

I rocked my cock in and out of her, trying to push it in further each time. She was so fucking tight... I looked down and was surprised how far my cock was inside her now. I started pushing harder until it felt like I was hitting bottom... I was hitting what must have been her hymen. Cindy was visibly wincing each time I hit it, "Are you okay? Am I hurting you?"

"It hurts a little, but don't stop... it feels good at the same time. It's feeling better the more you do it."

Stacy pulled her hand back to get a better look. Cindy grabbed her hand and pushed it back to her pussy, "Don't you stop either... that feels really good", and closed her eyes. I reached forward and started squeezing her breasts... pulling on her puffy little nipples until they were hard. I kept pumping into her, pulling out further until the head almost popped out, then pushing harder inside her tiny pussy.

I pumped my cock hard into her and she let out a shriek… I could feel my cock break through and slide deeper inside her. I stopped for a moment, concerned for her pain, but she opened her eyes and stared at me, almost angrily, "Don't Stop! Keep going!"

I pumped harder and my cock drove deeper into her... I was in shock... I really didn't think this could happen.. she was so fucking tight it almost hurt... but it felt so fucking good. I pumped harder and faster into her... I could feel my cock sliding deeper into her with each thrust. Looking down my cock wasn't all the way in, but it felt like I was. God.. her pussy was unbelievable.

Cindy grabbed Stacy's hand and pushed it harder against her pussy, "Like that... rub me harder... Oh fuck... Jeff.. fuck me..."

Cindy's legs started shaking, "FUCK ME! GOD.... I'M CUMMING..."

I pumped hard into her, driving deeper and faster until I was ramming my cock nearly balls-deep into her tiny body. My God.. it looked so obscene… my thick cock pumping into her. She was so young.. so fragile… and yet she was fucking my cock like an animal. Her legs were shaking like she was having a seizure as she rode through her climax.

I slowed my thrusting as her body relaxed… she fell limp under me… I loosened my grip on her legs, which, in my passion I had pushed up to her shoulders.

I looked over at Stacy, who was still hanging over her friend. Her eyes were still fixed on Cindy’s little body impaled on my cock, her right hand on Cindy’s pussy, and her left was rubbing her own. I slowly pulled my cock out and could see some blood around the base. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

Cindy was still panting, "I am more than okay... that was fantastic." She paused a bit to catch her breath. "It did hurt a little at first, but kept feeling better and better until... well... then it felt REALLY GOOD", she laughed.

Her expression changed to concern, "But you didn't come yet, did you?"

"Not yet, but the night is still young," I replied, and looked at Stacy. She glanced at me, then thrust her head down and shoved her mouth onto my cock.

I was shocked... the blood on my cock didn't even phase her, or she was so drunk she didn't realize.

"Slow down... I think there is another climax or two in each of you," and pulled back from her mouth.

Stacy looked up at me like a spoiled child being denied ice cream. Cindy looked at her and laughed, "I think we can take care of you," and Stacy's pout quickly turned into a smile.

————————— Fun Sandwich on the Floor —————————

I stood up and grabbed a towel and spread it out on the carpet. I picked up Stacy and laid her down on the towel on her back. She was a bit heavier than Cindy, but I would guess still under 100-pounds wet.

"Cindy, can you give me a hand?" I asked, like I needed her to help me move a couch. Cindy walked over and knelt beside her friend. "I want to see what these toys do." I grabbed the little silver 'bullet' thing and turned the dial on the control. It started buzzing, and the further you rotated the dial increased the vibrations. I handed the control to Cindy, and held the silver button against Stacy's pussy. She immediately reacted with a squeal, then started gyrating against it, "WOW! That feels nice...," like she had never felt it before. I kinda doubted that.

"Spread her open for me,” Cindy looked at me like she was surprised at the request, but quickly dropped the control and reached down and spread open Stacy's pussy. I grabbed the black dildo and pressed it against her opening. Stacy's eyes sprung open and looked down in feigned surprise, "Oh my gosh!" Now I knew she had been masturbating with these toys. I started pushing the dildo into her, and the head quickly popped in with only a little resistance. She closed her eyes and laid her head back, clearly enjoying the feelings.

I grabbed Cindy's left hand and handed her the silver 'bullet'. She immediately pressed it against Stacy's clitoris. I grabbed her other hand, "Hold this for a moment," and placed it on the black dildo. Again, she looked shocked, but started slowly pumping it into her friend's pussy. Stacy opened her eyes and looked at what was going on, and her mouth formed a large open smile, "Gosh, Cin.."

.....her fake shock was amusing, and turned me on even more

I stood up and grabbed Cindy's hips and lifted her up off the floor. She awkwardly tried to hold onto the bullet and the dildo, but had to drop the bullet to regain her balance. I rotated her around and set her knees on either side of Stacy's head, so they were in a 69 position, her just-fucked little pussy right above Stacy's face. Stacy immediately reached her arms around Cindy’s legs and grabbed her waist, and ran her hands up her ribs and started fondling her pointy titties.

