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Margey & Steve
Margey Household Book 5

Themes: ws, light scat, mast, lez

Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-4) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.










1) Some more of Mary's secrets Part 1

by StackofBooks

(555 words)

Tip: Read from Book 1 Chapter 1 so you know the characters and situations

I had been curious about Mary's prior knowledge of peeing and men ejaculating for quite a while, so I got my spy Franny to give her a good grilling with a strong white light in her face. Like Blackadder did in WWI.

Hah! Not actually like that all. The girls used to play in the gardens of her mother Emily's big house. It wasn't really a stately home, but almost as grand as one. It used to have an enormous amount of workers, but now sadly just a skeleton staff. And the main example of a walking sack of bones who fitted that de***********ion was Charlie. He was estimated by Sotheby's to be in the region of 130 to 189.5 years old. He pottered around the potting shed, and threw a few stones out of the glass house every now and again.

But he had a liking for a cup of tea, and his kettle and teapot were almost constantly on the go. On her own, before she met Franny, Mary would observe him from behind walls and hedges and copses.

After drinking his numerous cuppas (tea has a diuretic effect), he shuffled off to his favourite corner to relieve himself. Mary knew a great vantage point to observe, and saw a very long but quite thin penis pulled out of his work trousers and expel his urine. A long flow, up to almost 2 minutes sometimes. A good shaking was needed and her tummy flipped at the pleasant thought of doing that for him. After he left, she bided her time, and squatted down in that same spot and did one of her famous long and thick poops. 

Next day, Charlie saw it and wondered what kind of animal had left it. He widdled over it.

The next week, Mary found him in the greenhouse and asked if she could help with anything. They both sat down on stools and she occasionally flashed her white knickers. It was warm so she took her jumper off but her T-shirt rode up temporarily revealing her bra.

She innocently asked Charlie about the facts of life, and he told her that boys and girls are different. Like when they pee. She asked for a demonstration, and he pulled out his long tube and sprayed 3 cups of used and kidney-filtered tea into the adjacent flower bed. She squatted down, pulled her knickers to one side, and power pissed an equivalent volume in the same area.

A few days later, she pulled his dick out and held it and sprayed it around. She asked him to take her knickers completely off, sat on the edge of the table, pulled apart her lips for him to see and gave a great show. As a final gift, she faced away from him, squatted on the ground, lifted up her skirt and pushed out a 10incher shit log from her arse and he finally realised what 'animal' it was.

She was sad to learn he died not long after, and hoped she hadn't caused the heart attack  At least he had some nice visual memories to take to heaven with him.

He was unfortunately never replaced by another gardener.

He was actually 77, so yah-boo-sucks to Sotheby's for getting it wrong.

2) Sally meets two girls outside

by StackofBooks

(850 words)

Sally and her dad were in the shower. He was peeing on her now exceptionally almost fully-grown tits, then directing the stream to her pussy which she was holding open and exposing her special button as it poked out of its hood. Sally was happy. She didn't feel pressured or cajoled and understood she could stop these activities any time without fear of punishment or retribution. 

The family were originally from a country called The Ivory Coast in Africa. Their skin was almost jet black. 

She felt very lucky and extremely blessed. She ate good food, went to a nice school, had lovely friends (esp Andrea & Kim), wore beautiful clothes, had all the toys and books she wanted. And loved sewing and dressmaking.

Her dad lay down backwards and she peed over his chest and penis. Then took the shower gel and hose and gently washed him clean again.

Over breakfast, they took on more fluids, and soon headed out to the park. It was a lovely spring day.

Presently they met two old ladies in black doing their perambulations. (Truth is, they were now 'regular customers' who had a fascination for black dongs, having lived out in Africa in their early days.)

Sally stopped them and gave the usual spiel: Hallo, I'm Sally and this is my daddy, and he's got something nice to show you."

She unzipped him and brought out a 10-inch very smooth and dark hose pipe with a mushroom head. Both grannies had seen plenty of those and had much experience. Lily pretended to be shocked, but was actually excited. Edna asked to see it pee. John obliged, and both ladies shook the shaft around to spray the liquid. Lily asked Sally to masturbate it, and they both held out a hand to receive a dose of cum, and sucked it into their mouths, feeding and snowballing each other. They bent down to kiss the tip and Sally put it away. They knew they would meet each other again soon, maybe to see the ladies pee. Sally wanted to find out if they would drink hers.

Sally chose a young man sitting on a bench. John stood off to the side as Sally whispered to him and pulled him into the bushes. Released his cock, 6 inches, thick and very veiny. He was instantly erect. Sally rubbed and sucked and he produced a full but quite salty load which she took down in one. She kissed him, and gave some back. She was always amused by guy's different reactions when doing this. She knew this one had tasted his own before as he didn't flinch. She asked him his name: Ryan, and told him hers.

She lifted her skirt high to show him her knickerless charms and get him ready for action again. She peed for him, splattering it on the ground. He started masturbating into her pretty face, and unleashed more cum juice. She gave it all back to him. He hugged her and left.

She took her dad down by the riverbank where she (but not her dad) knew her friends would be. John did a double take as he thought he recognised one (Kim, 22 years old) from last week here in this park. Only when she spoke did he know the other one was Andrea (Ben's mother). "Thank you John for helping me to improve my appearance and boost my confidence. This is my girlfriend Kim and we live together where you know Sally does her sewing. Sally, take his cock out and we'll give him a little show here, and then the main course will be back at the house."

The girls had on short tartan skirts which they removed, as well as matching white knickers which showed their lovely shaven clefts. They were pulled off too. One girl lay on her back, and the other rested on her thighs and pissed onto her cunt. Sally directed her dad's yellow stuff onto it, and Sally joined with her stream too. The girls swapped over and the sequence was repeated. John took his own penis and widdled into their mouths. Then Sal spread her cunt lips and gave them all she had.

