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This is the seventh chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter Denise and I host a party for our friends that gets a little out of hand.
—————————— Part (7) ■ The Party ■ ——————————

      [ s e x u a l   c o n t e n t :  2/5 ]

This is the seventh chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter Denise and I host a party for our friends that gets a little out of hand.

Note: Although this story is fiction, all characters and situations in this series are based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.


I tried to concentrate on work the following week, and did my best to avoid too much contact with the neighborhood. I saw Jodi and Pam walk by a few times in the early evening, but I was inside and didn't talk with them. I also avoided the front deck at night, trying not to stir up my voyeuristic lust. I did see Ron move his things out of their house and take off in a moving van, but didn't have the opportunity to talk with him. 

Coming home from work on Thursday I turned the corner and was shocked to see several police cars in front of our place. My heart stopped and I freaked out a bit, my mind racing about what I had done that could be landing me in jail. I hit the brakes and watched their movements, and finally realized the officers were actually concentrated around the house next door; Cliff and the waif's. I released the brakes and slowly pulled ahead and pulled into our driveway.

Debbie was out on their front deck, watching the scene. She waved as I got out of my car; it looked like she was laughing at the scenario, as if to say 'they're finally taking out the trash’. Two officers were taking Cliff out to their police car in handcuffs. Two others were talking to the waif, who was crying and pleading with them. An officer with DEA on his coat carried out two bags from the house, followed by a drug-sniffing dog. 

..... as if she didn't already have a torturous life, now she will be homeless... if she isn't going to jail along with that dipshit Cliff. 

I walked up the stairs to our front door and let myself in. I grabbed a beer and walked out onto the front deck, looking at the scenario next door, and the neighborhood gathering to watch the arrest. It made me feel rather sick to see so many neighbors smiling and laughing at the sad situation, even if these two had created it themselves. I turned and went back inside and started making dinner.

Denise got home about ten minutes later, "What's going on next door? At first I thought maybe someone had broken into our house!"

"It looks like a drug bust. I saw them haul the tall guy out in handcuffs. I don't know about the girl."

"Well, I don't think anyone is going to miss those two. I just knew they were selling drugs out of that place." She came up and started setting the table. "We're all set up for tomorrow night; 5:00 at The Emporium. I think Lisa Olsen and Rick will be able to join us too.”

I knew Denise always had a major crush on Rick, even though he was Lisa's boyfriend. He was a tall guy with a great smile, charm, worked out a bunch, and was pretty full of himself, but I guess his looks justified that attitude. Denise was always all smiles around Rick, and laughed at just about anything he said. 

I always had a bit of a crush on Lisa too. Lisa was a close friend of Denise for as long as I've known her, and I was pretty sure Lisa knew I was attracted to her. She was always very polite and reserved with me when she was around Denise, but she quietly flirted with me with her eyes, her smile, and her ‘innocent’ comments when other people weren’t listening. 

Rick was pretty fun to be around, and we often hung out together when we both showed up at the same party. I got the impression he was a player though, and I saw him kissing a girl in the hallway at one party when Lisa wasn’t looking. I never told Denise about it.

"I should probably pick up some beer and snacks so we have something in case everybody heads back here afterwards."

"Good idea... I think we are almost out. Grab some wine too- I'm not sure what everybody drinks."


………………………………… The Emporium ..………………………………

The Emporium was only a few years old, and ended up getting packed most nights. It was loud, had a great bar, reasonable drink prices, and good food. Keith and Tammy were already at the bar when Denise and I arrived. Kyle and Laurie came in a moment later, and we moved to a larger table before the place filled up. 

Denise pulled up two more chairs to the table, "I talked with Lisa before we left. She should be here anytime, but Rick will be coming straight from work, so he'll be a little late."

I was still on my first beer when Lisa came in. She looked hotter than ever, in a short sweater-dress that really showed off her body. 

Lisa was a petite girl, a little over 5’ tall, with a round bubble-butt and perfect boobs for her size. She was wearing her curly blonde hair in a bob-cut, like Meg Ryan in her good days; her wringlets bounced around as she walked in. 

