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Lisa continues on her drunken journy of self hatred
Meeting Lisa E Part 4 – Passing the Baton

Lisa seemed to be addicted to the endless cycle of drunken messing up, then apologising many times over. She loved using dirty sex to make things better. That worked ok in our friendship. There were consequences for Lisa though. I never invited Lisa out on my boat on the weekend again. The few times I did take her out boating, I made sure there was only 3 bottles of wine and no strong liquor on the boat. I added a few other adventures like kayaking and motorcycle rides in the country. I made sure there was no alcohol involved until we got back to her place.

I noticed Lisa started talking about an old friend of hers Dion. They had started texting each other again. Lisa had mentioned he had a big cock like mine. She strongly emphasized she was not having sex with him, and would not. I only asked her “do you drink together”. Her answer was all I needed to know that trouble was coming.

Lisa said “He only likes bourbon and coke.”

I knew Lisa well enough to know if she was drinking with her other friend Dion, she would soon be drunk and then fucking with her friend. Lisa had a hot toned size 6 body. Men wanted to fuck her. As we were friends, Lisa could do what she wanted sexually. I just asked her for honesty. Lisa knew I had other sexual partners over our friendship. In practice I didn’t want to have sex with someone that could give me a disease.

I noticed that Lisa stopped texting me on Thursday afternoons and was often hung over on a Friday. On one visit to Lisa, she asked me to help her friend Sue with a couple of things. I agreed to help. Lisa said she would give Sue my number.

Sue was Lisa’s friend who had helped out in a couple of Lisa’s apology type sex adventures. Sue had sucked my cock pretty much every time I had seen her in those adventures. Sue was mid 50’s but could pass for 40. She was 5 foot 2 inches and 45 kilos. Sue had told me she was a size 5, between 4 and 6, whatever that meant. Sue was what you’d call a snappy dresser. She always looked hot sexy and very classy. Lisa had been there every time Sue sucked me and basically instigated it. I wanted to have a FFM threesome with Lisa and Sue, but neither would agree to it.

Sue was Lisa’s neighbour. I had noticed I’d see Sue every time I went into Lisa’s. It was like Sue was watching out for me, and wanted to wave hello and goodbye when I was out on the street where I parked. Occasionally Sue would run to my car and give me a full body hug and wet sloppy kiss on my lips as I left.

On a Wednesday around lunchtime, I got a call from a number I did not recognise. I answered the call, a female voice said “Hello Darlin, It’s Sue, I’m Lisa’s friend. Can you talk”

I replied “Hi Sue, yes I can talk, just having a break for lunch.”

Sue said “Lisa thinks you can help me with a problem I’ve got, and I’d rather talk face to face about it. Can you come and see me soon. Say tomorrow afternoon.”

I agreed and we set the time at 5pm. I let Lisa know my plans.

I parked in the usual spot that I would park when visiting Lisa. It felt funny to be walking next door to Sue’s. There was a big 4WD parked in Lisa’s drive and Lisa did not come out of her place to wave at me.

Sue was dressed up to the 9’s. She was wearing one of her classic skin tight summer dresses. Well above the knees and a nice plunging neckline showing her pert B cup tits off. I gave her the wine I had brought as a gift and some extra to drink. She accepted the wine then hugged and kissed me on my lips. My cock instantly was hard and throbbing.

We went inside and after pouring a wine each we sat on the couch. Sue was very close. Our legs touched the full length.

I said “So let’s get the problem solving out of the way. Then we can socialise.”

Sue held her glass up and said “Cheers, well my problem is I have a lady friend, that has a guy friend that I really like. He likes my friend, not me. Well, the problem is my friend is fucking another guy friend and she hasn’t told the guy I like. She’s too scared she will lose him. My problem is I feel like I am lying to the first guy if I don’t tell him. What do you suggest.”

I replied “So I’m hearing that that 4WD in Lisa’s drive is Dion and he’s in there balls deep right now?”

Sue said “Wow you catch on quick don’t you.”

I said “So what do you expect to achieve out of this?”

Sue rubbed my leg and started sliding her hand higher until she was rubbing my rapidly hardening cock. Sue said “Well Lisa and I thought that maybe I could babysit you for a few months. That is until Lisa gets sick of this other guy. I know about your arrangement, and I am happy to be the same. Just not as wild or drunk as Lisa is”.

I said “You know the relationship won’t go anywhere don’t you. I have a girlfriend. I’m in love with her. We have a girlfriend we share. She is with the girlfriend right now. I will never leave her. Do you think you can handle that?”

Sue kept rubbing my hard cock and said “Wow Lisa didn’t tell me that bit. She’s very loyal to you. What do I care. I just want some of this sugar”, Sue squeezed my cock when she said ‘Sugar’.

