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This is the tenth chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter I am re-introduced to Pam & Jodi's friend, Melissa, who is hitting her age of sexual awakening.
——————————— Part (10) ■ Pam, Jodi & Melissa ■ ———————————

             [ s e x u a l   c o n t e n t :  4/5 ]

This is the tenth chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter I am re-introduced to Pam & Jodi's friend, Melissa, who is hitting her age of sexual awakening.

Note: Although this story is fiction, all characters and situations in this series are based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.



I didn't sleep too well that night and had to push myself out of bed late in the morning. I didn't have any pressing plans that Saturday, except to play around on the Chevy. I made coffee and sat out on the front deck to acclimate to the morning and survey the neighborhood. The blue house was quiet, as was usual at this time in the morning, and both girl's cars were there. The new neighbors were gone. 

Debbie was up and planting some flowers in the pots on her front porch. She noticed me and waved, then walked over to the front and leaned against her railing and smiled widely at me. I got up from my chair and walked to the edge of the deck and smiled back at her, obviously flirting.

Pam and Jodi walked into view on my side of the street. It didn't look like they had picked up on Debbie’s and my silent flirtation. "Hi Jeff!" they both yelled and waved up at me as they walked by. I waved back and could see Debbie laughing and shaking her head. She turned around and went back to planting her flowers. After a bit I went back inside, threw on my coveralls and went into the garage. 

An hour or so passed when I heard the girls walk up the driveway. Pam and Jodi walked into the garage, followed by their little friend Melissa.

“Good morning ladies! It's nice of you to stop by. Melissa, I don't think I've seen you in ages!"

"Hi Jeff! Yeah, it's been like... months, I think."

Pam literally pushed Melissa towards me, then looked over at her sister and laughed. Jodi laughed a little, then stared at me with a huge smile. I looked again at Melissa and she looked completely different than I had ever seen her. She was wearing some tight summer clothes that showed more skin than anything I had ever seen her wear… and she was wearing makeup. 

"Whaddya think?" Pam spit out with a giggle. I stepped closer and looked Melissa up and down. She was still the mousey little brunette who looked like she was closer to grade school than high school, but the tight clothes and makeup made her look like she was selling sex. No doubt Pam & Jodi helped her apply the makeup, and they put it on too heavy, certainly for a girl her age. Her tube top fit her tightly, showing a lot of midriff, and showing she still had no boobs, but her small nipples poked out in the thin fabric. 

"Wow, I like it! Turn around!" 

Melissa smiled nervously, then slowly turned around for me. Her tiny shorts were cut-off jeans, and were cut so short the curves of her little ass peeked out below the frayed legs. 

Melissa turned back around and smiled nervously at me. 

"Really Melissa, you look pretty damn hot. You shouldn't let your parents see you in that."

Her nervousness broke and she laughed, "Oh I KNOW! They'd kill me. My mom's out of town and my dad's at work. …Do you really like my outfit?"

"Absolutely. You were always pretty, but damn girl..." 

Pam and Jodi both laughed, and Pam lightly punched Melissa in her shoulder. 

"OUCH! God.. what's your problem?!"

Jodi walked around Melissa and came up close to me. "You've been ignoring me. I haven't seen you in weeks."

I could smell the pot on her breath. I looked at her eyes and they were quite bloodshot. I glanced over at Melissa and Pam and could tell they were all high. 

"I swear it hasn't been intentional. I miss seeing you girls... I've just been really busy with work and a bunch of stuff."

Jodi stepped closer to me, nearly rubbing against me. "Do you have anything to drink? We're really thirsty."

"I think I could find something. Come on upstairs."


……………………………...… Beers at the Pow Wow ..………………………………

The three girls followed me up out of the garage and I stopped and let them go ahead of me up the stairway to the main floor. Pam walked sideways and rubbed her tits on me as she shuffled in front of me, and Jodi purposely bumped my dick with her wrist as she walked by. Melissa was last, and just smiled up at me. I followed them upstairs and stared at Melissa's little ass the whole way. The frayed crotch of her shorts barely covered her panties, if she was wearing any. I had never fantasized about Melissa before; she always hit me as just a sexless little girl. That just changed. 

We walked into the kitchen and I opened the fridge for them, "Help yourself." They all leaned into the fridge and lunged at the beer, "Is this okay?"

"As long as this is a secret just between us. You can't tell anyone."

"We promise! We would get in a lot of trouble too.. Where’s Denise? At work today?"

“She’s out of town till Tuesday. You have me for as long as you want.” They shot glances at each other and giggled. I opened the beers for them, and grabbed one for myself. "So, what are you girls up to today? It looks like trouble.”

They all started giggling and couldn't stop. Pam walked into the living room and sat down cross-legged on the carpet. Jodi popped off at her, "What are you doing, Pam? Having a pow-wow?" They all started laughing louder now, and had a difficult time bringing it under control.

I walked over and sat down, cross-legged, beside her. The two other girls followed. "I think you three girls have been in the catnip." 

They all stopped laughing and looked at me blankly, then Pam burst out laughing again. Jodi finally responded, "Catnip? Not quite.. that is for..." Pam interrupted, "…pussies! Catnip’s for pussies!"

