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Bimbotech invented Bimbo Lights, which change women into lusty beautiful morons. What about their new brands of wine, Vino Vagino and Spumante Sperm-need ?

A few minutes before our first class started, Wendy quietly told me, “I’m with Jeremy now and I really like him. There’s a problem, though. Since your name is on my pre***********ion, you’re the only one I can screw in school.”

“I’m sorry.” I actually wasn’t. I wanted to keep fucking her, but it seemed like the right thing to say.

“If we talk to the Vice Dean and you tell him we’re not together anymore, maybe he’ll let me do it with Jeremy instead. Would you please?”

Guilt and regret nagged at me, so I agreed. We talked to him and he let her go to the bathroom with Jeremy instead. I’d miss all the great anal sex, but felt some satisfaction at doing the right thing.


After school I was crying in my bedroom. Dad walked past and saw me. He asked, “Are you okay, son?”

I did my best to stop the tears. The situation was simple, but it felt like the words were stuck in my mouth. “I… I… my girlfriend broke up with me. I miss her so bad!”

“It’ll be okay. You’ll get over her.” He patted my shoulder. “It’s time for me to get back on the road and your mother needs some help. Maybe helping her out will get your mind off it.” He walked out as he said, “See you in a week.”

“Have a good trip.”

I wondered what Mom needed help with. Maybe she decided it was finally time to clean the boxes of old junk out of the attic?

I walked to the kitchen and saw her drinking a glass of milk. There were three other empty glasses on the table near her. I asked, “Dad said you need some help?”

“Yeah, he gave me a new wine and I needed to suck him off SO BAD! He came in my mouth twice but I need more! Lots more! Milk doesn’t help. Orange and apple juice don’t help. Water doesn’t help. Give me some cum, PLEASE! I feel like I’m dying of thirst!”

“But… but, Mom…”

As she unzipped me I glanced at the bottle of white wine and saw in large letters, ‘SPUMANTE SPERM-NEED by Bimbotech’. It was still two-thirds full.

“But Mom, are you sure you want to…”

“PLEASE!” She yanked my boxers down and started licking my dick. I’d heard the phrase, ‘She could suck-start a motorcycle’, and it seemed to apply. I’d never had a blowjob even half as intense before. She sucked and licked and licked and sucked, until I pumped a load onto her tongue.

“ARRRRR! Yeah! So good!”

She had a huge smile on her face as she moved it around in her mouth. She wiped some stray semen from her cheek and sucked it off her finger. “Mmmmm! Thank you! I love how it tastes! Can I get some more?”

After swallowing two doses of my cum, she said, “Thanks so much! That wine is TERRIBLE!” She took it to the bathroom and I stared as she poured it in the toilet. I felt terribly sad at the waste. I could have gotten SO MANY MORE blowjobs!


After school the next night I asked Mom, “Do you have any Bimbo Lights? Do you still like those?”

“I keep looking, but nobody sells them around here. I do bad things when I smoke them, but they make me feel great.”

I held one near her face and said, “I have some, if you want to smoke them again.”

“I… I really shouldn’t. They make me… I do naughty things, but… but they taste SO GOOD!” She grabbed it and lit up.

For the price of only four Bimbo Lights, I spent most of the night watching porn movies as I screwed my Bimbo Mom over and over.

I gave her another when she woke in the morning. She agreed I was too sick to go to school, since I was sick enough to lick my mother’s pussy after cumming in it.

By the end of the day, I’d climaxed with Mom another half a dozen times and mostly forgot about Wendy whoever. Predictably, Mom told me to go sleep in my own bed two hours after she finished the last Bimbo Light.


I hadn’t spent much time with my friends lately, so the next day I went to Ricky’s house after school. The five of us guys talked about our sexual adventures for hours.

Ricky finally told the others he was bisexual. He didn’t mention who it was, but started to describe screwing an older man in the back seat of his car. After only a half a minute, we didn’t want to hear any more.

Wil was still with his pretty girlfriend Rachel, and the two had welcomed her aunt Robin to their bed until he ran out of Bimbo Lights.

