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My Wife loves getting used by my son and his young friends, my old workmate or even girls also use her.
April – part 3

My slutty wife continues her shameless ways.

Continued from April – part 3

April swallowed and composed herself “I Ummm … I don’t know what came over me, I just didn’t think”

“don’t you mean what came inside of you” giggled David breaking the tension.

“Please don’t say anything to your Father” pleaded April

James was quietly moaning, his forgotten cock throbbing and dripping.

“I got a bit carried away and didn’t get any pics of the blowjob so maybe ….” David said looking at a distressed James “and what better reason to not say anything”

April looked at James, looked down at his cock then looked up again “I’d like that”

“Can you go grab a towel please Jerry? I think there’s a big mess inside me that going to rush out if David takes his cock out”

David readied the camera and April squirmed as she changed position towards James. David moaned still stiff inside her. He thrust a few times moaning before stopping and nodding to a bemused April.

James’s cock was throbbing in a rhythm while the precum was dribbling down his shaft, she poked her tongue out and slowly and carefully licked the mess from his shaft being careful not to take him over the edge.

David was getting some great pics when Jerry came back with a towel, April lifted up sliding deeper on to David’s Cock taking his concentration away. As Jerry slid the towel under her butt, David couldn’t help but thrust several times into that sweet honeypot before gasping out and stopping just in time.

April was having a hard time controlling herself as she slid her mouth deeper on to James’s throbbing cock pausing to play up to the camera, soon enough James went past the point of no return. April held James’s cock just outside her mouth and above her tongue as the first few spurts erupted from the end of James’s cock into her waiting mouth creating an epic series of shots.

Before any of his sweet boy sperm managed to leak out she engulfed his cock swallowing eagerly as she let herself go into another wild orgasm taking David over the edge again into another one of his own.

April was still shuddering when James collapsed back with a dreamy look and a huge grin.

David just fell backwards on to the carpet still panting with his two loads of cum draining slowly out of her on to the towel.

April tried to sit back up so Jerry stepped in between her legs to help her up and she laid back pulling him towards her allowing his hard cock to brush against her drenched pussy, She smiled at him and whispered “I’d like that”

Jerry grinned and slid his cockhead down her slit to her entrance and gently plunged in being careful not to disturb her too much.

It didn’t take too long before she recovered and she grabbed his butt to urge him on faster and faster. James looked on with interest so April reached over and stroked him back to life.

Jerry was grunting loud now in effort as he reached his peak, harder and harder he pounded until his explosive Climax painted her insides with a fresh new coating of boy sperm.

Jerry withdrew and staggered back tripping over David and collapsing beside him on the floor as April led James by his hard on impatiently into place between her legs and urged him to fuck her slutty pussy hard as another orgasm washed over her.

April tried to get him to slow as she felt a bit sensitive but he was in a world of his own and April soon got over the tenderness and started to urge him on again.

A few minutes later James’s bellowing grunting and groaning masked her husbands arrival with John.

The scene before them was unbelievable.

Two boys lay naked and exhausted on the carpet with cum covered cocks while a third boy was balls deep inside my wife spewing forth a huge load of cum as he climaxed, April was already on the edge but the look of shock on my workmates face tipped her over the edge into the biggest climax of her night.

Aprils eyes rolled back and she struggled to remain conscious as wave after wave of convulsions washed over her.

Jerry looked around and gasped then dived up against the front of the couch disturbing James who pulled out with an audible pop and cowered beside James.

“Umm, hi Dad, your back early!” David stated sheepishly

I laughed “you realise its after 10”

I looked at the boys “Its ok, I’m not mad, you can go if you like or you can stay and fuck her again” I grinned at the total confusion on the two boys and Johns faces.

April was now coming round smiling weakly “Hi love, have a good night out?”

“not as good as yours obviously, think you can handle another one?” I grinned looking at the incomprehension on Johns face and the obvious bulge in his pants as he gazed down upon the beautiful curves of my naked cum covered wife.