Denise waved at her, "Lisa! Over here!" 

Lisa flashed a wide smile and ran over to our table. "Hi guys! What a great idea! We haven't gotten together in ages!" Hugs were given all around from her, and I swear she held onto me a little longer than the others. Her tight little body felt good against me and I didn’t want to let go. I ran my hand up her back as I released her and couldn't feel a bra strap. 

She pulled up a chair across from me and ordered a beer. I tried not to look, but had to see if the shape of her nipples showed through the tight sweater dress. A zipper ran down the front of the dress, from the neckline all the way down to the hem at the bottom. A soft hand on my shoulder snapped me out of my trance; it was Laurie, Kyle's girlfriend. Laurie and Kyle had been dating for a few years now and seemed like a happy couple. Laurie was attractive, if a little plain compared to Lisa; mostly quiet unless she had been drinking. "Whatcha been doin, Jeff? Still working on that old car?"

I pulled my eyes off of Lisa's sweater and turned to face Laurie, laughing a little, "Yeah, I guess that can look like my life sometimes. But I am working a lot too. How about you?"

"Mostly work. Kyle and I have gone camping a few times, but he's pretty busy with work too." Laurie finally dropped her hand from my shoulder when Kyle came over, "Hey Jeff! How's it hangin' big boy?"  Kyle was kinda goofy at times, but I swear he did it intentionally just to make people laugh. Our brief conversation was cut short when Rick finally arrived and slapped me on the back. I knew it was Rick by the weight of his hand. He always wanted everyone to know he worked out.

"Hey stranger! Sorry I'm late. I had to finish up some orders at work." 

"No problem, Rick! It's great you could make it... it's been too long!" 

I couldn't really remember the last time I had seen Rick, or many of the others here, for that matter.

The waiter set a tray of eight shot glasses of tequila down on the table, prompting a look of shock on everyone's face except Lisa's, who was all smiles.

"These are on me! I figured Rick would need to catch up with us!"

Denise started laughing, "Gawd, Lisa... our food hasn't even arrived yet!"

"And I haven't even ordered anything!", said Rick, grabbing the waiter. 

Regardless, we all grabbed a glass and downed them in unison. "Thanks Lisa!" I joked to her as I slammed the glass down on the table, "I guess this shit show has officially started?"

Keith and Tammy sat at the far end of the table, and were being rather quiet. I had heard they were going through some difficult times recently, and their attitude tonight seemed to confirm that. They weren't talking much to each other, and their body language wasn't too warm either. 

We all wolfed down our food when it was delivered, and soon a second tray of tequila shots landed on the table. I already felt a bit of a buzz, and was worried a little about driving home. I yelled over the noise, "Why don't we all reconvene at our place before we can't drive at all?" Rick called over the waiter and asked for the checks.

I wasn't sure how close I was to the blood alcohol limit, so I concentrated on my driving when pulling out of the parking lot. Rick, however, had just bought a new Mustang and wanted to show off... he did a pretty good burnout leaving the place. Lisa pulled out carefully in her Honda. Kyle and Laurie were in his pickup, and they followed us without drawing too much attention. I didn't see Keith and Tammy until after we had pulled into our driveway. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing everyone got here safely, considering the buzz I was feeling.


…………………………………… House Party ..…………………………………

Denise cranked up the music the moment we went inside, and yelled at me to bring out some beer and wine. I grabbed a six-pack of Heineken and set it out on the table, and a bottle each of red and white wine. Denise followed with glasses, and just as she finished Rick set down a bottle of Don Julio tequila beside them. "I hope you have shot glasses as well!"

I laughed and rolled my eyes. I grabbed some shot glasses for the tequila, and Rick promptly filled them up. "Line up! Everybody has to do a shot!"

Denise and Lisa were dancing around in the front room around the stereo. I cut up a lime from the fridge and grabbed the salt, and brought them each a shot of tequila. Denise reached out and started to take a drink, but Lisa stopped her, "Hey! None of that... do it the right way!" Lisa grabbed a lime slice from my hand and rubbed it on Denise's shoulder, close to her neck, then did the same to her own. I could see where she was going with this and sprinkled some salt on each of the wet spots on their necks.

