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This is the ninth chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter new neighbors move in next door, I help Debbie wash her car, and I crash a Tupperware party.
—————————— Part (9) ■ Tupperware Party ■ ——————————

             [ s e x u a l   c o n t e n t :  3/5 ]

This is the ninth chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter new neighbors move in next door, I help Debbie wash her car, and I crash a Tupperware party.

Note: Although this story is fiction, all characters and situations in this series are based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.



I received a call from my doctor's office that all tests were negative, to my great relief. I had gotten pretty wrapped up in the fear that I might have passed something on to Lisa (and Denise, and Rick). A great weight was lifted off of me and I suddenly felt free. I felt clean and free... free to fuck again?

It was a busy Tuesday at work when I got a call from Denise. She never calls me at the office so I expected bad news. “I just got a call from David. Grandma Nancy passed away last night.” 

Grandma Nancy was Denise’s grandmother on her mother’s side, and her health had been deteriorating for the past year. She lived in Ohio; I had never made the trip to visit her family there. 

“I already booked a flight out there Friday morning. Can you take me to the airport?”

Denise would be flying home Tuesday, after the services. I would have the weekend to myself, and then some, since that Monday was a holiday. I had promised myself I would try to keep my dick in my pants, but my mind immediately started imagining what could happen. 

I took Friday off so I could take Denise to the airport in the morning, and play with my car in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and I decided to wash my car after I got back from dropping off Denise. I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and headed outside. I couldn’t help but think of the waif as I unrolled the hose… the abusive sex I forced on her frail little body. I thought it was fortunate she was no longer living next door. I don’t think I could stop from fucking her again, and sooner or later it would land me in major trouble. 

A U-Haul van pulled up to the waif’s house and a young couple got out. They waved at me and started unloading their stuff and carrying it into the house. The guy was kinda scruffy, but really friendly. It looked to me like he was playing above his league with the girl though. She was pretty young and very cute, with short dark brown hair and a nice figure. She smiled and looked over frequently as they made their trips carrying stuff into the house, but only when the guy wasn’t looking. 

I offered my help when they were struggling with a large dresser, “Hi! You must be our new neighbors. I’m Jeff… can I give you a hand with that?”

“Jeff? That would be great. I’m Tommy, and this is my girlfriend Gail. You live in the duplex?”

We made small talk as I helped haul the dresser inside the house. The place had been cleaned up by the landlord but there were still some things left behind, like the table where I ass-fucked the waif. The brunette, Gail, carried in the dresser drawers and I noticed she left her underwear drawer out for me to see. She looked at me often as she installed the other drawers, and I purposely stared at her underwear drawer until she smiled. Tommy didn’t seem to notice. 

I let myself out the door, “Welcome to the neighborhood! Give me a yell if you guys ever need anything!” They thanked me again and went back to moving their stuff in. 


.............................................. Car Wash ………….....................................

I went back to washing my car, and spent the rest of the afternoon detailing it inside and out. I saw Debbie pull up before I was done, obviously just getting home from work. She was wearing a conservative office suit and skirt… looking very professional. She waved at me and ran up her front stairs. It wasn’t long before she came back out, having changed out of her conservative attire. She was donning one of her thin summer dresses; a glass of wine in her hand. She yelled over to me, “Hey, Jeff! You’re home early today- starting the weekend off early, or just working on your car?”

I walked across the street to the bottom of her steps, “Maybe a little of both? Denise is out of town, so I thought I would try to make the best of my free time.”

“Out of town? …well, your car looks great! You want to help me wash mine? There’s a cold beer in it for you… or a glass of wine? Or dinner?” She laughed at her last comment, then took a long drink of her wine. “Sorry, I’m sure you have things to do…”

I looked up at her standing on her deck. The light was showing through her dress, outlining her toned legs and the gap between her thighs. She was really quite beautiful... tight body, flawless complexion, perfect teeth, and crystal blue eyes. Her long lashes made her blue eyes stand out even more. 

“There’s always something to do, but your offer sounds like more fun. Why don’t you pull out your hose, and I’ll go grab wash mitts and a bucket.”

I came back with the bucket just as Debbie was unreeling the hose. I put the bucket down in front of her, “I already added soap… can you fill it with water?” 

