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I have an unexpected meeting with my girlfriends work colleague. Many things did not add up and I felt that I needed to learn what was really going on.
Meeting Lisa E Part 10 – The Doctor Returns

On a lovely sunny weekend day, I went to a big outdoors concert with some chick friends. I was there with a couple of friends, but not my girlfriend. My girlfriend was attending a girls only work related party. I saw my girlfriends work friend Linda. She looked directly at me, so I smiled at her. Linda recognised me and came to say hello.

I thought it was interesting I had bumped into the Psych lady Dr Linda. She insisted on buying me a few drinks, and thanked me for introducing her to my troubled friend Lisa. Linda started talking direct into my ear and touching my shoulders and biceps. I noticed my friends had drifted off. Linda noticed too. Linda asked me “Were any of those girls’ special friends of yours?”

I just smiled at her. I was not going to ask what she meant by special.

On one of the whispers into my ear, Linda managed to kiss my lips a little, as she pulled back. I said “Hey I have a girlfriend. You even know her. Please don’t do that again.”

Linda said “I’m sorry I just feel a really strong connection to you. Your girlfriend Jayne is one of my dearest friends. Do you know that reading between the lines, I know all about your sexuality from her and your friend Lisa. Lisa never said your name, but I’ll bet anything that you are the businessman she talks about. Her Master. I don’t want to be unprofessional. I also used to spend a lot of time talking to your girlfriend at parties and conferences. She only says really lovely things about you. I am really taken with her, and I know a little of her dalliance’s with Rene’.”

Rene’ was my girlfriends super hot friend, who hasn’t made it into a story yet!

Linda continued “Enough about her, I would love to see if this body chemistry I’m feeling is mutual.”

I said “If you really do know what you think you know, then you must know I would do nothing unless my partner was there too. You worked with her occasionally. From her perspective, that would mean a flat no to any play. Sorry I don’t cheat on her.”

Linda said “I have been in private practice for 2 years now. I don’t work with her. I do like her, a lot. I’ve never done a three-way with a guy, and until now never considered one. You know what, ring her and let me speak to her.”

I took a good long slow look at Linda, and realized she was rather gorgeous. Lovely European looks, big firm looking double D cup tits, great dress sense and a fit looking slim athletic body.

I texted a pic of Linda and me to my girlfriend. She rang me about 15 seconds later.

My girlfriend said “What are you up to stud muffin.”

I said “I bumped into Linda at the music festival. You remember her, you used to work with her. She wants to talk to you, Can I put her on?”

My girlfriend agreed and I handed my phone to Linda.

Linda’s phone intro was a lot like what she had just said to me. She surprised me when she said to my girlfriend “You know I have always thought you are lovely, sexy and very beautiful. Your James is the sexiest guy I have ever met. He is very loyal to you and that is also very sexy. No he’s told me nothing about anything. I’m just guessing there is something to this attraction I feel to you both. Can we have a drink soon? Yes, to you particularly. Do you remember the conference where we kissed on the dance floor. Then you took me out side on the big balcony. We kissed for half an hour or more. Yes I was very drunk as well.”

Linda turned so the phone was near my ear. I could hear my girlfriend say to Linda “Look I have issues having this kind of conversation with someone I work with.”

Linda responded “We haven’t worked together for 3 years and I have left the organisation. I am in private practice. We will not have to work together again. I want to be much closer than friends. With you in particular. Well with you both in particular.”

My girlfriend was floundering and I heard her say “Well maybe when we get back from holidays, we are flying out for 3 weeks in a couple of days.”

Linda said “Oh you are so lucky, where are you going? I’m going to Holiday Island (Name changed) in 7 days for a week.”

That was the exact place we were going.

I heard my girlfriend say “Has James put you up to this, that’s where we are going.”

Linda replied “James is looking very confused. I hope I haven’t let out any secrets he doesn’t know.”

