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This is the thirteenth chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter my neighbor, Debbie, uses me to fulfill her and her coworker’s fantasies.
—————— Part (13) ■ Debbie & Kimiko ….continued ■ ——————

            [ s e x u a l   c o n t e n t :  4/5 ]

This is the thirteenth chapter of this 14-part story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter my neighbor, Debbie, uses me to fulfill her and her coworker’s fantasies.  

Note: Although this story is fiction, every character and situation in this series is based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.



I lay there, completely spent, but still tied to the bed. Kimiko had stopped getting dressed, deciding to stay around and ‘watch’, and Debbie was certainly putting on a show for her. She poured more oil on herself, especially over her tits, and slowly ran her hands all over her body. She pulled and milked her tits until her nipples were stretched out and erect, then rubbed down her tight stomach and between her legs. Kimiko was locked on to her every movement and started playing with her own pussy as she watched. 

Debbie walked over to a dresser and pulled out a dildo and some other stuff from the top drawer. It all looked like fun until I saw her pull out a harness of some sort. I recalled the big lady with the strap-on at Marie's party and my anxiety ramped up. Debbie stepped into the harness facing away from us and started fiddling with the dildo. 

..... I was okay with a little butt-play, but there is no way she is fucking my ass with that thing 

I started working at the scarves holding my wrists and was quickly able to loosen the knot on my left wrist just as Debbie turned around and started pouring oil over the large fake dick sticking out from her harness. Kimiko's eyes flashed wide open and she looked excited when she realized what was in Debbie's plan. A big open smile spread over her face and she looked over at me with the look of lust, then shifted her gaze to my crotch and grabbed my nearest ankle and pulled it towards her, spreading my legs apart.

“Yeah! Deb! Fuck him in he butt!”

I yanked on my left arm and pulled free from the ties; my right arm free as well but with the scarf still tied to me. Kimiko stepped back abruptly with a look of shock on her face. Debbie looked up from caressing lube on her new 'dick', then broke out with a laugh when she saw the look on my face. "Calm down! I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to do! You might like this!"

Her laughter quickly calmed my concerns and I laughed a little. "You might be right, but I'm not quite ready for that.” I got up from the bed and headed towards the bathroom, “Maybe you could use that on Kimiko."

Kimiko shot a look at me, then over to Debbie's strap-on. "You crazy Man!" 

I walked into the bathroom and stood at the toilet forever trying to pee. My abused dick hung there, fully engorged but not actually erect, and telling me I desperately needed to pee, but… nothing. I finally turned around and sat down in hopes that would help. After a while I was finally able to pee, and it went on forever. This seems to happen when I have a lot of sex in a short while, and this weekend took that to a whole new level. 

I could hear Kimiko and Debbie talking in the bedroom. “Why you got that fake penis thing? You just buy that for now?”

“No... I got this a few years ago for Ron. He liked me playing with his ass. After I bought this, ass-fucking him with it was the only kind of sex he liked. Well, that and fucking me in the ass.” 

Kimiko laughed, then replied, “You let me fuck you with that!”

I heard them laughing and whispering to each other, and when I got up and walked back into the bedroom Debbie had removed the harness and was helping Kimiko put it on. She had to adjust the belt to its tightest setting to fit her skinny body. Kimiko turned around when she heard me walk in. “Jeff! Look! I got big cock like you!” She stroked it with both hands and pushed her hips out towards me. “Turn around! I fuck you in butt!”

I laughed at her comment and shook my head, “I’ve got a better idea.” I grabbed her and sat her down on the long ottoman at the foot of the bed, then pulled her around so she was on her back with her face just below me. Debbie quickly grabbed her ankles and centered her on the ottoman, then stepped over her skinny legs, on her knees straddling her. She started stroking the rubber cock sticking up from Kimiko’s hips with one hand and reached down between her thighs with the other. I stood behind Kimiko’s head and pulled on my cock, which remained fully engorged but wasn’t erect… yet. 

Kimiko reacted to Debbie’s fingering with a quiet shriek, “Careful! I really Sore!”