Debbie bent down and started filling the bucket, the front of her dress falling forward… no bra that I could see. I stared down the front of her dress and could see the inner curves of her breasts and down between them to her ripped stomach. When she looked up and caught me staring, she just smiled. I grabbed a wash mitt and pushed it in the bucket, leaning forward and trying to get a better look down her dress. She grabbed the other mitt and slowly lowered it into the bucket as she watched me. 

We washed her car and joked around, laughing and flirting and having a genuinely fun time doing it. Debbie leaned down to scrub the wheels as I was washing the rear fender and this time I could fully see her right breast hanging down in her dress. I realized she had unhooked a couple more buttons to allow a better view. She looked up at me, fully aware that she was exposed, then stared at my crotch and swayed as she scrubbed so her tits swung back and forth. I froze and watched her lewd display, and my dick pumped up down the leg of my shorts. 

Debbie finished scrubbing, grabbed the hose and sprayed down the car, then turned and sprayed me down as well, laughing loudly as she soaked me.

“HEY! No fair!! I’ll get you for that!” I lunged at her and she dropped the hose and ran to the other side of the car. I chased her back and forth, then she stopped and leaned forward over the hood, “Actually that might feel really good!” and pulled her top open, partially exposing herself, and closed her eyes. I aimed the hose directly down the front of her dress and soaked her. 

Debbie shrieked and stepped back, the wet dress falling back and clinging tightly to her body. She laughed and opened her eyes, holding her hand up as if to stop me from spraying her anymore, “Okay… okay! I’m good!” She looked down at herself and ran her hands over her breasts, wiping off the excess water. She squeezed the water from her breasts like she was milking them, like I had seen her do in her bathroom before. Her dark nipples stood out clear and hard in the wet material. 

She laughed a little, “How about that cold beer?” 

I replied, “That sounds wonderful. I think I may need some cooling down,” the whole while staring at her tits.

She led me into the kitchen and grabbed a beer for me. When she leaned into the fridge it looked like she wasn’t wearing panties, or if she was, they must be thongs. The back of her dress was also wet, and the material clung to her tight, round ass. She turned and handed me the beer, then refilled her glass of wine. 

“Thank you. How are things going? Are you doing okay?”

“Yes… I mean, I enjoy my privacy… and it is such a relief to have Ron out of the house.” She took another drink from her wine, “But I do get lonely sometimes. This afternoon was the first time I have laughed like that in… like forever.” She looked down at her wet dress and laughed, “Thank you… I needed that.”

She looked me up and down and her eyes landed on my crotch, “You know what else I need?”

She laughed again, "I'm sorry... I am kinda blunt sometimes. You know I'm a paralegal, right? I have learned to be very direct. It saves time and avoids misunderstandings." She took another drink, "And all these self improvement and sex books I've been reading... they all say you need to be very clear on your needs. Some people desperately need something in their life, but never get it simply because they don't talk openly about it."

"I agree... seriously. Your directness doesn't offend me at all.. on the contrary. I swear one thing I can't stand is a person who says one thing, thinking they are being polite, or coy, then gets mad when you didn't pick up what they really meant. I'm not always very good at reading between the lines."

"Well, I ended up being very direct with Ron, but it was too late. I felt like I was wasting my life on him. I am in my prime, I have never been in better shape, but the more I did to improve myself, the more it was squandered. All the things I learned from my therapy books only resulted in stronger fantasies, and greater frustration. I've constantly been doing kegels for over two years now... but it's all been wasted. I haven't had sex in three years... and that was with Ron's little dick. I need a real man... God..." She laughed and took another drink, then stepped back from the table and unbuttoned her dress down to her waist. "Jeff... I'm sorry, but I really need a good fucking. I am starving... I have been rubbing myself raw thinking about it... I want to feel that cock of yours.. I want to taste it... suck on it... I want..."

She stopped suddenly and looked at the floor, "Shit.. I'm sorry. I think I've had enough wine... shit..." She reached down and started buttoning up her dress, "I'm sorry... Jesus."