My girlfriend replied “He won’t care, he would only not know something because I was very drunk and had forgotten until you just reminded me.”

Linda said “There are a few other things that happened. We were both very drunk. Can we text each other about those?”

My girlfriend said “I want to talk about them, just you and me. Not today. If you can remember them, I will be happy. I thought they were dreams.”

Linda said in a very sexy voice “I want to do more than just text or talk. You know I have been helping his friend, the one you don’t like. You must know I can keep secrets. I want to create a few memories with you two. Memories that I will want to keep secret too.”

My girlfriend said “Well Holiday Island, that’s a different postcode. What happens on tour stays on tour. Maybe you can message me a bit before you get there. We can try and catch up while we are there. No promises. It could be just for a drink. I have to be certain this will be our secret.”

The sexy chat continued. I could hear the girls were relaxing and Linda was laughing very loud. I was looking at her fabulous double D cup tits moving as she laughed. She caught me staring and blew me a sexy kiss. Then her perfect pink tongue poked out and briefly touched her lips. My cock throbbed very hard.

Linda hung up the call, and passed me the phone. She said to me “You guys have the perfect relationship it seems. No hang ups and lots of positive energy. How can I sway you to take my side. Please convince your partner to see me in the holiday. I mean together, I feel I know you already. I'm probably already in love with your partner. I feel I have been vicariously masturbating to your weird sex life and friends for the last three years of my life. I can't say too much for professional reasons. I always have to go to the bathroom for relief after a consulting session listening to Lisa.”

Linda leaned forward and gave me a small kiss on the lips. It slowly progressed to a very passionate, very wet deep tongue kiss. Linda was pushing her fabulous tits into my chest and rubbing the inside of her thigh against my very hard throbbing cock.

Linda said “My god I want to grab that big cock of yours. I don’t want to get arrested so I’m controlling myself. Do you remember one of those work parties, we danced close. I felt your hard cock. I know you are very big down there.”

I could see security guards looking at us. I ended the kissing. We got a bottle of wine and drank it together watching the music performers. Linda was spending a lot of time texting and reading texts. Some messages had her snickering. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought she may have taken a pic of her knickers up her dress. Linda definitely took a face pic, looking from above her head. The pic looked down her dress top, showing a lot of cleavage and protruding nipples.

When the concert ended, I walked Linda to her car. Linda initiated another passionate kiss. I held back and she asked me “What is wrong?”

I said “I have no idea why you would think I am free to just kiss my partners friends.”

Linda said “Oh sorry, I assumed your girlfriend would have told you about our messages this afternoon.”

I must have looked confused as Linda grabbed her phone, and started unlocking it. She quickly showed me about 40 messages from my girlfriend to Linda, and lots of replies. The last few were beginning to be quite raunchy and very flirtatious. There was a pic of my girlfriend’s legs, dress lifted high up and a nice set of G-String knickers I recognised as hers. I did not expect to see next to my partner, another nice set of slim tanned legs and knickers of another lady I did not recognise. The next pic was a face pic of Jayne and a lovely friendly lady I knew as another of my partners friends standing next to her.

(When I checked my phone later a message from my girlfriend included the pic and a text saying guess who I bumped into at the party?)

The next pic on Linda’s phone, was of Linda showing her cleavage from above her face. Nice bloody tits. Next pic was of Linda at the beach. She was topless and she had a cracking set of tanned tits. The next pic was of Linda looking down, she was wearing the same dress she was wearing now. I suddenly realised it was the pic she must have taken up her skirt. The reason it took me so long to understand the pic, is that Linda was clearly not wearing any knickers. Her pussy was in full view and was shaven, wet and puffy.

I asked Linda “Did you send that pic to my partner?”

She answered “Yes, but she dared me to.”

I asked Linda “What else did she dare you to do?”

Linda leaned across and kissed me firmly on my partly open mouth and said “She dared me to fuck you in the car park. She said it was fine, and If I was serious about meeting you two for my holiday, I’d better get you on side today.”

