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New strain of COVID, villain is now a disgusting perverted vampire. Sniffs and creeps around former milf boss’s house, then rapes, kills, and feeds on her. READ DISCLAIMERS FIRST!
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In this series, I write from the perspective of the VILLAIN. That means I don't agree with his choices, and you're not supposed to either. We're all acknowledging he is evil and wrong. Obviously nothing he does should ever be done in real life! Please be mature adults and separate fantasy from reality. This SHOULD evoke visceral, icky feelings. That's the POINT. This is HORROR.

This is more PORN than PLOT.

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


-Death / Blood / Murder (SORT OF SNUFF, but with a twist. I mean it’s a vampire, I’m going for it, but I keep it minimal)

-Creeping around (lots of this, sorry if it’s boring)

-Sniffing / tasting (panties, armpits, sweat, bodily fluids, everything)

-Breast milk


-Non-Con / Sadism / Violence towards women

-Slow start, builds to brutal ending


Chapter 0 - Prologue

Slipping in and out of sentience, fragments of memory come back in sputtering waves. A panic jolts through me. Sound. But I’m unable to move. Blackness. A hundred voices at my funeral. Maybe less. Fake sympathy, shallow words. Whispers of “how pervy he was”, rumors of “what they found on his laptop”. The voices, my family, acquaintances. Their lives carry on. Mine has ended too early. I never saw 30. A virus? Doctors label it the Omicron Variant, the weaker one. To them, I’m just another number. Another life lost to the pandemic. But no, it’s not the same. They barely looked into it. In truth, it’s something far worse.

Then darkness, for months, below the ground, aware but immobile, helpless. Weak, but slowly gaining strength. I wait, with nothing but my own thoughts. Recalling my pathetic life, anger rising in me. Hatred, twisted thoughts. I’m not myself. Every bit of humanity within me, every good quality and honorable virtue, all of it has fallen away. And all that remains is the darkness. The man I was is gone. He doesn't matter. Now I’m reborn as something else, something evil.

A full year I lie like this, transforming. Until finally one day I hear movement. The earth, the dirt around my coffin, it shifts, flows like mud. I reach up and push. The lid opens slowly, mud pouring in all around. I climb, clawing desperately at the earth, struggling until finally I surface. Rain pouring down on my head, the cold autumn night fresh on my skin. A graveyard, a plaque next to me, not even a full headstone. I was too poor and unimportant. My old name etched into it. I crawl with all my strength until I lie panting, wheezing on my side. The earth stops shifting and I feel my power completely drained.

Too weak to move, a year’s worth of strength expended in minutes. As the rain stabs down at me, drenching my decaying suit and tie, I finally realize what I am. Technically the Alpha, the first of my kind, but as weak as the Omicron in which I was labeled. A pathetic name for a pathetic creature. Crawling in the mud, barely able to lift my own weight, I am cold and miserable. But free. I no longer need to follow the laws of man, I’m no longer shackled by society or shame or fear. A true villain, I feel the urge to commit atrocities. I will do exactly what I want, fulfill my disgusting fantasies. Women, girls. Endless bodies flash in my mind, limbs writhing, flesh wet and dripping. I feel lust, an urge to hurt, to rape, to kill. An urge to feed.

The next few days are cold and treacherous. I wander the roads, learning that daylight hurts. I feel like I could die if I stay in it. So I avoid day and stick to the safety of darkness. I pass a church one night, and the cross outside hurts my eyes, burns, so I flee. I hunger, but not for food. For flesh, for blood, for innocence and beauty. My body seems to work mostly the same as it used to. My senses, my breathing, heartbeat, adrenaline, all seems the same, or at least the illusion of those things seem to remain. Now that I think of it, I can just hold my breath and nothing happens. It’s like I cling to these bodily functions out of habit.

I find a park where I used to walk my dog, trails and thick woods, a nice fresh pond where I can clean myself and my clothes. I learn that even the coldest water doesn’t really bother me much. But running water, even little streams in the park, I can’t cross for some reason.

After a few days, I give in to the hunger. A passing old lady, just walking at the park on a dark morning just before the sun is fully up. She’s so frail, so slow. She never sees me coming. One bite and she’s loopy and half-conscious. Drinking blood fills me with life. I don’t waste a drop, hiding her in the woods afterward.

I do this a few more times over the next few nights, a few more helpless weaker people on the trails. Gaining a bit more strength in that first week. My eyes grow strong, able to see perfectly at night, better than normal, even in pitch blackness. My muscles grow stronger too, my body lean and fit. I feel like I did in high school, when I played sports and worked out. I need to follow this urge, need to feed more, gain more strength.

But mostly I feel a stronger urge. An urge to find her. Victoria. My boss, from my office job before I died. I don’t know why she comes to mind, and not anyone else. Most everything from my old life is starting to fade away like a dream I’m having trouble remembering. I know things, I remember things, but it’s as if it was a lifetime ago, like someone else lived the experiences.

But Victoria is fresh in my mind. I need her, need to make her mine. I always had a crush on her. She was stern, some said bitchy, but only because she had to take charge in her position, be taken seriously. Married, a bit older than me, mid-30s. Strong, mature, someone that I could never have. But also someone that always showed my coworkers and me such kindness. She even invited a bunch of us over for dinner once. She said we were welcome “anytime”. A passing phrase, mostly just being polite, but now it seems so important. Deep down I know I can enter her home. I can make it mine, and I feel the urge to do so. It’s a weird gut feeling, like that stupid little stream of running water back in the woods. I just could not cross the water, it wasn’t possible. My gut says I can’t enter certain places either. As if I need to be welcomed, invited in.

