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This is the eleventh chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter I give Sarah a ride home and finally get to know Debbie a lot better.
—————— Part (11) ■ Sarah’s dress & Debbie's plumbing problem ■ ——————

             [ s e x u a l   c o n t e n t :  3/5 ]

This is the eleventh chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter I give Sarah a ride home and finally get to know Debbie a lot better. 

Note: Although this story is fiction, all characters and situations in this series are based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.



I went out for beers with a buddy that Saturday night and slept in late on Sunday. Denise called me that morning and filled me in on what was going on in Ohio. I worked a bit on the Chevy in the morning, made a quick lunch, then decided to drive to the Center and pick up gaskets I needed to properly hook up the exhaust on the Chevy. 

I threw on some clean clothes and headed to Speedy’s Auto Parts. They knew me pretty well there, as they should considering I stopped there a couple times a week. I bullshitted with the guys there for a while and picked up the gaskets I needed. Pulling out of the parking lot, I passed a familiar red-headed girl on the sidewalk headed in the same direction. I pulled into the next parking lot and waited for her to catch up. 

It was Sarah, Danny’s girlfriend, and she quickly recognized my car and ran up to me. “Hi Jeff! Whatcha doin’? Have you been following me?”

“Hi Sarah! Not really following you, although that does sound like a nice way to spend my time. Where are you headed… can I give you a lift?”

She stepped closer and leaned into my drivers-side window, “I’ve never ridden in your car. It’s really nice!” She leaned in further to look around and her tits rubbed over my hand resting on the top of the door. She was wearing a ribbed ‘wife beater’ t-shirt and jean shorts, her bra clearly visible under the material. 

“Hop in!  You shouldn’t have to walk around in this heat.”

She ran around and jumped into the passenger seat. I leaned across her, grabbing her seatbelt and pulled it over her to latch it. She gave me a wide braces-filled smile and pulled the shoulder belt in between her tits so it didn’t cover her ‘assets’. Her house was only a few blocks away, and she asked me inside when we pulled up in front. "Do you have a minute? I want to show you something."

The house was quiet when we walked inside. "Are your parents home?" 

"It's just my mom and me, and she is working today." She ran into her bedroom and yelled back to me, "I got a new outfit. Do you want to see it?" 

I walked over to the edge of the doorway and could see her stripping off her clothes. Her back was to me, and she was already down to her bra and panties. She reached back and unhooked her bra, so I stepped back into the hallway to give her some privacy. 

I spoke from the hallway, "What kind of outfit? Are you going to model it for me?"

"You'll have to see that for yourself...I think you'll like it."

After a moment or two, she called me into her bedroom. "All ready! Come look and tell me if you like it!"

My jaw dropped when I stepped into her room. She spun around in a tight-fitting black ‘fuck me’ dress, so short the hem in back was level with the start of her ass. The neckline was cut wide and low so her cleavage was showing down past the height of her nipples. "My God, Sarah..." was all I could spit out.

She stuck a sideways pose, "Do you like it?" and batted her eyes. 

"You look pretty damn sexy... but I wouldn’t wear that out in public. Danny is going to pass-out when he sees you in that."

"Oh, I'm not seeing Danny anymore. I got tired of doing nothing but kissing and having him maul my boobs. All this time, and I am still a virgin." 

"Really? Even after our lesson? I can't imagine it."

She leaned back against her dresser and shook her head. "We never got that far. We never seemed to have the opportunity, and I got tired of his fumbling around. Maybe I need another lesson?" 

Looking at her up and down, the cheap dress clung to her body like saran wrap. Her nipples stood out proudly and I could see no trace of panties either. I stared at her bare legs and felt my dick shift in my shorts. 

"Another lesson? You aced the first one... what do you want to learn about now?"

She smiled widely, "Like I said, I'm still a virgin. I don't want to be a virgin."

I laughed at her bluntness, "Well, you won't have any problem losing it wearing that dress! What do you have on under there?" I pointed to the bottom of her dress and stared lustfully at her pale thighs below the short hem. 