They walked back to the house to rest and rehydrate. When John nodded he was ready, they all went into the bathroom, undressed and stepped into the tub. Sally lubricated her dad, and he slipped into Kim's rectum to the hilt. And peed. He withdrew and Sal inserted a butt plug. He then put his golden nectar into Andrea's cunt from behind. Withdrew and plug inserted. Sal lay down underneath the two women and on the count of 3, the stoppers were released and she was covered in it all!!

As a finale, all 3 girls pooped into the tub one by one and the turds were put on a paper plate for Suze, Beth and Arnold to look at when they came next. John wanked and sprayed his spunk on them, like decorating a cake with frosting.

3) Some more of Mary's secrets Part 2

by StackofBooks

(876 words)

Franny, Emily and I (Steve) were lounging about in the hot tub one day, and as a special treat had a Breezer each, as I wanted to try to loosen Mary's tongue a bit more. It was obvious when I first met her that she was knowledgable about people peeing, and comfortable with men ejaculating. She told me some more episodes.

Emily, Mary's mum, needed some plumbing and electrical work doing in the big house.

So she called in a local tradesman, a middle-aged guy called Rick, and his young 18 year old apprentice, Paul. 

Emily explained what she needed doing and they agreed a price. She then left them to get on with it, occasionally bringing them cups of tea and biscuits.

Mary was observing all this from a distance and decided to have some fun as she was becoming a bit of an exhibitionist (like her mum), and she really fancied Paul.

Later on that morning, the guys were laying some cables in the hallway, and two doors down was the toilet room. Emily went in but didn't shut the door fully. They heard some rustlings of clothes, then a sigh as she sat down. Her pissing started up with a loud hissing sound - so musical. (She was famous for it in school.) When the long recital had stopped, she plopped two turds into the water. 

The two guys had heard it all and were very turned on. She came out and smiled at them.

Next day, they were fitting a new sink in the bathroom and Mary was idly chatting to them and getting to know them. Don't mind me, she said, and went over to the WC in the corner. Pulled down her knickers, lifted up her skirt, spread her legs and sat down, and the pee came out. No hissing sound like her mum, but the liquid falling into the water was nice. She beckoned them closer to see more, then gave each a piece of TP to dry her off after the last drops had left her.

They thought the show was over, but she took off her skirt, squatted on the seat facing away from them. She pushed and grunted a few times, her anal sphincter opened, and a 25cm long slightly gnarly log came out and fell into the water. They helped wipe her and she turned around again.

She reached into Rick's fly and pulled out a solid veiny 6-incher, and rubbed it till it was hard. Then Paul's younger todger was extracted, only about 4 inches, but quite thick and very white and smooth. She brought him to the point of orgasm. Mary took Rick's hand, put it on the boy's prick, covered it with her own hand, and rubbed up and down till he spurted into her mouth, and loved his taste.

She pulled her T-shirt off revealing her young braless breasts and put Paul's hand on his boss' penis, and used her hand to encourage him to masturbate it. It wasn't long before Rick sent 4-5 big squirts of his creamy baby juice onto her chest and over her cherry nipples. She used her fingers to scoop up the jism into her mouth.

The next day, she knelt in the shower tray, while they sprayed their pee over her T-shirt clad upper torso like in those contests you see. Her young nipples stood out behind the fabric. Without any prompting from her, they took turns wanking each other off and ejaculated onto the cotton. Later on, she dried out that shirt without washing it first, and kept it under her pillow, and at nights while jilling herself hugged it and sniffed the spunk and urine stains.

Emily came in wearing her one piece swimsuit as she'd been in the pool earlier. She took her place in the shower tray, took off the suit revealing big mammaries and sticking out brown nipples. Her bush was very overgrown, and she repeated her hissing performance of yesterday, this time with visuals.

The boys took turns peeing hard onto her clit. Mary put her fingers into her mother's pussy and brought her to orgasm a few times. She allowed the guys to sniff her hand so they had an aroma memory of that musical cunt.

Back to the present: Mary finished her narration as we continued to lounge in the tub. Both girls each gave me a short pee drink (I kissed their cooties to say thank you), and expelled the rest into the garden, holding each other's lips open to get maximum distance. They noticed my dick was hard as steel by now, so two pairs of hands rubbed my shaft up and down. Both teen mouths licked and sucked my glans, occasionally putting a tongue tip into the peehole. Soon my balls were boiling and cum filled their facial orifices. 

They did their Fireman Sam impression as I voided my bladder onto the grass below. It amused them to squeeze the shaft and stop/start the flow. A few sips were taken of the stream, and a kiss from each on the tip concluded the afternoon's business.

4) Sally invites the two ladies home

by StackofBooks

(1017 words)

In the park, with her dad standing guard, Sally found another cutie boy called Steven. She pulled him into the undergrowth and laid him on his back. She asked him if she minded if her dad watched and he said OK.

She pulled his shorts and undies down and off. He had a flaccid circumcised prick, almost as long as John's. Sally got to work on it, and asked him to undo her blouse to expose her big boobs with dark areolae and long nipples to excite him more. Every so often her short pleated skirt rode up showing her white knickers. He asked permission to take them off and he took them home with him as a memento of the day. Now he could get glimpses of her pussy between those dark brown legs.

He was now fully erect and breathing deeply. Sally liked him a lot and did something she'd never done before. She warned him not to come without telling her, and straddled him, then rubbed his long hard shaft over her pussy and clit bump. She had her first small orgasm has a result.

On questioning, he told her he was bi-curious and especially had a thing for black men. So she undid her dad's fly and took him out and rubbed it till erect. Steven also gave it a few strokes. John changed positions with Sally and she put both pricks next to each other (one was therefore upside down compared to the other) and frotted them for a while, using saliva as a lubricant.