"No.. don't- please don't do that," I walked over to her, "What you just said was about the most erotic thing I've ever heard... look at me," My dick was hard and straining against my shorts. I pulled the leg upwards so the head poked out the right leg. Debbie's mouth dropped and she lunged forward and grabbed it. I pulled her head back by her hair and kissed her deeply, and grabbed her tight ass with my other hand, reaching down under her skirt…

The sound of Ron's car pulling up the driveway shocked us cold. "FUCK!" Debbie pulled back and started buttoning up her dress as fast as she could, "FUCK!!! That little Bastard!"

"He's headed to the front steps- you better leave out the back. I don't want you getting stuck in the middle of this!"

I scrambled out the back door and tried to get down the back steps as quickly and quietly as possible. I heard a knock on the front door and Debbie yelling at him, "The door's unlocked, I'm changing.. I'll be down in a moment."

I hid at the side of the house until Ron went inside and I heard them talking in the kitchen, near the back of the house. I waited a little more until my dick had deflated enough, then tried my best to walk calmly back across the street to the duplex. I glanced around and it looked like no one witnessed this little scramble of events. My heart was beating out of my chest.

I grabbed a beer and sat out on the front deck and tried to see what was going on. It was pretty quiet for a while then I heard Ron yelling, and I could see Debbie pacing back and forth in the front room. It looked like she had changed out of her wet dress. I was still a bit rattled at what just happened. I didn't want to get in the middle of things with them, but my new appreciation of her beauty, her tight, muscular body, and her sexuality... I don't think I could stay away after what she said. I finished my beer and decided to run to McDonalds for an early dinner. 


............................................. Marie’s party …………............................................

When I got back I could see Ron’s car was still in the driveway. I pulled into mine and noticed Marie up on her front deck with two friends. I got out of the car and Marie called out to me, “Jeff! What are you doing home on a Friday night?”

I walked over below her deck. “Yeah... all alone this weekend. Denise is in Ohio to attend a funeral. It looks like you are having a girls party tonight?" Marie leaned over the railing, "It's all girls so far, but it doesn't have to be!" She looked back inside her place, then back at me, "We're having kind of a Tupperware party for adults. Maybe you can come in for a margarita?" Her friend popped in, "Yea! Come join us! We need a man's opinion!"  Marie looked at her and laughed. It looked like a few margaritas had been downed already. I looked at my place, then back at Debbie's, and headed over to Marie's front steps.

The door opened to a room with a half-dozen women, and tables covered in lingerie and sex toys. I stopped dead in my tracks and tried to hide my shock. The women turned and laughed seeing me and the surprised look on my face. "Ooooh! Who's your friend Marie?" Another stepped forward with a big smile, "Is he part of the entertainment? Are we going to get..." Marie interrupted, "HUSH! This is Jeff, my next-door neighbor. You girls, be nice to him!"

An older black woman stepped forward and handed me a glass, "Oh, we'll be nice.. he's cute!" 

I laughed and I could feel my face blushing a bit. This was not what I was expecting. The women were around Marie’s age, and all Hispanic, except the older black woman. They all appeared to be sloppy drunk already, and the night was pretty young. 

One of the ladies grabbed my hand and led me over to a recliner at the side of the room, "Here, why don't you sit here and watch the show?" I looked around, a bit confused, "The show?" 

A moment later a young black girl strutted into the room in nothing but a thin blue teddy and high-heel pumps. She immediately noticed me, and walked over and stood in front of me, striking a pose with her hands on her hips like she was sizing me up.

"What do we have here? Are you a customer, or my next boyfriend?" 

This girl was sexy as hell... long thin legs and a round bubble butt that was mostly exposed because of the thong teddy. I could see her nipples and a shaved beaver through the lace material in front. Large eyes with huge fake eyelashes, and a big smile framed by large, full lips and high cheekbones. She had extremely long fingernails, painted dark red to match her long wavy hair, which I assumed was a wig. She was surely a stripper, although I had never seen her at any of the local clubs.

I offered her my hand, "Hi, I'm Jeff. I live next door... Is this your party?"

She took my hand like she was expecting me to kiss her ring, "Hello, Jeff. I'm Jasmine... This is Marie's party, but she asked me here to offer my products, and maybe provide some entertainment."

Marie stepped closer, "We do this every year. This time it was my turn to host. This is the second time Jasmine has joined us… isn’t she great?”

“Yes, indeed! So, Jasmine, what all do you offer?”

