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We spend a lovely day in the sunshine and in the water.
Cheryl 3Some P9 - Lunch on the Secret Bay

My friends and I were on board my twin engine power boat. We had made new friends with four extra ladies the previous night. The new ladies were great fun, so we invited them to enjoy a day out on the boat with us. I had managed to find a deserted bay in a remote part of the island we were staying at. The morning had been beautiful and warm, and the breeze very light. We could not have asked for a better setting for our day trip.

There had already been a few bits of dirty play between my core friends, and the 4 new ladies on board. It was now lunchtime, and from experience I knew the girls would be getting out champagne soon. In the interests of safety and keeping everyone nice, I was heading downstairs to make some lunch. It was important to line the ladies tummy before they started on booze.

I was leading Angie by the hand, as we had just had a nice little play at the back of the boat. Angie was five foot one, and very fit lithe. She looked like a dancer, with the possible exception of her lovely firm C cup tits. They looked large on her tiny frame. They also looked crazy nice, as she had amazing stick out nipples topping off her pointy breasts.

As Angie and I walked past three girls on the port couch of the boat, we both gave them big smiles. One, a dear friend of mine Cheryl said “Oh wow, James is taking Angie downstairs. Cheryl jumped up and said “Enjoy beautiful!” to Angie.

Angie replied “Oh thank you, but I’m just helping James get some lunch ready. I really appreciate you sharing your man with all of us, and especially with me.”

Angie put her arms around Cheryl and the two beautiful slim blondes had a fabulously sexy hot kiss. My cock started to twitch immediately. What can I say, I love watching beautiful naked women kissing. I was headed below to do food things, so I grabbed my bathers that were hanging off the command console safety handle. As I put the bathers on, my butt cheeks were squeezed by two different hands. I turned to see Cheryl and Angie with their hands out towards me. Cheryl said “Looking good you sexy man.”

I tried to squeeze past her to head to the kitchen. Cheryl threw her arms around my neck and standing on tip toes gave me a lovely sweet kiss. Once I could get her arms off me, I went down stairs with Angie and we began prepping some lunch. Angie made a nice big bowl of salad, while I cut up a cooked chicken bought yesterday for the holiday. I passed out some nice olives and other small goods from the ship’s fridge.

I heard Cheryl's voice from the boat stairs as she came into the cabin “Wow you guys work fast. That food looks so yummy.”

I said “Just in time gorgeous. Can you please take the platter and salad upstairs. Make sure everyone eats some. I’m worried it’s going to get a bit boozy later.”

I looked at Angie, she was still naked and the temperature was a bit colder downstairs. The cold had made her nipples harder. Her beautiful stick out nipples were about one quarter of an inch thick and were sticking out an inch. My cock started throbbing, and started to stretch the front of my bathers.

Angie smiled and said “If that massive bulge, is because you are looking at my nipples, feel free to keep looking. You can touch them or do anything else that you want. I'm crazy horny all the time when I am on this boat. It’s you and all the other girls. I’m loving being here. Thank you.”

I started washing my hands after handling the chicken. Angie came up behind me and put her arms around me and kissed my shoulders. Her tight hard nipples felt like hot pokers into my back. When I finished washing my hands, I grabbed a hand towel and dried my hands off. I turned around, still wrapped in Angie's arms. Her hard nipples drew hot lines of contact along my side and had the blood rushing into my cock. Angie stood on her toes and kissed my lips sweetly. The kiss got hotter and hotter.

I gently pushed her away and said “Hey I know there is a lot of chemistry between us, but I am here with my three best friends. I need to keep my energy for them. I’m sorry, I know you have needs. I will see what they expect soon. Can you hold that thought please.”

Angie replied “Ok, sorry. You have made that really clear. To tell the truth it just makes it worse. You are so fucking sexy, and you are so steady, knowing exactly what you should do. I can wait.”

Cheryl had just returned and said “Wait for what? Why does she have to wait.”

I smiled at Cheryl and said “You never have to wait. Doubt you could wait if you had to. I’m saving myself for you, Alli and Jayne.”

Cheryl kissed me and said “Oh that, ok it’s my turn then. I want you now.” Then Cheryl kissed Angie and said “Would you like to come join in as my guest gorgeous.”

Angie said “yes please, and thank you Cheryl. You are so nice to me.”

The girls led me up to the master cabin, and got on the bed.

Cheryl said “Captain you better take your bathers off before you break them.” Then she started kissing Angie and slipped a finger into Angie's dripping pussy.

I said to Cheryl “So much for you being strictly straight, you’ve done nothing but kiss and play with girls all of this trip.”

Cheryl laughed and said “Angie is doing the same aren’t you gorgeous.”

Angie kissed Cheryl and kept squeezing Cheryl’s nipples then said between kisses “I’m just using you to get to his fabulous cock.”

Cheryl spanked Angie's ass with a loud crack sound then said “Naughty girl. Say it again.”

Angie's said “I’m just licking your sweet lovely cunt so your skipper will fuck my little cunt.”

There was another sound of smacking. Cheryl pushed Angie backwards to lay on the bed and slipped a leg each side of Angie's face saying “You said you were licking my sweet lovely cunt, so you better start.”