I patted John on the shoulder “dump a quick load inside her and you can have a better go at her later on” I urged.

“Please help yourself” grinned April starting to recover her wanton libido.

John was still hesitant so I stripped off and said “Ok I’ll go first then” stepped between her legs and plunged in not holding back and just concentrating on cumming as fast as possible helped by closing my eyes and remembering the vivid picture in my mind of our recent entrance.

As I unloaded I pulled out to find the 3 boys sitting cross legged on the floor watching with interest as the new load of cum gushed from her well used pussy with David snapping a few closeup pics.

“Would you mind if I sent a pic of me to my ex wife” asked John stripping off.

April and I laughed as we had met her a few times and didn’t like her so we were glad to help.

John knelt down and ran his knob through the cum around her pussy while David started snapping eagerly glad to have a theme.

John savoured her body running his hands all over her in appreciation, after all he was short, balding, fat and not very good looking being the total opposite of my 30 year old beautiful trim Wife.

David managed to get loads of shots as he entered her showing the absolute pleasure on both their faces as well as the looks on their faces as April Climaxed on Johns cock, He especially loved the shots he got after John came and collapsed on the couch while April cuddled up to him in satisfaction with his cum covered cock now flaccid. He took a few more while April lovingly cleaned the cum from John cock in close up.

It was getting close to midnight by then so April laid the towel on the floor and laid there while the three boys formed a line and plunged their young cocks in to my Wife’s overflowing pussy one after the other. The two boys left and April staggered off to bed after another two orgasms had wrecked her.

We heard April moaning again and realised David was missing, by the slurping sounds I guessed that David was performing his favourite task and was cleaning her up licking all traces of cum from her body before he once again mounted her and with his added excitement blasted his load into her not long after.

John headed for the shower and April joined him so I chatted to them while they washed each other then had my turn in the shower as they headed to our bed.

John was hard again but was taking his time as he caressed her curves, occasionally entering her for a while before slipping out to use his hands and mouth all over her leaving her moaning in frustration and anticipation.

I fell asleep before they had finished.

Early next morning I woke to David licking April out before jumping on top for a quickie. John had woken up and had a hard on so once David pulled out she straddled John and impaled herself on his thick cock.

David said he had processed the pics and uploaded them to his phone then showed them to John while April rode his cock. Here he was getting fucked by my Wife while he was picking out pics to send to his Wife.

David sent his chosen pics to Johns phone who then sent them to his Wife while John turned April over. Pounded her hard and fast concentrating on his own pleasure and filled her pussy with his cum.

“Just like that?” he asked April, “exactly like that” she grinned.

John received a text and laughed out loud in glee.

I was about to take my turn when April asked to talk to me and the other two went to clean up.

April explained that John was an expert lover and she had an amazing encounter with him last night, he really spoiled her with his lovemaking skills but she could see why his Wife left him, it was too much and too exhausting and not something she would like more than once a year.

She had told John her feelings and he had told her that basically that’s what his Wife had told him when he asked her why he had cheated.

She had never tried to tell him and he had never known she was too satisfied.

So this morning he had done to April like he had done it to her the first time and it was how April imagined John’s Wife wanted to be treated.

Apparently the affair guy had dumped her and John’s Wife had come crawling back but because she had cheated on him he could not forgive her and was still leaving.

John asked if he could borrow me to fuck his Wife and so because she was a lot older April thought it better if she had me horny before we left so I could do the deed.

I was a bit gobsmacked, I had never even though of having sex with anyone else and wasn’t even sure I could do it.

She asked again as she slid down on to my erection and, well, what can I say … I agreed to try so she edged me again and again right up until it was time to leave.

As we were about to go John pushed April back and used her until she exploded in an orgasm as she had not only been edging me but had edged herself at the same time.