They all started laughing loudly at her comment, Melissa gasping and covering her mouth. 

“So, what have you girls been doing since I last saw you?”

They told me all sorts of inane things, including dumb movies they had seen, and I tried to act interested. I looked over at Pam on my right and glanced down at her blouse, which was pulled tight at the buttons by her huge boobs. I could see a white bra through the puckers between the buttons. She caught me looking and gave me a big smile, then guzzled more of her beer. 

Jodi sat on my left in a short skirt and a long t-shirt. She was kneeling down, unlike Pam and Melissa, but still I could almost see her panties. 

Melissa sat across from me, and suddenly she twisted her legs until her feet were on top of her thighs, like a pretzel. She took a long drink from her beer and looked up at me with a wide smile.

“Wow, Melissa… I’m impressed!”

Pam burst in, “That’s nothing! You should see what else she can do… she’s really flexible!”

I raised my eyebrows and locked on Melissa’s bloodshot eyes, “I think I would like to see that.”

Jodi laughed and looked at her sister, who followed in suit. Melissa looked a little embarrassed and looked down at the floor, and giggled. I stared at her tiny body and imagined her naked, bent in half... I wondered what her little pussy looked like... and my dick started growing down my leg. When I looked over at Pam she was staring at it. 

Pam stood up, "I need to use your bathroom" she grabbed the canvas bag she was carrying and walked over to the bath and closed the door. I expected to hear the sound of running water, but it never happened.

Jodi broke the silence, "How is your back?", obviously bringing up the erotic backrub we had enjoyed the last time she was in my living room. 

"It's all better... I feel pretty good now. But I would still love to have another backrub like that anytime you want." Jodi giggled and Melissa shot a look over to her like she knew what I was referring to. 

….. what have these girls shared with each other?

Pam came out of the bathroom and sat down beside me again and grabbed her beer, and knocked over her bag as she did. I could see a white bra strap poking a little out the top, and she stuffed it back inside and folded the top closed. I looked closer at her blouse and could see the outline of her fat nipples... she had gone to the bathroom to take off her bra. I could now see the flesh of her breasts through the pucker in her blouse. 

Jodi also noticed what Pam had done, and shot her sister a look of shock, "Oh my Gosh, Pam..."  Pam shot an almost angry look back at her, "Chill out, Jodi... and sit down, already. You make me nervous hovering over us like that."

Jodi gave her sister a wide-eyed look, then slowly lifted herself up, and sat back down with her legs crossed, her skirt riding up her thighs and spread open in the process. She stretched her t-shirt downwards and moved her beer down in front of her crotch to cover her exposed panties. She let out a little gasp when the cold bottle touched her crotch. She saw me smile at her and tried to redirect the attention, "Missy! You have barely touched your beer!"

Melissa snapped out of her trance, “I’m sorry… that bud… um… catnip was really…”, her words faded off. She grabbed her beer and took a long drink. Jodi took a drink as well, and when she lifted her bottle I could see a large wet spot on the crotch of her panties. I couldn’t tell if the moisture was from her, or from the condensation on the bottle, but it made her panties much more transparent. I could see the dark pink of her thick labia and traces of a bit of hair as well. 

Pam rested back on her hands and pushed her boobs out, making sure I was aware she removed her bra.

Melissa glanced over at Pam and finally noticed she had taken off her bra. This shocked her, but she just stared at Pam’s tits, then looked at the floor, and mumbled, “God I wish I would fill out. You guys look like full grown women… you both do. I’m just a skinny little…” her words drifted off again.

Jodi tried to console her, “You’ll fill out! I was skinny and flat just last year!” 

“You were not! Your boobs weren’t as big as they are now, but you had ‘em. I’m flat as a board. You dress me up and paint up my face, but I’m still just a stupid little girl.” She slumped further. I thought for a second she was going to cry. 

“Melissa, don’t try to grow up too quickly. Once you’re there, you can’t go back. Yes, Pam and Jodi have beautiful, mature figures. I’ve seen a lot of grown women who aren’t nearly as sexy as these two, but you are in a very special time in your life. You are past the little girl stage and your body is developing… your sexual awakening is kinda magical.”

“Well, if you say so… but I’m still a skinny flat little girl. No boy is going to like this,” she waved her hand over her body. 

“You’re wrong there. I mean, young boys can be enamored by girls who develop early, because it is new to them. They’ve never seen large boobs.”

I looked back and forth to Pam and Jodi, “Please don’t take this like I’m criticizing either of you. You are both deadly sexy… but that doesn’t mean Melissa isn’t as well.” Both Jodi and Pam smiled at my comments. 

“I am a lot older and have seen many boobs of all sizes, but one thing I haven’t seen in a very long time are a young girl’s breasts that are going through that early development stage. That only lasts a short while, and… I shouldn’t say this… but I think it is hot as hell." 

She looked at me with a blank stare. I wasn’t sure if she was going to scream ‘pervert’ and run out. 

Pam and Jodi were no longer smiling at me. They were waiting for Melissa’s reaction and had a look of concern on their faces. Melissa was as prude as hell when I first met her, just a short time ago. 

