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This is the last chapter of this story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter the lady next door introduces me to her young daughter and I realize I have to re-evaluate my life.
—————— Part (14) ■ Maria’s daughter, Isabella ■ ——————

        [ s e x u a l   c o n t e n t :  4/5 ]

This is the last chapter of this story from my twenties, when my girlfriend and I moved into a duplex in a low-rent neighborhood. In this chapter the lady next door introduces me to her young daughter and I realize I have to re-evaluate my life. 

Note: Although this story is fiction, every character and situation in this series is based on reality. About 6-years of events in the eighties have been compressed into one long summer with the intent to make the chapters more readable, but unfortunately it can also make them less believable. It is up to the reader to decide what is fantasy.



Continued……It looked like a yellow cab was dropping off someone in our driveway across the street. Denise had come home early? I was in a panic. I was completely covered in oil and sex, from head to toe. There is no possible way I could sneak back into the house at this hour and looking like this with any reasonable explanation... there WAS no reasonable explanation.

I ran into the bathroom and jumped in the shower, scrubbing like mad even before the water warmed-up. 

….. fuck! …where are my clothes? …are they covered in oil and sex as well?

I heard the girls yell something but I couldn’t hear the words in the shower. Denise pulled the curtain aside and laughed at the expression on my face. 

“Calm down Jeff! It’s not Denise! It’s a young girl who went up to your neighbor’s… that Mexican lady on the other side of your duplex.”

A rush of relief swept over me, and I tried to calm my thoughts. 

After I dried off I told Debbie I had to get home to feed the cat and check for phone messages. It had been a long night and I couldn’t imagine another round with these two. Tonight, anyway. 



I slept hard that night and didn’t get out of bed until after 10:00. I had washed my clothes and took a long hot shower before I crawled in bed to get rid of all the smells of sex that covered my body, and noticed my abused dick had a large bruise on the left side. I couldn’t remember how it happened, nor how I got scratches on my back, but neither would be easy to explain to Denise when she got home. 

Denise had left one short message on the answering machine last night when I was across the street. She briefly said that she would be staying longer than expected. She had to take care of some things with the family. I was greatly relieved to have some extra time to heal. 

I had the day all to myself to recover, and I needed it. I was exhausted. My back was sore from throwing Debbie and Kimiko around, and my dick was absolutely beaten raw. Besides the bruise, the skin was abraded and red, especially around the head. Although my dick wasn’t erect, it remained engorged and throbbed at every touch. I dug up an old pair of sweatpants and carefully put them on without underwear. 

I made a pot of coffee and started to go out to the front deck but stopped when I saw Debbie’s car in her driveway. I didn’t really want to see her this morning. She knows I have the day off today and would probably want to fuck me again. Probably several times. 

I headed out to the deck off our bedroom facing the back yard. It was secluded, and the fence blocked the views into Danny’s house and the one next door. I could relax and drink my coffee in peace. 

I grabbed the chaise and set it out in the backyard and laid down in the sun. It wasn’t too long before I nodded off to sleep. 


“You’re gonna get a sunburn like that.” 

I opened my eyes to the voice and saw the silhouette of a young girl standing over me, her head blocking the sun over my face. I raised myself up into a sitting position and shielded my eyes so I could see who was talking to me.

“Umm… thanks for waking me. I didn’t mean to fall asleep”

“Hi! I’m Isabella. My mom lives next door…”

She continued telling me all about herself but I wasn’t really listening. I was still half asleep and I couldn’t help but stare at this young girl’s body outlined in the sun. She was wearing a cheap little cotton dress that, backlit like this, became transparent. I couldn’t tell her age… she was fairly thin and tiny, but her legs were toned and I could see breasts developing through the thin material. She turned to the side to point at her mom’s deck and her ass stood out like a gymnast. She looked Mexican, like her mom, but her body was over developed like a young black girl… at least the ones who caught my attention. She stood with her back arched, her round ass sticking out so much that her skirt rode higher in the back, exposing more skin on the back of her thighs. Her small breasts sat high on her chest and it looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra. 