John stepped away but gave his member a few strokes every now and again. Sally used her mouth on Steven to bring him to the boil. Steven could bend his head forward to take his cockhead into his mouth, and Sally increased the rubbing up and down until he exploded. She asked him to give her some ejaculate which was quite sweet tasting. She swallowed, and asked for some more, and gave it to her dad. He wasn't gay, but was up for trying new things.

As a final thank you, Sally peed a little onto her knickers as an aide-memoire, and he kept them in his bedside cabinet for when he wanked himself to sleep at nights, thinking about John's cock. He resolved to try and find a black one, not caring if it was long. Just had to be black, but maybe with a foreskin.

Lily and Edna were again cruising, and for the sake of pretences, the young black girl had the same opening lines. "Hello, I'm Sally and this is my dad John. If you're up for some games today, we'd like to invite you back to our place as the park is not private enough for our ideas."

It was actually Andrea's place. She and Kim were out (as planned) and Molly and Ben had moved out as they had their own place now, but were still not married.

Sally let them all in, and they went to the bedroom. The two ladies undressed each other. Their bodies were not too bad - a bit wrinkly, and their tits were slightly droopy, but still quite full. Edna had very suckable long protruding nipples. And their pussies were shaven and magnificent. The ladies had both been out in Mali together in their 20s (where they met). Both had been married but were now widows, and become close intimate friends. They put on a bit of a show for their black friends now, kissing and hugging, squeezing each other's nipples and breasts, and inserting fingers into their own and their friend's cunt. They allowed Sal and her dad to savour and enjoy the aroma on their digits

As the bed had a waterproof covering underneath, Sally climbed up and squatted over Edna's face and gave her 100ml of pee drink. Then did the same for Lily. They both liked looking closely at her pussy, as they had had similar encounters with Mali girls, and also boys, from 5 to 15. 

The ladies undressed their hosts, and the four swapped places on the bed. Lily and Edna were also able to provide some golden nectar to them. John was especially fascinated by looking into their pussies, as he'd had no experience of white women, and spent at least 5 minutes peering into each, probing with his fingers. He rubbed their clits and was surprised they responded with an orgasm.

They turned their attention to John's massive dick and spent a while caressing and rubbing it. Lily declared that she wanted to try what she'd experienced in Mali many times: a black dick in her quim.

She lay back on the bed with her legs dangling over the side, wide apart. Sally prepared her with liberal amounts of KY, sticking her fingers and even her fist up it. That elicited another orgasm, and even Sal had one, even though no-one was stimulating her. John approached and put his glans up against her entrance but only managed 4cm penetration before Lily had to say no more. Edna, wanting to outdo her friend, also got into position, and Sally fisted her even higher which had her squealing in ecstasy. But John's penetration was still only 4cm. 

(Sally had an idea of maybe finding a teen boy in the park with a smaller tool and finding out if he was interested in fucking these old ladies.)

Disappointed, but not unduly so, the old ones settled for Sally wanking her dad on them, spraying over both their chests while each rubbed their clits. Sally was surprised that elderly people could still enjoy these sexual highs at that age, and fervently hoped she would be able to also be like that in her old age.

They each hoovered up the spunk on their friend's boobies with their mouths. Moving to the bath tub, Sally and John washed them off with the rest of their pee. They swapped places, Edna used her fingers to open Lily's pussy to piss, then vice-versa.

5) Mali

by StackofBooks

(1346 words)

Another time, while sitting on a bench and chatting with them in park, Sally found out more about their time in Mali. Lily was a young unmarried school teacher. She soon realised their cultural practices were different from what she was used to in her home country. Their 'rules' for bodily functions were more lax too.

She taught them various subjects in the best way she could, with limited materials and resources. With the older group she tried to teach them human biology, with an emphasis on sex education as teenage pregnancy, and a high birth rate in general, were big problems there.

In describing the penis, she drew it on the blackboard with chalk and labelled the parts. But it seemed totally inadequate. Then she did something daring. She asked Tommy to come to the front and pull down his shorts. He was flaccid and circumcised, and she explained in more detail: scrotum, testicles, shaft, glans, peehole. As she handled him he was becoming erect, so she went on to talk about ejaculation, orgasms and making babies. She herself had never wanked a male before, but did so now and he came into a clean glass she had ready. She told the girls they could smell and taste it (could not get pregnant like that) but after touching the semen they must not put their fingers near their pussies without washing them thoroughly first.

Another boy called Hank had a penis with a foreskin and she pulled it back to reveal the pink glans, and told the boys who had one like that to clean behind it regularly every day. She demonstrated with soap and water which got him hard. He was about 15cm long and she orgasmed him into another glass. 

The rest of the boys all wanted to spunk so the girls got a good show of a range of willies as they jismed into a towel.

Next was female anatomy. She drew on the board but it wasn't very clear, so she asked for a volunteer. Monica with dreads in her hair came forward, took off her dress and knickers and sat on the table. Her black breasts were still only just beginning but her nipples of a slightly different colour were quite pronounced. She tweaked them now and they stood to attention.

It was Lily's first time for her to see another girl's pussy, black or white, but she described the parts they saw: outer labia, inner labia, and by gently opening her up with her fingers was able to show the clit, clitoral hood, urethra (pee hole) and vaginal opening. She inserted an experimental finger into it and the girl smiled. The teacher asked if she masturbated and she nodded, and preceded to demonstrate, rubbing her clit with two fingers either side of it (the KitKat shuffle) and putting a finger from the other hand in her pussy hole. She shivered as she came, spurting out a bit of liquid.

Some of the other girls, but not all, wanted to show themselves, and everyone in the class could observe similarities and differences. Colleen managed to squirt about a metre, some of which Tommy caught in his mouth.

All the students asked her to show as well as they had never seen a white pussy. Reluctantly she took off her skirt and knickers and gave the boys a quick look at her large bare breasts, which she noticed some of them had been ogling in previous lessons.