I test this out that night. Houses on the edge of the park, their back yards butted up against a trail. In the dead of night, I jump the fences and try out different doors until I find one left unlocked. Sure enough I can open the door, but I can’t enter. It’s impossible, like a force-field blocks my way. The feeling of permanent ownership, a purity that protects the place.

On the bright side I also learn how silently I can move, a shadow in the night, jumping fences with ease. And how aware my senses are, avoiding cameras and dogs, seeing them long before they see me. I later walk to a gas station and learn that I can enter as long as it’s not someone’s permanent dwelling, a true home.

A few days later and the hard part is done. I’m a block away from her house. I wipe my mouth again. His blood tasted better than the frail old people. Victoria’s husband, Rick, kind of always a dick, or maybe the word just comes to mind when I say his name. Maybe I was always just jealous of him.

I sit inside his BMW, texting Victoria with his phone, telling her I’ll be home late again. It’s not unusual with his big important corporate job. She texts back, “k babe drive safe love you”. It took days to learn their patterns, to make a move and jump him. But he’s out of the way now, hidden deep in that forest.

I wait until it’s late and then pull up to her house. The nice big houses here have plenty of space in between, plenty of privacy from neighbors. Lights are off inside. I pull into the two car garage connected to the house, shutting the overhead door behind me. I leave the car and notice some shelves of tools on the wall. I grab a roll of black duct tape, having a feeling I might need it.

Silently, I open the door to enter into Victoria’s home from the garage. The door creaks a bit, but the house is perfectly dark and silent, everyone asleep still. I step inside, and sure enough, my “invitation” worked, no force-field.

I walk in and find myself in a dining room, hardwood floor, beautiful dining table right in front of me. The space is huge, an ‘open concept’ layout. To the left, the same room opens up into a huge kitchen, an island counter, expensive appliances. To my right, the room drops down into carpet, a grand living room. Big leather couches, expensive furniture and entertainment cabinet. And the living room opens up further beyond that into a gorgeous sunroom off in the corner, huge glass windows overlooking their dark back property outside, and ceiling windows open to the stars. I already feel at home.

I make sure all the couches and furniture are actually empty and then silently creep around. I explore the living room, keeping an eye out for crosses or anything silver. A nice fireplace and mantel. Cute family pictures of Victoria with her husband and new baby. Adam is his name. I feel a longing, almost wishing I was Rick in the picture, that this was my newborn son, Victoria my beautiful wife.

I move to the kitchen, the excitement of being where I’m not supposed to be keeps growing. A giddiness in my stomach. I peek around a corner, the kitchen leading to a hallway. I check doors quietly. A half bathroom. A door down to the finished basement, which looks very nice, but unimportant tonight. Past the hall, the ceiling opens up, going way up two stories high. The foyer at the front of the house, a grand entrance guests normally walk in to see. With a wraparound staircase leading up to a balcony above. On one side of the foyer is an office, a den, masculine wooden walls. Expensive liquor and cigar cabinet, a huge desk and leather chair, a Mac desktop, a Windows laptop next to it too. This whole place bleeds wealth. I find the WI-FI router nearby and disconnect it. I hear a couple beeps as a few home security devices disconnect around the house too.

Back in the foyer, on the other side, another doorway. I peek in and see a massive sitting room. More expensive furniture, another room beyond that, wrapping back toward the kitchen. This house is huge. But the bedrooms must be upstairs.

I return to the stairs and start creeping up silently.


Chapter 1 - Home Invasion

I stand at the foot of the massive wraparound staircase, looking up at the beautiful railing and balcony above. I slowly creep up, soft white carpet on every step, a roll of black duct tape still in my hand. The house is pitch black, but I see better than most people do in perfect daylight. Beautiful artwork and decor line the wall as I ascend, more family pictures of Victoria, Rick, baby Adam.

I reach the landing at the top, everything is dead silent. Ahead of me is a full bathroom, for guests, not used much. I peek my head in. So pristine and wealthy, I could really get used to it here. I look up at the mirror above the sink. I’m not in it, there’s no reflection! I back out of the bathroom, a bit freaked out. I guess it’s not the weirdest thing that’s happened to me recently.

To my left and right, hallways going in both directions. To the left, a couple doors, one of them open at the end, a baby room. I sneak inside. There he is, little Adam. Victoria’s first-born. He’s cute. Since my awakening, I haven’t felt anything, any emotion or empathy, not seeing people as anything more than food. Until now. This baby is special. He’s important, but I don’t know why. I feel protective as I stand above his crib watching him slumber peacefully. I leave, closing the door silently behind me.

I check the closed doors in the hall. A guest bedroom. A closet. I walk back the way I came, back to the bathroom and stairs again. Then a storage room. An office. I silently creep along the soft carpeted floor. A laundry room. I slip inside there.

Big expensive washer and dryer, and a hamper with some dirty clothes. I set down the duct tape I’ve been carrying, and I pick through the clothes. A mix of men’s and women’s. One of Victoria’s undershirts, thin and white, I put it to my face and inhale. Her scent is so bright, so feminine, floral. The armpits only have a slight deodorant smell, nothing unpleasant.

I dig more and find some shorts of hers. Very short, cute and sexy. She’s a mom, but still dresses in attractive clothes. A coolness, a sportiness to her fashion sense. I sniff the shorts. Similar floral scent, mild. Nothing of hers seems to stink. Such great hygiene, such an inviting, motherly smell.