“So, what’s your name?”

She had turned back towards me and now I was eye level with her crotch. The silhouette of a puffy little camel toe was clearly showing in the gap between her thighs. I couldn’t pull my eyes off her body when I answered.

“Um… I’m Jeff. I live next door. How long are you staying with your mom?”

A moment of silence followed until I broke my lustful gaze and looked up at her face. She was staring at my crotch with her mouth slightly open. I looked down and saw that my cock was thick and rising up in the leg of my sweatpants. 

“Izzy! Don’t bother the neighbors!” Maria yelled out at her daughter from her bedroom deck. 

When Isabella turned to her mom I quickly pulled my dick up to the side and covered it with my arms crossed over my lap. 

Maria walked over and introduced us. “Jeff, this is my daughter, Isabella. She’s staying with me for a little bit. I’m sorry she’s bothering you like this.”

“Umm… no bother at all.”

She stepped closer and gave a wide smile. “You look a little tired… did you have a rough night last night?” A small laugh snuck out before she followed up, “Come on, Izzy, we need to give Jeff his privacy.” She grabbed her daughter’s hand and pulled her back to her bedroom deck. She looked back before they went inside, “Enjoy the sunshine!”

Isabella looked back and waved with a big smile.

I sat there for about five minutes thinking of work to allow my dick to deflate before walking back inside. 


…………………working at home………………………

I made some more coffee and sat down to work on a project I brought home from the office. I needed to get myself back into a positive direction. My self-destructive sexual activities this summer were going to take me down sooner or later. 

I was relieved to know Denise was staying in Ohio for a while longer. Hopefully the extra time would allow me to recover and get my shit together. 

I worked for an hour or so before I started nodding off again. The knocking at the front door shocked me at first. I didn’t even move to answer it until the person knocked again. I was surprised to see Maria on the front porch when I opened the door. 

“Hi Jeff! I’m sorry to bother you but my boss called me in to work today. Isabella is old enough to stay by herself, but I would feel better if she could call you if something goes sideways.”

I was momentarily distracted when I saw Jodi in the background walking past on the sidewalk. She looked up and smiled. …dammit, Jeff

“Um… sure. I don’t plan on going anywhere today, so she can call me if she needs anything.”

I gave her my number and she flashed a big smile and thanked me profusely before she headed back down the stairs. 

….. I thought about Maria watching me the night beforethe previous night strapped down naked to Debbie’s bed

I sat back at the table and tried to work but I couldn’t stay focused. My mind kept drifting to the wild crap that went down over the weekend, especially the sex games with the three neighbor girls. Just seeing Jodi walking by triggered my lust.

I’m not gonna get anything done today as long as my cock is directing my attention. I headed down to the garage and took a hit off my pipe. Maybe I’d get a good buzz and rub a quick one out to clear my mind? I grabbed the latest porn mag in my stash and headed inside when I heard another knock on the front door. I quickly stashed the mag and grabbed a shirt to hide my partial erection and ran upstairs. I was hoping to see Jodi when I opened the door, but wasn’t too surprised to see Isabella standing there. 

“Hi! My mom said I could call you if anything went wrong. Our TV isn’t working. Can I watch yours?”

….. shit …is your phone broken too? …this could fuck up my entire day 

“Umm… maybe I can come over and try to fix yours?”

“You can try, but it’s the cable. They’re supposed to come over tomorrow to fix it.”

….. how the hell can I get out of this 

“I’m trying to get some work done today… but… I guess you can watch my TV if you keep it quiet.”

I let her inside and walked over to turn on the TV. I handed her the remote and showed her how to work it but she didn’t seem too interested in the TV. She just stared at me with her big brown eyes. She was a pretty girl with a small upturned nose and a full head of wavy dark hair. 

“Here… find a show you like. I’m gonna work at the table in the kitchen.”

She was still wearing that thin dress, and I could now see the shape and color of her small nipples through the material. She didn’t have much in the way of real breasts, but her nipples poked out enough to peak my attention. 

