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Pamela comes to terms with her emotions after being bug-raped and her daughter's positive experience.
[ All characters in this story are adults. Pamela's daughter, Adeline, is 22 years old, as stated in the first chapter. Also the story never depicts actual sex acts with Adeline, only mentions them. ]

What to do about the sectoid remaining in their home, was a constant question in Pamela's thoughts. A great part of her wanted to kill or kick it out, for having forcefully violated her body and mind. She likened the orgasms it caused to chains which it had used to bind her to the bed while it's ovipositor (she had looked up that part of insect physiology) ravaged her vagina and forced eggs into her uterus. Feeling helpless while being impregnated was an experience which would haunt the woman for years.

However, if the creature had physically assaulted her, caused injury, and forcefully raped her, like American men do to an woman every hour in a day, Pamela would have eliminated the threat immediately and ignored her daughter's loving cries for mercy. While it would be unfair to ignore the very real pleasure experienced alongside her trauma, that was no excuse whatsoever. It was just a piece of the equation. Pamela could not deny that an aspect of her complex psyche yearned for that level of erotic joy.

The practical Pamela sat down with her daughter and spelled out the dangers risked by mating with Bright Eyes, unchecked infection being the primary concern. Frequent periods unnaturally taxed a woman's energy and blood health. If one of the eggs or larvae had died in her womb, and not washed out via menstruation, such a deep infection could be quickly fatal. Pamela strived to use less sharp words when explaining the dangers.

The adult child had nodded, but Pamela knew successive lectures would be required to instill sufficient caution in Adeline. The mother wanted to be sure that her daughter didn't seek out the remaining sectoid for sexual relief. Pamela even bought her daughter a vibrator. Adeline thanked her for the gift, but had to ask, "What are you going to do to Lady Bug?"

So the sectoid was named. Its future remained dubious.

Although Pamela suspected that her inculcated fetish motivated her final decision, she felt her plan was supported by realistic merits. Not long after her lecture to Adeline, and while the daughter was at her job, the mother disrobed in her room and placed the can of bug spray on the end table beside her bed.

Pamela lay down, adjusting a pillow for neck comfort. She took a deep breath and started to masturbate. The emotionally injured woman had chose to face her fears, but she would not blame herself if, during the event, she grabbed the can and poisoned the sectoid, no matter how badly Adeline would feel after the fact.

Lady Bug crept out from under the box spring mattress. She climbed slowly up the far end of Pamela's bed and waved its antennae. The angular head and shining eyes immediately intimidated the woman lying before her. Pamela cringed and stilled her massaging fingers. "You raped me."

Except for Lady Bug's scanning stalks, the sectoid stood like a statue perched on the far edge. Lady Bug was neither penitent nor proud. She simply waited to breed the human female available.

"You overpowered my will and forced yourself into my body." Pamela felt tears welling as she vented the shame lurking every hour of every day in her thoughts and feelings. "I hate what you did." She knew better than to expect Lady Bug to regret its natural instincts. Pamela only sought relief from her angst by confronting her assailant and charging its crimes aloud. "You stalked me when I was so terrified of you, at first."

"You somehow coerced me to find your grotesque forms, alluring, exciting." Pamela had never connected the nasty smell, ever present in their home, to what weakened her sexual inhibitions. It was a smell that she and her daughter had normalized. They stopped recognizing the odor within the first couple weeks of the bugs' presence. But the woman believed that she never would have succumbed without some involvement on the sectoid's part.

Pamela did feel a little better after each accusation she pronounced. The two beings reached a stalemate, staring, glaring, observing, sensing. Lady Bug would have stood on the soft ledge of her bed's foot end, for hours. The human's angst succumbed to boredom. Pamela could only maintain her anger for so long, and she didn't want to. She waited for the pain in her heart to fade. The one sure emotion that would pull her soul free from hate, at least for a while, was the sexual cravings building in her loins.

Her growing desire was not unexpected, having deduced there was something about the creature that made women horny. She also understood the horror had become a fetish for her. Pamela recited the risks to herself, which she had explained to her daughter, before making her final decision one certainly influenced by her elevating arousal.

"Fuck me, Lady Bug." She blurted in a grim tone. Her hand sank three fingers into her somewhat moist cleft. Her thumb beat a slow rhythm across her clit. Blood seeped into the pleasure bud, and lubrication trickled within her pussy. Her other hand pinched and pulled at her nipples.

The huge sectoid remained unmoved by the woman's verbiage, as Pamela's initial masturbation produced insufficient clues about her state of arousal. It needed stronger signals to trigger it's full reaction. Lady Bug's glittering eyes watched only for threats, but the woman felt them ignite lust within her.