Melissa finally smiled, “Really? That’s sweet… even if you are just trying to cheer me up.”

I slowly looked her up and down, and landed my gaze on her puffy little nipples poking out under her top, “Yes, really. I’m sure you will grow into a very lovely, elegant woman… but don’t rush it. I think you are beautiful and very sexy exactly the way you are… right… now. I would absolutely love to see…” I stopped mid-sentence, realizing I was saying too much.

Melissa lit up hearing my inappropriate compliment and sat back up straight, pushing her points out, and smiled widely. She grabbed her beer and took a long drink. Looking closer I could now see that she had some swelling around her cone-shaped nipples. She had the early beginnings of real boobs, and she was suddenly quite proud of them. 

Jodi poked me in the ribs. “So, I suppose I am too mature for you now?”

I laughed and poked her back, but she tried to dodge my finger and I ended up hitting her right breast instead. I tried to act like I didn’t notice, “Hardly… somehow you manage to look more and more sexy every time I see you.”

I turned to Pam, “And you… you certainly look more sexy since you took off your bra.” 

Jodi burst out laughing, and Pam looked a little embarrassed at my calling out the obvious. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!” I stared lustfully at her tits until she started laughing. Her big boobs shook as she laughed. She tried to redirect attention back to Melissa, “Missy, show Jeff some of your tricks”

Melissa looked confused, “My tricks? Whaddya mean?”

“Your bendy tricks! You know…” She leaned over and whispered something in Melissa’s ear. 

Melissa stood up and bent forward until her hands touched the floor. “Ouch! These are so tight!” She stood back up and grabbed the snap on her shorts, then stopped and looked at me. Then she looked over at Jodi’s exposed panties, and then back over to the lump in my coveralls, and unsnapped the waist of her shorts and pulled down the zipper. Light blue flowered panties peeked out. She looked back at me to see a wide smile on my face, then bent back down and pressed her hands flat on the floor. 

“Wow! That is amazing!” 

…. I wished she had done it facing the other way. 

Pam leaned forward towards me, “That’s nothing! Wait till you see…” 

I was looking straight down Pam’s blouse at her boobs and she knew it. She followed my eyes and looked down, then laughed and sat back hard so her boobs bounced on the landing. She prodded Melissa, “Show him your froggy thing!”

“Your froggy thing? I don’t know what that is, but I know I have to see it!”

I reached over to my left and squeezed Jodi’s hand. She looked at me and smiled warmly. Melissa stood up and turned back towards the wall, then got down on her knees. Her little ass was facing me and a surge of adrenaline shot through me as I stared at her. 

Jodi leaned over and whispered in my left ear, “I’ve been thinking about you… I want to give you another back rub.” I squeezed her hand again and smiled. I closed my eyes and thought back to her grinding harder and harder on top of my bare cock, those perfect tits bouncing and shaking above me as she climaxed. I turned to her and opened my eyes, “That sounds wonderful. It’s been on my mind as well.”

When I turned back, Melissa was upside down against the wall, resting on her shoulders and using her hands to stop her from falling down. Her head was bent so it faced the ceiling. She bent her legs and folded at the waist and slowly lowered her legs until her knees hit the floor, on either side of her head. Her crotch was facing me. 

My jaw dropped to the floor, “Oh My God… how the hell do you do that!” 

Pam laughed loudly at my reaction, then reached over and slapped her on the butt. Melissa fell to the side, entirely too soon, nearly hitting the TV. 

“Hey! That wasn’t fair!” 

Melissa stuck her tongue out at Pam, scrambled back and sat down, and took another drink from her beer. I noticed she didn’t zip her shorts back up. 

If these girls were trying to get me aroused, it was working. I took a drink from my beer, and when I set it back down, I took the opportunity to shove my dick over to the right so it wasn't poking up my pant leg. 

Melissa must have noticed. She squeaked out “Oh my God!” and shot looks to her friends, then back down to my crotch. 

I laughed a little, “Hey, I’m sorry, but I can’t really help that… what, with that ‘Froggy Thing’ of yours, and Pam’s boobs dominating the conversation…”

Jodi huffed loudly and threw a look of daggers at me, “…and me? What am I? Do I bore you?”

“No, no… you know I am totally enamored with you. But you are the only one here wearing a bra… just saying.”

….. Jodi had the nicest body in the room, and I didn’t think she would settle for last place in this ‘game’

She just gave me an angry look and stuck out her tongue at me, “HA! You are just being mean. Unless that was a dare…” I just stared at her t-shirt and smiled. She looked at me, then smiled and laughed, "Okay, but you're getting your turn soon." She reached up her right sleeve and pulled the strap down off her shoulder and worked it off her arm, then reached up under her t-shirt and pulled the bra down off her boobs, and around back to unhook it, then pulled it out of her left sleeve. 

My eyes went wide and I stared at her boobs through the thin t-shirt. "I have to say I am amazed... both at how you pulled that off, and how you look now in that t-shirt!" 

She just wrinkled her nose at me, "Flirt!"

Pam downed the last of her beer, then sat the bottle down on its side in front of us, and spun it. 

“Are we playing spin-the-bottle?” I asked, looking like it was still a game I played all the time. 