Jasmine raised one eyebrow and laughed, “Jeff! Whatever are you insinuating? This is a reputable modeling and sales event. I’m going to model some of the lingerie we offer, and answer any questions on the other material here,” she waved her hand over the table with the sex toys. “You should consider buying something for your girlfriend, or maybe for one of the ladies here tonight?”

I laughed, “I don’t know how I could explain to my girlfriend where I got such sexy lingerie, but I might consider buying something for Marie, or one of the other ladies here.”

There were a few enthusiastic whoops of approval from the girls, then I added, “On one condition… they have to model it for me.”

Jasmine hollered, “Hooo! This boy’s gonna be trouble!”

Marie touched my arm and gave me a wicked smile, “I might just take you up on that.”

The other ladies started looking through the lingerie on the table, and the rack next to it. Jasmine disappeared for a moment, and came strutting back in wearing a red teddy that was even more revealing than the blue one. She struck a pose, turning like a runway model, then described the garment and the different sizes she had available.

One of Marie’s friends shot out, “Why you only got the good ones to fit skinny bitches?” 

I had to admit most of these women were not anywhere as skinny as Jasmine, and few wore the weight as well as Marie. 

Jasmine grabbed a few fishnet body stockings from the table, “Try these! One size fits all, even that sexy booty of yours, girl!” She handed two of them to her, and the lady took them, then looked at me. These were nothing but large, open netting and some thin skirt material… she would be essentially naked with a small pattern on her tits and ass. She held one in front of me, “Whatcha think?”

I looked at it and noticed the price tag was only $19.99. “You model that for me and it’s yours.”

She laughed and yelled to Marie, “I like this one… he’s a keeper!”

Marie came over and refilled my margarita, “Anything you want to see me model for you?”

“Most definitely. Pick something out! Something tiny.”  I reached out and lightly patted her round ass, “I want to see as much of you as possible.” Marie didn’t flinch. She just smiled widely and went over and started going through the rack to find something she liked. 

Jasmine came back in wearing a grey two-piece, and strutted over to me. “You havin’ a good time, Mr. Jeff?” 

“Absolutely… and I like what you’re wearing.”

She gave me a big wide smile and spun around, showing me her tight bubble butt. She bent over and put her hands on her knees and shook her ass up and down, like she was riding a cock. It looked like she could just about break a guy’s dick riding it like that. 

One of Marie’s friends came bouncing into the room in a black and gold teddy, “Girl, you gotta have a lot more booty to do that right!” She turned around right beside Jasmine and started shaking her ass. She bent over and humped the air in front of me, like Jasmine had been doing. This lady’s ass was so much larger it bounced up and down and her big round ass cheeks started clapping together on each thrust. The other ladies started whooping and hollering at their friend. 

I grabbed my wallet out of my shorts and handed Jasmine my credit card. “That is some great modeling! That one is on me!” The other ladies all scrambled to the rack, grabbing lingerie. 

….. that was a mistake, Jeff... I tried to do the math on what this could cost me

Marie walked in wearing a red satin teddy that was rather conservative, at least compared to some of the other pieces I saw, but it had a thong back. Marie’s large round cheeks were on full display. She walked over to me and spun around, then shook her butt side to side. 

“My God, Marie… you really do have an amazing ass.”

I heard a lady yell from behind her, “Yeah! And I’m gonna feed it some big dick!” It was the lady that grabbed the black fishnet body stocking. She was wearing a short skirt over the fishnet, and her big tits were completely exposed through the netting, large dark nipples poking through. She had on a belt under the thin skirt... a large rubber dick stuck out from the front. 

I blurted out, “Holy Shit!”, and stared in shock at her. 

Marie laughed loudly at her friend, “Ay Dios Mio, Rosa! You keep that thing away from me!” 

Another woman walked into the room in a white one-piece, saw what was going on and turned around and grabbed the table, sticking her ass towards her friend. “Here Rosa! You can hump me with that… I ain’t had any dick in months!”

Jasmine yelled over her, “You get that wet, you buyin’ it! Jeff only said he’d buy lingerie… and only if you modeled it for him.”