At the point when Pamela felt herself edging on the plateau of her arousal, the creature stirred. Her antennae lowered and swept the woman's body, tasting and sensing the mother's erotic state more closely. Its forelegs lifted and advanced to straddle Pamela's ankles. Lady Bug crept forward, its four rear legs stepping tenuously astride the masturbating female until antennae tasted the nipples on her shuddering breasts.

A premonition of panic welled in Pamela's heart. Sharp memories of rape compelled her to shy away from the looming insect's advance. She sank intentionally into the mattress. Grabbing for the can of poison grew attractive.

However, her fingers increased their inciting pace. Panic transmogrified into additional excitement via the engine of fetish, further inflaming her lust. "Fuck me." She broke free of panic and spread her legs slightly.

Lady Bug's strange, wet tongue lashed out and struck the groaning woman's left tit. It left a trace of its odd fluid which would sting as more was applied. Pamela slipped her left hand away from her breasts, to allow the sectoid to work its chemical magic on her vulnerable nipples. They had gone too long without Lady Bug's special stimulation.

When the sectoid's abdomen tilted down, and she lowered her rhomboidal body to the woman's waist, Pamela wondered if she should extract her pleasuring fingers or continue to goad Lady Bug's mating instincts.

The question was quickly moot, when the sectoid twitched its abdomen while sinking its narrow end between the woman's half open thighs. Its hard carapace rapped on Pamela's obstructing knuckles like an indignant nun with a wooden ruler!

"Nngh!" She squeaked and pulled her hand out from under Lady Bug's behind. Pamela's hips twitched nervously, wanting what would occur but conditioned to fear it. She grit her teeth and prepared herself to deal with her emotions when Lady Bug's ovipositor burst inside her lust filled cunt!

The can of spray remained in easy reach, and the sectoid was too large to escape quickly. The burning sensation growing in her taut nipples reminded her that pain had its place in her sex life. She tried to relax her thighs while girding her resolve to submit to the insect's mating instinct.

For long minutes, Lady Bug's thin tongue lashed her tits and nipples, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm, before it finally committed to full breeding. Again, the sectoid's large rear end jerked, and the fat sheath of its long ovipositor ejected, skewering the woman's slick cunt.

Pamela shouted, "Uuunnggh!! YES, fuck me!" The thick length of Lady Bug's egg depositing tube sank deeper when the body beneath it lurched in response to massive penetration and from the orgasm which exploded within the woman.

Pamela wailed long and loudly from the ecstasy coursing through her senses. Her vision darkened near to blackout, but this time she remained conscious. Intense pleasure shifted her consciousness into a heavenly, out of body experience!

The bug's breeding state was one which ignored loud sounds while its vital task of laying eggs within its preferred host commenced. Pamela's cries had no effect upon it. Its legs straightened, pulling out several inches of its ovipositor from the host's receptacle.

"Oohhh." Pamela groaned when the slick member pulled halfway out of her pussy. This time she was sufficiently awake, if not in body, to witness Lady Bug's initial fuck strokes. Its hind claws gripped the comforter and bending its knees, jammed its tapered butt down, forcing its fat ovipositor fully within Pamela's eager cunt!

Although, seemingly floating above the grotesque tryst on her bed, she could feel her flesh stretch from the forceful insertion. She heard her voice cry out as the thick shaft jammed deep. Every inch of penetration made her body twist and shake, and made her voice cry out. "Unnghh!"

Her second, bug breeding was as intense at the first but in a different way. Again she felt helpless and shamed, but this time she knew her orgasm would deprive resistance. It was the price she had to pay for such exquisite delight! There would always be shame in allowing a huge insect to plow her womanly folds with its egg laying cock!

Lady Bug pulled back and rammed forward through her clenching groin. Those internal muscles reacted to each wave of her climax by tightening and relaxing. The tongue continued to lash her nipples which burned from its caustic saliva.

"Gods, your fuck thing is intense!" Pamela's independent throat voiced. Her pussy lips were on fire as well as her nipples, from the fat girth forced in and out of dripping nether lips. Smoke seemed to issue from her twat as she gasped and moaned in pain and joy. Humiliation wafted among the spikes of pleasure which each stroke of the ovipositor. Lady Bug was now fucking her steadily.

Pamela imagined her arms reaching up and around Lady Bug's narrow thorax and pressing her lips to its jagged mouth, sucking down the flicking, footlong burning tongue far into her gullet.

The butt end of the sectoid's abdomen spanked her pussy hair, its hard shell barely slowed by thick curls. The turgid shaft designed for bug breeding plowed in and out of Pamela's shuddering fuck hole.

Although sectoids didn't technically ejaculate, it took some time for eggs to be pulled into its ovipositor. Her initial strokes helped to drive Lady Bug's eggs inline with the tube's entrance. Special glands expanded cyclically, shoving one egg after the other through the pumping, sex organ.