“Kinda... this is spin-for-dare. Whoever the bottle points to gets to dare anybody they choose in the circle.”

Jodi laughed, “You just made that up! You've never played that before!"

I held my hand up to shush her, "Stop it! I think it sounds like a fun game... but I'm kinda outnumbered here. Are you girls going to be nice?"

This got Pam laughing, but Melissa just had a blank look on her face. Then she looked at my crotch again and smiled weakly. I don’t know if it was the pot or the beer, but she looked really high. 

I asked, "So what happens if the bottle points in between two people?"

"Then the two people get to decide the dare together."

Jodi finished her beer as well and set the empty bottle on the table. I finished mine and stood up, shifting my dick again so it didn’t stick out so obviously, "I need another beer.. anyone else?" I heard a resounding 'YES' from Pam and Jodi, but Melissa just grabbed hers and started chugging the last of it. I went to the kitchen and opened four beers and brought them back and handed them around. Jodi guzzled quite a bit of hers on the first taste.


…………………………………..Spin For Dare ..…………………………………

Pam reached forward and spun the bottle... when it stopped it pointed to Jodi. 

"HA! I told you Jeff!... Okay... I think you need to take off your coveralls.” 

I was a little shocked, "Everything? I don't have a lot on under these."

"Okay.. just down to your waist. Like... um… before."

….. I like the way this is going …could I possibly get all three of these young girls naked?

I looked at Pam and Melissa, “Are you okay with this?”

Pam spit out, “Oh, Hell ya!” and laughed loudly.

Melissa just nodded, but in an eager way… an enthusiastic ‘yes’.

I stood up and walked over to the sliding glass door and pulled the curtains closed, then unzipped the front of my coveralls and pulled my arms out of them. They started falling down but I grabbed them right as they went past the top of my boxers. I tied the arms at the waist to hold them in place, then sat back down in the circle and spun the bottle again. 

It stopped in the middle, between Jodi and me. We whispered some different plans to each other, then finally Jodi said to Pam, "You have to hold that empty beer bottle between your boobs, and if you can spin around without it falling you get to call the next dare."

Pam stood up immediately and grabbed her empty beer bottle off the floor, "No problem."

I interrupted, "And you have to unbutton your blouse... only your boobs can hold the bottle in place." Pam looked at me with wide eyes and poked me in the ribs, "You're adding rules!" I poked her back, "Well, I think the blouse gives her an unfair advantage. You don't want her to win, do you?"

Pam looked at each of us, then turned to face the other way. She set the bottle down on the table against the wall, and we could see her arms moving while she undid the buttons on her blouse. The material fell loose and she reached out and grabbed the bottle. After another gulp from the beer and a little bit of adjusting, she slowly turned around to face us. Her blouse hung loosely over her boobs, but she had draped the sides over them to cover her huge nipples. The bottle was stuck snugly between her large breasts. Pams smiled widely at her success, then shook a little side to side just to show off. The bottle held firmly in place. She sat down and carefully pulled the bottle out and set it on the floor. She didn't button up her blouse. "I guess it is my turn again!", but before she could say anything, Melissa crawled over to her and whispered in her ear. 

Pam looked at her little friend and giggled, "If that's what you want.. sure."

Melissa looked a little embarrassed, squatted down beside Pam and looked down at the floor. 

Pam sat up straight, sticking her boobs out and looked at me. I stared at the opening of her blouse, hoping I could see some areola. "Missy wants you to kiss her. She hasn't ever kissed a boy."

Melissa shot an angry look at her, "You weren't supposed to say that! Anyway I have too.. but not... ya know..." She stared back at the floor and crossed her arms over her chest. 

Pam added, "Okay, a French kiss."

I smiled widely, "I would love that! Especially if it is your first time!"

Melissa raised her head and smiled nervously at me. I looked over at Jodi and she seemed a little put-out over the suggestion. I reached out and squeezed her hand and whispered, "You better be next.." She smiled a little in response, but I wasn't convinced she was totally okay with it. 

"On one condition... if I get to kiss Jodi next." 

Pam huffed at my comment, “whatever…” and took another long drink of her beer.

I grabbed a pillow off the couch and laid it on the floor against the front of the couch, and rested back against it. "Come over here, Melissa." She stood up, and as she walked over to me I stretched my legs out, and guided her to sit down on my lap facing me. As she squatted down onto me, I pulled upwards on my coveralls and adjusted my dick at the same time so it was pointing up, but was still covered. I don't think she noticed, but I was pretty sure Jodi did... especially considering I did pretty much the same thing with her before. I looked over and Jodi was smiling; she seemed to be enjoying watching Melissa 'learn' about sex.

Melissa straddled me on her knees, still hovering above any body contact. I gently grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer to me until her face was nearly touching mine. She stared into my eyes and slowly kissed my lips. Her mouth was closed and the kiss was short and dry, but still erotic. I pulled back and she still had her eyes open. She really didn't know how to kiss.

"Close your eyes and kiss me again. This time relax and open your mouth slightly."