She leaned back against her dresser again and opened her legs slightly, "Not a lot... would you like to see?" 

I smiled widely and nodded, my eyes staring at the bottom of her dress. She reached down to her hem and lifted it slowly, until I could almost see her crotch. I inhaled deeply through my open mouth, then adjusted my growing erection on my pants. Sarah locked on my movements then quickly pulled her skirt up further until her crotch was completely exposed. Orange pubic hair stood out between her plump ivory-white thighs. A light pink slit was slightly visible below her small patch.

Although it wasn’t in my plans, taking this girl's virginity quickly sounded like a wonderful thing to do right now. My sudden lust pushed aside any feelings of guilt, or self preservation, and I stepped up close and reached my hand up between her legs and felt her little virgin pussy. I kissed her and pushed my tongue inside her mouth, and was slightly shocked at the strange feeling of her braces. I reached inside the wide neckline of her dress and pulled out her right breast, groping and squeezing it as I worked a second finger into her pussy and sucked on her open mouth. 

I felt her hand grab my cock through my slacks, but suddenly she abruptly pulled away from me. 

“Did you hear that? SHIT!”

She scrambled over to the window, and then I heard it. The sound of a car pulling into the gravel drive in the back. 

“SHIT! My mom’s home! SHIT!!”

I heard the engine stop and a car door slam. I ran out of Sarah’s bedroom, closing her door behind me. My heart was racing as her mother came in through the back door. She walked into the kitchen and was startled when I spoke. “Hello, you must be Sarah’s mom.”

She spun around and looked at me. “Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?”

….. shit this is NOT good. Keep it cool, Jeff

I stepped forward and offered my hand. “My name is Jeff. I’m a neighbor of Danny’s.”

She stepped towards me and shook my hand and looked around. “Where is Sarah?”

“I think she is changing. I passed her walking down on 8th and gave her a ride here… she was kinda overheating from the hot day.”

She was obviously suspicious of the situation, staring me down trying to size me up and figure out why I was really there. I clasped my hands together in front of me trying to cover my hard-on, which was still fat and pushed sideways in my shorts. When my hands touched together I could feel the sticky wetness on my fingers from Sarah’s pussy. 

….. shit! I just shook her mom’s hand! 

“How do you know Sarah again?”

“I’m a neighbor of Danny’s, Sarah’s friend. I live down on 12th.”

Sarah came out of her room, dressed in shorts and a rather conservative summer shirt. “Mom! I didn’t know you were home. I thought you were working today. Did you meet Jeff?”

I looked back at her mom and she was staring at the bulge just below my clasped hands. 

….. Shit! …she sees my erection …Christ! …keep cool …nothing to see here

She looked back up at me, “Yes, we met.” She subtly raised her right hand to her nose and sniffed her fingers, then turned her attention to her daughter, “We need to have a talk.”

I walked over to the front door to let myself out. “Well, it was very nice meeting you. I need to get back to work.” Sarah walked over and held the door open to say goodbye, “Thank you for the ride!”

I heard her mother start in on her, “Exactly what do you think you are doing, young lady?” before Sarah closed the door. 

I wanted to run, but I tried my best to maintain composure as I walked out to my car. I got in and as I put on my seatbelt I noticed the large wet spot on my shorts at the head of my deflating dick   …Fuck! 

Driving home, trying to calm down my heart rate, I thought about what just happened. I was pretty sure I was closer in age to Sarah’s mother than I was to Sarah, and her mom was attractive… definitely fuckable… but that would certainly never happen. More likely she would get Sarah to spill what happened during our earlier ‘lesson’ and I would soon be receiving a summons. 

I don’t know what I was thinking anyway… I didn’t even have a rubber on me. Was I going to fuck that young girl bareback?


……………………………….…… Debbie’s leaky sink ..………………………………

When I pulled onto our street it looked like the entire neighborhood was out enjoying the sunny day. Gail, the new neighbor next door, was laying out in a bikini on some beach towels with another girl. She waved as I got out of the car. 