Debbie pulled her fingers out, “Well Fuck… Jeff, what did you do to my girl?” and rolled her eyes to the ceiling, “Then I guess it’s my turn.” She inched forward over the strap-on and spread her lips apart over the fake dick and started grinding against the base. 

My cock had seen so much abuse this weekend it was almost painful to feel the tinges of another erection. It hung thick over Kimiko’s face, beet red and throbbing. I slapped it on her forehead a couple of times until she angled her head back and opened her mouth. She reached up and pulled my cock into her mouth and started sucking on the head. The angle made it difficult to get anything past the head into her mouth, and it was a little painful, but the view of this skinny Asian girl sucking on my cock was strangely erotic. 

Debbie slid forward and worked the head of the rubber cock into her pussy, then started pinching and pulling on Kimiko’s nipples as she worked her body downwards on it. Kimiko’s dark nipples stuck out from her almost-titless chest like erasers, in stark contrast to Debbie’s large tits swinging above her. I grabbed her swinging breasts and pulled on them… milking them like I had seen her do. She stared at me with an intense look on her face, grinding her thick pussy down on the strap-on. 

Kimiko was trying, but at the angle it was a pretty piss-poor blowjob. Debbie noticed and grabbed my dick, pulled it out of Kimiko’s mouth and threw her head down onto it. 

“Why you do that bitch? I give better blowjob!” 

….. I beg to differ …Debbie’s mouth and tongue felt fantastic 

Kimiko kept bitching until I inched forward and stuffed my balls in her mouth. She started sucking on them, a little too hard, but at least she stopped talking. 

This was a first for me, and it felt pretty damn good. Debbie was getting pretty enthusiastic with her mouth on my dick, forcing her head further down on each thrust until I could feel it hit the back of her throat. 


Kimiko’s teeth caught on my ballsack for a moment. I quickly got back into it until she did it again. 

“OUCH! Be careful!”

This time Debbie pulled her mouth off my dick, “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”

“No- it’s Kimiko’s teeth. They keep catching on my balls… OUCH! DAMMIT KIMIKO!”

I swear she intentionally bit me that time. I reached down and pulled my balls out of her mouth. 

“I no like suck balls. Me poke my rubber cock in your butt!”

Debbie shook her head and laughed, then a mischievous look swept across her face. She grabbed my hips and yanked me forward until my ass was over Kimiko’s face, then grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart. 

….. I recalled Kimiko spreading and grinding her ass on my mouth just a short while ago …what the hell

I pulled my balls up and with Debbie spreading my ass open, slowly sat it right down on Kimiko’s face. She made some muffled noises and moved her head around to avoid it at first, but relaxed after a bit and started licking my taint. Debbie grabbed my cock again and slammed her mouth down on it and started rocking back and forth between my dick and the strap-on. She moved slowly at first, but after a bit she started rocking harder down on the plastic dick and harder down on my cock until it started hitting the back of her throat. 

Debbie really started slamming her mouth down on me, ramming down on my cock harder and harder until I was expecting it to pop into her throat. Each time she bottomed out it pushed my ass harder down on Kimiko’s face, and she stopped licking me and started sucking on my taint with her nose stuffed in my ass. The feeling was bizarre but felt pretty damn good, and the view was erotic as hell but I finally jumped off of Kimiko after her teeth started scraping against my ass a few times. 

Debbie jerked her head back off my dick, “What’s wrong? I was just getting started!”

“Sorry! it's just... Kimiko’s teeth keep scraping me.” I crawled around behind them and knelt down between their legs. Grabbing Kimiko’s ankles, I lifted them up and tucked her legs under Debbie’s arms. Debbie turned around and shot me a devilish smile, then leaned forward bending Kimiko in half and hanging her tits on Kimiko’s face. 

I squatted down and took a good, up-close look. Kimiko’s hairy little cunt was partially covered by the harness, but her boney ass was totally exposed. Debbie was grinding her pussy down on the plastic cock, and her ass was also exposed just inches away from my face. 

..... what a beautiful ass ...round muscular cheeks surrounding the small darker ring of her asshole

I grabbed both cheeks and spread them apart, and that little pucker grew wider and a bit of pink showed in the middle. Debbie stopped grinding for a moment and arched her hips upwards, allowing me even better access to her ass. I leaned forward and lightly licked her ass. Debbie let out a small moan, "It's about time you gave my ass some attention."