Kneeling down behind her, I grabbed Cindy’s little butt and spread her ass cheeks apart. Stacy looked up between her thighs and stared at Cindy’s little, almost hairless, pussy, then at my cock, just inches away from her opening. She reached back and grabbed my dick and strained to pull it down into her mouth but her position was a little awkward.

I grabbed a small pillow from the edge of the couch. When I slid it under her head, her face brushed Cindy’s pussy. She held it there and started slurping on her friend, seemingly forgetting all about my dick. I thunked her forehead with my dick a couple of times before pushing it forward against Cindy’s tiny opening. Stacy’s nose was stuck in her pussy, so I just slid my cock right next to it, and started pushing. Finally I could feel the head pop into Cindy’s little hole, Stacy being forced downwards and then concentrating on her clit. Cindy gasped, and pushed back on my cock, “Jeff… push it in me… but slowly… I’m still kinda sore.”

I moved my hands up to Cindy’s back, and grabbed her ribs to pull her back into my cock.

….from this angle my cock looked like it would split Cindy’s tiny body in half. Her thin waist only looked about twice as large as my dick

I slid my hands up and down her ribs, completely entranced at how small she was, and what I was doing to her. I gripped her harder and pulled her back further down onto my cock.

….God she is so fucking tight… but she said ‘slowly’, you ass... you’re hurting her

But Cindy wasn’t complaining… the sounds she was making were moans of pleasure, but that could be from Stacy’s licking, as compared to my thick cock splitting her open. I could see she was still fucking Stacy with the black dildo, and Stacy wasn’t complaining either…

I moved my hands up Cindy's back and pushed her shoulders downwards. This pushed her face against Stacy's pussy, and better exposed her ass to me. The sight of my cock sliding into her little pink slit was amazing... she felt so fucking good... and I was barely inside her. I rocked into her a few more times, and could feel my balls hitting Stacy's forehead.

I wanted a better view of my cock sliding into her... I grabbed her little bubble butt and spread her ass wide. My God... so fucking hot... her little asshole popped open a little as I spread her cheeks... I could almost see the bulge of my engorged cock pushing inside her pussy through her small gape. I moved Stacy's hands to Cindy's ass, and spread her apart again... and she held her open.

Such a beautiful little asshole... I spit into her crack and watched it run into her little open hole, and followed it with my finger. FUCK! I could feel my cock sliding into her pussy through the thin membrane... I added a second finger and started pumping harder into her. Pumping my dick harder into her tiny pussy… pumping my fingers deeper into her tight little ass. The feeling was so intense... her tight pussy squeezing my cock, and her asshole squeezing my fingers... I pushed downwards on my fingers against my cock, pressing my cock harder against her g-spot.

This was obviously getting pretty intense for Cindy too. She was gyrating against my cock and fingers, and humping her friend's face. Her sounds were muffled, as were Stacy's, but they were both close to climax. Cindy's hand was pumping the black dildo harder into Stacy; her mouth sucking on her clit.

Suddenly, Stacy lifted her legs and curled them back until her knees nearly hit me... her feet in the air and her pussy split open against Cindy's mouth.

This was too much. I started pumping my cock harder into Cindy.. I watched it inch further into her tight little hole. I could feel it with my fingers... the head was past my fingertips, so I stuffed them deeper into her ass. The feeling was pushing me over the edge, and my lust took over. I started ramming my dick harder into Cindy, and fucked her ass with my fingers in rhythm with my pumping cock.

I could hear Cindy grunting, but not like she was in pain, just grunting like an animal... sucking on her friend's pussy and vigorously slamming the black dildo in and out of her cunt. She lifted her mouth from Stacy and screamed, "Oh God... JEFF!! FUCK ME!!!  I'M CUMMING!!" I pulled my fingers out of her ass and grabbed her hips and pulled her up off the floor against me, ramming my cock deep into her... again and again.. pumping deep into her little box, slapping my balls against Stacy's face... Cindy shook and her body convulsed through her climax until she went limp in my hands.

I slowed my pumping, set her back down on her knees, and gently started pulling my cock out of her. Stacy was still sucking on her pussy, but as soon as I pulled my cock out she tilted her head back and tried to suck on my cock. Stacy was still horny as hell, and was close to climax from the way she was moving. Cindy was collapsed on Stacy, her hand barely moving the dildo in and out of her friend.

Stacy’s head was cocked from the pillow so she couldn’t quite suck on me like she wanted… she certainly couldn’t suck my cock the way I had in mind. I pushed the pillow forward from under her head, so it was under her shoulders, and her head fell back, her mouth wide open. She immediately grabbed my cock and pulled it into into her mouth, her other hand on my ass. I reached over Cindy and grabbed the dildo from her hands and started pumping it into Stacy’s pussy. Her legs were still in the air, so I laid my arms on her thighs and pinned them down, the dildo in her pussy pointing to the ceiling, and Cindy squished between us. My right hand was pumping the dildo into her fleshy pussy, and my left hand moved under Cindy’s head to rub her clit.