Then John pulled out and laughed “right I’m ready for a pump and dump for the last time with my ex wife and don’t worry, she hasn’t had anybody else since we were tested.”

April looked up at him as he rose “come back over for a holiday next year” she said with a big wink.

John jumped in my car, his single bag all that was left of his life here and we drove to his old house.

When we knocked on the door she looked at the both of us and then looked at John sadly “I’m here to say goodbye” said John as he walked her to the couch and sat her down.

He pulled his pants down and pulled out a strong hard erection and grabbed her head so she couldn’t pull away.

His Wife looked at him, looked at me, looked back at his erection but as she opened her mouth to speak he growled “just so you don’t think those pics are fake, this cock was fair up Aprils cunt 10 minutes ago and now your going to suck it then we are both going to fuck you so take a good sniff and start sucking”

She tried to pull away and although he didn’t try to force her to suck him he didn’t let her go.

She wriggled and sniffed and gagged and fidgetted but eventually she timidly licked his cock then took him into her mouth.

After a couple of minutes he pushed her back on to the couch and pulled her pants and underwear off then bent over and licked her for a minute before pushing gently inside her to make sure she was lubricated enough then started slamming into her.

I pulled my pants off and got beside her to guide her mouth to my cock to get it ready, Aprils prep work was good and I was soon ready and she was starting to really get off on out combined effort.

John grunted and came one last time before getting off and I got between her legs with my cock at her entrance. I looked her in the eyes daring her to say no but the lust was there, John had brought her close and it was my job to finish her.

This was to be only the third pussy I had ever been in so I watched and felt with interest as I slowly slid in balls deep in her cum filled sheath.

I started to pound her much harder than I ever thought possible, there was no finesse just a hate fuck as I had come to hate her while watching what she had put him through. My cock was longer that Johns so I was bottoming out hard and as I dumped my load she shrieked in her orgasm and pain.

When I was sitting on the couch recovering and John was cleaning up she walked into the bathroom and asked John if they were all good again.

“All Good?, hell no, I just wanted to show you that if you had asked for me to treat you like that, I would have, but since you cheated to get your kicks it can never be All Good again and I am leaving the country in an hour”

She crumpled to the floor and looked shocked “but I did what you wanted, you can’t just leave me”

John replied “No, I did what you wanted and now I’m leaving”

I must admit I felt a little guilty about fucking someone else and also for how we treated her but I knew she deserved it and far more.

John asked me not to stay at the airport and gave me a big hug.”thanks for a truly memorable send off, if I don’t find anyone else I’d love to come back next year to experience your wonderful Wife again but I’m a faithful man so if I’m not single it would just be a normal holiday”.

“Either way is fine by me” I replied

“I know I shouldn’t ask this but keep an eye on my wife will you, I do still care about her” said John sadly.

When I returned home April was keen to know all about what happened so we went to the bedroom for some privacy and I told her everything. As I got out of my dirty clothes for a shower April surprised me by dropping to her knees and sucking my whole flaccid member into her mouth swirling her tongue around to clean every last bit. I couldn’t help but start to get hard as she licked my cock, my balls, my arse and everything in between.

“I didn’t know you like girls?” I asked in amazement.

“I don’t, I just want to be used by my man as a dirty cum rag” she giggled going back to her ministrations.

Once I was completely hard she turned over and asked me to lick her arse then grabbed the lube and slid her finger into her bum.

I added a finger as she wriggled and squirmed knowing what was coming next.

I eased my knob slowly into her bum a bit then pulled her back on to me until she got the idea and started thrusting herself on to my rigid cock at her own pace.

Once I was in her tight hole I gently thrust in and out adding some more lube until it was a smooth ride. I was finally deep in side her when David walked in but he only stood and watched after seeing where I was.

“I’ll come back later” he said before clanking around in the kitchen.

After a while I was not really getting anywhere due to all the sex that morning although it did feel good. I rolled on to my back keeping my cock inside her.