Sue continued “I haven’t had full sex with anyone in over 5 years, and your cock is the only cock I have had in my mouth in the same time. I want you to fuck me, full unprotected sex, cum in me, cum over me, and Lisa says you can teach me how to do anal. I’ve even practiced anal with my vibrator. You can have a test ride today if you want.”

I said “that’s all-very flattering. I think I need to hear what Lisa says.”

Sue said “She’s kind of busy right now.”

I stood up and said “She will speak to me.”

I went out the front door and over to Lisa’s house. I knocked very loudly on her front door. I knocked again after a minute then heard footsteps. Lisa answered the front door with a towel barely wrapped around her. Lisa said “Hey I’m busy let’s talk tomorrow.”

I pushed the door open and walked past her into the room. There a was very solid tall late 20’s guy in there.

I said “Guess you are Dion. Do you know who I am?”

Dion said “I suppose you are the boyfriend. She says she can do as she likes. I believed her, your argument is with her not with me.”

I said “That’s true, but I’m sick of the lying slut. I’m going to take a break until she gets some professional help.”

I turned to Lisa and said “I’m not here to fight with anyone. I’ve come to pass the baton in a manner of speaking.” I pulled out my phone and said “Dion what’s your number. You can have her, but you have to keep making her get help.”

Dion nodded and gave me his number. Lisa did her usual thing and got really angry shouting and then slapping at me. She had lost her towel and was naked. She had such a sexy hot toned body.

I grabbed both her hands and pushed her face into the wall. I slipped my hands down and felt her pussy was puffy and ridiculously dripping. I had no idea if it was cum or juice. I started pulling my shorts down. My cock was rock hard. I moved my fingers from her dripping cunt to her ass. It was dry n tight.

I asked Dion “Don’t you fuck her ass?”

Dion said “Little slut won’t let me, reserved for you or some bullshit.”

I said “Her cunt is not reserved for you.”

I lined my hard cock up at her pussy and pushed hard into her. Dion stepped over to Lisa and pulled her head by the hair until she was down at his cock. Lisa immediately started sucking him without hesitation. He roughly grabbed her head and fed his 9 inch cock into her mouth. She was trying to struggle, but soon switched to loving being fucked by two big studs. She was taking his cock from fully in to fully out in her throat, as I fucked her wet loose sloppy seconds cunt. After 2 minutes of this she started to cum and squirted a huge squirt onto the lino floor.

Dion was being pushed backwards until he bumped into a kitchen chair and he sat down. I slipped my cock out of her dripping pussy and lined up with her squirt covered anus. Lisa kept sucking his cock. I shafted her ass deeply in one go causing her to choke on Dions cock.

Lisa was coughing badly as I started fucking her tight pulsing ass hole. The power of my thrusts was forcing her forward and Dions knees were between her legs. I felt something solid hit my balls and realised it must be his cock.

One of them aligned his cock at her pussy, and suddenly her ass got a lot tighter. His cock was half in her cunt. She started to try and shout stop or something between coughs. I said “Kiss the fucking slut.” Dion kissed her and we both thrust into Lisa at the same time.

He and I both started to fuck her at the same speed and stroke, both going out together, both going in together. She was struggling in her kiss, trying to talk. He had none of that. We both kept fucking her. Suddenly I felt lips on my neck and ear. It was Sue touching and kissing me. Sue whispered in my ear “Fuck her you stud. You are mine after this last one.”

Our fucking continued until Lisa started cumming very hard. She was screaming into Dions mouth. Sue reached behind me and squeezed my balls hard sending me over the top and I pumped a big load into Lisa’s ass. The vibrations from my cock set Dion off and he started shooting into her cunt. After a 20 or so big blasts from Dion into her, Lisa lifted off his pulsing cock. He was still hard and still shooting. His cum spurts were still powerful enough to land all over Lisas’ tits.

Sue was really impressed and rubbed one cum squirt into Lisa’s tit then turned to me. Sue said “I guess that makes you mine now. I don’t do women or groups. Take me home and fuck me you stud.

Dion and I slapped hands above his head and I started walking out. At the door I turned and said “Take care of her please.”

Sue and I watched as Dion bent Lisa over the chair, and as he fed his big cock into her little ass, three big drips of cum fell off her pert B cup tits.

Sue said to me “Please take me home and do that to me.”

Sue was almost running to her house, dragging me by the hand. I was glad I’d managed to get my shorts back up. Sue pulled her front door open and pulled me inside, slamming and locking the door behind us. She immediately pulled her tight-fitting summer dress over her head. I’d never seen Sue wear a bra, or knickers in the half dozen times I’d seen her strip like this.

Sue dropped to her knees in front of me, and I said “Stop, let me go wash.” Sue’s answer was muffled by my cock going into her mouth. Here she was sucking my cock that had just been in her friend’s ass. Lisa was always clean so I happily pushed my cock fresh from her ass into Lisa’s mouth. I was just trying to be kind to Sue.