Stacy’s reaction to my rubbing her pussy was to pull me deeper in her mouth. She was sucking my cock like she wanted to out-do her last ‘deep throat’ with me, but this time she seemed to really be enjoying it. I began pumping the dildo harder into her, ramming it deep until it bottomed out… she just sucked me harder. Both of her hands were on my ass, grabbing and squeezing my butt, and playing with my balls.

————————— Stacy’s Mistake—————————

She started probing around my ass with her fingers, and pushed one inside when she found the right spot. This shocked me, and kinda pissed me off. I told her not to do that. I started ramming the dildo harder into her while I pinned her down, and pumping my cock deep into her mouth until I felt it hit the back of her throat. She was gagging, but continued to pull me harder against her face.

Fluid gushed from her pussy, spraying all over my hands and Cindy’s face and hair. She stuffed a second finger in my ass… dammit, girl… let’s see how you like this… I pulled the dildo out of her pussy and pushed it against her asshole. She was so wet, the tip slid in pretty easily.

I had almost forgotten about Cindy, who was sandwiched between us. She had moved her head to the side and was watching me fuck her friend in the ass with the black dildo. Stacy still had her fingers in my ass (why don’t I just move her hand?), and was actually pushing them harder in me... pushing my body against her face... my cock deeper in her mouth. The head was slamming against he back of her throat, and she was still pushing.

...God Dammit! This little horny bitch is going to get me off like this!

I rammed the dildo deep in Stacy’s ass, and pushed my cock hard against the back of her throat...

Suddenly my cock popped forward a few inches.. actually pushing into her throat… FUCK! Stacy was trying to swallow, choking on my shaft, each constriction squeezing my cock…

I pulled back a moment to make sure I wasn't hurting her, but she was still fucking my ass with her fingers even harder now... God Dammit!.. I pushed my cock back into her and looked down to watch her neck as I pushed harder… my cock popped again into her throat. I could see my cock bulge her throat as I pushed it in... and the feeling! FUCK!! I couldn't help it anymore... I started pumping my cock deep into her throat... and fucking her ass with the large dildo... God... it felt crazy... my whole body was cumming! Her fingers were ramming my prostate as I stuffed my cock deep down her throat... I fucking exploded… my ass biting down on her fingers as I pumped stream after stream of cum down her throat... pushing it further down her throat with each spasm... until I was balls deep and I kept cumming...

Stacy finally pulled her fingers out of my ass, and started slapping my butt… I came out of my ecstatic fog and realized she couldn't breathe. I pulled back and watched the bulge in her throat collapse as I slid my cock out of her. She coughed and started gasping and turned her head to the side to spit out a large mixture of cum and spit so she could breathe.

I was out of breath and gasping for air myself, but managed to say, “Jesus, Stacy… are you okay?” I gently pulled the dildo out of her ass and lifted myself up off her legs so she could unfold her contorted body and breathe easier.

Stacy coughed and sputtered out, “I think I’ll live… but, Fuck, Jeff… you owe me one,” and wiped some of the mess from her face. She struggled to get up off the floor.

Cindy started laughing (I don't think she realized what actually happened), “What, Stace… wasn’t that one of the fantasies you talked about? It seemed like you were having fun.” Stacy shot an angry glance at Cindy, then looked at me and started laughing.

“Well, shit, Jeff… I thought you were gonna stuff that thing all the way down to my stomach! Fuck!”

“I’m really sorry Stacy, I just got a little carried away… it felt so good. I guess my dick just took over.” Stacy was already over at the bar refilling her drink.

I helped Cindy up and held her closely. “Thank you… I hope I didn’t hurt you,” and kissed her forehead. She smiled, and kissed me back, then picked up a towel and walked over to her friend.

I watched them standing there, naked and covered in sex. Two beautiful young girls, innocent virgins just a short time ago.

“My God… tonight was unbelievable. I have never… I’ve never had sex like that before. I don’t think I will ever have anything that fantastic again. You two are unbelievable. Tonight was unbelievable… I can’t…”

But they weren’t even listening anymore. Cindy offered a towel to Stacy to clean up, but instead of taking the towel, Stacy tried to wipe some cum from her face on Cindy, who threw the towel at her and ran out to the pool. Stacy ran after her.

I started cleaning up and heard the splash from the two of them jumping into the pool. I thought about what had happened and felt that familiar tug-of-war between guilt and arousal. And fear… if this ever got out my life would be done. Fuck! What if I got Cindy pregnant? What the hell am I thinking?! Jeff- you stupid bastard!

I looked out at the pool at those two young girls, naked and bouncing in the water, and smiled.

“Well, there’s that,” I said to myself, and refilled my drink.


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