Denise looked a little surprised but laughed when Lisa sucked the salt off her neck, then downed the tequila. Denise did the same, and they both followed up by sucking on the lime slices.

Kyle and Laurie were watching this go down and Kyle quickly filled two shot glasses and rubbed the lime on Laurie's neck, then on his own, and they followed through with the ritual, and came down to the front room and started dancing.

Keith grabbed a beer and leaned against the wall, watching the dancing. 

I offered a shot of tequila to Tammy, but she shook her head and pointed to the red wine. I filled a glass and carried it over to her. Tammy was looking at the floor, "We can't stay too long. Keith needs to work in the morning." I thought about trying to cheer them up, but didn't want my attitude to be dragged down as well. I walked back to the front room to see Rick sucking on Denise's neck, then downing a shot. Denise let out a shriek, then danced with her arms in the air, obviously enjoying it. Lisa looked over at me and smiled widely, then pulled the neckline of her dress to the side, exposing her neck. 

I quickly ran up to her and started sucking on her neck. "You forgot the lime!" she squealed, laughing at my excitement. I pulled my mouth back and sprinkled salt on the wet spot I left. "The lime is for afterwards. I just like the way you taste without it." I slammed another shot, then rubbed the lime on her neck and sucked on her neck again. Another squeal.

I looked over at Denise to see if I was pushing things too far, but she was dancing with Rick like she was in heaven. I don't even think she even noticed me sucking on her friend. And it looked like Rick didn't care. Lisa laughed seeing them, then we pulled apart and started dancing. I noticed Lisa's zippered neckline was lower than before. I smiled and stared straight at her tits, which were bouncing around wonderfully as she danced. She just laughed at my lewd gaze. 

Kyle and Laurie were dancing right beside us, and suddenly Laurie wriggled her way in-between Lisa and me, "May I cut in?" Lisa stepped back and gave Laurie a dirty look, but finally turned around and started dancing with Kyle. The room was way too small for six people dancing, but we managed without anyone falling down... yet, anyway.

I heard Keith yell over the music, "We have to head out! Thanks for the drinks!" I tuned to see them slip out the door. I wasn’t too sad to see them go; I was concerned for them, but their depressed relationship was a dark cloud hanging over the party.

Laurie was dancing close to me with her arms in the air, shaking around and sticking her tits out so I was sure to notice them. She had unbuttoned her blouse a little and I could see the top of a black lace bra. I glanced over towards Kyle, but he was locked on Lisa's tits and couldn’t care less about what Laurie was doing. I saw Denise run downstairs in the background. Rick ran up to the kitchen, dancing around and spilling his beer as he opened it. 

This was quickly turning into a pretty wild party, even with only six of us here. I had a good buzz from the tequila, and I don't think I drank as much as the girls, who were all acting pretty well lit.

A few moments passed and Denise ran back up the stairs; she had changed into a miniskirt and a lighter blouse. Rick came down from the kitchen and took off his shirt. It was getting pretty hot, but Rick just liked showing off his ripped body, and I had to admit he looked pretty good. Both Denise and Laurie noticed as well, but Lisa just laughed at him. 

Denise immediately started dancing with him, then looked around and grabbed the tequila bottle. She leaned forward and licked his bare chest, took a swig from the bottle, then sucked on his left nipple. Rick just laughed and shot a glance my way. I laughed even louder and threw him a thumbs up. 

I had never seen Denise act this way, and I liked it. I might have gotten jealous if my mind wasn’t focused on getting Lisa naked. Now it all seemed like fair game to me, especially in my drunk state of mind. Laurie was dancing closer to me and I felt her hips rub against my dick a few times. Lisa kept dancing with Kyle, but glanced back at me frequently.

Rick took a swig from the tequila bottle, grabbed Denise and kissed her, spraying some of the tequila inside her mouth. She didn't see it coming and choked at first, spitting the tequila out on her blouse and onto the carpet. Kyle and I both laughed watching this, and Laurie and Lisa turned to see what we were laughing at, right when Denise reached up and grabbed Rick's head and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Kyle shot a look over at me, but I just laughed and shook my head. Laurie looked a little wide-eyed in shock, but kept dancing as she turned to watch them, and rubbed her ass against my dick. When Denise finally backed off from Rick, I could see her nipples through her wet blouse; she had taken off her bra when she changed. 