The girls in the blue house across the street were playing around in their backyard. They had some guys over and beer was flowing freely from what I could see.

Debbie was moving stuff in and out of her garage. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt, obviously her ‘work clothes’, she glanced over my way but acted like she didn’t see me.

Pam and Jodi were up on Melissa’s porch. It didn't look like they saw me pull up, but I thought that was just as well. What happened with them yesterday and what just happened with Sarah haunted me and made me paranoid about what might happen if (when) these young girls started talking. I walked up the stairs to our front door thinking ‘Get your shit together, Jeff… at least keep with girls that are of legal age.’ 

I went inside and after a bit I was changing into shorts and a t-shirt when I heard a knock at the front door. I quickly opened the door when I could see Debbie through the peephole. 

“Hi Jeff! Sorry to bother…” she stopped mid-sentence and giggled at me. I was still holding my shirt in one hand, standing there wearing nothing but shorts. “…did I interrupt something?”

“Sorry, I just got home and was changing.” I pulled the shirt down over my head and invited her inside, “Debbie, It’s certainly nice to see you! Can I offer you a beer, or a glass of wine?”

She was no longer wearing her ‘work clothes’, but had changed into a light summer dress, her standard flirtatious wear. Nothing fancy, but the thin material clung to her athletic body and advertised every curve, and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. No makeup, no lipstick, just her natural beautiful face and luscious smile. She looked better without lipstick; her perfect white teeth, wide smile, her pouty lips turned up at the edges under her dimples. 

“I would love that, but I already poured a glass of wine at home. I wondered if I could ask you for a favor. My kitchen sink is leaking. It’s nothing bad, but I can’t let it go… could you look at it?”

“For you? Of course… anything. Let me grab some tools and I’ll be right over.”

“Really? You’re so sweet… I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She smiled mischievously with this last remark, leading me to believe she was offering me sex… which wouldn’t surprise me after what happened, well, what almost happened, the last time I was over at her house. 

I gathered a few things and headed across the street. My mind raced about what might happen… the cliché plumber visit? Her front door was open and I heard her call to me when I walked up the steps to her front porch, “Back here, Jeff!” She was standing in the kitchen holding a glass of wine. The cabinet doors below the sink were open, and all the stuff under the sink had been pulled out and stacked on the counter and the kitchen table.

“Can I get you a beer, or a glass of wine?”

“A beer sounds great.” 

She walked over and opened the door to the fridge and reached inside. The thin material of her dress clung to her tight ass when she bent over. It looked like she wasn’t wearing any underwear… imagine that. She stayed there long enough to let the cold air stiffen her nipples, then spun around slowly and handed a Lowenbrau to me, "Is this good?” then waved to the open fridge, “or do you see anything else that you would like?" 

She was openly flirting with me, but I kind of expected it after what had gone down before. "I see a lot that looks very appetizing, but maybe just a bottle opener for the moment?" Debbie almost spit out her wine, and quickly grabbed a bottle opener and handed it to me, "I'm sorry. I keep forgetting that those aren't twist-offs." She went to the sink and pulled out the wet towel that was soaking up the water from the leaking sink. "Let me replace this with a dry one for you." 

She put the wet towel in the sink and slowly bent over and laid out a new dry one in the cabinet, making sure she was positioned off to one side so I could look down her dress. I couldn't see her nipples, but the curves of her tits were on full display.

She held that position when she looked back up at me, “There... that should be more comfortable for you. I don’t want you to get wet. I mean… you know… from the leaky sink.” I pulled my eyes up from her tits and she held my gaze as she slowly stood back up. 

..... the guilt and paranoia I had been feeling over the situation with Sarah quickly disappeared

I squatted down in front of the sink and spun around to lay down on my back and slide into the cabinet. I could immediately see the source of the leak; a slow drip from the cold water supply line at the connection to the shutoff valve. I grabbed my crescent wrench and tightened the fitting and the leak quickly stopped. This wasn’t from wear and tear; someone had intentionally loosened the fitting. 