Then Cheryl pushed her dripping wet pussy into Angie's face. As Cheryl leaned forward with her back to me, I could see Angie's pink tongue sliding up and down inside Cheryl's pussy lips. She must have been doing it right as Cheryl started shaking then groaned out a long sweet orgasm. When Cheryl stopped shaking, she climbed off Angie and laid alongside her head to toe. Cheryl then pulled Angie over on top of her, but Angie moved to Cheryl's nipples, not her pussy. That placed Angie's big hard nipples at Cheryl's mouth.

Cheryl began sucking and biting Angie's nipples, making Angie groan loudly. I slipped a thumb into Angie's soaking wet pussy, and started rubbing her clit then inserting my thumb into her pussy hole.

Cheryl said “James honey, please fuck my lovely friend. She has been very patient.”

I moved into the bed, still standing and pushed my thick hard cock into Angie's pussy opening. I rubbed the thick head around as though I was licking her pussy. Cheryl slipped her small hand up to Angie's ass and said “My I finger your ass Angie darling?”

I could see Angie nodding her head while she sucked Cheryl's nipple.

Cheryl's hand came down to Angie's pussy and rubbed her hole and my cock head, then slipped up to Angie's tiny pink rosebud ass hole. She then started rubbing her wet finger on Angie's ass. She used a different finger every time, and transferred a lot of Angie's wet pussy juice on to her ass hole.

This was a bit much for me, and I started sliding my cock into and out of Angie's wet pulsing tight pussy. The feeling was wonderful.

I heard Angie say “Oh his cock feels wonderful, he’s so thick. I’m worried I will squirt on the bed. I hate it that I’m using your turn darling.”

Cheryl pulled off Angie's big nipples and said “Oh stop it. I’m sharing with you. We can do that any time we want. You got him hard in the kitchen, just enjoy it.”

Angie got off Cheryl and said “I want to do this at same time then. Please slide up the bed.”

Cheryl did as requested, and as her pussy came level with Angie's face, Angie enthusiastically started licking Cheryl's wet little pussy. I still had my cock in Angie and I felt her pussy spasm firmly on me.

I said “Cheryl from the feel of Angie's pussy, she is really getting off on licking your little puss.”

I started feeding Angie's pussy my thick hard cock. All the way in deep, or as deep as she could take me. I still stuck out about an inch fully in. Then I’d pull out all the way, and slide my cock down to Angie's clit for a bit of a rub, then back to her pussy hole and in.

After a couple of minutes Angie stopped licking Cheryl and said “Your turn girlfriend.”

They swapped over, and Cheryl presented her beautiful bikini babe ass to me. Her pussy was gushing juice and her labia were fat and swollen in arousal. I expected Angie to take up position like Cheryl had been before they stopped. Instead, she slipped her head down between Cheryl's legs and started licking her clit. Cheryl reciprocated and both girls were enthusiastically doing 69.

Angie saw me waiting then moved her mouth to my cock. I pushed in hard all the way in. Angie was able to take my entire cock in this angle. Her throat felt fabulous. As I pulled out she sucked my cock clean of her own juices.

I lined my thick cock up with Cheryl's pussy and started to push in. She felt a little different to Angie, but not that much. She was pulsing more and I could get in all the way.

Cheryl felt with her hand and said “Oh god he’s balls deep in me. He stretches me good, and it feels so good.”

I could feel Angie's tongue on my balls at times and she said “I’m so sorry you can't get all the way in me. I want you to. I’m sorry to be a disappointment.”

Cheryl had been starting an orgasm and the sadness in Angie's voice shut the orgasm down. Cheryl lifted her lips off Angie's pussy and said “Please don’t say that ever again. You are no such thing. Is she James. You love it with both of us don’t you.”

I said “Of course I do. Please Angie, don’t say things like that anymore.”

Cheryl said “Angie I have a solution. Stand up next to James. Watch me do this trick I know.”

Angie stood as requested and her hand felt nice as she rubbed my ass and balls.

Cheryl said “Can you fuck my ass please lover. Use my juice as lube.”

I did as Cheryl asked and got my thick head in easily. Her anus was well lubed and so was my cock. I started easing the big head further into Cheryl and Angie started rubbing the skin of Cheryl’s anus that was touching my cock.

Angie asked “Is it hurting beautiful, you look so full. It looks so fucking hot.”

Suddenly Cheryl started moaning and then pulsing. I was only half way in and she was cumming.

Cheryl said “Sorry gorgeous, it’s so fucking hot being ass fucked while you watch.”

Angie said “Yes for all of us. James you lucky bastard, any man would die to get to fuck her beautiful ass.”

Angie leaned down and started licking the exposed skin of my cock making sure it was really wet for entry to Cheryl's ass. Then Angie started getting her fingers in Cheryl’s dripping pussy and wiping the juice on my cock. When I was all the way in Cheryl's ass, Angie kissed me, then said “Oh god, I want to try that.”

Cheryl said “Quick Angie put a towel under me, I’m going to explode.”