Laurie suddenly turned away from me, grabbed Kyle and pulled him into the upstairs bathroom and closed the door behind them. Lisa gave me a big smile and danced over to me, taking Laurie's place. My dick was hanging fat down my leg at this point, and Lisa noticed it. She spun around and rubbed her ass on me, and when she turned back I saw she had lowered the zipper on her dress a little more.

Rick yelled out "Hurry up in there, I gotta pee!" 

"Rick! Use the bathroom downstairs... here!" Denise grabbed his hand and pulled him downstairs, nearly falling down in the process.

Lisa and I laughed at them and then realized we were alone, at least temporarily. I pulled her close to me and kissed her, grabbing her tight little ass in my hands. She pulled in closer and started grinding against me. I slid my hands down over her ass until I could feel the bare skin of her upper thighs... I moved my hands up, raising the hem of her dress until my fingers hit the curve of her tight little ass... I didn't feel any panties… maybe she was wearing a thong? I moved my hands up further and grabbed both cheeks of her ass and pulled her tightly against my right leg, where my dick was hanging.

We heard the upstairs bathroom door open and quickly pulled apart from each other. Lisa pulled her dress back down to cover her ass and I pulled my shirt off and held it in one hand to cover my hard-on, "Sorry, I'm melting down here."

I headed towards the kitchen, "Can I get you some more tequila? Or some wine?" Lisa followed me. I hoped my dick didn't stand out too much as we passed Kyle and Laurie. Lisa walked over to the kitchen sink and poured herself a glass of water. 

"Trying to slow down a little?"

"I just need to cool down a bit. It's so hot in here." She pointed at Danny's house, "I think you have a neighbor that wants to join the party."

I slid up behind her and peeked over her shoulder, pushing my semi-hard dick into the crack of her ass, then stepped sideways so it caught on her tight little butt cheek, then popped over to the side. I stood against the sink and looked out to see Danny's sister looking up at us. 

"You're gonna be the end of me," Lisa whispered, then waved at the lady. She waved back, then pulled her drapes closed.

"I need to head back. I gotta be at work at 6:00 tomorrow," Rick said as he walked into the kitchen. 

"SIX?! Really? Are you sure you're okay to drive?" I asked him, trying to hide my shock that he might have seen me rubbing up against his woman. I quickly moved over to the table to grab a beer (to hide my erection).

"Yeah, I'm fine." He pulled on his shirt and turned to Lisa, "You gonna follow me home?"

"I'm pretty lit right now. I think I'm going to hang out here for a bit."

Rick walked over to the sink by Lisa. I headed back to the living room to give them some time to talk and found the room empty. I heard talking downstairs and when I started down the stairway, Laurie was standing about halfway down, holding a finger up to her lips 'hush; I'm listening'. She carefully stepped down the stairs and tiptoed across the hall into the bathroom beside our bedroom. I followed. When I crossed the hallway, I could see Denise was in the bed, holding a sheet up to cover herself. Kyle was sitting at the edge of the bed pleading with her to lower the sheet.

"I heard you say you were horny and needed some good loving.”

Denise was giggling, "I was calling for Jeff."

..... I'm pretty sure she was calling for Rick

Her voice was slurred… she was telling Kyle ‘no’ but her giggling and the way she was talking sounded like she was okay with it, "What did you do with Laurie? Don't you think she'll be angry seeing you in here, trying to get me naked?"

"She's okay with it, really... besides, you're already naked under there."

It was quiet for a bit, then I felt Laurie's hand reach back and rub up against my dick. She grabbed the shaft and started stroking it through my pants. I never expected Laurie to act this way; she always seemed so reserved. I was already highly aroused, so I naturally reached around her and cupped her breasts, only to find she had taken off her bra. She must have removed it when she was in the bathroom with Kyle.

..... shit! ...they planned this ...did these two want to swing with us?

