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This is the fifth chapter of this 14-part story from my early twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter, I get a back rub from Jodi and fulfill some inappropriate fantasies.
—————————— Part (5) ■ Jodi’s Massage ■ ——————————

        [ s e x u a l   c o n t e n t :  3/5 ]

This is the fifth chapter of this 14-part story from my early twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter, I get a back rub from Jodi and fulfill some inappropriate fantasies.

Note: Although this story is fiction, all characters and situations in this series are based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.


Two weeks passed before I saw anything worthwhile in the neighborhood. I was kind of relieved, since I was going through a bit of self-loathing and paranoia over the recent events. 

I saw the waif a few times working in their yard, weeding the nasty flowerbeds along the side of their house. She was always wearing an old string bikini top and ratty cutoffs. I saw her and Cliff, most every night watching TV. She often looked up to where I was sitting on the deck, but I tried to stay in the shadows. 

I saw Ron and Debbie fighting a few nights, and could sometimes hear them yelling at each other. Ron always threw the drapes closed before Debbie got undressed. 

Pam and Jodi walked past the duplex often, but I never actually talked with them until that Friday afternoon. I had left work at noon since I had put so much time in earlier that week. I was in the garage working under the car on the exhaust. I heard the sound of flip-flops slapping up the driveway, and Jodi’s voice as she walked into the garage, “Hey Jeff! Whatcha doin’?”

I slid out under the side of the car to see Jodi’s beautiful tanned legs, followed by a short blue skirt, smooth bare tummy, and a striped tube top that could barely contain her breasts. She looked down at me and giggled… my face must have shown my ‘approval’ of her outfit. From my position I could see a little under her skirt, and a bit of her breasts under the tube top. This top may have fit her fine in previous summers, but the ribbed material was now stretched thin around her full breasts. 

….. she must have snuck out in that outfit before her parents came home 

“Jodi! What a wonderful surprise. It seems like forever…”

“I know! Have you forgotten about me?”

I laughed, “Not possible. In fact, I think you’ve been on my mind a little too much,” and slowly looked her up and down. She giggled again, “so… whatcha doin’?”

“I’m trying to get the exhaust hooked up. Could you do me a favor and hand me the pry bar in the bottom of the toolbox?” 

….. I didn’t really need the pry bar, but I really needed to see more of those tanned legs

Jodi turned around and bent over to look in the toolbox. Her short skirt hiked upwards as she bent over, showing the tops of her thighs just below the curves of that perfect ass I saw in the dressing room. 

“In this drawer? I don’t see anything.”

“No, it’s in the open part in the bottom.”

I expected her to squat down, but she just reached down further, and her skirt hiked up more, to the point I could see her panties and a bit of her little round butt. The thick folds of her labia were showing through her thin white panties. 

“I still don’t see anything.” 

….. she must realize I’m looking up her skirt

“Well, I do… I think I see heaven.”

She stood up quickly and spun around, reaching around to pull her skirt closed with one hand, and covering her mouth with the other. 

She laughed under her hand, “Oh my gosh, Jeff!”

“What? I was talking about the blue pry bar on the right.” 

She looked around and pointed, “That thing?”

“Yeah, it’s made by Heaven Tools.” (total bullshit)

She looked back at me, still covering her mouth, a bit embarrassed, “Oh, I thought…”, then spun back around and squatted down and grabbed the tool. 

When she handed it to me she was smiling widely, and was slightly flushed from embarrassment. 

“Thank you!” I played a little under the car, then pulled myself out from under the car and leaned up against the fender. 

Jodi put her hands behind her, and arched her back to call attention to her breasts, “I’m sorry I didn’t see that ‘heaven tool’ thing.”

I laughed at her words, “Don’t be sorry… I’d be happy to show it to you anytime you like.”

She glanced at me with a confused look on her face, then finally thought about what she said, gasped and threw both hands over her mouth. She started laughing, “Oh my gosh,” and her eyes glanced down at my crotch. 

I pulled myself to my feet, a little stiff from twisting around under the car, “Ouch!”

