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This story starts out somewhat slowly, introducing the characters and giving a prelude to the situations that follow. Subsequentg chapters chronicle my downward spiral through risky and increasingly indecent sexual activities.
——————————— Part (1) ■ The New Neighborhood ■ ———————————

[ s e x u a l c o n t e n t : 2/5 ]

This is the first chapter of this 14-part story from my early twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter, I meet a few of the neighbors and realize I was surrounded by sexual opportunities of every kind.

This story starts out somewhat slowly, introducing the characters and giving a prelude to the situations that follow. Subsequentg chapters chronicle my downward spiral through risky and increasingly indecent sexual activities.

Note: Although this story is fiction, the characters and situations in this series are based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.


A few things happened in my early twenties that changed the direction I was headed in my life. My roommate had moved out of the place we were renting and the girl I was casually seeing, Denise, also lost her roommate as well, so we decided to find a place and move in together. I wasn't in love, and really didn't see us as a 'long-lasting' couple, but the finances and convenience of the situation weighed in my decision. After a lot of searching we found a nice 2-bedroom duplex pretty close to both our jobs. It was in a low-rent neighborhood but the area didn't really seem too dangerous, and the duplex was new construction and had a large single-car garage. This last part was very important to me as I was restoring an old car and needed a secure place to work on it. The garage was attached, under the main floor, close to our bedroom, and didn't have any windows, so I was confident my tools and parts wouldn't get stolen.

After moving all the furniture and clothes into the new place, the last thing was to move the half-assembled hotrod from my old garage to the new one. Running a built big-block with open headers on the drive over rattled the windows of the new neighbors, and many came out to see what the hell was going on. I met a few friendly neighbors that day, but in particular, a young kid living behind us heard it and ran excitedly around the block to see what it was. He was thrilled to see the car and hung out for hours talking to us. Danny was about 14 at the time and I got the impression his family life was rather poor. He was glued to every word I said when describing what I was doing to the car, and mentioned it was his dream to restore a car... if his stepdad ever cleaned out their garage.

Danny had long, dirty-blonde hair, and was trying to grow sideburns, but they were only fuzz at this point. Danny was a pretty good kid, and would come over to hang out whenever I was working on the car with the garage door open. He was friends with the other kids in the neighborhood, and they would often stop by and talk if they saw him 'working' with me.

Three girls in particular that Danny knew would stop by often as they walked back and forth between their houses. Up the hill, east of our place, were two sisters. Pam, the older one, was about 5'-5”, a little chubby, with short brown hair and really large breasts for a girl her age. Actually, really large breasts for a girl of any age. Her little sister, Jodi, was a little shorter in height, and much thinner. Large boobs must have run in their family, as her boobs were huge for her thin frame, especially for her age. They were both experimenting with makeup, but had a long way to go before it looked natural. Their friend, Melissa, lived on the other end of the street, west of us. Melissa was a shy, tiny girl, rather mousey-like, never wore makeup and looked like she had just started puberty. All three of them dressed in old clothes. It looked like their families weren't made of money. The old clothes looked fine on Melissa, but both Pam and Jodi were nearly busting out of their jeans, and their shirts were pulled to the breaking point around their boobs.

When Danny first introduced me to them, Pam stepped forward abruptly and thrust her hand out to shake mine. She arched her back and stuck her ample boobs out to make sure I noticed. Danny laughed when he saw this, and shook his head. I shook Pam's hand and looked down at her boobs just long enough that she noticed. Pam was rather pretty, and although she was plump, her curves filled out her body in a very good way. She was ripe for the picking, and by the way she acted I would guess she was sexually ripe in her mind as well. I wondered if she was a virgin.