"Kyle! I am very flattered, but I just can't! Laurie is a good friend, and you are just too drunk, Kyle!" 

I whispered into Laurie's ear, "I'm too drunk as well. I would never want to come between you and Kyle."

Laurie swung around and kissed me deeply, "Trust me, I didn't mind. Maybe another time?” She squeezed my dick again and headed back upstairs. I closed the bathroom door and took the time to pee and let my dick deflate.

I checked the bedroom when I came back out and Denise was still there, alone. "Jeff! Where is everybody? Is Rick still here?"

"Rick had to leave. I'll go check on the others. How are you feeling?"

"Shit.. I'm pretty drunk. Shoo them away and come to bed. I'm really horny.”

..... Damn …I like this side of Denise

I went upstairs to find Kyle and Laurie gathering their things to leave. "We need to head back too. I think I drank too much tonight. Laurie’s driving us home.”

I don't think Kyle realized I heard him trying to talk Denise into having sex with him. Laurie gave me a hug as she got to the door, and squeezed my ass before she let go. I wondered if they would talk to each other about what happened. 

…..  “maybe another time?”

Lisa stepped up beside me, "Bye guys! It was great seeing you tonight!" 

"Night! Say goodnight to Denise for us!"

I closed the door when they hit the last stair and turned to Lisa, "Why don't you stay the night here? I don't want you to be driving home like this." 

She looked up at me, "I think I'm okay... I'm not that drunk."

"Well, then, we need to get you another shot of tequila!" I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the kitchen and poured us two shots of tequila.

"You really are trouble... Can I sleep on the couch?"

"We can talk about that, Call Rick and let him know you won't be home until tomorrow."

I walked down to the bedroom while Lisa was on the phone and found Denise fast asleep, lightly snoring. I nudged her awake, "Lisa is too drunk to drive home. Is it okay if she sleeps here tonight?"

She woke up enough to say, "Of course Lisa can sleep here. Bring her to bed." She giggled at this, then slumped back into her pillow.

..... okay, you said so


………………………….….……… Sleeping Over ..………………………………………

I pulled off my clothes and wrapped myself up in my robe. I grabbed one of Denise's robes for Lisa and headed back upstairs. Lisa was still sipping on her tequila and looked surprised when she saw me in the robe.

"Denise said there is no way you are driving home and you need to stay here with us tonight. We have a king size bed, so you won't even be in the way."

Lisa laughed, "I'm sure she doesn't want me in bed with you two. I can sleep on the couch. I told Rick..."

I interrupted her, "Actually, that is exactly what she said. Come down and ask her yourself."

Lisa just gave me a blank stare, not sure how to respond. I reached out and took her hand and pulled her down to our bedroom. Denise's eyes were closed and the sheet was pulled down; her breasts exposed. Lisa gasped, then giggled a little. I pulled the sheet up and nudged Denise awake. "Lisa doesn't believe you want her to sleep in here with us."

Denise slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Lisa, "Crawl in... I want you here beside me." She pulled the blanket aside, partially exposing her naked body, then closed her eyes again. Lisa looked at me, somewhat shocked. I reached out and slowly pulled the zipper on her dress downwards until it was below her breasts, but the material stuck tight to her; her breasts still covered. 

She had obviously been out in the sun a lot this summer, her bikini line looked white against the tan skin surrounding. 

I held out the robe for her, "Do you want me to turn around?"

She laughed and looked down at my crotch, "I don't think you can turn around."

I glanced down and my dick was poking through the robe. "Whoops... sorry." I tried to cover it back up with the robe but it was sticking straight out. I pulled it up against my stomach and tied the robe closed over it. 

Shit... I was pretty drunk.

"I kinda liked it better the other way. Here, I'll turn around." She giggled and turned to face the bed. Her arms reached forward and I heard the zipper run all the way down to the hem, then the front of her dress fell open. 

"God.. you’ve always had amazing boobies... crawl in here..."

It was Denise's voice, albeit a bit slurred, "Come on... we can cuddle like we used to..." 

..... damn well did these two know each other?