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine… I just have a kink in my back. I think I pulled it wrenching on the exhaust.” I rubbed my neck and walked over to my toolbox and grabbed a small pipe and lighter from the top drawer. I lit the flame and took a toke, “This should help me relax.”

Jodi looked a little shocked at first, but stepped forward and grabbed the pipe when I offered it to her. She lit the flame and took a long drag on the pipe and tried to hold it, but quickly started coughing. I reached out to take it from her, but she lit it again and took another toke, albeit smaller than the first time. 

“You might want to take it easy with that… it’s pretty potent stuff.”

She finally exhaled, “I’m okay… I’ve done this before,” but started coughing again after holding it in for a bit. She hit it again before putting the pipe back in the toolbox. 

“I’d like a beer. Would you like to join me?”

“Beer? Can I? …I would love to!”

I walked up the stairs from the garage and held the door open for her. She walked through and I followed her up the stairs to the kitchen, watching her legs and ass the whole way. The backside of her toned thighs disappeared up her skirt, which was inching up a little with each step. I lusted to reach forward and lift that skirt… 

Jodi walked across the kitchen and looked over to Danny’s house. I walked over beside her, and washed my hands in the kitchen sink. 

“Who’s that blonde girl at Danny’s?”

I looked over and the sliding glass door was open to the back bedroom, Danny’s step sister pacing inside, talking on a phone. 

“I think that’s Danny’s step sister. He said she was staying with them for a while.”

“She looks pretty.”

I looked again and had to admit she looked pretty hot. She was wearing a short green dress that showed off her thin frame. Her legs looked especially nice in this outfit. She was still pacing back and forth. 

“She looks angry,” I said to avoid admitting I noticed how attractive she was.

I dried my hands and walked over to the fridge and opened the door. My neck pinched when I bent down to grab the beer, “OUCH! Dammit…”

“What? Are you okay?”

I pulled out two beers and carried them over to the sink. “I’m fine. It’s just that kink in my back. It’ll work itself out.” I popped off the caps and handed her a bottle. She took a long drink, then rubbed her nose with the palm of her hand, “That tickles!”

I laughed, “Beer isn’t supposed to tickle. Maybe you are just extremely ticklish?” I looked her up and down, staring lustfully at her legs and exposed tummy. 

She smiled at my comment and stepped back, “Don’t you dare!”, then started laughing, “You’d hurt yourself trying with your bad back!” She continued laughing for quite a while, and when she finally controlled it down to a giggle she rubbed her temples and mumbled, “wow.. I think I got a buzz.”

“Just so you know, I don’t have a bad back… it’s just a temporary kink,” I replied, somewhat dejected.

She took a step closer to me, “I could give you a back rub! Maybe work out that kink?”

…… my heart rate jumped just hearing her say this

“I would absolutely love that!” 

I looked at my watch, “We should have enough time for a back rub” (before Denise gets home). I smiled at her and tried to read on her face whether she realized how inappropriate it would be for her to be giving me a back rub, especially in what she was wearing. She just smiled. 

“Yeah, I can’t stay too long. I need to get back home and change. I mean… I need to do some stuff before dad gets home from work.”

….. she wore that revealing outfit just for me. Her dad would probably ground her if her saw her in it. He’d probably shoot us both if he saw her giving me a back rub

I walked to the living room and turned on the stereo, and put in a Pink Floyd tape. I set my beer on the coffee table, and laid face down on the carpet. Jodi followed me and set her bottle on the table beside mine, then picked mine up and took a long drink. I looked at her bottle and was surprised to see it empty. 

I folded my arms up and rested my head on my hands. I couldn’t see her like this, but I felt her knees hit my sides as she straddled me, and set her ass down on my butt. She started massaging my lower back, and up to my shoulder blades. She was actually pretty good at back rubs, and I relaxed at her touch. 

“That feels good… Can you scoot up a bit? Rest your weight on my lower back, and rub my neck and shoulders… that’s where it hurts.”

