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Breasty redhead starts smoking, drinking, and taking peckers in her pooper. What happens when she drinks three Anal Ales instead of just one?

Wendy finished three Bimbo Lights and three bottles of Anal Ale by the time I followed her to her bedroom at five o’clock. I kicked my shoes off as she did. By the time I had my shirt and pants off, she was a nearly nude vision of beauty. I thought her shape was perfect, with a thin waist, curvy hips, plump butt cheeks, and a spectacular pair of breasts.

She turned around and urgently requested, “Unhook my bra! Hurry! I’m such a horny bimbo! Hehehe!”

As I stood behind her and undid the hooks, I saw her bra size was 34E! As it dropped to the floor, I reached around her to squeeze her marvelous melons. I kissed her neck and rubbed my face in her curly red hair, while playing with her nipples. I detected the faint scent of strawberry from her shampoo as she pleaded, “Get your boxers off and lay down! I need it SO BAD!”

I hurriedly did as she pulled off her panties. I was fully hard by the time her tongue touched my dick. She licked the tip and circled the rim a few times with her tongue, then sucked half of it into her mouth. She only sucked me long enough to get me wet, then climbed on me, spearing her hot tight pussy with my rod. I reached up and played with her wonderful boobs as she bounced up and down, rubbing my cock with her sopping wet womanhood.

She moaned, “Oooh! So good! Yeah!”

“This is so great, Wendy!”

“Yeah! Yeah! AAAAAAH!”

I exploded into orgasm as she did, squirting deep into her as her body shook. I panted, gasping for air. I shouldn’t have been surprised when she moved my cock to her anus and impaled her ass on it.

“I need it in my butt too! Cum again, PLEASE!”

“GAWD! WOW! This feels SO GOOD! Yeah, Wendy!”

I held her butt cheeks to help her bounce, rubbing my shaft with her tight anal ring. In only a couple of minutes I came again, spraying semen into her colon. “AAAAARRR! YEAH!”

“So good! I LOVE it in my ass! But I need another cigarette.” She ran out nude and returned with an ashtray, lighter, and the pack of Bimbo Lights. Wendy had only started smoking an hour before and seemed addicted already. She laid on her belly, smoking and asking for more until I pumped her rump again.


She had taken me anally four times in only two hours. I was exhausted, but she still wanted more. “Please, Ken? My butt still itches. I need some more cum! Please?”

“Sorry, I need a break. I’m SO tired.”

“Well, can you call somebody? Your friends like sex, right? Please? I’m such a horny butt bimbo! Hehehe!”

I reluctantly invited Wil and Andy over and watched as they each had a few turns. After I buttfucked her again, I called Ricky and Josh and offered them her ass too.

Carol and Jenny saw Wendy bleeding and crying as I thrust into her bottom again. They thought the five of us were raping Wendy, until she pleaded, “No! I need more! Keep stuffing my butt! PLEASE!”

By midnight, Wendy had probably received over twenty loads rectally. She was crying from the pain, but kept asking for more cum. Her older sister Jenny was quite worried and called an ambulance. The paramedics arrived as I unloaded in Wendy’s rectum for the seventh or eighth time of the night.


The doctor cleared his throat as he entered the curtained-off area in hospital Emergency department. I woke laying on top of Wendy with my soft and badly overworked cock still in her ass. I had been very nervous about it, but Wendy had begged me to buttfuck her again as she laid on a gurney in the ER.

I hurriedly put on my boxers and was buttoning my shirt as my mother and Wendy’s parents walked in. All of them glared at me with anger in their eyes.

The doctor told us, “I spoke to a pharmacologist at Bimbotech. They said Wendy is very lucky she only drank two bottles of Anal Ale. With more than two, or if she had smoked any Bimbo Lights, she could have been permanently addicted to anal sex.”

We’d only told them she drank two bottles instead of three, and kept the Bimbo Lights a secret. I was getting VERY worried.

“She will keep feeling the desperate need for semen in her rectum another day or two, but her tissues will take at least a week to heal. We’re going to sedate her until next Friday. After that, she’ll still need anal sex at least once a day for several weeks.”

Our parents stared in shock but I smiled, looking forward to more hot anal action.

The doctor examined me and said, “The abrasions on his penis are severe. We may need to amputate.”

“Amputate? NO! NO! NOHOHOHO!” I started crying in terror.

“Just kidding. The damage is only moderate. It will heal fine if he doesn’t have any sex for a week. If he keeps abusing his penis he’ll need skin grafts, which would be extremely painful. Since he’s a teenage boy and I used to be one, I’d recommend sedating him for a week too.”