Before Lisa could react, I reached forward and pulled the dress off her shoulders, and down off her arms. I hung the dress up, and saw that Denise had pulled the covers further off her to welcome Lisa to bed. She was curled up on her side, both breasts exposed and bare down past her hips. Her eyes were closed.

Lisa glanced over to me and was covering her breasts with her arms. She looked a bit apprehensive, but turned to face me and slowly dropped her arms, exposing herself. She wasn't wearing any panties.

….. Jesus, she looked good. Her petite body was dark except for her bikini areas. Her boobs were plump and round, with lighter pink nipples, which were erect right now. Her light brown beaver was trimmed into a small heart shape, and I could see her lips hanging down a little in the gap between her toned thighs.

She smiled at me nervously, then turned and crawled over Denise and laid down on the other side, and cuddled up behind her, like they were spooning. She left the sheet pulled down, just tucking her feet under the covers, and stared at me. 

I looked at the two of them and tried to burn the image into my mind. Denise seemed to be asleep now, eyes closed, and breathing through an open mouth. I looked back at Lisa, untied my robe, and pulled it off. My dick was hard as a rock, sticking out like a springboard. I took my robe and hung it on my erection and Lisa stifled a laugh ...don't wake Denise!

I turned and hung my robe on a more appropriate hanger, turned the light off, and walked around to the far side of the bed. We had a pretty powerful night light so I could still see Lisa's beautiful body in the bed, and that tight little round ass facing me. I slipped into bed and cuddled up on my side behind her, and gently stroked her back. 

Denise was snoring now, obviously sleeping hard from all the alcohol. I ran my hands over Lisa's shoulders and down her sides to her hips. When I slid them back up her sides, she raised her arms to allow me to reach her breasts… her perfect, round, plump, breasts. I had masturbated many times thinking about her breasts... about fucking her... but I never thought it would ever happen. And now... with Denise sleeping right next to us?

I slowly (and quietly) felt her breasts, squeezed her nipples, and slid my hand down her tummy until I could feel that little heart-shaped patch. She reached behind her back and grabbed my dick, which was sticking straight out towards her. She stroked me a few times, then moved her hand up to my hip and pulled me towards her. 

I inched closer and pushed my cock up under her ass... pre-cum was dripping out the end and I could feel it mix with the wetness between her legs. I started gently humping against her, trying my best not to make any noise or shake the bed. She reached down between her legs and cupped my dick, and guided it towards her hot little pussy.

..... Jesus! I can't believe this is happening... I’m going to fuck Denise's best friend right beside her while she is sleeping 

The head of my cock popped into her, and I began rocking it slowly in and out of her. The angle wasn't great like this, but I wasn't going to complain... I could feel her pussy sliding onto my cock... the heat, the amazing texture of her vagina... the folds of her labia sliding over the head of my dick...

..... I was only getting my cock a few inches inside of her …I wanted to push it into her until it hit bottom …I wanted to bend her in half and fuck her deeply …pump my cock into her until my balls slapped against her ass

Lisa reached back and pushed me, pushing my body away from her. I pulled back, disappointed that she was suddenly feeling too guilty to allow me to keep fucking her? I laid on my back, clearly frustrated.

She carefully rolled around to face me and grabbed my cock again, slowly fondling the shaft and playing with my balls. I was thrilled my playtime wasn't over, and reached between her legs and slid a finger inside her. I added a second finger, then pulled them out and sucked her lube off of them. She tasted heavenly... I desperately wanted to stuff my face between her legs and probe her pussy with my tongue.

She dropped my cock and brought a finger up to her mouth as if to say, 'shhhh, we need to be very quiet'

..... my mind was racing... I needed to fuck her properly, I had to fuck her deeply, and right now... Maybe we could sneak back out of bed and go upstairs?

She whispered in my ear, "I want to try something... just lay still."

She slowly pushed herself up, and gently threw her right leg over me, crawling on top of me, cowgirl style, then stopped moving. Denise had stopped snoring... we both froze in place. Suddenly she snorted and then resumed snoring even louder than before. Lisa looked down at me and in the dim light I could see she was wide-eyed in paranoia with the thought of Denise waking up to see us fucking right beside her. 