Sue kept sucking me and pushing me backwards to her couch. As I bumped into the couch I was forced to sit. Sue climbed up and mounted me, impaling herself on my rock-hard cock. I watched her eyes kind of bulge as she forced the thick 9.5 inch cock into her incredibly tight snatch. She felt like a virgin she was so tight.

Sue kissed me and said “Squeeze my fucking nipples and tits.”

I did as she asked, and soon Sue was squirting all over my cock and up my chest. Sue pulled off my cock and pushed me back flat on the couch. She rapidly mounted my head and pushed her dribbling wet pussy into my mouth. I was licking her clit when the next big squirt of female ejaculation came out. Sue tasted fresh and lovely.

Sue was definitely living her fantasies out in that visit. She did all the positions including reverse cowgirl. She was a visual delight bouncing up and down on my cock with her tiny tight buns on full display. I licked my thumb and pressed it into Sue’s ass hole. It penetrated easily then Sue bounced up and down once, twice and third time blew a massive amount of squirt out of her urethra. Sue took minutes to settle down.

When she had settled, she stood up and said, this part I want to do on the bed please. Sue led me by the hand into her bedroom. Her bedroom was feminine and beautiful, unlike Lisa’s that looked like a monk’s room.

Sue got a tube of the exact lube I used with Lisa out of the side drawer. She got on her knees on the bed. She popped the lube top and squeezed a good amount onto two fingers, then started rubbing the lube over her anus. Sue then pushed 1 finger in and out of her anus to the second joint. She then started to insert the second finger. I could see her starting to pulse so I pressed my thick cock head into her fingers and she wiped the remaining lube on it.

I pushed the thick purple head of my cock into Sues nice tight pulsing anus. She was tight but opened sweetly for my thick head. She didn’t gasp or react in any way that suggested she was unhappy. I grabbed her hips and started feeding her my cock slowly. Sue shouted “Fuck, slowly. You’re twice as wide as my biggest vibe that’s been in there.”

I slowed down and started a bit in then a bit out. I kept pressing my thick cock into her ass hole

Sue started pulling off my cock, then pressing back on. I let her set the pace and just enjoyed how beautiful she looked. She grabbed the lube and passed it to me saying “pull out and squeeze lots of it on so it gets inside me.” It was only a minute later that I was firmly balls deep in Sue’s ass. Sue reached under her pillow and brough out a small shiny silver vibe and pressed it onto her clit.

Sue said “I’ve been reading up that its good to have a clit cum while doing anal.”

I just started fucking her long slow deep. I’d put so much lube on my cock she was very well lubricated and slipping in and out like silk. I asked her “how does it feel?”

Sue replied between pants “Oh my goodness, I am so full. It feels nothing like my vibe. I love that its your cock. I don’t want a vibe in there. I want a real cock. Your real cock.”

I said “you look fucking fabulous in that position. Bet you haven’t changed the way you look since you were 18. Perfect shaped ass, lovely tan, you are fucking gorgeous.”

Sue wanted to try the different ass fucking positions. We swapped to me sitting on the bed and Sue standing and backing up to my cock. She took the full length straight into her ass and started doing the in and out control. She got faster and faster. Sue was thumping down onto my cock then she started crying out “Oh Gosh, Oh Gosh.” I grabbed her nice B cup tits and squeezed them hard and gripped her hard nipples. She went crazy, while rubbing her clit herself Sue exploded into a massive orgasm, then squirted all over my cock. Sue kept fucking back onto my cock for another 3 big squirting orgasms. Then she wanted to try a different position. I lay back in the bed, my 9.5 inch cock proudly in the air.

Sue happily got on top and impaled my cock up her ass. She reached under her pillow and got the little silver vibe. Sue quickly applied it to her clit and within minutes was bouncing up and down again, rapidly building to a big ass orgasm and started squirting as she came. She leaned forward and started licking her squirt off my shaved chest.

Sue said “Why the fuck hasn’t anyone told me about this anal stuff before. Lisa only told me about it as she knew I wasn’t doing it, and she knew I wanted to fuck you. Apparently, Mr Lord and Master only fucks women in the ass.” Sue slapped my chest and said “What an Ass Hole.”

I replied “You seem happy enough with it and I have fucked your beautiful tight pussy before your ass as well.

Sue was a delight to spend time with. Our mutual friend Lisa stumbled from disaster to disaster with family and friends including Sue.

Lisa soon messed up her friendship with Dion. He called me and told me that Lisa was a total nut job and he was out.

I spoke to Lisa and she was so horrible to me on the phone I just decided to leave her to it.

At some point Sue and Lisa fell out, but Sue would not even talk about it. Sue eventually had to move back east to be with her mother, who was unwell. Sue was missed, but we stayed in touch and good friends.
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