She only had a minimum of soft pubic hair, and everyone was allowed to examine, smell, lick, insert tongue and fingers into her pussy. She gave a long show of jilling herself, coming several times, almost forgetting she was in a classroom, and for the first time in her life ejaculated. Colleen was the receiver, and Lily wondered if she was gay.

She so wanted to do other things, but her family's Puritan attitudes held her back.

Edna however had no such hang-ups. A few months later, Lily became ill with a fever (although not serious or life-threatening), and Edna was drafted in from a nearby town. They knew each other as they had done some teacher training together.

After checking in on her friend, she went to the school to take over from her.

With the class she got bolder. She knew Lily had given her explicit sex education classes and it turned her on so much. So she pretended to the class that she still had to do these lessons with them. Of course, none of the pupils tried to put her right.

First rule was everyone (including the teacher) had to be naked. Second, no-one must do anything to anyone else if they said no.

So the lessons proceeded along similar lines as before. All the girls took turns wanking the boys onto towels. Every day they took a different partner. Third rule: after each ejaculation the girls had to wash their hands carefully with soap and water in the corner sink, and dry with a towel.

Next the girls had some masturbating sessions. Hands and digits were cleaned first, and in pairs the girls pleasured each other with mouths, tongues and fingers, even fists in some cases. The boys looked on and rubbed themselves, being careful and turning around when they come. (In that case, unattached girls might take their spunk into their mouths and swallowed. They loved the taste.)

Edna also gave a demonstration and as she knew she was a squirter at orgasm, she asked Colleen to collect it and she shared it with some of the others. Edna wondered too if she was gay.

At breaktime, everyone enjoyed peeing and being watched peeing, with the girls experiencing holding a flowing dick for the first time. Even some of boys enjoyed holding their friend's willy for urination. Edna especially made it a point to leave no-one out and attended each lad at least once a day.

The girls would climb on the wall and spread their black lips and show their pinkness inside before letting fly. As Edna had especially long and large labia, she was in high demand. Sometimes she pulled the flaps wide apart.

There were some normal flush toilets inside for the older ones to use and some pupils used those for private bodily functions. But most were happy to use the trough.

A special lesson was about menstruation. Edna plucked up the courage and went first. On the first day of her period, she showed every one her panty pad. Although she never usually used them herself, she demonstrated how to insert a tampon, and when it was bloody a few hours later took it out. Every day she changed pad for them until her flow stopped.

This encouraged the other girls, and they all had no shame when their periods started. Colleen had quite heavy flows and had to change every couple of hours. (Some of the boys were happy to clean her up and put a new pad in her knickers. Their reward was a short pee drink from her.) Unfortunately, Edna did not have enough medical knowledge and couldn't explain why that was. 

Back on the park bench, Sally also established from these talks that both Edna and Lily had male black servants, some with huge appendages, and often took them inside their cunts. That's what they were trying to achieve all those years later in Andrea's bedroom with John. They both had good memories of sucking their servants until they got their semen cream in their mouth.

As Edna was openly bisexual, she told of a 19 year old black housemaid who would wake her up every morning with kisses on her pussy. She had large voluptuous breasts which she would mash against Edna's. They 69ed, first with mouth and tongue then with fists. As an encore, they would take turns sitting on each other's laps and pee on each other on the toilet. My, that girl had a huge bladder capacity!!, Edna recalled.

6) Chris and the ladies

by StackofBooks

(845 words)

One day, Sally got bold and went to the park without her dad. (He was busy doing something else.)

She had on loose shorts without knickers and a nice big T-shirt with no bra. Her big tits and nipples were pushing through the material.

First, she found her boy. His name was Chris, 18, a nice body and blond hair. She chatted with him to find out more about him, and asked him to show her his penis. It was a nice 5 inches, not too fat, with foreskin. Sally told him she was too young to have sex but was willing to show him her body (boobs and pussy) and maybe pee and poop for him if he liked those things. He nodded. She enquired if he liked older women and he said he was currently having sex with his middle aged auntie. (I'd quite like to see that, she thought.) He said he also had had a few encounters with a sexy elderly lady who lived down the street when he went to help her move some furniture one time.

Would you like to meet two granny friends I know, and then come back to my house and have some fun? She showed him a boob and a bit of pussy through the leg of her shorts as encouragement, and could see he was very hard.

Instead of their usual dowdy black, the two spinsters were today wearing light flowery summer dresses with sexy underwear.

Like always, Sally's opening line as if they were meeting for the first time was something like: Hallo, this is my friend Chris, and he loves beautiful women like you. Would you like to come back to my house for some fun and games with him? They nodded, and kissed him passionately. Lily even had the audacity to put her hand on his package and check him out.

Back at the house (Andrea's), they all went in the small shower two by two, and washed each other down. Sally saw that his penis was very nice when erect.

Chris climbed on the bed, and all the females gave him a nice pee drink. Like John, he loved examining the ladies pussies and spent a long time on it. Sally was too young to open up, but he'd never seen a pre-teen vag before and was fascinated by her hairless slit and clit bump. He took care to massage her black boobs and tweaked her nipples to give her an orgasm. She had such a fresh and delicious pussy smell. 

He asked for another drink from everyone, and spent another period with Edna & Lily's quims.

Then the 3 females gave each other drinks as he watched carefully. They all licked and sucked the others clitorises.

All attention was now put on his cock which hadn't deflated since the park. To have 3 lovely women attend to your penis is an experience every man deserves. There should be help centres in every town and city to facilitate this. Free of charge, of course.

Lily wanted to fuck him first. She pulled him on to her in the missionary position after Sally had lubed him up. He went in easily to the hilt, and pistoned away for 10-15mins, and she said she could feel the pulses of spunk hit the sides of her womb. She orgasmed many times. 