….. fuck, Jeff …don’t go there 

I walked back to the kitchen table and laid out the work I was doing and tried to bury my inappropriate thoughts. Although Isabella was watching something on TV, I noticed she kept looking back at me. I tried to concentrate on my work. After a bit she got up from the couch and plopped down on her stomach on the floor in front of the TV. Her feet were facing me, and I saw she had taken off her shoes. 

….. I started feeling a pretty good buzz from the pot …bad timing on getting high …I found it hard to concentrate on my work

Isabella was fidgeting on the floor, rocking her legs back and forth. I noticed her skirt was hiked up enough to see quite a ways up the inside of her thighs. I tried not to look, but the view up her skirt and the effects of the pot were making my heart race. I forced myself to lock my eyes on my work. 

I finally got up and grabbed a beer from the fridge. When I sat back down I noticed Isabella’s dress was hiked up a little further to the point I could now see her panties. Her feet were propped up on her toes and she was rocking her heels in and out… every time her heels rocked out I got a good shot of her crotch. 

….. don’t, Jeff

I grabbed my glasses from the table and stopped for a moment before finally succumbing and putting them on to get a better look. I waited a bit before looking over at her. Her feet were wide apart and I could clearly see her puffy little cameltoe through her white panties. I felt my dick shift in my sweatpants. 

I quickly shifted my eyes back to my work when she turned back to me. 

“Can I use your bathroom?”

I didn’t even look up, “Sure, go ahead.” 

She got up and ran downstairs. 

“Isabella! There’s a bathroom up here you can use!”

“I like the downstairs one better. Is that okay?”

I realized her mom’s place had the same layout. “Umm… sure, whatever.”

I took a gulp from my beer and tried to concentrate on my work. She was downstairs for longer than I expected, but finally came back up and plopped back down in front of the TV. I kept my nose in my work for as long as I could, but finally snuck a peek over at her. 

She was laying there on her stomach, her legs apart and her dress hiked up even further than before, her little bubble-butt holding her skirt up for my view.  I put my glasses on again and stared up between her spread legs. It looked like her little camel toe was moving. I stared at it forever before it hit me that she had her hand down her panties and was rubbing herself. 

My heart raced like mad and I tried to think of how to handle the situation, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My attention was finally pulled from her masturbating when I saw her turn the page of something she was reading. I briefly assumed she grabbed a car magazine from the coffee table until she turned another page and I saw a flash of nudity. 

My already excited state of mind landed on the porn mag I stashed earlier in the bathroom and I freaked. 

I jumped out of my chair and ran over to her, “Where’d you get that!?”

She yanked her hand out from her panties and spun around to look at me. “I was looking for some lotion in your bathroom. Do you like looking at these naked pictures?” She turned the magazine around to show me a full page photo of a thin blonde girl in a chair with her legs spread wide. One hand was pulling on her nipple and the other was spreading her pussy open. 

I reached down and grabbed the magazine from her, “You shouldn’t be looking at magazines like that. You’re too young to see that stuff.”

“Don’t freak out at me. I’ve seen all that before. My dad hides his magazines too.”

Her eyes shifted to the lump in my sweatpants again. I moved the magazine down to cover it. 

“We’ll, you’re still too young to look at that.”

I turned and took the magazine downstairs to stash it in a better place. I tried to change the subject when I came back upstairs. “I think I only have sunscreen, but I might have some face lotion if you need it.”

“That’s okay… I’ve got some stuff over at mom’s. Would it be okay to go over and grab it?”

“Um, sure. Take your time.”

She walked out the front door and I could hear her run down the steps. 

….. what the fuck do I do now? Is she gonna tell her mom what she saw? 

The effects of the pot weren’t helping my state of mind now, for sure. The level of paranoia was starting to freak me out a bit. Maybe I can just talk to her and make sure she will keep what she saw a secret. 

….. but I swear she was masturbating 

My dick jumped just thinking about seeing her little fingers rubbing under her panties.

….. stop it!

A few minutes passed before I heard her feet run up the front steps. “I’m back!”