My cock starts to harden in my pants, and I dig deeper. A black bra, classy and modern. No wires, expensive, cups indicating a decent breast size, much more than a handful. I cover my face with it, the familiar scent again, but a bit different. Not quite sour, but a sharpness of some sort. I look inside the cups, and right where her nipples would be, a slight residue, a slight white stain, on both. I sniff again, then lick, tasting where her breasts were held tightly all day. Milk. Fucking hell, she had been leaking a bit of breast milk! My cock stiffens even more as I lick and inhale. There’s a slight sweetness to it.

I lift my head suddenly as the house creaks. My heart jumps in my chest. I hold my breath for a moment, listening. It was just the wind. Then I smile and hold my hand to my chest, realizing my heart and lungs are just imitating what they used to do. I don’t need air, and my heart doesn't actually pump blood. I reach down and rub my stiff cock through my pants as I continue to dig through the laundry. My dick seems the same as always at least.

I find a pair of panties toward the bottom. Heather-gray-colored Calvin Kleins. A standard hipster low-rise style, elastic band at the top. Meant to be comfy, but damn are they sexy. A bit bigger than I expected. She’s a thinner woman, but these held some thickness. I look inside, the crotch. God damn, there’s a bit of a stain. Nothing too gross, just the slightest streak of residue. Discharge, dried pussy juice. Ok a bit gross, but not to me. I stuff my nose straight in, inhaling deeply. This is what my boss’s cunt smells like. These panties spent a whole day stuffed inside her warm pants, clinging tightly against her pussy. It smells strong, but sweet. A pungent musk of woman, a sharp slap in the face. But not gross like some girls. A spiciness, pure femininity. I lick and taste where her pussy was. My cock rages, precum wet beneath my pants. She has such a strong flavor, a sourness that wakes you up, shoots through your brain. But then pleasant, sweet. I toss them back, pick up the duct tape again, and head back into the hall.

Only one more door at the end of the hall. Double French doors actually. I sneak up and hold my ear up to them, listening with my sharpened senses. Nothing. I reach down and open the door.

Pitch black, but I see clearly, every detail of the room. It’s big, a bit excessive actually, taking up what seems like a fourth of the entire second floor. Truly a master bedroom. Two pillars, from floor to ceiling flank either side as I step in on the soft white carpet. To the left, a nice sitting area, a nook for reading by the windows. To the right, big cabinets and dressers, and a walk-in closet left open. In the back corner, an open door leads to the master bathroom, pristine white tile flooring and a huge standing shower visible from here.

And right in the center of the bedroom, straight ahead, a big king-sized bed, cushy upholstered headboard, intricate wooden frame. With a little lump of blankets on one side of the bed. There she is, Victoria, sleeping peacefully as I sneak into her room. I close the door to the bedroom behind me, giving us some added soundproofing.

I can only see her raven-black hair peeking out from the blankets, she’s so snuggled up. Her hair is just a bit ruffled from bed, but still has the nice wavy locks of shiny black she always had at work, making her look rich and classy.

I take a quick detour to the dresser at the side of the room. I carefully slide open the drawers until I find some of her late husband’s clothes. I strip down and start changing into them. A simple tshirt and shorts, but both are soft and expensive. I’ve been cleaning myself as best as I could out in the wild, and I don’t seem to sweat at all anymore, but I’m so tired of these dress clothes they buried me in. He was a similar size as me, and this simple comfort is such a cozy relief.

I bump my elbow on the dresser as I pull the shorts up, a slight noise disturbing the silent room. I stop and hold my breath, looking over at Victoria. But she’s sound asleep.

I creep toward the bed, careful with every muscle I move. I turn and see her cell phone on the night stand. I pick it up, turn it off, and hide it on the floor. Then I set down the roll of black duct tape I’ve been carrying.

Standing over Victoria, I cautiously pull back the comforter to reveal her face. She has a stern look to her, somewhat sharp features, high cheekbones, striking. Dark eyebrows that always look a little furrowed, serious and intelligent, like some sexy teacher or librarian. Olive skin, Mediterranean complexion. All that, but with a softness, a nurturing, motherly look. Natural beauty even without makeup in the middle of the night. A face that makes you feel welcome, makes you like her, respect her.

But tonight, I make her mine, make her respect me. The man I was is gone. Now I’m just a fiend, a creature stalking her in the night. Driven only by sick urges and lust.

I pull out my hard cock, above my shorts, and stroke it slowly, inches from her sleeping face. Inches from her gently parted soft lips. Obliviously sleeping.

I put my dick away and crouch down beside the bed, farther down toward the foot of the bed a bit. Carefully, I lift some of the blankets that drape over the side. I burrow my head and arms in, sliding into warm sheets. Lifting just enough to start exploring. It’s hot underneath, body heat keeping it nice and toasty. The air is tight and stuffy. My night vision lets me see perfectly. I lift gently through the silky white sheets. Until I find bare skin.

Her smooth legs are right in front of me. Tone and thin, a hint of a tan, but still pretty fair-skinned. She lays on her back, her legs comfortably spread a foot or two apart. Oh god she’s only wearing panties. The same style as the ones in the laundry room, only a pale lavender color. Low cut, a standard comfy style, elastic strap at the top. I can tell how thick her hips are. She hides it well at work, always in a slimming business skirt. But she’s nice and curvy.

I continue lower, checking more of her out, carefully lifting and sliding under the sheets. Damn, even her feet are nice. I’m not usually into feet, but she’s so pedicured and well-maintained, I have to appreciate it. Her toenails are painted a classy maroon.

From lower down like this, I can lift the blankets slightly and see straight at her crotch. That pale purple fabric tight against her pussy, the cleft of her lips is ever so slightly pronounced. Just enough to hint at what lies beneath. I breathe in the warm air under the blankets. That same floral scent that her clothes had. My cock is so hard as I savor the moment.