..... damn, this girl is too fuckin’ naughty

I pulled her cheeks further apart and pushed the pointed tip of my tongue against her tight opening. After a few slow jabs her ass relaxed and opened slightly. Another moan from Debbie. I pushed my tongue in further and Debbie pushed back against me until my tongue was fully inside her. I worked my tongue around in her ass, then started punching my tongue in and out... I could feel her asshole open up more each time I jabbed my tongue into her. I pulled my head back and her ass stayed open for a moment, then pinched closed again.

"Hey! What you doing? You forget me?"

"Sorry Kimi... I'm just enjoying myself."

Debbie grabbed the oil and poured a large amount on her hand, then reached back around and spread it all over Kimiko's pussy.

"Ow! My pussy still sore!"

"Okay... you said so..." Debbie poured more on her hand and rubbed it all over Kimiko's ass, and before she could respond, pushed her left tit into Kimiko's mouth. I heard some muffled sounds, but they didn't seem like any protest. I moved my hands from Debbie's cheeks and started rubbing my fingers all over Kimiko's oiled ass. I tried to push my tongue back into Debbie's ass, but her muscular cheeks stopped me from getting in too deep.

"Spread your ass for me."

I was talking to Debbie, but evidently Kimiko thought I was asking her... she reached down and pulled her cheeks apart, opening her ass up more for my fingers. Debbie laid down harder on Kimiko, nearly smothering her with her breasts, then reached back with both hands and spread her ass wide for my tongue. Her butthole opened up a little bit just from her spreading her cheeks. 

"Fuck, that looks good... relax your ass... I want to see you gape open..."

Her ass winked closed for a moment, then opened more. I stuffed my tongue deep inside and started tongue-fucking her, shoving it as deep as I could. It immediately opened up wide and stayed open. I pulled back to see her ass gaping wide and deep... nothing but pink down her canal. 

I had worked one finger inside Kimiko's ass and she wasn't complaining, so I pushed another inside her. 

..... I recalled stimulating little Cindy's G-Spot through her ass many years ago

I pushed my two middle fingers deeper into her ass and started curling them against the top wall, around where I thought her G-spot might be. Her butt tightened down on my fingers at first, but quickly opened up more as I worked my fingers around and she continued to pull her ass apart. She seemed to be enjoying the feeling and was gyrating slightly on my probing fingers. I could now feel a small bump swelling up through the thin membrane between her ass and her vagina.

Debbie’s asshole was dilated more than ever, gaping wider to the point my tongue wasn’t stretching it open anymore. I just pulled back and stared deeply into her. I could see the bump from the strap-on poking up on the floor of her canal. 

….. this was fucking obscene and nasty …but my abused cock was hard as a rock …I needed to stuff it into Debbie’s ass …or Kimiko’s

I worked my fingers more vigorously in Kimiko, and tried to spread my fingers apart to stretch her tight little hole larger. I heard a small whiff of air escape as I spread her asshole open… I started curling my fingers roughly against the upper wall, where the swelling was getting very pronounced. Kimiko didn’t make a sound as I stretched her tight ass wider… she just bucked a few times when my fingers were fully inside her and kept sucking on Debbie’s left nipple. I rammed my tongue deep into Debbie’s ass, then pulled back and stared at the large gape. 

….. these two were nasty and horny as hell …I needed to push things a little further …I wanted Kimiko to have this view deep into her friend's ass

I pulled my fingers out of Kimiko, stood up and grabbed Debbie with both arms and lifted her up off the dildo. She was fairly petite, but her muscular body weighed more than I expected. 

“What are you doing? I was enjoying that…”

Kimiko shot me an angry look, but kept spreading her ass and held her legs up in the air, not sure what I was going to do. I carried Debbie over to the other end of the ottoman and set her down over Kimiko’s face, hoping they would enjoy a 69. Debbie's knees landed on each side of Kimiko's skinny frame, and she worked her arms over Kimiko's legs and pulled them back.