Despite fresh orgasms ripping through her senses, Pamela's consciousness drifted back into her 'self.' Her body's suffering and pleasure was more intense when seated in normal perspective of the world. She grunted and groaned from the battering her pussy was taking.

Then she felt the first of Lady's Bug's eggs work through the driving shaft penetrating and re-penetrating her climaxing sex!

The sectoid had to plunge its ovipositor as deep as possible to connect with the woman's dilated cervix. It's tough shell whacked her turgid clit harder than ever, and she howled from the intense impact! The head of its shaft gripped her inner valve before spitting an egg through its narrow entrance.

Pulling half way from Pamela's stuffed cunt, Lady Bug repeated her dance of implantation, driving her hind end down, stuffing her egg shooter fully up the woman's receiving slot. Another egg forced its way into Pamela's womb.

Sex juices seeped out around the driving ovipositor. Pamela began humping her hips against Lady Bug's down strokes, wanting to feel the next egg slide through and punch up her cervix! Each implantation drew a powerful orgasm from the orgasm riddled woman.

Goaded by insatiable lust, Pamela reached forward and grasp the pumping abdomen's shell. She felt its wings twitch within, unexpectedly blocked from spreading. Unknowingly, the sex crazed woman essentially captured the nightmare insect. She tugged and pushed it with all of her strength wanting to drive its thick fuck strokes faster and faster out of her insatiable cunt!

Pamela's chest nearly stopped breathing. Her prolonged deep/swift huffs and puffs had driven her body close to hypoxia. She would have fainted if her lungs hadn't taken drastic measure. The world seemed to pause while she struggled to get her next breath. She didn't need it, but natural instincts are unreasonable on purpose.

Another egg crammed through her dilated cervix.

Another orgasm rocked her senses.

She fell back, hands releasing the bug from the abuse she had given selfishly for even greater pleasure. Pamela waited for the world to end.

The fucking sectoid halted. It had been knocked out of context of the action it had been performing, by the hands which gripped it and forced it to copulate harder with the woman. Upon being released, Lady Bug had to 'reboot' her thought processes, but she quickly established that she was not actually in danger, and her precious cargo could, probably, continue to be safely delivered.

Lady Bug's hind end rose up and slammed back down, smacking Pamela's crotch and spearing its turgid shaft deep, to fire another egg far up the woman's cunt.

"Nngh." The woman grunted and marveled at the sensation of each egg pushing into her womb with each slap Lady Bug's shell.

More than two dozen implantations packed her womb when Lady Bug sensed her victim had reached its limit.

The incredible number of orgasms which Pamela had experienced, had depleted her brain's store of dopamine and serotonin. Her reverie quickly faded, to be replaced by a splitting headache, but before the aftermath caught up with excessive pleasure, Lady Bug pulled her ovipositor out of Pamela's cunt and reeled it back inside of her abdomen.

The sexed-out woman panted and waited to see what her sectoid lover would do next.

Lady Bug straightened her legs, but instead of flying away, it turned and crawled over the side of the bed. Then it crept under the mattresses and jammed itself up between the box springs.

Pamela touched her impregnated abdomen. She felt the rubbery pebbles stuffing her womb. Their tightness annoyed her, but when her head began to ache, the eggs maturing in her body were the last thing she worried about.

The incredible 'hangover' lasted while she desperately swallowed pain killers and searched for a better solution online. She called a local market and paid dearly for food and supplements which would help her brain to restock its essential, narcotic neurotransmitters.

Her head continued to throb when Adeline returned from work, but the ache had decreased noticeably.

"How was your day, Momma?"

"Draining." The mother groaned.

Epilogue (chapter)

"Momma, can I play with Lady Bug?"

Pamela had set stringent rules, for herself and her daughter. Above all, each had to maintain top cleanliness. If there was any itching or redness, they had to wait.

Lady Bug didn't seem to care how much timed passed between opportunities to implant the hundreds of fertilized eggs its body nurtured. Yet there had to be a limit. Its reserves of calories and nutrients, derived solely from human milk, could only last so long. The huge, final form of a sectoid, didn't consume anything.

She moved slowly unless frightened, and hid motionlessly until the scent of a highly aroused woman summoned her. Sectoids were incredibly efficient that way.

By Pamela's estimate, Bright Eyes had lived for nearly two months while implanting eggs in her innocent daughter's vagina. Adeline had confessed to 'playing' with her wonderful pet as often as twice a day, but every other day was more common.

The mother's strict guidelines prevented them from mating with Lady Bug no more frequently than twice a week. Pamela warned her daughter though, that Lady probably wouldn't survive into the next year. The adult child had cried but was glad that it would live three times as long as Bright Eyes. Adeline still wept for her first sex partner, from time to time. Yet she had adjusted to enjoying Lady Bug's attentions.

"Did you take your supplements today?"

