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Yeah I'm just resting on my bed I'm thinking what the fuck did just happen. Well it's not so shocking anymore. Yeah my daughter's friends are simply crazy about my body and they want to get fucked by me
Yeah I'm just resting on my bed I'm thinking what the fuck did just happen. Well it's not so shocking anymore. Yeah my daughter's friends are simply crazy about my body and they want to get fucked by me. My gym sessions have ensured that I'm not really tired with the three girls that have encountered and no matter how many come I will still be able to handle them. So I'm not really sure if the other two are going to pay me a visit. Not sure what my daughter thinks of me because I'm pretty sure she knows what I'm doing with these girls and three of them have already blown me and I have managed to finger one of them in their asses. Am I Wrong to assume that the next girl is going to be even more crazy.

In the gym it usually takes a lot of effort to get women on bed because everyone is fit but apparently these girls haven't seen how the gym guys are and they're simply obsessed with the body I have. I mean yeah they seem to have boyfriends because none of them seem virgin. But I don't mind the sex nor the age gap. The only thing I'm worried about is what my daughter is going to think about me but I will handle it later.

It's been an hour now and I'm just sitting in my bed shirtless. And I've been just sitting in my bed shirtless. My pants are barely on but surprisingly there is no cum. These girls seem to just like my cum so much that they have licked it all nice and clean. Just when I thought I should sleep I suddenly hear the door slowly open.

" Mr Stevens ..... I am Jasmine" a girl was standing on the door.

" hello Jasmine.... Tell me what can I do for you" I asked while standing up and I had my shirt in my hand.

".... If you could" she said.

" I could what?" I asked.

".. ummm " she couldn't say too much. She instead came near me and whispered in my ear.

" if you would let me win I would let you do twice" she said

"Ummm .. What do you exactly mean?" I asked

"well we girls are playing" she was more Frank this time.

"if we could blow you in 5 minutes we win and Emma loses" she explained while undressing herself to the point where she was completely naked. I won't lie but I was hard and ready to fuck her. She was much sexier than the other girls and looked that she would get fucked in all the way I would like her to.

" okay so none of you have been able to win" I replied while taking my dick out for her.

" yeah... " she replied. She was staring at it now.

" wait how does Emma know these things about me?" I asked.

" when she knows you a little too much Mr Stevens" she replied while constantly staring at my dick. At this point I didn't care about what Emma thought about me but I cared about Jasmine who was standing butt naked in front of me and was ready to get fucked. I was all hard and ready but just needed her to start.

" and I know which hole excites you the most" she said and she proceeded to pose herself in doggy position. The way she posed herself, I knew she had watched a ton of porn but didn't have much experience in getting fucked in the back. At this point she was all naked with her ass wide open and her pussy was wet already. Just when I was about to start, she said

" I would let you do the other hole if you could do one within 5 minutes" she said.

" do I look someone who would get down within 5 minutes" I told. I sat down just behind her and put one hand on her back while my other hand was just under her pussy giving her slight rubs to which she moaned a little. I rubbed her a little more she moaned louder and louder. I am sure other girls can listen to her but I thought let it be. At least they would know what they are dealing with. Her small cute little asshole was all the time twitching as if it was inviting me to go in her. While I was rubbing using my finger I spit a little directly on her small cute asshole and gently started to finger it and using my thumb. With my other hand I held her back to ensure she could not get up even if she wanted to. Slowly and slowly with more of my spit and a little bit of force using my tongue I was in her asshole already. One of my finger was already deep inside her pussy while the thumb explored her ass. I was kind of holding her like I hold a sandwich yeah she was a hot little sandwich. I pushed my dick right in her ass started to fuck. This time she's screamed so loud that I could hear other girls. But I did not stop and continue to fuck her ass as if she was a 50 year old pussy. Though I continue rubbing her with my fingers because I knew she would cum and I could feel it that she did but I was yet to finish myself. It took me good 15 minutes before I was able to cum inside her ass. I knew I wasn't done but I needed some massage. I pulled her head towards myself and pushed it in her throat. Though I was not hard but even then I was enjoying the blowjob. Well she could not blow me but at least got me hard once again. I asked her to be my doggy and she obliges. I knew I had it in me and I could easily do it again and with that thought in my head, I pushed myself in her bare wet pussy. This time she took it easy there was less scraems and more sexy moanings. She fully enjoyed enjoyed the sex we were having. Now since it was my second time it took me far more longer to cum. But that only meant more and longer fuck session with Jasmin. I don't even have the count of how many times she actually moaned louder and louder as if she is cumming and then mellowed down while I fucked her pussy. I cummed like a firehose in her.

"Well that was a lot Mr Stevens" she said while dressing herself up.

"isn't that you asked for?" I I replied while laying down as I was tired.

"if this continues Emma is never really going to get what she wants" she replied.

" what does she want?" I wondered.

" You" she said and she left. One of her friends is still left. Before I ask Emma what she wants, I will ensure the last friend of hers will have nothing left to explore in her sex life and I will do everything possible I could possibly do..
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