I heard her close the front door as she came in. She carried a small jar with an Rx label on it up to the table where I was sitting and removed the lid. When she bent over to smell it the front of her dress hung down enough that I got a good peek at her left nipple. It was dark and puffy and sticking out proud from her small breast. 

“My doctor gave me this. I really like it!” She pushed the open container in my face. “It smells kinda cool, don’t cha think?”

I really didn’t smell anything but nodded in approval. 

“Your doctor prescribed that for you?”

“Yeah, and it really helps a lot.”

….. helps …with what?

She held the jar of ointment in front of me. “Can you help me put this on?”

My mind was still stuck on peeking at her nipples and her little hand rubbing herself on the floor… I didn’t even think before I said, “Umm… sure, if you need me to.”

….. it must be her back …she’ gotta be able to reach everywhere else herself

Without any warning she climbed up and stood on the chair beside me, reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down to her ankles, then sat down on the table and laid back. When she pulled her legs back and put her bare feet on the table I actually jerked back and stood up in shock. 

“My doctor says I need to put this stuff on a few times a day.”

I stood there speechless in response to her lewd display. She spread her legs wider to make sure I got a full view of her little pussy and ass. Her nearly hairless beaver was reddened and very swollen.

“Jesus… Do you have an infection?” 

….. not much tact, Jeff

“No, my doctor says I rub it too much. I’ve tried to stop, but, you know… I think maybe I do it in my sleep. This stuff helps a bunch.”

She reached over and pushed her fingers into the jar and brought them back and wiped the cream on her puffy little beaver. 

“There… can you rub it in for me?”

My heart was pounding hard in my head as I stood there staring at this little girl spread open in front of me, and my cock was stiffening against my will. 

“I shouldn’t touch you there. You’re too young.”

“I’m sixteen. I’m old enough.”

….. there’s no fucking way this girl is anywhere near sixteen 

“Okay… fourteen, but I won’t tell anyone. Please?”

….. don’t do it, Jeff 

Almost against my own will, my right hand reached out and touched the cream on her swollen outer lips and started gently smoothing it over both sides. She pulled her legs back further so more of her was exposed. I continued to spread the cream all over her lips, down over the puckered flesh of her little butthole and everywhere in between.

She reached her hands around on each side of her crotch and pulled it apart. Her swollen pussy split open with a wet ‘smack’ sound and I could finally see her opening. The dark pink color of her inner lips stood out even more against the white cream covering her beaver. 

“Rub it on the inside too.  That part needs it more.”

I gently spread the cream down the sides of her inner lips and the space between her pussy and her butthole. She shuddered a little when I touched the top, where her clit was. 

“Yes… rub it in a little harder or the lotion will dry out.”

I started rubbing the cream with more pressure all over her crotch and her hardened little clit. My cock was sticking straight out in my sweatpants now, and she was staring at it. She was breathing hard through her open mouth and had a frenzied look in her eyes. 

“That’s good… just like that…”

She pulled on her hands and spread herself open even more until her little hole opened up. 

“Push… push your fingers inside. I need it inside…”

….. fuck, Jeff, you’re going way too far

I couldn’t help it. I pushed a finger inside her little pussy, and it slid deeply inside her with ease. I added another finger and started slowly finger-fucking her. 

“Yess… like… that… uhhhh…”

Her body shuddered and she squeaked out a small sound as she quickly came on my fingers. I expected her to slow down and relax after she climaxed, but she kept quivering and asking for more. 

“Yess… keep doing… “

I thrust my fingers deeper into her pussy and started finger fucking her more roughly. She panted harder and pulled one hand around and started aggressively rubbing her clit. 

….. this little girl is no virgin

Suddenly she pulled herself forward and grabbed at the waistband on my sweatpants. I jerked back, pulling my fingers from her. 

“What’s wrong?!?! I just want to see it!” She was suddenly angry at me but quickly flashed back to that crazed look in her eyes. She stared at the lump in my sweatpants and started rubbing herself again. 

“Pull it out! I just want to see it… please?”

