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This is the third chapter of this 14-part story from my early twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter I finally meet the new neighbors and get to know the sisters, Pam and Jodi, a lot closer.
———————— Part (3) ■ Playing with Pam ■ ————————

[ s e x u a l c o n t e n t : 3/5 ]

This is the third chapter of this 14-part story from my early twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter I finally meet the new neighbors and get to know the sisters, Pam and Jodi, a lot closer.

Note: Although this story is fiction, the characters and situations in this series are all based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.


The week that followed Denise and Danny ‘cleaning the kitchen floor’ went quickly and was mostly non-eventful. Denise had classes and I had to work late many nights at the office due to a ‘huge’ job Ken landed for the company. Most nights I got home after dinner and didn’t have time to work on the car.

The weekend, however, was different. Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day, and Denise worked Saturdays. I had the day all to myself. I poured a cup of coffee and went down to the garage. Opening the garage door, I heard someone trying unsuccessfully to start a car next door, and I heard a lot of swearing. The tall scrawny guy was under the hood of their beat-up old Buick, giving directions to the waif in the driver’s seat. “You flooded it, God Dammit! Stop pumping the gas!” I watched them for a while, and after I had enough of listening to the bitching, I decided to help… good neighbor and all that.

I grabbed a can of starter fluid from the garage and walked over to their dirt driveway. I walked up on the driver’s side and must have shocked the waif, as she squeaked a small scream when she saw me.

“Im sorry- I didn’t mean to scare you… Car won’t start?”

“We got this. We don’t need any help,” she said in an unwelcome tone. The scrawny guy poked his head out from under the hood and barked at her, “Well maybe we could use some help. The car ain’t running, is it?” She let out a big huff, and looked away.

I stepped around the front of the car and held up the starter fluid, “Wanna try this? Works great if the car is flooded.” The air filter was missing so I sprayed a bunch down the carb. I looked at the waif and smiled, “Try it again.”

She shook her head in disapproval, but turned the key. After a few cranks the engine fired off.

The guy laughed, “Wow! Thanks! …I’m Cliff; you the guy next door workin on that Chevy?”

I offered my hand, “That’s me. My name is Jeff.”

“Cool… I wanna fix this up someday. A lotta people collect these old Buicks.” Cliff didn’t think of introducing me to his girlfriend.

“Looks like a fun project. Glad I could help.” I smiled again at the waif, and she flashed me a smart-ass look.

…. wonderful people; these two

I walked back to our driveway and looked up and down the street to see who was around. The blue house looked empty, and both cars were gone. Same for Ron and Debbie’s. The lady who lived on the other side of our duplex was taking out her garbage.

“Hi Marie!” I said and waved.

She was wearing a white cotton robe, not expecting anyone to see her. “Hi Jeff! Beautiful day today, isn’t it?”

“Couldn’t be better,” I replied, and walked back towards the garage.

Marie was probably in her mid-thirties, I assume a divorcée, lived alone, and had one young daughter who would visit now and then. She kept to herself mostly, although a few times her girlfriends came over and they all drank heavily and got pretty loud. Marie was an attractive Hispanic woman with big boobs and a big round ass, but it all fit her pretty well. I got the impression she hadn’t gotten laid in a while.

I decided to do some paint work on some engine brackets out in the driveway, so I could soak up the sun. I started cleaning the parts on a work blanket I laid out in the middle of our side of the driveway. In no time at all I was overheating in my coveralls, so I stripped down the top half and tied them around my waist.

Ron and Debbie pulled up and parked their car. They waved and carried some bags into their house. Ron came back out and walked across the street to talk with me. I had a quick flush of anxiety until I saw his smile as he got closer. “Hey Jeff! I can’t believe you are out working in this heat! I didn’t want to stain our deck today because it’s so hot, and yet here you are… baking in the sun.”

“It wasn’t so hot when I started, but I gotta admit it’s getting a little extreme now. I’m gonna have to head inside pretty soon.”