“I think I found your problem. This should be pretty easy to fix.”

Debbie leaned down and tried to see what I was doing, the front of her dress falling down and exposing her breasts to me.  

….. she had loosened that fitting deliberately to get me over here

“Really? You think you can fix it?”

I played with the valves a bit so it looked like I was still working on the problem, sneaking a look down her dress when I could. My dick was getting hard and started to poke up my pants leg… I was sure that was Debbie’s intention. 

I thought I should push it a bit farther, “Can you run the hot water for a bit?”

Debbie smiled and stood up beside the sink and ran the hot water. Her feet were on my right pressing against my hip, until she lifted her right foot and threw it over me and it back down on my left, straddling me. My head was stuffed under the cabinet so I couldn’t see very far up her dress, but she was definitely allowing me to look. 

“No leaks there. Try the cold water.”

I watched her step over to my left side, then she hiked her dress up a little and stepped back so she was straddling me, this time with her dress higher on her thighs and her legs spread further apart. I still couldn’t see up past mid-thigh, so I scooted out from the cabinet a little until the curves of her tight butt came into view. 

“How does it look down there?” 

I laughed a little from her double-entendre, and reached down and shifted my dick around so my erection was more comfortable. The head stuck up past the waistband of my shorts, but it was covered by my t-shirt.  “It looks really good, I have to say… no leaks that I can see.”

Debbie laughed, and hiked her dress up a little more, “Then you aren’t looking in the right place.” She laughed again under her breath and moved her feet further apart. “How about now?”

….. she was lewdly asking me to look up her dress

I pushed myself further out of the cabinet and could see straight up her dress… no panties… no surprise. She was holding the front of her dress against the sink, so there was a full tent held open by her toned legs and her round ass, a perfect pussy hanging right above my face. Her black pubic hair was trimmed fairly short, and shaved clean around her lips and ass. Thick red lips hung down from her mound, slightly apart to expose much lighter pink folds that were glistening wet. I could see a drip of her lube running down from the center towards her ass. 

Suddenly she stepped back to the other side of the room and lifted her skirt to her waist, “Enough of these games! I didn’t ask you over here to fix my plumbing!” She pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it aside, standing there, legs apart, hands on her hips, completely nude. She was ripped, head to toe… the muscles in her arms and legs and her washboard abs almost looked masculine,  but her tits and beaver certainly didn’t. Her full breasts hung free and low on her body, her dark nipples protruding at the ends, like fleshy ski jumps. I could see her lips hanging down between her open legs. 

“My God, Debbie… you have a fantastic body… Jesus…” I stared at her for a few moments, just taking her in.

“Well, this fantastic body needs a good fucking. I’m going to fuck your brains out until you can’t walk.”

….. she was going to fuck me until I couldn’t walk? This woman was starting to scare me

I just stared at her for a moment, dumbfounded, until my dick woke me up out of my shock. I finally scrambled to my feet and pulled my shirt off, forgetting that my hard-on was sticking up past the waist of my shorts, something that was not missed by Debbie. She lunged forward and dropped to her knees in front of me, clawing at the waistband of my shorts and ripping them down to my ankles, along with my boxers. 

She stopped for a moment, staring at my hard cock just inches from her face, before she started caressing it with both hands. “God Damn… Jeff… maybe it’s just been too long for me, but you have an amazing cock.” She ran her hands all over my balls, then up the shaft until her right hand hit the wet pre-cum on the head. She glanced up at me before grabbing my cock and squeezing more of the clear lube out the end. “God… I forgot about this…” She leaned forward and gently touched the drop with her tongue, then squeezed my cock at the base with both hands and pulled upwards. A large amount of lube oozed out the end and started running down the underside of my cock. 

