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Jo relaxes after feeling safe, and I benefit from lots of sexy adventures with her.
Jo Part 6 – The Safe Feeling

I could tell from Jo’s behaviour over the following few weeks, that she knew she was not being followed and videoed whenever she was out and about. I put a dash-cam into her car (with her agreement) and she often checked it for any person going too close to her car.

One evening Jo invited me to her home for dinner. She met me at the front gate. Full makeup, her hair done in a special way. She was as tall as me with very high heel shoes on. She was still wearing her dressing gown. I’d never seen her do that outside, and never seen it in the afternoon. When Jo closed and locked the main gate, she then sat me at the couch near the table in the front alfresco area.

She had never entertained me out there before. She was usually too worried about security. Jo turned around pushing her hot sexy ass back at me, then removed her dressing gown. She was wearing only shoes, stay up stockings and a bikini. She looked fabulous and started gyrating her hips to the music.

Jo Looked over her shoulder at me and said “Does my man like what he sees? Do you like your girl in bikini and high heels? Is this making Jo-Jo’s favourite big cock feel a little tight in your pants?”

She put both her hands on the table, and stuck her ass out provocatively towards me. I could see the outline of her pussy lips between her thighs. The bathers were very form fitting.

I asked “is this a viewing only show, or can I touch as well?”

Jo replied “For now its viewing only, that’s just to get you worked up to the point you have to fucking take me. Until then you have to just watch. You can watch Jo-Jo move her sexy body.”

She moved her hands to her bikini top running her fingers over her huge double G cup tits lightly. Her nipples started to harden and poke through the light material. Jo started dancing and moving around in front of me. A few times she deliberately rubbed her hard nipples on my face.

She did a few full bend over, hands on the ground displays to me. I was delirious with sexual fever watching her display herself. My cock was rock hard and throbbing in my pants. When she did the fourth bend over I saw she had lowered the bathers down her legs enough that her pink anus and little pussy lips were on display naked to me, as she bent over.

Jo ran her fingers over her tanned ass cheek, then slipped one finger from behind into her wet little pussy, She rubbed her pussy lips enough to get her finger well wet. Then she pulled her wet finger up to her ass hole and watching me, she pressed her finger into her ass hole.

Jo said “Oh I am so glad you convinced me to try having my little ass hole pleasured. Jo-Jo loves ass sex now. Yes, your sweet Jo-Jo loves your dirty big fingers or baseball bat sized cock in her little sweet ass hole. You know it, don’t you bad boy. You know Jo-Jo loves her little ass getting fucked. Look how ready my tiny little ass is, just because I knew you were coming over. Jo added a finger, then pushed them both deep into her tight ass hole, up to the second knuckle.

She gasped and said “So good, those slutty fingers feel so good in my little ass hole. You know I love it, don’t you baby. Jo-Jo wants your big cock in my little ass hole. The only question is, who gets to lick my naughty ass covered fingers. Do you want Jo-Jo’s dirty fingers, or can I lick my lovely ass juice off my own fingers. I want a little taste. I'm sucking your big cock after it’s been in my ass. Who gets these lovely fingers.”

I went to say yes, but Jo shooshed me before I could. Jo said “It won’t be you silly, well not this first taste anyway.”

Jo brought the two fingers from her mouth to her lips and licked them clean, while I watched. Then she stuck her two wet fingers back in her ass. She pumped them in and out a few times then said “Do you want to lick my fingers now.”

I nodded. Jo said “No silly these fingers are for Jo-Jo as well. I have a big appetite. You won’t mind, I know you won’t mind.”

She brought her hand back to her mouth and licked her fingers completely again.

Once she finished licking, and said loudly “Oh fuck I taste good. My little kitty tastes fabulous. My naughty little ass hole tastes even better. I cleaned myself back there, to make sure theres no mess and you can fuck my little ass hole as long as you want. But you know that don’t you lover. You love fucking Jo-Jo’s tasty ass hole, don’t you?”

She turned looking away from me and pulled her bikini pants below her knees. She shuffled back, to firmly push her ass into my face. Jo said “now worship my little ass hole. Lick my anus you fucking hunk. I want your tongue in my ass.”

I gladly did exactly what she asked, and had my tongue as far into her ass as I could get. I said “Oh baby, you taste so good. I’ll lick you any time you want me to. I can kiss you if you want.”

Jo said “You can't kiss me with your ass taste lips. No because Jo-Jo is going to fuck her little ass onto your big dirty fucking cock. Right now.”

I think I would have broken the world record for fastest ever pulling pants down, and getting your cock out ready to fuck.

Jo said “I don’t want lube today. First ass fuck no lube, just put some spit on the fucking huge cock head please lover.”

I saw her do a little shiver. She was getting off thinking about the big head of my cock and how it would feel spearing into her ass hole.

I did as requested, putting a big part of spit on my cock head and Jo started descending onto my cock. The height was wrong so I stood up and sat on the couch arm rest. Jo in high heels, then lined up perfectly on my cock. Her hand came through her legs and gripped the base of my cock. There was enough cock left above her hand that even if she had used both her small hands, you would still see my cock head.

