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Shy guy finds a magical sabertooth fang and becomes a dominant macho stud.

If you haven't read chapter 1 yet, you should. This may not make much sense otherwise.


My first destination in my old neighborhood was the home of Rhonda and Larry. Larry was two years older than me in high school, and harassed and bullied me several times. I dated chesty redhead Rhonda for a month and she promised to go all the way with me on our fifth date. The fifth date didn't happen because Larry impressed her by beating me up.

I parked in their driveway and saw Larry mowing the grass. I decided to play it cool at first. He waved and shut the mower off, then walked over to me. "Ron? Is that really you? I haven't seen you in..."

"Twenty years, Larry. I heard you and Rhonda got married?"

"Yeah, married with three kids. Let's go in and have a beer. I'll introduce you to the family."

He was treating me like an old friend. Didn't he remember all the times he picked on me, or that he'd stolen Rhonda from me?

"You know Rhonda. The kids are Lisa who's 19, Pam is 18, and the little guy is Fred. He's eight." I noticed a female scent on Larry, and it wasn't Rhonda's.

From her aroma, I could tell Pam was about three months' pregnant, and Lisa was on her period. Rhonda smelled very good, not quite ovulating, but her body was eager for another baby. Tomorrow or the next would be egg day.

I politely chatted with them about the usual high school reunion stuff. We discussed who got married to who, which lowlife classmates ended up in jail, which slut cheated with a dozen guys, and so-on. After dinner I asked, "Lisa, you and your sister can watch Fred, right? I want to go visit some old friends with your parents. How about I pay you to babysit tonight?"

"Sure! Mom and dad never pay us! Cool!"

As I led them to their car, Rhonda asked, "So where are we going?"

I looked in Larry's eyes intensely. "To Larry's girlfriend's house. Where does she live, Larry?"

"Becky only lives two houses over, we don't need to drive." He finally realized he had said. "I... um... uh..."

Rhonda screamed, "You lousy bastard! You're screwing around on me! And with that skank! She's a stripper, probably a whore, too!"

Larry sealed his fate with, "But it's not like that! She only made me pay the first three times. I'm her boyfriend now, she loves me." As if that made it any better.

I put a hand on each of their shoulders. "Let's go find out." I led them to Becky's place and rang the doorbell. The twenty-year-old blonde answered the door in a bathrobe, and we saw a much older man putting his pants on behind her.

Larry yelled, "Mister Harris!" The old man grabbed his shoes and shirt and ran out the back door.

I smiled. "Wasn't mister Harris our Math teacher in high school?"

Rhonda smiled even wider than I did. "No, he taught History. And Becky was just screwing the old relic! He's gotta be 70 by now! Hahaha!"

I said, "How about we go to her bedroom and have a little contest. We'll let the girls decide who's the better man."

Becky looked at me and smiled, while Rhonda put her arm around me. Larry just said, "But..."

I looked deep in Larry's eyes. "You afraid you won't measure up?"

"I... aaah!" He wet his pants and ran home.

I told the girls, "Only one man left, so I'm the winner. But let's have the contest anyway. You have condoms, right?"

Becky nodded, but the question was unnecessary. I could smell them, especially the relatively fresh ones in her bedroom trash. As a downside to my amazing sense of smell, I could tell from two rooms away the spunk in them came from at least three different men. I could also smell fresh semen leaking from her ass. My old History teacher had buttfucked her bareback. Becky had screwed at least four guys in the last couple of days.

I led the girls to the bedroom and Becky took off her bathrobe. She had a nice body, but my nose told me not to go near it. “On second thought, I don't want to catch any diseases. Tell Larry that his wife and I are spending a week at a hotel."

I looked in Rhonda's eyes. "Right, Rhonda?"

"Right!" She kissed me on the lips.

We drove to a hotel and I spent five days screwing Rhonda as much as possible, at least twelve times a day. Half my life ago I had loved playing with her large breasts, and they were twice the size now! I had greatly preferred doggystyle until we got to our room and I watched her strip. I changed my mind and mostly fucked her in the missionary position or had her ride me cowgirl, so I could stare at and play with her wonderful 38 triple-D tits.

I drove her home the day her vaginal aroma changed. I walked into the house holding her hand, as the rest of the family was eating dinner. I told Larry, "Your wife is a beautiful woman. You can have her back now." I dropped her hand. "Come out in the yard and talk with me, Larry."

I stared in his eyes with barely-restrained rage. "You stole her from me in high school, and then cheated on her. She's pregnant with my kid now, and you're going to take the best care of them you can. You're never going to cheat on her again. If I hear that you cheated or treated her badly... you really don't want that to happen. Right?"

"NEVER! No! I'll never do it again!" I could smell that he had shit his pants, in addition to pissing himself again. Larry ran to the bathroom, and I sat in his seat in the dining room and ate his dinner. When he sheepishly came downstairs wearing different pants, I said, “We had a good time, right, Rhonda?"

"That was SO GREAT! You're AMAZING!"

"I think your daughters should have a good time too, so we're going on a date. I'll have them back in a week or so. Okay?"

Lisa and Pam were eager to go, but Rhonda only reluctantly agreed. "Okay." She looked sad, but I knew she'd get over it.

"Make sure and tell Larry about our time together. Every detail."

She smiled. "I'd love to! You're SO MUCH BETTER!"

Her daughters blushed as I asked, “You’re okay with me fucking your daughters, right, Larry?”

“Uh… yeah.”

“Good. Let’s go.” I victoriously led the teens to my truck.

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