Debbie walked out on the porch and leaned on the railing, and smiled at me. I smiled back, but not when Ron was looking. She was wearing her standard light summer dress, with a glass of wine (Rosè?) in hand. She took a drink and looked at me as she licked her lips.

.. this woman is crazy dangerous. Flirting with me right in front of her husband?

Ron and I chatted for a bit, then I started cleaning the bracket I was working on again. I think he was waiting for me to offer him a beer, but I didn’t want to get misdirected. After a couple minutes of idle chatter, he headed back across the street. Debbie was still leaning against their railing, twirling her hair and watching me when Ron went inside. She gave me a sultry smile and waved at me again, and finally followed her husband inside their house.

The old widower up the street to the west was out trimming his yard.

I looked up the street to the east and could see the sisters, Pam and Jodi, out on their front porch looking my way. They were standing close together, and it looked like they were whispering to each other. They turned and went inside the house. I hadn’t really talked with either of them since that day Jodi accidentally rubbed against me. I wished I knew what they were talking about.

I worked baking in the sun for a while. It was really getting hot outside now, and I was fearing a sunburn. I grabbed the parts and rolled up the blanket and went inside to grab a beer. I still had work to do, but I could work on it inside the garage. There was a small alcove off one side of the garage. I popped open my beer and tried to cool off in the shade.

I worked on the parts for about 10-minutes when Pam and Jodi walked up the driveway and poked their heads in the garage.

“Hey girls! It’s nice to see you… I thought you might have moved out of town!”

They laughed and walked further inside the garage towards me. My heart nearly stopped when I saw what they were wearing. They had changed from when I saw them on their porch. I have seen ‘Sexy Halloween’ costumes that looked less extreme.

Pam was wearing a flowered mini skirt and a light blue button-down crop top. The top was thin enough that I could easily see the details of her bra underneath. Part of her midriff was showing, and the skirt was so short that I was sure she couldn’t bend over much without exposing her butt.

Jodi was wearing white shorts and a red string bikini top. Her top was too small, probably from the previous year, and the material was thin. I had noticed she had large boobs, but never saw them exposed like this. She looked absolutely naked above the waist in this top, like she was wearing only body paint. Her breasts were tapered like nosecones, full and firm, and jutting straight out from her chest. Her nipples poked forward in the material and looked about the size of my thumb, like her sister's… her areolas were also clearly visible through the thin material. They were large, at least 3” in diameter, and puffy enough that they stood out, raised from the surrounding flesh of her breasts.

..God, I need to get this girl naked.

The bikini was so small there was quite a bit of bare flesh exposed at the edges of her top; lots of side boob and under-boob calling for my attention.

I couldn’t help staring at her tits… she suddenly slumped forward to hide them.

“God, I’m sorry… you two look so hot in those outfits… I couldn’t help but stare.” I then purposely looked Pam up and down, pausing to stare at her large breasts.

.. these two girls purposely changed into these outfits to show off their developing bodies. The least I could do was compliment them

Pam was not at all embarrassed, and stepped forward to allow me a better look at her body. I had to laugh, “Damn, girl… I’m already overheating,” and smiled widely at her. When I looked at Jodi she was smiling, and had stood up straight again; those torpedoes sticking out proud and large. I took a deep breath and shook my head, smiling like they were driving me a little crazy with their bodies. They actually were though…

I grabbed my beer and took a long drink. When I looked back at them they were both staring at my bare chest.

“I’m sorry I’m half naked. I was really overheating out in the driveway.”

Pam popped in, “We don’t mind… really, Jeff,” then she laughed, “You can take the bottoms off too!”

Jodi gasped at her sister’s comment, and covered her mouth with both hands, “Oh my God, Pam…”

I laughed and looked at them with a mischievous grin, “I would be happy to… you first.”

They both giggled at this, and shot wide-eyed looks at each other.

I took another sip of my beer. “Would you like something to drink?”

Pam popped off again, “Sure! We’ll have what you’re having!”