I looked down and my cock was pulling at the waistband and there was a large wet spot at the head. I looked back at Isabella, her legs spread wide and her hand furiously rubbing on her pussy, the intense look of lust on her young face as she stared at my crotch… I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my cock out and yanked my sweatpants down to my knees. It sprung forward, engorged and hard as hell, with a long line of precum running from the head down to the waistband of my sweats. 

She gasped and jerked forward, “Wow… you got a really big one!” She reached out to touch it, “You’re all red too… Do you rub it like me?” 

I didn’t respond, but my cock did look beat-up as hell. Her fingers were all covered in the ointment, so I stepped closer and let her touch it. “Rub that stuff on it.” The ointment soothed the irritation and her tiny hands felt amazing on my cock.  “Yeah, like that… that feels good.”

She stopped rubbing herself and started rubbing my cock with both hands. “Put your fingers inside me again!”

I moved closer and pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy and aggressively stroked her. Her hands mauled my cock and for a moment I thought she was going to suck on it, but she threw her head back and grunted softly as she climaxed again. 

….. this was sick, but I want to see this girl naked … I want to see those puffy little nipples

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and pawed at her dress, unbuttoning it until I could pull open the front and fully expose her naked little body. She looked up from my cock and nodded excitedly like she was saying “yes, keep going”. She kept pumping my cock with both hands and suddenly pushed it down between her legs. 

….. don’t fucking do it, Jeff

I grabbed my cock from her hands and pulled it up from her little hole. She huffed loudly in disappointment, but quickly changed when I pressed the shaft down against her swollen pussy. I ran my hands up her ribs and groped at her dark puffy nipples and started grinding my cock harder and harder against her. Her body shuddered as she came again. 

….. my thick cock smashing against her pussy …her thin legs spread wide in the air

This was too much for me. My lust took over and I grabbed her legs and pushed them upwards, and pinned them down on the table on each side of her thin little body. Her hips rotated upwards so her young pussy and butthole were completely exposed to my cock. 

“Push it inside me! It’s okay… my doctor did something so I can’t get pregnant…”

.. the heat from her swollen lips felt unbelievable …I desperately wanted to push my cock deep into her tiny little body

I pulled back off her and looked at her pinned on the table. She was panting loudly and gyrating around trying to move her little cunt up to the head of my cock. 

“Push it inside! I want to feel it inside me!”

….. don’t do it …Don’t

I let go of her legs and moved back. Her legs sprung forward, but then she pulled them back up and apart… then reached under and spread her pussy open again. I grabbed my cock and pushed the head up against her little opening, grabbed her hips and pulled her body towards me. She screeched when the head popped inside her, but then I felt her legs wrapping around my back, pulling me into her. 

My cock inched a little further into her swollen little cunt. “Aaaugh! Fuck!” I pulled back and pushed it in again, popping in a few inches further. She grunted and shrieked a little each time I thrust further inside her, but her legs wrapped harder around my back and her face showed she was about to climax again.

I pushed my fingers against her clit and rubbed her hard and fast as I pushed my cock deeper into her and she shrieked as she came again, her body bucking and her legs shaking in the air. 

….. I’ve never been with a girl who climaxed so easily …so frequently …is this little girl a real nymphomaniac? 

I pulled my hand from her clit and grabbed her by both wrists and pulled, thrusting my cock harder into her pussy… it slid into her another couple inches inside her. Her eyes went wide and she let out a large gasp, “oh… God… your cock…”

I was suddenly insane with lust for this little girl and wanted to impale her on my cock… I pulled it out a little and rammed it hard into her, the friction of her little body ripping at my abused cock with a bit of pain; the ointment no longer offering comfort, and certainly not offering lubricant. I pulled out again and rammed harder into her, pushing aside the pain and only wanting to fuck her harder and deeper. 