Jodi, the younger sister, was much less confident, and smiled nervously as she stepped closer… obviously a virgin. "Hi Jeff, I'm Jodi." She offered her hand to me; she was trying to act mature and proper, but she hunched over somewhat to hide her breasts. I guessed they had grown a bunch in the past year and she wasn't perfectly comfortable with the changes. I couldn't guess her age, but Danny said that Pam was one grade ahead of him, and Jodi was her little sister. I did the math in my head while I held her hand, and held her gaze. Jodi was quite pretty, with full lips and huge eyes. She had a very wide smile, with a tiny gap in the middle of her otherwise perfect teeth. I looked her up and down and released her hand and admired her shape. She was slightly embarrassed at my lustful look and stepped back, looked at the ground and giggled. She then returned my look and smiled widely.

…. I need to get this girl naked

The two girls said their goodbyes and walked up the street to their friend Melissa's house. Danny told me he had known them since grade school when his family moved into the rental house behind us, and they both grew those huge boobs in the last year or two. I tried to act uninterested, but he persisted, trying to act like the man of the town. "Yeah, Pam has always had a crush on me. I made out with her a few times, and even felt those titties… but that was before they got so huge."

"What about her little sister?" I asked, trying not to probe too deeply. "Jodi? Yeah she is pretty hot, huh? I swear she was always just a shy skinny girl until last summer. Man, she really filled out. I would sure like to play with her now. But they wouldn’t know what to do… I am sure they are both virgins.”

….. I am pretty sure you are too, Danny

About twenty minutes later both girls walked back up the driveway with their friend in tow. This time they ignored Danny as they introduced me to their friend. Pam stepped up, “Jeff, this is our friend Melissa. Melissa, Jeff.”

“Hi” was all this little mousey girl would say. She looked at me with a suspicious face, like I was a child molester or something. “Come on, you said we were grabbing lunch”, and Melissa started back down the driveway. Her friends followed, but Pam and Jodi looked back at me and smiled as they walked away.

As soon as they were out of hearing range Danny spoke up, “Miss Prissy Melissy… I don’t know why they even hang out with her. She’s so uptight she’s gonna be a virgin till she’s forty. I don’t think she has ever reached puberty. She’s flat as a board.”


As time went by the girls would stop by to talk with me on their way back and forth between the houses, whether Danny was there or not, and even ‘Miss Prissy’ became more friendly. Pam and Jodi became more friendly as well, standing closer to me and laughing loudly at any small joke I made. Jodi became less shy and I noticed she would often stare at me with her wide smile when they were around. Pam often ‘needed’ to use the bathroom just up the steps from the garage, and would rub against me as she worked her way around me in the tight confines in the garage. I was usually leaning against the front fender, working in the engine bay. She always faced me as she slid past and sometimes leaned into me so her boobs rubbed across my back if I wasn’t leaning over.

My live-in girlfriend, Denise, was working full time and taking classes after work, so she was rarely home when these girls would stop by. I would close the garage door if she was home to avoid conflict.

Summer was approaching and the girls were starting to wear lighter, more revealing clothing as they stopped by. I always wore coveralls in the garage, but in the warmer weather I wore nothing but boxers underneath.

Pam continued to ‘use the bathroom’ whenever she and Jodi stopped by, and one time when she returned from the bathroom I could feel her nipples rub across my back when she shuffled past me. I turned and looked at her and could definitely see two large bumps pushing against her bra, under her thin t-shirt. Her nipples looked about the size of my thumbs. I stared at her tits long enough that she giggled and turned red in embarrassment. She covered her mouth and looked down, but her eyes landed on my crotch and stayed there. I knew my dick was starting to get hard and was pretty sure she could see the bulge in my coveralls. Still covering her mouth, she shot a wide-eyed look over to her little sister, but Jodi couldn’t see anything from where she was standing.

Jodi walked around her sister, “Can I use your bathroom?” and flashed a wide smile. Either girl could have gone around the other side of the car, but I wasn’t complaining.

“Of course… help yourself”, and waved her towards the bathroom, in front of me. I leaned against the car facing out, and my growing hard-on was pressing out on the right leg in my coveralls. Jodi faced me as she worked her way past me and my dick rubbed against her hip. She gasped and as she reached up to cover her mouth her wrist smacked against my semi-hard dick as well. She gasped again and turned and ran up the stairs to the bathroom, still covering her mouth.