Her leg shifts and I freeze, wondering if the jig is up finally. I almost want it to be, I ache for her so badly. I hear her sigh deeply, still asleep.

I back out slowly and move to her husband’s side of the bed. I carefully lift the blankets and slide in, seeing how far I can take this before she realizes I’m not him. I wear his clothes, might feel similar, smell similar. My hard-on makes it awkward but I scoot slowly into bed with my boss.

I feel her shift, but her breathing hasn’t changed, still out cold. I get closer, on my side, brushing up to her arm, her hip, her smooth leg. Her head is tilted away from me and I nuzzle up to her neck carefully, my face feeling her long silky hair. I kiss her shoulder gently, breathing in her scent again. She’s so cuddly and inviting. My boner pokes her in the hip gently.

I lift the blankets to carefully inspect her. She wears a tight beige camisole, a simple nighttime tank top, with thin little lacy shoulder straps. I reach out and feel her side and belly. The cloth couldn’t be any thinner, so feminine and soft, her flesh slightly squishy underneath. She’s tone, but a tiny bit of plumpness clings onto her after giving birth not long ago. It makes her so womanly and natural.

I slide my hand up to her breasts. The top she wears isn’t meant to hold them firmly, so they hang loosely underneath, her nipples slightly visible, little bumps under the fabric.

She shifts in her sleep, turning her head toward me suddenly. She opens her eyes. Beautiful brown eyes, half asleep and out of focus. I see her perfectly, but she only sees my shape in the dark room. She leans forward and casually kisses me full on the mouth, a quick “welcome home, honey” sort of kiss. A slight wetness, her lips so plump and warm. She gave me a bit of tongue. It was just meant as a quick peck, but it was sensual and sexy. Is that just how she kisses every time? I stare in shock as she immediately rolls to her side, facing away from me, going back to sleep.

I scoot in close and wrap my arm around her, spooning her. I press my legs to hers, my belly to her back, my face buried in her thick waves of black hair. I breathe in her scent, my face enveloped. My cock rages up against her butt crack. I slide my arm under the covers, under her arm, feeling and groping and hugging her close to me. I grasp at a thick breast.

She’s bustier than she looks. At work she hides it so well in classy loose button down shirts. But up close they're so full and plump. Much more than a handful, it spills out around my hand as I grasp. She’s a taller woman, maybe 5’7”, maybe more. And while overall she gives off a “thin” first impression, she’s actually quite curvy in the hips and chest, a nice hourglass figure. But mostly it gives her a natural, nurturing appearance. You just want to grab her, hug her soft body, sink into her.

She shifts again, wiggling and grunting softly. Half asleep, trying to shrug me off, not in the mood for all this. She moves my hand away from her tit. I allow it, instead moving the hand down across her hips, feeling her up and down. I slide over her ass and squeeze a soft cheek. God damn it’s perfect. Pliable and squishy, but not too much, not fat. I slide my hand down between her cheeks, feeling the soft fabric of her panties, and the warmth of her crack. I push deeper to feel across her pussy from above the panties. Very warm, humid, almost moist to the touch. I can feel her lips and folds underneath. I inhale her neck and hair again, my cock twitching, precum wetting the inside of my shorts.

She wakes up more, turning her head back toward me a bit, “Honey, it’s so late. We can do it tomorrow night.” I don’t respond. I just slowly grind my hips, rubbing my erection on her ass, my hand rubbing at her pussy. I find her neck through her hair and kiss at her skin. The nape of her neck so soft and sexy.

“Rick…” I ignore her and gently nibble at her neck, the slightest of a bite, teasing her sensually with my teeth, feeling her pulse beating in my mouth. She inhales sharply. I lick slowly, my tongue barely touching her skin, across and up her neck, reaching her earlobe. I nibble and toy with her ear, my breath teasing her.

“Rick, it’s so late…” But she starts to give in. Her hips pressing back into me. She grinds slowly, matching my movement. I feel her hand reach between her legs and lay on top of mine as I continue to rub her panties. Her crotch is almost hot to the touch, moistening under my fingers. Her hand presses down on mine, egging me on harder.

Her breathing is getting heavy as she gyrates a bit harder, my hand moving a bit faster. I suck on her earlobe and she moans softly. The slightest bit of saltiness to her skin. God it’s so hard not to bite. I want to feast on her, rip her apart. But part of me wants to savor her, not treat her like food like I did with my other victims.

I move the crotch of her panties to the side, slipping my middle finger inside her. She lets out a surprised gasp and moves her hips harder, humping at my hand. Her pussy is drenched, she’s one of those women that really gets sopping wet. I swirl and dig around, exploring her insides. The rippled walls clenched tight around my finger. I nibble at her neck again. A swift bite of my jaw and I could be feasting, drinking her life essence. I resist. She has no idea how close she is to death, no idea who is fingering her wet cunt right now.

Another minute of this. Sticky sounds coming from beneath the blankets, my finger moving in and out quickly. Her breathing is heavy and hot. Then she starts to turn, trying to face me, ready for the next step. Before she can, I quickly dive down beneath the blankets, hiding and slinking down between her legs.

I get her on her back and roughly pull her panties down her legs. “Whoa, Rick, what are you doing?” Her sopping underwear still hanging on one foot, I spread her legs apart and lay facedown between them. Still completely hidden under the covers.

It’s so hot and humid under here. Her smell is strong and musky. A sexy feminine scent, not unpleasant at all. Just sharp and erotic. I shift my hips sideways so I don’t lay on my hard-on, and I dive face first into my boss’s wet pussy.