Her body fell limp and her legs were flopping around in the air as I pumped my cock into her, a little deeper each time… I pulled hard on her wrists and her body arched back, her small nipples pointing to the ceiling and her little body squeaking further down on me like she was getting skewered. I yanked on her arms again and rammed the full length of my cock hard into her… she just grunted when I hit balls-deep. I hammered my cock fully inside her again and again, pulling hard on her wrists as I thrust forward… I could see the bulge from my cock pop up in her belly just below her rib cage, distorting her tiny body… her face was twisted and contorted from the hard fucking, but she kept panting, “yes… yes… fuck… me… yes…”

I pulled her roughly against me, impaling her little body on my engorged cock like she was a rag doll, slamming my cock deep into her again and again, ignoring the pain until my climax surged through my body… my head and my cock began exploding in giant waves.

I felt my cock shoot the first stream of cum into her… I pulled her little body tightly against me and rammed my cock as deep as I could into her cunt and screamed. “FUUUUCCCKKK!!!!” …I held her there, feeling my cock pulse and flex inside her as it pumped another stream, and another…

She was staring at me with wild eyes and a wide-open mouth, panting like she couldn’t catch her breath. I finally let go of her wrists and her body slumped onto the table, her legs still spread wide but falling limp to the sides. Sweat dripped from my forehead onto her tummy as I slowly pulled my cock from her violated pussy. My cock was throbbing from the abuse and it made me jump when I bumped the table after pulling out. 

The white ointment was smeared all over her stomach, thighs, pussy and ass; her little pussy was even more swollen than before. I spread it open and watched my cum run down out of her fleshy red hole and mix with the ointment on her ass. And she started rubbing herself again.

We both heard the phone ringing but it wasn’t until Isabella yelled “Shit! That’s mom!” that I realized it was coming from the other side of the shared wall in the duplex. 

She shot up from the table, scrambled to reassemble her dress, and stumbled a bit. She cupped her crotch and looked up at me, “Ouch… Fuck!” then laughed a little and rushed back to finish buttoning up, stopping momentarily when the ringing stopped.

“Shit! I gotta call her back right away or she’s gonna freak!”

The ringing started up again, and Isabella grabbed her shoes and ran for the front door. “I was never here!”

I heard her feet run down the front steps and she was already out of sight by the time I pulled up my sweatpants and reached the door. 

I closed the door and locked it. I stepped in some cum on the floor when I walked back to the table. White ointment and cum was smeared all over the table, and her panties were laying on the floor.



The rest of the day passed slowly and it seemed like forever before the sun set. I had been staying inside and sipping scotch since Isabella left, and now had a pretty good buzz on. I needed it to calm my nerves. 

I thought about what I really wanted in life. It certainly wasn’t Denise. And although this wild sex life I had been living this summer was exciting as hell, it was way too dangerous to continue. 

Lisa. I wanted Lisa. I was sure I could keep faithful with Lisa and be a very happy man. I’ve got to figure out how I can talk with her… see if she would leave Rick for me



Denise called around 6:30 pm. She talked about Ohio and her family, then dropped a bombshell on me. Lisa and Rick were getting married. She was pregnant and thought it was the best for everyone involved. 

My head was spinning and I missed a lot of what she was saying until she dropped another bombshell. She was going to move back to Ohio. She said her family was going through so much right now that she needed to be with them. She already had a job lined up and a place to stay. 

I was pretty much in shock, and fairly drunk, and didn't really react to what she was telling me, but after she hung up I got the strange impression that she wasn't even coming back to move out. My subconscious told me she already had. Had she been planning this? Did her grandmother’s death present the opportunity?

I ran around the house and realized only my stuff was here. Most of the stuff in the place was mine, but all of her clothes and toiletries were gone, as was anything else that she brought with her when she moved in. I ran to the window and saw that her car was no longer parked where she left it. A friend must have come over and grabbed it when I was across the street at Debbie’s?

I felt like a bit of a fool… how could I have not seen this coming? On the other hand, it was a huge relief that she was gone. I certainly deserved her leaving me. I was actually more distraught that Lisa and Rick were getting married because she was pregnant…


....the party was less than two months ago. Either she was already pregnant when we made love, or she is actually carrying my child. 

I went to the kitchen to pour myself another drink. Out the back window I could see Danny’s sister in her bedroom with her back to me, completely naked, looking through her closet. She had a really nice ass, a tiny waist, and I was totally uninterested. I headed out to the front deck, sat down in the shadows, and lit a cigarette. 