I suddenly felt guilty for my lewd behavior towards this young girl, and my dick quickly deflated. I don’t think Pam realized what happened, but I was sure she would soon hear about it from Jodi.

After a bit I moved to the back of the car, outside of the garage, where Pam was standing. Pam was watching some new renters moving into the dilapidated house next door. The place next door, probably built around 1920, was nearly falling apart. It looked like a young couple and a friend helping them move. There was a rusty old Buick full of crap they were unloading, and an old Ford truck full of beat-up furniture. The guy was tall and lanky, and had a scruffy beard and long hair. The girl was a skinny little waif, barefoot, with nothing on but cutoff shorts and a bikini top. They never looked over as they unloaded their things.

Jodi came back out and grabbed her sister, “We gotta get home.” She barely made eye contact with me as they walked away, but Pam looked back and waved. Jodi immediately started whispering to her sister.

I walked back in the garage and I could hear Pam squeal, “Oh My God! No Way!” in response to something Jodi said to her.

I was somewhat relieved to hear them laughing, although I was embarrassed and ashamed as well. I walked back outside and watched them walk up the street. They were laughing and pushing each other. I wondered if Danny would hear about this.

A few minutes later Danny walked around the corner with a girl I had never seen before. “Hey Jeff, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Sarah.” He was suddenly so very formal. Sarah was a short red-headed girl with freckles and a voluptuous figure. She was a little overweight, but definitely fuckable. “Nice to meet you, Jeff.” I looked her up and down as I walked towards her to shake her hand. I thought it funny how formal these kids tried to be. “Hi Sarah, nice to meet you too,” I replied while taking her in. She was wearing tight red satin shorts and a white shirt that was stretched to its limits by her ample boobs.

..what’s with all these young girls with huge tits?

This girl couldn’t have been much older than fourteen or so. Sarah was very pale; her red shorts looking neon against her white thighs. Her wide smile revealed a full set of braces, which she tried to cover with her hand when she smiled.

I got the impression Sarah was Danny’s new girlfriend, but she gave me a definite look of ‘I want to fuck you’, and constantly stared at me as the three of us talked about the new neighbors. Danny didn’t seem to notice.

“They look like drug dealers,” Danny commented, and pointed next door. I had to admit I wouldn’t hire the new neighbors to babysit.

“They might be good people. You can’t read a book by its cover” I replied, trying to give the new neighbors the benefit of the doubt. Danny laughed, “I kinda doubt they can read at all!” This made Sarah laugh too, but she continued to stare at me.

The neighbors across the street were out on their porch watching the people moving in next door, and waved at us. Ron and Debbie had the nicest house on the block, and they were owners; most here were rentals. Ron was an engineer, kinda dorky, but a really nice guy. Debbie was an attractive brunette, worked in an office and appeared rather conservative, but I got the impression she was hiding a wild side under that façade. From what I had seen, she was a fitness nut and was in great shape. I often saw her leaving her house in running gear.

Ron walked over and said his hello’s. I made introductions and commented, “Looks like we have some colorful new neighbors.”

“Yeah… I’m going to be watching those two pretty close. We don’t need garbage ruining this neighborhood.”

I laughed at the comment and noticed Debbie was standing on their porch, leaning on the railing with a glass of wine in her hand. She was wearing a light summer dress, and the front hung down loosely as she leaned forward. She was too far away to see much, but even from a distance it looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra. She smiled and waved again as she made eye contact with me.

Danny and Sarah said their goodbyes and headed up the street towards Pam and Jodi’s house. I assumed he was showing off his new girlfriend to everyone he knew. Sarah turned around and smiled at me, with that ‘I wanna fuck you’ look. This girl could be trouble.

Ron and I talked for a while over beers, and he finally headed back across the street. I worked on the car until Denise got home and it started to get dark outside. As I was cleaning up I noticed Debbie was watching me from their upstairs bedroom window. She was still wearing her light summer dress and holding a glass of wine. The windows were pretty large and the light behind her illuminated the outline of her body. long had she been standing there?

