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After being groomed and outed publicly as faggot, I fled town. While away, I tried to straighten out and move on. What it did was clarify things. Instead of hiding my cravings, which worked until I entered a gay bar. Now, I am comfortable with my lifestyle and life choices. I even have a path where I am dressing more feminine than I once did.
After a few months away, the Greyhound bus finally returned me home. I returned from my sabbatical, a bit Iow on money, and more certain of my sexuality than I ever had been. Just I do not know if my town could accept it.


The first thing I did was say hello to my mother after I returned home. She looked at how I was dressed and then hugged me. Nothing was said, but her body language pretty much said it all.

It’s been over a week and a half since I last hooked up with Jessa, and I was already missing him and that bar.

A week had passed since I returned and the only communication, I had with anybody was my mother, and Jess via email. I spent most of my time locked up in my loft, experimenting with various clothes and make-up, or hanging out in the nude.

Due to my anxiety, partially in my head, and partially caused by Tiffany and my actions, I still didn’t want to face anyone locally.


Then one day around a month of hibernating at home, my mother asked me to go to the mall and get her some things from the arcade chemist, while she was at work. I was down to the last few headache pills that Tiffany gave me. I still had four repeats left for spironolactone, so I reluctantly agreed.

So, she left for work, at 8:00 AM. When I woke around 9:30 AM, I decided to test the waters and see if I could get away with going to the mall in disguise.

So, I wore eyeliner and lipstick, sunglasses, a basketball top, torn denim shorts over skin-tight patterned yoga pants, brown cowboy boots with tassels, a puffy black raincoat vest, and tied my hair in a ponytail. Before going, I looked in the mirror, to check out how I looked. I wasn’t still convinced, so then added a black covid mask, which was the icing on the cake.

Everything I was wearing was bought while on my road trip to redemption, even the handbag that I had was purchased from a little Indian tourist shop. I locked up and then walked towards the bus stop that was two blocks from my place and past a large park. The park belonged to a local gang, and it was best to avoid walking through it especially when it started getting dark.

As I walked, I prayed that no one from my recent past recognized me. No one did.

It was a ten-minute wait and a twenty-minute ride to the shopping precinct.


Once, the bus stopped at the mall, I casually entered the entrance.

Everything ran smoothly until I went to the drugstore for my ***********. The pharmacist looked at me strangely when handing me my spironolactone and my mother’s ***********s. He was about to say something to me about what was in my *********** when an unruly customer interrupted us.

I paid for my items at the counter and left. That’s when I almost walked into an old-school buddy from my past and before Tiffany.

He looked at me surprised, as I was dressed differently compared to how I used to dress.

I hadn’t seen Zayne, since 10th grade, he didn’t comment on my attire. We exchanged numbers and promised to catch up soon. I then popped the medicine into my handbag and left.

I sat at a café and ordered a latte, before going window shopping.

From there I waited anxiously for my bus from the mall, and back home. I was worried that more people from my past, spotted me, that gossip, and word would get around I was back and had changed.


The bus stopped near that public park, which was not that far from Zayne’s old place, but I had to either walk through it or around it to get home.

While in disguise, I walked around the park as the park was B X 9 territory, with a bad reputation.

So, as I walked around it, I spotted from a distance, a ghost from my recent past.

Lingering by close to the park restrooms, Tiffany. The restrooms were closer to Zayne’s side of the park, it was a longer walk from my place.

Back to Tiffany, she had her back against a large tree, in the braces of a feral-looking girl, with red and purple dreadlocks. They didn’t see me, as they were too busy with each other. Neither did any of the thugs, that hung closer to the restrooms.

There were young kids with their mothers at the playground, not that far from them.

I only glanced at them briefly but saw enough.

Tiffany was raised off the ground and against the tree, with her legs wrapped around her feral friend’s waist. Her friend had a hand inside Tiffany’s opened leather pants and fingering her cunt.

I wasn’t the only one that’s changed, Tiffany had to. She had never worn leather pants or denim vests, as she was a vegan. Today, she looked like a bikie chick.

Once they were in my rearview, I started to pick up my pace and go home. For two reasons I scurried home, one was that the lesbian action was starting to stir my cock up, and two was because there were a few B X 9 members in the park.


Once I was home, I unpacked and placed my mother’s stuff on a kitchen cupboard, and then I headed to my loft. I quickly undressed and I quickly rubbed my cock, re-imagining Tiffany with her new friend, and imagining Jess was with me.

I was still confused, sexually.


A week had passed since I bumped into Zayne, at the mall. So, I decided to visit him later that day.