He put a hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes. “I hope that you’ve learned your lesson, young man.”

“Yes, sir. I’m SO SORRY!”

Mom angrily told me, “When you get home, you’re grounded for a month! No, two months! How could you do that to a sweet young lady…” Wendy’s Mom and Dad told her she was grounded at the same time.

The doctor contradicted them, “No, she’ll need anal sex every day. Without it, the powerful desire and rectal irritation will be terrible. Just a minute.” He wrote something on a pre***********ion pad and handed it to Wendy. She squinted and rotated the paper a while, unable to decipher the doctor’s writing. She asked, “Uh, what does this say?”

The doctor smiled as he ordered, “Anal sex with lubrication up to three times per day, for thirty days.”

As I laid on the bed next to her and they started putting us under, I told Wendy, “I’m so sorry! I love you!”

Her sedative-inspired reply nearly made me happy. “I love you in my butt! It hurts a lot, but I love it in my ass SO MUCH!”


I woke in a hospital room on Friday morning. A male nurse told me, “Your breakfast will be here soon. You’ll be here overnight for observation and can go home tomorrow. The doctor’s orders specify no sex until Monday, not even masturbation.”

I worriedly asked, “How is my girlfriend? Wendy Westin, how is she?”

“They’ll wake her up Sunday. She’s doing well. Just remember, the only thing you do with your penis until Monday is pee. Doctor’s orders.”

The skin on my shaft was still a little painful and I agreed, “Okay.”

“When it’s time, make sure and use this.” He put a large bottle on the table next to my bed. “This is a special anal lubricant with a desensitizer, so she won’t feel any pain. A side-effect is that your climax will be delayed but I doubt that’s a bad thing.” He chuckled. “Make sure and use it every time.”

It was the size of a milk jug and had a pump on top. I complained, “But… but that’s like a gallon! I’m supposed to carry that around where everybody can see it?”

“Three liters. From what I heard, that might last you a week.” He laughed and put two small bottles next to it. “It also comes in pocket-size. Refill them from the big one and use it every time. Seriously, every time.”

“Sure. Thanks!”


I spent the next week at Wendy’s house. Instead of one to three times a day, she wanted me in her ass every two hours, the whole time she was awake. Any time I’d try to engage her in conversation, she’d brush me off and make an excuse to do something else.

It wasn’t romantic at all, but I got more sex than I had ever hoped for. There were still an even dozen Bimbo Lights in the pack in my school bag, but she refused when I offered her one. Thankfully, they had three new video games that I loved.

The good news was, since she had a pre***********ion, we could have sex at college! The Vice Dean showed us one of the staff bathrooms we could use. She’d be able to leave class with me whenever she felt the need. In the middle of our first class she told the instructor, “I need to go use my pre***********ion.”

He grumpily said, “Make it quick.”

She led me to the bathroom at a leisurely pace and quietly said, “I want to make this clear. I need anal sex and I love having you I my butt. That doesn’t mean I love you. After that night I’m not even sure if I like you, but I need it.”

She leaned over the bathroom sink and handed me a small bottle of lube. I lifted her skirt and slid her panties to the side, then smeared some between her butt cheeks.

“Come on! I need it!” I hurried to pull my pants and boxers down, then rubbed some on my dick. I slid into her ass, then leaned down and smelled her pretty hair as I started thrusting.

“Focus on my butt. Hurry up and cum, so we can get back to class.”

I suggested, “I could do your pussy too, if you want?”

I was very aroused and at maximum erection when she replied, “Just finish and give it to me. This isn’t a date.”

I reached to hold her breasts but was very disappointed when she pushed my hands away. “Just squirt in me. That’s all I want.”

Instead of two or three minutes it took at least ten for me to climax, probably due to the desensitizer in the lube. I leaned against the wall panting as she took a small butt plug from her purse and slid it into herself.

I asked, “What’s that?”

“I need the cum to stay in me. I don’t want to make a mess on my chair, either.”

She walked out as I pulled up my underwear. I felt a strange jumble of emotions. I’d just had the ecstasy of an orgasm and looked forward to more, but was quite sad she didn’t love me or even seem to like me.

I buttfucked her in the bathroom again at lunch time and once more during our boring 7th period Literature class. When there were only a few minutes left in our final class, I whispered to her, “Do you want to do it at my house later, or yours?”

“Neither. I have a date with Jeremy and Hank tonight. See you in the bathroom tomorrow, maybe.”

I was happy classes were finished for the day, but had an urge to cry as I walked to my locker.



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