I tried to act like I didn’t see her and walked to the back of the garage to the point where she couldn’t see my head, but my body was still in her view. I stripped off my coveralls so I was wearing just my boxers; my dick visibly hanging thick down the right leg. I grabbed my shirt from the hook and stood facing out while putting it on to make sure she got a good look, if she indeed wanted to look. I pulled on my pants, taking time to work my dick down into the right leg, and walked out to pull the garage door down. Debbie was still standing in the window, glass in one hand, the other hand pressed against the glass. I looked up and smiled, and waved at her. She waved back, and I noticed she was standing with her legs apart… I could see the silhouette of her toned thighs in the backlight. I stared at her for a moment and smiled widely before closing the garage door.


Denise and I had dinner, and she went down to the second bedroom to study. I worked on my own tasks upstairs by the kitchen for a while then went out to the front deck to have a nightcap and a smoke.

This was my favorite time of the day. I could relax and reflect on things while my thoughts were softened by a glass of scotch. The front deck was enclosed and quite private with a short pony wall railing, but I could still see a lot of the neighborhood from the second floor where I sat. Being a bit of a voyeur, this sweetened this nightly ritual even more. Our deck light was never on.

From the higher elevation I could see far into Ron and Debbie’s upper floor bedroom, and even the bathroom behind it. I often saw them walking around in their robes and getting undressed, but Ron always pulled the drapes before I ever saw anything worthwhile.

To the left of Ron & Debbie’s house was a small blue single-story rental where two girls about my age had moved in a while back. I could see them walking around in the front room, but the shades were drawn on the front bedroom. They were obviously going out tonight, judging by the tight ‘fuck me’ dresses they were wearing. I hadn’t met either one yet, but they often smiled and waved when we saw each other. They were both about 5’-5”; the blonde had big hair and big boobs, and wasn’t too bad looking either, although looked to me to be a little slutty. The brunette was thinner and more conservative, but still had that look like she had partied a lot and would be easy to get into bed. By the clothes they wore coming home from work I guessed the blonde was a waitress, and the petite brunette worked at an office. They had guys over now and then, and they were always scruffy-looking 'party-on' guys who looked unemployed.

The house next door to us where the new neighbors had just moved into was an old one-story, and they had no window coverings to speak of. I could see down directly into the front room at the front of the house. I could see they were watching TV and passing a bong between them. Their friend had left, and now it was just the guy and his waif girlfriend. He was in a robe, and she was still wearing cutoffs and that tiny bikini top.

I saw movement at Ron & Debbie's house, and it looked like they were fighting. Debbie was pacing back and forth in the bedroom and obviously yelling at Ron about something. Ron was yelling back, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. She threw a pillow at him, followed by a blanket, and pointed down the hallway. Ron picked them up and headed downstairs. A light went on in the living room.

Denise walked up to the kitchen to refill her water and yelled out to me, "I'm headed to bed. I need to get up early for work tomorrow." I waved her goodnight. We hadn't been getting along too well recently. She really wasn’t taking care of herself and our sexual activities had dropped off dramatically. We only had sex about once a month, and it wasn't that great. She seemed to always be angry about something, and her depression started affecting me. I wondered how much longer before we went our separate ways. I decided I needed a refill on my scotch.

When I returned to the deck the lights in the living room next door were out, and the two new neighbors on the couch were illuminated only by the TV. The waif had her head in the guy's lap, and it looked like she was giving him head? Sure enough, her head was bobbing up and down and I could see his robe was pulled open. He reached up and grabbed her hair and started forcing her head down harder on his dick.

I have to admit, my cock quickly got hard watching this. He was obviously getting close to shooting his load and he started really humping her head, forcing his dick up deeper into her mouth and shoving her head downwards. He was using both hands on her head, shoving her face down hard until it looked like she couldn’t breathe. She started slapping on his chest, trying to lift up her head, but he held her down on his dick as he pumped his cum into her throat. He held her down so long I was almost expecting her to pass out, but he finally released her and she threw her head up and gasped for air.