She closed her eyes and I slid my tongue into her mouth as our lips touched. She was nervous, and I could feel her shaking slightly while we kissed. Her mouth was rigid and her tongue hard when it touched mine. "Relax your tongue and slide it into my mouth. Explore my mouth and tongue with yours."

This time she pushed her tongue further into my mouth... softer, more sensually, and sucked gently on my tongue as well. Her body relaxed as well and I felt her crotch settle down onto my lap, right on top of my erection. I grabbed her hands and placed them on either side of my head, then slid my hands down her back. She felt so tiny in my hands. I could feel every rib in her thin body. I grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her towards me, upwards on my dick, then downwards, with a gentle hand. She moved with me, then suddenly jerked back, realizing it was my hard dick she was feeling on her crotch. 

She pulled back from our kiss, and looked at me with a shocked look. Her wide eyes and open mouth told me she was scared, but was enjoying it… she just didn't expect it and wasn't sure what to do next.

"Just relax. Tell me to stop anytime you feel uncomfortable."

She relaxed a bit and leaned forward to kiss me again... she kissed me deeply, and after a short while started lightly grinding her crotch against my hard on. We must have been enjoying ourselves a little bit too much. Jodi popped in, "Okay kids... leave some time in this game for the rest of us."

I pulled back from Melissa, "Sorry... I guess I was having a little too much fun with this lesson." Melissa looked like she was in a sexual trance. Her eyes were glazed and half closed, she was panting lightly through her open mouth, saliva running down from her lips. I gently pushed her back upright… she rested her full weight down on me, although she felt as light as a feather. I held her there and ran my hands up her sides to the bottom of her thin tube top. I stared at the puffy bumps poking out, "I really have to see more of you," and started tugging the top downwards. Melissa just stared at me and started breathing more heavily, her small chest heaving a little as the top inched down over her small breasts. 

The seam on her top stuck on her nipples and she shook as it finally popped over them, her pointy nipples springing back instantly. I pulled the top further down until both of her little breasts were fully exposed. Two perfect, light pink cones, puffy and erect, and as smooth as I had ever seen. The light pink flesh of her areolas blended into her nipples with only a slight line of difference. "Your breasts are absolutely beautiful..." I leaned into her and pulled her forward to suck on them, but Pam interrupted, "Hey! Time's up! Get back to the game!"

I was pretty drunk with lust for this little girl, but tried my best to shake out of it. Melissa pulled her top back up as I helped lift her to her feet. She went over and sat down next to Pam and looked over at me, still breathing heavily. I said to her, "You really are a good kisser”, and smiled to ease her anxiety, if she had any after our short but steamy playtime. She just smiled weakly in response.

Jodi suddenly leaned over and pushed me back down to the floor, “My turn!" She crawled over me and landed down on my chest, facing me. I reached forward to grab her legs, but she climbed further forward over my arms, pinning me. Her aggressiveness shocked me, but looking up at her squatting on my chest quickly reignited my lust. Her legs were spread, her knees on the floor on either side of my arms, pulling her skirt up nearly to her waist. Her damp panties were inches away from my face, and I could clearly see the folds of her meaty pussy through the damp material and could smell the sweet scent of her young hormones. 

"That's no fair! You have me pinned down... I can't even play with you!”

"You just need to be quiet... this is my turn." 

I smiled lustfully at her, then moved my eyes down to her crotch and stuck my tongue out lewdly, like I was trying to lick her. The other girls couldn’t see this between Jodi’s thighs, but Jodi could. I reached up and grabbed her ass and pushed her towards my mouth and looked back up at her, still wagging my tongue to make it very obvious what I wanted to do. 

Jodi’s stoned eyes lit up, then she looked back over her shoulder at her sister, then over to the other side at Melissa, then back down at me. Her mouth dropped open and she scooted forward. She looked back at Pam again, and reached down and grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled them to the side, fully exposing her pussy, then scooted forward again until her meaty lips hit my chin. She looked back down at me with wide, intense eyes and pulled her t-shirt over my head so no one could see anything, except me. 

I arched my neck and pulled her against my face, her thick lips covering my mouth and nose. I had never gone down on a woman with such a large, full vulva… and certainly never on any girl this young. Her pussy had the taste of a horny young girl, and was dripping wet. I worked my tongue around her lips until I found her opening and pushed it as far inside her thick pussy as I could. I knew she was a virgin, but her wet pussy told a different story… my tongue easily sliding deep inside her, releasing a large amount of lube into my mouth. I sucked it down and worked my tongue around to find her clit, and looked up to see her jutting breasts holding the t-shirt taught and open over my head. 

I was finally eating this young girl’s pussy… something I had fantasized about for months, but I never expected her to be so over-developed… so sexual, or that I would be doing it right in front of her friends. The taste of her, the feeling of her fleshy lips in my mouth, and the view up under her shirt of her large torpedo-shaped breasts shaking above me, was unbelievably erotic. She grabbed my head and started grinding her pussy against my mouth... I tried to work my hands under her skirt from behind so I could slide my fingers into her pussy, but her ass was pressed down firmly on my chest. 