The shocked look on Kimiko’s face slowly turned to one of lust as she turned her attention to Debbie’s crotch. Her eyes and mouth were wide open, and her face was wet and greasy from the oil. She lay there, staring at her friend's pussy hanging inches above her face, frozen from the shock of the lewd close-up view. 

I grabbed Debbie’s ass and spread her wide, her pussy popping open with a wet ‘smack’ sound, and her asshole slowly dilating into a little gape. I poked my tongue into her ass and tongue-fucked her deeply until her ass relaxed again and opened up to a large open gape nearly the size of my dick. 

Kimiko gasped when I pulled my tongue out and she saw Debbie’s open asshole right above her, but she still did nothing. I grabbed her hands and moved them onto Debbie’s ass, then pushed Debbie’s pussy down onto her mouth. She froze for a moment, then began sucking lightly on Debbie’s clit. I moved her hands inward until her fingers touched right above her open asshole, and pushed my cock in between into Debbie’s wet cunt. 

“Oh God… yes… that feels good…”

I pushed my cock deeper into her, easily getting the full length inside her after only a few strokes. Kimiko obviously enjoyed the intimate play and pulled down on Debbie’s ass to more aggressively eat her pussy. 

“Oh FUCK… yes… Kimi… just like that…”

Debbie fiddled with Kimiko's harness and finally pulled the rubber cock out of the belt, then bent down and started eating Kimiko's pussy. 

Kimiko pulled her mouth away from Debbie just enough to burble “Ow! Gentle! Pussy… umm… better… yes, like that.”

I pumped my cock deep into Debbie, my balls hitting on Kimiko’s head each time I shoved it in. I grabbed Kimiko's hands and pushed a finger from each hand forward into Debbie’s ass… they easily slid into her open asshole. Her hands froze in place for a moment, then she started pushing them deeper into her ass. 

"Spread her open... pull her ass open for me..."

Kimiko stopped finger-fucking her friend's ass for a moment, then curled her fingers inside her and pulled. Debbie's asshole stretched opened further until I could see deep inside between Kimiko's fingers. Every time I pushed my cock inside I could see the bulge pushing up inside her ass.

"Oh... FUCK! ...that's ...that... Fuck! Keep doing that...”

I started ramming my cock harder into Debbie, and pulled back on Kimiko's legs so her crotch rotated upwards. Both of them were gyrating into each other and Kimiko's legs started shaking in the air, cumming quickly from Debbie’s tongue and the intensity of the situation. Her body shook and convulsed as she rode through the waves of her climax, finally falling limp underneath her friend. She slowly relaxed her hands and pulled her fingers from Debbie's ass. It remained dilated, obscenely open for my view like the ‘money shot’ in a hard core porno mag. I stopped pumping into her and stared.

“Don’t stop! I was starting to cum!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it. My God, Debbie… that looks so fucking hot…”

She raised her head and turned to look back at me with a fiendish look, then clamped her ass closed. 

….. my cock suddenly stuck in place …her cunt clamped down on it like a vice

“CHRIST! What the hell?”

Debbie let out a giggle, “You like that? Kegels, baby… every day.” And just as sudden, her pussy relaxed and her asshole slowly opened back up. 

“Now fuck me… ram that thick cock deep in me…”

….. this woman was a fucking animal

I started pumping my cock into her and watching the bulge push up at each stroke through the fleshy window of her gaping ass. I pushed two fingers inside her ass and pressed down on the bulge from my cock. 

“God… I can feel my cock through your ass... do you like that? Do you like my fingers in your ass?”

“Oh Fuck… yes… that feels good... Fuck Me… Fuck! I Love Your COCK! FUCK... ME… HARDER!”

I pummeled her hard with my cock… ramming it as deep inside her as I could, my balls slapping against Kimiko’s head, my fingers crammed deep inside her ass and curling down to feel my cock pumping in her. It didn’t take long before she started to climax. She started grunting and screaming louder and louder until I grabbed her hair and shoved her face down hard into Kimiko's pussy to muffle her. Her sounds turned into wet slurps and gags as she rode through a hard climax… Kimiko squeaked and shuddered from the feeling of Debbie’s mouth further abusing her swollen pussy until they both stopped bucking and slowly relaxed. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and released my grip on Debbie’s head so she could raise her face and catch her breath. She panted loudly, “Oh my God… that was fucking HOT… I haven’t come like that in… I don’t think ever… FUCK!”