I looked over at Marie’s naked ass beside me, and reached over again and ran my hand over her butt, and down to her thigh. Her large breasts were covered by the satin, but the shape of her nipples and areolas stood out in the thin fabric. I looked up further and she was staring at my crotch with a lustful smile on her face. I realized I was sporting a pretty major hard on. A moment later Jasmine noticed it too, “Well! Look at that! Jeff seems to be enjoying the show!”

Rosa swung around, her strap-on hitting Jasmine on her ass, “Damn, boy! That’s a nice size dick right there!”

The older black lady stepped up from the corner of the room, “Say What? I ain’t never seen no big white dick!” She walked up next to Jasmine, “Jazz, do yo thing on this white boy…. I wanna see this!”

Jasmine kicked off her shoes, turned her back to me, spread her feet apart, and started shaking her ass side-to-side until it was a blur. She slowly bent over and didn’t stop shaking until her hands were touching her ankles. She stopped shaking and bent over further until her head was hanging upside down between her legs, then she slid her hands up the back of her thighs and grabbed her ass cheeks. She spread her ass apart, pulling on her pussy until the pink lips popped open on either side of the lace crotch in her panties. The bright pink of her pussy stood out like neon against her dark skin. I had never been with a black woman, and the contrast of her pussy, all shaved and pulled open like that was pretty fucking hot.

She turned back around and climbed up on the recliner, knees on each side of me, and started giving me a lap dance. This girl was definitely an experienced stripper. She slid up and down me, rubbing her crotch all over my hard on. She crawled up until her tits were right in my face, and rubbed her thinly covered nipples across my mouth. I felt her hand reach down and stroke my dick through the leg of my shorts. I looked over at Marie and she was watching closely with a big smile on her face. 

Jasmine worked her way back down my body, stood up, and turned around and sat her ass down on me. She rubbed her ass up and down my leg… the leg where my dick was, and each time she pushed her ass back, the leg of my shorts rode up a little until I was pretty sure the head was sticking out. I couldn’t see very well around her, but a few of the women were in front of her and watching intently. 

She climbed up onto the recliner backwards and moved back until her ass was inches away from my face, then reached down and flipped the lever and my upper body fell back. She inched further backwards, rubbing my dick the whole way, stopping when her ass was over my face. Her pussy was still held open by her panties, a little pink exposed on each side... when she rocked back I could clearly see the opening of her pussy through the lace. The solid material of the thong covered her butthole, but the dark pucker surrounding it was inches away from my face. I could almost taste her… I knew I wasn’t supposed to touch her, but I arched my head forward as far as I could... I wanted to smash my face against her pussy...

She tugged on my shorts and I heard the zipper go down, then I felt her hand slide down under my underwear. She grabbed my dick and pulled it around so it stuck out the top of my boxers. She stroked me with her hand like this for a bit, then moved forward and started rubbing her crotch up and down my dick.

This girl was very talented, and everything she did, the way she touched me, the way she gave me this lap dance, was absolutely erotic and felt amazing. She was thin, and her hips were quite narrow, but her ass was taught and about as round as a basketball, and she truly knew how to use it. 

Marie was still standing beside us, watching closely. I looked down and could see the head of my cock sticking out every time Jasmine slid her ass forward. Marie noticed it too. She touched Jasmine’s shoulder, leaned forward and said “my turn”.

Jasmine stood up and Marie quickly took her place, facing away from me, setting her nice round ass down on my lap. Her cheeks wrapped around my erection and grabbed it like she was giving me a hand job when she started grinding on me. She rode me like this for a while, and I noticed when she stood up that her ass had worked my shorts down even more… a few inches of my cock stuck out above my boxers. I quickly grabbed the waistband and pulled them up to cover myself as Marie turned around. She crawled up on the recliner facing me, sat back down on my hard on and started grinding on it. The other ladies in the room started hollering in approval, "Come on, Marie!”


“Ride that young boy’s dick!”

Marie leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "You feel really good..." She rocked harder on my erection, and I could feel the waistband of my boxers slide down over my cock a little more on each thrust. Marie reached up and unfastened the center of her teddy down to her waist, then leaned forward and pushed her cleavage into my face. I reached up and pulled her teddy open, her large breasts falling out and slapping my face with each thrust of her grinding. I grabbed onto the arms of the recliner to just hold myself in place, but when my right hand landed, a soft leg pressed up against it.