She gasps and laughs in surprise, “Oh my god, honey, what’s up with you tonight?” I still stay silent. Her juices are sublime, her flavor is so concentrated and strong. A sourness, but so delicious. Like a sour apple, a bit sweet. Her fluids are thin and watery, in a good way, unlike some girls who are thick and mucusy.

I lap away, digging my tongue in and swirling. Flicking through her folds. I can see perfectly under the pitch black blankets. I stare at her as I lick and suck. Her mound is covered in thick black pubes, but they're trimmed very short and shaved and cleaned up around the edges. Perfectly smooth and well-kept around the folds, but enough hair on top to give her a lovely, natural look. A mom, a wife, a real woman.

The folds of her pussy are dark, a nice brown that goes with her Mediterranean complexion. Outer lips soft and a bit puffy, so fun to kiss into. Her inner lips splay outward a bit, partially protruding outside her vagina, flowering open nicely, a bit on the thick side, but not too much. There’s so much to lap at, lick behind, nibble and bite at.

And below, her little asshole. Brown and wrinkled. Clean and hairless, but it looks extremely tight and unused.

Victoria is going wild up there, apparently not used to this. Totally shocked at my weird behavior, but not stopping me. I flick my tongue up, finding her clit. It’s a bit on the puffy side, but it matches her thicker, womanly body. Everything about her is strong and sexy and unapologetically natural.

I stick a finger inside her hole as I lick wildly. I pump my finger in and out rapidly, finding her g-spot and shifting my mouth up to assault her clit again. I inhale deeply through my nose, filling my lungs with her musk. Her breathing is husky and strained.

And suddenly she starts clenching my head between her thighs. She moans loudly, a lewd sexy outburst that takes me by surprise. I feel her insides push a bit, and get wetter suddenly. She cums hard. It didn’t even seem to take very long. She was so utterly turned on. My head pinched tightly between her thighs with my mouth and nose still pushed against her pussy, I inhale her sharp scent again, my cock raging. So spicy and erotic.

She grabs my head with both hands, running her fingers through my hair as she trembles and grinds my face, coming down from her orgasm. She grips at my hair, feeling around.

Then she stops suddenly, freezes. She grips again, realizing the hair feels strange. She tenses up and her whole demeanor changes.

“Rick? What’s-” She whips up the covers and squints down between her thighs at me. It’s dark, but she has just enough light from a street light out the window. I smile at her, showing my fangs. Just as she opens her mouth to scream, I turn and bite hard into her inner thigh next to me. High up, right near the crotch, right in the middle of her tender meat. Blood rushes into my mouth as I suck in.

The rush to my head is intense. Warm life filling my body, making me stronger. Victoria thrashes around, trying to scream, trying to get me off her. But as I’ve learned, a good first bite renders my prey immediately weak. She lets out a strained yelp, but it’s not very loud. Especially after her orgasm, she has no strength, her energy depleted. She rolls and tries to crawl away, but I hold her steady, sucking her blood from her warm thigh.

I let go, letting her claw her way to the edge of the bed weakly. She looks drugged, lethargic. My cock still rages as I smile and enjoy watching her struggle. She starts to fall from the bed and I reach out and grab her top, keeping her from falling. I pull her back toward the center of the bed. Laughing, speaking finally, “Where are you going? Where do you think you can go? Come back here.”

I straddle her, sitting on her lower back and naked butt, pinning her facedown on the bed. I feel her soft hair, and massage her shoulder and back. Caressing her, just enjoying myself. Just feeling around at my own pace, enjoying the fresh meat writhing around beneath me. And she struggles helplessly underneath my weight. Her hands claw pathetically at the blankets. Her fingernails painted the same dark red as her toes, giving her such a classy and pampered look.

I grab the duct tape from the night stand and then I shift Victoria around under me, rolling her onto her back. I straddle her hips, pinning her hands down by her sides. My cock throbs, resting on her pubic mound and lower belly. Her sweet face looks up at me in horror, tears in her pretty brown eyes, hazy and out of focus. She doesn’t recognize her old employee sitting on her in the dark. She tries to scream again, so I grip her throat and squeeze. Just enough to quiet her, not too hard. She gurgles a bit and then coughs instead of screaming out. Then I duct tape her mouth shut. I kiss her sweet face, savoring her muffled whimpers.

I reach down to fondle her breasts. Her beige camisole top is so soft and silky. A thin stretchy material hugging her snugly, covering her entire torso. Lacy shoulder straps leaving her arms completely bare. Such simple clothing, but it makes her so much sexier, teasing and hinting at what’s beneath.

I pinch at a nipple, twisting it with a bit of roughness. She squirms in discomfort as I watch a bit of wetness appear on the fabric around the nipple. My cock throbs, lifting up and patting down on her belly, precum dripping on her. Oh fuck, Victoria’s breast is leaking milk.

I dive down, still straddling and pinning her. I put my mouth over the nipple and taste. The fabric is soft and fuzzy, with a warm wetness, a sweet milky flavor. Like actually sweet, like regular milk with a bit of sugar added to it. I lick and suck, trying to get more out with my mouth. I can feel her puffy nipple underneath, and I flick it with my tongue. Her nipples seem a bit stiff, probably a lasting effect from her orgasm.

I sit upright again and reach both hands down, gripping the thin fabric of her top, right in the middle of her chest between her breasts. I pull apart savagely. RRIIIPP! It’s so satisfying, such a delicate material to tear apart. Her breasts pop out, jiggling slightly from the ripping motion. Her top is left hanging wide open, torn straight down the center. Only the very top and very bottom left intact, leaving her looking ravaged.