I couldn’t believe what I did today. I couldn’t believe this whole weekend. This will be the end of me if I don’t change. Hell, I could very well be fucked already. 

I wasn’t really feeling guilty from fucking little Isabella today. Paranoid for sure, feeling rather disgusted at myself, but not really guilty. She spread her pussy open and pleaded with me to stick my cock in her. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but my lust just took over. Jesus… that little girl climaxed at least six times. 

My head was spinning from everything I was trying to process. I glanced over at Debbie's house and saw her and Kimiko playing around and drinking wine in her kitchen. They were laughing and making gestures like they were having sex; Kimiko was sitting up on the counter holding her legs open, and Debbie was holding her hands out in front of her like she had a big dick and was going to fuck her with it. She started humping her and spilled Kimiko’s wine. It looked like they were already pretty drunk.

The couple at the house next door was watching TV on the couch. He was in a robe and she was wearing a blue teddy. Her top was transparent enough that I swear I could see her nipples. I stood up against the railing to get a better look and took a drag on my cigarette and the flash of light caught her eye. She stared up at me for a while, then got up and walked back to the table behind the couch and bent over to grab a wine bottle, her ass on full display in her crotchless lingerie. She walked back beside the couch and looked up in my direction, then pulled a strap from her teddy off her shoulder. I sat back down in the shadows. 

The blue house next door to Debbie’s had been pretty quiet but the light in the front bedroom caught my attention when it popped on… the blinds were set just right for me to have a good view of the room. The brunette, Carly, walked in wearing a robe and walked out of sight on the other side of the room. Stephanie, the blonde, followed shortly after, wearing only a black bra and panties. She stopped in the middle of the room and Carly walked back into view, this time completely naked. She walked up to Stephanie and pulled the bra straps down off her shoulders then sat down on the end of the bed facing her. Stephanie started to take off her bra, then stopped for a moment and looked towards the window in my direction. I took another drag on my cigarette in hopes she could see I was watching. 

She looked shocked for a moment, then a wicked smile spread across her face and she slowly took off her bra. Her large breasts fell forward into Carly’s hands and Carly leaned forward and started caressing them and sucking on her large nipples. Stephanie ran her fingers through Carly’s hair, pulled her against her breasts, and looked back my way.

I took a long draw from my scotch and sunk into the lounge chair to enjoy the show. My cock was already hard and sticking out of my robe, albeit painfully so. 

I could be a father. I decided I would figure out how to contact Lisa tomorrow… somehow talk with her and find out if marrying Rick was what she really wanted. Maybe if there was another direction to consider?

I need to make a change. This neighborhood… this sexual playground, was the stuff of fantasies but would surely end up ruining my life in one way or another. I needed to move from here if I was going to survive. I could start looking at places tomorrow. 

….. but I really needed to fuck Jodi before I moved

Carly and Stephanie were writhing on the end of the bed in a 69 and looked like they were close to a strong climax. 

I tried to jerk-off to the wild scene but my cock was absolutely raw… it was just too painful. The scotch had my head spinning.

I watched the girls fucking each other until I passed out, the glass of scotch falling from my hand and spilling onto the deck. 





2023-06-22 21:47:57
Thank you Jade, I too read the whole saga, it was wonderful, full of naughty risky situations. I just hoped that you might have found a new place with Debbie (strong muscular women re my fantasy). maybe there is a new fictional story there.


2023-06-20 22:37:25
Made it through the whole series. Was hoping to find out if anything happened with Jodi and maybe Sarah before you left the neighborhood.


2023-06-05 03:34:45
If you have read through this entire 14-part series, please know I truly appreciate your perseverance. I realize these long-winded stories are aren’t the typical ‘sex stories’ found on this forum, but I wrote them based on the situations and fantasies I had during those times. Shortly after this I bought a house in a different neighborhood where there were NO sexual opportunities of any kind. This change may have saved me from myself, but I miss the old neighborhood to this day

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