We once used to be close friends which was before I hooked up with Tiffany. We began to drift apart, so after seeing him in the mall, it was the first time in three years, that we had spoken.

Now I knew Tiffany was bad news and I had to forget about her, even though she was still in my head.

So, off I went to Zayne’s place. It was about a four, maybe five-block walk to his house from mine.

I remember it was a warm day, and I wore my hair in a ponytail, a tank top, board shorts, socks, jocks, a bucket hat, sunglasses, and jogging shoes.

His mother let me in, as she was leaving for work. He was pleased to see me and led me downstairs to the basement, his room.

We talked a bit of shit before watching some sports on TV. He cranked up the music and put the Xbox on. We played (the Witcher.) One thing I noticed was that his taste in music had changed from when we hung out together last. He was right into grunge and frat rock, now he’s listening to new-age R’N B garbage.

After a few beers, I decided to turn the volume down and tried to drown it out.

Zayne changed games, and now we were playing (Call of Duty.)

After a few more hours of playing video games, and drinking beer, I needed to pee.

When I returned from the toilet, he was smoking from a bong, and the Xbox was off, but his DVR was on and playing porn. As I sat back down, he passed me the bong. So, we smoked weed and chilled out for a while, with porn playing in the background.

I paid little attention to it while, as we smoked from the bong and relaxed.

Then while I was waiting for my next turn, I noticed that the porn we were watching was of bisexual content.

Everyone in the video was either sucking cock or eating pussy. Then before I could say anything, the bong was given back to me. In the back of my mind, I was thinking, why are we watching a bisexual porno, is he gay or is he messing with me?

After several more minutes of passing the bong around, I was starting to get high. That’s when I saw two dudes in a 69-position giving each other a blowjob. The redhead with big tits started licking one of their assholes. That’s when I started watching the video with a bit more interest and wished that it was me in the video. Then in the cover of my eye, I spotted movement.

Zayne had his cock out, and he was rubbing it while sneaking glances between, the video and me.

“I see you like the movie,” he smugly said. I didn’t answer and crossed my arms.

It did bring back old memories of the two of us, in the woods, regularly jacking off, walking around naked, and skinny dipping. Nothing gay. Back in our juvenile days, before Tiffany came into my life.

He was stroking his cock looking at me for a reaction, and then stood up, and went to his fridge.

When he returned, he was naked, he also brought back two cans of Jim Beam and Dry. I didn’t know what to say or do, as he tossed me a can, which I almost dropped while stargazer at his cock.

“Are you impressed?”
he cheekily asked and waved his cock in front of me. I just stared at it with a slight smile and said nothing.

“I suspected you were into cock by how you were dressed at the mall, last week,” he said gloating. I sat there mesmerized by his cock wobbling near my head.

He guzzled down his Jim Beam. Then he strolled off to grab more refills and another video, and in the meantime, I drank my can.

I watched the next DVD, which had two guys being ravaged by a girl sucking their cocks, like a dog chewing a bone. Zayne was still out in his kitchen, so, I decided to get into the act and removed my shorts, shoes, and tank top. I still had my cap on but backward and socks down.

There we were, two old school buddies reacquainting ourselves to old times, naked, alcohol in hand, watching porn, and playing with our cocks. Just like high school.

Zayne left the room yet again.

I sat there with a can in one hand, while rubbing my balls, watching some blonde chick being spit-roasted by two guys on DVD.

By the time Zayne returned, one of the guys was kissing the other, while the girl was stroking one of their cocks, and sucking the other. Then she would switch between cocks, with a face full of cum. I sat there sipping my can while fondling my balls and getting horny.

Then I noticed Zayne standing there with a bong in one hand, and can in the other, watching me. He then sat next to me, nude like me, then passed me the bong. I put my can down and took a hit to the bong.

Then I exhaled the smoke from my lungs.

The weed was much stronger than earlier, causing a massive headrush and my eyes flickered slightly and rolled to the back of my head.

I felt the buzz and lost track of time.

When I snapped out of it, one of the guys was fucking the other in the ass, while the girl was kissing the guy being fucked.

By the time the bong came back to me, I was feeling quite frisky and horny. I also felt a little drowsy and kept rubbing my balls and dreaming or wishing to be fucked in the ass.

I was so out of it, that I was fighting off passing out, and my head would move forward then flick back up, then down again.

Zayne was standing next to me, with his hand on his cock and shaking it around, and not far from my head. I hadn’t twigged until I opened my eyes that, Zayne had changed the porno. It was a full-on gay porn DVD, with men fucking other men.