There were still a few thousand cars in the parking area and cars constantly driving past. Linda was very hot and very sexy. I was put off by the concert traffic. The most we did was kiss sexy. She got her hand down my pants and into my boxer shorts. I got my hand up under her dress. I pushed my fingers into the hottest wettest pussy you could imagine. I was very impressed when I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and Linda grabbed my hand and sucked the fingers clean.

I also got my hand down her back on her fabulous firm ass. Being a dirty bastard, I pushed a finger into her ass. She went rigid but did not tell me to take it out.

I was getting frustrated by the constant traffic and grabbed my phone and called my girlfriend. The call rang out. I texted her asking if I could bring Linda back for fun. A couple of minutes later she replied “I already have company for us. Do her and hurry home you big stud.”

I told Linda I would go see if I could convince my girlfriend to play the next night. Linda was not very happy. She expected me to fuck her. I did not give her a choice. Lynda pushed me back into the car, I landed on the driver’s seat. She quickly undid my shorts and pulled them and my boxers down. My cock sprang up and she immediately took it in her mouth and started pushing down on my cock. She gagged as the thick cock head hit the back of her throat. Lynda kept trying to push the thick head into her throat. She was slowly swallowing, using the same method a few chicks had used before.

As she kept forcing my cock head into her throat, she steadily started to stretch her throat muscles. This woman was totally determined. She kept pushing down, and kept the rhythmic steady swallowing pressure on my cock. Suddenly my cock started sliding down her throat. Her throat was pulsing with lust to the point I started to ejaculate in her throat. She kept the head in her throat, but slid down till I was fully in her. She then pulled up to an inch from the top of her throat. Lynda kept slowly and determinedly sucking my thick cock. She felt me cumming deep in her throat and that triggered an orgasm in her and she either squirted or pissed heavily down her legs soaking her dress.

As Linda lifted her mouth off my cock, there were about 4 or 5 cars tooting their car horns at her display. She smiled and licked the last of my cum out of my cock slit. Linda said “Well that was better than nothing, I guess. By the way, you took my throats virginity. I’ve only ever had dildos in my throat practicing before. That will have to do until tomorrow, I guess. See you soon handsome.”

I got in my car and drove off. Thirty seconds later, my phone pinged indicating a text message. I clicked on the icon. It displayed a full phone screen pic of Linda’s very wet puffy shaven pussy. Her clit was swollen, and her red fingernailed finger was pressing against it.

When I got to my house, from the front entry there was a trail of clothes and knickers, bras etc leading to the pool area. I followed the trail to see my girlfriend and another girl skinny dipping in the pool. The music was very loud and the girls had obviously been drinking. When I walked outside, they started cheering and my girlfriend said “Sorry we started without you. Hope you don’t mind.”

I stripped off all my clothes and walked down the pool stairs into the water. My girlfriend said “You remember Lee don’t you.”

I kissed Lee on the lips the said “Of Course. I thought you were away until we come back from our holiday.”

I then kissed my girlfriend and said “You are full of surprises aren’t you.”

I sat on the side of the pool openly looking at Lee’s slim 100 pound body, and fabulous set of double D tits. Her tits were obviously surgically enhanced, but there were no scars evident.

Lee said “We were texting and she invited me to join her at the party. I love a good party. It was only an hour’s drive. I have to stay over though. You know sleep with you two. Will that be ok?”

Lee didn’t wait for my answer and put her mouth over my thick cock head and descended slowly onto my cock. Lee had a wonderful skill of licking my balls, with my cock deep down her throat.

Fortunately, we both had the next day off work to prepare for going away for 3 weeks. We didn’t catch up with Linda before we left. We, well my girlfriend, did end up inviting Linda to stay in our villa on Holiday Island. It was good for Linda to save on hotel and taxi fares. It became very clear Linda was going to spend her entire holiday with us.

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