It was Rosa in her fishnet body stocking. She had taken off the strap-on belt, and had moved up against the chair so my hand was between her legs. I looked up and could now see her body stocking was crotchless; I could almost see her pussy under her skirt from my viewpoint. A moment later I felt a bare thigh rub up against my left hand; the lady in the black and gold teddy. This was getting a bit out of hand, but I was horny as hell. I started sucking on Marie's fat dark nipples, and they grew in my mouth until they were long and hard. 

Someone behind Marie was tugging on my shorts. I stopped sucking on her breasts and tried to look but Marie’s boobs filled my vision. Whoever it was yanked my shorts down to my ankles, then started pulling on my boxers. 

Rosa grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand up between her legs, pushing my fingers into her fleshy pussy. She was wet, and her fat lips easily engulfed three of my fingers. She started banging herself using my hand. 

Someone continued tugging on my boxers, and my first reaction was to fight them, but I was getting off from this ‘abuse’.

.. I wanted to slam my cock deep into Marie while everyone watched and cheered

Marie lifted off me for a moment and my boxers were quickly pulled down to my ankles. Marie reached down and unsnapped the crotch of her teddy and sat back down on the base of my cock. She leaned in and whispered “I want you inside me, but I don’t have protection,” then started to grind her meaty pussy up and down my cock. She was soaking wet, and I could feel the heat from her thick lips envelop my cock. 

….. surely Jasmine had rubbers we could use

The lady on my left pulled my shirt up and started rubbing my chest, and pulled on my nipples. It was weird and a little painful, but I didn’t stop her. 

….. this was unbelievable… I was literally being raped by these women, but my cock had never been harder… I could feel my climax building uncontrollably 

Rosa stuffed my fingers harder into her fat pussy… I added a fourth, and she shoved them deep inside her until only my thumb stopped my hand from going further. 

Someone grabbed my balls and started pulling and massaging them. I thought it was Marie, but realized both her hands were on my shoulders. 

Rosa pushed my thumb around with her other hand and pulled hard on my wrist, pulling all four fingers and my thumb into her pussy until it stuck at my knuckles. 

My entire body was getting fucked, totally out of my control, but my lust was on fire… I wanted more… I thought of Jasmine crawling on my face and smothering me with that bright pink pussy… 

I reached up between the legs of the woman on my left and pawed at her crotch until I found the snap on her teddy, and yanked it open and pushed my fingers into her. 

Rosa kept pulling on my wrist, trying to stuff my entire hand inside her cunt, inching inside her a little further… Marie grinding her thick pussy harder and faster on my cock- I tried to hump her and get my cock inside her pussy, but she quickly angled her hips again and again so I couldn’t penetrate her. I had two fingers inside the lady on my left, and was sucking madly on Marie’s right breast. 

Whoever was playing with my balls slapped some cold lube under my sack, shocking me temporarily, then they rubbed it over my taint and my ass. I could have clamped my legs together and stopped them, but my climax was building and my head was spinning with lust… I shoved my hand harder into Rosa’s fat pussy and felt my knuckles pop into her just as the lady behind Marie slid a finger into my ass, pushing me over the edge… my orgasm swelled like a tidal wave, starting under the base of my cock, deep inside me where the lady’s finger was probing inside my ass…

I rammed my cock hard against Marie, cramming the shaft against her fat lips and clenching my ass on the lady’s finger inside me… Rosa was still pulling on my wrist, pulling my hand deeper in her huge pussy until I was wrist-deep… I rammed it in and out of her roughly as the first stream of cum shot onto my chest. 

My body convulsed against Marie and I yelled “FUUUUCCCCKKK!!!” and came hard… digging roughly with my two fingers in the lady on my left and ramming my fist deep into Rosa’s cunt… 

Marie slid backwards off me to watch the ropes of cum shoot out of my cock, and her ass pushed the lady’s arm away… her finger popping out of my ass. 

The lady on my left threw her head forward and down hard on my cock, sucking the last streams of cum from me… the feelings shocked my body into an almost painful climax… my head slammed backwards and my hips bucked against her mouth and I yelled again… I jerked and shook and pumped what felt like my very soul into her mouth. 