She lifted her butt up off me and scooted forward on her knees. When she sat back down on the small of my back I immediately felt the heat from her pussy through my coveralls. I thought about her spread legs pushing that short skirt upwards on her thighs, and felt my dick getting hard. 

“I’m sorry, Jodi… you shouldn’t have to deal with my dirty coveralls. Let me slide them down to my waist… is that okay?”

She hesitated for a moment, “Um… they’re not really… um… sure, that would be better!” She lifted herself up and let me raise up. I pulled my arms out of the sleeves, and unsnapped the coveralls down to my waist.

Jodi reached down and grabbed my beer from the table. When she was taking a drink I shoved my hands into the openings in the sides of my coveralls and pulled my boxers down over my dick. I quickly pulled my hands back out and grabbed the sleeves and tied them around my waist. I don’t think she noticed what I had done. 

I laid back down on the carpet, and worked my coveralls down past my waist until they were just covering my ass. Jodi straddled me again and gently sat down on my bare back. 

….. I swear I could feel every fold of her pussy on my back …her thick lips squished out on my bare back like she was naked …the heat radiating from her labia was intense

She started rubbing my shoulders and my neck, and I felt her lips move on my back as she leaned forward. 

“Mmmm… you really give a great massage. That feels really good…”

She rubbed my neck for quite a while, then I turned my head to the other side, and moved my arms down on either side of her legs. I reached up and ran my hands up her ankles, “You feel really good too.”

Jodi just laughed, and continued to massage my neck and shoulders. She didn’t move my hands, so I continued to feel up and down her ankles and legs. My dick was getting pretty hard, but the floor kept it from lifting up. 

“I like the warmth of you on my lower back… can you rock back a little?”

She stopped and started laughing again. “I’m sorry… I got really high off that stuff.”

“Sorry… that is really strong bud. Just close your eyes and listen to the music.”

She went back to rubbing my shoulders. After a bit she started rocking gently on my back to the music.   The bud was intensifying my thoughts as well, and they were focused on the feeling of Jodi’s pussy rocking on the small of my back.  I could feel the heat from her thick lips, and they seemed to be swelling up even more as time went on. 

“That really feels good… How are you doing?”

“Good… I’m feeling… this is nice.”

She was rocking harder on my back now, and I was massaging her legs… as best as I could in my awkward position. My dick was really uncomfortable at this point though, still stuck downward. 

“Can you lift up for a moment? My sleeves… the knot is starting to dig into me.”

“Huh? …oh, sure.”

Her weight lifted from me, and I reached down underneath and struggled with the knot for a bit, then finally twisted around so I faced up. Jodi was above me, straddling my chest, looking down at me with a dazed smile. 

She looked amazing… her hair hanging down around her sweet face, her breasts jutting out from her chest, stretching that tube top out enough that I could see up underneath it in the center. I looked down and reached between her legs to untie the knot. Her spread legs had lifted her skirt up enough that most of her panties were exposed to my view. 

I pulled the knot apart and reached down further and unsnapped two more buttons on my coveralls, and pulled my dick up from down the leg. Holding the center together with one hand, I pulled the sleeves away with the other. I overlapped the opening to cover my cock, and pulled my arms back out from under her, lightly grazing her crotch with my forearm as I did so. Her panties felt damp.

I laid my arms on the floor above my head and gazed at her. My God, she looked so sexy right there… 

“I like this view a lot better. God… you are so pretty.”

“You really think so? I… I feel kinda self conscious right now.”

“Absolutely… absolutely gorgeous… just close your eyes again and listen to the music.”

She closed her eyes and slowly sat back down on me. When she landed on my dick she stopped, and opened her eyes with a surprised look. She looked down but the coveralls were still covering me. She glanced back at me looking worried. I reached up and grabbed her hands and pulled them to my chest. 

“Just close your eyes and relax… rub my chest.”

She closed her eyes again and her body slowly relaxed down on top of me… down on top of my hard-on under the coveralls. I immediately felt the heat from her, even through the coveralls. 