The light from the TV reflected the cum streaming from her mouth onto her chest, which was now bare. Her little tits were not much more than pointy nipples on a little boy’s body, but they looked pretty hot from where I was sitting. His dick was covered in spit and cum too, and was about average in size… about 5” long? She jumped up and grabbed a towel to clean him off.

I had pulled my dick out of my pants and was actively stroking it while watching this, and suddenly I noticed Debbie in the window across the street, watching me. I was in the shadows, but was shocked to think she might have seen me masturbating. I quickly slumped lower in the chair and covered my dick.

.. could she see me? Her bedroom lights were on, and I was in the dark, but she was staring directly at me.

She stood there in the window, wearing a thin summer robe, and continued to look my way. She put two hands against the glass to block out the reflections, and in doing so her robe fell open. Her nipples were still covered, but I could see her black lace panties and flat stomach. My dick jumped at the sight and I slowly started stroking it again, but she turned away from the window and headed to the bathroom. I guess I was more hidden in the shadows than I feared (or hoped)?

The girls in the blue house must have left when I was redirected. The house was dark.

The couple next door was on their couch watching TV. The waif had put on an oversized t-shirt. The guy took another hit from the bong.

Debbie was in the bathroom taking off her makeup. This was the first time I had seen this, as Ron had always closed the drapes. I sipped more from my glass and my erection faded, until she took her robe off and hung it on the wall. My attention was suddenly razor sharp… she bent down and pulled off her panties, grabbed some lotion from the counter and started rubbing it on her arms and shoulders. I could see her breasts from the side… they hung low on her frame and her nipples were large and dark. My dick woke instantly as I took her in. I realized that no one else in the neighborhood could see her this deep in her house, but my vantage point was perfect.

she had just been watching me. Surely she knows I can see her

She continued rubbing the lotion, down her tummy, onto her hips, and around to her toned ass. She pumped more lotion onto her hands and cupped her breasts. She rubbed the lotion into each breast, rolling her hand over the soft flesh, and squeezing them forward to her nipples like she was milking herself.

I was excited as hell watching this, and I was actually headed towards a climax even though I was barely stroking my cock.

….. she must know I am watching her

She pumped more lotion on her hands and rubbed it into her thighs and down her legs. She put one foot up on the counter and rubbed the lotion all the way down to her foot, and when she put her left foot up, she rotated towards me and I could see her fully exposed, a small brown bush between her toned thighs, open to my view. I swear I could see her lips poking out from her beaver.

….. Dammit! Where are my binoculars?

She reached over and pumped more lotion on her hands, rubbed them together, then started massaging her tits with one hand and reached down and started rubbing her pussy with the other.

….. gawd she had a hot body. Tight and fit, and her low-hanging tits… she was squeezing them and pulling on her nipples

She stuffed her fingers in her pussy, and looked up… looking directly at me. My head exploded and my cock shot streams of cum into the air- onto my shirt, in my hair, on my face.

Their front porch light flashed on and Ron flew out the front door. He looked pissed as he stormed down the steps.

…Holy Shit! He is headed straight over here!

I tried stuffing my dick back in my pants but I was still sporting full hard on- and I had cum all over myself- What The Fucking Hell! This is going to be awkward-

He hit the bottom step and turned left… to his car…

thank god

Of course- he couldn’t possibly have seen me, or even his wife in the bathroom. My heart was racing like mad however.

Ron got in his car and sped off. I looked up and Debbie was in the window watching him drive away. She had put her robe back on. She looked over towards me, but I had scrunched down in the shadows when Ron came out. She pulled the bedroom drapes closed.

I downed the rest of my scotch and went inside to clean myself off and crawled into bed where Denise was fast asleep, snoring loudly. Wrapping a pillow around my head, I thought about the day and the long summer ahead. My dick already started to get hard again.

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