"I did." Adeline was tired of being asked that, as well as if she had washed or had used enough ointment. All the rules made playing less fun, but she forgot the hassle when Lady Bug crept into her room and crawled on her bed.

Pamela never fully forgave Lady Bug. She understood that she had enabled a creature of pure programming to execute its evolved mating cycle. There had been no malice in the creature. Yet her soul suffered each time she drew the huge creature to her bed. A war between torment and desire waged during those minutes. She easily defended her surrender to Lady Bug's erotic horror, however. The sectoid could be thought of as an evolved version of her vibrator. It had its dangers, but the species depended on women like her who got excited by its twisted, evolutionary contract. By that contract, the species wouldn't directly harm humans.

On a different day, Adeline came to her. "Momma, I saw two bugs kissing with their butts." She giggled having dared to say the last word.

The scores of larvae and eggs the women spilled red from their wombs, would have infested their home if Pamela didn't take the menstruation receptacle to the apartment's bin after their periods. Adeline had seen the mated pair near the garbage area.

She pouted. "But a mean opossum ran out and ate one!"

"The opossum wants to live too."

"I don't care."

What she did care greatly about was when her mother brought home a sectoid in its computer mouse size stage. "Oooo, it's cute!" The adult child delighted. Pamela refrained from rolling her eyes. A cockroach was a cockroach by any name, according to her sensibilities.

She had saved the ugly insect from rats and other critters vying for each scuttling treat which thrived on the garbage bins. That day, Pamela appointed herself Keeper of Sectoids. She realized that the current swarm was depleting rapidly into the stomachs of feral, urban predators.

Pamela scouted ten locations, each at least two blocks away from any other, which had sufficient refuse to harbor hungry sectoids. She lugged their stainless steel bucket of larvae and grubs to the first of their new habitats. She would continue to populate that location until the local pests discovered the yummy morsels and begin to deplete them. Then she would stock the next location and the next, hoping that the hungry predators would eventually forget the locations they had eradicated. And she could circle around to the first one.

That circle of plenty and lean would take many, many months to navigate. In the meantime, Pamela's home would never lack the incredible sexual experience of mating with a sectoid.

There was also the remote possibility that one or more women in the neighborhood would find themselves transfixed by the weirdly evolved insects and be receptive to their unique attentions...


"Homeless Scientist Get's Rich Selling Folk Aphrodisiacs" The clickbait title grabbed Pamela's attention. She read with great amusement, the brief article.

"Dr. Jurgen Cambria, once a chemical engineer during the second Iraqi war, was summarily banished from the scientific community after smuggling invasive creatures into North America. He lived homeless for several years before establishing a small business that made suspicious, perfume aphrodisiacs. The fallen charlatan's business has, to date, a valuation of several million dollars."


Adeline's shouts and cries fell on pleased ears. Mother and daughter now lived with doors always open - for added safety. The daughter, upon returning from her job, undressed in her bedroom and began masturbating. Not long there after, Lady Bug crept slowly to the young woman's room. She was moving slower than usual but would likely survive another week or two to serve both women's rapacious desires.

Pamela lay on her bed, diddling her pussy, while Screwball was latched to her milk engorged breast and sucking the nutrition through it's needle like proboscis. The aroused woman shivered from the painful grasp of Screwball's mandibles. Her orgasms with the next-to-last stage of a sectoid, weren't nearly as strong or prolonged, but she preferred them to the overwhelming and draining experience of being fucked by and implanted with Lady Bug's ovipositor.

Her daughter had the opposite preference but was happy to share Lady Bug's and Screwball's attentions, even though her mother's strict rules prevented the young woman from enjoying bug sex as often as she wanted. She gladly accepted Screwball's efforts when she couldn't mate with the larger sectoid. Her mother's rules concerning the baseball sized insect were less strict.

The iron clad rule was the adult child was banned from bug sex when her mother was not present.

All too soon, Pamela had to make her way, from bus to bus, until she walked up to the nightclub's entrance. "Good evening, Michael." She greeted the bouncer with a bright smile."

"It's nice to see you in good spirits, Pamela. The boss says he wants to clone you because the other hostesses lack your sparkle."

"Why thank you for the complement, Michael!" The sexually satisfied woman gushed. "I'm sure Mr. Sykes considers you equally indispensable."

"Yeah, he's a decent dude. I also think you're something special." The handsome black man's eyes glittered. "Maybe after work I could drive you to my place, just for a drink and-" He interrupted himself. "I would totally respect your responsibilities at home." He assured Pamela.

"Aww, that's very sweet, Michael." She shook her head slightly and walked past.

He doubled down. "You know what they say, 'Black for a night - Back every night.'" The man's grin was brilliant with teeth.

"I'm sorry, Mike. That's just not nasty enough for me."

The End


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