Cheryl's ass started pulsing really hard and Angie just got the big beach towel under Cheryl in time.

Cheryl started screaming “oh fuck, oh my fucking god. Oh cumming. So Good.”

Cheryl's entire back muscles were pulsing like crazy and her hands were pumping open and closed. Her moans were silenced as Angie kissed her deeply on the mouth. I noticed even in orgasm, Cheryl’s hand snaked out and she slipped two fingers deep in Angie's pussy.

As Cheryl started settling down Angie said “But James didn’t cum. What can we do for him.”

Cheryl said “James didn’t cum because I didn’t want him to cum. You know what to do don’t you Captain Fuck Toy.”

I knew what Cheryl was up to. I looked at Angie and said “Sometimes with you little petite ladies, your ass can take a cock that is too big for the front hole. You don’t have to do it, and it might not work the same as Cheryl's did. You can stop any time, but the secret is don’t rush it.”

Angie gave me a quick kiss then she kissed Cheryl long and deep. When she stopped the girl’s swapped places. Cheryl was standing next to me, kissing me sweetly and said “Thank you handsome, I really like Angie. Please make her first really enjoyable. Oh and sorry about the Captain Fuck Toy bit, ha-ha. I’m just teasing.”

Cheryl put her fingers in Angie’s dripping tight pussy, then wiped both sides of her fingers on Angie's firm butt cheeks either side of her anus. Cheryl did not touch Angie's butt hole for about ten scoops of juice. When she finally started rubbing Angie's ass hole I heard a nice gasp from Angie, then Angie said “That bloody Alli has had her fingers in my ass about a dozen times in the last 12 hours. It was a virgin until she did that. Must admit she has made me cum a few times that way already. That’s why I’m so keen to try. James, I want all of you in me please. Go balls deep, don’t stop until you fill me with your cum. I actually like a bit of rough with sex. Feel free to fuck me really hard.”

I was about to argue that last bit when Cheryl said to me “She can have my cum handsome, cum in her ass please. Do it like it’s my turn. Please handsome.”

Cheryl kissed me sweetly as I started pushing into Angie's very tight pulsing ass hole. I kissed her back and then said “Kiss her gorgeous, she needs it more than me. Please rub her clit a bit too, but just enough to take her mind off the ass. I don’t want you to make her cum, I think she’s going to cum first go with ass.”

Cheryl nodded and moved quickly to start kissing Angie. I held the cock pushing into Angie's ass still for a moment, then felt Cheryl's hand tickle my balls to say hello, as she started rubbing Angie's clit. As Angie's tight virgin ass started to pulse, with the extra enjoyment of kissing and being fingered, my cock slipped in a bit more. I pushed a little more and the head popped past Angie's tight rectum into her very firm ass.

I let her get used to it for a minute or so, then Angie said loudly “It feels fine, you can go in faster.”

I started pushing and she was meeting my thrusts. I did a few little pull backs then forward pushes. Her ass was pulsing beautifully. I looked down to her butt. I could see she had half my cock in her already. I said “Half way, well done.”

I kept pushing my cock deeper into Angie, and the girls kept kissing. I could feel Cheryl's hand hit my balls occasionally. She was rubbing Angie's Clit and pussy lips firmly and very quickly. Angie was moaning so loud it was getting out from Cheryl's kissing lips. I could hear laughter out in the main cabin from the other girls. They obviously knew someone was getting fucked hard.

Angie was pushing back so hard, she took the second half of my cock in no time. As my balls hit her pussy lips both girls said “Yay, balls deep.”

Cheryl said “Give it to her big guy.”

I held Angie's slim sexy size 6 ass and hips in my hands and started to push in and out faster and harder. I asked Angie “Is this ok. Tell me if it’s too much.”

Angie was puffing madly and she managed to get out “Fuck! Not too much, fantastic, so full, please, please keep fucking me.”

Cheryl's kissed her again and Angie started shaking. Her ass started pulsing and I was really giving it to her hard and slapping my balls against her pussy slips as I went balls deep. Cheryl's fingers were rubbing Angie's clit and pussy lips firmly as Angie rode out a big first ever ass cum. Angie continued to cum and shake then Cheryl must have pushed the clit stimulation a bit too far and Angie started squirting violently. Wave after wave of her squirt splashed onto the big towel. Some even got my legs and my feet behind me. Angie was screaming loudly and spasming insanely. I was grabbing Angie's fabulous pointy tits. They were wet from her squirt as well.

Cheryl grabbed my balls and started squeezing me the way she knows I like. A few seconds later I screamed out a big cum, deep in Angie's tight pulsing ass. Out in the main cabin I could hear a Champagne bottle pop amid laughter. Then there was cheering as well.

Cheryl and Angie were kissing really sweetly. My cock had fired three times that morning so it was shrinking and slid out of Angie's still pulsing ass. I checked and it was totally clean. I reached over to the cupboard and grabbed some wet wipes and cleaned my cock of any bugs etc. Cheryl said to Angie “would you like to suck him. It actually is nice and completely safe. Angie was down on my cock in seconds and Chery joined her.

I was smiling as the two sexy girls sucked my cock deeply between them.

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