Debbie’s mouth dropped open, “Oh… Fuck” and she thrust her head forward and sucked greedily on the head, then licked down the shaft to catch every drop. She licked her lips and looked back up at me with a very lustful smile. “God, Jeff, you taste good… I want to suck you dry.” She looked back at my cock and pushed her head forward again, grabbing my ass and pulling me deeper into her mouth until she gagged and pulled back and looked up at me. “That might take a little practice,” then stood up and kissed me deeply. I could taste my precum on her tongue. She was still caressing my cock, running both of her hands all over it and my balls. She bent my cock down and pushed it between her legs and started to climb onto me. “I need that thick cock inside of me… I need you to fuck me..”

….. I’ve never know a woman so sexually aggressive

I grabbed her waist and lifted her up, her legs immediately wrapped around my waist and she reached back and started stroking my cock between her ass cheeks. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up higher, working my hands inwards until I could feel the wet folds of her pussy, spreading her lips open as she roughly pushed my cock against her opening. 

She looked me in the eyes with an intensity that bordered on anger, “Oh, God… push it in… I want to feel your cock…”

I pawed at the edges of her pussy and held her spread open as I slowly lowered her tight body down on my cock. She gasped loudly as the head slid inside, her pussy so tight I would have thought she was a virgin. Debbie started grinding her body on my cock, squirming around trying to work it deeper inside of her. “Fuck! It’s been so long for me, and your cock is…” 

Her body squeaked down another inch and ground to a halt. “FUCK! Oh my God, Jeff…”

Her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist; my hands on her ass spreading her open and holding her up. I stepped out of my shorts, nearly falling over in the process. I still had my shoes on, and my boxers were caught on my left foot, but I was able to walk over to the kitchen table with Debbie mounted on my dick. I set her ass down on the edge of the table and she let go of my neck and laid back onto the table, knocking some crap off to the floor as she did. She grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them up to her sides. My dick was only a few inches inside of her… she was very wet, but still so fucking tight I thought I should try to relax her with my tongue, so I pulled out and started gently licking her. 

She grabbed my head and pulled it up, “We’ll have time for that later… Right now, you need to fuck me with that big dick of yours.”

….. her ‘dirty talk’ was shocking to me, but crazy hot

I stood back up and laid my cock on her and started sliding it up and down on her vulva, teasing her a little and trying to cover my dick with her lube. She moved her hands down from her thighs, to each side of her pussy and spread it open for me, “Jeff, I don’t need foreplay… I need you to fuck me.”

I slid the head down to her opening and pushed my cock into her, but it came to a halt only a few inches in.

“My God, Debbie… you are tight!”

….. She was much tighter than I expected for a married woman her age… I had been with virgins that weren’t nearly this tight

“No shit…  I’ve only been with one man, that little dickless Ron, and that was years ago. Maybe it’s from doing too many kegels… well, and your big dick isn’t making it any easier.” 

I ran my hands up her thighs and looked down at her hands spreading her pussy open, my cock inside her just past the head. 

“I don’t want to hurt you. Just relax… I’ll go slow”

“NO!!! I don’t want you to go slow! I want to feel you force that thick cock inside me!”

….. dammit, I can play that game if you want it

I pushed forward harder, but it didn’t budge. I looked around at the crap scattered on the table and grabbed a bottle of Grape Seed Oil that had fallen over above Debbie’s head. Popping the cap, I held the bottle over her and pulled my cock out until the head was barely in, and squirted the oil onto my dick then all over her spread pussy. I squirted more on her tummy and over her tits, and set the bottle down before grabbing her wrists with both hands. 

I slowly pulled her arms downwards on each side of her ass then yanked her towards me, pushing my cock back into her until it stuck a few inches in. Debbie’s eyes were wide, breathing heavily through her open mouth, quietly panting “fuck me…” 

I pulled my cock out a ways, then pulled hard on her arms and thrust my cock back inside her.

“Aaahhh! FUCK!” She shrieked as it wedged in another inch deeper. I held it there to see if she was in pain, but she just looked at me angrily, “Fuck Me!”