Her breasts are simply perfect. Plump and natural. They flop outward sideways just a bit from how she’s laying. Her skin is pale here, never seeing the sun. Sexy half-dollar-coin-sized areolas, big but the right size for her tits, a darker brown to compliment her olive skin-tone. Puffy nipples poking up a bit, one of them damp.

I dive my face down to taste all over her fleshy mounds. Her skin has the slightest sheen of sweat, just a hint of humidity from her orgasm and intense struggling. She tastes just a bit salty as I lick and suck across her breasts.

Up close I can see tiny blue veins, barely visible to the eye, even my enhanced eyes. I pause and stare at them for a moment, breathing heavily with lust, almost giving in, almost biting.

Then I move through her cleavage between her tits. She’s so warm and sensual, I have to struggle not to bite into her flesh again.

I push her tits together with my hands and slobber and suck back and forth between them quickly, then stick my nose in the squishy crack between them and inhale deeply. That floral scent again, unique to Victoria, a motherly smell that makes me feel at home.

She wiggles and whimpers beneath me as I push her tits up and slide my face underneath them to lick and inhale at her tender underboobs. The crease under her breasts, salty and warm. Then I move back to a nipple and suck aggressively.

Liquid fills my mouth, warm, almost hot on my tongue. A soft trickle deliciously spraying out in a few different directions inside my mouth. The taste is incredible. Sweet and creamy. And I quickly start to realize that blood might not be the only thing that I can feed on. It’s not the same life essence that fills me with strength like blood does. But Victoria’s milk marginally satisfies my hunger and lust. Tasting her skin is the same feeling, it lessens my extreme blood-thirst. I want to consume her, feast on every inch of her body.

I lift up off her a bit, pulling her arms above her head and pinning them down by holding her wrists tight. I duct tape them together so I can easily pin them up with just one of my hands.

I pry her knees apart and kneel between her spread legs. In missionary position on top of her, my cock slides lewdly along the outside of her pussy. Soft sticky sounds as I move my hips and grind it up and down along her folds. She’s still wet from her orgasm, her body still aroused despite her terrified position beneath a monstrous stranger.

I take in the beautiful sight beneath me. Her feet flop and kick around on either side of me. Her pale lavender panties still dangle off of one foot. Her thighs have a slight sheen of sweat, so soft and warm against my own thighs. Her pale belly and tits are naked, with her beige camisole completely ripped open. Her arms pinned above her head, wrists taped together, her armpits fully exposed. Her raven black hair spilling out wildly under her head. Brown eyes staring at me in shock and horror, mouth taped shut. Her whole body writhes around, a cute struggle that just turns me on more, makes her tits jiggle, makes my cock slip and slide over her cunt.

Still pinning her wrists up with one hand, I reach down with the other and stroke my dick on her pussy, slapping it up and down, rubbing it back and forth with a sticky sound of our juices mixing. I have to keep pushing her knees out of the way as she weakly tries closing them and attempts to roll away from me. It only adds to the enticement.

Then, glancing back and forth between her teary eyes and her wet pussy, I start pushing my tip against her opening. She mumbles and squeals complaints into her taped mouth, her eyes furious and terrified. I push more, teasing her, building up this horrible moment for her, watching her pretty eyes dart around as she realizes she’s about to get raped in her own bed by a stranger. I lean down and breathe in her neck and hair as she squirms and squeals. Her scent is so erotic. I can practically feel her pulse racing, her heart pounding blood through her body.

Then I sit upright and thrust with all my strength. Her eyes bulge and her breath catches in her throat in a sudden gasp, in utter shock. I pierce into her deeply. A rush of warmth and wetness and bliss comes over me as I sink into her pussy. Her vaginal muscles straining and pushing against the intrusion. Painful for both of us, the tightness is extreme as I force my way inside. She screams into her taped mouth, and I dive down, laying down on her, putting one hand tight over her mouth to muffle it more, still pinning her hands with my other.

I plunge deep into her and hold, buried balls-deep, just taking in the feeling. She wasn’t ready for it, I pushed way too hard, way too sudden. But she was slick enough from her orgasm not long ago that it doesn’t feel like I damaged her too badly. I lay on her, muffling her voice, breathing her neck and face. I kiss at her cheek, tasting tears.

I feel her vaginal muscles slightly stretch after a moment, reluctantly accepting me, starting to mold to my cock a bit. So I start moving in and out steadily, knowing it’s still too soon, she’ll be in pain, but she won’t be damaged. Sure enough she winces and grunts in agony. I kiss her cheek again and lick her neck, watching her eyes and facial expressions up close, savoring every feeling I’m getting out of her.

I hump my hips up and down with a steady rhythm as she still tries to push at me, roll over, close her legs, anything. All futile in her lethargic state. I feel her soft belly and breasts, warm against my chest as I lay all my weight on her.

As I pump, her grunts and squeals of pain are slowing. She still fights me, but her pussy is enduring, accepting me. I slide in and out a bit easier, her body betraying her, producing a bit more lubrication. I look at her face and she’s just staring blankly at the ceiling. She grunts with each thrust, but struggles less and less. She’s going into shock, denial about what’s happening to her. She probably can’t comprehend her situation. She must be thinking she’s dreaming, that this is only a nightmare.

I slide down a bit, still humping happily into her cunt. I bury my face into her exposed armpit, inhaling deeply. Damn, she smells good. A deodorant smell lingering, but also a bit of a sour musk of sweat. It’s so feminine though, a sharp natural smell. I lick and taste her skin, so salty. A bit of stubble from not shaving for a day or so. The ability to be as weird as I want, as gross as I want, it spurs me into a frenzy of lust. My cock throbs within her and I thrust up and down with vigor.