After a short recovery period for him (isn't youth wonderful?), Edna sucked him off to full hardness and took him into her cunt. Halfway through, she turned over and he did her doggy style, her first time ever. His spurts were also felt by her, and she squealed her orgasm as Lily put her pre-lubed finger up her arse at the appropriate time.

Sally cleaned them both out, and gave most of it to Chris who said he had never tasted himself before.

Chris was still hard as steel, so Sally had another brainwave of something she'd never done before and surprised herself with it. She asked Chris to fuck her up the arse. The ladies prepped her and him with KY, and he pushed in gently until he got to the hilt, holding on to her tits and pinching the nipples. She was so tight he could only manage a few strokes before exploding. She told him to stay put for a few minutes and he then understood what she wanted. He peed up there and everyone could hear it. Some heavy bath towels were brought and he withdrew and the whole wet mixture fell on to them. Lily and Edna cleaned Sally's arsehole up with their tongues.

As a final encore, they adjourned to the shower. It was too small for all of them, but with one person inside and the door wide open, the three outside could empty their bladders on their victim.

Chris decided he really liked seeing old ladies pee. Even more, teens and pre-teens doing the same, and he privately asked Sally if she could arrange that.

7) Special pee break

by StackofBooks

(655 words)

Sally asked Andrea if Chris could come round one Saturday for pee break.

Franny and Mary were also there, along with Ruth and Richard, twins from her class.

While the students were sewing, the others were in the garden chatting. Franny fell for Chris almost immediately and knew he was The One. He likewise, although neither of them voiced it out loud.

Richard and Ruth confessed openly they had been peeing in front of and onto and into all their sibling's orifices for years. With Ruth on the pill, they'd also been fucking for the last year.

Franny and Mary bemoaned the fact that they had no male siblings to take advantage of in that way. (Mary was an only child)

First event on the menu at breaktime was Sally doing her big poop for everyone to watch.

Next Arnold chose someone to receive his emission and Chris was the man. The little boy was now 15cm long and it was a lot fatter, still with that red glans. He stepped up to Chris and asked him to masturbate him. Chris had never held another's dick before and started moving the shaft up and down. He put the whole thing in his mouth and enjoyed it tremendously, although he didn't think he would. He took just the tip as Arnold took over, and opened his mouth so all around could see a fairly large amount of opaque white spunk land on his tongue. The taste was delicious, and he shared it with Franny in a very long kiss, with hooting and catcalls.

Logistically, it was easiest for the girls to give pee drinks first as everyone had to lie down for it. Although Andrea and Kim really wanted to take part, they didn't, as it was just for the young ones.

Chris especially liked seeing Sally's young pussy again, and Beth and Suze's nectar was so nice. He spread each of their pussies and licked their insides and clits. Suze held on to his head as she orgasmed violently.

Franny knew this was going to be the first of many and said: Darling, would you like ice and soda with this?

The girls sat upright on the floor to take the boys' drinks. Chris said to Franny: Darling, this is for you, think of me always, and squirted 50ml of his best into her throat. Richard's pee was liked by all as it was light and sweet.

Ruth was daring, and took off her top to reveal a pair of very pert grapefruit boobs, with the dark nipples pointing up. She asked some of the boys to squirt some pee onto them and massaged it in.

Suze saw that and did the same, but because she was younger, they were only half that size.

Pee break over, all except the sewers drifted home. But Andrea whispered in Chris' ear to stay behind as she and Kim had a special assignment for him. Dressmaking club finished and all were picked up.

Andrea and Kim said to him: Look, we're really lesbians, but every so often we find someone like you who makes us bisexual. Come upstairs with us and watch us fuck each other's cunts and bumholes with a strap-on. Then we'll do you up your back passage, and finally you can penetrate us in both places with that magnificent tool you have. If you want pee and shit games, that can be arranged.

Oh, and by the way, we know you and Franny have the hots for each other. You can have her. She's a good catch and you are for her. 

She told him what her son Ben had told Steve in order to secure Molly as his, and advised him to think of something similar to tell him and her mum Margey.

Come on boy, let's get going. And 3 hours later, all that had been promised was achieved.

8) Fucking a granny (and an auntie)

by StackofBooks

(2756 words)

Chris knew about the little old lady a few doors along called Mrs Iverson. His mother called in there often to check up on her, and he'd mown her front lawn a couple of times for extra pocket money (from his mum).

She asked him to pop in there on Saturday as she had some new (well, second hand) furniture coming from the charity shop, and she obviously couldn't do it on her own

So he toddled along and she let him in. Apart from being a bit wrinkly, she was actually quite pretty and her shoulder length hair was brown (not dyed) and quite lustrous. He thought she must have been a bit of a stunner in her day, and her old photos on the mantelpiece confirmed that.

Call me Izzy, short for Isabel, she said. They chatted for a while: he telling her about school, she about her days as a professional actress. The other framed photos confirmed that and he saw a few people in them he recognised

Then the lorry turned up, and they deposited a few items on the path and drove away. They discussed where she wanted them and he got to work.

Halfway through he needed to pee and went to the WC room as he'd been in the house before so thought he didn't need to ask.

Just as he started, she came in. He wasn't sure afterwards if she was a bit senile or had done it deliberately. Or took the opportunity because he hadn't closed the door. She reached out and took his uncut 6-incher in her hands and directed the flow. She knew exactly how to squeeze and shake the last drops out, so she'd certainly done it before to someone. She didn't put it away and neither did he.

You know, I think I need to go too. Can you stay? I'd like you to.

He nodded.

Can you pull my knickers down and off? Then lift my dress.

He obliged and she put the seat down, and sat with knees together. 

Chris, part my legs if you want to see. I have a large bladder so it might take a while to all come out.

He gently widened her thighs and was surprised the smell from her nether regions was so nice. She began her flow, then parted her pussy lips for a better look. She took his hand and encouraged him to do likewise. He opened her wide until he could actually see her peehole. He dipped his fingers in stream and sucked the drops into his mouth. Then repeated and gave her some. After about 2 minutes the stream fizzled out

Oh Izzy, you taste so so nice.