She turned her head to look back at me, “What about you? Did you cum?”

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and laughed a little, “I’m not sure I can again! My dick is just about worn out.”

She squinted her eyes and her face changed to that devilish look. “You aren’t getting away that easily…” She reached back and grabbed my cock and moved it around until the head pressed up against her butthole. She smiled widely at me and pushed back against me until the head popped into her ass. 

“Oh… Fuck yeah… that feels good… push that thick cock into my ass.”

….. my god, this girl was nasty  ...insatiable, and her dirty talk …I really don’t think I could keep up with her sex drive

As if on cue, Kimiko reached up and grabbed the cheeks of Debbie's ass and spread them apart. I pulled back out of her ass, grabbed the oil and poured it all over my cock, then poured more in the crack of her ass and watched it slowly run into her small gape. Looking down between her legs I could see Kimiko's eyes were closed, but she was licking Debbie's pussy. I grabbed Debbie's hips and pushed my cock against her open ass... I felt her ring open up a little and I shoved forward a little until it slipped inside her a few inches.

….. the heat from her tight little ass was intense …I had to fuck her deeper …I needed to shove my cock all the way into her ass

Debbie pushed back on me, and rocked her hips to work me deeper into her. I really didn't think my abused cock could cum again but the feeling was fucking amazing. I pulled on her hips and thrust forward everytime she rocked back on me, my cock inching deeper with each stroke until my balls were slapping against Kimiko's forehead. 

“Oh…FUCK!  Fuck my ass deep like that… that feels good…”

Kimiko was just grunting and making slurping sounds under Debbie’s body, and Debbie was grinding her pussy down harder on her mouth. I started pumping my cock full-length into her ass, the sensations of my orgasm building deep within me.

Debbie was getting really loud, "Suck My Cunt Kimi... FUCK!!  I'm gonna Cum Again! FUCK ME HARD!!"

..... this crazy bitch was getting too loud... you want me to fuck you HARD?!? I'll make it so you can't walk tomorrow

My lust took over... I grabbed Debbie's head and shoved it down into Kimiko's crotch again, and ground her face into Kimiko's ass until she couldn't breathe and started pile-driving my cock into her ass... pulling her head as leverage to ram my cock harder and harder into her until my climax surged through my body... my head exploded hard from each shot of cum I pumped deep into her ass... I kept ramming my cock deep into her with each load... finally slowing to a stop, exhausted and reeling from the climax... my cock throbbing painfully from the abuse. I released my hold on Debbie's head and she gasped for air.

I couldn't tell if either of them came again... I was disoriented... too drunk with lust. I don't know if I even made a sound, or was screaming as loud as Debbie had been. I pulled my cock out from her ass and could see Kimiko underneath her, eyes closed, mouth open, panting hard. The faint smell of anal sex escaped from Debbie's gaping ass, a small load of cum drained out and dripped down on Kimiko's face. Unfazed, she just licked her lips and opened her mouth further. You like the taste of ass and cum? I was exhausted, but was still drunk with lust... I was about to push my dirty cock into Kimiko's mouth when lights from a car out the window caught my attention. I looked over to see it pulling into my driveway across the street. 

Through the obscure curtains on the bedroom window it looked like a yellow cab had pulled into our driveway behind my car. 

….. Denise? Christ! …I haven’t been home or around my phone …did she have to take an earlier flight? …she probably tried to call me but I didn’t answer so she grabbed a cab from the airport

I jumped up and shot over to turn off the light in the bedroom, then ran to look out the window.

“FUCK! I think Denise is home!”

Debbie shot me a wide-eyed look of shock and struggled to jump up off Kimiko and scramble to the window.

“What wrong? Who Denise?” Kimiko got up and started to shuffle over to the window, "OUCH! You make me really sore!" I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or Denise. She huddled up between us to get a peek. 

I was in a panic. I was completely covered in oil and sex, from head to toe. There is no possible way I could sneak back into the house at this hour and looking like this with a reasonable explanation... there WAS no reasonable explanation.


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