My dick was hard as a rock... I flexed it a few times in hopes that Pam and Melissa would notice. I could hear them whispering, then I felt a hand reach into the right opening of my coveralls... the side where Pam was sitting. She went straight for my dick, and grabbed the shaft through the fabric of my boxers and squeezed. I could feel a drop pre-cum squirt out and land on my stomach, then again, as she worked her hand up and down the shaft. Her hand felt down the shaft to my balls, then up over the head, where I'm sure it was quite wet. I wanted to feel the bare skin of her hand on my cock... I hoped she would find the fly and slide her hand inside, but she pulled her hand back out of my coveralls.

Jodi had handfuls of my hair gripped in her fists, pulling hard on my head as she ground her fat pussy against my mouth. More of her lube was flowing from her, soaking my face and filling my mouth... I could tell she was already getting close to climaxing and I fucking loved it...

Pam and Melissa were whispering again, then I felt the left opening of my coveralls lift, and a small hand reached in and started feeling around. I was sure it was Melissa... her delicate touch gently exploring until her fingers brushed against my cock through my boxers. Her hand jerked back and I could hear a gasp and the sound of Pam giggling at her friend's reaction. 

Melissa's hand slowly returned and felt around my boxers until she hit my cock again. This time her hand continued and felt the full thickness of it, "oh my God..." She slowly moved her hand up and down the shaft. I could hear them whispering again, and I felt Pam's hand reach inside the right opening and grab the waistband of my boxers and try to tug them down over my erection. They whispered something again, and Melissa's hand grabbed the other side of the waistband, and they both lifted it up and pulled it down over my cock. 

Jodi was grinding her pussy harder and harder against my mouth, obviously reaching a strong orgasm. I sucked her meaty lips and roughly tongued her wet hole as she started bucking against my face, my cock standing up as hard as ever. The waistband snapped back down around my balls and two hands grabbed my cock and started feeling all around... Pam's hand squeezing the shaft down by the base, and Melissa's small hand rubbing all over the head, feeling the lube seep out of the end.

Jodi held my face tightly against her pussy and rode through the waves of her climax as quietly as she could. I don't know if Pam and Melissa realized Jodi was cumming, or if what they were doing commanded all of their attention, but nobody said anything until Jodi slumped down in exhaustion. After a short moment, she pulled herself backwards from my face and pulled the t-shirt off my head. 

I felt hands quickly jerk out from my coveralls, and Pam and Melissa quickly started laughing. Jodi looked down and saw how wet my face was, and tried to wipe it off with the front of her shirt, then crawled off of me. She sat back down on my left, and looking at her friends, started laughing as well. All three were covering their mouths with their hands as they tried to control their laughter, but the pot threw them into a laughing fit. 

I sat up and grabbed my beer. I sucked down a long drink, purposely spilling some of it to mask the lube still covering my face. I acted like nothing had happened and we were still just playing an innocent game. 

“Is it my turn to call a dare?”

All three stopped laughing and shot glances at each other. Jodi looked at me and smiled, “I think that’s fair… your turn.”

I turned to Melissa and looked her up and down, landing on her shorts, still unzipped and showing her underwear. She smiled at the attention and rested back on her hands, arching her chest out to call attention to her budding breasts. 

“I want you to do that ‘froggy thing’ again for me.”

Melissa smiled widely and started shuffling over to the wall to work herself into position. 

“But this time you have to take off those cutoffs.”

Melissa stopped short and shot concerned glances at Pam and Jodi. “In just my underwear?”

“Those aren’t any worse than a bikini bottom, and it has to be more comfortable” I said, trying to hide the lust in my voice. 

Melissa raised up on her knees and reached down to pull her shorts off, then stopped and looked nervously at Pam. Pam laughed, “Go ahead! I’m pretty sure Jeff isn’t going to tell anybody.”

Melissa looked back at me and slowly pulled her shorts down to her knees, her panties sliding off her little round butt as she did. She reached back and pulled them back up, then crawled out of her denim cutoffs. Her flowered panties were old, and covered more than most bikini bottoms, except the seam at the crotch was torn and I could see some skin through it.

She turned around and worked her back up against the wall, upside down, feet in the air, and slowly lowered her legs until her knees hit the floor on either side of her head. The ripped crotch in her panties now exposed a little bit more skin… I got up to my knees and crawled over to her and laid my hands gently down on her upper thighs. Melissa gasped at my touch and looked up between her legs at me, but it was a look of excitement… one of young lust, instead of fear. 

“Just let me know if I do anything you don’t like, okay?” Melissa just nodded a little; her head against the floor.

I ran my hands up her thighs and over her little butt and down her back until I hit her tube top, then back up to her butt. The ripped seam in her panties was right next to the wet spot over her pussy, but I could only see skin; no pink, no hair. I massaged her cheeks and worked my thumb onto her crotch as I did… gently and briefly at first, then rubbing directly on her panties over her pussy when she didn’t complain. 

I looked down at her and repeated, “Just tell me to stop if I do anything you don’t like”, then leaned forward and hovered my open mouth over her crotch. I took in a slow, deep breath, taking in the scent of her… her panties were clean, but her newly found hormones were heavy in the air. 