“Your wish is my command.” I ran upstairs and grabbed two beers, and came back down to the garage. When I walked in they were whispering to each other. I walked down the stairs and handed each of them a beer. I grabbed the opener from my toolbox and went over to Jodi and wrapped my left hand over her hand holding the bottle, and popped the cap off with my right. I did the same with Pam, and noticed she had unbuttoned the next button on her top; I could now see the top edges of her bra. Pam guzzled about a third of her beer, burped rather loudly, and laughed. Jodi followed suit, but more subtlety (and no burp)… just rubbing her ticklish nose after drinking.

My dick was getting thicker from the view of these two young girls' bodies, and I could feel it pressing forward down the leg of my coveralls. I leaned back against the fender on the Chevy so the bulge down my leg would show, if they were interested in looking.

Pam noticed immediately, and wasn’t too discrete in her reaction; blatantly staring at it and gasping in her shock. She shuffled over to her sister and started whispering. I hoped they would soon need to use the bathroom, but there was too much room in the alcove at the end of the garage for any good squeeze play. I moved around to the front of the car where the space was much tighter, even tighter than around the sides, and started ‘working’ on the engine area. They would have to get past me to reach the stairs and the door that led to the bathroom.

The girls drank some more from their beers, then Pam asked to use the bathroom. That didn’t take too long…

“Sure, help yourself,” I turned around and waved the way for her in front of me. Pam shot a look at her sister, then slowly shuffled towards the stairs, squeezing between me and the wall, facing me the whole way. I stood there, my ass against the car, with my dick lewdly pushing out against the leg of my coveralls. Pam squeezed past me, blatantly sliding her naked midriff against my erection, and rubbing her tits against me as she passed. She was smiling the entire time.

She headed up the stairs to the bathroom next to our bedroom. I glanced at her ass when she reached the top step and could see up her skirt enough to see she had on white panties.

I was in the garage alone with Jodi. She smiled at me in that innocent way, and struck a slight pose for me. I looked her up and down, with a lust that I made sure she could see.

“What do you think of this heat? Are you melting yet?” I asked her and stepped closer. I held my beer out in front of her. “Do you need a little cooling down?”

..this tactic was fun with Sarah; let’s see if Jodi will play along

Jodi held up her beer, “I already have one.”

“That’s for the inside. I was talking about the outside,” and touched the cold bottle to the front of her shoulder, next to her collarbone. She shrieked and pulled away, then set her beer on my toolbox and slowly pushed her chest back out towards me. I moved the beer bottle downwards until it touched the top of her bikini top, and watched a look of concern turn into a nervous smile… then she bit her lower lip. I looked down and stared at her nipples and slowly slid the cold bottle down between her breasts. Her nipples instantly reacted, hardening and poking outwards.

“My God, you are absolutely beautiful… thank you for wearing this today.” I looked up to her face, and her mouth was trembling… she was very nervous. I pushed the bottle down further, until it slid under the string holding her small top together, and it lifted the cups of her top away from her body. Under the cups, her tan lines gave way to the pale flesh of her young breasts.

“Jeff! Are you here?”

I turned to see Danny walking up the driveway. Jodi jerked back and the bottle nearly pulled her top off. She covered herself with both hands, and ran up the stairs to the bathroom.

Danny walked into the garage, squinting and blinking from the transition out of the bright sunshine.

“Hey- What’s going on?”

I realized he didn’t see anything in the shadows of the dimly lit garage.

“Hey Danny, how’s it going?” I turned against the car to hide my erection.

“Just hanging out… enjoying the summer day. I’m headed over to Sarah’s. They put up a pool in their backyard yesterday.”

“Looks like a perfect day for a swim. Where’s your swim trunks?”

“Don’t have any. I can swim in my cut-offs”

“No… you can borrow a pair of mine. You can’t jump into their pool in dirty clothes, and besides, you need dry clothes for your walk back.” I turned and walked up the stairs into the house. Pam and Jodi were in the bathroom with the door open. Pam was trying to re-attach Jodi’s bikini top, with little luck.

“Oh, jeeze… I’m sorry. That was my fault. I’ll grab you a t-shirt you can wear.” I went into my bedroom and grabbed a shirt and a pair of swim trunks from my dresser. I handed the shirt to Jodi, “I’m sorry. I’ll buy you a new suit.”