The hard pounding snaps her back to reality, and she realizes this monster is licking and smelling her armpit while fucking her hard. She sobs and turns her head in complete humiliation. I lick and suck at the lewd spot, trying to make her feel as vulnerable and exposed as possible.

Who would have known that my boss Victoria would have smelled and tasted so good. Every part of her soft body just breathes sexuality. I scrape my teeth down her tender armpit, just barely holding back from sinking my fangs into her sweet flesh. I continue down, my tongue flicking out and licking as I go. She squirms and whimpers, but has no idea how bad her situation really is, how close I am to just ending her. How much I have to resist the urge.

I scrape my fangs down onto her sideboob, such soft delicate flesh. She wiggles hard and I almost pierce into her. I lick and suck at her teat again, my cock starting to make sloppy squelching sounds as it churns her insides. I can bottom out completely in her, my cock plunging into her warm depths. It’s the perfect fit, like her cunt is made for me. I use her as she’s intended to be used. Such a good wife.

I slam down hard into her one last time, and then hold there, panting. I’m so close to cumming, but I want to savor this a bit more. I sit upright. Still buried in her, still pinning her arms down. My free hand caresses her now-sweaty torso. Her soft belly with a nice sexy sheen. Her cleavage with little beads of sweat. I slide up and down and around her tits, giving her a break, lovingly patting her on the belly, “That’s a good girl. You’re fucking amazing, Victoria.”

She squints at me, still not recognizing her old employee, and mumbles something, probably asking who I am, trying to plead with me. I ignore her, still holding her down. I look around the room. It’s so beautiful here. The perfect home. The perfect wife. I don’t want this night to end. I don’t want to leave back into the cold, sneaking and stalking the night for food.

I want a kingdom, a castle, a home, a family to fulfill all my desires.

I look at the open door of the master bathroom. I make my decision. The shower will make the ending easier. The cleanup quicker. I feel the relentless urge to feed, but something tells me it won’t end with that. Something inside me says everything will work out if I just follow my urges.

Victoria still sobs, looking up at me and mumbling. I just smile and then get off her. Still holding her bound wrists, I drag her as she thrashes and struggles against me. But she’s so weakened, she looks drugged. Barely able to hold herself up as I drag her off the bed by her wrists.

I pull her toward the bathroom, but she falls and starts trying to crawl away. I sigh and reach down. I whip off her little panties that were still stuck hanging around one foot. And then I grab an ankle and start dragging her by it. She slides painfully along the carpet on her back, thrashing and crying. We reach the bathroom and she flips onto her belly and grabs the door frame with both hands, desperately clinging on, trying to prevent me from pulling her in.

I shake my head and laugh, just tugging a bit harder until she pathetically lets go. She just doesn’t have the strength. I slide her along the white tile floor. God it’s such a gorgeous bathroom. Excessively large. Everything is white and pristine. A huge double sink with big mirrors above them. In the mirror, I see Victoria alone being dragged in, me completely invisible. Fucking strange. The entire corner of the room is a gigantic jacuzzi tub, with steps leading up to it and a huge ledge where you can sit on the edge of the tub before getting in. The toilet is inside it's own little closet-sized room off to the side for privacy. Then there’s a separate standing shower with glass walls on three sides, and a modern stone wall in the back.

Victoria’s sweaty body squeaks along the floor painfully as I casually walk us over to the shower. I open the glass door. Wow, it’s huge in here. Multiple spouts and knobs and shower heads that can shoot water from different angles. A stone bench seat. Plenty of safety rails for hanging onto so you don’t slip. It almost makes me want to stop what I’m doing and just enjoy a shower for the first time since my awakening. But then I look down at the sexy flesh wiggling around at my feet and my cock brings me back to my senses.

I strip naked, then lift my boss to her feet and walk us in. I turn on all the different knobs, water shooting out at us from all angles. She squeals as cold water hits her. It takes me a second to even realize what’s wrong with her, since the cold doesn’t bother me. Then I laugh as I realize I’m accidentally torturing the poor woman. But I leave the water as it is. She shakes and trembles, trying to escape back out the door, but I pull her tight, hugging her from behind. I watch her face as I force us under the icy water, licking at her neck as she gasps and shakes in agony.

I don’t even bother removing the remnants of her ripped open night shirt, letting it get soaked and stick down to her skin. I start caressing her body from behind. My arms wrapped around her, feeling up and down her wet skin. Her breasts slippery and smooth with water. Her butt is pressed tightly to my groin, my cock poking her in the asscrack, sliding in between her thighs. I grip a handful of her thick black hair and wrench her head back roughly, kissing her neck and shoulder and face. I’m loving every second of this, but she’s in a frozen hell.

Then I force her up against the glass door. The sight from outside the shower must be incredible. Her face pressed sideways into the glass. Her tits smushed against it hard. Her hands still bound, pinned down in front of her.

One hand gripping her hair to keep her steady, I reach down with my other hand and take a handful of asscheek. God she feels incredible. I spread her cheeks and pry my way to her crotch, getting my hips down lower and aiming my cock upward. It’s an awkward angle but I force it.

My tip finds her slippery entrance and I shove. She yelps with her face smushed against the glass, my cock slamming into her flesh but only going partway in. Her lips fold in on themselves a bit and block me from sliding in. And the water has washed away a bit of our lubrication. Sex in the shower is harder than it looks. But I shove again, not concerned with hurting her. She shouts again in pain as the angle is more forward than up, my cock mostly stabbing against her pussy without going in. I pull back and shove again. My dick strains but finally pops upward and slides in.

The warmth is incredible, contrasting with the icy water pouring on us. My cock is embraced on all sides by her tight clenching pussy. I sigh, it’s like sinking into a warm bath. So inviting. I lick at her turned face right in front of me as she sobs.