I exhaled my hot breath very close to her crotch, then lightly kissed the wet spot on her panties. I heard her gasp and I pulled back, but then pressed my mouth fully on her when she didn’t ask me to stop. My tongue felt around and slid inside the tear in her panties, and worked over to her little slit. Her body flinched and my tongue felt her tiny opening clench down a little, and a bit of her lube squeezed out into my eager mouth. 

….. I have to see her little pussy …I need to spread her open 

I ran my hands back down her back, and when I slid them back up over her butt I grabbed her panties and pulled them towards me, over her little butt, down to her thighs, completely exposing her. Her little slit barely had any hair… little wisps on the sides and a very sparse patch. Her inner lips were tiny as well… I had to spread her open to even see them. Her little hole opened up… just barely…  I licked her lightly, then tried to slide my tongue inside her, but she had the tightest little pussy that I had touched since my old girlfriend’s little sister, years ago. I could barely get the tip of my tongue inside her. 

I felt Pam brush against my right side and turned to see her staring intently at her little friend’s exposed crotch. Jodi was on the other side, also locked on Melissa’s tiny pussy. I don’t know if either of them had ever seen her naked before, but certainly never bent in half like this. 

I slowly ran my tongue up and down her little slit, then pulled back and looked at her. She was breathing heavily through her open mouth and her eyes were glazed over. 

“Is this okay? Do you want me to stop?”

Melissa’s eyes opened wide and focused on me, “Don’t stop… that feels good”

….. her tiny body …bent in half …my hands spreading her open …lewdly exposing her little pussy and tiny pink butthole …it was absolutely pornographic 

My lust was peaking just looking at her like this. I stuffed my face back into her crotch and sucked on her little clit, my nose pushing against her butthole. The musty scent of her little asshole made me even more horny… I ran my tongue up and down her tiny pussy, then over her asshole, feeling it pucker as my tongue hit the center. 

….. I couldn’t believe the wild difference between her tiny, almost hairless slit …compared to Jodi’s meaty pussy …and they were the same age

Grabbing her ass with both hands, I rocked her body against my mouth and sucked greedily on her pussy,  my nose stuffed into her little pink butt, alternately shoving my tongue in her tiny wet opening and sucking on her little clit. I could hear Pam and Jodi whispering behind me. 

Melissa reached up and stuffed her hand into my coveralls and felt wildly around until she grabbed my cock. She was panting and started squeaking quietly, “yes… yes… like that… YES!!” until her body started shaking. She came hard on my mouth, squeezing hard on my dick and letting out a high-pitched squeal. She continued to jerk and twitch with every movement of my tongue until I gently pulled my mouth off of her, allowing her to slide down from her climax. 

I gently pulled her panties back up over her ass, and held her hips to guide her down to the floor on her side. She pulled her hand out from my coveralls and stretched out, “Oh my gosh… my legs fell asleep!” She looked at her friends and started laughing, “Wow… I wasn’t expecting that.. that was… crazy.”

Pam suddenly jumped up and grabbed my shoulders, pushing me down on my back. “My Turn!” She reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. She stopped for a moment and glanced over at her friends, “You both got it… it’s my turn!”, then stood up and pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles in one move. She stepped out of them and stepped over my head, then squatted down over my face. She knelt forward and grabbed the couch, then reached between her legs and spread her fat lips apart. I was surprised at her aggressive move, and wondered if I really wanted this chubby little girl sitting down on my face… but the view of her meaty pussy spread open right over me looked perversely hot. 

She sat down hard on my face, completely covering my mouth and nose. Her swollen labia was hot and dripping wet, the lube leaking out from her directly into my mouth. I slurped and shoved my tongue deep into her virgin cunt… she gasped and started grinding her thick pussy up and down on my face, humping my nose and mouth… literally fucking my face. It was a little uncomfortable and I had a hard time breathing, but I was perversely turned on by this horny young girl. 

I couldn’t see the other two girls; only Pam’s huge tits bouncing above my face, but I felt tugging at the waist on my coveralls, untying the sleeves and pulling them down to my knees. My bare cock was completely exposed now… I swear I could feel the girls' eyes on it. I could hear whispering, muffled by Pam’s thighs against my ears, then a finger touched my cock… then another, from the other side.

Pam started riding my face more aggressively, grinding her fat pussy down on my mouth and sliding her clit against my nose. I pushed my tongue into her when I could, but I was a little scared that I might cut it on my own teeth from Pam’s thrusting. 

A hand wrapped around my cock… I think it was Jodi’s.  I flexed it and could feel a drop of lube squeeze out the tip. I heard a gasp, then another hand touched it and rubbed the lube all over the head. Someone was fondling my balls. 

I wrestled my arms out from under Pam’s legs and felt around for Jodi and Melissa. I felt Jodi’s leg on my right, and Melissa’s little butt on my left. Jodi was kneeling; I could feel her leg but couldn’t reach her crotch. Melissa was closer though… I ran my hand over her ass and up her ribs to her tube top, but couldn’t reach her little titties. 