She kept sucking on my beaten cock, long after it had run dry. I had pulled my fingers out of her pussy when she started sucking me, but my hand was still deep inside Rosa… I pulled it out and pushed the lady off of my throbbing dick with both hands, my right hand getting her hair sticky from Rosa’s lube, which covered my hand and much of my forearm. She raised her head off of me and looked at me and laughed loudly. 

Marie had stood up and left me lying there, shorts down to my ankles, my throbbing cock still twitching in a pool of cum, completely exposed to the room of ladies. They were all yelling and clapping in approval of what just happened, like their team just won the big game. 

..... I was in shock. I suddenly felt embarrassed. I felt abused …I wanted to get the hell out of there

Marie could read it on my face and helped me pull up my shorts and the lady on my left grabbed a towel to clean up the cum from my chest and stomach. I flinched when she wiped off my cock, still overly sensitive from my overwhelming climax.

Marie raised the recliner and another woman handed me a drink. I took a long gulp and tried to calm down. The party seemed to go right back to the standard Tupperware party, except all the women were wearing teddys or body stockings. 

Jasmine handed me my credit card, receipt, and a pen. The total was only $246. I thought about what I had received in exchange and added a $50 tip… maybe out of embarrassment or guilt?

Marie sat down beside me on the arm of the chair and ran her fingers through my hair. "I'm sorry it got so out of hand tonight. I hope we didn't take advantage of you." I tried like hell to act all nonchalant, like 'No.. not at all... this happens every Friday night', but I could tell she could read through it. 

"Do you have a guy at every party like this?"

"No.. you are the very first one. But you MADE this party! Thank you so much!"

I downed a bunch more of my drink. I looked around to see if I could tell which one of them had their finger up my ass. I only knew it couldn't have been Jasmine... those long fingernails would have cut me a new colon. 

I turned to Marie, "I think I need to get home and clean myself up."

"Really? It's still early. Maybe the girls and I could give you a massage. Maybe rub those troubles out?"

"No... although I really appreciate it, I need to take care of a few things." I got up from the chair and walked over to the door. Marie followed and pulled me down and kissed me lightly, "I'm sorry. We're pretty drunk. I promise I will make it up to you later."

"You're sweet. It was a bit crazy, but I had a great time. Thank you."

She opened the door and I started down the stairs. I could hear a few of the women start yelling "Where's he going?" before Marie closed the door. 

I glanced over at Debbie's as I walked across the driveway to my side of the duplex. The lights were on, but I couldn't see anyone. Ron's car was now gone. I hoped that Debbie didn't see me go into Marie's.

I walked up the front stairs and let myself in. I stopped at my reflection in the mirror by the entry. I looked like shit... like I had just gotten up off someone’s couch, hungover after a night of heavy drinking. I could smell pussy. My right hand was still covered with the glaze from Rosa's big cunt, and my left hand was sticky too. There were wet spots on my shirt and my shorts, and I could still feeI the lube on my ass. I went downstairs and took a long hot shower.


........................................................ later.........................................................

I poured my scotch and went out to the front deck and sat down, pulling myself into the shadows so I couldn't be seen. I could see Debbie walking around in her kitchen. She was wearing a light summer robe and I was pretty sure she was naked underneath; I swear I could see her breasts swinging as she wiped down the countertops. 

I was still in a bit of shock over what had just happened. I could hear the ladies next door partying, still yelling and laughing. I wondered if Rosa was still there, and if she had ever let her friends watch her get fisted before. Actually, I don't think any of them could even see under her skirt that my whole hand was inside her... not even Marie. But she knew... and she was enjoying it.

I felt ashamed of myself... but that was probably the strongest climax I had ever had... and I wasn't even fucking anyone. I took a long draw from my drink.

..... at least I didn’t fuck anyone tonight ...I know I could have if I wanted ...probably a few of them

The new neighbors next door, Tommy and Gail, were watching TV. Tommy was laughing at the show, but Gail looked unamused. I saw a bong on their coffee table. The blue house was dark. 

Debbie was cleaning around her house, but kept stopping and looking over my way. I know if I just walked over there she would fuck my brains out... probably for hours. My dick started to get hard, but I was just not doing it. I needed to let this night settle in my mind a bit first. 

I thought about Lisa… did she hold the same feelings for me as I did for her? When could I see her again, and how? I realized I was becoming infatuated with her. I finished my scotch and went to bed.


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