I had used more lube on her pussy and was sliding 4 fingers into her so she had come twice but I still wasn’t getting there so I called David and he skipped in.

“you still going at it ?” he asked in wonder

“There is an empty hole if you’d care to fill it” I grinned and April’s wriggle of excitement told me she liked the idea.

David’s cock grew up as quickly as his pants had come down so he was soon balls deep inside April

Less than half a minute later April was cumming and we stopped to feel the muscles inside her milking our cocks.

Another half a minute of thrusting saw David shooting his load and the tightness faded. I was so close but couldn’t quite get there.

“Use your fingers David” I urged and he easily inserted 4 fingers as I had previously, He turned his hand and slowly started to push his fist inside her, she was panting in short sharp breaths, the sweat breaking out all over her then as his hand slid past the narrowest part and the super tightness relaxed, April came again forcing her pussy and arse deeper on to us. She grabbed David forearm and used it like a dildo to ream herself as the rippling waves rolled through her. His hand sliding along my cock a thin membrane away was enough to plunge me over the edge in a simultaneous mind blowing orgasm.

I was shattered, April was shattered and David was grinning in amusement with his fist hard up against his Step Mother’s Cervix.

When he tried to move his hand we both yelled stop as we were far to sensitive so we waited a few minutes for me to soften which took longer that expected due to the tightness.

I finally slipped my cock softly out of her tight arse and David slowly and gently slid he forearm and fist back through her pussy.

“Holy crap, that’s another thing I only want to do once a year” grinned April as she cuddled up to me… Happy Birthday!”

“what,…. oh yeh” I said, I totally forgot with everything that’s happened that morning that it was my birthday!!

We all showered and had an awesome Lunch before David disappeared leaving us to cuddle up on the couch.

Well, as you can guess, one thing led to another and I was soon standing naked in front of a naked April with my hard cock in her mouth right on the edge of a massive eruption when David walked in … except he had a girl friend of his Melissa with him!

April sat back in shock, David looked amused, I just stood there with my Iron Hard Cock throbbing away and Melissa stood there staring at my cock.

Melissa had been a friend of Davids since they were toddlers and had grown into a very well built young woman who, according to David, had a major crush on me.

April stood up and said hi. Melissa dragged her eyes from my cock and said hi back then she looked at me and said Happy Birthday then strode over and gave me a hug like she always did.

My stiff cock pushed into the crotch of her yoga shorts and her firm well rounded tits pushed into my chest with just the thin material of her silken top separating me from the luscious bare flesh beneath. She suddenly realised she was hugging a naked man and pulled back wide eyed in embarrassment glancing at April in fear.

April smiled warmly and I pulled her back tight to me as I said “its ok, don’t be scared”

Melissa wrapped her arms around me and melted into my caress sighing deeply but keeping a wary eye on April.

April moved behind her and hugged us both “I’m sorry Melissa, we didn’t know you were coming and we hope its not too awkward for you” she said.

“Thanks for the hug Melissa, you know I’ve always had a soft spot for you” I crooned feeling my knob caressed by the lips beneath the shorts.

David was speaking, “I told Melissa about taking some nude and erotic shots of April yesterday and she asked if I could take some shots of her so I invited her over”

Melissa shivered pushing her crotch firmly against my knob and I wondered if she had just had a small orgasm.

April looked me in the eyes with a mischievous grin “Perhaps Melissa would like to take some nude and erotic shots with my sexy husband”

Melissa shivered and stuttered “Yes that would be nice”

“Let’s get rid of these clothes while David gets his camera” said April slowly lifting her top up over her head exposing those beautiful firm young breasts to my lecherous gaze. “They are magnificent” I croaked gently caressing them as April rolled her yoga shorts down her legs and my erection poked back into her crotch.

Melissa and I both moaned as my knob slid along the soaking wet length of her slit and caught on her entrance, I had to restrain myself from angling down to enter her.