Jodi flashed a big smile, “Really? Are you teasing me?”

“Really… Just find one you like and I’ll buy it for you.”

Pam looked shocked, “Wow! You wanna rip any clothes off of me?”

I smiled widely, “That thought has crossed my mind a time or two.” They shot each other looks of ‘shock’, then both giggled at the comment.

I walked back into the garage and realized the music playing in the garage had muffled the girl’s voices from Danny's ears. I handed the swim trunks to him.

“Thanks. Is it okay if I bring ‘em back tomorrow?”

“Sure, that works. Hey… who is the blonde I’ve seen lately in your back bedroom?”

“Oh, that’s Becky, my step sister. She’s from my stepdad’s first marriage. She’s going through a divorce so she’s staying with us for a while. She’s a fuckin nutcase. Mom’s not too happy she’s staying with us.”

I got the impression ‘Becky’ never said anything to Danny about what she saw the other night. I was somewhat relieved.

Danny headed out, “I gotta go, I’m already late. Thanks for the shorts!”

I heard the door to the garage open before Danny was even out of sight. Pam and Jodi walked down into the garage. Jodi looked around, “Did Danny leave?”

“You just missed him. I don’t think he even knew you were here.”

Jodi said “good” under her breath. I wondered what her version of their history was.

“We gotta go. We’re going up to Missy’s. We’re really late now… thanks for the beer!”

I watched their asses as they walked down the driveway and up the street. Ron and Debbie’s house looked quiet, but I wondered if Debbie saw the two girls in my garage… and if she had, if she noticed that Jodi had changed her top.

I went upstairs and grabbed another beer, and headed back to the garage.

….. I have to admit I wouldn’t be nearly so driven on restoring my car if not for the allure of girls stopping by


……………………… Pam comes back ……………………….

I played with the headlights for about half an hour when Pam walked up the driveway.

“Hi Jeff! Jodi is hanging out with Missy, but I got bored. Whatcha doin?” She was still wearing that short miniskirt and the button-down crop top. She walked straight back to the alcove where I was working.

“Well, hello Pam. It’s nice to see you again. I was worried I was going to have to play with myself this afternoon.”

Pam laughed at what I said and walked up closer to me. “It’s so hot outside… do you have another beer?”

“Here, I just opened it… but you have to promise not to tell anybody.” I handed her my beer, and as she took a drink I reached out and unbuttoned the top button on her top. “There, that looks much better.”

She just laughed and took another drink. “Anything else you want?”

I stepped back from her and slowly looked her up and down, “There’s a few things that come to mind.”

She laughed and tried to be coy, putting her hand over her cleavage like she was bashful. “Do you really like my outfit?” She put a hand on her hip and struck a flirty pose, leaning forward now so I could look down her blouse.

I laughed a little, “Yes, absolutely. You look really good in that. It accentuates your sexy figure.”

. push it a little. She’s been flirting like mad

“Get rid of the bra and it would be perfect.” I laughed a little and smiled widely to show I was just flirting.

Pam gasped, “Oh my Gosh!”, then laughed and took another drink from her beer. She walked over and slapped the fender on the Chevy. “Does this thing even run? I bet you don’t even have keys to start it!”

I wasn’t sure where she was going with this sudden change in the topic, but then she walked up close to me and thrust her hand into the front pocket of my coveralls and felt all around. This shocked me, but I realized she wasn’t looking for keys in there.

My dick was already a bit aroused, looking at Pam in her skimpy outfit, but it pumped up a bit more down my leg with this last interaction. I walked over to the front of the car and leaned my butt against the bumper. Pam was buzzing from the beer, and her hormones. She followed me over and stood at the front fender, and looked down at the bulge in my coveralls. “Can I use your bathroom?”

. damn, I knew that was coming

I waved her in front of me, but she would have to squeeze by me. This time she moved much slower, rubbing her tits on me the whole way, my semi-hard cock rubbing against her tummy as she wiggled through the tight area, and the back of her hand rubbed against my dick as she passed. She walked up the stairs and went into the bathroom.

