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Part 4 of story with risky choises and dirty minds
Grace comes down the stairs and sees her 2 men sitting on the couch. They looked back and followed her movements as she walked to the kitchen. She grabbed two glasses and placed them on the table. She saw her plug-box open and one was missing. She laughed and was amazed. “The third largest? Wow!" “He’s very stretchable.” Michael said and laughed also. He poured whiskey inside all the 4 glasses on the table. Grace grabs her glas and strokes her finger over the shoulders of Jason. With one sip she clears the glas and Michael fills it again. Jason was rock hard, the plug inside him became more comfortable with the time and he enjoyed it. He was so horny and wanted to lose his virginity to his mom. But he had a problem, he couldn’t fuck her raw, he would risk to make her pregnant. Now Sophia came down the stairs. She comes directly to the couch and hugs Jason from behind.

She hands a small box over to Grace. Condoms! “Oh she’s the best maid we could wish for.” Michael said and smiled at Jason. “Now we can fulfill your dream and Mom can take your virginity.” Sophia was quite amused, she didn’t know he was unfucked. Michael hands Sophia a glass and all four of them cheer and drink the liquor. “Come over.” Michael said and his daughter moved around the couch. She stands in front of him and waits for her instructions. He took the biggest plug out of the box and looked at it. Sophia hasn’t had anal since last week and she was a bit afraid, this plug wouldn’t fit her. For your relief he handed it to Grace. She takes it, places it over Michael s cock and lubes it up with his precum. She then places the plug on the table and lowers her ass on it. She moans but with a bit of afford it slips inside her. Michael hands the other big plug to Sophia and she did the same thing as her mom. She lubes up the plug, but her dad takes it out of her hand and orders her to turn around. She leans over the table and sticks her ass towards the others. Michael relaxed her ass wiith his fingers. He circled around her hole and inserted one finger inside her. Without hesitation he pushed two more in and moved them around. As he pulls them out, he places the plug on her and pushes it inside her. It was a bit more difficult as it was by Jason. He pressed hard and it slipped in and she moaned. The pain in her ass made her pussy drip.

“Now serve the men in the house!” He said and Sophia lowered between his legs. At the same time, Grace kneels between Jason's legs and takes his dick in her mouth. Both women sucked the dicks in front of them and they loved it. A few minutes later Grace stops and opens a condom. She takes it in her mouth and pulls it over Jason’s dick like a pro. “Honey, come up and take a seat, we don’t wanna miss this.” Sophia stood up and lowered herself on Michaels dick. With the plug inside her she was tighter and it felt amazing for both. They looked over to the other couple on the couch. Grace moved up on Jason. She lickes his dick one last time and kisses her way up till she reaches his lips. They looked each other in the eyes and made out for a while. He was rock hard and she teased him as she squats over him. “You ready baby?” She said and he nodded and smiled in her face. She lowered her pussy over his dick. With slow and tender bounces she works inch for inch inside her. She moans and loves the filling from her son's cock. Jason couldn’t believe his luck. His gorgeous, sexy petite mom bounced as the first woman on his dick. He was lucky he came not so long ago, so he could stand this time a bit longer.

Sophia also bounced her body up and down on her father’s dick. She loved every inch of it and drove him in sync as her mother. This gives the word family activity a whole new meaning. All of them moaned and enjoyed the moment. Jason was close from coming. He becomes louder and louder. Grace lowers her pussy whole on him and wiggles her hips, so he can cum deep inside her. He shot his load with his dick deep inside her and his legs shiver. “Oh baby you’re such a good lover. I wish you could fuck me without the condom. We will enjoy it so much more!” She said as she dismounted his dick. She leans over to Michael and Sophia and rubs the clit of her daughter. This made her cum in a few seconds and she shivers and squirms over his dick. Out of her pussy flows her squirt and it wets the couch. Michaels balls begin to thighten and he comes inside his daughter. Grace stood there and looks at her family. “Jason, lick your sister clean! Sophia, clean the dick of your dad!” She said harshly. They did exactly as she ordered. She by herself walks over to Jason and stripps the condom from his dick. She holds it over Michaels cock and lets the cum flow out of it and drips it all over it. Sophia now licks the mix of her pussy juice, the cum of her brother and the cum of her father at once. She was so aroused from it and the licking from Jason, she felt another orgasm floods her body. Grace waits for the moment and pulls out the plug at exactly the moment she squirts. She let out a loud and long moan. She shivers again and Jason drinks up all the juice that comes out of her.

Michael stands up and walks behind Jason and pulls out his plug as well. He gasps from the pain, but the relife did so good that it changed to a moan. Grace and Michael stand in the living room, looking down at their children with gaping asses. Michael made Sophia clean the plug Jason had inside him with her mouth. Grace made Jason lick clean the other one. Michael laid his arm around Grace and she cuddled up to him. While giving her a kiss, he pulls out her plug and places it on the table. Jason saw it first and came over to lick it clean. “Now, please clean the couch and everything else. Tied up the room and put away the box. We have something to do and you can do whatever you want this evening.” As Michael said that, he took his and Graces glasses and they went upstairs to their room. Jason and Sophia went upstairs and chilled in Sophia's room. She showed him all her maid outfits, what her tasks in the house were and which one Jason had to do from now on. Grace and Michael cuddled up in their bed and were on the laptop, searching for more plugs and toys. They knew they needed more now.
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