Stick around today and I will have some more for you and can squat over you. Maybe even spray your willy. I'd like to try yours if you're willing. C'mon, let's finish the furniture, and I baked some coconut cake for you as your mum told me you like it.

She pulled her dress over her head, and stayed like that for the rest of the day with just her bra on. He could see her boobs were still quite full and not saggy, with large nipples pushing through the fabric.

Do your trousers up, but take your T-shirt off so I can see your muscles. And feel free to flash me your cock every now and again. I love it.

After an hour everything was done and she hugged him to say thank you. Her big encased breasts against his upper body made his dick rise up and she pressed it against her tummy.

She provided him with lots of soft drinks and she took on a lot of water. Plus the cake. She told him a few salacious stories about when she was an actress.

Chris, do you really want to continue with our games or is that enough for you? Am I too gnarly?

Oh no Izzy, I don't care what you look like, and seeing you urinate and you holding me pissing turns me on so much. I watch a lot of porn videos like that.

Then come upstairs and stand in the shower with me.

She took his hand and led him upstairs, him looking at her arse and hairy cunt between her legs.


Chris, first I'd like you to shave me down below. It's too difficult for me these days. All those who have seen it say my cunt is beautiful, and I have nice long labia that are really good for licking and chewing on. I've done that to other girls who have the same appendages and it really is great.

Sure, I'll be really careful 

So small scissors, foam and safety razors were produced and he commenced his task. She took her bra off and he just gawked at them 

Hey, you can have these later, get on with Little Miss Pussy down there. 

Yes ma'am!

Her juices were streaming and the aroma was heavenly.

He snipped and he scraped and slowly but soon a beautiful phoenix came out of the ashes. He pulled gently each labia to shave around them and was looking forward to attacking them with his tongue and teeth. She shivered a few times as if in orgasm.

She had a serene smile on her face and was breathing heavily and deeply making her tits rise up and down. She caught him looking, and wagged her finger at him.

Finally, he mopped up everything with the towel and gave her a hand mirror to examine everything.

Excellent job! Now lie back on the bed. I want you to take as much pee as possible. Don't worry, there's a waterproof sheet underneath and it's easy to put the cotton ones in the machine.

She squatted over him and allowed him to investigate her parts. There was an experimental lick of the clit and she again shuddered.

She took her own labia and pulled them apart and directed a stream into his mouth. She stopped as if she was a sommelier, and when he nodded she continued. 

I'm going to save the rest for later. Now come in the tub with me. 

They put a non-slip mat down. They had to wait a few minutes for his erection to go down before she kneeled and rolled his foreskin back slightly. She held his dick as if it was a fine piece of antique glass, and directed all the stream into her hair, mouth and breasts. Special attention given to her nipples which she pulled and squeezed and twiddled as the hot urine hit them. She sat on the side of the tub facing inwards, and by careful positioning he was able to fire at her pussy, clit and then arsehole when she turned round. She drank the rest of his pee down her throat. 

They washed each other off with the hose and dried themselves. They lay on the bed in each other's arms in companionable silence.

You know, Chris, I want you to understand that I'm not a bad person. And my pee fetish is not so weird.

Izzy, don't worry, I love it and I love you. Like I said, I watch this kind of thing on the net. And old/young granny porn too. But I'd never have dreamed of it happening to me.

Chris, would it be possible for you to make love to me? I haven't done it for a while, but I can still get my fingers up there as well my hairbrush handle. I don't have any KY, but baby oil might work.

I'd love to. On one condition. You first let me watch you masturbate with those implements, while I have a go with your boobs and nipples.

So he rubbed oil on her big mammaries while she started flicking and rubbing her clit. Her other hand fingers went into her vag hole and he could see she was well lubricated. He put some oil on the handle, and she stuffed it up her passage with moaning noises until a huge orgasm engulfed her. Chris quickly smothered his tool with oil, and entered slowly and gently into Izzy's cunt. For an old lady, it was very smooth and tight but he got all the way in. For 15 mins he pumped her and then squirted 8-9 times as she came again.

15 minutes later

Darling Chris, that was so wonderful but if you are ready to go again I'd like to have a first. Please do me up the arse. I have to be honest, it was the first image in my head when I saw you this morning. I've always said no in the past, but now is the right time. Doggy style?

So she got on her hands and knees with two pillows under her tummy. He probed her back passage with a lubricated middle finger, then two. With the hairbrush handle, she orgasmed like an earthquake. Lubed up the willy again, pulled back the foreskin and entered.

Push out like you're trying to poop, he said

Then he was past the ring of muscle, and drove in up to hilt. She started rubbing her clit, but it was so pleasurable he couldn't hold on and put in 5-6 spurts. She moaned 'oh' as she felt every one.

To be continued


This all started a long while after Izzy

Chris' mum (Pauline) was a pretty lady with a nice personality and she looked after herself. And if incest wasn't illegal, he might have tried to have intimate relations with her as there was more than a mother-son attraction. 

Go and see Auntie Debbie (her younger and unmarried sister), she moaned.

He was never sure if she'd said something to her sister like "Just get this pest out of my hair".

One day he was in the shops and he bumped into Debbie. Long blond hair, medium sized tits, great arse, lovely legs…and an almost constant smile. Nothing seemed to get her down.

He helped her put her multiple bags of shopping in the car (Why does she need so much if she lives on her own?, he thought).

"I'll need help at the other end too, to unpack" 

She was such a pleasant human being it was difficult to refuse her anything.

They did all the necessary in the kitchen, and she started unbuttoning her blouse and pulling off her skirt right there.

Jump in the shower with me, will you? I've got some new shampoo I want to try, and you're the perfect victim…er, guinea pig.