I checked my watch; 3:14pm. Denise wouldn’t be home until about 4:40 or so. I walked to the front of the garage, looked around to see if anyone was watching, and pulled the garage door closed.

I went back to the alcove, reached down inside my coveralls, and pulled my boxers down below my dick. I moved back to the front of the car so Pam would have to squeeze past me again, but this time my cock was unrestrained under my coveralls.

Pam took longer than I expected to return from the bathroom, but when she walked into the garage my heart nearly stopped. She had taken off her bra… no question. Her thin top was not up to the task of hiding her large boobs. Her thick nipples were poking through the fabric, and she had further unbuttoned her top so there were now only two buttons holding things together.

My heart started racing watching her come down the stairs. She wasn’t hiding anything from me; she was carrying her bra in her right hand. She stopped at the bottom stair and smiled at me, but her mouth was trembling like mad. She took a pretty big risk doing this, and she was obviously very nervous. She glanced out and noticed I had pulled the garage door closed, but said nothing.

I looked down at the bra in her right hand; “Wow! Thank you! I wasn't really expecting that. Stay there… I want to look at you,” and I stepped over in front of her. Her breasts were very visible through the thin top, especially those huge nipples. Her plump boobs pressed together in the middle even without a bra. They weren’t shaped like her little sister’s, but the two shared the same nipples. I could feel a drop of pre cum drip from the end of my cock.

“Turn around”

She did as I asked without hesitation.

“Take a step up the stairs.” step up. “Another” ...another step.

Her legs were filling more of my view with each step. I wondered if she had taken off her panties as well.

“Another… one more… Stop.”

She was one step down from the small landing in front of the door into the downstairs hallway. Her ass was at eye level now and I could almost see up her short skirt.

“Can you reach forward and check if the door is closed?” My lewd request was obvious to both of us, but she did as I asked. She leaned forward and tried to reach the door handle, but she nearly fell over. She caught herself with her left hand landing on the floor, and stretched further to reach the handle with her right. Her skirt rode about half-way up her ass. She was still wearing her white panties, but the view was hot as hell regardless. I would guess her weight gain had just occurred in the past year? The pale skin on her thighs was taught and smooth, and what I could see of her ass was smooth as well. No cellulite, no wrinkles… just a young, plump, round ass. She had just ripened at this young age and was prime for the picking.

“Thank you for checking that.” She certainly knew I asked her to do that so I could look up her skirt, but I wanted to give her some excuse. It seemed like she was enjoying flashing me as much as I was enjoying watching her. We were both playing a game that this sexual flirting was all legitimate.

She turned around and I stared lustfully through her thin top at her breasts, “Come back down here.”

She slowly stepped down the stairs, and the last step down landed her tight up against me. She could have stepped off to the side, but she chose to smash up against me… I looked down her blouse at the top of her breasts, and could feel her soft tummy push up against my dick. We stayed like that for a moment, and I flexed my dick so she could feel it push against her, then I shuffled sideways into the alcove. I reached up and grabbed the pipe I installed across the opening for chin-ups. Pam walked over and stood in front of me. I swung from the pipe and asked her, “Are you still looking for those keys?” Pam smiled and looked down at the bulge down the right leg of my loose coveralls. She stepped closer and quickly shoved her hand into the right pocket of my coveralls and felt around. That pocket was pretty shallow though, so she came up empty.

She pulled her hand out and stepped back, then lurched forward and grabbed the sleeves I had tied around the waist.

“Whoa, slow down girl! What is it you’re looking for? I don’t think it’s my keys!” I hung there on the bar as she tugged on the knot at the waist. "I think you would have more luck looking in the other pocket." She let go of the knot and looked at me, then shoved her hand down my left pocket and felt around.

"No... not those. Try the opening on the side." My coveralls snapped together down the sides, down below the pockets. She looked at the side and saw the opening, then slowly reached out and slid her hand slowly into the opening. I felt her warm hand touch my bare hip, and she jerked it back. I don't think she was expecting me to be naked under my coveralls.