He wasn’t watching me but the DVD, I was almost powerless to resist, after my last hit from the bong. I couldn’t help myself, as I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. He didn’t resist and let start sucking it.

He caressed my hair, while I swallowed his cock and went to work on it.

I let my mind run wild, as I took his cock inside my mouth as my desire took over. Inside it went deeper and deeper, and in no time, Zayne was swaying his hip and thrusting his cock into my mouth. He began to let out tiny moans. I started mixing it up and giving the slutty treatment I had honed from hanging with Jessa.

First, I started to lick and suck on his balls, shaft, and then cock. My tongue lashed around his cock, like a melting icy pole or ice cream, before swallowing it deep in my mouth. My head then went to work bobbing up and down his growing 6.5-inch cock.

After about three minutes, Zayne was fully hard and pulsating. I wanted to make him cum, but I wanted him to enjoy it too. He was quiet but I was the one moaning, as I enticed his cock to cum.

Not long later, maybe 3, maybe 5 minutes, his cock started to spasm and begin to spray cum inside my mouth. I didn’t stop there and kept sucking, and jerking his cock, into my opened mouth. He squirted five to six more times into my opened mouth and onto my tongue. I then withdrew his cock and showed him his cum, before swallowing what was in my mouth.

After another two minutes of kissing, licking, and jerking his wet cock, we stopped.

Zayne compliment me on giving him a blowjob and how good it felt. We then drank some more Jim Beam cans, and smoked some more bongs, with gay porn playing in the background.

About a half hour later, it was like déjà vu, I had Zayne’s cock back in my mouth,

I would then walk home at around 2:00 AM by the park, but not ever through it. It was cold and I hugged my arms to my chest, I had already picked up some girly traits, like that.

I sensed a presence from inside the dark side of the park, so I quickened my walk.

Once I was in my loft at home, I felt relieved.


After that day, our sessions went longer and longer. All while his mother was at work. Sometimes our sessions were so late, that I’d open the door for her, as I left. With this knowledge, I had a fuck buddy to play with, and my confidence thrived.

I started feeling better about myself, and openly gay like a femboy. We would have our sessions a few times a week, I would suck his cock a least two-to-three times a night, three to four days a week while watching all sorts of gay porn from Pornhub. I also started to prematurely ejaculate before we even started to fuck. Just from simple foreplay.

Our sessions began like this. We would play video games and drink Beam, for an hour or two after his mother had left. Then we would start smoking weed from a bong, almost on cue I’d soil my shorts. He knew and would taunt me by bouncing his cock on my forehead as if teasing me. Embarrassed but in time I couldn’t resist, and I would give him a blowjob until I swallowed his love. I would then remove my short, skimpy shorts and clean myself up. After that first accident and would only cum from heavy stimulation, just that first one.

Then we relaxed and drank more Beam and watched porn, then smoke weed.

That was the beginning of our night of gay sex. I would start getting home now at around 04:00 AM.

Then, during one of these sessions, while I was in the middle of smoking from the bong, he decided to play with my now moist cock. I was too high and dopey, so I let him have some fun. While I watched, three guys fucking a twink, on Pornhub, he put my cock inside his mouth. I sat back and let him.

He had my cock in his mouth for a good five minutes.

Normally I would have cum by now. For some strange reason, my cock started to go flaccid. I hadn’t been able to get a full hard-on for quite some time.

So, Zayne got frustrated and stopped. He stood up, a bit annoyed, and forced me face-down onto the couch, in a fit of rage, and walked away. That was the only time and last time, he tried to suck my cock.

When he returned, he jammed something inside my ass. I wriggled to a side, and gripped my ass-cheeks, for him to have better access. Then when he had the object deep inside my ass, he started to fuck me with it.

I began to let out tiny moans in no time.

It was the handle of a plastic brush. He went about fucking my ass with this brush while caressing my balls and cock. I might not be hard, but he was leaving me moaning.

He soon replaced the brush with two fingers, coated with lube. I was moaning and humming, for the first time since Jessa fucked, I was about to be fucked by Zayne. That’s what he did, he fucked me hard, begging him to fuck me harder.

This went on even after I had emptied my balls over his couch. I moaned and moaned, in lust until he emptied his balls into my mudhoney.

We took a break and had another hit from the bong, each. He had me back on my stomach and bent over his couch, once again. I was eager and compliant. My cock was running liquid like a runny nose.

He then went back to caressing my ass before fingering it with his manly fingers. I finished my Jim Beam, then crossed my arms under my chin, while enjoying him fiddled inside my ass.

I knew what was coming, so I relaxed and went with the flow.