I pulled back again and held her wrists tightly, then jerked her body towards me, ramming my cock hard into her, driving it further into her unbelievably tight pussy. She screeched again, and I pulled out and slammed it back in, squeaking deeper again. I started pumping it into her, pulling hard on her arms and hammering my cock deeper into her again and again until I started feeling the flesh of her clit hitting my pubic bone. “Fuuuccckkk!!! I LOVE YOUR COCK!! Fuuucckkk meeee!!” Her legs flailed in the air and her oiled tits were bouncing all over, her back arched from me pulling so hard on her arms. 

I finally let go of her wrists and grabbed her tits… spreading the oil all over them and pulling on her nipples. My pounding pushed her forward on the table until I couldn’t get full penetration, and she didn’t like that, “God Dammit! Pull me forward!”

I pulled on her hips until her ass was at the edge of the table, and she grabbed the edge of the tabletop and pulled herself further forward, arching her hips and bending her legs back for maximum penetration, “Fuck Me Deeper!! GOD!!! I Love Your Cock!!!”

….. she was so foul-mouthed …and getting so loud

I grabbed her legs behind her knees and pushed them down until they hit the table on each side of her tits, and started pile-driving my cock into her. She wailed louder and louder the harder I fucked her. The back of her head was hitting against the table and her oiled tits were bouncing wildly with each thrust. 

“Oh GOD!!! Fuck me with that thick cock!!! HARDER!!! I’M CUMMMMINNG!!!! 

I pounded into her, harder and harder, almost angry at her for making so much noise. Crap was falling off the table until the table slid forward and hit the wall. Her tight legs straightened and shook in the air as she climaxed… She let out a long scream like she was in pain… like I was stabbing her instead of fucking her. Her screams slowly changed into grunts each time my cock bottomed-out in her, and her body went limp… her legs falling back down to each side of her tits.

At first I thought the knocking sound was the table slamming against the wall. When I realized it was coming from the front door I immediately stopped fucking her and froze in place. I suddenly realized I had left the front door open when I came in. 

“Don’t stop… that feels so…” I put my hand on her mouth and pointed to the front of the house. She opened her eyes and looked at me with confusion, then we heard footsteps on the front porch. Debbie’s eyes went wide and we both stared towards the front door. We were hidden from sight, unless they walked inside, but I was sure they must have heard us, especially Debbie’s screaming. 

I slowly pulled out of her and helped her up from the table, trying to be as quiet as possible. We heard more steps on the porch, but it sounded like they were walking down the front steps. I tiptoed over and peeked around the corner and saw the back of a lady heading away from the house to her car. Debbie was frantically pulling on her dress, obviously shaken by the interruption. I walked to her and whispered, “They’re leaving.”

“Who was it? Did you see them?”

“It was a petite lady with black hair… maybe a friend? She got into a blue Camry.”

Debbie laughed, “Oh, shit! That’s Kimiko from work. I didn’t know she was coming over. I thought it might be Ron… Jesus.”

She straightened out her dress and walked to the front door, looked out around the neighborhood, then closed it and came back into the kitchen. 

“Shit… I didn’t realize the door was open. The whole neighborhood probably heard us!”

….. you mean, ‘probably heard you’ ?

“Did you see any neighbors outside?”

“Only two girls out sunbathing at that ‘crack house’ next to yours.” She laughed, “They were staring up here and whispering to each other. Fuck ‘em…”

Her dress was clinging tightly to her body because of the oil, and she looked absolutely hot as hell. I couldn’t believe Ron hadn’t fucked her for over three years. I would be fucking this woman, or she would be fucking me, every day… maybe a few times a day.

Debbie walked back to the front room and pulled all the sheer curtains closed on the front room windows, “All these fucking interruptions... Friday with Ron, and now this?”

….. I thought about the earlier interruption with Sarah’s mom

She called to me, “Come out here. I want to see you.” 

I was still naked, except for my shoes, so I pulled them off and walked to her in the center of the front room. I thought she was going in for a kiss, but she dropped to her knees and started fondling my dick. It was still pumped up large, but hanging down in front of her face, all wet from her lube and the oil. She ran her hands all over it and my balls, and lightly tickled my crotch just in front of my ass with her fingers.