April backed away telling Melissa to feel free to enjoy herrself.

David moved in close to start shooting, “I can see that David loves your body as much as I do” I quipped stating that since he was the only one still dressed perhaps he should address that problem.

Melissa was thrusting her slippery lips along my shaft but took the time to turn her head to watch David undress before she convulsed and sighed loudly squeezing me tight as she came, her legs giving way as she slumped against me.

I was so hard I felt I could let go and she would perch on my cock without even bending it.

“Shouldn’t you be lusting after someone like David instead of someone old like me?” I gently asked Melissa. “I really like David but I’ve always loved you and have always promised myself that you will be my first. I know you love someone else but I will wait as long as it takes” said Melissa gazing into my eyes.

I looked across at David standing there with his cock pointing up at the ceiling dripping precum from its tip and grinned down at Melissa nodding to my side “you sure?”

Melissa swallowed and watched his cock rhythmically moving with his heartbeat while he stared at Melissa’s magnificent body and continued to take pics.

April slid across in front of David and Melissa gasped as she took him into her mouth, David moved one hand down to Aprils head and slowly started thrusting in to her welcoming mouth never taking his eyes off Melissa who stared back while starting to slide her sopping wet pussy along my rigid rod, she looked up at me in surprise so I whispered “we share everything in this house”

I moved Melissa in front of me sliding my cock back in between her thighs then cupped her breasts as I gently thrust my self through the gap and along her swollen lips.

David kept taking pics watching my cock appear and disappear repeatedly in the gap of her thighs.

Melissa was panting and moaning as she revelled in the excitement she could see on Davids face and then when he thrust hard into April twice then stopped moving as his cock spurted several large blasts of cum directly at her throat Melissa also climaxed on my cock knob rubbing her clit, her moans starting high pitched then lowering to a deep grumble. I stopped moving partly to allow the sensitive feeling of her pussy to die off but also so I would not cum myself.

I lay back on the couch and Melissa straddled me sitting up straight with my poor cock trapped between Melissa’s smooth pussy lips.

For the next several minutes Melissa slid along my cock until I would grab her to stop my movement as I almost came before building me up again.

“will you take me? Can I give myself to you? I want you to be my first, I’m in a safe time and its your birthday, its fate, its perfect” pleaded Melissa as she grew closer to her own orgasm.

She was so very close and I was right on the brink myself so when she moved a bit further up and hooked my knob in her entrance I was powerless to stop her as she slid down on my pole until she hit her hymen, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply as the waves of her orgasm washed over her at the same time as my cock exploded inside her, Melissa plunged down until most of my cock was inside her breaking her hymen and stopping when my knob hit her cervix and we both panted moaned convulsed and groaned into one of the most powerful orgasms of our lives.

I felt every spasm and shudder of her pussy as she felt the throbbing and spurting of my cock deep inside her. I shuddered thinking that if she was not truthful about being safe then me filling her cervix directly like this would surely put a child in her.

After several minutes of just laying there cuddling and kissing with me still embedded inside Melissa, April said “WOW, that was beautiful … wish my first time had of been like that!”

David added “WOW, that was so hot” as he took a couple more pics then laid April back on the carpet and fucked her hard and deep their grunts soothing me as Melissa and I drifted off to a satisfied sleep.

It must have been a couple of hours later when Melissa and I roused from our slumber “that was magical, that was perfect, that was better than I ever imagined it could be. If I had ever though sex could be so fantastic I would have done it years ago” grinned Melissa.

April and David were cuddled up in the floor talking softly until they heard us and sat up.

“Thank you thank you thank you” gushed Melissa kissing me, “No its me who must thank you for giving me such a special prize” I responded.

David stood up his cock hard again, I laughed “oh to be young again” as he cheekily straddled Melissa who was still lying on me and poked his cock into her bum crack “So now that you have achieved your wish is there any chance for me to get some?” asked David sliding along her crack.