I ran my hands up her arms and started rubbing her shoulders. I could see the stress leave her face, and she started massaging my chest. I massaged her shoulders, then slid my hands down her back, over the back of her tube top, and down over her ribs to her hips. 

I watched her face as I did this and she was obviously enjoying it. Her eyes were still closed and her mouth dropped open slightly. I ran my hands down her thighs and back up, softly pushing her hips, and pulling them back gently to the music. 

“God, that feels good… you are so sexy… your body is unbelievable…” 

Her face smiled ever so slightly as I said this, and she started rocking gently to the music. I ran my hands up her sides again to her shoulders, and started moving my hips against her movements. When I slid my hands back down to her sides, I tried to work down her tube top slightly, but it was so tight around her breasts it was stuck in place. I slid my fingers up underneath it on her back, rubbed her back for a while, then pulled her top down a little bit when I pulled my hands downwards to her sides. 

Jodi was rocking her hips harder now, grinding her crotch down on my dick, and the feeling was working on both of us. 

“God… that feels so good, Jodi… keep doing that…”

I slid my hands down to her thighs and massaged her legs, down to her knees, and back up under her skirt, and back down. I slid them back up and ran my hands along the inside of her thighs and brushed my fingers against her crotch. 

She seemed to be locked in a daze, lightly panting through her open mouth, and dry-humping my cock more aggressively. I slid my hands down between her thighs, grabbed my coveralls and pulled them open a little each time she rocked backwards. Glancing down I could now see the head of my cock sticking out under her panties. Jodi had her eyes closed and didn’t seem to notice, so I pulled them open further, until my coveralls were pulled aside, my bare cock rubbing against her panties. 

….. FUCK! Her thick lips wrapped around my shaft through the thin panties… they were wet and the heat from her fleshy pussy enveloped the shaft of my cock. 

I don’t think Jodi knew what I had done in her stoned state of mind… she didn’t realize what was actually happening. She continued to ride me, and the lube soaking through her panties made it easier to slide her crotch further up and down my shaft. 

I ran my hands up from her thighs to her stomach, then worked them up under her tube top to her full breasts. She didn’t stop me… she just panted harder and ground her pussy harder up and down my cock. 

Her breasts felt amazing… I had been masturbating for months thinking about these plump tits and huge puffy nipples on this thin young girl…

I pulled her down to me and kissed her. She returned the kiss passionately, covering my mouth with her full lips, sucking on my tongue and sliding her thick tongue deep into my mouth. 

….. everything about this young girl was sexual. Her lips, her tongue, her breasts, her thick labia… it was all overdeveloped… this girl was put on this earth for sex… I simply had to fuck her

She continued to hump me, and I pushed my cock harder against her. She was smothering me with her hungry kisses… my face was covered in her saliva, and my cock was covered in her lube.  I grabbed her tube top and pulled it down off her breasts. 

I grabbed her breasts and started squeezing and groping her… totally drunk with lust. My head was spinning and I could feel my climax quickly building… I wanted this to last, but Jodi was humping my cock harder and harder, sliding those swollen lips up and down the full length of my shaft. I couldn’t stop it. 

She pulled her mouth off of my face, and started to climax, “oh god… oh god… Oh GOD!” She was grunting and her humping changed to convulsions, her body shaking and slamming against me. 

I grabbed her arms and pushed her back… I had to see her bare tits... those fucking amazing tits.

Large full tapered breasts… jutting out from her thin body… huge nipples, about the size of my thumbs. Flawless puffy areolas covered the front half of each breast, the pink skin slightly proud of the light flesh surrounding them. They were shaking around and jiggling as she climaxed.

Jodi was breathing heavily through her open mouth, eyes closed. I grabbed her hips and roughly shoved her body up and down my cock, and watched her amazing breasts bounce around as my head exploded. 

“Oh... Jesus! ...I’m Cumming!!” My cock shot the first load onto my chest, and I kept thrusting Jodi’s body up and down on me like a rag doll. “OH!! FUCK!!!” Thick ropes of cum sprayed again and again all over my chest.