Jo said “Fuck I can't touch my fingers to my thumb around your cock, you are so fucking thick. You are going to stretch Jo-Jo’s tiny little ass aren’t you. You want to stretch my little ass, so Teddy and any other boys little cocks won’t feel very good for slutty Jo-Jo. Do you want Jo-Jo’s little ass tight so it feels good, or loose so she won’t be a naughty slutty whore and let Teddy and other boys fuck her little ass.”

Jo guided the head to her anus and hit it exactly on. She did not stop or even slow down. She impaled my thick hard cock into her ass. First thrust the whole head penetrated her ass and went straight past her anal ring, until the head popped into her tunnel. Next thrust she was two thirds of the way in. Third thrust she had me balls deep in her ass.

Jo said “Fuck that is good. Fuck I love your cock in my ass.”

She started lifting up n down on my cock and was quickly taking it all the way in, then all the way out. Her ass was pulsing so firmly on my cock I said “Careful beautiful. Don’t make me cum too quickly.”

Jo said “Cum when you want. Today is your lucky day. Cum as quick or as slow as you like. I want your cum and today is ass only day. Anything you can't finish, you can watch naughty Teddy (a hand made actual Teddy with a dildo attachment), finish me off.”

I grabbed Jo’s hips and fucked her very hard for a few minutes and blasted a shattering cum into her ass. She spasmed a nice cum out as well. I could tell she wanted much more, and allowed her to suck my cock to get me hard again. That was the first of a few ass only nights with Jo. She had really crossed the line with ass fucking, becoming a total addict. I wondered if she always had been, and that was why she had been such a cheater with the young guy. I was certain he had been fucking her that way as long as I had been around.

Jo and I had progressed to fucking with filthy porn on the big screen. We often fucked teddy at the same time as I fucked her. She loved teddy’s vibrator in the pussy or ass while my cock was in the other. I talked to her about MMF threesome, saying I could probably find a mate to try it with us. She loved the dirty talk, but flatly refused to ever live out her MMF or gang bang fantasies. She said she would never let me see her be a real slut. I had to be happy with just the make believe.

Cop mate rang me a year later and said my stalker friend would not be bugging me or Jo in the future.

Jo and I broke up a couple of months after the stalker event. Jo was being stalked by a different ex as well. He was an amateur compared to GI Joe. The stress was getting to her, and she exhibited crazy behaviour wanting me to drop everything and cum fuck her one day, then refusing to talk to me the next. I’d seen a few cars around her place late at night, and she denied anyone was there with her. I kept a look out for bruises on her but never saw any.

She cancelled a fuck date at hers, after a boating commitment I had ran a little late. She cancelled by text at short notice, and said she was going out to see her mum. I went to her house and she was not home. I went to her mum’s house. Jo’s car was not there. Her mum was inside alone.

The next day I asked Jo how her dinner out with her mum had been. She outright lied to me and said they had a great night and she needed to talk to her mum. When I called her a liar, and said I knew she wasn’t out with her mum at all. Jo got really angry and said that I don’t own her. That She was allowed to do whatever she wanted.

I silently got up and walked out of her house, and out of her life.

I blocked Jo’s number, believing she was cheating and lying again. I went on a date the next evening. I deliberately fucked the date chick first date. I did that to make it more difficult for me to go crawling back to Jo. The same 2 cars were there all night soon after the break up. I guess it was my fault, getting her thinking about MMF and gang bangs.

Jo sent me a bunch of texts and emails telling me she missed me. That she wanted to talk the problems out. That she had never been unfaithful while in a relationship with me, or anyone else. She tried to get me to agree that her rules were perfectly ok to live by. I just ignored her messages.

One day six months later, I was meeting a tall slim blonde lady at a pub nearby. I was waiting at the table by myself with a cold beer. I suddenly felt someone staring at me. I looked around and saw Jo sitting with a massive muscled young guy a few tables away. She saw me look at her and blushed bright red. I smiled at her and stood up and moved around the corner, so she did not have to look at me having a drink with the new blonde friend.

When the new blonde friend arrived, she was dressed in high heels and a form fitting dress, burnt orange colour. She was five feet 8 inches and probably 110 pounds, 50KG in metric. Her nice C Cup tits were held up and thrust forward displaying a lovely cleavage. I don’t try and kiss a woman on a first meet. I prefer to let her set the tone. She immediately hugged me close, lent forward and kissed me saying “You look exactly like your pics thank God. You are very handsome and sexy. I am Chris.”

We had a fun first meeting, and it was clear we had a lot of physical chemistry. At the end I walked her to her car. She made a point of kissing me, open mouth and lots of sexy tongue. She even rubbed her pussy mound against my instant hard on from the kiss. I looked her in the eyes and said “come paddle boarding with me tomorrow.”

She said “Yes, I’d love to.” She then gave me another big passionate kiss.

When I got home, I found a voice message from Jo. She must have used someone else’s phone as her number was blocked.

Jo’s message said “You are really mean and horrible kissing that tall blonde in front of me, just to hurt me. You know I still love you and yet you do such a mean thing. If you ever want me back, you know I will come running. I’ve tried to move on with my life! I can't get you out of my head or my dreams.”

I realised Jo must have followed Chris and I to her car to see us kiss. It was at least 400 yards from the pub. Quite a walk. You would think that a lady who had been stalked by so many men, might not do the same thing to other people.

We did cross paths about 6 months later, but that as they say, is another story.

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