Josh had kept doing it with his little sister Cindy. Her boobs had incredibly grown to triple-D’s! She stopped having sex with him when he ran out too.

Andy loved variety and had slept with six girls, spending only one night and three or four Bimbo Lights with each.

I was ashamed of doing it with Mom and my sister, so I went into great detail about anal sex with Wendy. I’d only done it with her for a week, other than the night we’d all screwed her ass. They suspected I was leaving things out and pestered me for more. I told them about a mysterious older woman who tried Spumante Sperm-Need and gave me several intense blowjobs.

Josh said, “All of us are out of Bimbo Lights, but a guy I know will buy them for us if we pay him double; twelve dollars instead of six a pack, or a hundred bucks a carton instead of fifty.”

The rest of us pulled out our wallets. To save a little money, we decided to get two cartons and split them. As we handed Josh our cash he said, “I’ll call the guy and we should have ‘em Friday after school.”


When I got home from school Thursday, Mom said, “Ken, you should start looking for a part-time job. You could get some extras for yourself, like a better computer or a TV for your room. Maybe even a used car.”

“Well, I guess.”

“Rebecca Daniels says her daughters need some help with Math and you’re good at it, right?”

I wasn’t good at Math, I was GREAT. “Hehehe! Only seven A’s in a row on my report cards, and a perfect 100 on the last five Calculus quizzes.”

“Very nice! Rebecca’s triplets are high school seniors. She’ll pay you thirty a day to tutor them.”

“That sounds good. It should be less tedious than bagging groceries or flipping burgers.”

“I’ll call her. Maybe you can start this weekend.”

Later she told me, “Be at their house at four tomorrow, okay?”

“Sure.” I was looking forward to having some money, after giving Josh most of my cash the previous day.


I rode my bike to Josh’s house after school Friday and hurriedly put my four packs of Bimbo Lights in my backpack.

I sadly reminisced about Wendy on the way to the Daniels’ house. I missed her wonderful body and the amazing feel of her ass rubbing my cock. If only… If only I had been paying attention to the traffic instead of thinking about sex.

I shrieked, “EEEEH!” as I slammed on the brakes to avoid being crushed into road pizza by a cement truck. I had come so close to death the truck’s rear mud flap slapped my bike’s front tire as it went by! I took a few deep breaths before I noticed I had wet myself in terror. “DAMMIT!” I shook my fists in frustration, then rode home for a change of clothes and a quick shower.

When I knocked at their door at 4:30, a young strawberry-blonde answered. “Hi, are you Ken?” She wore jeans and a green t-shirt and looked about 18. I thought she was kind of cute, but her chest was nearly as flat as mine.

“Yeah, I’m Ken. Are your sisters here?”

“I’m Mary. Carrie and Sherry are in the living room.” The other two were exact copies of her, including the jeans and t-shirts.

By the time I set down my backpack by the dining room table; they offered me cookies, chips, and grape juice. I took the plastic cup of juice and said, “Thanks, I’m pretty thirsty. I’m here to help you with Math.”

One of the girls said, “Dad’s on a sales trip for two weeks and Mom will be at training for work until Monday. You just missed her. Homework can wait. Let’s play some video games.”

Another suggested, “Or we have a pool in the back yard. Want to go swimming?”

The third said, “Or we have darts and a pool table in the basement.”

“Girls, I’m here to help you study.” I finished the glass of juice but was still thirsty. “Could I get some more, please?”

The three all chuckled and one brought me another cup of juice. I drank it quickly and put down the empty glass. Somehow I felt even thirstier. They started giggling madly and one pointed at the empty cup. I asked, “What’s so funny?”

One composed herself long enough to say, “Look in the fridge, next to the grape juice. I mixed them together.” She returned to laughing loudly.

I looked and was HORRIFIED. Next to the grape juice was a bottle of red wine. The label said, “VINO VAGINO by Bimbotech. Causes intense thirst for vaginal secretions.”

It was half empty!

One of the girls finally stopped laughing long enough to tell me, “Our cousin Wendy says you’re welcome. HAHAHAHAHAH!”



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