We stand completely vertical, her legs straight and together. My cock has to bend painfully upward to slide in and out, but it’s worth it to slap against her squishy asscheeks with my groin. The glass is sturdy, and I slam into her hard, gripping her hair to keep her pressed there. My other hand holds her hip and pulls her into me roughly. She shivers and shakes uncontrollably in the icy water.

She tries to pull away, her skin making a loud squeegee sound as it rubs against glass. I just grip her hair tight and thud her face into the glass a couple times with force until she stops struggling. The water splashing loudly as my groin slaps into her wet ass over and over.

A couple minutes of this and then I whip her around to the other side of the shower, holding her hips tight to mine, never pulling out of her. I bend her over the stone bench built into the back wall of the shower, her elbows down on it, her legs still standing, butt right in front of me. My hands on her ass, I thrust my cock in and out aggressively. She squirms but it’s no use. I just slap her ass and hold her tight by the hips.

In her weakened state after I fed on her blood, along with the icy water and the brutal fucking, it’s all too much for her. She starts to break down. She sobs and moans in anguish. Her legs start to shake violently and then give out under her, relying on me to hold her up by the hips. Her elbows collapse too. She lays flat on her forearms on the frozen stone bench, her tits down flat, her face laid down on its side. I continue pummeling her from behind, water sloshing and slapping loudly as skin hits skin.

It get’s hard to hold her up, so I grab her hair and lift her standing again, throwing her back against the glass wall. Face to face with the beauty, her body shiny and wet. Her eyes meet mine and then focus, she squints and frowns, a look of recognition in her horrified eyes. She realizes who’s been raping her, her old employee, who supposedly died.

I smile and take her bound wrists and toss them up and behind her head, holding them tightly there, her elbows pointing up. Then I lift one of her legs and prop it on the bench, opening her crotch to me nicely. I grab my cock and plunge back into her. She gasps and whimpers, just broken and struggling to stand. Face to face with my sexy boss, I kiss her cheek and watch her hazy brown eyes struggle to focus.

Holding her steady and pressed to the glass wall by her wrists behind her head, I take my free hand and slide under her propped thigh, under her thick asscheek, between her crack. To find her little brown hole. Her eyes widen in horror as I rub and poke her asshole. Still sloshing my cock in and out of her pussy.

I push my finger in hard, not letting her sphincter warm up to it. She’s extremely tight, and by the shock on her face, she’s very inexperienced and uncomfortable with this. I pop one knuckle in and she squeals and tries to kick and buck her body. I hold her steady, licking at her face as I watch her eyes, watch every pained expression as I violate her.

I want this woman. I want to keep her, be with her, collect her. And I have a feeling deep down that it’s possible. Somehow I feel like she’s not just food. I don’t know how, but my urges are pushing me onward. So I listen to them. I keep going. I give in to my bloodlust.

I can feel myself getting close. My cock throbbing inside her as I thrust into her wet cunt. Water splashing all around us. My arm up under her propped up leg, finger still in her asshole underneath. I’m so close.

I slide my face down to her neck, licking at her wet skin. Then across to lap under her raised elbow, licking her armpit lewdly. Then down to her chest and cleavage, across the top of her plump breast. Then I clamp my teeth down hard finally into her flesh. Right in the middle of her breast, fangs sinking in on either side of her puffy nipple.

Her duct taped mouth lets out a wail of anguish, utterly shocked, her whole body thrashing around weakly, trying to get away. I hump my dick in and out of her, wiggle my finger in her butt, and suck from her breast as hard as I can. Blood and milk shoots out into my mouth. Warmth and sweetness. Her life essence gushing into me. I feel strength fill me immediately. Life and power flowing through me. Her body goes limp as I pump in and out of her cunt, my cock raging like solid metal inside her.

I drink and drink, her life draining from her body as I hump her up against the wall. In my frenzy of sucking and biting, I accidentally bite my own tongue a bit. How did I do that? Did I mean to do that? I ignore it and slosh the warm fluids around my mouth, blood mixing with blood, flicking my tongue across her nipple the whole time.

I fuck harder and harder, and then one more big thrust inside her. I seize up and grunt like a beast clamped onto her tit. My cum shoots up deep inside her, spurting out against her cervix at the back. I raise my face from her breast, some blood trickling down from little holes around her nipple. I get close to her face, looking into her eyes as I continue to unload deep in her pussy. Just as the last bit of life leaves her. Her pretty brown eyes go cold and roll back a bit, and I know she’s gone.

And yet somehow I know it’s not that simple. Something important is happening.

I pump in and out of her slowly a couple more times, coming down from my intense climax, staying inside her. Then I feel warmth trickling around my groin and down my legs. I look and see piss pouring out of her cunt, splashing and spraying gently around my cock. The bladder she had been holding finally relaxing after death. I pull my finger out of her asshole, hoping the same release doesn’t happen with that. Luckily it’s clean, and I reach the same hand up under her cunt to rub around and feel the warm trickle contrasting with the cold water splashing down on us.

I stand there as everything settles, slowly sliding my cock out, laying her down faceup on the shower floor. I turn the water off, remove the duct tape from her mouth and wrists, and sit down on the stone bench along the shower wall. I stare at her, my breath slowing down. Her cold lifeless eyes. I am completely satisfied, filled with life energy, totally at peace. But alone.

And then.

Her eyes blink. She gasps loudly and sits up. Panting, she looks up at me from the shower floor. Wet and sopping.

And she smiles and says, “Master.” The first of my harem, my wife and queen, waits for her first command.


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