“Are you asking your girlfriend to share with your Mum and Dad?” giggled Melissa

“Girlfriend? Do you want to be my Girlfriend?” asked David in surprise and hope.

“oh my god, you do realise the girl your asking to be your girlfriend is impaled on your Fathers cock?? giggled April … there was silence for several moments while that sunk in and David pulled back and sunk his cock into Melissa’s pussy while at the same time pushing her off my cock “well actually, she is impaled on my cock, so … will you be my Girlfriend ?” he asked nuzzling her neck.

Melissa moaned wriggling her butt “I’ve been waiting for ages for you to ask me to go out but I still wanted your Dad to be my first, I hope you don’t mind?” Melissa tried to turn her head to kiss David briefly but it was a strain so she started kissing me again as David started thrusting into his new girlfriend pussy.

April giggled “what about me?” and tried to straddle my face but I laughed, “no thanks that’s Davids cum and unlike him I’m not into that” I teased.

Melissa surprised all of us by stating that it was hers now and she wanted it back as she pulled Aprils pussy to her lips and vacuumed every bit she could. April grabbed her head and moaned loudly as David kissed Aprils inner thighs until David and April exploded into orgasms at almost the same time.

David dragged Melissa off me and onto the carpet where he kissed her properly and passionately before diving between her legs with a renewed passion.

April laid down beside me and kissed me passionately saying “Happy Birthday Lover” I grinned and we turned to watch Melissa and David writhing and wriggling on the carpet until she once again exploded into another orgasm.

We were all resting in complete satisfaction when a phone went off and it turned out to be Melissa’s so David handed it to her to answer.

“Hi Mum ……… yeh I’m over at Davids with his Mum and Dad and we’re just playing …….. do you mind if I stay for a sleepover ……… yeh they are nodding …. ok I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Sooooooo … anything else you want for your birthday?” crooned April gently folding and moving my cock around doing the helicopter

“Your just saying that because you’re insatiable” I laughed

Melissa crawled over and sucked the top half of my cock into her mouth, “and so are you! … why don’t you do each other and we’ll see what pops up I joked”

April just stared at Melissa’s lower body for a second then as if she decided to get it over quick, she pushed Melissa backwards and latched her mouth on to her pussy.

Melissa still had her knees under her so she wriggled out and both April and I thought she was upset but she instead spun around and launched herself under April and pulled her head back down to her young pussy while eagerly lifting her mouth up to April’s pussy.

Melissa seemed to have no problem licking the older woman’s pussy but April was a little hesitant at first before eagerly attacking the smooth young pussy below her.

The licked and fingered each other to separate orgasms while we boys watched on in amazement.

I was quite surprised when I suddenly became hard again so I quickly kneeled in behind my wife and started to pound my cock into her until she screeched into another climax. Knowing how sensitive she gets at this time I scooted round and shuffled my cock into Melissa’s sweet young pussy while my Wife tried to get her tongue in between us. A couple of minutes later I was getting fairly close when Melissa grunted and shuddered into her orgasm so I scooted back to April and pounded in to her again.

David had picked up the camera again and was getting some nice shots as Melissa tongued my nuts and Aprils clit seeming to be able coordinate our passions until we had the most perfect simultaneous orgasms even if they were not the most intense.

“I’m done and need my bed” I cried out in exhaustion as I rolled off.

David helped me up then helped an equally exhausted April up and we staggered towards bed.

David helped himself to Melissa’s bare open pussy for a few short strokes then helped her up and led her to our bed laying her beside Alice.

He knelt between Alice’s legs licking her clean before sliding his dick in her for a half a minute or so while he kissed Melissa sharing what he had collected.

He swapped over to slide his cock into Melissa again and finding her respond far more that an exhausted April he pounded her into another orgasm before shooting what was left in his balls into her and we could finally get some sleep.

I’m glad my birthday only comes once a year !!
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