Jodi shrieked and threw her hands over her mouth. She had abruptly woken out of her sexual daze and was staring down at my bare cock as it shot more loads onto my chest. I let go of her hips and she shoved her body backwards to my legs, staring at my cock as it kept pumping the last of my cum onto my stomach.

"Oh My GOD! ...did we ...GOD! ... did we do it?" The shocked look on her face showed she was truly frightened.

"Jodi! NO! Look, you still have your panties on!"

She lifted her skirt and saw her panties, although completely soaked, were still intact. Her hands dropped from her face and she tried to smile, but was still very nervous. She was still staring at my cock, "How did you.. what happened? Why are you naked?"

"I'm not naked. We both just got a little over active and my coveralls slid down. Are you okay?"

Jodi just nodded her head, then reached out and lightly touched my cock. It jumped when she touched it and squeezed out a few more drops of cum... she jerked her hand back.

"It's okay, Jodi... it won't bite." She glanced up at me, then looked back down and reached out again, running her fingers up and down the shaft, and finally wrapping her hand around it and squeezing. She slowly moved her hand towards the head, milking out another drop onto my stomach. She jerked her hand back to her mouth again, this time splattering some of the cum onto her cheek, making her laugh.

"Oh my god... I didn't think it would be... I never..."

"Jodi, you are amazing. I couldn't help myself... thank you… I hope I didn't hurt you."

She didn't respond. She just leaned forward and reached out again to grab my cock. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open. She looked like she had just seen Disneyland for the first time.

"Do it again! I want to see it squirt again!" 

I laughed at her innocence. 

Suddenly her head jerked up and looked around, "What time is it? Dad's gonna be home soon! I gotta get back before he gets home!" Jodi jumped up off me and yanked her tube top back up over her tits. 

I just layed there on the floor, my coveralls down, dick fully exposed, and covered in cum. Jodi ran down the stairs and I heard the door into the garage slam. I got myself to my feet and waddled over to the kitchen sink to clean myself off. I scooped up as much cum as I could with my hands, then wiped up the rest with a paper towel, and pulled up my coveralls. As I snapped up the front I looked out and saw Danny's sister looking up at me from her bedroom. 

I laughed in embarrassment, shook my head and waved at her. She smiled widely and waved back.

I didn’t think she saw Jodi earlier, but what she just saw made me laugh again. I could see she was laughing too, then she turned around and shook her ass at me. I clapped my hands to applaud her, then blew her a kiss and turned around to clean things up before Denise got home. This blonde looked pretty damn hot in her skirt, but I thought it would be best to avoid her.

  …then why did I blow her a kiss?


............................................... later…………….................................

I closed the sliding glass door behind me and sat down in the patio chair on the deck. Denise had gone to bed a bit earlier, after a relatively conversation-free evening. 

Denise and I were only having sex every few weeks, and hadn’t had any great sex with her since the role-playing on the kitchen floor. I thought about our shaky relationship and whether my wandering eye and lust for young girls was causing the problems. 

I am pretty certain it wasn’t helping. 

Or maybe she’s been fucking Danny? The thought made me more curious than jealous. 

Ron and Debbie were fighting again. I could see them yelling at each other in their kitchen. 

Cliff was drinking a beer and watching TV next door, but I didn’t see the waif anywhere. 

The blue house was dark except the porch light. Of course the girls were out… it is Friday night. It had been weeks since Denise and I went out partying on the weekend. I needed to talk to Denise about getting together with some friends soon. 

I thought about Jodi, and what happened today. I definitely took advantage of her innocence. I got this young girl a little drunk and a lot stoned, then I groped and molested her. She was a sweet, naive virgin, but was a very sexual being… puberty had hit her like a brick and she was growing up way too fast. I was definitely not helping. 

The image of her amazing breasts bouncing around as I shoved her flailing body up and down my bare cock broke through my feelings of guilt… my dick started to get hard. …of course. 