“Darling, I’m going to fuck you, so relax,” he leaned over and whispered. I just nodded okay.

He no longer referred to me as his old schoolmate but as a girl, he owned.

Then I felt the head of his cock, try to enter my ass.

Once his 6.5 to 7-inch cock was deep inside, he reached over with a tiny bottle of something and stuffed it under my nose.

“Breathe, just breathe,” I did and sniffed the poppers. He kept repeating himself, as he slowly fucked me in the ass.

Within five minutes, he was jamming and thumping his cock in and out of my ass.

As I was on my chest with my legs spread apart, I felt aroused. I was soon moaning.

It’s then that it hit me, that the real reason I liked feeling like some dam chick and getting bred. Tiffany’s pills, my inner self was turning feminine, and making me crave cock. It had to be why.

Now while Zayne was jamming his cock in and out of my ass, I imagined that I was a chick, it made me even hornier. Each time his cock went deep, my cock would twitch, and I would moan.

I’d been broken from the day she gave me two years’ supply of ***********s for spironolactone, and not long after the strap-on sessions began. I don’t care now, too late, as I felt good.

“Dam it feels good, dam it feels so good, dam I love being fucked,”
I started moaning while he fucked me. Zayne in the meantime grunted and groaned, as he pounded into me.

“Oh God, oh god,”
I said moaning. Zayne fucked me harder and harder, making me moan even more. Zayne fucked me and made me feel lifeless, as his arms clung onto my hips, and he thumped his cock deep inside me.

“You’re loving it, aren’t you?” Zayne asked as he could hear me moan more.

“Oh god, of course, I love it, I love cock in me, I love cock,” I said moaning.

Suddenly the dam bursts and my back felt a small spark hit me from my balls to my neck. I cum like a river and felt like I was floating, as my orgasm hit me, and my legs turned numb.

He kept fucking me hard, without stopping. My cock had let go a few minutes ago and out came another jolt of cum. It felt strange, Zayne knew exactly how to break me, where had he learned to do that? Only Jessa knew how to flick my switch, with his 8-inch cock.

Jessa was still better, but he was 500 miles away. Zayne was here.

Zayne kept pounding me, as I lay collapsed on the couch. Once I cum, I just lay there mumbling, moaning, and taking more of a pounding from him. Eventually, I felt another sensation deep inside my ass, Zayne was now cumming too.

He kept pounding until his cock spat out cum deep inside me. He then slowed his pace, as squirt after squirt twitched inside my ass.

Zayne then lay on top of me with his cock still wedged inside my ass. Until he leaned forward and ruffled my hair, before kissing and tonguing my neck like a deviate.

He kept grinding into my ass ever so slowly.

“You ok, Trick, you’ve gone very quiet,” He asked, near my ear. I simply nodded. Trick was my old nickname from school.

“Wow, your ass was born to be fucked Trick, it’s still draining my cock,” Zayne said. He was right, no matter how hard I try to deny it, I craved to be fucked. I felt no shame or disgust, as I let myself submit so easily.

I lay pondering the situation, as he withdrew his cock from my bowels, unlike that New Year’s Eve party embarrassment, I felt awesome.

His cum soon followed, at first slowly seeping out. Then trickling out from my ass and down my balls, from the gaping hole that was my ass.

We then relaxed and recovered.

If I knew the Zayne of old, more was to come. We both sat on the couch, still naked with our limp sloppy cocks, and looked at each other.

We relaxed for a while smoking weed and drinking the odd Beam. Gay porn was continually played on his big screen from a feed from Pornhub.

As if planned, Zayne pulled me down to his groin and made me taste his cock again until it slowly grew hard again.

So, all through the night, we smoked weed, drank the odd Beam, and watched porn. While in between breaks, I would suck his cock, then smoke more weed, before he’d fucked me again, and so on. This went on for hours.

I then walked home around sometimes at 4:00 AM, sometimes at around 6:30 to 7:00 AM when his mother was home from work. Then I would risk walking by the park, but not through it. It was always cold and gloomy, as I walked by in my now girly way.

I always sensed a presence from inside the dark side of the park, in the morning dark. The sun would rise at 7:15 AM by the time was on the safe side of the park.

When I arrived home after a big session, I notice cum running down my inner thigh from my ass. I naturally made myself a hot shower and went to bed.

Part of me loved it, but a small part of me still felt embarrassed, that I could stop losing my shit quickly. Afterward at home, I’d spend a small patch of time cussing myself, on how easily I gave into my desires.

On the plus side, I had visited an old friend and left with my ass bred by him.

(To be continued…)
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