They got to the bathroom and she pulled off her bra and knickers, then started disrobing him.

Err, Auntie, is this OK?

Cut all the 'auntie' crap, you're old enough now to just call me Debbie or Debs….

Her voice trailed away as she pulled off his undies and released his 6-incher erect dick.

In a low gravelly voice: My god, you really have grown up. I used to bathe you when your Mama was out wooing that dickhead called your father. (They don't get on!!) I loved getting your little pecker hard. I even got you to pee in my mouth a few times. You don't remember? Good. They'd fucking lock me up. Not to mention extra charges of you suckling my titties.

She covered her tits up as if reliving that memory.

I did see you once when you were about 12 getting ready for the swimming pool…but now? 

C'mon Captain Jaw on the floor, get under that water. Bring that red bottle and you can wash my tits, and maybe the memories will come back to you too 

She rubbed the new shampoo into my blond curls and it smelled nice. He was racking his brains to recall the pee incident.

Hey you, get real, and wash those suds off my twin girls. Then attend to my pussy and arsehole please.

She washed him up and down, stuck a soapy finger in my arse, and lathered his wedding tackle with a lot of vigour. Then stepped out so he had to rinse myself down.

In the kitchen they both sat naked as she opened beers for both of them.

Listen Chris, I know you fancy your mum rotten. I would if I was a boy, more so if I was a lez. (I'm not and never will be btw) I haven't had sex for six months and I'd like to seduce you. Tonight. And as many times after as necessary. Whaddya say?

Err, Auntie..I mean Debbie…I mean Debs. I fancy you rotten too. I don't care what you did to me as a kid. I'll pee in your mouth again. I'll suckle your boobs. I'll fuck you in your cunt. Whatever you want. Cos I've always been in love with you.

Great! What about Spag Bol, and we'll get down to business. I'm on the Pill by the way.

Debs' Spag Bol is a thing of his dreams, not bettered by anyone in his life, before or since.

She kissed him on my still wet head.

Can you control yourself if I cook in the nuddy? Set the table, please.

Huh, I think my charms will distract you more, I retorted, as I waved my now floppy willy in front of her, helicopter style.

She hit him on the arm with a wooden spatula.

After a perfect meal with ice cream for dessert, they sat on the sofa, and she started describing parts of her sex life. Pee games featured heavily.

He asked her why she'd never settled down with anyone, and she gave the glib answer: because you weren't available. Honesty, I don't know. People tell me I'm the perfect soulmate, but…I just haven't met him.

She snivelled a bit and he comforted her.

She gave his penis a few rubs and sucks, and he stuck his finger in her pussy.

Easy, Cowboy. Lots of time. After our dinner has gone down, I've got a nice natural champagne drink for you, and I'd like to try yours. If you can stand getting in the shower again with this ugly old maid, I might even spray you from between my legs. I like a strong jet on my arsehole while I flick my bean.

Noted, ma'am.

They watched a bit of TV, and then she pulled him by the hand upstairs. She got in the tub and he stood outside.

I can't remember how old you were. 4 or 5 maybe. Perhaps I'd been drinking. I think we were bathing together. I stood you up, pointed your little cock at my face. Always fascinated by it. Still am. I tapped your body and you thought that was the signal to start urinating, into my gob. It tasted so good. I pulled your foreskin back and taught you to do the same. You loved seeing your little red knob appear. I sucked it many times, and I'm sure you had tiny orgasms. Tell me you won't report me to the police. I don't want to share a cell with a fat bitch called Bubba.

Even if you'd raped me, I wouldn't tell anyone. I just wish I was older and not blood-related to you so I could make you happy.

Fuck me good, and that bit will come true. Give me some urine, lover boy.

She held him and pulled his skin back and he let fly.

Then he got in, and she squatted over him and he saw her peehole open up and fill his mouth.

They went in the bedroom and she began to fellate him  Then he kissed all over her pubic area, and started to eat her out. He came up for air and her boobies. Remember this?, he said as he chomped on and massaged them. His cock was near her entrance so he slid in and started pumping with her having an orgasm on almost every stroke.

Normally I like a guy to come inside, but I have to taste your spunk. It's all I've been thinking about for the last few weeks.

Weeks??? Egads!!!!

She swallowed every last drop of semen.

Post coital was bliss, and they did indeed spray each other with our fluids and she really deed come like a banshee when he put the cock tip on her rear puckered entrance and fired a jet stronger than a fireman's hose.

To be continued…

9) Mary & John in the countryside

by StackofBooks

(1582 words)

At one of our home events, somehow Mary had hooked up with Sally without anyone's knowledge and found out about the park excursions she did with her dad. This had turned her on tremendously and she decided she wanted a piece of the action.

She was 18, and with her good genes was becoming a stunner. Straight blonde shoulder length hair, C-cup tits with cherry nips, nice hourglass figure, clit bump and long hairless slit (shaved or depilatory cream), cunt which opened up nicely with anyone's fingers, fantastic legs. Oh, and she liked peeing in front of others, and being peed on.

For reasons we cannot fathom, she didn't tell any of her plans to anyone, not even Franny.

Sally took her home one day to meet him, without her mother being there.

Mary immediately asked John if they could shower together and they did the same things Sally and her dad usually did (peeing on each other, etc.). Sally was happy to watch them.

She squatted on the loo backwards and dropped a long turd into it - her other talent.

They talked about various scenarios they could setup, emergency bailout signals and escape plans in case of trouble, and other things. Boundaries of what she would do/not do were established.

The first date was set up for a Saturday (Sally was at dressmaking club), and John picked her up at an unobtrusive place in a quiet part of town. Instead of the park, John decided to go out into the country where many people took their "health- giving walks".

They walked along for a while, picking out possible candidates. Their first opportunity was two men, obviously gay as they were holding hands and kissing each other now and again 

Mary had developed her spiel: "Hi, my name's Mary and this is my stepdad John. He's from Africa. He has a big penis. Would you like to see it? And I'd like to see yours if possible. 