A car pulled into the dirt driveway of the blue house across the street. I stood up to get a closer look, and wrapped my robe tighter around me to cover my partial erection. It was the brunette, Carly. It looked like she was just getting home from work. I watched her get out of her car, and she must have noticed me. She stopped for a moment and looked up my way, then turned and walked up to their front door. I watched the lights go on inside the house and Carly walked into the kitchen. 

When I turned to sit back down on the deck chair, the waif had joined Cliff on their couch. She was staring straight up at me. Evidently the flash from my lighter caught her attention as well. I remembered ass-fucking her skinny little body and shoving my cock deep down her throat… my dick quickly stiffened further and popped up through my robe. 

…… Jesus, Jeff, maybe you should ask a doctor for something that would kill this sexual addiction you obviously have. Sooner or later you’re gonna get caught… land in jail… get an STD…or get shot…

The bedroom light went on in the blue house and the brunette walked over to the window and looked over my way. She stood there for a moment, then dropped the blinds. I was momentarily disappointed, but once they were fully lowered I could see the slats were angled to block the view from the street, but I could see through pretty clearly from my higher elevation. She walked back to her closet and started taking off her clothes. 

This scene triggered the voyeur in me and threw a rush of adrenaline to my head. I started stroking myself watching her disrobe until she got down to her black bra and panties. She turned towards the closet and pulled off her bra, then wrapped herself in a robe. 

…well, shit 

I sighed and took a draw from my scotch, then saw a flash of skin from the waif’s house. She was walking around naked, on the far side of Cliff, who was mostly ignoring her. She reached down into his robe and was trying to wake-up his junk. She reached up and pulled on her nipples with one hand, then rubbed her pussy with the other. She was putting on a show for her boyfriend, but she kept glancing out the window towards me. 

I stood up and walked closer to the edge of the deck, where the street light should have illuminated me enough for the waif to see me. I took a long drag on my cigarette to make sure.

She smiled my way and started fingering herself. Her boyfriend was barely paying attention, but he had pulled his dick out. The waif pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sucked on them… still staring in my direction. My cock was fully erect and sticking out my robe, but it wasn’t visible behind the short railing wall on the deck, at least not from below. 

I looked around the neighborhood to see if anyone was watching, pulled a few times on my cock in hopes the waif could see, then sat back down in the deck chair. I certainly didn’t want Cliff to glance up and see me. 

She walked around and crawled onto the near end of the couch, and stuffed her head in her boyfriend’s lap, her skinny ass up in the air facing me. 

….. my binoculars are just around the corner in the entry closet

She was obviously sucking his dick, and in a short while he had both hands on her head. She reached up between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. I  looked around again to make sure no one could see me stroking my cock. 

Cliff started smashing her head downwards with both hands and thrusting his hips upwards, getting more aggressive… obviously getting close to climax. I was getting off too, the feeling growing in my cock as I pumped my hand faster. 

The waif was getting roughly throat-fucked and I was pretty sure she knew I was masturbating watching her. He pushed hard on her head and held it there as he started shooting loads down her throat. She pulled her hand from between her legs, and placed both hands on her boney ass and spread her cheeks. 

.. Fuck! Now I know she was doing this for me

I squeezed the head of my cock as hard as I could, to stop the cum from shooting all over the deck. My cock jerked and pumped against my fist as I stared at her skinny ass spread open for me. 

She finally pulled her hands away and started slapping his chest. He let go of her head and she jerked upwards to breathe. My cock was still throbbing and trying to pump out a few drops of cum. 

Backing off the couch, she turned my way as she stood up… a stream of cum and spit ran out of her mouth and down to her flat chest and stomach. She looked up and smiled, then turned and walked out of the room. Cliff sunk back into the couch and continued watching TV, completely unaware he had an audience.

I finished my scotch and tried to calm my thoughts again. The blue house was dark except the porch light. Ron and Debbie’s bedroom light was on, but the drapes were pulled. The waif was nowhere to be seen… I assumed she was taking a shower. 

I wrapped my robe back around me and stumbled back to the bedroom. 


..... next: Part(6), Mowing the Backyard 
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