She had a shocked, but excited look on her face as she slowly slid her hand back inside and felt around. I just hung there and watched her explore. I felt her hand reach further down and she let out a small gasp when she felt my pubic hair at my groin. Her hand jerked back and she stopped for a moment, but then she slowly pushed it down further until her fingers bumped against the base of my cock. Another gasp. My cock was hard and trying to lift upwards, but was held down by the leg of my coveralls. She stared at the bulge and felt down further, lightly touching the shaft, then reaching her fingers around and grabbed the full thickness at the base.

She let out a small shriek and quickly pulled her hand out. She stepped back and covered her mouth, glancing up at me with a shocked look in her eyes.

"I'm sorry. Did you find something you weren't expecting?" Her gaze fell back to my right leg. I flexed my cock to make it jump, and she gasped again.

"Haven't you ever touched a guys dick before?"

Pam dropped her hands a little from her mouth and gave a nervous laugh. "No... not really. I've seen my little brother's, but it was tiny... well, I mean compared to yours." She stood there, staring at the outline of my dick, then dropped her hands from her mouth. "Show it to me."

"Oh... well.. maybe if you show me what's under that top, I could pull it out for you."

..... I was being way too lewd with this young girl, but my heart was beating through my chest from my excitement, and my nerves

"Unbutton your blouse. I want to see those beautiful tits of yours.”

She hesitated, then reached up and unfastened the last two buttons on her blouse and it fell open, but it still covered her nipples. "Open it up... I want to see more."

She looked at me and grabbed the sides of her blouse and pulled them apart, fully exposing her huge breasts.

God... her nipples were unbelievable. The size of my thumb, sticking out hard, and surrounded by huge pink areolas. I dropped my right hand from the bar and reached down into the opening of my coveralls, pulled my cock upright and started stroking it inside my coveralls.

"Wow… your breasts are amazing… Lift your skirt. I want to see what’s under your skirt."

Pam was obviously very nervous, but she reached down and lifted her flowered skirt. Her white panties covered her entire bikini area and a little ways up her tummy.

I let go of the bar and walked over to her, still stroking my cock in my coveralls. She was still holding up her skirt. I reached forward with my left hand and pulled the waistband of her panties towards me, and looked down inside. I could see the top of her beaver, which was smaller than I expected, considering the size of her breasts.

I pulled my right hand out of my coveralls and grabbed her panties with both hands and jerked them down to her knees. She gasped, but was still holding her skirt up for my view. Her thick labia stuck out from the hair surrounding it. I reached out and slid my hand down over her round little tummy, and down to her pussy. She was breathing loudly through her open mouth, and her hands holding her skirt up were shaking a little. I slid my fingers down over her meaty lips and pushed a finger into a very wet pussy.

Pam took a deep breath, then actually squatted down slightly on my finger. I grabbed her right breast and pushed her back against the car fender, forcing her to lean back further. Her blouse fell to the sides and I leaned forward and started sucking on her left nipple while groping her right. The feeling of her huge nipple in my mouth was crazy, and it grew even larger as I sucked on it.

I was handling her rather roughly now, but my lust had taken over. I stuffed a second finger up into her pussy and started aggressively fucking her virgin hole with my fingers, and rubbing the front of her meaty pussy with the palm of my hand.

Pam was panting loudly and humping my hand… she seemed to be loving my rough touch, I raised my hand against her, pushing fingers into her pussy so deep I was nearly lifting her off her feet, and roughly mauled her breasts.

After a few minutes of mauling this plump young girl she started really humping my fingers. “Oh God… Jeff…. oh my God!” Pam’s body was shaking as she started to climax. She bucked against my hand and I felt the feeling of her thick pussy slowly change. Still dripping wet, but more swollen and watery. I backed off my fingering a bit, letting her back down on her feet, but she was still humping my hand. “Don’t stop… that feels so good…”

… could fuck her right now…. ram that thick cock of yours deep into her virgin pussy… she is primed and ready

I realized I was taking advantage of her passion. I didn’t want to take her virginity from her. She needs to meet a boy her age and go through the clumsy rituals like a young girl should.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and stepped back from her.