They looked at each other for a microsecond and nodded. Their names were Graham and Eric.

We can go behind that wall, she said.

Now John wasn't gay, but he didn't mind looking at other penises.

Mary unzipped him and showed them 10 inches of veiny blackness, cut, and 5cm wide. She asked permission to take theirs out, and she had a bit of a problem as she'd never encountered button flies before. They both had smooth white 7-inchers, uncut. John started peeing on their shafts, with Mary steering. When his flow stopped, they stood either side of his willy. Mary tried to direct both flows at the tip as she knew that would excite him. She dipped her fingers into each stream and tasted the droplets. She repeated and put the urine into each of their mouths and knew they had tasted each other before. Indeed, they stopped and took a pee drink from one another. Mary asked to take all that was left in each of their bladders. She then wanked off John into their side by side open mouths. 

She wanted to wank them off simultaneously and she asked if showing her tits and pussy would help or hinder them. They were ambivalent, so she stripped off her top and skirt to show off her braless boobs and knickerless wide open cunt. In spite of their verbal response, she knew they were lying cos their dicks jumped and their eyes widened.

She took both cocks, one in each hand. Their foreskins were of different tightnesses which she hadn't really considered a factor before. 

Graham was the first to come and she directed such a huge load of come into her mouth and on her breasts. Eric came soon after with even more spunk, and she tasted that on her tongue, then pointed it at her clit and pussy, massaging some inside. (She was on the pill.)

They took interest when she peed and dipped their now soft todgers in the stream. The were happy to cup their hands in the flow and taste half a cupful. Graham even gave her mammaries a quick fondle.


They walked away and John tried to clean her up with tissues and wet wipes. She redressed and they both took on fluids to be ready for the next contestant in this game show. Come on down!!

An hour later, they came across a very stylishly dressed mother and daughter. They were very pretty. The daughter was probably the same age as Mary, and was a Mini-Me of her mum.

"Hallo, I'm Mary and this is my stepdad John. He's originally from Africa. Gosh, you both look lovely in your outfits. Listen, we like to watch people pee, especially out in the open. Would you oblige us? It's just for a bit of fun."

Jennifer the mother looked interested, but the daughter Samantha not so much.

Listen Sam, me and my best friends give each other pee drinks all the time. Like this, watch. 

John lay down on his back, Mary took off her skirt, and squatted over his mouth and gave him 20ml.

Jen, if I laid down, would you give me 50ml? Cos I'd really like to see your pussy.

The mother unbuttoned her designer jeans, and John folded them neatly and held them for her. She took off her  Victoria's Secret panties and handed them to him. He asked to keep them as a souvenir and she nodded. Mary again stripped and Jen looked lustfully at her boobs and pussy and squatted to deliver into her. It tastes delicious, not like urine at all, she declared. Her pussy had long hanging down labia which Mary had a quick suck on. 

Sam looked very uncomfortable and they thought they'd have to bail out as their rule was never to force or cajole anyone.

Jen whispered something in Mary's ear. Turns out, Sam was on her period and Mary whispered back to Sam: Don't worry, I have a solution, and told her what it was.

Sam smiled, took off her miniskirt, and gave her blue lacy panties to John, who put them in his pocket for Sally to sniff later.

Mary told John to turn round for a minute, and bent down between Sam's legs, pulled out her bloody tampon, and wrapped it in a tissue. She then cleaned her vaginal area with a wet wipe so there was no blood showing.

Even when she was standing up, Mary could see her cunt lips were longer than Jen's. What a peculiar gene to pass on! She hovered her face and Mary kissed her while sticking her middle finger in her pussy hole. She never flinched. She herself pulled her flaps aside and gave Mary the same dose. Flavour like her mum's.

Mary manoeuvred her into a tribbing position, cunts about 10cm apart. Sam and Mary pissed at each other, and Jen stood over them and added her stream.

"Please can you give John the rest of your pee? He's been such a good clothes rack, and he's never seen big-lipped pussies before."

Jen went first and he examined her cunt in great detail. He licked and chewed the big labia. Sam joined her mother and kneeled down facing her and weed for John's beverage. Sam was rubbing herself and she came violently.

They all stood up.

"Now John hasn't had any action today, but he'd like to show you something long and special."

She took him out and they both gasped at the 10 inches

He started pissing and Mary offered both of them to hold it. It was a novelty for them to feel the fluid rushing through the tube and out the mushroom head.

First Jen, then Sam, had a drink from it. The jet was then fired onto their pussies in turn and they both came. The dribbles faded.

Jen said: "John, I've never had anything in me like that. My husband is very small. (Sam looked shocked at this revelation.) Can you try from the rear to put it up me"

Luckily, we had some KY, so we lubed him and her up. She bent over forwards and put her hands on my shoulders for support. Sam was underneath watching the start of it going in. Only 7inches was possible, but it seemed to satisfy Jen. John withdrew and gave her a business card. "If you want to try again in more comfortable surroundings, call me. Bring Sam if you want, but I promise I won't interfere with her. (Unless she wants to help me pee.) A 3 course meal at a high quality hotel of your choice is part of the package, FOC. Now, can you help Mary masturbate me so I cum all over her body. You can hoover up the semen with your mouths."

Sam had the good fortune to be pumping him at the point in time when he exploded. She pointed it at my chest, but opened her mouth to get some spurts. "It tastes really nice mum. Here!" and snowballed her mother.

Everyone got dressed and both couples walked in different directions away.

On the way home, John tried to give her a bundle of cash, but she protested. Her mother was rich, Mary got a good allowance, had all the books, toys and possessions she needed/wanted (was not a materialistic person anyway).

She took it reluctantly, but gave it away to some local charity anonymously, we understand.

End of Book 5

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