….. I was horny as hell, but the girls weren’t really stroking my cock …they were just playing with it 

Pam was really grinding against my face. She was humping my nose and mouth so hard with her thick pussy I had to angle my head down to catch a breath through my mouth. Her thighs squeezed my head and she pushed her full weight downwards, her lube filling my mouth as she shook and jerked through a strong climax. I did my best to tongue-fuck her while she came, but I seriously could not breathe now… after her shaking stopped I grabbed her ass and lifted her up off my face. She climbed off me like she was getting off a horse, and plopped down on her ass beside Jodi.

Pam was still in a daze from her climax, but then saw my cock was out in the open. “Oh my Gosh!” 

The two resumed playing with it, Jodi feeling all over my cock and Melissa was fondling my balls. I reached behind me and pulled up the pillow under my head, “That feels good… run your hands up and down.”

Jodi glanced up at me, then returned her gaze to my cock, and started sliding her hand up and down the shaft, “Like this?”

“Wrap your hand around it and squeeze it.”

Jodi grabbed my dick and started pumping it slowly. 

 “Like that… yes… that feels really good…” I looked over at Melissa, who had pulled her hands back when Jodi started stroking my cock. “Pull your top down. I want to see your nipples.”

Melissa shot a mild look of shock at me, but reached up and pulled her top down off her little points, her puffy nipples popping back up like rubber. I reached forward and pulled her ass closer to me and slid a finger under her panties. The top of my middle finger landed first on her butthole, then I felt around until I found her tiny little pussy and pushed it a little ways inside her. 

Jodi was increasing her pace on my dick… the friction was starting to be uncomfortable. 

“That’s a little dry. Can you get it wet?”

….. I was hoping one of them would stick my cock in their mouth and suck me off

Jodi stopped stroking me for a moment, then leaned forward and spit on it. Suddenly all three girls were spitting on my cock and rubbing it all over. Melissa grabbed it with both of her tiny hands and started pumping up and down. I swear my dick was thicker than her arms.

.. the view of her exposed little titties and her tiny hands pumping my cock threw me into a surging orgasm

“Oh… fuck! Keep doing… FUCCKK!!” 

Melissa pumped both hands furiously on my cock, holding it straight up between her and Jodi’s face. I stuffed my finger deeper in Melissa’s tiny pussy as my head exploded… I came hard… a huge stream of cum shot up in the air, hitting Melissa right in the face. She shrieked, but kept pumping my cock hard and fast. The second load hitting her neck and spraying across her little titties. 

Jodi shrieked, “Oh my God! Missy!” 

Melissa stopped pumping and squeezed my cock hard with both hands, and pointed it towards Jodi as the third stream shot out. Jodi jerked back and it landed on her legs and the carpet. Pam was laughing loudly as Melissa let go of my dick. It slapped down on my stomach, still pulsing and pumping smaller streams of cum onto my stomach.

I pulled my finger out of Melissa’s tight little hole, and slowly put it in my mouth as she watched. I sucked the slippery lube off of it and smiled at her. My cum was in her hair and dripping off her chin, but she didn’t seem phased by it. She leaned forward and played around in the puddles on my stomach. Pam was still laughing, but reached out and grabbed my cock and squeezed it, milking more cum out the tip. 

Jodi jumped up and ran to the kitchen, returning with a towel. She handed it to Melissa, “God, Missy, you’re a mess!”  Melissa looked down at her cum-spattered titties and laughed, then grabbed the towel and wiped off her face and chest. She dropped the towel over my cock, which was slowly deflating in a pool of cum on my stomach. Jodi reached forward and wiped me down, paying special attention to my cock and balls. 

Only after she thoroughly cleaned me off did she wipe off her legs. 

With a sudden look of fear in her face Melissa blurted out, “I need to get back and change before dad gets home!” She pulled her top back up over her small breasts, and worked her cutoffs back on. Jodi stood up and faced away to put her bra back on, as did Pam, followed by her panties and shorts. I was a bit disappointed seeing this coming to such an abrupt end, but pulled up my boxers and coveralls and struggled to my feet. 

Melissa hurried down the stairs to the garage and yelled back, “Thanks Jeff!” 

Pam smiled at me then followed her, adjusting her clothes as she went. 

I stopped Jodi and hugged her, “I admit that was a lot of fun, but you are the one I think of. I hope we can do this again sometime, just one-on-one.” She gave me a big smile and kissed me. 

Pam yelled up from below, “Come on Jodi! We have to go!” Jodi pulled away and headed down the stairs, looking back at me before she turned towards the garage. They left out of the garage.

….. the fucking garage door was open this whole time! 

I stumbled a little thinking of what might have happened if a friend had stopped by. I snuck over to the front deck to see if any neighbors were out… if Debbie had seen the girls leave. To my great relief, I saw no one. I hit the bathroom and looked in the mirror as I washed my hands. My hair was all tangled and my face was covered in a sticky glaze. 

I went down and closed the garage and headed to the shower. 

As I soaked in the hot shower I thought about how risky it was to be playing with these girls. I didn't fuck them, but what I did do was certainly good for jail time. I decided that I would stay away from them from here on out. 

But... Jodi... dammit. I really wanted to get my cock inside that girl. I wanted to get her completely naked and drive my cock deeply inside her.. suck on those amazing tits... 

My dick got hard again as I imagined her beneath me.



..... next: Part (11), Sarah’s dress & Debbie’s plumbing problem
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