“Oh my God… I love your cock. Jesus… I really needed this.” She pushed her head forward and licked the tip, then took my cock fully in her mouth until she gagged when it hit the back of her throat. “I’m going to have to work on that. Have you ever throat-fucked anyone?”

I laughed at her blunt dirty talk, “That’s not something most girls ask for.”

“Well, you should start realizing I’m not most girls.”

She threw her head forward again until the head hit the back of her throat and held it there. My semi-erect dick quickly grew in her mouth until she gagged again. She pulled her head back, “I didn’t think it would be so difficult. Here… we can practice that later. Right now I need to fuck that beautiful cock of yours.” She turned away from me and got down on all fours, then lowered her face and shoulders down to the carpet, ass up in the air. 

“Come Fuck Me…” She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks apart. Her tight little pussy was a bit swollen from our fucking on the table, but opened up when she pulled her hands apart. Her ass opened a little too, exposing a welcoming ring of pink inside the light brown ridges of her butthole. 

“Shove that big cock inside me… I want you to Fuck Me Roughly…”

….. she was being so slutty, so crudely sexual for such a professional woman. I had been with one other girl who was really loud, but it was all fake… just a performance… Debbie was real

I knelt down behind her and guided my cock into her spread-open pussy and thrust forward. 

“Aahhh! Fuck YES!” 

Debbie pushed back against me and my cock slid about halfway in… much easier than the first time. It felt like her swollen pussy was sucking on my dick. I could feel every ripple, the puffy walls squeezing on my shaft. 

“God… I love your cock… Push harder! Fuck me…rough…”

The view of her on her knees, spreading her ass apart, working my thick cock deeper into her pussy was amazing, but she was sliding forward with each thrust. I grabbed her wrists and pulled back hard, ramming my cock deep into her. “Augghh! FUCCKK!”

Debbie started wailing and moaning all sorts of filthy things, getting louder and more obscene the harder I fucked her. I pulled harder on her arms, pumping my cock balls-deep into her again and again. 

“FUCK! Your cock!!! It feels like you are splitting me apart… Ram My Little Cunt With That Huge Cock! Fucking RAPE Me!!!”

….. she was really loud now, almost yelling

I fucked as hard and deep as I could… I could feel her cervix rubbing against the underside of my cock and the head bottoming out when I hit deep. My climax grew quickly from deep inside me… I pumped faster, pulling so hard on her arms that her shoulders lifted up off the floor… my cock roughly impaling her… 

“I’m Cummminng!”

Debbie screamed so loud I was sure the neighbors could hear, even with the doors closed, “YESS!! CUM INSIDE ME!!   FUCK MY PUSSY!!     FUCK MY PUSSY!!!     FUCK MY PUSSY!!!”

My head exploded and I rammed my cock hard into her tight cunt, her oiled ass slapping against me, pumping stream after stream of cum into her until my pace finally slowed and I held her tightly against me, my head spinning, her body skewered on my pulsing cock. She rocked and twisted her ass against me as I held her there balls-deep, my cock bottomed out in her, pumping the last of my cream into her. Debbie was still blurting obscene things I should be doing to her, albeit a bit quieter now.

I slowly released my grip on her arms, lowering her to the carpet with the last of my energy, but she was still gyrating her ass on my dick, "fuckk...I love your cock..."

..... I could see movement out the window on the side of Debbie's house. Stephanie, the blonde in the blue house next door, was getting something out of her car and was staring our way. The sheer curtains obscured things, but if I could recognize her, what could she see? …what could she hear?

I pulled out of Debbie and dropped my ass down on the carpet, completely exhausted. "Oh my God, Debbie... that was unbelievable. I'm sorry I was so rough... did I hurt you?"

She twisted around and knelt in front of me and reached down between her legs to catch the creampie running out of her pussy. "Fuck no... you haven't yet begun to hurt me. I’m gonna get fucking naughty with you!" She cupped the cum in her hand and smeared it all over her tits, then sucked on her fingers. 

“You said your girl isn’t back until Tuesday?” 

….. I realized I might not be able to walk by Tuesday 


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