She leaned forward from the car, breasts still exposed, panties down around her knees, her fat pussy wet and leaking down her legs. She was smiling wide-eyed, still high on the sexual feelings, and she wanted more. She lunged forward and grabbed at my coveralls, trying to untie them and get to my dick.

“Pull it out! I wanna see your… your dick… show it to me!”

My cock was still hard as a rock and I was horny as hell. “You have to promise not to tell anyone. I mean ANYONE, not even your sister. Don’t write about it in your diary, don’t tell God about it in your prayers.”

“I promise,” she said lightly, but she was drunk with lust.

“I mean it! We could both get in a lot of trouble!”

“Okay! Okay! I get it! My dad would kill me too! I won’t tell anyone… ever!”

I reached down and untied the sleeves from around my waist. The coveralls dropped down a little, but stopped on my erection, leaving me exposed down to my pubic hair.

Pam knelt down in front of me and started tugging on the zipper.

The sound of footsteps climbing the stairs to the front door slapped us both to full attention.

“FUCK! Denise is home!” I sputtered out and pulled Pam to her feet. I reached down and grabbed her bra from the floor and threw it to her. Pam hastily pulled her panties back up and ripped her blouse off, scrambling to put her bra back on. I quickly pulled my coveralls up, threw my arms in them, and buttoned up the front faster than I ever had before.

We could hear the front door slam, and Denise’s footsteps as she walked inside.

Pam had managed to get her bra back on, but was still scrambling to button her blouse back up. I threw the garage door up, but stopped her from walking out. “I’ll go upstairs and make sure she isn’t looking out the front. You wait a bit before you leave, okay?”

Pam nodded. Her face was red and filled with fear, but I thought that was a good thing, considering the situation.

I tried to calm my racing heart, grabbed a work towel to cover my erection, and walked into the downstairs hallway. “Is that you?” I yelled upstairs (like who else would it be?).

Denise yelled back, “Yeah, he let me off a little early. Whatcha been doing?”

I yelled up from the bottom of the stairs, “I was just sanding on some parts. How was your day?”

“You sound out of breath. The day was okay…”

She started telling me about a rude client, but I wasn’t hearing what she was saying as I walked upstairs. My heart was still beating like mad over nearly getting caught. I glanced out the front and could see a flash of Pam heading up the sidewalk. I walked up to the sliding glass doors out to the deck and looked out to see if anyone might have been outside and watched the escapade that just occurred. No one was outside that I could see.

“I don’t know how you deal with some of those people,” I replied, trying to stay in her conversation.

“I’m jumping in the shower. I’ll be up in a bit.”


……………………………… later ……………….………………………

I poured my glass of scotch and headed out to the front deck. Though the sun had set, it was still pretty warm outside. The neighborhood was quiet, but lights were on in every house I could see. It was Saturday night, and the girls in the blue house had some friends over. They were drinking and laughing and looked to be having a pretty good time. Some of the friends looked pretty hot from where I was sitting. I thought about walking over and joining the party.

….. Jesus, Jeff, get your shit together …I nearly got busted molesting a young girl that could land me in jail, and I’m still a raging hard on? I’m gonna screw up here somewhere, and I will be pretty well fucked

Cliff and the waif were on their couch watching TV and hitting the bong, as usual. It looked like Cliff had his hand down her shorts.

I thought about the day and what happened with Pam. I didn’t intend on doing that, but she was flirting with me… and those amazing tits… those huge nipples… on such a young girl… FUCK! My dick started getting hard again just thinking of it. My thoughts drifted to Jodi, who has been my number one fantasy for masturbation for the past month. God… I HAVE to get that girl naked.

The upstairs light went on at Ron and Debbie’s house, and Debbie walked into the bedroom. She walked over and peered out the window, looking over in my direction, but I don’t think she could see me in the shadows. She turned from the window and walked back into their bathroom. She peeled her dress off and started her nightly routine applying lotion. I watched her rub lotion into her arms, shoulders, breasts… Ron walked into the room and pulled the drapes.



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