I reached up and felt her breasts, gently squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. Denise was snoring even louder now... it would normally have been irritating as hell, but at the moment I loved the sound.

Lisa raised herself up, reached down between her legs and grabbed my cock. She rubbed the head against her opening, and slowly lowered her tight little body downwards. 

….. my god …she felt absolutely incredible …the texture my cock was feeling …I could feel every ripple and bump in the walls of her pussy as it squeaked slowly down my cock

She was tight as hell. My cock would slide in a bit, then stick in place. Lisa raised herself up, then sat back down… each time with a little more pressure until her body inched a bit further down onto my cock. She repeated this again and again, slowly and as quietly as possible, while we both listened intently to any changes in Denise’s snoring. 

There was no way I could last very long like this. The sexual tension was unbearable and her pussy was so fucking tight... I needed to get her off before I came. The thought of leaving her unsatisfied was unacceptable. 

….. Jesus …I wanted to throw her over on her back and taste her …I wanted to fuck her deeply with my tongue

I pulled her down to kiss, and she responded aggressively, kissing me passionately.

My god …she was a fantastic kisser as well. She alternately sucked on my tongue with her soft lips and probed my mouth with her tongue. 

….. this girl could probably bring me to climax through her kisses alone …I can’t imagine her blowjobs 

I started rubbing her clit, lifting her body up and preventing her from sliding down very far on my dick. She fought me, quietly trying to force her body down on my cock. I could see the frustration on her face, but my rubbing was starting to get her off while it was delaying my climax. 

After a few moments she leaned down and whispered breathlessly, “Now… NOW, Jeff… fuck me…”

She was about to cum so I lowered the pressure on my fingers and allowed her to sit down further on my cock. 

She pushed her body down hard, sliding down the full length of my cock. The bed shook, but Denise was snoring loudly; passed out cold. 

Lisa lifted her body, then worked it down harder on my cock, again and again… 

She leaned forward and sucked on my face… wet, sloppy kisses with her soft lips covering me. She slid her face over and sucked on my left ear, “fuck me… fuck me deep now… I’m cumming!”

I squeezed hard on her ass and shoved my cock in deep as she slammed her body down on me. 

“Oh… fuck… Jeff… fucccckkk meee…

Lisa started humping me, ramming her tight body down harder and faster on my cock, until I thought we were surely going to wake Denise, but I didn’t care anymore. My head was exploding from my building climax… I rammed my thick cock deep into her, pumping into her until I exploded… 

She fucked my mouth deeply with her tongue… we climaxed together, my cock pumping load after load of my cum deep into her as she ground her tight little body down on me. 

We gripped each other tightly and rode through the waves of our surging climax… Lisa gradually relaxing and melting into me. I held her close to me, squeezing her against me, my cock jerking and flexing, pumping the last of my cum into her. 

I held her like this for a long time. I held her tightly until my dick went soft. I wanted to hold her forever like this. 

She was absolutely amazing, and I would have given anything right then to steal her away from Rick. I desperately wanted her. I needed her permanently in my life. 

slow down, buddy, you are pretty drunk

Our bodies slowly relaxed… we caught our breath again… I kissed her lightly…

Lisa carefully lifted herself off me and settled back down in the space between me and Denise, and curled up with her back to me. 

I reached out for her, then retracted my hand. Didn’t she feel what I felt? This was amazing… she was amazing… 

Maybe I was just intoxicated with the euphoria from the sex… the fulfillment of a long practiced fantasy… but my god, she was so fucking hot.

Maybe I was just drunk… my head was spinning.   


.............................................. the morning …………..............................................

When I woke Lisa was no longer in the bed with us. Denise was still asleep. 

My head was hurting. I tried to pull together what had happened the night before. I couldn’t really wrap my mind around it. I thought about where it might go from here. Did last night end the relationship between Lisa and Rick? Or was it just a fantasy we played out, never to be discussed again?

I pulled myself out of the bed and wrapped myself in my robe. Lisa was in a robe in the bathroom washing her face and working on her hair. I leaned in and quietly asked her, "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

Lisa looked up at me and smiled, “That would be wonderful.”


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